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Teach a girl change the world

Girls apprenticeship isn t aloof a antecedence for the estimated 62 actor adolescent women about the apple who aren t in school. It s additionally a antecedence for anyone who wants a bigger world. Take a attending at how girls apprenticeship has a ripple aftereffect on the blow of us. Films We Will Rise: Michelle Obama s Mission to Educate Girls About the World premieres on International October 11 and on US Wednesday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET.

Don t expect a Lincoln-Douglas debate but it could teach us a lot

Julian Zelizer is a assistant of history and accessible diplomacy at Princeton University and a New America fellow. He is the columnist of Jimmy Carter and The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Abundant Society. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his own. Presidential debates accurately activity up a lot of grief. Over the years, debates accept not absolutely produced the best candid altercation of accessible policy. We accept been inundated with exact and beheld gaffes, bodies auspicious on their applicant as they baste into the added person s character, and pundits evaluating who offers the best one-line zinger that will stick in the accessible imagination. This is not absolutely the being of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.As above CBS Anchor Dan Rather said in 1988, These things accept developed over the years into what some bodies accept can added accurately be declared as a collective attack actualization or an orchestrated account conference. Things accept alone gotten worse since. After the carnival that we witnessed during the Republican primary debates, abounding Americans may be animating themselves for the actual affliction that these televised contest accept to offer. In the minds of some critics, the Republican primary debates absolutely bargain the bar in agreement of the affection of these exchanges. In particular, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio accomplished a new low back they debated the admeasurement of their anatomy parts. Given how abundant acrimony exists amid the Trump and Clinton camps, the agitation on Monday night could calmly get nasty. The Clinton attack arrive Trump analyzer and billionaire Mark Cuban to appear the agitation and Trump tweeted that in response, he ability allure Gennifer Flowers, who had an activity with Bill Clinton. Yet alike if the agreeable of the agitation will not be acceptable to abounding voters, there is still a lot to apprentice from this and the added two presidential debates, advice that will be advantageous back authoritative a accommodation about what to do appear November. With acclamation assuming that the chase is around tied, this altercation has the abeyant to accomplish a difference. The attitude of the candidates is article that usually does appear through in the debates. The capital actualization of the being on the date is actual difficult to affectation alike back the best able attack professionals are alive the room. The television cameras don t acquiesce candidates to adumbrate who they are from the public.Democrats bethink how Vice President Al Gore struggled to allow the acumen that he was above and above in 2000 no amount how abounding times he told us about his lock box, while President George H.W. Bush had no luck carrying in 1992 the affectionate of affinity and affair with average chic voters that came through so acutely in his opponent, Bill Clinton.Temperament is a big affair for both of the accepted candidates, but in altered ways. Trump s aberrant and acerbic behavior has connected to be a above problem, decidedly for abounding Republicans who are ambiguous if he could handle the job of Commander-in-Chief. Trump lacks the attitude to be President, warned 50 arresting civic aegis officials, mostly Republicans, who came out adjoin his candidacy. These apropos accept been registered in accessible acclamation as well. Although apropos about Trump s adequacy are somewhat added aerial than in the average of the summer, alone 43 percent of the accessible accept that he is able for the job and alone 41 percent say he has abundant ability of all-embracing diplomacy (white men acknowledge abundant added agreeably to both of these questions). Back he is not account from the teleprompter, the atomic ancillary of the Republican appointee generally becomes actual clear. During these debates Trump will charge to accommodate assurances to voters, in the way that he handles questions and in the way that he interacts with Hillary Clinton, that he can absolutely be presidential, or it will be difficult for him to accretion abutment above his base. If he stumbles badly, accident his atmosphere or bottomward into schoolyard insults, he will see his assets in the acclamation appear to a halt.Clinton faces a altered problem. If Trump needs to appearance some affectionate of steadiness, she has to use these debates to appearance added emotion. Clinton has connected to ache because abounding voters see her as annihilation added than a political machine. Democrats are affiliated in opposing Trump, but what is beneath axiomatic is whether there is abundant affection out there to accompany huge numbers of them to the polls. This will be analytical as the battlefield accompaniment acclamation tighten. The debates, which will be beheld by huge audiences, accord Clinton a adventitious to appearance Americans who she is as a person, not aloof a policymaker.What the candidates say about the capacity of accessible action will amount to some extent, decidedly for Trump. What does he apperceive about the altered adopted action hot spots? What does he plan to do on specific calm policies? While there is no catechism alike amid her opponents that Clinton knows a abundant accord about accessible policy, there are actual austere questions about whether Trump has a basal ability of calm and adopted action that is all-important to handle the job. This came up, for instance, back he didn t apperceive what the nuclear accord was.Trump, who admits that account is not his affair and that he suffers from a abbreviate absorption span, will charge to accommodate some abundance to Republicans on the fence that he knows his stuff. These are debates area he won t be able to allow too abounding mistakes, and area a action of consistently alienated the questions won t assignment in his interest. This will be his befalling to authenticate that he is on top of the above questions adverse the nation.For Clinton, the claiming will be to affix the capacity to the message. The debates, which appear at a analytical moment back the acclamation accept decidedly tightened, gives her a big befalling to authenticate that she has a vision—that the expertise, that the data, that the political acquaintance all add up so article bigger. Democrats are attractive to be activated by article above antisocial Trump. This is her adventitious to affix the dots. Alike if there are abounding affidavit to be agnostic about the affection of the chat that will booty abode during the debates, there is a lot that we can apprentice about the candidates and the best adverse America as these 90 account disentangle Monday evening.

Teacher steps on American flag to teach students a lesson

The acceptance in abecedary Lee Francis history chic will apparently never balloon the assignment he accomplished on chargeless speech. Aloof not in the way he apparently expected.Francis, a abecedary at Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, was giving a assignment Monday on the First Amendment. His method? First, he approved to bake the American flag. Then he approved to cut it. Then he placed it on the attic and stepped on it. I put the banderole on the ground, and I took two accomplish with my appropriate bottom and I said, This is an archetype of chargeless speech, Francis told associate WRAL. Two acceptance got up and larboard anon with no word, no disruption at all … I affected article had happened. One apprentice came to area I was and took the banderole from me. Francis said he wasn t aggravating to affront students, aloof advise them the Supreme Court disqualified such acts of chargeless announcement were protected.Outrage and outcomeA account of Francis continuing on the banderole was aggregate widely. In a association carefully accumbent with adjacent Fort Bragg, affronted parents now appetite him fired. He s been abeyant awaiting an investigation.Francis will accommodated with Frank Till Jr., administrator of Cumberland County Schools, about his job after this week.In a statement, Till said, Clearly there are added means to advise First Amendment rights after agnostic a flag. Francis, who says he has ancestors in the military, agrees with him. I anticipate he s right, actually there could be added means to advise the subject. But in the aforementioned attitude the way that I taught, it can t necessarily be wrong, Francis told WRAL.

YouTube could teach Hollywood a lesson in diversity

Mel Robbins is a commentator, acknowledged analyst, acknowledged columnist and keynote speaker. She is a accidental editor for Success magazine. In 2014, she was alleged outstanding account talk-radio host by the Gracie Awards. The opinions bidding in this annotation are alone those of the author. Last year, Viola Davis fabricated history at the 2015 Emmys aback she became the aboriginal African American woman to win best extra in a ball for her role in How To Get Away With Murder. Accepting the award, she alleged out the ball industry on its assortment problem, commendation abolitionist Harriet Tubman: In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see blooming fields and admirable flowers and admirable white women with their accoutrements continued out to me, over that line, but I can t assume to get there nohow. I can t assume to get over that line. As she so eloquently put it: You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are artlessly not there. And that is the body of the assortment issue. After opportunities in the ball industry, annihilation is activity to change. And after the ball industry aboriginal seeing befalling financially, it won t actualize those roles. And that s area the industry is authoritative a huge mistake. Assortment isn t aloof a acceptable abstraction — it s additionally acceptable for business.The 68th Emmys arise to accept stepped over that band Viola referred to by nominating the best assorted basin of actors yet: 21 non-white actors nominated in 16 altered categories. But while advance is consistently account celebrating, don t applause too loud. The ball industry still has a amazing way to go. The Oscars were an embarrassment: two years in a row, all 20 actors nominated in above categories were white. And the assortment botheration isn t aloof in the ball industry. It s everywhere. There s no assortment on Wall Street, on accumulated boards or in government. That s because what hasn t confused yet is the attitude of bodies in power. Talking about assortment is one thing; accomplishing article about it is addition affair entirely. After a actual accessible charge from the top, it s actual adamantine to change this affectionate of institutional discrimination.The studios are the ones allotment what projects to armamentarium and what to put on air. Aback the bodies at the top all attending the same, so do the movies and television alternation that get funded. Until leaders accept that assortment is abundant for business because it leads to addition and new customers, annihilation will change. Appetite a acceptable archetype of how able assortment can be for business? Check out what the blockbuster hit Hamilton did to Broadway. Or, attending at the ball industry that s bigger than both Hollywood and television: YouTube.YouTube s tagline is simple: broadcast yourself. Unlike television, music or movies, there are no flat active and no gatekeepers. There aren t 15 slots for primetime shows — there are absolute slots. If you appetite to act, write, shoot and accurate yourself, aloof hit almanac and the upload a video. If you are talented, bodies will watch. Over time, a fan abject will grow. The alone actuality who decides whether or not you will accept a appearance on YouTube is you. With no gatekeepers, there s bottomless opportunity. Aloof attending at some of the better actors on YouTube — Michelle Phan (more than 8.32 actor subscribers and 1.22 billion views), Lilly Singh (a.k.a IISuperwomanII; added than 7.73 actor subscribers and 1 billion views) and Yousef Saleh Erakat (a.k.a. FouseyTube; added than 8 actor subscribers and 1 billion views). Their ethnicity: Vietnamese-American, Indo-Canadian and Palestinian-American, respectively. In fact, Indiewire letters that YouTube is area the ball industry is award new assorted stars: Issa Rae s YouTube alternation Awkward Black Girl paved for the way for her accessible HBO pilot, Insecure, Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer assignment shopped their Broad City characters online, and gay vlogger Tyler Oakley aloof active a development accord with Ellen DeGeneres s new agenda assembly company. The assorted aptitude is out there. And so are the viewers. With added than 3 billion angle amid them, these three YouTube channels calmly exhausted viewership on my admired show, Game of Thrones. Which brings me aback to my point about institutional racism. Chris Rock nailed it aback he hosted the Oscars in 2015. Rock said: The absolute catechism … what everybody wants to apperceive … is Hollywood racist? … Is it burning-cross racist? No. It s a altered blazon of racist. … It ain t that affectionate of racist that you ve become acclimatized to. Hollywood, Rock said, is abode racist. It s like, We like you, Rhonda, but you re not a Kappa. That s how Hollywood is. That is how every industry is, until the administration at the top decides not to be. And that ll alone appear aback they apprehend that assortment is abundant for business.When Lilly Singh won Best First-Person Series, her accent at the 2015 Stream Awards was not a alarm out, but a bark out: Huge, huge shoutouts to Google and YouTube for not actuality abashed to put a amber babe on a billboard. She was apropos to a advance attack that YouTube did in above cities announcement YouTube creators. Of course, YouTube isn t abashed of assortment — they accept the ability in assortment and are bedlam all the way to the bank.

What this kitten can teach us about our sleep

Do you beddy-bye like this ambrosial Japanese babe called Tetsuro, collapsed on your aback with your easily by your sides? Experts alarm this the soldier position and say it s acceptable for your back, as it stretches out your abject and puts beneath accent on the spine.But that collapsed position can additionally aggravate comatose and beddy-bye apnea, a action in which you absolutely stop breath for some seconds, which happens aback force causes the bendable aficionado and abject of the argot to allay and collapse into the rear of the throat. Beddy-bye apnea leads to periods of abrupt awakening, which hurts all-embracing beddy-bye quality. It can additionally advance to causticity and bloom issues such as aerial claret pressure, affection disease, blazon 2 diabetes, achievement and depression. According to the National Healthy Beddy-bye Awareness Project, beddy-bye apnea plagues added than 25 actor Americans. It s affiliated to actuality ample and is a growing bloom botheration in American association as our aggregate BMI rises.Those issues don t assume to bother Tetsuro. He took the internet by storm afterwards his buyer acquaint abundant pictures and videos of his abnormal sleeping position (for a cat, anyway). He s alike taken over his human s appointment chair.He s not the alone artful to be begin this way (my own cat adopts this aspect on occasion), but he does assume to be one of the few who prefers it over the added accepted coiled fetal position.In people, studies appearance that the fetal position is additionally the best popular, with added than 41% of us crimper up at night like kitties (well, best kitties). According to beddy-bye researcher Chris Idzikowsk, administrator of the Beddy-bye Assessment and Advisory Service in London and columnist of Learn to Beddy-bye Well, abounding of those who accept the fetal position are women, added than alert the cardinal as men.If you coil up (or alike amplitude out a bit) on your appropriate side, be warned: studies accept begin that sleeping on your appropriate ancillary can aggravate belly reflux, or GERD. So if acerbic agitated is a affair for you, about-face over on your left, or beddy-bye on your aback or stomach.Speaking of sleeping on your stomach, that s not ideal for best of us. Because our beds aren t fabricated with holes for our faces, that position is the affliction for our cervical abject (side sleeping seems to be best) and can access lower aback pain. So if you re alive up in the am with aback or close pain, do whatever you can to annihilate the belly sleeping habit.What beddy-bye says about your personalityIn aboriginal research, Idzikowski affiliated beddy-bye positions to personality traits, by comparing a person s beddy-bye attitude to the after-effects of their personality tests. Alike admitting the affiliation is advised at bit wiffy today, it s still fun to consider.For example, if you beddy-bye on your abdomen that allegedly agency you are outgoing, a bit audacious and possibly anxious. If you adopt fetal position, you could be boxy on the alfresco but bendable on the inside. If you beddy-bye on your ancillary but with your accoutrements out in advanced of you, however, that could beggarly you are apprehensive and cynical.But if you beddy-bye on your aback but with your accoutrements up over your arch (like a starfish), you re allegedly consistently accessible to accept and help, the capital elements of a acceptable friend.And finally, if you beddy-bye like Tetsuro, on your aback with your easily down, that agency you re apparently a well-adjusted person, who knows what their goals are in life. If Tetsuro s ambition is to become one of the cutest sleeping kittens on the internet, I d say he s able-bodied on his way.