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A look back at Lynyrd Skynyrd

On this day 39 years ago, a even blast claimed the lives of three associates of Lynyrd Skynyrd. See some archetypal photos of the allegorical Southern bedrock band.

Donald Trump on immigration: We have some bad hombres

Washington Donald Trump dished some Spanish Wednesday during the third and final presidential debate.During a altercation about his attitude on clearing reform, the Republican presidential appointee common his attitude on deporting undocumented immigrants from the country and acclimated a Spanish chat to accomplish his point. We accept some bad hombres actuality and we re activity to get them out, he said.Twitter was quick to acknowledge — abounding in atheism that he said article in Spanish. And #badhombres began trending on Twitter.RELATED: Presidential agitation alive blog s Amanda Jackson contributed to this report.

Some of the world s most dangerous spiders

The fabulous coffins of Ghana

Funerals are generally adorning occasions in Ghana, area it is broadly believed that afterlife is the alpha of an afterlife, and the asleep should accept a admiring accelerate off. A attitude has emerged aural this ability of proverb coffins (abebuu adekai), which pay accolade to the addressee with a alone and generally amazing design. Browse through the arcade too see some of these alien designs.

Bob Dylan or Nobel-prize winning author?

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded to American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, for having created new anapestic expressions aural the abundant American song tradition. The accolade has appear as a abruptness in some corners. If you re a music fan, attending it up in the dictionary. Then literature . Then analyze and contrast, tweeted acclaimed columnist Irvine Welsh, who said he was a Dylan fan. Have they inducted Don De Lillo into the Rock n Roll anteroom of acclaim alongside Def Leppard and Slayer yet? The Swedish Academy s abiding secretary, Sara Danius, said Dylan, 75, is a abundant artist in the English-speaking tradition. Can you acquaint the aberration amid these arcane greats and Dylan s agreeable poetry?

Rod Stewart knighted at Buckingham Palace

Music fable Rod Stewart was knighted by Britain s Prince William at Buckingham Palace Tuesday.The rocker was accustomed for his casework to music and alms in a commemoration he alleged mind-blowing and wonderful. He will be accepted as Sir Roderick Stewart. Hot legsOn Twitter, some commenters remarked on Stewart s best of trousers, and bidding concern in his acutely beneath stature, as he went in to the investiture ceremony.Of advance you knew he was kneeling, right? Well deservedFans abutting in to battery praise, adage the courage was well deserved. Others bidding pride. All of us in Glasgow are so appreciative of you, one commenter posted.Stewart after stepped out with wife Penny Lancaster to an accident at the Royal Academy for the Arts, area they met Queen Elizabeth. Some guys accept all the luck.

Ben Kingsley rocks out to Rocket Man on Lip Sync Battle

Sir Ben Kingsley has some austere accompany skills.In a examination for the accessible premiere of Lip Accompany Battle, the amateur ill-fitted up for a bright arrangement of Elton John s Rocket Man. Kingsley rocked out to the 1972 hit in a adorned red, white and dejected costume, complete with a sparkly piano. The actor s antagonism is amateur John Cho, who is apparent in the blow abutting to co-host LL Cool J, in western garb. It s cryptic what Cho s achievement will entail but he bigger accompany his best game. The showdown affectedness October 12 on Spike TV.

Trump looms behind Clinton at the debate featured BR

Washington Donald Trump created an awkward bearings during Sunday s presidential debate, area the candidates were chargeless to roam about the stage, and the Republican appointee chose to angle appropriate abaft Hillary Clinton.While the Democratic presidential appointee responded to an admirers member s catechism about the Affordable Care Act, Donald Trump uncomfortably stood abaft her cartoon actual criticism. Here s a attending at some of the responses on Twitter:

Dark seas vast skies and full sails: striking sailing shots

Italian columnist Carlo Borlenghi has spent over thirty years capturing acclaimed moments in sailing. From Sardinia to Sydney, Borlenghi has catholic the apple capturing the ball of activity on the aerial seas.Read: Will $667m superyacht be built?Scroll through the arcade aloft to see some of his admired shots and apprentice why they are so appropriate to him.You can apprehend added from Borlenghi in October s copy of Mainsail, which premieres October 8 at 1630 GMT on International.

Outrageous EpiPen prices lead some people to make their own

Mylan CEO broiled by Congress over EpiPen amount hikes A man sits in a dimly lit allowance and fills a syringe with bright liquid. Afterwards a few annual of accumulation medical accessories like a puzzle, the YouTube video cuts to footage of him injecting himself. The man is Michael Laufer, a PhD mathematician and one of the creators of the EpiPencil, a accessory from the hacker accumulation Four Thieves Vinegar Collective. As declared in a audience video, the alignment aims to adjust biologic accomplishment and acquiesce bodies to inexpensively accomplish their own drugs or medical devices. We re giving bodies the requisite advice to empower themselves to administer their own health, Laufer told . The EpiPencil, which costs beneath than $35, requires aloof a few genitalia which addition can calmly get themselves, including an auto injector and a syringe. The epinephrine anesthetic and commitment arrangement (an epinephrine pump) are currently at the centermost of a agitation about biologic pricing. Mylan, which around owns the bazaar with its FDA-approved EpiPen, is adverse analysis from the U.S. government for charging upwards of $600 for a two-pack set of EpiPens. It amount aloof $94 in 2007. It s the device, not epinephrine itself, that s so expensive. About 15 actor bodies accept aliment allergies in the U.S., and allergic reactions annual for about 200,000 emergency allowance visits per year, according to Aliment Abhorrence Analysis & Education. When addition has an allergic reaction, he or she charge inject themselves with epinephrine to anticipate anaphylactic shock. The House Oversight Committee questioned Mylan CEO Heather Bresch on Wednesday about the absonant amount increase, citation basic concerns. That s why Four Thieves Vinegar Collective fabricated an alternative. According to Laufer, it took alone two weeks of analysis and prototyping to accommodate a cheaper, do-it-yourself band-aid for patients with astringent allergies who can t allow the Big Pharma amount tag. The apparatus can be purchased over the adverse — abreast from the epinephrine, which doctors prescribe. The EpiPencil is beefy and not accessible to carry, but the audience video shows it abundantly injects liquid. However, authoritative your own medical accessory is risky. The aggravate and added accessories charge to be antibacterial and can t blow annihilation that ability alloy it. The EpiPencil is added of a ancillary activity for Four Thieves Vinegar Collective. In July, anon afterwards the amount gouging aspersion involving Martin Shkreli, the aggregation apparent the Apothecary MicroLab, a DIY biologic activity to let anyone accomplish their own drugs. The accumulation is accepted to cycle out a beta adaptation of that artefact soon, although it s cryptic what the acknowledged ramifications are. The FDA can t do annihilation about DIY accessories like the EpiPencil as continued as you accept a decree for epinephrine, back the apparatus are legal. Theresa Eisenman, an FDA spokeswoman, told articles like this could be unsafe. Using crooked decree drugs for claimed use is a potentially alarming practice, Eisenman said. Neither FDA nor the American accessible accept any affirmation that crooked articles are effective, safe or produced beneath Current Good Accomplishment Practices.‎ Crooked drugs may be contaminated, sub-potent, super-potent or counterfeit. Related: Lawmakers say EpiPen hikes fabricated Mylan admiral filthy rich Dr. Douglas McMahon — a Minnesota-based abhorrence and asthma specialist — is agnostic of DIY articles like the EpiPencil, acquainted he wouldn t advance a accouterments drudge to patients attractive to save money. Although it s frowned aloft by the FDA, McMahon said some doctors accord their patients a syringe of epinephrine with the admonishing that the shelf activity is alone three months. McMahon is alive on his own EpiPen another alleged AllergyStop, an epinephrine commitment accessory that can fit on a keychain and lasts hardly best than Mylan s EpiPen — about 15 months. Mylan s expires afterwards a year. AllergyStop will amount an estimated $50 for one dosage of anesthetic and the pump, and will crave a prescription. McMahon has spent the aftermost seven years alive on epinephrine devices, a account apprenticed by his own astringent allergies. He carries AllergyStop in case of an emergency. His four-person aggregation is aggravating to crowdfund the artefact on Indiegogo, but donations accept been slow. Now, he s attractive to accession allotment from investors who allotment his appearance of absent to accommodate affordable medicine. McMahon is currently gluttonous FDA approval, a action he estimates will booty two years. Added startups accept approved to accommodate cheaper options. Massachusetts-based Windgap Medical is additionally alive on authoritative an affordable alternative. Meanwhile, Intelliject — now Kaléo Pharma — launched the highly-publicized Auvi-Q in 2013, but it was after recalled. Competition drives amount down, and if there s added antagonism the medicines won t be as expensive, McMahon said. (San Francisco) First appear September 24, 2016: 8:31 AM ET