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Don t expect a Lincoln-Douglas debate but it could teach us a lot

Julian Zelizer is a assistant of history and accessible diplomacy at Princeton University and a New America fellow. He is the columnist of Jimmy Carter and The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Abundant Society. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his own. Presidential debates accurately activity up a lot of grief. Over the years, debates accept not absolutely produced the best candid altercation of accessible policy. We accept been inundated with exact and beheld gaffes, bodies auspicious on their applicant as they baste into the added person s character, and pundits evaluating who offers the best one-line zinger that will stick in the accessible imagination. This is not absolutely the being of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.As above CBS Anchor Dan Rather said in 1988, These things accept developed over the years into what some bodies accept can added accurately be declared as a collective attack actualization or an orchestrated account conference. Things accept alone gotten worse since. After the carnival that we witnessed during the Republican primary debates, abounding Americans may be animating themselves for the actual affliction that these televised contest accept to offer. In the minds of some critics, the Republican primary debates absolutely bargain the bar in agreement of the affection of these exchanges. In particular, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio accomplished a new low back they debated the admeasurement of their anatomy parts. Given how abundant acrimony exists amid the Trump and Clinton camps, the agitation on Monday night could calmly get nasty. The Clinton attack arrive Trump analyzer and billionaire Mark Cuban to appear the agitation and Trump tweeted that in response, he ability allure Gennifer Flowers, who had an activity with Bill Clinton. Yet alike if the agreeable of the agitation will not be acceptable to abounding voters, there is still a lot to apprentice from this and the added two presidential debates, advice that will be advantageous back authoritative a accommodation about what to do appear November. With acclamation assuming that the chase is around tied, this altercation has the abeyant to accomplish a difference. The attitude of the candidates is article that usually does appear through in the debates. The capital actualization of the being on the date is actual difficult to affectation alike back the best able attack professionals are alive the room. The television cameras don t acquiesce candidates to adumbrate who they are from the public.Democrats bethink how Vice President Al Gore struggled to allow the acumen that he was above and above in 2000 no amount how abounding times he told us about his lock box, while President George H.W. Bush had no luck carrying in 1992 the affectionate of affinity and affair with average chic voters that came through so acutely in his opponent, Bill Clinton.Temperament is a big affair for both of the accepted candidates, but in altered ways. Trump s aberrant and acerbic behavior has connected to be a above problem, decidedly for abounding Republicans who are ambiguous if he could handle the job of Commander-in-Chief. Trump lacks the attitude to be President, warned 50 arresting civic aegis officials, mostly Republicans, who came out adjoin his candidacy. These apropos accept been registered in accessible acclamation as well. Although apropos about Trump s adequacy are somewhat added aerial than in the average of the summer, alone 43 percent of the accessible accept that he is able for the job and alone 41 percent say he has abundant ability of all-embracing diplomacy (white men acknowledge abundant added agreeably to both of these questions). Back he is not account from the teleprompter, the atomic ancillary of the Republican appointee generally becomes actual clear. During these debates Trump will charge to accommodate assurances to voters, in the way that he handles questions and in the way that he interacts with Hillary Clinton, that he can absolutely be presidential, or it will be difficult for him to accretion abutment above his base. If he stumbles badly, accident his atmosphere or bottomward into schoolyard insults, he will see his assets in the acclamation appear to a halt.Clinton faces a altered problem. If Trump needs to appearance some affectionate of steadiness, she has to use these debates to appearance added emotion. Clinton has connected to ache because abounding voters see her as annihilation added than a political machine. Democrats are affiliated in opposing Trump, but what is beneath axiomatic is whether there is abundant affection out there to accompany huge numbers of them to the polls. This will be analytical as the battlefield accompaniment acclamation tighten. The debates, which will be beheld by huge audiences, accord Clinton a adventitious to appearance Americans who she is as a person, not aloof a policymaker.What the candidates say about the capacity of accessible action will amount to some extent, decidedly for Trump. What does he apperceive about the altered adopted action hot spots? What does he plan to do on specific calm policies? While there is no catechism alike amid her opponents that Clinton knows a abundant accord about accessible policy, there are actual austere questions about whether Trump has a basal ability of calm and adopted action that is all-important to handle the job. This came up, for instance, back he didn t apperceive what the nuclear accord was.Trump, who admits that account is not his affair and that he suffers from a abbreviate absorption span, will charge to accommodate some abundance to Republicans on the fence that he knows his stuff. These are debates area he won t be able to allow too abounding mistakes, and area a action of consistently alienated the questions won t assignment in his interest. This will be his befalling to authenticate that he is on top of the above questions adverse the nation.For Clinton, the claiming will be to affix the capacity to the message. The debates, which appear at a analytical moment back the acclamation accept decidedly tightened, gives her a big befalling to authenticate that she has a vision—that the expertise, that the data, that the political acquaintance all add up so article bigger. Democrats are attractive to be activated by article above antisocial Trump. This is her adventitious to affix the dots. Alike if there are abounding affidavit to be agnostic about the affection of the chat that will booty abode during the debates, there is a lot that we can apprentice about the candidates and the best adverse America as these 90 account disentangle Monday evening.

Debate coach: Expect Clinton vs. Trump to be an Olympic battle of wits

Todd Graham is the administrator of agitation at Southern Illinois University. His teams accept won bristles civic championships and avant-garde to the final-four of a civic championship clash nine after years. He s been accustomed three times as the civic agitation drillmaster of the year The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. These presidential debates, which alpha Monday, will be like no others. The primary debates had added admirers than any in history, and featured debris talking, loud admirers booing, candidates biting anniversary other, shouting matches, and anatomy genitalia bragging. And those were aloof the Republicans. The Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton debates will be the Olympics of debate. Heck, if we re lucky, Leslie Jones can live-tweet these, too. (Slay all day Leslie!) Let s examination the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary candidate.Trump s strengths • Manipulating the moderators. Trump s been appealing abrupt about the achievability of arbitrary moderators. Why? Because agitation moderators can be played, aloof like sports officials. Whenever my agitation teams anticipate we accept board agreeable adjoin us, we cautiously ask about their philosophy of anticipation and aim to acquisition out how we can affected their bias. In about all circumstances, at the end of the debate, the board vote for us because of overcorrection. They appetite so abominably to arise fair that they end up actuality arbitrary to the added team.• Critic of cachet quo. Syria, Iraq, Libya, barter with China — you name it and Trump will criticize it. He s a first-rate armchair quarterback. • Abhorrence mongering. This absolutely works for a lot of people. Everything is terrible and horrible, Trump says. Actually, theories of alignment accept been tested, and fear of losing article you already accept is abundant added actuating than appeals to accretion article new you don t currently possess. • Personality. Trump can be both funny and charming. Hey, the Rubio baptize canteen bit still cracks me up. • Handling hostility. He s acclimated to it. Back the army booed him in the antecedent debates, he brushed abreast the boo-birds like he was across-the-board pigeons off the terrace of his penthouse. • Evading questions. Trump has several access for this. He provides accepted answers, ignores the catechism absolutely or turns it into an advance on his adversary by accusing them of the aforementioned thing. (It s the Pee-wee Herman response, I apperceive you are but what am I? ) Finally, whenever apprenticed on some antic claim, Trump uses his get-out-of-jail-free agenda is to acknowledge with, A lot of bodies say, and I ve heard abounding people. He artlessly brushes the catechism off like he would lint on his cashmere and afresh blames it on faceless other people. Trump s weaknesses• Action knowledge. This could be his undoing. Aloof apprehend the latest claiming from Mark Cuban as affidavit that cipher thinks Trump understands policy. Cuban will accord him $10 actor if Trump will let Cuban barbecue him on action positions for four hours. Ten. Million. Dollars. • Punishing format. Two candidates on date and 90 account to fill. Saying We don t win anymore and I ll accomplish bigger deals afresh should get annoying appealing bound in this format. • Thin skin. Trump doesn t like criticism of any kind. And he has a baby way of ambidextrous with it by name-calling. If he loses his atmosphere in the debate, as he has in the past, it will arise abundant worse back it s aloof the two of them up there.• Flip-flops and lies. Let s be real. Trump lies in debates added than anyone … ever. You can attending this up on any fact-checking website. My favorite: Sixty percent of claims that PolitiFact has arrested accept been rated apocryphal or pants-on-fire (outright lies) and beneath 3% of his claims accept been rated as true! • Hubris. Trump candidly thinks he s won all the debates so far. I m not authoritative this up. This is a weakness if it has led him to achieve he doesn t charge to do the affectionate of abundant alertness best candidates do. Clinton s strengths• Knowledge. Clinton artlessly knows her actuality about the economy, civilian rights, Russian relations, the war on alarm and added issues. You may not accede with her, but you won t anticipate she s under-informed.• Approaching policy. This is area she can set herself afar from Trump. She can allege articulately about the administration we should take, as a country, in the future. Trump s ability is criticizing the past. Clinton s is pointing against the future.• Ability to draw aciculate contrasts. Clinton has been solid, alike in the primary debates, at delineating the differences amid her proposals and his.• Attitude. I apperceive bodies anticipate she s too automatic and stiff, and that s a weakness. However, in several debates, Clinton s access has been added relaxed, calm, and she alike seems to adore the debates with a communicative quality. Clinton s weaknesses• Her personality. In these debates, bodies appetite to see a real person. That agency personality and feelings. Joy, fear, anger, abhorrence and anguish were all allotment of Riley s affections in Inside Out, the Pixar movie. Well heck, if a animation appearance has emotions, why can t Clinton? • Long-winded. She never finishes her acknowledgment on time, and she runs over the dinging timer, runs through the buzzer in the background, runs accomplished the moderator s attempts to alpha up again, and I anticipate she alike ran over my neighbor s dog while she was at it. These circumlocutory answers, as if to grandmother s abode we go, serve her poorly. You can t get to the big finish of your acknowledgment if you re actuality talked over and sirens are blaring. She needs to get to the point sooner.• Evasive answers. Do you bethink back she said Wall Street gave her contributions because of 9/11? Or in the abutting debate, aforementioned question, Clinton said that she got beneath money from Wall Street than from teachers. These didn t canyon the aroma test. She s got to do better.

Obama-Netanyahu harmony? Don t expect it to last

Aaron David Miller is a carnality admiral and acclaimed academic at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and columnist of The End of Greatness: Why America Can t Accept (and Doesn t Want) Addition Abundant President. Miller was a Middle East adjudicator in Democratic and Republican administrations. Follow him @aarondmiller2. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Admiral Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Abbot Benjamin Netanyahu met on the margins of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday for what ability be their aftermost affair of the Obama presidency. It was one of their atomic advancing meetings, evidently at least, with both activity to abundant lengths to be nice to one addition and to acclaim the US-Israel relationship. Our achievement will be that in these conversations we get the faculty of how Israel sees the abutting few years, what the opportunities are and what the challenges are in adjustment to ensure we accumulate animate the achievability of a stable, defended Israel at accordance with its neighbors, Admiral Obama said afore the affair in New York.Still, admitting the auspicious tone, letters from chief US and Israeli admiral appropriate (not surprisingly) that in clandestine the two leaders argued over the settlements issue. According to Reuters, afterwards the affair a chief US official told reporters of profound US apropos about the acerb aftereffect that that is accepting on the anticipation for two states. So, area do US-Israel ties absolutely stand? And what can we apprehend affective forward? There were four key takeaways from Wednesday s meeting:Another action about the corner? No one should agnosticism that Obama and Netanyahu abide actual abundant at allowance on both the claimed and action levels. Indeed, their accordance charcoal conceivably the best abortive and atomic advantageous of any US admiral and Israeli prime minister. And while this ability accept been their aftermost contiguous meeting, this acceptable won t be their aftermost fight. There is a actual absolute achievability that already the acclamation is over, Admiral Obama ability accede some array of basic accordance action action — either a presidential accent laying out US positions on a two-state solution, or blame for a UN Aegis Council resolution that seeks to do the same.Should he move in that direction, we are acceptable to see some antagonistic pushback from Mr. Netanyahu — and a acknowledgment to the boxy accent and absinthian accessible action that authentic abundant of their accordance during the aftermost eight years. But there s no acumen to action appropriate nowOver the accomplished eight years, tensions amid Obama and Netanyahu accept focused on two key issues: how to accordance with Iran s accepted adventure for a nuclear weapon; and the Israeli-Palestinian issue. On Iran, the absinthian action over the nuclear acceding is now abaft them. True, Netanyahu is still actual abundant against to the deal, but the absoluteness is that there s not abundant he can do about it. As for the accordance process, the Admiral fabricated a boxy presentation on settlements and the Prime Abbot pushed back.Yet there was none of the evidently abutting anatomy language, icy stairs, accessible lectures or chicken backgrounders to the columnist that accept apparent their antecedent encounters on this issue. For now, the accordance action is actual abundant in the abysmal freeze; and there s little either of them can or alike appetite to do about that.Netanyahu capital some acceptable eyes … Backroom on both the US and Israeli abandon helped affluence any affection to fight, let abandoned to aftermath a bad meeting. Netanyahu has been agilely arresting the afresh assured US-Israeli Memorandum of Understanding alike as his critics accept accursed the MOU on the area that Israel could accept accomplished far added had he not against the Iran accordance and not interfered in US backroom by speaking to the US Congress.So Netanyahu absolutely had no best but to acclaim the accordance and to acclaim the Admiral for his abutment of Israel s aegis needs. To do contrarily would accept attenuate that attack and appropriate that US-Israeli relations, on the aegis side, were far beneath anatomic than the Prime Abbot had claimed.It would accept fatigued absorption to the actuality that for all his bent action to the Iran accordance and boxy acceding on the MOU, Netanyahu has, in his critics eyes, gotten actual little in return. … And so did the PresidentObama additionally had little acumen to appetite a accessible battle with Israel. Appropriate now, one of the President s key objectives is to do aggregate he can to facilitate the acclamation of a Democratic successor. The aftermost affair he wants is a awful argument with Netanyahu that would accord the Republicans an befalling to allege him of actuality anti-Israel and, by implication, articulation Hillary Clinton to such a policy.A action with Israel could prove actual awkward to Mrs. Clinton, and ability force her to ambit herself from the Admiral or arise beneath pro-Israel than her opponent. Either course, two months afore what could be a abutting election, ability prove costly. The Obama-Netanyahu accordance has been a drama-filled soap opera about from the get-go, alike while the US-Israeli relationship, decidedly on the aegis side, has fared almost well.Indeed, back it comes to acknowledging Israeli aegis needs, US action has remained stunningly constant. It would be nice to brainstorm that with a new admiral the accordance will advance dramatically. In tone, it may — for a while. But my bet is aural six months, and absolutely by the end of 2017, the abutting US admiral and Prime Abbot Netanyahu will be butting active and annoying the hell out of anniversary other.

No headphone jack and a new shade of black: What to expect at Apple s iPhone event

Tim Cook s Apple: 5 years in If you re agog for a new iPhone, or analytical whether Apple will assuredly do abroad for the headphone jack, the aggregation will acknowledge aggregate you charge to apperceive about its next-generation smartphone this week. On Wednesday, September 7, the aggregation is captivation its ceremony abatement media accident in San Francisco, area it about unveils the new iPhone. This year, we may alike see an advantage with a new adumbration of atramentous added to the lineup. But the device, acceptable alleged the iPhone 7, is aloof the capital attraction. There s a lot added expected, including a new adaptation of the Apple Watch and software updates for all Apple products. Get accessible to apprehend an arising of acrimony from Apple (AAPL , Tech30) admirers over the abatement of the headphone jack, too. The industry accepted 3.5mm headphone jack doesn t booty up abundant amplitude and works with best third-party headphones, but Apple is accounted to abolish it all calm in favor all-embracing wireless headphones. People won t be blessed because they ll charge to buy accordant headphones or an adapter that connects their absolute earbuds to the new iPhone. Now, let s a afterpiece attending what s acceptable advancing this ceremony — and what s not (sorry, MacBook fans). Your abutting iPhone As is tradition, September is aback Apple (AAPL , Tech30) reveals its latest iPhone. Regularly rolling out new versions of its best affairs accouterments is key to the company s business. People charge article to advancement to, so Apple doles out incremental appearance and architecture improvements annually. These new iPhones — said to be alleged the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Additional — acceptable won t attack annihilation too crazy. Apple seems to be extenuative up any above overhauls for the iPhone s 10th ceremony abutting year. Related: iPhone rumor assembly This year s bigger rumor is already angering abeyant customers. Apple is accepted to bead the industry accepted headphone jack from the iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, headphones will charge to assignment wirelessly or bung into the absolute Lightning port. Apple ability try and affluence the alteration by authoritative an adapter. Added absolute improvements accommodate bigger cameras for both devices. The Additional is accepted to get bifold cameras for college affection low-light images. In addition, this could assuredly be the year Apple kills the abstract 16GB adaptation of the iPhone for a 32GB entry-level device, bumping up the absolute line s accumulator capacity. Best agitative for klutzes and swimmers, the iPhone ability assuredly be waterproof, or at atomic water-resistant. Next-generation Apple Watch The aboriginal Apple Watch launched aftermost April. Since then, Apple has adapted the operating arrangement a bit and spent activity aggravating to whip up activity for new watch bands. But now we may see the aboriginal above accouterments advancement for the wearable. This adaptation will acceptable accept GPS capabilities but still charge the iPhone to operate. Apple originally planned for the new Apple Watch to accommodate its own cellular connectivity, but it ran into roadblocks during the development process, according to Bloomberg. Speed, array and backbone improvements could additionally be included, additional a cardinal of changes advancing in the abutting watchOS. OS absolution dates In the spring, Apple previewed the abutting versions of all four of its operating systems at its ceremony World Wide Developer Conference. The aggregation said they would be appear in the fall, and we ll apparently apprentice the exact dates on Wednesday. Typically, they cycle out a ceremony or two afterwards the event. Related: Apple plays catchup with … anybody The best advancing of the software updates is iOS 10, which will run on iPhones and iPads. Apple is abacus a gimmick-filled amend to Messenger — boasting added stickers and dematerialization letters — added third-party affiliation for Siri, and a advancement to the Photos app that adds facial acceptance and automatically generates movies, agnate to Google Photos. Additionally on the border is macOS Sierra — now with Siri affiliation — and new versions of tvOS and watchOS. What we won t see Apple s Mac curve are all due for an upgrade, but it s absurd we ll see new MacBook or iMacs admission this week. The aggregation could advertise new accessories after this year, advanced of the anniversary season, but ability do it agilely or a abstracted event. Refreshed iPads additionally aren t accepted aloof yet. They re added acceptable advancing aboriginal abutting year. A Tim Cook moment Apple CEO Tim Cook has acclimated the spotlight at the alpha of contempo media contest to abode austere real-world news. In March, he commented on the action amid Apple and the FBI over demands that the aggregation alleviate an iPhone acclimated by one of the San Bernardino shooters. At Apple s developer appointment in June, he asked for a moment of blackout for victims of the Orlando shooting. There s annihilation awfully acute for Cook to abode this round, unless he feels like chatting about the $14.5 billion in aback taxes the EU says it owes to Ireland. will be on the arena advertisement alive from the event, which bliss off at 10:00 a.m. PT/1:00 p.m. ET, so break acquainted for updates. (San Francisco) Aboriginal appear September 6, 2016: 8:57 AM ET

Tropical Storm Hermine: Here s what to expect

Hours afterwards Blow Hermine fabricated landfall in Florida, the attenuated storm is alive its way up the East Coast. Here s a quick attending at the numbers abaft the storm and what to apprehend activity into Labor Day weekend.The numbers1:50 a.m. — The time Hermine fabricated landfall as a Category 1 blow in the Big Bend breadth of Florida s Gulf Coast. 11 — Years it had been back a blow fabricated landfall in Florida.1 — Person killed. A abandoned man died during the storm afterwards a timberline addled him, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said.40 actor — People beneath close storm watches or warnings, which amplitude all the way up to Rhode Island.13 actor — People beneath beam flood watches.298,623 — Businesses and homes after ability in FloridaThe abutting 24 hoursThe better threats Friday are beam calamity from the abundant condensate in Georgia, South Carolina and Arctic Carolina.Tornadoes are accessible throughout the day.Hermine will reemerge in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday morning abreast the Outer Banks of Arctic Carolina.Track Hermine HereWhat s in abundance Labor Day weekendMost models appearance Hermine abiding off the northeast coast, actuality blocked by a ample breadth of aerial burden to the north.The storm should strengthen acknowledgment to balmy ocean water, but it s not activity to become a blow again. Instead it acceptable will be a post-tropical storm, the blazon of storm Superstorm Sandy was at landfall. Still, abiding apprehension could acknowledgment to hurricane-force speeds.The aftereffect will be able on-shore apprehension addition from the Outer Banks to New York s Long Island through the anniversary weekend, consistent in asperous seas, rip currents and bank erosion, but not a lot of rain. s Judson Jones and Sarah Aarthun contributed to this report.

Why Obama shouldn t expect much from the G20

Aaron David Miller is a carnality admiral and acclaimed academic at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and columnist of The End of Greatness: Why America Can t Accept (and Doesn t Want) Addition Great President. Miller was a Middle East adjudicator in Democratic and Republican administrations. Follow him on Twitter @aarondmiller2. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Behind the affected smiles and binding handshakes that mark what could be Admiral Barack Obama s final encounters with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin this Sunday at the G20 lurks one acutely annoying reality: These days, added divides Russia and Turkey from the Affiliated States than unites them.Where you angle in activity and backroom has aggregate to do with breadth you sit. And in September 2016, Obama, Erdogan and Putin are sitting in actual altered places. Indeed, affairs for austere breakthroughs or cardinal realignments on Syria or any added affair in these acme affairs in China this weekend are abbreviate to none. Obama, short-timerHaving formed for Republican and Democratic administrations for added than two decades, I ve apparent this cine comedy out abounding times before. US presidents — and secretaries of accompaniment — admeasurement their political lives in four- and eight-year increments, and Obama is months abroad from watching the bank run through his presidential hourglass. Both Erdogan and Putin — and for that matter, all of America s accompany and adversaries — accept already amorphous to accomplish their calculations based on the simple absoluteness that aural a actual abbreviate time they will be ambidextrous with a new president. That doesn t beggarly they won t seek to accomplishment any befalling with the accepted one. Indeed, if anything, these leaders will seek to capitalize on any adumbration that Obama — acquisitive to adorn his bequest — ability appearance agony and weakness that would comedy to their advantage. But these leaders additionally apperceive that any admirable bargains and big deals cut with this admiral won t necessarily be conveyed to the abutting one. Why, then, authenticate any coercion or adaptability on issues that matter? The absolute mindsetAnd that brings us to a accompanying point that divides Obama from his G20 counterparts. Both Putin and Erdogan accept captivated top government positions for 17 and 13 years, respectively. And as able authoritarians they are acceptable to accumulate their seats for a acceptable accord longer. We tend to belittle the suspicions that drive and breeze from the absolute mindset. Erdogan has aloof suffered an attempted accomplishment in which the plotters approved to annihilate him. Turkey accuses the Affiliated States of announcement the accomplishment or, at a minimum, harboring the Islamic baton Fethullah Gulen, who it believes was amenable for incitement.The Turks appetite Gulen extradited, but accustomed the breadth of the displacement process, the adversity in proving Gulen s role in the attempted accomplishment and the ambiguity over what the Turks would do him if he were beatific back, it s absurd to appear during Obama s administration. This aphotic billow will abide to adhere over the Obama/Erdogan relationship, complicating US-Turkish ties on any cardinal of issues, including broadcast use of Turkish aggressive bases for US operations in Syria.The bearings with Putin is alike worse. For the Russian leader, every US activity that challenges him is somehow beheld as existential. He blames the US for the blush revolutions of 2003 and 2004 in Georgia and Ukraine; and in 2011, he accused Hillary Clinton of auspicious demonstrations in Russia. Indeed, alike his abutment for the Bashar al-Assad administration and abhorrence to American efforts to alter the Syrian baton are angry to Putin s fears that the Affiliated States is acquisitive to see acrimonious regimes, including Putin s, changed. These suspicions explain abundant about Putin s abhorrence adjoin Obama and accept continued casting a cloak on any absolute adventitious for austere cooperation on a ambit of issues. Putin and Erdogan afterpiece than ObamaTurkey and Russia accept a continued history of alternate animosity and distrust. But Putin and Erdogan accept abundant in common, too: They are adolescent authoritarians who are alert of the Affiliated States. They both accept basic interests in Syria. Russia wants to bottle its 40-year pale in Syria and not acquiesce the Americans to behest the agreement of an endgame, and Turkey wants to anticipate the Syrian Kurds from creating an free breadth and agriculture Turkish bellicism at home. There are additionally able bread-and-butter affidavit for cooperation, decidedly back Russia is Turkey s second-largest trading accomplice afterwards Germany. The two countries additionally accept several accommodating ventures about tourism and activity in assorted stages of development and/or execution. And of late, decidedly in the deathwatch of the attempted coup, Turkey has accomplished out to mend ties. Putin, acquisitive to drive a block amid Turkey (a affiliate of NATO) and the Affiliated States, has reciprocated. Putin additionally knows that Turkey s action in arctic Syria adjoin US-backed Kurds has created added tensions with Washington and conceivably opened up an befalling for cooperation. Tactical alignment at bestWhatever may appear in the way of pledges amid the leaders this weekend to action ISIS or to assignment to end the abandon in Syria, there are absolute banned to cooperation, let abandoned admirable deals. On Syria, the Affiliated States, Russia and Turkey allotment some accepted goals: Smash abolitionist Islamists and accumulate Syria united, at atomic with account to its borders. But Putin and Erdogan are arena the continued bold in Syria with goals that additionally absorb blockage American access and crushing Kurdish nationalism, appropriately — and these goals alter fundamentally from Obama s. The basal band is Putin and Erdogan will be about continued afterwards Obama leaves office. And that s acumen abundant to accompany their own goals irrespective of America s and to pay added absorption to one addition than to a US admiral in his crumbling canicule in office.