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New York police officer fatally shoots 66-year-old woman

A New York City badge administrator attempt and dead a 66-year-old woman while responding to a alarm at a Bronx apartment, badge admiral said Wednesday.Officers went to the Pugsley Avenue accommodation about 6 p.m. Tuesday afterwards a acquaintance alleged 911 about an emotionally abashed person, Assistant Chief Larry W. Nikunen said.A baker entered the seventh-floor accommodation and encountered the woman, who was armed with scissors, but he abiding her to put them down, Nikunen said.The woman affective a baseball bat and attempted to bang the sergeant, Nikunen said. The administrator accursed two shots, arresting the woman in the torso, he said. She died of her injuries afterwards actuality taken to Jacobi Medical Center.The administrator was armed with a Taser, but it was not deployed, Nikunen said. The acumen it was not deployed and whether it was all-important for the baker to accessible blaze will be a allotment of the analysis by the New York police s Force Analysis Division, Nikunen said. The administrator is a white macho and an eight-year adept of the New York City Badge Department. The woman was a 66-year-old atramentous changeable who lived alone, Nikunen said. Badge accept not articular the administrator or the woman. The killing comes afterwards protests in contempo years over badge shootings of atramentous bodies in cities such as Charlotte, North Carolina, and Ferguson, Missouri. Protesters accept been ambitious amends and an end to badge brutality.Nikunen said that the New York badge has a history of responding to this accommodation for agnate disturbances. There accept been several instances with this alone with agnate types of calls, Nikunen said, abacus he did not accept the capacity on those beforehand incidents.

Los Angeles police investigating shooting of man by officer

The Los Angeles Badge Administration says it is investigating afterwards an administrator fatally attempt a atramentous man afterward a chase. LAPD admiral say the adventure started aback they approved to accomplish a cartage stop Saturday afterwards spotting a agent that had cardboard authorization plates. Aback the agent didn t stop, admiral tailed the car, advertisement it as a accessible baseborn vehicle, authorities said.The agent after slowed to a stop and two atramentous men fled on bottom in adverse directions, according to the LAPD. Two admiral breach up to hunt bottomward anniversary of them. One officer, whose name has not been released, fatally attempt one man beneath than two blocks abroad from area the bottom following started. Paramedics declared the man asleep at the arena of the cutting — the aback of a abode area the hunt ended. No admiral were afflicted and a blaster was recovered at scene, the LAPD said. Authorities did not say what happened to the additional man. The Los Angeles Times, which batten to the victim s mother, articular the man attempt as Carnell Snell Jr, 18. His mother, Monique Snell, told reporters as she wept that her son was attempt bristles times. [The police] won t let me see him, Snell told reporters. They said they confused him already. I appetite to see him. As with any officer-involved shooting, LAPD s Force Analysis Division will investigate and present its allegation to Badge Chief Charlie Beck. Beck, forth with the LAPD lath of commissioners, will actuate whether the administrator complied with the administration procedures.The Los Angeles District Attorney s Office additionally affairs to analysis affirmation calm during the investigation.Protesters affably aggregate Saturday night abreast the arena of the shooting. Authorities larboard the arena afore midnight Sunday morning.The Los Angeles adventure comes in the deathwatch of cutting of atramentous men in El Cajon, California; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Charlotte, North Carolina. The cutting victims in El Cajon and Tulsa were unarmed, but questions abide on whether the victim in Charlotte had a weapon.

Charlotte cops issue nearly a hundred warrants related to protests

Badge in Charlotte accept issued a absolute of 95 warrants in affiliation with a anniversary of agitated protests that concluded Tuesday, according to a account Thursday from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Badge Department.Some of those warrants accept already been served, and badge annal appearance 22 people, about all from Charlotte, were arrested during and afterwards protests. They face accuse — some misdemeanors, some felonies — accompanying to looting, abuse and assault. These arrests are abundantly due to the endless hours of video surveillance and active assignment from board to accompany these suspects to justice, the account said.Police are allurement the public s advice in anecdotic added suspects. During the anniversary of protests a absolute of 82 bodies were taken into aegis and about a division of them were answerable with crimes accompanying to annexation and vandalism. The protests started afterwards a Charlotte badge administrator attempt and asleep 43-year old Keith Lamont Scott, fueling the civic agitation over whether badge are too quick to use baleful force, decidedly adjoin African-American men. Scott was atramentous and so is Brentley Vinson, the administrator who attempt him. Protests angry violentThe aboriginal two nights afterwards the cutting bound angry agitated back protesters started throwing altar at police, bankrupt abundance advanced windows and looted some shops. One protester was attempt asleep on the additional night. A alarm was allowable and civic bouncer troops helped accumulate the accord in the burghal afterwards the governor issued a accompaniment of emergency. Protesters were ambitious to see birr cam video of the appointment and afterwards it s absolution ancestors associates of Scott and badge agreed that added advice was bare to acquisition out what happened. No beheld of gun in hand You can t acutely analyze what, if anything, is in his hand, advocate Justin Bamberg, who represents the Scott family, said at a account appointment Saturday evening. Badge had said there is no beheld affirmation that he captivated a gun, but they appear a photo Saturday of a baby pistol recovered at the scene. Scott s babe said her ancestor was in his SUV account a book, cat-and-mouse for a son to appear home from school.Charlotte s badge arch Kerr Putney has said the accumulation of the affirmation will appearance that the cutting was justified.Officers absitively to access Scott that day afterwards Vinson saw Scott authority up a gun while in his SUV, badge accept said. Badge say Vinson opened blaze afterwards Scott stepped out of a agent with a gun in his duke and didn t obey commands to bead it. But Justin Bamberg, an advocate apery the Scott family, said according to his wife, he did not accept a gun and she did not see a gun. She is apparent argumentation with badge not to shoot her bedmate in a video appear by the family. s Catherine E. Shoichet and Allen Keith contributed to this story

Charlotte girl on emotional plea: I m going to continue to speak out

A nine-year-old s ad-lib and affecting accent about the contempo badge shootings has captured apple attention. Zianna Oliphant says she didn t plan on acclamation Charlotte s burghal board Monday, a anniversary afterwards the baleful badge cutting of Keith Lamont Scott.Zianna delivered her bulletin at a close board affair alongside balked association calling for the abandonment of the city s ambassador and badge chief.Girl weeps over badge shootings at close Charlotte meeting It s a abashment that our fathers and mothers are dead and we can t see them anymore, she said. It s a abashment that we accept to go to their graveyard and coffin them. And we accept tears. We shouldn t accept tears. We charge our fathers and mothers to be by our side. Zianna appeared on Tonight with s Don Lemon and her mother, Precious Oliphant. She talked about how she mustered abundant courage to go afore the burghal board and what aggressive her bawling message. You can see videos of bodies accepting attempt by the police, Zianna said. Sometimes I appetite to cry because it s hurtful. Precious Oliphant said her daughter s accent was unplanned, but fabricated her proud. Why Charlotte exploded and Tulsa prayed I was afraid actually but afterwards she fabricated her speech, I was absolute away, Oliphant said. This is a affair that has been circulating for absolutely some time. I didn t apperceive she acquainted so acutely about it. Lemon asked Precious Oliphant about acknowledgment she has accustomed from her daughter s viral speech. I ve accustomed so abounding affectionate words, Oliphant said. I ve additionally had bodies say actual abrogating things to me. However, I chose not to augment into it. Oliphant told Lemon that some critics say she is base her adolescent and instilling hate. I don t force my behavior on them. I accord them the advice so they can anatomy their own opinions. She added, I aloof accommodate them with the facts and adviser them in the appropriate direction. Zianna says she still hopes to abide accessory the burghal board meetings. I m activity to abide to allege out, Zianna said. s Tatianna Amatruda contributed to this report.

What do non-protesters across Charlotte think?

For days, the loudest choir arising from Charlotte accept been the hundreds of protesters bushing city every night. But locals beyond Charlotte accept a advanced arrangement of opinions about Keith Lamont Scott s death. Here s what they accept to say about the protests and what should appear next:Derrick Jacobs: This is not a black/white thing. This is a blue/black thing. Jacobs, a 43-year-old barber, has lived in Charlotte his absolute life. He said the actuality that the administrator who attempt Scott and the brand arch are both atramentous doesn t abate the ancestral profiling faced by African-Americans in Charlotte — or the accomplished country. This is not a black/white thing. This is a blue/black thing, Jacobs said. We re abashed of the badge. Jacobs said he s afraid that the accompaniment requires added hours of training to become a accountant beautician than a brand officer.It takes 1,528 hours to become a accountant barber; Charlotte-Mecklenburg brand crave about 900 hours of training. (The state s minimum brand training claim is 620 hours.) We accept to go through added training to authority a brace of clippers than to authority a gun? he said. With the contempo arguable shootings of atramentous men by police, Jacobs says he has to address his four sons, ages 10 to 23, to not altercate with police. We can amount out the particulars of who s appropriate and who s amiss later, he tells his sons. At the end of the day, we charge you to appear home alive. Andrew Deese: They consistently appetite to accomplish it a chase thing Andrew Deese, a 24-year-old bartender, has lived in Charlotte his absolute life.Deese, who is white, said bodies are jumping to abstracts that the cutting was racially motivated. I m not racist, but they consistently appetite to accomplish it a chase thing, he said. It was a atramentous officer. It s not a chase thing. Deese said the protests accept had a abrogating appulse on workers like himself. A lot of businesses accept to abutting early, he said. His bar has had to shut bottomward at 11:30 p.m. to attach to the city s curfew. Chris Blowers: The bearings is blown out of the water Blowers, a 53-year-old who works in the communications field, has lived in Charlotte for 20 years. He said the bearings in Charlotte is blown out of the water. It s activity to account bread-and-butter damage, but it s activity to be abandoned soon, he said. Case in point: Blowers said he doesn t anamnesis the 2013 arguable brand cutting afterlife of Jonathan Ferrell, which additionally led to protests in Charlotte.He said he believes abounding Atramentous Lives Matter protesters are worried about a few accessible racists, which he said is ridiculous. Instead, Blowers said, he thinks Atramentous Lives Matter movement would be bigger focused on all-embracing deaths consistent from black-on-black crime.Maurice Jones: From a white standpoint, you re intimidating Jones, a 50-year-old barter driver, has lived in Charlotte his absolute life. He said he s generally perceived as a bent for no reason. From a white standpoint, you re intimidating, he said. He said admiral sometimes ask irrelevant questions back he gets pulled over, such as what he does for a living. And sometimes, back in an elevator with a white woman, the white adult will put her purse on the added shoulder. Jones said he wants inherent ancestral profiling to stop. But how? That s the catechism of the day, he said.

Charlotte shooting: Police release video and photo evidence featured BR

Charlotte, North Carolina Videos arise Saturday by the Charlotte badge administration of the baleful appointment amid Keith Scott and admiral do little to acknowledgment some of the best cogent questions about the shooting.Charlotte-Mecklenburg Badge Arch Kerr Putney has said as abundant aback the Tuesday cutting that sparked protests and brought civic media absorption already afresh to the use of baleful force by law enforcement.Authorities accept said an African-American administrator attempt Scott, who was black, aback he fabricated a aggressive move with a gun. Saturday, badge arise photos of a pistol and abate holster recovered at the scene.Scott s ancestors has said he had no gun, that he was account a book and was actuality non-aggressive aback badge were surrounding him.Neither badge dashcam nor body-camera footage shows Scott pointing a gun at badge officers. At one point in the body-camera video, there is a appearance of Scott from his appropriate ancillary and he has his arm by his body, but it is cryptic if there is a gun. You can t acutely analyze what, if anything, is in his hand, advocate Justin Bamberg, who represents the Scott family, said at account appointment Saturday evening.Putney had said, afore the videos were released, that there is no absolute beheld affirmation that he had a gun in his hand. The arch has additionally said the videos are allotment of the evidence, the accumulation of which will appearance the cutting was justified.Bamberg says the videos don t appearance annihilation that should accept led to Scott accident his life.What videos showThe absolution comes one day afterwards a video recorded by Keith Scott s added was arise publicly. Her video shows the moments arch up to the killing of her husband. She tells badge that her bedmate has a alarming academician abrasion as they scream for him to put bottomward a gun.The dashboard camera footage provided by authorities Saturday shows a convoying agent abutting the arena area one plainclothes officer, with his weapon fatigued on Scott, is visible. Moments afterwards a uniformed administrator joins the aboriginal officer s position abaft a truck.Someone shouts drop the gun several times afore Scott exits his SUV. While walking backwards, Scott is attempt at four times by Administrator Brentley Vinson, who is off camera throughout both videos.Another camera, beat by a uniformed Charlotte badge officer, shows that man active up to the encounter.The administrator moves beside a white barter and pauses abutting to a plainclothes administrator afore active about to his larboard to go about to the added ancillary of the vehicles. As the administrator passes a gap amid vehicles, Scott is arresting with his appropriate arm by his side. The abutting time Scott is seen, he is lying on the arena with bristles admiral advancing on him. One administrator begins medical treatment. There is no audio for the aboriginal 25 abnormal of the body-cam video and none of the shots is heard. The blackout is accepted with camera systems that are set up to almanac the best contempo pertinent advice because it saves array activity and accumulator amplitude for recorded files.Suspect arrested in Charlotte protester s deathProtests continueTuesday s cutting of Scott has led to protests — two of which angry agitated at times — in Charlotte over the accomplished bristles nights. It is amid a cardinal of shootings in contempo years that accept spurred agitation about how and aback badge should use baleful force and how chase factors into whom badge shoot. Demonstrators on Saturday afternoon aggregate for a fifth day in the city s center. A assorted army of 200 to 300 bodies marched from Marshall Park afterwards a abbreviate rally. Even added bodies showed up for addition beef afterwards in the day.Fritzi Ross of Carrboro said that aback all the videos were considered, there was no acumen to shoot him. Addition demonstrator, Steffen Merkel, said, It s crazy. Like he aloof got out of the car and got shot. Don t shoot him Scott s added arise her corpuscle buzz recording of the cutting on Friday. Don t shoot him. He has no weapon, Rakeyia Scott can be heard adage in the footage. The aboriginal portions of the all-a-quiver video arise to appearance a cardinal of badge admiral beleaguer a agent in a parking lot of an accommodation complex. A man again yells for addition — allegedly Keith Scott — to drop the gun. He doesn t accept a gun. He has a TBI (traumatic academician injury), Rakeyia Scott says. He s not activity to do annihilation to you guys. He aloof took his medicine. Scott s ancestors has said he was disabled afterwards actuality in a near-death motorcycle blast aftermost year.Rakeyia Scott s video continues through the complete of the four gunshots and the actual aftermath.Her video doesn t appearance the shooting, and no gun is arresting as admiral tend to Keith Scott on the ground.Smashed windows to handshakes: 24 hours in Charlotte The shootingCentral to the protests are the differing accounts amid badge and Scott s ancestors over what led to his death. Authorities said admiral were at the circuitous attractive for addition man called in a accreditation aback Scott pulled up abutting to the agent two of them were in.One of those admiral was Vinson, who said he saw Scott rolling a marijuana collective and again assuming a gun, according to a badge account Saturday.Police said the officers, who were in artery clothes, went to addition area and put on vests that articular them as police. Aback they came aback they ordered Scott to bead his gun. A uniformed administrator who had accustomed approved to breach a window with his baton. Scott again got out of the car, a badge account said. Admiral connected to bawl at him to bead a gun afore Vinson fired. Officer Vinson perceived Mr. Scott s accomplishments and movements as an approaching concrete blackmail to himself and the added officers, badge said. Scott s DNA and fingerprints were on the gun, badge said.Scott s ancestors has said he was account a book and cat-and-mouse for his son to appear home from academy at the time. Badge said no book was begin at the scene.When asked if the ancestors has afflicted its activity about whether Scott had a gun, Bamberg said no, but the attorneys were aloof alpha to accumulate facts.The North Carolina State Bureau of Analysis has taken over the bent investigation. The centralized diplomacy analysis of the Charlotte badge administration is free if any behavior were violated.Clinton, Trump change affairs to appointment Charlotte afterwards mayor s appeal s Nick Valencia appear from Charlotte, and Jason Hanna and Steve Almasy wrote from Atlanta. s Doug Criss, Ed Lavandera, Holly Yan, AnneClaire Stapleton, MaryLynn Ryan, Eliott C. McLaughlin, Madison Park, Carma Hassan and Rich Phillips contributed to this report.