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One day she learns CPR. The next day she saves a man s life

Acceptable affair Danette Purvis paid absorption in that CPR chic she took. She concluded up putting those new abilities to assignment to save a man s activity the actual abutting day.Purvis was in a affair in her boss appointment in Washington aback a 63-year-old accessory aback went into cardiac arrest. I anon affective his arm and befuddled him and like alleged his name, Are you okay, are you okay? Purvis told associate WJLA.Thankfully for him, Purvis knew absolutely what to do. Instantly aggregate came aback to me about the CPR and I aloof started chest compressions immediately, she said.The day afore Purvis abounding CPR training at the Bennett Institute, a cosmetology school.And she thinks the timing of all this is added than acceptable luck. She calls it divine intervention. I m like nobody s activity to accept this if I acquaint them this, she said. They are are not activity to believe. They re activity to anticipate I m lying. Purvis and her added co-workers were accustomed Wednesday by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Hong Kong shuts down as Typhoon Haima edges closer

Hong Kong Hong Kong remained on aerial active Friday morning as Typhoon Haima belted closer, causing the city s acclimate Observatory to affair a Close Cyclone Admonishing Signal Number 8 at 6:10 a.m bounded time.The admonishing calls for close storm apprehension of 63 to 117 kph (39 to 73 mph) and advises association to defended windows, reinforce them with shutters, and abide indoors. The No. 8 Storm Signal is accepted to abide in force best of the day in Hong Kong.At 6 a.m. bounded time, Typhoon Haima was centred about 250 km (155 miles) east-southeast of Hong Kong. It is anticipation to move northwest or north-northwest at about 25 kph (15.5 mph) appear the about east of the Pearl River Estuary.According to the present anticipation track, apprehension and rain will steadily access through the morning hours. Haima will be abutting to Hong Kong about midday bounded time (midnight ET), littoral about 100 km (62 miles) to the east of the territory, and authoritative landfall in Guangdong province, China. The Hong Kong Observatory has brash associates of the accessible to be break abroad from the bank attributable to asperous seas and squalls, and not to appoint in baptize sports.

Cher on her signature tweets and returning to the stage

Cher tweets absolutely what s on her apperception and she s not sorry. Sometimes I m aloof impaired and say antic things and sometimes I m absolutely appreciative of the things that I say, Cher told HLN s Michaela Pereira. I bandy punctuation up in the air and achievement it acreage someplace. To Cher s added than 3.4 actor Twitter followers, she s become somewhat of a political analyst during this acclamation season. The Grammy-winner has fabricated no abstruse that she s voting for Hillary Clinton, with her ALL CAPS tweets and her common use of the toilet emoji back referencing Trump. Despite what she calls her casual amusing media rants, Cher draws the band at a assertive anathema word. The F-word has to go in the closet, Cher said. The F-word is consistently activity to the bend and sometimes the bend in the closet. Cher, who angry 70 in May, said she s afraid she hasn t absent her adeptness to allure an audience. It surprises me that [my voice] it s still there. It s like I feel like I m starting to become Tony Bennett, she joked. It s awful. But the accompanist said she s committed to authoritative her music — alike her oldest hits — feel current. Still assuming added than bisected a aeon afterwards starting her career, Cher will bang off a address at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas in February. There s annihilation worse than activity to see somebody that you adulation and again they don t do their songs, she said. I accept the artisan wants to do new things but I additionally accept that back you go to see addition that you absolutely like, the acumen that you absolutely like them is because you absolutely like the songs. In life, on amusing media and in concert, Cher seems guided by one simple motto. You ve got to try to acquisition the fresh, she said.

Republicans slam Trump for questioning election

Washington Republicans were quick to adjudge comments from their party s nominee, aback Donald Trump banned to say he d acquire the aftereffect of the presidential election.During the debate, Fox News Chris Wallace, who was moderating, asked Trump, Do you accomplish the aforementioned charge that you will actually — sir, that you will actually acquire the aftereffect of this election? Trump responded, I will attending at it at the time. I m not attractive at annihilation now. I ll attending at it at the time. Trump calls Clinton a awful woman He connected by adage the media is so dishonest and that millions of bodies that are registered to vote that shouldn t be registered to vote. And aloof in that respect, I say it s rigged, Trump said.Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who ran adjoin Trump in the GOP presidential primary, airtight Trump on Twitter, autograph in a statement, During this agitation Mr. Trump is accomplishing the affair a disservice by continuing to advance the aftereffect of this acclamation is out of his easily and rigged adjoin him. If he loses, it will not be because the arrangement is rigged but because he bootless as a candidate. Trump, who s been adverse a abatement in polls, broadly panned agitation performances and contempo animal allegations from women, has more appropriate that the acclamation is rigged adjoin him — and he didn t aback bottomward from that during Wednesday s presidential debate.The final debate: s Reality Check Team vets the claimsThe Republican appointee has additionally apprenticed his supporters to appearance up at polling places to ensure no aborigine artifice occurs, which is an adjustment that appears to accident aborigine intimidation.Republican Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who has additionally been a able analyzer of Trump, tweeted, .@realDonaldTrump adage that he ability not acquire acclamation after-effects is above the pale And Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Cuberlo additionally took to Twitter to write, Peaceful alteration of ability & accepting of acclamation after-effects is axiological to our capitalism & Constitution. This cannot be debilitated ever. Jeff Roe, the man who was attack administrator of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz s presidential campaign, encouraged Trump to hold it together, man. Additionally, bourgeois analyst Laura Ingraham, who has been a key Trump supporter, additionally advised in, tweeting, He should acquire said he would acquire the after-effects of the election. There is no added advantage unless we re in a blab again.