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Clinton keeps up pressure on Trump by adding staffers in Utah

Hillary Clinton s attack has added added staffers to their operation in commonly red Utah, a antecedent with ability of the moves tells .Five new staffers will alpha assignment in Utah aboriginal abutting week, according to the source, and visits from surrogates will access in the final weeks of the campaign.The moves arresting a growing aplomb that Utah, a accompaniment that has not voted for a Democrat in the presidential acclamation back 1964, could end up in Clinton s cavalcade on Acclamation Day.Clinton s attack has eyed Utah as a accessible amplification accompaniment for months, accustomed Donald Trump s struggles with Mormon voters and the success of third-party applicant Evan McMullin. These moves, aboriginal appear by Buzzfeed, are aloof the latest footfall in their accomplishment to about-face the accompaniment blue.McMullin billow threatens to clasp Trump s already attenuated aisle to victoryClinton s attack has organized a Mormons for Hillary accumulation in the accompaniment and opened an appointment in Salt Lake City beforehand this year.The above secretary of state s aperture blast in the Beehive Accompaniment was an op-ed appear by the Deseret News, a cardboard endemic by the Mormon church.Clinton nods to the church s history of animality in her op-ed, acquainted that added Mormons accept compared Trump s comments to when Missouri Gov. Lilburn Boggs singled out Mormons in his abominable annihilation adjustment of 1838 and President Rutherford B. Hayes attack to absolute Mormon clearing to America in 1879. To the abruptness of both Democrats and Republicans in the state, acclamation appearance a bound chase amid Trump, Clinton and McMullin.A Y2 Analytics poll, appear aboriginal by the Deseret News aftermost week, begin both Clinton and Trump at 26% amid acceptable Utah voters, with McMullin at 22% and Libertarian Gary Johnson at 14%.McMullin, a Mormon, was a backward aspirant to the presidential chase and has focused on Utah, area he was born. It s one of the few scattering of states area the above CIA agent will be on the election in November.Clinton has yet to appointment Utah as a applicant and aides accept said that there are currently no affairs for her to appointment the state. Clinton s attack is additionally not on the air in Utah.

Dozens of Yazidi women enslaved by ISIS moved from Mosul group says

Dozens of Yazidi women captured and apprenticed by ISIS in 2014 accept been confused from the Iraqi burghal of Mosul to Syria, according to the UK-based Syrian Anchor for Human Rights.The ecology accumulation and US aggressive admiral accept said ISIS militants are beat Mosul and branch for Raqqa, Syria, the de facto basic of ISIS, as Iraqi-led armament advance to chargeless the key Iraqi burghal from the alarm group. Dozens of ISIS families accept already accustomed in Raqqa, the anchor said.Ethnic cleansing by ISIS has displaced, dead and apprenticed hundreds of bags of Iraqi Yazidis.Islamic militants captured bags of Yazidi women and children, and dead the men. ISIS claims the Quran justifies demography non-Muslim women and girls bound and permits them to be raped — an affirmation denied by Islamic scholars.The Yazidis, a baby Iraqi religious boyhood that believes in a distinct god who created the Earth and larboard it in the affliction of a collapsed angel, accept been subjected to all-embracing animality by ISIS, which accuses them of devil worship.The United Nations has accused ISIS of committing genocide adjoin the Yazidis.In June, a UN address estimated that ISIS holds about 3,500 disciplinarian and that the alarm accumulation continues to accountable women and accouchement to animal violence, decidedly in the anatomy of animal slavery. The address said ISIS accomplishments may, in some instances, bulk to war crimes, crimes adjoin humanity, and possibly genocide. In Iraq, ISIS anchored ample sums from bribe payments and the auction of slaves, abnormally adolescent Yazidi women. In 2014, ISIS fabricated about $20 actor from bribe payments, the US Treasury estimates.

Trump s advice in 2007 book: Accept blame for painful defeats

Donald Trump connected to casting agnosticism on the angary of a abeyant Hillary Clinton achievement on Acclamation Day, cogent those aggregate at a assemblage Thursday he will acquire the after-effects of abutting month s acclamation if he wins.In accomplishing so, the Republican presidential appointee appears to be blank his own advice, which he dished out in a 2007 Trump University book, Trump 101: The Way to Success. When things go wrong, attending at yourself first, Trump wrote. Don t aimlessly accusation others or the affairs — or use them to awning your behind. Be the leader; angle tall, and booty the hit. If you acquire the glory, be accommodating to acquire blame. Trump continued, Nip problems in the bud afore they abound into added austere and hard-to-solve issues. In added words, booty responsibility. People who booty albatross acquire no charge to accusation or always acquisition accountability with others. Naysayers rarely accord much, and they usually don t bulk to much. By now, I ve been in business continued abundant to acquire had ups and downs. I ve enjoyed arresting victories and suffered aching defeats. I ve abstruse to go bound from seeing problems to seeing their solutions. The abstruse to absolute problems is to accent the band-aid added than the problem; accentuate the absolute after blank the negative. Trump in 1988 interview: I adore the political system, it s a admirable thing Take responsibility, and don t aloof baste out at others, he concluded. Focus on analytic problems. As a leader, be accommodating to acquire albatross for problems and failures as able-bodied as acclaim for triumphs.

Bizarre Tinder death trial comes to an end

In 2014, Warriena Wright fell to her afterlife from her Tinder date s 14th-floor accommodation balustrade on Australia s Gold Coast. Her date, Gable Tostee, was answerable with annihilation and manslaughter. On Thursday, Tostee was acquitted of all charges, bringing to an end a case that absorbed and disconnected onlookers. Supporters of the adjudication said it was a bright beheading of the amends system, while critics said the accommodation shows a grave blank back it comes to abandon adjoin women. On August 7th, 2014, the brace met afterwards abutting on the accepted dating app Tinder the anniversary before. Back they alternate to his accommodation afterwards a night out, the case declared Tostee bound Wright on his balustrade afterward a acrimonious argument. Back she approved to escape, apparently to a lower floor, she plummeted to her death. The best atomic allotment of affirmation in the balloon was a three-hour-long audio recording Tostee had taken on his buzz of the incident. The band was played in court, and on it Tostee can be heard adage you re advantageous I haven t chucked you off my balustrade you G** d*** psycho little b****. Tostee s aegis aggregation said Wright was acutely bagged and had been acting irrationally afore her adverse fall. Prosecutors declared Tostee had abashed Wright, trapped her and fabricated her so afraid, she acquainted she had no best but to escape at whatever cost.

Excedrin wins Wednesday s presidential debate

Donald Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to Skittles Excedrin aloof ability be the champ of Wednesday night s presidential debate. The aggregation abaft the cephalalgia anesthetic beatific a pitch-perfect answer cheep angry to the debate, and it that took off like few ads anytime do in the Twitterverse aboriginal Wednesday. The achievability of a #DebateHeadache is high. Be able with Excedrin, it said. The cheep bound got added than 2,100 brand and 900 retweets, and the hashtag #DebateHeadache started trending on Twitter. The aggregation was showered with acknowledging comments on Twitter. The achievability of a #DebateHeadache is high. Be able with Excedrin®. pic.twitter.com/J1c1Mg6Wsk— Excedrin® (@Excedrin) October 19, 2016 Answer tweets aren t about well-received on Twitter, but this was an exception. @Excedrin this aloof fabricated my morning. Probably one of the best answer tweets ever— Tom John (@tomjohn01) October 19, 2016 Some capital to accolade the columnist of Excedrin s tweet. @Excedrin accord the ability who came up with this a accession 👏👏👏— Fiza Bo Biza (@fiza76) October 19, 2016 Abounding commenters best up on the spirit of the aboriginal tweet, cogent alarming over the affection they accepted to accompany the debate. @Excedrin Great ad, now if you've got article for the associated nausea… #DebateHeadache— Ex-GOP Laura (@PatriotLaura) October 19, 2016 @Excedrin You should accomplish an Excedrin for hangovers— JIM BEHRLE (@thethirddebate) October 19, 2016 Added tweets took took shots at one applicant or the other. @Excedrin let's accept @HillaryClinton to abstain the civic aneurysm that is @realDonaldTrump!— Justin Hendrix (@justinhendrix) October 19, 2016 @Excedrin how abounding of these do I accept to booty to annihilate myself if @HillaryClinton wins? #imwithher #suicidal— Jace, The Deplorable (@jacecaudwell) October 19, 2016 (New York) First appear October 19, 2016: 10:51 AM ET

Vladimir Putin s inspirational 2017 calendar goes on sale in Russia

Are you attractive for the absolute Christmas present for the Vladimir Putin fan in your life?Look no further… the Russian President s 2017 agenda is now on sale!The calendar, which can be purchased for 95 cents at kiosks beyond Moscow, contains carefully-crafted photographs of Russia s baton captivation a kitten, dressed in a wetsuit, benumbed a horse (wearing a anorak this time) and adequate in a timberline afterwards a 9-kilometer (5-mile) hike. Appear by the Russian abridged annual Zvezdi I Soveti (Stars and Advice), the pictures are accompanied by a alternation of quotes from Putin acclamation his adulation for cats, the accent of aliment and Russia s aggressive power.In February we apprentice it s important for parents to give their adolescent a allotment of their soul, and in March we re told the absolutist baton and a babe liked anniversary added instantly. On the aback page, Putin — pictured in aphotic sunglasses, buttoning his clothing anorak in a actual James Bond-ish action — is quoted as adage Russia does not charge any adopted area or addition else s accustomed wealth. But if there is a blackmail we are accessible to use our weapons to ensure our safety. It s not the aboriginal time the annual has appear a presidential calendar. Last year, it printed 200,000 copies of the calendar, which awash out bound beyond the capital. s Matthew Chance and Emma Burrows contributed to this report.