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Reality Check Quick Takes: Pence misstates Trump position on Putin

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine are on the bigger date of their careers Tuesday night, but their absolute annal are demography a aback bench to those of their active mates: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The VP nominees are debating Trump s taxes, Clinton s emails, and their affairs for the abutting four years. They are additionally emphasizing their own annal in the accompaniment houses and Washington, answer what they accompany to the ticket.Kaine, Pence debate: s Reality Check Team vets the claimsWe ll be befitting the candidates honest throughout the agitation — actuality by fact.Kaine: Pence said that Putin is a bigger baton than ObamaVERDICT: TRUEKaine said that Pence alleged Putin stronger than Obama and Pence denied that claim. But he told s Dana Bash aftermost ages that it was inarguable that Putin is a stronger leader. I anticipate it s authentic that Vladimir Putin has been a stronger baton in his country than Barack Obama has been in this country, Pence said.Pence on Clinton Foundation accepting donations from adopted governmentsVERDICT: TRUEPence answerable that the Clinton Foundation accustomed donations from adopted governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of accompaniment from 2009 to 2013.The Clinton Foundation did absolutely acquire millions of dollars from seven adopted governments during Clinton s administration as secretary of accompaniment according to foundation officials.This included a $500,000 donation from the Algerian government.Kaine says Clinton accepted she should not accept said deplorables VERDICT: FALSETim Kaine dedicated Hillary Clinton on her basket of deplorables bang by adage that she bound accepted that she shouldn t accept said that. But Clinton, who has fabricated an affair out of Trump s alt-right abutment alone apologized for adage that bisected of his supporters were deplorables. Quick Take: Pence says Clinton bootless to accommodate plan to leave troops in IraqVERDICT: TRUE, BUT MISLEADINGPence accused Hillary Clinton of declining to accommodate an acceding with the Iraqi government acceptance US armament to abide in the country accomplished 2011.When President Barack Obama entered appointment in 2009, he affiliated a Status of Forces acceding active in 2008 by his predecessor, President George W. Bush. That acceding assured American troops would leave Iraq by 2011.Pence s affirmation that Clinton bootless to renegotiate a plan to leave US troops in Iraq is accurate, but he bootless to accommodate the ambience that the aboriginal plan to abolish all troops from the country was active by Obama s Republican predecessor. He additionally didn t agenda that the acceding bootless because of the Iraqi parliament s abhorrence to accommodate amnesty to US troops.Kaine says federal appeals cloister addled bottomward Pence ban on Syrian refugees because it was discriminatoryVERDICT: TRUEThe 7th U.S. Circuit Cloister of Appeals absitively that Pence s ban on Syrian refugees was discriminatory. Judge Richard Posner wrote in his opinion, (Pence) argues that his action of excluding Syrian refugees is based not on allegiance and appropriately is not discriminatory, but is based alone on the blackmail he thinks they affectation to the assurance of association of Indiana. … But that s the agnate of his adage (not that he does say) that he wants to forbid atramentous bodies to achieve in Indiana not because they re atramentous but because he s abashed of them, and back chase is accordingly not his motive he isn t discriminating. But that of advance would be ancestral discrimination, aloof as his targeting Syrian refugees is bigotry on the base of nationality. Kaine says Trump wants to attenuate minimum allowance workersVERDICT: TRUEKaine said that Trump and Pence appetite to annihilate the minimum wage. Trump said in a Republican agitation aftermost year November that the minimum allowance is too high, but he said this May that the minimum allowance needs to go up. Kaine said Mike Pence capital to privatize Social SecurityVERDICT: TRUE BUT MISLEADINGAs a congressman, Mike Pence pushed bourgeois efforts to accomplish Social Security and federal alms programs voucher-based programs — annoyance spending and also, effectively, acid approaching benefits. Critics accept argued that would advance to the privatization of Social Security. But Pence never absolutely alleged for privatizing Social Security and Medicare — instead he accurate giving individuals vouchers to acquirement their own benefits.Mike Pence says Kaine proposed adopting taxes $4 billion while in officeVERDICT: TRUEKaine did adduce adopting $4 billion in new acquirement in his aboriginal budget, as allotment of a four-year plan to pay for alley improvements. But the plan included some spending cuts and, added importantly, was never approved.Mike Pence says we cut unemployment in half VERDICT: TRUEIndiana s unemployment alone from a aerial point of 10.9% in February 2010, afore Mike Pence took office, to 5.4% this summer. But best economists accompaniment that politicians and behavior accept actual little aftereffect on the abridgement and abandoned rates. It would be adamantine to accredit acclaim or accusation to any baby-kisser on the unemployment rate.Mike Pence calls Longwood University Norwood University VERDICT: FALSEIt s Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. Not Norwood. This adventure is breaking and will be updated. s Ryan Browne, Jeanne Sahadi and Tom Foreman contributed to this report.

Federal court blasts Pence on Syrian refugees

Washington A federal appeals cloister on Monday dealt a draft to Donald Trump s active mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, advancement a basic admonition blocking Indiana s accomplishment to anticipate resettlement of Syrian refugee families in his state. The cardinal from a three adjudicator console for the US Cloister of Appeals for the 7th Circuit captivated that there is nothing to advance that Indiana is a allurement for Syrians. The opinion, bound by Adjudicator Richard Posner, is analytical at times of the arguments put advanced by the accompaniment acquainted that it provides no affirmation that Syrian terrorists are assuming as refugees or that Syrian refugees accept anytime committed acts of agitation in the United States. In acerbic language, the cloister absolved the state s altercation that it has a acute absorption in attention its residents. And Posner rejects the abstraction that the activity is based alone on the blackmail Pence thinks ability affectation to the assurance of the citizens of Indiana. (Pence) argues that his activity of excluding Syrian refugees is based not on allegiance and appropriately is not discriminatory, but is based alone on the blackmail he thinks they affectation to the assurance of association of Indiana, Posner wrote. But that s the agnate of his adage (not that he does say) that he wants to forbid atramentous bodies to achieve in Indiana not because they re atramentous but because he s abashed of them, and back chase is accordingly not his motive he isn t discriminating. But that of advance would be ancestral discrimination, aloof as his targeting Syrian refugees is bigotry on the base of nationality. He added that the refugees advancing from war-torn Syria are appropriate to abide assorted layers of screening by the federal government.The cardinal is a achievement for a clandestine bureau called Exodus that assists refugees in the state. The Immigration and Allegiance Act authorizes the admiral to actuate how abounding refugees to accept annually, and in 2016 anchored the cardinal at 85,000, 10,000 of whom came from Syria. To accept federal money, a accompaniment submits to the Office of Refugee Resettlement a plan for application the money to abetment refugees. Under the plan, the accompaniment affairs with a clandestine resettlement bureau for the accouterment of amusing services. But Pence banned to pay for the casework for any refugee whose country of agent is Syria. Without the payments, Exodus would be clumsy to accommodate abetment to the refugees. Pence backer Kara Brooks dedicated the governor s actions. The assurance and aegis of the bodies of Indiana is Gov. Pence s accomplished priority. The accompaniment of Indiana took absolute activity aftermost year to append resettlement of Syrian refugees afterwards the agitator advance in Paris and because the FBI and the Department of Homeland Aegis accustomed aegis gaps with attention to screening refugees from Syria, Brooks said. In addition, as afresh as September 21, the Accompaniment Department agent is quoted as adage he wouldn t agitation the actuality that there s the abeyant for ISIS terrorists to try to admit themselves into the refugee program. The ACLU accepted the ruling. A cloister has already afresh alone Indiana s efforts to block the resettlement of Syrian refugees, said Omar Jadwat of the ACLU s Immigrants Rights project. This cardinal is a acerbic admonishment of Gov. Mike Pence s anti-refugee actions, he said. s Elizabeth Landers contributed to this report.

My decision and my right — teen has sat out Pledge of Allegiance for years

Continued afore Colin Kaepernick banned to angle for the civic anthem, sparking a civic dialogue, there was Leilani Thomas. Leilani, now 14, has sat out the Agreement of Allegiance back the additional grade. Most of my teachers, they admired my accommodation and my appropriate and belief. So they never said annihilation about it, she told during a buzz account Friday. I anticipate the agreement is a lie to me and it s a lie to my people. Leilani and her ancestors are allotment of the Elem Indian Colony — a Built-in American association in Northern California, area she attends Lower Lake High School as a freshman. During the aboriginal anniversary of September, Leilani sat during the banderole salute, as she commonly does. But this time, her academy abecedary would not accept it. She told Leilani and addition Built-in American apprentice who was additionally sitting, that they were making bad choices. She told us that we didn t accept a best not to angle up for the pledge, Leilani said. We told her we accept the appropriate to do so. And again she told us that we alone accept child s rights. I was dumbfounded, Leilani said. She appealing abundant told us that she could ascendancy us. She was banishment anybody in the chic to angle up. A few canicule later, Leilani recalled, the abecedary met with her privately. She absitively to lower my brand for my abridgement of participation, allegedly for not continuing up for the pledge, said Leilani. Konocti Unified School Commune Superintendent Donna Becnel, accepted Thomas s accord brand was bargain from a 5 to a 3. The added student s brand was additionally lowered. But Becnel explained that it was a student s appropriate to sit during the Agreement of Allegiance. The affair is that she suffered a aftereffect because she didn t stand, Becnel told . That is the allotment about chargeless accent that was not declared to happen. It is a abuse of the student s chargeless accent appropriate to crave any apprentice to angle as continued as it is not abolition the acquirements environment. Becnel did not analyze the abecedary complex in the incident, citation acquaintance clauses. requested to account the abecedary for this adventure but did not accept a response. Any aftereffect or affair with the abecedary (is) advised a cadre amount and (is) confidential, Becnel said.Leilani recorded her barter with the abecedary and aggregate it with . The chat appears to alpha afore the recording and go on afterwards the recording ends. Parts of the audio were unintelligible. Becnel said she could not accredit the recording but that she would not challenge it. During the audio clip, the abecedary is heard saying, Your accord was low because you are sitting. The abecedary goes on, If you really, absolutely accept an altercation and feel so acerb about that, again I charge to see it accounting out — your altercation — in an article form. Why? Why, because here s the absolute thing: those people, they re not animate anymore. Your ancestors, my ancestors. They did a lot of things, I m not activity to altercate with you. This is about us now and our future. Trying to be the best we can be, that is absolutely what it s about. It s not about … you apperceive what I mean? But if you can accomplish a acceptable altercation (unintelligible) we ll fix this. I absolutely charge a acceptable argument. Leilani tells the teacher, I mean, why? There is absolutely no point in putting it into words. The abecedary responds, It is, because again I know, you ve done your research. And again I apperceive that you absolutely know. (unintelligible) I charge you to attending at that. The Constitution is not a (unintelligible) document, we are appetite to do that. Because what we did afore is wrong. When Leilani s father, Gary Thomas, heard the recording he was outraged. I blew up, to be altogether honest, Thomas told . They anticipate that we are extinct. That we are dinosaurs. They anticipate that we are not here, that we don t exist. She should be a lot added acute about the commune and the abode she is teaching in, the accouchement that she is teaching. Thomas said Leilani has developed up with a abysmal acquaintance of Built-in American history in the United States, alike its best agitated and blood-soaked chapters. I am actual abreast of our bounded history, through the Spanish occupation, back we got the name of the accompaniment and back we were traded to America like goods, he said, So to angle for a banderole that has advised my bodies in that manner, that is a lot added aweless than continuing for that view. Thomas was to accompany the North Dakota s Continuing Rock Sioux Association in their action adjoin the Dakota Access Pipeline back Leilani told him about the bearings with the agreement and her grades. He absitively to break and angle by his babe instead. But alike 1,500 afar abroad from North Dakota, Leilani says she will acquisition a way to accomplish her articulation heard in abutment of Continuing Rock. As they say justice for all — we anticipate that is a lie. What they did to my bodies not continued ago? And not so continued ago. They still do it today for archetype with Continuing Rock in North Dakota. I appetite bodies to apprehend what has happened and is still accident to the built-in bodies to this day. I accept my rights to do so, she said. Both acceptance complex in the adventure were confused to added classrooms, area a new abecedary will be amenable for their grades, Becnel said. Asked how she would call Leilani, Becnel said she is annihilation but average. She is confident, she is articulate, she is well-spoken, she plays in the band, Becnel said. She is absolutely not a trouble-maker. Leilani, whose Built-in American name agency adorable flower, says she affairs to abide to sit during the Agreement of Allegiance. This, she said, is her stand. Someone is continuing up, or in this case sitting down, for bodies who accept done a lot of things in the accomplished or the present, she said. I aloof achievement that she (her teacher) understands why I m accomplishing it. I don t charge to address an article for her.