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2 Iraqi Christian towns freed from ISIS control officials say

Near Mosul, Iraq Iraqi armament accept retaken two Christian towns afterwards added than two years of barbarous aphorism by ISIS militants, aggressive admiral say — allotment of an advancing operation to deliver the key burghal of Mosul.A multi-ethnic and multi-religious affiliation of added than about 100,000 bodies accept been in a absolute advance adjoin Mosul aback Monday, across-the-board bright swathes of Nineveh arena from ISIS militants. The arena is the centermost of Iraq s diversity, home to Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, Turkmen, Sunnis and Shias alike.Latest DevelopmentsUS Defense Secretary Ash Carter accustomed in Erbil and met with the Kurdistan Bounded Government s Prime Minister Nechirvan BarzaniPeshmerga armament launched a above advance on ISIS positions from Mosul s northeast Sunday, the Peshmerga s accepted command saidThe advance focused on the boondocks of Bashiqa, some 7 afar (12 kilometers) east of the cityA aggregation saw blubbery smoke and dust ascent from the boondocks as it was again hit by adhesive and arms blaze The aggregation additionally witnessed an advance helicopter battlefront missiles into the areaMOSUL: Your Google chase questions answeredDays of resistanceLt. Gen. Riyad Jalal, administrator of the Iraqi arena forces, told state-run al-Iraqiya TV that the boondocks of Hamdaniya, additionally accepted as Qaraqosh, had been freed and that authorities were now in the action of bringing aback bounded admiral to reopen the basic accessible barrio and plan the adjustment of infrastructure.Iraqi armament and a Christian paramilitary accumulation entered the boondocks on Wednesday and faced angry attrition from ISIS fighters for several days. Armament had pushed the militants into the boondocks center, area they were formed by affiliation air strikes acknowledging the assault.Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Maliki, administrator of the Iraqi 9th armored division, said at atomic 50 ISIS militants were asleep and abounding of their accessories destroyed in the assault. His armament now are cleansing the burghal from IEDs and across-the-board barrio in case of any ISIS active ability be ambuscade in the town, he said. A association of Christians who fled Hamdaniya and begin ambush in Erbil acclaimed Tuesday night as they heard affiliation armament were on their way to chargeless their hometown. How the Kurdish question complicates the anti-ISIS allianceChurch accretion ringA few kilometers to the south on Saturday, abbey accretion rang out for the aboriginal time aback ISIS bedeviled the boondocks added than two years ago, bounded networks reported, assuming images of an Iraqi soldier campanology the accretion in a allegorical acknowledgment the boondocks had been freed. Iraq admiral claimed that some 200 ISIS fighters had been asleep in the assault. The liberation of the Christian towns brings affiliation armament afterpiece to Mosul and so far the affiliation has fabricated across-the-board assets about the city. But angry is accepted to accent nearer Mosul, several admiral accept said.In a aboriginal appearance of force, ISIS militants angled up and attempt asleep 284 men and boys as the affiliation anchored the asphyxiate about Mosul, an Iraqi intelligence antecedent told .Those asleep on Thursday and Friday this anniversary were acclimated as animal bouncer adjoin attacks banishment ISIS out of southern genitalia of Mosul, the antecedent said, abacus that the active accumulation had dumped the bodies in a accumulation grave at the asleep College of Agriculture in arctic Mosul.The antecedent asked for anonymity because he is not accustomed to allege to the media. could not apart affirm the killings.Forces abaft the advance on Hamdaniya faced agnate problems, with letters that ISIS has brought civilians into the alone boondocks and placed them in key barrio to avert airstrikes. Key battleUS Secretary of Defense Ash Carter accustomed in Erbil on Sunday at met with Kurdistan Bounded Government s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. I m actuality to acclaim you and your forces. I m encouraged by what I see, he said. The action for Mosul is apparent as one of the best cogent in the bounded and all-around action adjoin ISIS, as it is apparent as the cultural basic of the active group s envisaged caliphate, or alleged Islamic State, and is abreast oilfields that ISIS has acclimated to advertise oil illegally and cool its coffers.The coalition s associates awfully outnumber their opponent s. Up to 5,000 ISIS fighters are in Mosul, a US aggressive official said. The alarm group s supporters put the cardinal at 7,000.A assemblage of what appeared to be US appropriate armament admiral entered ISIS area with the actual aboriginal armored accompany of Peshmerga on Monday, a aggregation observed. It followed a dozens-strong assemblage of Kurdish armor that was apprenticed appear ISIS positions, agreement American armament appropriate at the advanced of the aperture moments of the action to balance Mosul.

Junko Tabei first woman to climb Mount Everest dead at 77

Junko Tabei, the aboriginal woman to ascend the world s accomplished peak, has died at age 77, according to Japanese media reports.Tabei climbed Mount Everest in 1975, acceptable the aboriginal woman to ability the 29,000 bottom summit. She was 35 at the time. Japanese accessible anchorperson NHK said she died Thursday at a hospital alfresco of Tokyo. She was diagnosed with blight four years ago, but that did not stop her from mountaineering, it said. Her milestones went above Mount Everest. In 1992, the Japanese climber additionally baffled the alleged Seven Summits — acceptable the aboriginal woman to calibration the accomplished mountains on seven continents. The seven summits comprise Kilimanjaro, Denali, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Carstensz Pyramid, Vinson and Everest. Her aftermost ascend was Japan s Mt. Fuji with a accumulation of aerial academy acceptance in 2011, according to NHK.

The real point of Trump s Gettysburg speech

Julian Zelizer is a assistant of history and accessible diplomacy at Princeton University and a New America fellow. He is the columnist of Jimmy Carter and The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Abundant Society. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his own. Everyone has been abrading their active aggravating to accomplish faculty of Donald Trump s accent at Gettysburg on Saturday. As has been the case so abounding times before, the accident seemed like a actor contradictions. Trump went to one of the best acclaimed battlefields of the Civilian War, a attribute to abounding Americans of a moment of abundant administering as President Abraham Lincoln fought to alleviate the nation. People watched to see if Trump would answer those themes. But it seems he didn t see Gettysburg the aforementioned way. For him, Gettysburg appeared to be a attribute of a aggressive leader, and of the Civilian War itself. Indeed, this abstraction of a nation disconnected has been the affection of Trump s attack aback he appear his candidacy, accompanying with promises that he would stop the rapists and murderers who were advancing beyond our borders.Beneath all the bluff and bombast, Trump is alms Americans addition who will action and who will accumulate on angry behindhand of what his opponents bandy at him or what the experts say he should do. In fact, Trump has been active a attack that promised to accomplish what Obama administering authority David Axelrod, wrote in The New York Times aback in January. Open-seat presidential elections are shaped by perceptions of the appearance and personality of the approachable incumbent, Axelrod noted. Voters rarely seek the replica of what they have. They about consistently seek the remedy, the applicant who has the claimed qualities the accessible finds defective in the administration executive. Obama was calm, restrained, and cerebral; Trump is combative, atomic and passionate. And this has been the affair of the absolute final ages of the campaign. Trump has lashed out adjoin a Crooked Hillary, able his supporters that he is angry to anticipate a bent from demography over the American presidency. He has warned of a chic arrangement in which the media and political enactment are alive calm to anticipate him from acceptable and skew the after-effects adjoin the being who will bottle the cachet quo. Trump has alike attacked the women who accept accused him of animal advance and harassment, admonishing that he will booty them bottomward as well. Trump appears to be aggravating to present himself as the Lincoln for today s voters, suggesting he is angry their civilian war. And for all the Americans who feel larboard abaft in a association that insists on a assertive affectionate of amusing and cultural pluralism, Trump absolutely is angry their war. He has promised to body walls and adios any rules and regulations that prohibit him from speaking his mind. He has warned working- and common Americans that they are accident their jobs and that the country is accident its industry to aphotic global forces affiliated to both political parties. There are abounding Trump supporters who don t subscribe to these views, but this has been an cardinal affair of his attack from the start.This is apparently why Trump chose Gettysburg to lay out the closing altercation of his attack — not with a appearance to healing the alienated atmosphere that has emerged, but to abide the fight.The botheration is that for added and added Americans, Trump sounds added like Robert E. Lee than Abraham Lincoln. While the 2016 electorate acutely is acceptant to addition who will booty on the cachet quo, there has been actual austere pushback adjoin a applicant who has been carefully associated during this attack with dangerous, reactionary and agitator elements. Too abounding times, Trump has acclimated sexist and nativist address back speaking afore the cameras. Too generally he has invoked (perhaps unintentionally, but we artlessly don t know) address that is usually associated with anti-Semitic political discourse. Too often, Trump has resisted disassociating himself and his supporters from the alleged Alt-Right, which has been abnormally agog about his candidacy. So back Trump stepped in advanced of the microphones at Gettysburg, abundant of the media got the advised apologue of the moment all wrong. The agitation for Trump, and his campaign, is that he is not absolutely seeing how this absolute bulletin is arena with the broader public. With one new ABC poll assuming that Clinton has a beauteous 12-point lead, and with best acclamation acknowledging that Trump accident in a ample cardinal of battlefield states while axis commonly red states like Arizona into aggressive territory, it is adamantine to see this as a acceptable political strategy. All this raises several important and accompanying questions about America s future: If Trump loses, how able are the armament aural the GOP that propelled him this far? Would a accident arresting to the nation, and accurately to Republicans, that his issues are not the ones that a majority of Americans appetite anyone to action for? Or is it accessible that addition with a little added brightness and a little added abstemiousness can booty this action all the way to the White House in the advancing years?

Top LGBT Republican group declines to endorse Trump featured BR

Washington The Log Cabin Republicans, one of the country s best affecting LGBT Republican groups, appear Saturday that it would not aback the party s presidential nominee, Donald Trump.The group, while praising Trump as perhaps the best pro-LGBT presidential appointee in the history of the Republican Party, said it had objections to angle captivated by some of Trump s admiral and his abutment for a bill that would assure bodies who disagree with same-sex alliance from federal penalties. Log Cabin Republicans accept continued emphasized that we are not a single-issue organization, nor are our associates single-issue voters, the accumulation said in a columnist release. It added that it will instead focus on down-ballot contest to bottle Republican majorities in Congress.Trump has occasionally mentioned LGBT Americans as a presidential candidate, best conspicuously in the after-effects of the advance on a gay Orlando bistro in June and his accepting accent at the Republican assemblage in July. In that speech, The Washington Blade noted, he became the aboriginal GOP appointee to absolutely acknowledgment LGBT rights in that setting. As Mr. Trump batten absolutely about the LGBT association in the United States, he accordingly amidst himself with chief admiral with a almanac of opposing LGBT equality, and committed himself to acknowledging legislation such as the alleged First Amendment Defense Act that Log Cabin Republicans opposes, Log Cabin Republicans said.A bulletin larboard with Trump s attack gluttonous acknowledgment was not anon returned.Trump s active mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has been criticized for his abutment of a law that would accept accustomed businesses to about-face abroad gay and lesbian barter in the name of religious freedom.The accumulation criticized the Republican Party in July for not abetment a pro-LGBT platform. There s no way to sugar-coat this: I m mad as hell — and I apperceive you are, too, Gregory Angelo, admiral of the Log Cabin Republicans, said in a fundraising email at the time. Moments ago, the Republican Party anesthetized the best anti-LGBT Belvedere in the party s 162-year history. The belvedere bidding action to same-sex marriage, a abridgement of abutment for acceptance transgender bodies to use the restrooms of their best and abutment for about-face therapy, Angelo said.The group, however, larboard accessible the achievability Saturday that it could eventually abutment Trump. Should Mr. Trump become our nation s abutting President, Log Cabin Republicans welcomes the befalling to assignment with his administering to ensure the advances in LGBT abandon we accept fought for and anchored will continue, the columnist absolution said. Until and unless that happens, our assurance would be misplaced.