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The dos and don ts of posting about your kid online

Yes, sharenting is a thing, and abounding parents do it.It occurs back parents allotment capacity about their children s lives online, and there are some allowances to sharenting. Some say they altercate parenting on amusing media to feel beneath abandoned and others column about their ancestors to break affiliated with their admired ones.However, there are abeyant harms that appear with sharenting too, that abounding parents ability not recognize, according to new research.In a presentation about adolescent aloofness in the age of amusing media, advisers are calling for pediatricians to accommodate guidelines about how parents can cross the circuitous web of their appropriate to column online and their child s privacy. The affair about this affair is absolutely aloof not alike acumen what the abeyant risks are, said Dr. Bahareh Keith, a pediatrician and accessible bloom practitioner at the University of Florida. So, alike for myself, back I aboriginal had accouchement … I didn t alike anticipate about some of these risks. It wasn t until this assay that I accomplished the risk, she said.Keith is partnering with Stacey Steinberg, a law assistant at the University of Florida, to present the assay in a affair at the anniversary American Academy of Pediatrics civic appointment in San Francisco on Friday.Posting about your accouchement online could appulse them psychosocially and alike aftereffect in issues with character annexation or online predators, explained Keith, who is additionally a adolescent of the American Academy of Pediatrics. About 92% of 2-year-olds in the United States already accept an online presence, according to a 2010 assay by the internet aegis close AVG. That s one of the affidavit why we re both accomplishing this activity and advocating, because we re activity through the aforementioned thing, Keith said about herself and Steinberg as mothers. When we aboriginal started this project, both of us were array of abashed at how abundant there absolutely is a cogent abeyant risk. One mother s advancing caseThe new assay is based on an all-encompassing assay of law, medical, and accessible bloom cases and literature. It mirrors addition cardboard by Steinberg, due to broadcast in the Emory Law Journal abutting year, in which she offers an all-embracing acknowledged assay of sharenting. In her added paper, Steinberg wrote about a mother who authored a blog column featuring her adolescent twins during absurd training. The mother acquaint a photo of her accouchement with their legs exposed, and she after abstruse that the photo was downloaded, altered, and aggregate on a website frequently acclimated by pedophiles.However, in their new research, Keith and Steinberg cautioned that a added accepted accident includes the psychosocial appulse that online administration can accept on children. There s been a absence of altercation on this affair by both acknowledged scholars, children s rights advocates, pediatricians and by the media, and this absence for altercation leaves parents with an bereft bulk of absolute to accede afore they columnist allotment on their agenda devices, said Steinberg, who additionally serves as an accessory administrator of the University of Florida Levin College of Law s Center on Accouchement and Families.Steinberg and Keith acclaim best convenance guidelines for parents to accede back sharenting — such as, because how a photo ability affect their accouchement if a annoyer finds it and uses it adjoin them, or whether a photo could accept a abrogating aftereffect if their adolescent is active for political appointment as an developed and it resurfaces. A big allotment of my assay absolutely focuses on a child s aloofness and a adolescent actuality able to access adolescence chargeless to actualize their own agenda footprint, or at atomic actuality able to feel adequate with the agenda brand that s been larboard in their adolescence wake, Steinberg said.Set your aloofness levelsSteinberg recommended that parents should apperceive their amusing media site s aloofness practices and baddest specific audiences for anniversary allotment of advice shared. Back announcement about a child s behavioral struggles, parents may appetite to column anonymously. Additionally, abounding of the amusing administration sites accord the advantage of ambience passwords and accepting online agreeable hidden from Google chase algorithms, Steinberg said. Another accessible do is to set up notifications to active you back your child s name appears on Google, she said. We ve additionally encouraged parents to use attention afore administration their child s absolute location. … Parents ability appetite to accede alienated announcement pictures of their accouchement back they are bare or in any accompaniment of undress, or in bathing apparel or bare attire. Steinberg and Keith additionally animate parents to accord earlier accouchement veto ability over announcement a specific blog column or photo. This acceding of ability possibly could alpha as aboriginal as age four, according to the research.Children, alike at a adolescent age, are acceptable added digitally savvy. This week, the American Academy of Pediatrics alike appear new guidelines for ecology children s use of agenda media. The academy recommended no awning time for infants, a absolute of one hour per day for accouchement 2 to 5 years old, and that parents should adjudge their own banned for accouchement 6 and older.Yet, while there are guidelines for children s use of amusing media, Keith said that added assay needs to be done to bigger accept parents use of amusing media — and how that use impacts children. We absolutely appetite to get bodies to allocution about, but additionally to encourage, added studies to be done to attending at the adolescent ancillary of this, Keith said. In the accessible bloom literature, we are aloof now starting to body the abstraction architecture on how do we conduct assay on amusing media because it s not your typical, randomized ascendancy trial, she said. We are aloof abrading that apparent in the accessible bloom arena.

Instagram launches suicide prevention tool

Facebook s dark engineer: Your activity matters Instagram is ablution a new suicide blockage apparatus advised to ability out to users at accident of self-harm. The new affection will acquiesce bodies to anonymously banderole posts about self-harm and suicide. Instagram will again acquaint the being who acquaint the flagged that addition thinks they may be activity through a difficult time, and action them help. They will be encouraged to either allocution with a friend, acquaintance a helpline, or get tips on area to seek help. These accoutrement are advised to let you apperceive that you are amidst by a association that cares about you, at a moment back you ability best charge that reminder, said Marne Levine, Instagram COO. The flagged posts will be advised by a aggregation of bodies who are alive 24/7, and will not await on algorithms to adjudicator whether addition is vulnerable. Instagram already offers some advice to bodies who are at accident of self-harm and suicide. It provides helpline contacts and added abutment advice in its assurance guidelines. But these are alone advantageous if the being has already absitively to seek the information. The new apparatus will acquiesce Instagram and its users to proactively ability out to bodies who ability be at risk. Related: How Silicon Valley is ambidextrous with brainy affliction The aggregation said it collaborated with the National Suicide Blockage Line, the Samaritans, and with bodies who accept claimed acquaintance with self-injury and baleful thoughts to body the tool. We accept to brainy bloom experts back they acquaint us that beat from a admired one can accomplish a absolute aberration for those who may be in distress, Levine said. At the aforementioned time, we accept accompany and ancestors generally appetite to action abutment but don t apperceive how best to ability out, she added. Instagram s ancestor company, Facebook (FB , Tech30) , has alien agnate accoutrement that acquiesce users to address agreeable about suicide or self-injury. Facebook can again ability out to the user announcement this agreeable and action advice and information. (London) First appear October 20, 2016: 9:37 AM ET

Is this the end of investing as we know it?

Flash Boys brilliant clearly demography on NYSE and Nasdaq An advance convulsion is underway and it s aggressive to end acceptable money administration as we apperceive it. Investors are cloudburst their money into alleged acquiescent basis funds that blindly clue bazaar indexes application computers. It s a about-face that is advancing at the bulk of funds that are run by bald mortals, aka invesment managers, who try to aces stocks that will beat the market. The trend is abnormally arresting in the United States, area 28% of the industry s $17 abundance in assets are currently invested in acquiescent funds, up from aloof 13% in 2008, according to abstracts from bazaar analysis close Morningstar. American investors accept bashed a absolute of $671 billion into acquiescent funds aback the alpha of 2015, while affairs $257 billion out of alleged alive funds run by managers over the aforementioned period. Prominent BlackRock (BLK ) CEO Larry Fink predicted this anniversary that authoritative changes in the industry will animate alike added money to breeze into these funds. We are acceptable to see a actual about-face on how assets are actuality managed, he said. [Investors] will use [passive funds] added and added at the centermost of their portfolios. BlackRock s (BLK ) accepted iShares business, which offers investors acquiescent exchange-traded funds (aka ETFs), saw $51 billion in net inflows over the accomplished division while the firm s alive funds brought in beneath than one-tenth that amount. U.S. investors accept historically put added money into alive funds. But the acquiescent armamentarium industry is growing at a abundant faster rate. It now has $4.8 abundance in assets beneath management. While it s appetizing to advance with top advance managers who affiance to beat the market, analysis has apparent that this action about after-effects in abate returns. Actively managed funds accept about underperformed their acquiescent counterparts, abnormally over best time horizons, said Morningstar advisers in a contempo paper. The acumen for the blah achievement of alive funds about comes aback to advance fees — which are abundant college at alive funds. (Computer algorithms don t accept kids to augment aback at home!) Related: How should I advance a $250,000 windfall? But some bazaar strategists acquaint that acquiescent advance is acceptable a awash trade, with too abounding bodies bent assimilate the bandwagon. Indexing and ETFs action amazing amount as allotment of the market, but they should not become the market. If this is an investor s atypical access to the markets, it represents a following of mediocrity, said Mike O Rourke, arch bazaar architect at JonesTrading. (London) First appear October 20, 2016: 6:36 AM ET

Self-driving boats to be unleashed in Amsterdam

As self-driving cars activate to arise on accessible highways, the aboriginal free boats are branch for the waterways of Amsterdam.The Roboat is accepted to accomplish its beginning boating in 2017, the artefact of a $27 actor accord amid the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS).The cutting-edge crafts will action a ambit of burghal solutions from accessible carriage to abuse analysis and water-based venues. If trials are successful, a agile of Roboats will anon be operating in the Dutch capital, and about the world. Multi-functionThe free boats will accommodate an alternative, eco-friendly carriage option. In Amsterdam, the absolute basement of anchorage and bridges is acutely busy, says Dr. Stephan van Dijk, analysis affairs administrator at AMS. We will try to about-face the carriage of appurtenances and bodies to the waterways to get bodies out of their cars and abate cartage in the city. The boats are advised to be ablaze and accessible to maneuver, says van Dijk, so that they can bound and calmly ability all credibility of Amsterdam s all-encompassing aqueduct network, which fabricated the burghal the accessible area for the project.The architectonics additionally allows boats to be affiliated calm to anatomy amphibian bridges and platforms, that could be acclimated for purposes from adversity abatement to accessible air concerts. Roboats will be adapted with a array of sensors to bear adult abstracts on baptize and air quality, as able-bodied as advice on abuse — including the abundant bicycles that abatement in the city s canals anniversary year. Air affection measures usually appear from a few places in a burghal that do not acquaint you abundant about animal exposure, says Professor Carlo Ratti, Director of the MIT Senseable Burghal Lab. The abutting akin is to adviser in a all-over way with a lot of aerial measurement…which we can do with this platform. The aggregation achievement this abstracts could acquaint action to advance air and baptize affection in Amsterdam, and eventually in countries such as India area bedraggled baptize is a baleful threat. Beneath the hoodThe argosy accomplish use of techniques developed for free cars, although the demands are different. The technology is like in self-driving cars with sensors scanning the ambiance and architectonics a three-dimensional archetypal to navigate, says Ratti. The key aberration is our sensors charge to attending not alone at the apparent but additionally what is accident beneath the water…the algorithms and bogus intelligence are altered but the attempt and all-embracing architectonics are absolutely similar. Perfecting these systems will be a arduous task, which is why the activity will aftermost bristles years admitting the aboriginal ancestor hitting the baptize in 2017. We charge to accept abundant learning, says Ratti. Just like with self-driving cars we appetite to accrue abounding afar to accomplish abiding the arrangement is safe, and to analysis it for an all-encompassing aeon of time. Navigation on the baptize will actualize new challenges, according to Sally Applin, a Silicon Valley-based affiliate of the Internet of Things board and a doctoral applicant at the University of Kent belief bodies and automation. The best analytical agency actuality from an engineering standpoint… is the appropriate brotherhood amid Roboats so that they will apperceive how to abet with anniversary added and with non-robotic boats administration the canals, says Applin. How will Roboats be able to accommodate with anniversary added to cross a average that has beneath adamant lanes and rules and in the adjacency of added boats? Future fleetThe acreage of self-driving boats is acceptable to aggrandize in the advancing years, with several companies developing new designs. Rolls Royce has appear affairs for an free burden vessel, although this has faced action from the aircraft industry over assurance and piracy concerns. But the almost calm amnion of Amsterdam could action the ideal proving arena for free vessels, says Ajit Jaokar, who teaches Data Science for the Internet of Things at the University of Oxford. I do not see the aforementioned (safety) issues here, he says. As with all AI applications, Roboat will get bigger as it navigates added waterways. Once a archetypal is developed, it could alternation added boats. Professor Ratti says the activity has accustomed absorption from cities about the world, acquisitive to administer the technology. He additionally believes the arrangement could be acclimated with abounding added types of argosy to abate baleful accidents at sea. If the Amsterdam activity is successful, the history of free cartage could accept a cogent update.

Facebook ditches humans in favor of algorithms for trending news

Facebook accused of advanced bent Facebook is removing the alarming bodies amenable for manually autograph account descriptions and account for its Trending box. The aggregation is axis the job over to algorithms that automatically baddest capacity and accomplish text. The advertisement comes months afterwards Facebook (FB , Tech30) was accused of political bent in in its trending topics. A Gizmodo commodity claimed the freelance editors amenable for acrimonious the account and autograph account were benign advanced capacity over bourgeois ones. Related: Facebook finds no affirmation of trending bias, but makes changes anyhow Following an analysis from the Senate Commerce Committee, Facebook conducted an centralized analysis in May. The aggregation said it begin no affirmation of any bias, but still said all advisers would accept to abide political bent training. Mark Zuckerberg alike arrive top conservatives to Facebook to apprentice added about the process. The trending box shows a account of accepted account capacity and is advised to help bodies ascertain absorbing and accordant conversations accident on Facebook, about breaking account and contest from about the world. The lists are automatically alone based on an individual s area and interests. As of this writing, the top trending capacity on my folio were Go Topless Day, Al Roker, and artist Yung Joc, who afresh got a haircut. As allotment of the overhaul, the box will now alone appearance key phrases instead of account and summaries. Below anniversary name or topic, there will be a cardinal of how abounding bodies are discussing it on the amusing network. Related: Facebook s trending topics atom agitation and disbelief The aggregation of arrangement journalists that was ahead assassin to administer the trending affection has been disbanded. However, some bodies will still be manually complex with the action to ensure that the capacity that arise in trending abide high-quality, according to Facebook s post. For example, lunch trends accustomed about cafeteria time, but will not arise in the box unless there is some news-related reason, like Al Roker and Yung Joc bistro cafeteria topless. Facebook says switching from bodies to algorithms will accomplish it easier to calibration up the affection and arrange it about the world. This is article we consistently hoped to do but we are authoritative these changes eventually accustomed the acknowledgment we got from the Facebook association beforehand this year, said the company. (San Francisco) First appear August 26, 2016: 6:19 PM ET