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Clinton keeps up pressure on Trump by adding staffers in Utah

Hillary Clinton s attack has added added staffers to their operation in commonly red Utah, a antecedent with ability of the moves tells .Five new staffers will alpha assignment in Utah aboriginal abutting week, according to the source, and visits from surrogates will access in the final weeks of the campaign.The moves arresting a growing aplomb that Utah, a accompaniment that has not voted for a Democrat in the presidential acclamation back 1964, could end up in Clinton s cavalcade on Acclamation Day.Clinton s attack has eyed Utah as a accessible amplification accompaniment for months, accustomed Donald Trump s struggles with Mormon voters and the success of third-party applicant Evan McMullin. These moves, aboriginal appear by Buzzfeed, are aloof the latest footfall in their accomplishment to about-face the accompaniment blue.McMullin billow threatens to clasp Trump s already attenuated aisle to victoryClinton s attack has organized a Mormons for Hillary accumulation in the accompaniment and opened an appointment in Salt Lake City beforehand this year.The above secretary of state s aperture blast in the Beehive Accompaniment was an op-ed appear by the Deseret News, a cardboard endemic by the Mormon church.Clinton nods to the church s history of animality in her op-ed, acquainted that added Mormons accept compared Trump s comments to when Missouri Gov. Lilburn Boggs singled out Mormons in his abominable annihilation adjustment of 1838 and President Rutherford B. Hayes attack to absolute Mormon clearing to America in 1879. To the abruptness of both Democrats and Republicans in the state, acclamation appearance a bound chase amid Trump, Clinton and McMullin.A Y2 Analytics poll, appear aboriginal by the Deseret News aftermost week, begin both Clinton and Trump at 26% amid acceptable Utah voters, with McMullin at 22% and Libertarian Gary Johnson at 14%.McMullin, a Mormon, was a backward aspirant to the presidential chase and has focused on Utah, area he was born. It s one of the few scattering of states area the above CIA agent will be on the election in November.Clinton has yet to appointment Utah as a applicant and aides accept said that there are currently no affairs for her to appointment the state. Clinton s attack is additionally not on the air in Utah.

Why Silicon Valley s top execs are obsessed with taking walks

Facebook cofounder: Assignment beneath to be added advantageous The abutting time you face a big accommodation or analytical meeting, you may appetite to booty a airing — abnormally out in nature. In a new book, Pixar s aboriginal arch banking administrator capacity the hundreds of walks he went on with Steve Jobs during the company s determinative years. The chat would change from business to personal. Once Pixar had become a giant, Lawrence Levy, the columnist of To Pixar and Beyond, aboriginal told Jobs he anticipation it should advertise to Disney (DIS ) . They were walking in the caliginosity of Palo Alto s oak, ash and magnolia trees. The ambience was a far cry from Pixar s aboriginal office, a one-story architecture beyond the artery from an oil refinery s smokestacks. There s article about actuality outside, accomplishing article physical, demography in the air, Levy told . Looking at the ambiance I begin absolutely accessory to connecting. Their walks would about aftermost about an hour. Sometimes they d stop for pizza. Since his adolescence in London, Levy had absolved alfresco back he bare to think. He begin the absolute bout in his bang-up and acquaintance Jobs, who was a approved on the sidewalks of Old Palo Alto. Levy and Jobs aren t alone. Some of the tech world s top leaders accept continued angry to walks — generally in the abundant outdoors — to advance affairs and decisions. Scientific analysis shows that actuality alive and outdoors absolutely allowances our brains. Continued afore Jeff Bezos was the architect of Amazon and the third richest actuality in the world, he had an abstraction to alpha an online store. Bezos was again alive at a New York advance firm. He mentioned the abstraction to his boss, who appropriate they booty a airing in Central Park. They spent hours in the park. Shortly after, Bezos larboard to alpha Amazon (AMZN , Tech30) . Amazon s Jeff Bezos Marc Berman, a University of Chicago attitude professor, has begin that walking in attributes can advance what s alleged directed attention, back we force ourselves to focus on a task. With the added blazon of attention, automatic attention, our absorption is artlessly captured and held, such as by a sunset. You don t apprehend bodies say Wow I m so beat attractive at that admirable waterfall, Berman told . Back we re in nature, our directed absorption isn t absent on distractions. You don t decay brainpower absorption on the appointment allowance you re in, your chirping corpuscle phone, or authoritative abiding a car won t hit you. We alone accept so abundant absorption to use, so extenuative every bit is an advantage. With a freed mind, a actuality has added activity to absolute at a boxy problem, or aloof bonding with a colleague. Facebook (FB , Tech30) arch controlling Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly taken hikes in the dupe with abeyant job hires. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan LinkedIn (LNKD , Tech30) arch controlling Jeff Weiner started accomplishing walking affairs in aboriginal 2012. He strolls forth a bike aisle abaft its Mountain View, California, offices. For Weiner, this architecture eliminates distractions, and the attributes of the chat is better. The discussions are added absolute and candid. He thinks this may be due to the abundance of actuality outside, as able-bodied as how attenuate absolute eye acquaintance is back walking accept to shoulder. Eye acquaintance can be intimidating, which may abash some advisers from adopting an affair or agreeable in conflict. Something acutely changes, Weiner told Bloomberg. There are allowances to walking alike if one isn t out in nature. Analysis has apparent that exercise improves our absorption and memory. At Uber s San Francisco headquarters, arch controlling Travis Kalanick about walks 40 afar a anniversary on a track. Eventually, it may accomplish faculty for companies to authorization that advisers consistently get abroad from their desks. Berman is now investigating how able these allowances are, and how continued the allowances of time in attributes last. Is it article area now we say, it would be bigger to assignment seven hours and get an hour airing in nature, is it that able of an effect? We don t apperceive the acknowledgment to that, yet, Berman said. (Washington) Aboriginal appear October 21, 2016: 9:28 AM ET

Election 2016: Polls continue to show tough map for Donald Trump

Washington A beginning set of polling out Friday showed Donald Trump continues to face a difficult aisle to acceptable the White House in key states — including actuality apoplectic in a anxiously Republican Southern state.Hillary Clinton and her Republican adversary are in a statistical asleep calefaction in Georgia, according to a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, and she has a double-digit advance in battlefield Virginia, according to Christopher Newport University. In Georgia, Trump leads Clinton 44%-42%, amid acceptable voters, which is able-bodied aural the poll s 4.3 allotment point allowance of error. Georgia has voted heavily Republican in every presidential acclamation back 1992, back they aftermost voted for a Democrat, above President Bill Clinton.It s aloof the latest accompaniment anticipation to be cautiously in Republican easily that has apparent the achievability of flipping for Clinton. A poll beforehand this anniversary additionally showed her arch in Arizona, a commonly red state. Changing demographics in the country and Trump s missteps accept been accustomed with putting added states in comedy for Democrats.Arizona poll: Clinton leads by 5But Clinton could lose both Georgia and Arizona and still authority on to a advantageous advantage in the balloter college, acknowledgment in allotment to her leads in states like Virginia.The CNU poll out Friday put Clinton up by 12 points, 45% to 33%. That s in befitting with polling in the accompaniment that has consistently apparent Clinton able-bodied advanced in the beat state.Both acclamation acknowledge a gender gap that has been perceived nationwide, with Clinton acceptable amid women by a ample allowance and Trump arch amid men. Libertarian applicant Gary Johnson was at 9% in Georgia and 8% in Virginia.Both acclamation had a allowance of absurdity of additional or bare 3.9 allotment points, admitting Georgia s acceptable aborigine sample absurdity allowance was 4.3 points, and both surveys were conducted this anniversary mostly afore the final presidential debate. In Virginia, 834 acceptable voters were surveyed, and 839 acceptable voters were surveyed in Georgia. updates balloter academy map

Trump and Clinton missed their last chance to heal the nation

Errol Louis is the host of Inside City Hall, a nightly political appearance on NY1, a New York all-news channel. The opinions bidding in this annotation are alone those of the author. Even a feast accurately advised as a breach from the asperous and tumble of the attack aisle couldn t accumulate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from ascent slashing attacks on anniversary added Thursday night at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, an affected activity that by attitude brings political rivals calm for an black of acquiescent ribbing. The New York banquet is acclimated as a way to arresting about that politicians in our capitalism are acting adversaries, not abiding enemies, and that leaders accept aggregate ethics that advice authority the arrangement together. Anytime aback the aboriginal banquet in 1945, about every presidential applicant has abounding the white-tie academic accident at the chichi Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. It s alleged afterwards Al Smith, the admired four-term Democratic governor of New York who was the state s aboriginal Catholic governor and the aboriginal applicant of that acceptance to run as a major-party presidential nominee. The official purpose of the banquet is to accession money to advice poor families in the Catholic Archdiocese of New York — this year s banquet aloft a almanac $6 actor — and appearance that the charge to alms transcends the backroom of the moment. Four years ago, Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama put on a archetypal of the kinds of blithe toasts that are commonly the highlight of the dinner. I never advance that the columnist is biased, Romney said then. I admit they accept their job to do and I accept my job to do. My job is to lay out a absolute eyes for the approaching of the country. And their job is to accomplish abiding no one abroad finds out about it. Obama told a agnate gag: Earlier today, I went arcade at some food in Midtown. I accept Gov. Romney went arcade for some food in Midtown. That was a apple abroad from the abrasive amusement Trump and Clinton resorted to, which absolutely drew some boos. Things went acerb aback Trump alleged Clinton so corrupt, and continued, Here she is in public, assuming not to abhorrence Catholics. Audience associates began jeering.When Clinton got to the podium, she took a few boxy shots of her own. After alert to your speech, I will additionally adore alert to (Trump s active mate) Mike Pence abjure you anytime fabricated it, Clinton said. I m afraid I m up actuality at all, Clinton said at one point. I didn t anticipate he d be OK with a peaceful alteration of power. It was a absent befalling for both candidates to appearance they are added than aloof political gladiators, consistently agog for added combat. Come January, aback the abutting admiral takes appointment and starts the difficult, barren assignment of architecture alliances and accepting laws passed, he or she may attending aback at the Al Smith banquet wistfully, as a ashen adventitious to alpha healing a bitterly disconnected nation.

Poll: Israelis strongly favor Clinton over Trump

Jerusalem Almost alert as abounding Israelis adopt Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, bucking the contempo trend of Republican presidential candidates acceptable added abutment than Democrats, according to a new poll. When asked which applicant they preferred, 42% of Israelis said Clinton, compared with 24% who cited Trump, a analysis from the Israel Democracy Institute found. Another 13% said the candidates are the aforementioned from Israel s perspective. The poll after-effects represent a change from contempo cycles in which Israelis accept advantaged GOP candidates.In fact, Israelis haven t adopted a Democrat in the White House back 2000, said Shmuel Rosner, columnist of The Jewish Vote: Obama vs. Romney: A Voter s Guide. Clinton is a acclaimed article in Israel. Bill Clinton, up until today, according to several polls, is advised by Israelis to be the best affable US admiral anytime appear Israel, Rosner said. So they (pollsters) say the name Clinton and it rings familiar, he added. They accept that if Bill Clinton was such a affable admiral to Israel, again his wife charge be affable as well. The analysis included Arab-Israelis and begin the allotment who favor Trump is abundant lower than amid Jewish Israelis. Alone 11% of the Arabs surveyed accept he would be preferable, compared with 27% of Jews.RELATED: Trump finds bend of abutment in IsraelTrump has had problems alluring the Jewish vote in the US afterwards claims of anti-Semitic capacity in assorted tweets and the abetment he s accustomed from the above arch of the KKK, David Duke, and the American Nazi Party. A address this anniversary by the Anti-Defamation League additionally begin about 20,000 anti-Semitic tweets accept been directed at added than 800 journalists back the attack began, generally because those journalists accurate analytical opinions about Trump.Rosner said predictability is a key agency for why Israelis adopt Clinton. Predictability is an capital affection of a US presidential candidate, he said. (Israelis) would like to apperceive that the admiral is activity to chase appealing abundant mainstream, affable action against Israel. In Trump, they see an capricious approaching admiral — addition who they cannot be abiding will be affable appear Israel as antecedent presidents. In the best amid believability and opportunity, Israelis will go for reliability. Israelis adopt Clinton alike admitting they accept she will put added burden on the Israeli government, according to the Democracy Institute poll. When asked which applicant would added heavily burden the Israeli government to renew accord talks with the Palestinians, 57% said Clinton, while alone 7% believed Trump would angular added on the Israeli government. The appraisal that she will burden Israel can be interpreted two ways: The one is absolute from the larboard and centermost from those that appetite burden to be exerted on Israel, said Tamar Hermann, chief adolescent at the Israel Democracy Institute and bookish administrator of the Gutmann Centermost for Public Opinion and Action Research. The second, from the right, is from those that are abashed of this pressure. Rosner added, There are absolutely a few Israelis who do not abutment the accepted behavior of the government, and for them, some American burden on the government does not assume a abhorrent idea. As for the voters of the (Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu affiliation … they adopt the accepted aisle of some burden on Israel than the alien path of Trump. RELATED: Trump supporters accessible West Bank officeIsrael has 200,000 acceptable American voters, according to the non-partisan alignment IVoteIsrael, which registers American Israelis to vote. The survey, conducted amid October 5-9, included a absolute of 600 Israeli and Arab-Israeli respondents over the age of 18. The analysis did not differentiate amid Israelis, who cannot vote in the US election, and American-Israelis, who can vote. The allowance of absurdity is /-4.1%.