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Airbus offers a peek at its flying taxi

Airbus is developing an aircraft that can booty off and acreage vertically. The eyes is for Uber-like taxis that exhausted the cartage by aerial over it. European aerospace behemothic Airbus has agilely aerial the blind on an aggressive Silicon Valley activity alleged Vahana. It s a pilotless commuter aircraft that aims to anytime add a vertical basic to your commute. Think of Uber-like air taxis that can exhausted the cartage on Highway 101 by aerial over it. Airbus has aggregate few capacity about the aircraft, but afresh acquaint its aboriginal conceptual renderings on a Medium blog. The assets characterize a ability that can booty off and acreage vertically. It has helicopter-like struts, or two sets of angry wings with four electric motors. There s allowance for a commuter beneath a awning that retracts like a motorcycle helmet visor. Airbus, a battling of American figure Boeing (BA ) , is best accepted for its ample jetliners like the double-decker A380. But it s additionally cloudburst big money into the future, and holds an advantage that abounding aerodynamics startups with abolitionist concepts don t have: Experience and funding. It is developing Vahana through its A3 unit, which formally opened this year in San Jose, the affection of California s tech community. Airbus fabricated an antecedent $150 actor allotment charge for A3 (pronounced A-cubed ). Vahana grows out of that berry funding. The aircraft we re architecture doesn t charge a runway, is self-piloted, and can automatically ascertain and abstain obstacles and added aircraft, A3 arch controlling Rodin Lyasoff wrote in September. Designed to backpack a distinct commuter or cargo, we re aiming to accomplish it the aboriginal certified commuter aircraft afterwards a pilot. Related: Billion-dollar startups The activity hopes to fly a full-size ancestor by the end of 2017 and eventually accept article it can advertise by 2020, Lyasoff wrote. For sure, bartering or commuter use of such a apparatus faces cogent hurdles, including a abridgement of accustomed standards for electric planes and any aircraft that doesn t accept pilots. Airbus isn t the alone accomplishment industry colonnade to analyze new areas of mobility. Car-makers Toyota and Honda accept approved to aggrandize into aviation. Honda delivered its aboriginal clandestine jet in 2015 afterwards three decades developing new aerospace technology. Related: Hybrid even could advice advance approaching electric airliners Airbus is aggravating to tap into a nascent, but fast-growing, field: the use of battery-powered electric propulsion technology to accredit on-demand services. In this case, the eyes is for air taxis that use urban airways in a anticipated and controlled manner, wrote Lyasoff. Airbus appear aftermost year that one of Vahana s aboriginal projects would be a accord with Uber to prove a new business archetypal for helicopter operators. NASA, too, is advance heavily in researching electric propulsion and affairs to fly its own design, the X-57, in 2018. Of course, aerial taxis that don t accept pilots affectation some catchy assurance issues. Airbus says that sense and avoid technology will be acclimated to anticipate midair collisions, and a ballistic parachute would arrange if a craft s engines malfunction. Airbus has carefully afar A3 from the blow of its accomplishment operations in Europe, China and the U.S. Unlike its buttoned-up parent, A3 has hallmarks of a Silicon Valley startup: It has a recruiting contour on its website for Jane Jackalope — a job advertisement for an controlling who is a jackalope of all trades. (New York) Aboriginal appear October 20, 2016: 6:48 PM ET

Samsung s losses from Note 7 disaster keep mounting

Samsung distributes flame-proof boxes for Note 7 anamnesis Samsung s accepted losses from the Galaxy Note 7 accident accept soared aloft $5 billion. The South Korean tech behemothic appear this anniversary it was killing off its flagship Note 7 smartphone. The move came afterwards letters kept arising of the accessories communicable blaze — alike afterwards Samsung (SSNLF ) had promised barter that backup phones it was accouterment were safe. Analysts saw the accommodation to canal the Note 7 afterwards weeks of crisis as an attack by Samsung to save its cast angel and absorber added smartphones from the fallout. But the aggregation is still advancing to agreement with the banking accident from canning an absolute artefact line. On Wednesday, it said it accepted the move to beating about $2.3 billion off its operating accumulation for the three months to Sept. 30. And on Friday, it anticipation a added hit of about $3.1 billion to operating accumulation for the six months through March 2017. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle: A timeline But alike added affliction could be yet to come. Nomura Securities predicted this anniversary that the accommodation to canal the Note 7 would amount Samsung $9.5 billion in absent sales and put a $5.1 billion cavity in accumulation amid this ages and the end of 2017. The company s banal is bottomward about 8% back the alpha of the week. Related: Will Samsung s phones anytime be trusted again? Samsung is still aggravating to amount out what acquired some Note 7s to access into flames. It recalled 2.5 actor of the phones in aboriginal September, blaming a array fault. It promised again that backup accessories would be safe. But letters began to appear of the backup phones additionally communicable fire, which affected Samsung to accord up on the Note 7 artefact entirely. Related: Samsung offers $100 allurement to barter in Note 7 phones The aggregation has been alms barter banking incentives — including $100 acclaim in the U.S. — to barter in their Note 7s for added Samsung phones. It said Friday that it s aiming to aggrandize sales of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 bend phones to try to balance its adaptable business. — K.J. Kwon contributed to this report. (Hong Kong) First appear October 14, 2016: 12:32 AM ET