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Sorry Donald and Rudy most men don t talk like that

Dean Obeidallah, a above attorney, is the host of SiriusXM s radio s circadian affairs The Dean Obeidallah Show and a columnist for The Circadian Beast. Follow him @TheDeansreport. The opinions bidding in this annotation are his. Donald Trump and some of his supporters appetite you to accept that his abandoned comments about women on a afresh arise video are aloof archetypal locker allowance banter. Trump is 100 percent amiss — unless that locker allowance is in a bastille area animal predators are jailed. The words Trump acclimated are not the archetypal accent acclimated by men to call women — in or out of a locker room. I say that as addition who played ice hockey on my aerial academy and academy aggregation and accept heard guys in locker apartment say lots of things about women — some awful. And still Trump s comments, fabricated back he was 59 years old, are far added alarming than those of guys in their backward adolescence and aboriginal twenties.I was aloft in North Jersey at a time back the abstraction of political correctness was not alike known. Yes, abounding adolescent men batten in means that objectified women, commenting in detail on how hot assertive women were and administration their admiration to angle up with them. And abounding bragged about their sexual conquests in an accomplishment to affect us. But I never anytime heard a man avowal or alike allocution about kissing or dark women afterwards their accord like Trump did: I aloof alpha kissing them…Just kiss. I don t alike wait. Trump afterwards added, Grab them by the pu**y. You can do anything. This is aloof about sexually assaulting women, back that is actually what kissing or affecting women afterwards their accord is. It s that simple.Yet Trump and some supporters appetite you to accept that his comments were aloof guys actuality guys. On Sunday Rudy Giuliani, while calling Trump s animadversion horrible, told s Jake Tapper but the actuality is that men at times allocution like that. To his acclaim Tapper responded forcefully, I accept been in locker rooms. I accept been a affiliate of a fraternity. I accept never heard any man, ever, blow about actuality able to bang women because they get abroad with it — never. Trump s affluent backers, Robert and Rebekah Mercer, awfully offered a agnate aegis with their statement, We are actually aloof to Mr. Trump s locker allowance braggadocio. Indifferent to addition aloof about animal assault? I aboveboard achievement no women in their ancestors are anytime subjected to what Trump boasted he had done to added people s daughters. Alike accustomed Trump s history, his comments in this video are mind-blowing. And that is adage a lot, because Trump has fabricated endless animadversion analytical women — calling them a pig, a slob and a bimbo, and tweeting that Hillary Clinton couldn t amuse her bedmate what makes you anticipate she could amuse America? Why would Trump anticipate he could get abroad with his aspersing words and possibly alike affecting women inappropriately? Well, as he told us in the video: When you re a brilliant they let you do it. You can do anything. While I m not comparing Trump to Bill Cosby, it does adjure up the aforementioned mindset. Back it comes to women, some affluent macho celebrities arise to anticipate they can get abroad with accomplishing annihilation they want.Trump s clue almanac in arresting acclaimed men who accept allegedly affianced in animal delinquency makes this adventure alike added troubling. Most afresh he dedicated above Fox News arch and Trump attack adviser Roger Ailes adjoin claims that Ailes sexually addled over 20 women by analytic whether the changeable victims were cogent the truth.In 1992, Trump about dedicated Mike Tyson adjoin abduction accuse alike afterwards he had been convicted, claiming Tyson was railroaded. Worse, Trump in aspect abhorrent the victim for actuality raped by saying, You accept a adolescent woman that was in his auberge allowance backward in the black at her own will. And Trump, who will acceptable accession the affair of Bill Clinton s declared animal delinquency at tonight s debate, additionally has airtight the women who fabricated allegations adjoin Clinton by saying, His victims are terrible… a abhorrent accumulation of people and alike declared some of them unattractive. To say Trump is artlessly adage archetypal guy being is actually wrong. Trump is not the archetypal guy. He is a celebrity who has for years despicably abashed women, bragged about possibly sexually assaulting women and dedicated men complex in (alleged) animal improprieties. This is aloof added affidavit to add to an barrage of affirmation that Trump should never, anytime serve as admiral of the United States of America.

How Roger Ailes used key man clauses for his stars to protect himself

Fox settles with Gretchen Carlson Affairs with best of the better stars on Fox Annual accommodate article unusual: A key man clause giving them an escape bear if the company s key man, CEO Roger Ailes, exited. In July, Ailes accommodated beneath burden amidst animal aggravation allegations. Soon afterward, agents apery some of Fox s hosts started to booty advantage of the clause. The key man article explained 7 p.m. host Greta Van Susteren s abrupt avenue aftermost week. Others anticipation about authoritative a agnate move. Television industry sources say 3 p.m. accuser Shep Smith additionally bidding absorption in possibly leaving. He s sniffed around. Wouldn t you, if you had the option? one of the sources said. This is not necessarily out of adherence to Ailes. Rather, the actuality of Ailes key man clauses opened a window for Fox hosts, alike ones beneath abiding contracts, to admeasurement up the TV annual mural and contemplate new opportunities. Smith absitively not to accomplish a move; he is said to be blessed at Fox and blockage put. In fact, Van Susteren may end up actuality the alone host to birthmark as a absolute aftereffect of Ailes resignation. But the behind-the-scenes chicane appearance how the key man clauses injected alike added ambiguity into the already ambiguous post-Ailes era at Fox. Some experts say the actuality of the clauses is an archetype of aberrant accumulated babyminding by 21st Century Fox. Ailes was putting his arrogance aloft the aggregation and giving added bodies the appropriate to escape their affairs or at atomic annual abundant renegotiation, said Columbia law assistant John C. Coffee Jr., the columnist of Gatekeepers: The Professions and Accumulated Governance. Back asked about the clauses by , Coffee said, It is actually an amazing provision. You wonder, who could accept accustomed it? Related: Why Greta Van Susteren is abrogation Fox Annual A abettor for 21st Century Fox beneath to animadversion on whether Rupert Murdoch or added top admiral knew about the clauses years ago. Fox additionally beneath to animadversion on whether the 21st Century Fox board s accumulated babyminding board is now reviewing the matter. But aural Murdochworld, the clauses are now accustomed as one of the aberrant means Ailes acclimatized power. Ailes actually was the key man at Fox News. He was the founding CEO aback in 1996 and ran the approach with an adamant anchor until the aggravation aspersion erupted in July. His better stars with key man clauses included Bill O Reilly, Sean Hannity, Van Susteren, and Smith. Conceivably any or all of them could accept bailed on the arrangement back Ailes accommodated — ambidextrous a potentially crushing draft to Fox s high-rated programming schedule. Related: Greta Van Susteren says she abjure Ailes support, takes attempt at Fox Some annual letters accept said that more than a dozen Fox personalities accept the avenue option. A accumulated source, however, said the cardinal is hardly lower. So how did the clauses appear to be? Ailes asked for them. He put those in, a longtime Fox Annual controlling said on action of anonymity. I anticipate he beheld them as a adulteration pill, to assure himself in case the Murdoch ancestors anytime came afterwards him, the controlling said. Two television agents backed up this account, adage that the key man clauses originated with Ailes, not with requests from hosts. Related: Settlements, departures, rumors: Ailes avenue all-overs Fox Annual to its amount As time went on, however, and the actuality of the clauses became accepted central Fox News, some Fox stars began to seek out the provisions. One of the agents said the clauses became beheld as loyalty tests central Fox. Roger capital aptitude to appetite the clause. It was about loyalty, the abettor said. The clauses were additionally viewed, added ominously, as a way for Ailes to aching Fox Annual if he were anytime affected out. Ailes advocate beneath to animadversion for this story. So did a agent for Fox News. It is cryptic whether the clauses fabricated the Murdochs anticipate alert afore pressuring Ailes to footfall down. But the actuality of the clauses leaked out — aboriginal in the Financial Times — back the Murdochs were apperception about what to do. The aperture was interpreted by some TV admiral and agents as a admonishing to the Murdochs. Nonetheless, the Murdochs confused bound to alter Ailes. Just two weeks afterwards ex-anchor Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes, he stepped down. Related: Fox Annual settles with Gretchen Carlson and handful of added women Ailes has denied the aggravation allegations adjoin him. The basal line, Coffee said, is that the get-out-of-Fox-free cards primarily benefited Ailes. It s meant to abash his termination, Coffee said. Most places would not acquiesce admiral to accept those. Van Susteren s article afforded her a 60 day window, according to her husband, advocate John Coale. Van Susteren reportedly approved to renegotiate her arrangement application the article as leverage. Murdoch rebuffed her, so she acclimated the article to avenue with years larboard on her contract. Fox has replaced Van Susteren with Brit Hume for the continuance of the presidential acclamation season. The arrangement acclaimed that Hume s aboriginal anniversary at 7 p.m. outrated Van Susteren s final week. (New York) Aboriginal appear September 16, 2016: 6:40 PM ET

Roger Ailes picked the wrong woman to mess with: Gretchen Carlson

Mel Robbins is a commentator, acknowledged analyst, acknowledged columnist and keynote speaker. She is a accidental editor for Success magazine. In 2014, she was called outstanding account talk-radio host by the Gracie Awards. The opinions bidding in this annotation are alone those of the author. Roger Ailes best the amiss woman to allegedly sexually harass, hit on and terminate. Gretchen Carlson s Twitter bio reads: Journalist, wife, mama, warrior for women, 100% accepter in activity adage Carpe Diem, columnist of Getting Real. There s addition chat she should add to that list: courageous.Courage is accomplishing things that are difficult or alarming — and that s absolutely what she did ashamed she sued above Chairman and CEO of Fox Account Roger Ailes, claiming that she was accursed in backfire for abnegation his animal advances. What best bodies are absorption on in this adventure is the remarkable, abrupt and actual accessible about-face of contest over the accomplished two months:Carlson s accusation adjoin Ailes was filed on July 6 and in aloof two weeks, his 20 year career at Fox Account was over and adjustment talks were underway as an centralized analysis was actuality conducted by the ancestor aggregation endemic by Rupert Murdoch. On Tuesday, Vanity Fair was the aboriginal to address that the above Fox & Friends ballast had won a $20 actor settlement. According to Vanity Fair, two added Fox advisers accept additionally acclimatized with the arrangement for agnate allegations. What s alike added aberrant is the actuality that 21st Century Fox issued this account answer for the behavior of its already untouchable Fox Account chairman: We aboveboard affliction and apologize for the actuality that Gretchen was not brash with the account and address that she and all of our colleagues deserve. Between the eight-figure adjustment and the accessible acknowledgment advertence that Carlson was not brash with the account and dignity she deserved, there s one affair we apperceive for sure: Gretchen Carlson is cogent the truth. She had the affirmation to ashamed it up. The New York Times is advertisement that the all-inclusive majority of the animadversion quoted anon in her accusation adjoin Ailes — including curve like: I anticipate you and I should accept had a animal accord a continued time ago and again you d be acceptable and bigger and I d be acceptable and better — were recorded on tape. She additionally had acceptance on Ailes behavior from added than a dozen Fox employees, including the network s star, Megyn Kelly.But in my mind, the absolute adventure — the absolute abhorrence — lies in the actuality that this adjustment has been in the authoritative for added than four decades. The added we learn, the added Ailes is starting to complete like a accumulated adaptation of Bill Cosby. Instead of drugging women, he aloof afraid their jobs over their heads. New York Annual appear the accounts of six added women, including two who batten on the record. Marsha Callahan claims Ailes asked her to bed with him during an audience in the backward 1960s while he was bearing The Mike Douglas Show. Two decades later, according to Kellie Boyle, in 1989 she was about to assurance a arrangement with the Republican National Congressional Committee ashamed she allegedly met the icon Ailes. She agilely accustomed a banquet allurement with him and was taken ashamed aback he said, You apperceive if you appetite to comedy with the big boys, you accept to lay with the big boys and brash that you ability accept to accord a draft job every already in a while. He additionally listed a cardinal of women he had been with. She banned his advances and absent the RNC contract. I use the words allegedly alone because the accusations were never litigated, but I accept them, don t you? I additionally accept that this applesauce went on for decades, aloof like we saw with accusations adjoin Cosby.Enter Gretchen Carlson. It started in 2005, her clothing alleges, with Ailes authoritative comments about her legs and outfits. In 2009, she complained about her co-host Steve Doocy, who was arrogant to her on air. She was labeled a man hater and told to get forth with the boys, and her role was diminished. In 2013, she was pushed to the lower-rated 2 p.m. time slot. Ailes had best on the amiss woman. She knew demography him on was a accident but she was adventuresome and acute abundant to apperceive that you charge to set a allurement if you appetite to bolt a snake. According to New York Annual and a actuality accustomed with the lawsuit, in 2014 Carlson started bringing her iPhone to affairs in Ailes appointment and secretly recorded him adage the kinds of things he d been adage to her all along. Afterwards accession anathema evidence, she assassin an attorney, all while still anchoring a appearance for Fox. Again on June 23, Carlson was fired. In beneath than a month, Ailes would be the abutting one on the chopping block. This is a account adventure account advantageous absorption to for three reasons. First, things are changing. Roger Ailes got abroad with this behavior for years. But in today s apple accuracy and accuracy can topple the giants in a amount of days. Yes, the boss will eventually fall. Second, area there s smoke, there s fire. In cases area men use ability to corruption women in any manner, it s a pattern. We saw women appear out of the woodwork to allege Cosby and now we are seeing it with Ailes. And that brings me to the final point. Gretchen Carlson not alone had courage, she had article added important: evidence. And it was damning. What s generally missing from animal aggravation cases is evidence. Without evidence, you ll accept agitation actuality believed in a apple area accumulation is admired over people. I m abiding Erin Brockovich will accede with me on this one.Is Fox accessible to added lawsuits? How could it not be?Ailes declared behavior was not alone tolerated, but it additionally was rewarded, dedicated and adequate year afterwards year — until he messed with the amiss woman. That s all it takes. It aloof takes one. Aloof one actuality to be adventurous abundant to say, This isn t right and to acquisition the adventuresomeness to do article about it. Gretchen tweeted Tuesday that she was accessible to move on to the abutting affiliate of her life. How amazing would it be if the abutting move for this Stanford and Oxford-educated, self-proclaimed warrior for women would be abutting the Clinton attack as an adviser.