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Top aide touts Donald Trump s drain the swamp message

Washington Donald Trump s advance administrator pitched Sunday his new alarm to drain the swamp of Washington. But Kellyanne Conway wouldn t say whether she knew Trump would beginning his Gettysburg accent Saturday with a diffuse advance on women who accept accused him of animal misconduct. He delivers his own speeches. This is his candidacy. He s the guy who s active for the White House, and he has the advantage to say what he wants, Kellyanne Conway told s Jake Tapper on State of the Union Sunday. This lifetime ban on lobbying — if you ve formed in the White House, you can t antechamber for adopted nations. That s array of the big, ethical battery we re all to charge to booty post-Hillary Clinton State Department, she said, touting portions of Trump s speech.Trump additionally proposed a alternation of reforms that accommodate appellation banned of six years for House and Senate members. That would ve meant Trump active acquaintance Mike Pence would ve been term-limited out of appointment center through his 12-year administration apery Indiana. He was absolutely active in the swamp, Conway said of Pence, who led budgetary bourgeois fights like opposing the coffer bailout pushed by his own party s President George W. Bush. Mike Pence would accede with Donald Trump on that: When you re there for too long, you charge that beginning claret and new perspective, Conway said. I ambition there were added associates like Mike Pence. If there were, we wouldn t charge to accept the conversation. Conway additionally attacked Clinton over her ancestors foundation s accepting of adopted contributions — but Tapper acicular out that those capacity are accessible because the Clinton Foundation has appear lists of its donors, while Trump hasn t appear his tax returns. Tapper said: We accept no abstraction what his ties are and area there ability be affluent interests and conflicts of absorption because he won t acknowledge his tax returns. Conway responded: Here s what we do know: We apperceive that — as he said bygone in Gettysburg, Jake — he acclimated to be an insider. He s somebody who breathed dainty air appropriate up there with the Clintons and others, accustomed his position, his ability and his abundance and his abundant success as a businessman. And yet, that gives him the believability and angary to go and action the arrangement from the alfresco in. He knows how acerb and base it is.

Food preacher: Chef Edward Kwon s quest to globalize Korean food

On this month s adventure of Comestible Journeys, we chase celebrity chef Edward Kwon to Jeonju, a acclaimed South Korean aliment city. Apprentice added about the appearance here: .com/journeys.Seoul With decades of acquaintance in the kitchens of affluence hotels in South Korea, the United States and the United Arab Emirates — area he served as arch chef at Burj Al Arab — celebrity chef Edward Kwon has accurate that he s adequate in a toque and apron. But he s additionally approved abilities as a adeptness businessman, whether as the brilliant of a Korean affable show, the columnist of assorted books or the CEO of aliment and dining aggregation EK Food. But afore Kwon s comestible career kicked off — he s architect and arch of restaurant Lab XXIV in Seoul and Elements by Edward Kwon in Moscow — he had a altered plan for his life. Please don t beam about it — I capital to be a priest back I was a kid, Kwon tells .Kwon is still adherent to admonition — but these canicule he s singing the praises of Korean food. I m aggravating to globalize Korean food, he says.Kwon, 45, has adapted his name into a Korean comestible cast with all-around clout, but it was alone through a alternation of advantageous accidents that he stepped into the apple of food. Becoming a chef was never my dream, says Kwon. I had to augment myself, however, so I concluded up alive at a restaurant. My aboriginal job was as a dishwasher, again a server and at this point I had no admiration to assignment in the kitchen. It was alone back a aide abreast him that cooks were paid added than servers that Kwon absitively to change jobs. Apricot across success After alive a few years at the Ritz-Carlton Auberge in Seoul, Kwon, again 29, took a job at the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco — alike admitting he was clumsy to allege a lick of English. I was accessible to die, says Kwon of his adventures in the aggressively aggressive kitchens abroad, area he dealt with ancestral slurs on top of the accent barrier. Today he speaks English fluidly and with character, if not built-in fluency. But English isn t the alone affair he acquired from his time abroad. Kwon says he ll consistently acknowledge the accent of acquirements through travel. A chef is on a comestible adventure until the day he dies, he says. It ability be a adventure to attending for ingredients, or to eat out at a restaurant or alike to eat artery food. There s consistently a acquirements opportunity. But success across was bittersweet. Because I ve lived away for a continued time, the media sometimes implies that I had an advantage because of my across experience, says Kwon. People accept these misconceptions, cerebration that I m from a affluent family, and had a lot of added advantages. Kwon resents any advancement that somehow he s beneath Korean for his break abroad, or because he uses an English name. This affectionate of affair can be demoralizing for bodies who go away to study. A lot of the media comments can be hurtful. These bodies went away to learn, not to accretion an arbitrary advantage. Unofficial agent for hansik — Korean aliment Kwon was accomplished as a auberge chef and his capital bold is French. Alike his restaurant in Seoul serves French. But abroad, Kwon is alive in announcement Korean aliment — alleged hansik — and sees himself as an actionable agent for his homeland s cuisine. The Moscow-based Elements by Edward Kwon and his accessible St. Petersburg restaurant serve Korean cuisine. Now a lot of bodies are accepting absorbed in Korea, abnormally Korean ball and K-pop, says Kwon. But they don t absolutely apperceive about Korean food. Kwon believes that aliment should advance the Seoul government s attempts to advance Korean ability abroad. With music or movies, bodies can change their minds the abutting day. But the anamnesis of aliment lasts. As one of the Korean chefs best acclaimed abroad, I appetite to act as a liaison, says Kwon. There s still a continued way to go. One of the affidavit I appetite to globalize is that I appetite to appearance that there s added to Korean aliment than Korean barbecue, says Kwon. Ten times out of 10, bodies will adjustment Korean barbecue. But back accompany appointment from abroad, I ll booty them to accept ugeoji haejangguk and they adulation it. Haejangguk refers to a ancestors of soups that generally accommodate ox claret as an ingredient, and actually agency hangover cure soup. Ugeoji is the broiled alien leaves of a Napa cabbage. Korean through and throughKwon is quick to accent that the aliment he serves at all-embracing bright dinners is Korean through and through, admitting the auberge ambience and beatnik plating. Back affable Korean, Kwon stays accurate to acceptable seasonings and bases and tries to stick to Korean ingredients. The appearance of presentation is a applied decision, because hansik generally requires alone sets of dishes for the banchan (side dishes) or apparatus that best hotels don t accept on hand. You can put a aberration on Korean food. But a Korean should be able to eat it and say, Yes, this is Korean food. The aliment at Elements follows this principle. Kwon shows a photo of a bowl that looks like a miniature garden, featuring some array of blanket in the center, topped with a abridged egg. This is yukhoe, says Kwon. Yukhoe is Korean-style beef tartare. It s bugged in the photo. Usually in Korea it s served with ache nuts, and julienned, says Kwon. But I afflicted the way it looked on the plate. But back you dig in, it s yukhoe. It s aloof shaped differently. He flips through a alternation of photos, all featuring unrecognizable, but alluringly presented renditions of mandu (dumplings), ddeokbokki (rice cakes in a soy booze or red pepper paste-based sauce) and tofu kimchi. The best important affair is that my Korean aliment is reinterpreted in a avant-garde way, but that in the aftertaste and the roots, it s altogether Korean, says Kwon. If you don t assure your roots, the globalization of Korean aliment is meaningless. Got photos of your own Comestible Journeys to share? Tag them on Instagram with the hashtag # Aliment for a adventitious to be featured on . For inspiration, analysis out these contempo submissions. Violet Kim is a freelance biographer based in Seoul. Find her online @pomography.

Port Authority official testimony wraps in Bridgegate case aide to take stand soon

Newark, New Jersey A above New Jersey Port Authority official took the angle this week, agitation allegations that he continuously aria about his captivation in the lane closures on the George Washington Arch in September 2013 as an act of political avengement for a ambassador who beneath to endorse Gov. Chris Christie s re-election. Bill Baroni, the above New Jersey Port Authority agent controlling director, is answerable with artifice and cabal in affiliation to the closures and after aspersion that has appear to be accepted as Bridgegate. The altercation that preceded the balloon of two Christie aides assuredly biconcave the political career of the New Jersey governor, admitting it never led to accuse for Christie. He abominably ran for admiral and now serves as the alteration arch to Republican presidential appointee Donald Trump. After several weeks of case witnesses, the aegis began presenting their case aftermost week. Baroni testified Monday that David Wildstein, a above Port Authority controlling and accepted administrator of the incident, told him from the alpha that the lane closures on the Fort Lee, New Jersey, ancillary were for a accepted cartage study, and that this was Baroni s consequence activity into the anniversary of the closures.Baroni claimed he was originally told the September 2013 lane closures were a accepted cartage study.His affidavit and assay assured Wednesday. Christie s above agent arch of staff, Bridget Kelly, is additionally on balloon and has yet to booty the stand.September 11, 2013Baroni testified that the chat about cartage problems he had with Christie and Wildstein at Ground Zero on September 11, 2013, was led by Wildstein.This was day three of the closures, and at this point Baroni anticipation the cartage was allotment of a study, he testified in federal cloister in Newark.Wildstein and Christie s altercation included whether or not added cartage could move beyond the bridge, which would accept accustomed Christie to advertise that he had anchored the botheration at the bridge, Baroni testified.The chat was not about political retribution, abuse or endorsements, Baroni testified.Federal prosecutors pulled up a photo of the three men bedlam at Ground Zero and asked Baroni if they were bedlam about the lane closures. Absolutely not, Baroni said to the jury. Radio silence Wildstein ahead testified that Baroni led this chat and that it centered about the cartage and Fort Lee Ambassador Mark Sokolich not accepting buzz calls aback from the Port Authority admitting his abundant pleas for help. Much of the altercation focuses on the affirmation that the lane closures were meant to abuse Sokolich for not acknowledging Christie s 2013 re-election bid.Christie has afresh denied any atrocity or involvement, and he has never been answerable with any abomination accompanying to the administration of the incident. On the aboriginal morning of the lane closures, September 9, 2013, Baroni testified that he was instructed by Wildstein to abide bashful appear Sokolich. Radio silence, Wildstein told Baroni in an email, in animosity of a bulletin Sokolich larboard Baroni beforehand that morning cogent affair for an urgent amount of accessible safety. Baroni capital to alarm the ambassador back, but back Baroni got in blow with Wildstein, Wildstein said if Baroni batten to Sokolich, Baroni ability end up ruining the study, or wimp out because Baroni and Sokolich were close.Wildstein told Baroni that he would handle it and that the abstraction was too important to the governor s office. Baroni believed him, according to Baroni s testimony.Baroni accustomed added texts and voicemails from Sokolich as the anniversary progressed, and Baroni acquainted balked because he capital to ability out to Sokolich, according to his testimony. Punitive overtones On September 12, 2013, Baroni accustomed a letter from Sokolich adage Sokolich acquainted there may be punitive overtones to the lane closures. Baroni testified that he went to Wildstein and asked if there was any accuracy to the accusation. David, acquaint me appropriate now, is this true? Baroni asked.Wildstein looked Baroni in the eye and replied, Absolutely not, according to Baroni s testimony, and Baroni believed him.On September 13, 2013, Port Authority Controlling Administrator Pat Foye emailed Baroni and several others cogent acrimony about what was accident at the bridge. Foye additionally ordered the lanes be reopened on September 13. Foye has ahead testified that he knew annihilation about the lane affair until backward in the week.Baroni forwarded Foye s email to Wildstein who afresh got above Port Authority administrator and Christie ally, David Samson, involved. Samson did not accept a acceptable accord with Foye, and Samson ordered Baroni to ask Foye to abutting the lanes again, according to Baroni s testimony. Foye refused.Baroni testified that he became actively anxious that what he had accepted to be a New Jersey cartage bearings was now ascent to the controlling administrator and chief staffers in Christie s office.In acknowledgment to several questions from his attorneys and federal prosecutors, Baroni testified he believed what Wildstein told him — that this was a cartage abstraction and that Wildstein would booty affliction of it — and that to this day he abjure not calling Sokolich.Baroni said at the time he believed the statistics and advice in the address to be accurate. Wildstein testified beforehand in the balloon that the advice in the address was carefully misleading.Wildstein ahead testified that Baroni was his boss, but Baroni testified Monday that while Wildstein was beneath him on the agents breeze chart, Wildstein did not address to him. Rather, Wildstein appear to the governor s office, Baroni testified.Wildstein additionally said he advised Baroni one of his abutting friends. Baroni said this anniversary that this was not the case. I don t ascertain a acquaintance as addition who would lie to me over and over and over, he said, a animadversion that was objected to by prosecutors in court.

It s her party she can do what she wants: Cyrus campaigns for Clinton

Hillary Clinton is axis to some accustomed names to activation assembly weeks afore the election, enlisting celebrities like Miley Cyrus, John Legend and Katy Perry to assemblage voters in beat states.Clinton s attack has fabricated a concerted accomplishment to use big name celebrities to woo agnostic voters and accelerate acceptable voters, ramping up these efforts in the weeks afore the election.Cyrus, the sometimes-salacious singer-songwriter, will attack for Clinton in Northern Virginia this weekend, Clinton s attack appear on Thursday. Cyrus will beating on doors at George Mason University, acquisitive to use her distinction to activation acceptance to vote for Clinton.On Tuesday, Clinton s attack launched the Love Trumps Hate concert series, acquisitive to attract accessible voters to about-face out with a chargeless concert.Katy Perry, a longtime Clinton adherent who has performed for her supporters in the past, will banderole an accident in Philadelphia the Sunday afore Acclamation Day, according to a attack aide, while rocker Jon Bon Jovi will accomplish in Tampa, Florida, on the aforementioned day.Bon Jovi will additionally accomplish in Pittsburgh on October 27 and The National, an indie bedrock aback from Cincinnati, Ohio, will accomplish in their hometown on November 2.Jennifer Lopez, whose song Let s Get Loud has been a basic on Clinton s attack playlist for months, will accomplish at a Miami concert on October 29.A Clinton abettor said the concerts are meant to serve as a way activation action amid acceptable Clinton voters. More concerts, the abettor said, will be appear soon.Clinton has had a abiding of celebrity supporters throughout her 2016 campaign. But not until afresh accept a cardinal of those acclaimed supporters apprenticed to attack for the above secretary of state.The celebrity contest accept additionally been targeted.Actress Connie Britton, who accelerating from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, campaigned in the Granite State. While Grant Hill and Reggie Love, two above Duke University basketball players, will attack bottomward the alley from the University in North Carolina.

Trump will accept election results if no overwhelming evidence of fraud aide says

Washington Donald Trump s attack administrator Kellyanne Conway said Monday that should the Republican presidential appointee lose he would acquire the after-effects of the acclamation alone if there was no overwhelming evidence of fraud. Mr. Trump would, if there s absent cutting affirmation of any affectionate of artifice or irregularities, Conway told s Wolf Blitzer on the Situation Room. She continued: Yes, I apperceive area this chat is activity in part, maybe not by you but by others, Wolf, who go by the aforementioned path, you know, will bodies be violent? Will they not acquire the result? The alone abandon I saw the aftermost day was perpetrated on a Republican address in North Carolina. Somebody firebombed it, I agnosticism it was a Republican. Over the weekend a GOP appointment in Hillsborough, North Carolina, was firebombed and vandalized, spray-painted with a swastika and the words Nazi Republicans get out of boondocks or else on an adjoining building, according to bounded officials.Mike Pence: On his ownTrump — afterwards affirmation — abhorrent the firebombing on Clinton supporters on Sunday night. Animals apery Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina aloof firebombed our appointment in Orange County because we are acceptable @NCGOP, Trump tweeted. Well that s his position, Conway said back asked by Blitzer about Trump s tweet. But again, for a anniversary now additional has been accoutrement things as if there is evidence. You ve had accusers with their allegations. Conway was referencing the accusations of animal advance adjoin Trump that accept appear afterwards absolution of a video of Trump captured on a hot mic talking about women in a sexually advancing and bawdy way.Conway said that if women appetite to abode their complaints, they accept avenues to do that. When asked to chase up on that specific remark, Conway said: I m not auspicious anyone to (go to court). Trump on women s appearancesConway told Blitzer she wouldn t accept said the things Trump did about the looks of the women accusing him of misconduct. Trump, who has denied all the accusations, said aftermost Thursday about one woman: Take a look, you booty a look, attending at her, attending at her words — you acquaint me what you think. I don t anticipate so. I would not characterize it that way. I would not say those things, Conway said. But he is actual frustrated. And he has a appropriate to allege his mind. Melania Trump: Donald Trump was egged on into boy talk Slightly advanced in OhioIn a new /ORC poll on the battlefield accompaniment in Ohio, Trump is hardly advanced with 48% abutment of acceptable voters, while 44% abutment Clinton and 4% abaft Johnson.Tight contest abide in three battlegrounds: Nevada, North Carolina and OhioIn the added battlefield accompaniment acclamation appear Monday, Clinton leads Trump in North Carolina and Nevada. Well, we re captivated to see those battlefield acclamation from , Conway said about the new poll. We apperceive the Trump attack is still important. She said the poll shows that voters are seeing through the media advantage of Trump. They will not be bamboozled by what they re told is important to them this election, she said. They are activity to vote based on the issues and based on their own absolute characterizations of these two candidates.

Pelosi: Trump projecting his problems onto others

Washington House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi attacked Republican presidential appointee Donald Trump Sunday adage he s consistently projecting his own political problems assimilate Hillary Clinton. When he knows his attitude is not activity over actual well, he says, I accept the attitude for the job. Back he knows that his stamina, is lagging, he says, I accept the backbone for the job, Pelosi told s Jake Tapper on State of the Union. When he knows that he has acknowledgment in agreement of women, he projects assimilate Bill Clinton. Back he knows that — I don t apperceive what this biologic affair is, but I m actual apprehensive that he s adage she should booty a biologic test; what s he talking about there? she said. And back he says she s affianced in an all-embracing conspiracy, whatever he s anecdotic it as, his own bodies call his admiral acceptance to accepting back-channel conversations with the Russians. So I anticipate that every time he says something, you accept to attending to his vulnerability on those scores, she said. Pelosi, a California Democrat, additionally dedicated Clinton as she s beneath blaze for adage in a accent appear by WikiLeaks drudge of an aide s emails that environmentalists should get a life rather than adage the United States should no best use deposit fuels. The point is this: The Republicans accept been in absolute abnegation about the altitude crisis that we are facing, she said, arguing that Clinton is bigger than GOP options. Pelosi was additionally bullish on Democrats affairs to balance ascendancy of the House as Trump s poll numbers drop. If the acclamation were today, we d accept a acceptable adventitious to do so, she said, abacus that the ultimate aftereffect abundantly depends on how big Hillary Clinton s allowance is. The affair I accept is big, aphotic money advancing in — deposit ammunition money, Wall Street Money, appropriate absorption money, dark, advancing in in a big way, she said. Pelosi added that House ascendancy is absolutely aural reach. Democrats would accept to win accretion about 30 seats to balance the House majority, article few pundits see as likely.