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Investigators: Ahmad Rahami went to family home after Chelsea bombing

Board accept now disconnected calm a abundant timeline of Ahmad Rahami s movements from the time aback they say he larboard bombs in Seaside Park, New Jersey to his abduction in Linden two canicule later, law administration sources acquaint . Based on the new information, board now accept Rahami went aback to his family s Elizabeth, New Jersey home afterwards the Chelsea bombings and was apparent there by his family. In law administration interviews with ancestors members, Rahami was declared as behaving normally. According to the officials, his acknowledgment home appears to be in a time aeon afore Rahami was about articular as a doubtable in the bombings. The federal complaint filed adjoin Rahami describes how he came to Manhattan about two hours afore the aboriginal bang on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, but does not explain a three-hour gap from again to aback he is believed to accept larboard the burghal via the Lincoln Tunnel at about 11:30 p.m., about the aforementioned time the NYPD and New York Burghal ambassador were authority their aboriginal account appointment apropos the nights terror.RELATED: Ahmad Khan Rahami: What we apperceive about the bombing suspectInvestigators accept been aided both by surveillance footage as able-bodied as tracking of his phone, which had no cellular account but acclimated accessible Wi-Fi.While a timeline has been created, board are still not bright area Rahami allegedly congenital the bombs he used, according the assorted sources. But one antecedent accustomed with the analysis remarked that the bombs reflected a accomplished duke at assembly. Rahami himself charcoal in the hospital. In a federal cloister filing Thursday, attorneys from the US attorney s appointment in New Jersey wrote that they ve been abreast by Rahami s medical aggregation that he is currently bedridden and intubated. As such, he is not in acceptable concrete bloom for delineation to the Cloister — alike at a bedside proceeding. While board accept talked to the family, they are still gluttonous added advice on what, if anything, they knew about Rahami s intentions. According to law administration sources, it was the corpuscle buzz of Rahami s adolescent sister that independent the video of him lighting the fuse of a partially active annular object, followed by a loud babble and flames, followed by billowing smoke. The complaint alleges that accident took abode two canicule afore the bombings and describes how amusement is heard on the video afore Rahami allotment into the anatomy and is apparent acrimonious up the object. So far, board accept no advice to advance the sister knew of Rahami s plans.RELATED: Area did Ahmad Khan Rahami travel?Rahami s wife has alternate to the US afterwards talking with the FBI in Dubai, according to law administration officials. She told board in Dubai that she had no ability of her husband s activities and is accepted to allocution added with the FBI now that she is aback in the US. Sources acquaint that it now appears that she larboard in June and a ahead appointed admission to acknowledgment this week.

Ahmad Rahami s lifelong feud with family and identity

Elizabeth, New Jersey Afore he was accepted as a bombing suspect, Ahmad Rahami was a disturbing foreign-born Afghan-American straddling two disparate worlds that would ultimately collide.Court documents, abrupt ancestors interviews and abundant accounts from abutting ancestors accompany acrylic a agitated account of an immigrant family s attempt to alive in the United States while aggravating to authority on to their traditions and advance ties to their homeland. Rahami, a 28-year old aborigine US citizen, was answerable Tuesday in affiliation with explosions in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and Manhattan s Chelsea neighborhood. Some who knew Rahami as a affable Americanized jailbait say they would accept never estimated he would be complex in calm terrorism.But those who were abutting to him say the absolute adventure of Rahami s aisle to agitation stems from a constant attempt with his father, Mohammed Rahami, and the affray of ethics that steeped them both. For a lot of families, there is astriction … for him it was his father, said Ehsan, said a abutting ancestors acquaintance who capital to be accepted abandoned as Ehsan.Ehsan and his uncle lived with the Rahami ancestors in New Jersey, and remained abutting to them until 2014. Ehsan now lives in a altered allotment of the country.The aerial academy pregnancyRahami was built-in in Afghanistan in 1988 and aboriginal came to the United States in 1995, several years afterwards his ancestor accustomed gluttonous asylum, a law administration official said. The son became a aborigine aborigine in 2011. The ancestor accustomed the ample acceptable ancestors in a awkward accommodation amid aloft his business, a bounded absurd craven restaurant in Elizabeth.In aerial school, Rahami was outgoing, funny and attractive advanced to a approaching in law enforcement, according to several bodies who knew him. But his abundance and adeptness to accomplish accompany led to what would become the better battle with his father. Afterwards Rahami got his aerial academy adherent pregnant, his austere father s acrimony aloft over.The adherent abandoned out of academy and had the baby, according to friends. Rahami accelerating and went to Middlesex Canton College in Edison, area he majored in bent justice. But he abandoned out and didn t graduate.Abandoned in Pakistan According to Ehsan, the abundance and Rahami s appearing disability to move advanced prompted his ancestor to booty the absolute ancestors to Afghanistan and again on to Pakistan. It was during that trip, that Mohammed Rahami abandoned Ahmad abandoned in a adopted country. [Rahami] told me he was basically larboard there, Ehsan said. He had to acquisition his own way aback … I m abiding that traumatized him for activity … I m abiding that aching him. Ehsan said Rahami told him that his ancestor took his authorization while he was sleeping. The absolute ancestors left, ultimately abiding to the U.S.Another acquaintance accepted this story, cogent he remembers accepting a aberrant buzz alarm from Rahami, who said he was ashore in Pakistan and bare money.Rahami eventually fabricated it aback to the United States and confused aback into a agitated actuality in the awkward accommodation aloft his father s craven shop.As Rahami and his brothers grew older, they afraid out about Elizabeth and adjoining towns, sometimes authoritative trips into New York burghal for fun.Also during this time, Rahami and his one brother, Mohammad, fabricated assorted trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ultimately, Rahami and his brother alternate to their acceptable values. They affiliated two bourgeois Pakistani cousins, accompany told .The argument angry violentRahami and his wife confused into an accommodation in Perth Amboy. But they couldn t allow it, according to Ehsan, Afterwards they were evicted, the confused aback in with the blow of the ancestors aloft the craven shop.The bound abode led to ancestors fights, according to cloister abstracts and friends. In 2014, the abandon escalated back Rahami stabbed his brother in the leg with a knife, according to the arrest warrant. It was not acceptable what happened. It was aloof a agitated night. There was blood, Ehsan said. It was a actual bad bearings for Ahmad. He was aggravating to alive with his parents and wife and kids. On Tuesday, Rahami s ancestor said he alleged badge during that altercation, adage his son was doing bad. He stabbed my [other] son, Mohammed Rahami said. He aching my wife, and I put him to bastille two years ago. Ahmad Rahami spent three months in the canton jail, but was appear afterwards a admirable board bootless to indict.In the meantime, FBI agents advised claims that Rahami s ancestor allegedly alleged him a terrorist. However, the ancestor recanted, and the FBI bent it was all the aftereffect of a anarchic ancestors situation, sources told .Rahami s wife larboard the United States canicule afore explosions, according to officials.Unwelcome homeWhat is bright is the Rahami ancestors never absolutely acquainted at home in the United States. At one point they sued the burghal of Elizabeth, claiming bigotry back the burghal chock-full the restaurant from blockage accessible afterwards 10 p.m.In contempo months, the suspect s brother, who frequently catholic to Pakistan and Afghanistan, acquaint sermons from the abolitionist apostolic Anwar al-Awlaki, and statements claiming 9/11 was an central job, agitated out by the US government, not abolitionist Islamic terrorists.According to an affirmation appear Tuesday, Rahami had a handwritten account back he was taken into custody. It included curve such as, You (USA Government) abide your [unintelligible] slaught[er] adjoin the mujahidean be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Sham [Syria], Palestine. The columnist additionally bidding affair at the anticipation of actuality bent afore actuality able to backpack out a suicide attack.There are additionally acclamatory references to Brother Osama bin Laden and Nidal Hasan, who attempt and dead 13 bodies at Fort Hood, Texas.

Where did Ahmad Khan Rahami travel?

The man doubtable of burying bombs in New York and New Jersey is a aborigine US aborigine — but has fabricated several trips overseas. As authorities investigate whether Ahmad Khan Rahami had any advice or was aggressive by adopted alarm groups, those campaign accept become a focal point of the investigation. Here s a accessory at Rahami s biking history, according to law administration officials: 1995: Move to the United StatesRahami, who was built-in in Afghanistan, comes to the United States at about age 7. His ancestor accustomed a few years earlier, gluttonous asylum. 2003: Aboriginal US passportRahami receives his aboriginal US authorization as a teenager. He gets addition one in 2007 afterwards he said he absent his aboriginal one. 2011: US citizenshipRahami becomes a aborigine US aborigine at about age 23. 2011: Appointment to Kandahar, AfghanistanIt was not anon bright what Rahani did during his appointment to Kandahar, or how continued he spent there. 2011: Appointment to Quetta, PakistanRahani affiliated a Pakistani woman in July 2011. 2011: Return to the United StatesUpon abiding from Pakistan in 2011, Rahami had to go through accessory screening because he visited Quetta, an breadth accepted for its Taliban presence. At that time, he told clearing admiral he was visiting ancestors and accessory his uncle s bells and renewing his Pakistani visa.2013 to 2014: Appointment to Pakistan and Afghanistan In April 2013, Rahami alternate to Pakistan and backward there until March 2014. During that time, he catholic by car to Afghanistan, but it was not anon bright why. 2014: Return to the United StatesWhen Rahami alternate to the United States, he was afresh taken into accessory questioning. He told admiral he was visiting his wife, uncles and aunts. A law administration official said anniversary time he was taken to accessory screening, he annoyed whatever apropos clearing admiral had.After the interview, U.S. Customs and Border Protection admiral entered the advice Rahami provided into a aggregate law administration bureau database, a US law administration official told . They included the advice in a account beatific to added agencies about a batch of bodies who catholic to high-risk areas, addition common practice, the official said.As a aborigine US citizen, Rahami had assertive rights and as a aftereffect could not be captivated best unless there was acceptable reason. If Rahami had aloft red flags during the absolute interview, FBI board would accept been brought him in for added analytic or announced with him added at the airport, the official said. s Elise Labott, Shimon Prokupecz, Evan Perez, Jim Sciutto, Samantha Reyes and Nick Paton Walsh contributed to this report.

The amazingly quick capture of Ahmad Rahami

Just beneath four hours. That s how continued it took authorities to apprehend bombing doubtable Ahmad Khan Rahami afterwards he was about articular by badge on Monday. It was a cyclone mission that started with a capital affiche and a argument alert, and concluded in a shootout on the streets of Linden, NJ. Here s a breakdown of those four hours: 7:39 a.m. NYPD and New York State Badge cheep photos of Ahmad Khan Rahami, adage he is capital in affiliation to Saturday night s access in New York.7:54 a.m. New Yorkers accept an emergency argument active allurement for any advice on Rahami s wherabouts.9:08 a.m. A chase in Elizabeth, NJ. is underway. Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage tells it is definitely accompanying to the Chelsea incident. 9:34 a.m.The New Jersey State Badge issues a absolution on Facebook advertence Rahami is capital for analytic in affiliation to Saturday morning s Seaside Park access as well. 10:56 a.m. The New Jersey State Badge say they accept Rahami is additionally affiliated to the aqueduct bombs activate abreast an Elizabeth alternation station. 11:17 a.m. First letters that Rahami is in aegis activate to surface. His abduction is accepted account later. Rahami was captured during a shootout with law administration in Linden. A bar buyer alleged badge afterwards spotting Rahami comatose in the doorway. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT A attestant told that Rahami looked dazed and was down and out. Rahami was apparent on a stretcher actuality loaded into an ambulance.WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT RAHAMIHe is 28 and was built-in in Afghanistan. He is a aborigine US citizen.He has catholic to Afghanistan assorted times in the past.He majored in bent amends at Middlesex County College in Edison, NJ.Investigators accept directly linked him to accessories from explosions in New York and New Jersey over the weekend.Authorities accept Rahami is the man apparent on surveillance video boring a attache bag abreast the armpit of the New York explosion, and the area area badge eventually activate a apprehensive burden cooker four blocks away.His last-known abode was in Elizabeth — the aforementioned burghal in New Jersey area badge activate a haversack with assorted bombs inside.Rahami s ancestors lives aloft First American Fried Chicken, a restaurant they own in Elizabeth. In 2011, they filed a accusation accusing the burghal of discrimination. s Amanda Wills and Catherine E. Shoichet contributed.

Ahmad Khan Rahami: What we know about the bombing suspect

Afterwards bombings in New York and New Jersey, law administration admiral say they accept a suspect: Ahmad Khan Rahami.Police captured Rahami afterwards a shootout in Linden, New Jersey, on Monday morning.His affecting arrest came aloof hours afterwards admiral bashed his photo on a capital poster, adage Rahami was capital for analytic in affiliation with Saturday s bang that afflicted 29 bodies in New York Burghal and an access that occurred abreast a alms chase in Seaside Park, New Jersey, beforehand that day.Authorities haven t about abundant how they accept he s affiliated to the bombings. While authorities accept they accept their main guy, sources said the analysis continues to actuate if Rahami had help. Now that we accept this doubtable in custody, the analysis can focus on added aspects, New York Badge Commissioner James O Neill said, such as whether this abandoned acted alone, and what his motivations may accept been. Here s what we ve abstruse so far about Rahami:What s his declared affiliation to the bombings?• Board directly linked Rahami to accessories from New York and from Saturday s access in New Jersey, FBI Assistant Director in Charge William Sweeney said Monday. He beneath to accommodate capacity about the evidence, citation the advancing investigation.• According to assorted officials, board additionally accept Rahami is the man apparent on surveillance video boring a attache bag abreast the armpit of the New York explosion, and the breadth area badge eventually begin a apprehensive burden cooker four blocks away. • Rahami s aftermost accepted abode was in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the FBI says. That s the aforementioned burghal breadth a haversack with assorted bombs central was begin Sunday night, but so far authorities haven t about said whether they accept Rahami is affiliated to those explosives. Sources say they accept he is.Travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan• The 28-year-old was built-in in Afghanistan and is a aborigine US citizen, according to the FBI.• He catholic to Afghanistan assorted times, according to law administration sources. He was questioned every time he alternate to the United States, as is accepted procedure, but was not on the alarm as addition who ability accept been radicalized, one official said. Another official said Rahami catholic across a acceptable bit, additionally visiting countries not in the Middle East.• Rahami spent several weeks in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and Quetta, Pakistan in 2011, according to a law administration official who advised his biking and clearing record. Quetta is advised a bastion of the Taliban. While there he affiliated a Pakistani woman, in July 2011. • Upon his acknowledgment to the United States, he had to go through accessory screening because he visited an breadth of Pakistan accepted for its Taliban presence, according to the official. At that time, he told clearing admiral he was visiting ancestors and accessory his uncle s bells and renewing his Pakistani visa. • Two years later, in April 2013, Rahami went to Pakistan and remained there until March 2014, the official said. Two added law administration admiral accepted to that Rahami went to Pakistan for about a year. • His brother Mohammad catholic to Pakistan about the aforementioned time. Mohammad acquaint on Facebook at the time that while in Quetta they had heard seven bomb blasts over 24 hours at one point, according to s analysis of the page. Another announcement during the cruise is a photo of his brother Ahmad. • During that time the official says Ahmad catholic by car to Afghanistan as well. Aback he alternate to the United States he was already afresh taken into accessory analytic and told admiral he was visiting his wife, as able-bodied as his uncles and aunts. The official said anniversary time he was taken to accessory screening, he annoyed whatever apropos clearing admiral had. • The official says he was petitioning to accompany his wife to the United States. He filed the paperwork in 2011 and it was accustomed in 2012. But the official said it was cryptic if she anytime came to the United States.• In 2014 Rahami contacted Agent Albio Sires appointment from Islamabad, Pakistan adage he was anxious about his wife s authorization and visa. It angry out her Pakistani authorization had asleep and the admiral wouldn t accord her an immigrant acceptance until the authorization was renewed, Sires said.• Already the authorization was renewed she begin out she was abundant and they told her they wouldn t accord a acceptance until she had the baby, Sires said. They additionally told her aback she had the babyish they had to get an immigrant acceptance for the baby. At point Rahami claims the admiral told him to go aback to Karachi, but he claimed it was too alarming to go there. The agent doesn t apperceive what happened afterwards that. • Board are attractive into whether he was radicalized across afore abiding to the United States in 2014, according to the official. On Monday, law administration said so far there is no adumbration he was on their alarm afore the weekend.• The law administration official says Ahmad Rahami became a aborigine US aborigine in 2011. He aboriginal came in January 1995, several years afterwards his ancestor accustomed gluttonous asylum. The official says Rahami was accustomed a US authorization in 2003, while a minor, and afresh in 2007 afterwards he said he absent his aboriginal one. Academy and ancestors in the United States• He majored in bent amends at Middlesex County Academy in Edison, New Jersey, academy agent Tom Peterson said. Rahami abounding the academy from 2010-2012 but did not graduate.• Rahami s ancestors lives aloft Aboriginal American Fried Chicken in Elizabeth, the city s ambassador says. The ancestors has a history of clashes with the association over the restaurant, which acclimated to be accessible 24 hours a day, Ambassador Chris Bollwage said. Board searched the architecture Monday, Bollwage said.• The Rahami ancestors declared bigotry and aggravation in a accusation filed adjoin the burghal and its badge administration in 2011, arguing that admiral conspired adjoin them by subjecting them to citations for allegedly actionable a burghal authorization on hours of operation. • The clothing declared that badge admiral and burghal assembly had said the restaurant presented a crisis to the community. It additionally accused a adjoining business buyer of saying, Muslims accomplish too abundant agitation in this country and Muslims don t accord here. The defendants, including badge admiral and burghal officials, denied the allegations.• Bollwage said Monday the 2012 cardinal on the case advantaged the city, abacus that the family s restaurant was disruptive in the burghal for many, abounding years. • In a Facebook column Monday, a ancestors affiliate asked for privacy. I would like bodies to account my family s aloofness and let us accept our accord afterwards this adverse time, wrote Zobyedh Rahami, who s believed to be Ahmad Rahami s sister. How did authorities acquisition him?• Board aboriginal articular Rahami Sunday afternoon through a fingerprint, according to a chief law administration official. A corpuscle buzz affiliated to the burden cooker additionally provided some clues, the official said.• Harinder Bains, the buyer of Merdie s Tavern in Linden, New Jersey, said he spotted Rahami sleeping in the aperture of his bar Monday morning and alleged police. Bains said he accustomed Rahami afterwards seeing pictures of the doubtable on . s Adam Levine, Pamela Brown, Evan Perez, Shimon Prokupecz, Drew Griffin, Jean Casarez, Patricia DiCarlo, Curt Devine, Joe Sterling and Kristina Sgueglia contributed to this report.