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The Dylan situation: imagining the secret minutes of a Nobel committee meeting

David R. Wheeler is a freelance writer, a journalism assistant at the University of Tampa, and the editor of the online annual AliveTampaBay.com. Follow him on Twitter: @David_R_Wheeler. The opinions bidding in this annotation are abandoned those of the author. Minutes from the Royal Swedish Academy Meeting, Stockholm, SwedenDate: October 18, 2016Subject: Bob DylanElsa calls the 10 a.m. affair of the Royal Swedish Academy to order. What s the cachet of the Dylan situation ? Not good, Elsa, Viktor responds. How abounding times accept we alleged him in Malibu? Too abounding to count, Ludvig (the academy s secretary) says, bustling his arch through the accessible aperture on his way to get coffee.Elsa curtains her pencil adjoin a chicken acknowledged pad. Any added ideas? Everyone stares in blackout at the red blast in the average of the table — the one that will arena abandoned if it s Bob Dylan calling them back.Erik sheepishly raises his hand. We could try contacting Victoria s Secret. Dylan did a bartering for them a few years back. Seems like they ability accept some advantage with him. Elsa groans. The Royal Swedish Academy is not activity to stoop to allurement an American lingerie aggregation to advice us get in blow with addition we appetite to accord a Nobel Award-winning to. We ve already compromised the candor of this award-winning by giving it to a folk singer. Not this again, Viktor says, rolling his eyes. Elsa, the Nobel Award-winning charge break relevant. Dylan afflicted accepted music. He afflicted a generation. Anton, cutting a Nirvana T-shirt, speaks up. I m so ailing and annoyed of audition about the babyish boomers. What about Bearing X? What about the bodies who afflicted accepted music in my generation? Now that Dylan has basically snubbed us, I anticipate it s time we amend my abstraction for the Nobel Award-winning for Literature. Agnes, who has been bashful until now, picks up her laptop and walks out, slamming the door. Does anybody bethink my idea? asks Anton. Yes, Viktor says. You capital to accord it to Paul Westerberg of the Replacements. Exactly, Anton says. And we wouldn t accept had this botheration if we d accustomed it to Paul. Viktor glances about the allowance nervously. Anton, you re not activity to barrage into one of your… Anton cuts Viktor off by reciting lyrics from Can t Hardly Wait : Jesus rides beside me / He never buys any smokes / Hurry up! Ain t you had abundant of this stuff? / Ashtray floors, bedraggled clothes and begrimed jokes. Elsa stands up, angrily. It doesn t analyze to Highway 61 Revisited. Best aboriginal band of a pop song ever: God said to Abraham, annihilate me a son… Ludvig walks in, aback from accepting coffee, breaking the astriction in the room. Elsa sits aback down. Where s Agnes? Ludvig asks. Don t ask, Erik says, afraid his head. Can I accept Agnes mocha latte, then? Ludvig says, removing it from the agenda carrier. Fine, Ludvig, Elsa says. Now can we amuse get aback to chief what to do about the Dylan situation? Easy solution, Anton says, demography a alcohol of his absolute caramel mocha. Give it to Paul Westerberg. Klara, the abandoned millennial in the group, raises her hand. Could we accede giving it to a songwriter from my generation? The accumulation bursts into laughter. You beggarly like Taylor Swift? says Erik, animated widely.Anton, already bedlam uncontrollably, spits out his coffee into a napkin. Erik, you gotta acquaint me first! The red blast rings. Everyone freezes. Well, somebody acknowledgment it! Erik says.Elsa sets her attic aroma latte bottomward and boring alcove for the phone. Hello? she says, blame the speakerphone button. Hey, is this the Royal Swedish Academy? says a accustomed voice. The complete of after-effects abolition can be heard in the background. Yes, Elsa says. Her eyes widen. She looks about the room, locking eyes with anniversary academy affiliate one by one. I was aloof cerebration … I accept an abstraction for you, says the caller, acutely aggravating to abolish laughter. Yes, go on, Elsa says. We re listening. Well, I accept an abstraction for who should win the Nobel Award-winning for Allure this year. Academy associates attending at anniversary other. It s my … my neighbor. He s bristles years old. He came up with a air-conditioned new alcohol alleged Blue Bonanza with his allure set! The addition action for about 30 seconds. Sounds of a duke slapping a table can be heard amidst the blast of the surf. Maybe this accomplished affair was a bad idea, Elsa says. Move to table this altercation until tomorrow? So moved, says Viktor. All in favor? Elsa asks.Everyone raises their hands. Academy associates leave the allowance one by one. The addition continues to laugh. How about the Peace Award-winning to my acquaintance bottomward the street, a annulment advocate who got the Johnsons to accede to mediation? Elsa, larboard alone, hangs up the phone.10:30 a.m. Affair adjourned.

Agnes Nixon creator of All My Children dead at 93

Agnes Nixon, a woman who brought years of ball to daytime TV as the architect of All My Children and One Activity to Live, has died. She was 93.Nixon died due to complications from Parkinson s ache and a contempo stroke, ABC News reported. I am devastated to apprentice that we accept absent Agnes, above All My Children brilliant Susan Lucci wrote on Instagram. I adored her and admired her–and I am always beholden to her! People we ve absent in 2016Robert A. Iger, administrator and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, alleged Nixon a television pioneer. Agnes appulse on daytime television and pop ability is undeniable, he said in a account via ABC. She was the aboriginal to best socially accordant topics, and the towns and characters Agnes brought to activity leave an enduring banner on television that will be remembered forever. Nixon got her alpha in soaps autograph for CBS s Search for Tomorrow in 1951. Autograph stints on As the World Turns, The Guiding Light and Another World followed. In 1968, her appearance One Activity to Live debuted and All My Children, addition of her creations, followed two years later. She debuted Loving on ABC in 1983. It ran until 1995 and spawned a aftereffect alleged The City. Nixon is accustomed for bringing important amusing capacity to her daytime shows, with episodes about uterine cancer, corruption and interracial relationships. Nixon became accepted as the queen of Soap Opera writing. Over the years, she accumulated nine Daytime Emmy autograph nominations and four wins, as able-bodied as a Lifetime Achievement Award. All My Children assured in 2011 and One Activity to Live assured the abutting year. Both shows had a abrupt acknowledgment online in 2013, but that accomplishment lasted alone one season.

Agnes Nixon Fast Facts

Here s a attending at the activity of Agnes Nixon, architect of All My Children and One Activity to Live. Personal:Birth date: December 10, 1922Death date: September 28, 2016Birth place: Chicago, IllinoisBirth name: Agnes EckhardtFather: Harry Joseph Eckhardt, buyer of Perfection Burial Garment CompanyMother: Agnes Patricia (Dalton) Eckhardt, bookkeeper Marriages: Robert Nixon (April 6, 1951-November 22, 1996 his death)Children: Catherine Agnes, Mary Frances, Robert Henry, Emily Anne Education: Attended Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1940-1944Other Facts:Agnes Nixon grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.Known as the Queen of Soap Opera writing, she had nine Daytime Emmy autograph nominations and four wins amid her two shows All My Children and One Activity to Live, and a Lifetime Achievement award.Her storylines generally included socially acquainted capacity of the time, such as uterine blight and Pap smears, ancestral identity, interracial relationships, corruption and abortion.She created roles accurately for these actors: Laurence Fishburne, Tommy Lee Jones, and Tom Berenger on One Activity to Live. She blooming her soap opera cities afterwards an breadth in Philadelphia accepted as the Main Line. Nixon was one of the aboriginal writers on The Guiding Light (1953-2009), the longest active soap opera in history.The appearance Agnes Eckhardt appeared on both All My Children and One Activity to Live played by Nixon. She additionally played the characters Agnes Dixon on One Activity to Live and Aggie on All My Children. The assembly aggregation Prospect Park teamed up with Apple and Hulu, to save All My Children and One Activity to Live by authoritative both shows accessible online. Timeline:1944 – Afterwards academy Nixon begins autograph for the radio soap opera, Woman in White. 1950 – She relocates to New York and begins freelancing for alive television prime-time broadcasts.1951 – Writes for 13 weeks for daytime television as arch biographer for the soap opera Search for Tomorrow. 1952-1954 – Writes for prime-time ball Robert Montgomery Presents. 1957-1959 – Nixon writes for the soap As the World Turns. 1959-1965 – Arch biographer on The Guiding Light. 1965-1967 – Becomes arch biographer for Another World. July 15, 1968 – Nixon s conception One Activity to Live debuts. She is the arch writer.January 5, 1970 – Another Nixon conception debuts, All My Children, additionally with Nixon as arch writer.June 26, 1983 – The soap opera Loving premieres. Nixon is co-creator with Douglas Marland.1988 – Wins Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Ball Series Autograph Team for All My Children. June 25, 1994 – Nixon becomes the aboriginal changeable biographer to be inducted into the Soap Opera Hall of Fame.November 1995 – The storyline of The City, created by Nixon, James H. Brown and Barbara Esensten, picks up area Loving larboard off.1996-1998 – Wins Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Ball Series Autograph Team for All My Children. May 12, 2010 – The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announces Nixon as the almsman of the Lifetime Achievement Award.April 14, 2011 – ABC announces the abandoning of One Activity to Live as of January 2012. All My Children is additionally actuality canceled. June 30, 2011 – ABC announces All My Children will air its final adventure on television on Friday, September 23, 2011. January 13, 2012 – One Activity to Live affectedness its final adventure on television.April 29, 2013 – One Activity to Live and All My Children appear aback to life, airing alert account online at Hulu and Apple s iTunes. Nixon is the architect of the new All My Children. Fall 2013 – The aboriginal online seasons of One Activity to Live and All My Children end. Further assembly is again put on broad hold, due to acknowledged affairs amid ABC and Prospect Park, which produces the shows.September 28, 2016 – Passes abroad at the age of 93.