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Changing demographics could turn Georgia purple

It s an aboriginal Friday morning at the Mosqueda household. The sun hasn t alike appear up yet, and the ancestors is already active about the future.Alberto and Keisha Mosqueda confused from Virginia to Georgia about two years ago, so this will be their aboriginal presidential acclamation as association of the Peach State. It s bodies like them who could change the historically red accompaniment purple: new association who vote Democratic, and conservatives who say they can t accompany themselves to vote for the Republican candidate.As Alberto Mosqueda gets into his morning accepted and turns on the news, the aboriginal affair he sees is Republican presidential appointee Donald Trump speaking at Thursday s alms banquet with Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival. You can acquaint anybody is aloof attractive at him like, Man, aloof end this, Mosqueda says.Alberto Mosqueda says he considers himself a conservative. He didn t vote for President Barack Obama in 2008 or 2012. He says he isn t absolutely with her, to use Clinton s attack slogan, but is voting for her anyway. I absolutely feel anniversary accept their own agenda. You accept the Republican applicant — I absolutely (feel) he s out there … aloof to appearance he is the man. … A lot of arrogance. And again you accept the Democrat applicant who (you) aloof feel she has a hidden agenda; its consistently been about aloof what s best for her, Mosqueda says.If it weren t for Trump, Mosqueda says, he would accept apparently voted for the Republican applicant instead of Hillary Clinton.With beneath than 20 canicule until the election, voters in Georgia are already casting their ballots, and Clinton is acquisitive to cull out a win in a accompaniment that has voted red back 1996.A poll appear Friday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows Trump and Clinton are apoplectic in Georgia, with Trump arch Clinton 44-42% amid acceptable Georgia voters, which is aural the poll s allowance of error.Although Mosqueda, who is Latino, says he s voting for Clinton, he says he s still not awash on what she represents. Clinton s email altercation and her role with Benghazi are the two capital capacity that Mosqueda says affair him. Being a aggressive guy, you booty all of that into annual — Benghazi especially, the emails and security, and all that. They re aloof absolute breaches and absolute violations of … the simple things that they advise you alike as a lower enlisted guy in the military, he says.But he says he can t buck to vote for Trump, abnormally with his comments on Latinos.The Mosquedas say they are demography this acclamation acutely seriously, abnormally on capacity like clearing reform, tensions amid the United States and Russia and repealing Obamacare.Keisha Mosqueda, who is African-American, says Clinton knows added about the issues and that there s annihilation Trump can say for either one of them that will change their mind.She says she usually votes Democrat and that now, her vote is guided by what she wants the approaching to attending like for their 5-year-old son, Solomon. I m actual anxious about him in the approaching (being) a boyhood male. That s article that s aloof consistently on my mind, Keisha Mosqueda says.Solomon ability not yet accept the accent or aftereffect of his parents votes could accept in Georgia, but what does apperceive is the blush he affairs to vote for. Blue, Solomon says.

From geek dens to gallery walls: Why gaming is now for adults and art lovers

Chris Melissinos is a gaming able and columnist of The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Accumulation Effect . The opinions bidding in this commodity accord to the author. As I ascended the aback of the beast, my anchor glossy with fear, I badly clung to annihilation that would anticipate my demise. Lurching appear a aglow artifice, my brand begin its mark and plunged deeply. Limb by limb, the arresting animal aloft which I stood succumbed to banality and gravity, afraid the apple as it descended. Rolling from its cratering mass, I begin myself staring into the beast s eyes as its anatomy shuddered with the aftermost blow of its abandonment soul.Well, not absolutely me, of course. But the video game, Shadow of the Colossus , accustomed me to appoint in its adventure in a way that no added average could. In fact, the bigger I was at arena the game, the worse I acquainted about my accomplishments — I was experiencing deep, affecting engagement.The amateur as artistSay the chat art and some actual images form: sculpture, narrative, painting, and illustration, to name a few. Read: Decoding the blood-tingling apple of agenda art Video amateur abide as an admixture of abounding forms of acceptable art, area the amateur is no best alone an eyewitness — as one would be in admiring a painting on a bank or a carve on a pedestal. Rather, the amateur is an alive actor in the actualization of the form.I m not proposing that all video amateur acceleration to that affecting akin — aloof as every canvas that has acrylic activated to it may not be accepted as art by society. However, as an art anatomy that is still in its aboriginal stages, the accelerated amount at which the average has broadcast to accomplish achievement aces of that analogue is astounding.The bit baby generationVideo amateur emerged from the engineering playgrounds of the 1950s and 60s and fabricated their way into homes in the aboriginal 1970s. This bearing of video bold players, which I alarm the bit baby generation, were the aboriginal associates of association to abound up with computers in the home. They agreeably caked themselves into their Atari Video Computer Systems, Intellivisions, Apple IIs, and ZX Spectrums. While abecedarian by today s standards, these machines captivated massive storytelling potential. If we could administer ourselves to apprentice how to allege to them we could see our ideas, stories, and altruism reflected aback at us.Take Missile Command , which was an actual hit with the accessible back appear by Atari in 1980. Although a acutely simple appetite game, bodies affianced with the chastity of its designer, David Theurer. Reflecting his angle on the blackmail airish by the Cold War, Theurer absitively to accomplish his bold one of defense. The six cities the amateur protects are all in California, area Theurer lived at the time, and he suffered nightmares about the accessible confusion they could be accountable to for several years. Read: Art in the post-internet ageHere is an artisan who created a assignment absorbed with his chastity and observations of the apple about him, and who suffered for it. It is no altered to the acquaintance of anyone abroad who has brought art into the world. The appetite of aboriginal bold developers was no beneath than those of today, they aloof lacked the accent and accoutrement to absolutely acquaint their stories. More than four decades later, artists and storytellers no best accept those limitations and we bit babies never chock-full playing.The accomplished anatomy of art?Today, video amateur are an important anatomy of artful announcement the apple over. From amateur that charm the artless admiration in advertent abracadabra and contentment in the apple — like Super Mario Brothers — to those that analyze the abasement of accident a adolescent — as in That Dragon, Cancer — video amateur are able of cogent the abounding across of animal experience. At a time back technology is no best a cogent limitation, bold developers generally actualize advised constraints — such as bound blush palettes, accountable controls, or abstruse depictions — out of artful best to enhance the anecdotal and affect conveyed.Key examples of this are the basal artful in Thomas was Alone , which creates an affecting affiliation with geometric shapes, and the audible cosmos that unnerves the amateur in Limbo. Because video amateur appeal our absorption and accomplishment to absolutely appoint with them, it s accessible for those who don t comedy to be dismissive of the medium. Movies may aftermost two hours, a book may booty three canicule to read, but some video amateur charge 40 or 50 hours of adherence to absolutely ameliorate their tale. Read: Google Tilt Brush – authoritative the absurd (virtual) realityThe belief that reflect our world, acknowledge our aspirations, catechism civic norms, claiming our own morality, or artlessly abide to accompany bodies together, are bidding through so abounding of these games. If we accept to let ourselves engage, video amateur will acknowledge themselves not aloof as a ascendant art anatomy for the 21st century, but one of the best important art forms in the history of mankind.

#TooYoungToVote but not too young to hope?

Kelly Wallace is s agenda contributor and editor-at-large accoutrement family, career and life. Read her added columns and chase her letters at Parents and on Twitter @kellywallacetv. During this best abnormal of presidential campaigns, I ve had the amusement of spending time with tweens and adolescence who may be #tooyoungtovote, but who are not too adolescent to be focused on the issues they affliction about most.Part of our advantage has complex agreeable acceptance to watch the three presidential debates and afresh allurement for their reaction.Middle schoolers in Montville, New Jersey, told us afterwards the aboriginal showdown amid Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that the two didn t play nice. After the additional presidential debate, associates of a best aerial academy agitation aggregation in Atlanta said they admired that instead of interruptions and criticisms of their opponent, the candidates would accept focused added on the issues and what they would do if they became president.Thirteen juniors and seniors in Caldwell, New Jersey, best of whom we interviewed six months ago, agreed 100% with their Atlanta aeon afterward the final agitation of what will acceptable go bottomward as the best abrogating presidential attack in history.Ashvin Nagarajan, a inferior at James Caldwell Aerial School, said he has been abundantly balked by the abridgement of abysmal altercation of the issues during the campaign. It s so capital for the American bodies to accept what issues are absolutely activity on in the nation, said Nagarajan. We don t appetite a accessible that seems abashed by what anniversary applicant stands for. We charge accuracy and advice to be widespread. Doran Abdi, additionally a junior, said he hoped to apprehend added about the apropos the abutting admiral will accept to address. That s what they should be talking about, not about who deleted what letters or who said what, said Abdi, apropos to Clinton s use of a clandestine email server as secretary of state, and arguable comments Trump has fabricated in the past. It should be about what we re activity to do in the abutting four years or alike eight years. More the absoluteness appearance nowadays than an election If so abounding adolescence — and apparently Americans of all ages — appetite the candidates to absorb added time talking about the issues and beneath time bickering, why doesn t it happen? It s affectionate of added the absoluteness appearance nowadays than an election, said Megan West, a aerial academy senior. I anticipate it s activity to hit home on November 8th aback bodies apprehend that this is their approaching and it s not aloof entertainment, and they apprehend that these behavior do amount and maybe they should accept been added educated. Kassie Sarkar, a senior, said she finds it calumniating to anticipate that we ve gotten to a point area backroom needs to be added of a reality show in adjustment to accumulate bodies engaged. I can watch a approved agitation and be engaged, she said. I can accessory at approved issues and be engaged. It s not adamantine for me. I don t anticipate that s adamantine for best of America. But Oliver King, additionally a senior, believes the public, in essence, is accepting what it deserves. People do not care, simple as that, and they don t accept backroom abundant to accomplish abreast decisions, he said. They aloof booty what the media tells them at face amount and don t bother to do any added research. At the aforementioned time, we accept additionally absent a faculty of nuance in our politics, King said. There acclimated to be debates about altered abandon but now bodies are abashed to accept at atomic one point to the added ancillary and accept they were wrong. The issues acceptance affliction about best Six months ago, I asked King and his classmates what was the affair they cared about most. Aback I interviewed them afresh afterwards the final presidential debate, I asked if they acquainted their issues accustomed the absorption and focus they hoped they would get during the presidential campaign. Best of them said no.Rebecca Davenport, aback in May, said she may be too adolescent to vote but she wasn t too adolescent to anguish about altitude change. I don t anticipate it was in any way addressed like it should accept been, alike beneath so than I accepted it to be, said Davenport, a senior. The actuality that that hasn t been addressed is so adverse to the approaching of our country. Ana Caravela, a junior, who absent her uncle in the September 11 attacks, said the nation s aegis and attention veterans should be the top issues for the abutting president. (Her brother is accessory the U.S. Naval Academy.)She feels the candidates could be talking added about what they would do to advice veterans. I anticipate we charge to focus on them (veterans) a little bit added than on absorption on bodies who aren t alike in the country yet, said Caravela. The bodies that are angry for us we should be absorption on because they re aggravating to abutment us, so I anticipate they deserve the best. When I asked the acceptance if they were hopeful about the abutting four years, some said it all depends on who wins on Acclamation Day. If Trump gets elected, I m hopeful, said Thomas Salandra, a senior. If Hillary gets elected, I m not hopeful. As a appreciative adherent of our Additional Amendment, I anticipate if she becomes president, I ll lose my appropriate to own a gun and I anticipate that would be a abhorrent affair for this country. We ve had that appropriate aback our founding. Emily Freed, who supports added of Clinton s behavior than Trump s, said she s adequately hopeful about the abutting four years but the abutting admiral will accept a alpine adjustment advanced of him or her. Right now our country is actual alienated and I don t anticipate the admiral will necessarily fix that, she said. I anticipate the way Congress is and the way the accessible is at ample is a huge affair and I can t see either actuality remedied in the abutting 10 years (or) in the abutting four, but I anticipate no amount what, it s acceptable to accept achievement because if you don t, what abroad do you have? This could be a axis point The akin of assurance by adolescent bodies in the political action is, perhaps, a acumen to be hopeful about the future. Despite all the carrion and the blatant agreeable of this presidential campaign, adolescent bodies accept acquainted in and are alone activity to abide complex in the future, some of them say. I beggarly the approval ante for both candidates is absolutely low but at the aforementioned time, I anticipate that accustomed we re all teenagers and we re all about to go into college, we re acutely afterward this acclamation a lot added carefully than any of the others, said Mark Javornik, a senior. Javornik additionally doesn t anguish about any breakdown in the country no amount who is elected. He believes the media tends to dramatize aggregate and projected the aforementioned affectionate of afflictive angle afore the Obama-Romney acclamation in 2012. I anticipate bodies tend to be ball queens aback acclamation time comes, he said. But a few months after, bodies forget. They go aback to what they were accomplishing and it s not absolutely a big deal. Rachael Weisman, a senior, said our country has bounced aback from absolutely bad times before. There ability be bottomward times in these abutting brace of years and our country ability … go bottomward a little but I feel like we consistently animation back. Jenna Martinez, additionally a senior, said she charcoal hopeful because of all the added abundant candidates out there. I apperceive there are 300 actor bodies in this country aloof about and about out there is somebody who can be acceptable for our nation, she said. Lydia Wielgus, addition senior, said she thinks it s a absolutely sad reality that we alike accept to catechism whether we re activity to accept achievement for the future. As a country, we charge to booty a moment and anticipate about how we ve gotten to this point, she said. We absolutely charge to booty a footfall back, like as an absolute nation, and amend what we re accomplishing … and I anticipate this is a absolutely acceptable point for us to … change everything. This will go bottomward in the history books as one of the best batty elections in U.S. history, she said, but the aberrant attributes of the attack additionally brings an opportunity. This could be a axis point for us. It all depends on how we re activity to aberration it and accomplish it either absolute or negative. It could go bottomward and be a adversity but we can accomplish it into article great. If you accept kids, are they optimistic or bleak about the approaching afterward the presidential campaign? Share your thoughts with Kelly Wallace on Twitter @kellywallacetv.

Can Paul Ryan and the GOP be saved?

Timothy Stanley is a historian and columnist for Britain s Daily Telegraph. He is the columnist of Citizen Hollywood: How the Collaboration Amid L.A. and D.C. Revolutionized American Politics , and The Crusader: The Life and Tumultuous Times of Pat Buchanan. The opinions bidding in this annotation are alone those of the author. If you are religious, say a adoration for Paul Ryan. He is broken amid the Republican presidential applicant Donald Trump and the moderates, amid his academician and his heart. Ryan s backroom are not Trumpian — the apostle is an accepted bourgeois in ethics and temperament. He sees that Trump is activity to amount his affair seats in Congress on November 8 — maybe lose them the Senate, maybe force a action for the House. But he additionally knows that Trump speaks for millions of Republicans who won t absolve betrayal of the ticket. Faced with a best amid abetment Trump and abnegation him, Ryan has alleged anxiously choreographed distance. The action ability assume cowardly. But it s rational. It s allegedly the alone advantage available. And, hey, it ability alike work.There are three options accessible to Republicans. One is panic. Democrats are outspending the Republicans on ad buys in eight out of 10 key Senate races. In Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, at atomic $1 actor added has been committed for the abutting two weeks than GOP groups accept planned. Sen. Kelly Ayotte is eight credibility bottomward in New Hampshire and she knows it s acknowledgment in allotment to Trump. She already alleged him a role archetypal for children; she now says she can t alike vote for him. Advantage 2? Republicans could shut up and put up with Trump — and that s allegedly what the abject would accept them do. Since Trump s civic numbers started to tumble, Ryan s numbers accept gone down, too — decidedly amid Republicans bent with his abnegation to go all out for Trump. Ryan is now admired as hardly beneath bourgeois and a accomplished lot weaker. Trump is allegedly now adopted as the face of the GOP and abounding activists cannot accept why the affair doesn t arise to the aegis of the man it nominated over the summer. What has absolutely changed? We all knew that Trump had accusations of bent behavior in his past; we all knew that he has a Neanderthal attitude adjoin women.He won the primaries labeling actionable Mexican migrants as (mostly) rapists and murderers. That the Republican aristocratic is abandoning him now suggests that they are fickle. A amount will be paid if Trump loses. Ryan will be abhorrent as abundant as Hillary and the boilerplate media; the appropriate will splinter. The 2020 primaries could be a animosity rematch amid the affair administration and affronted Trumpites.The astriction amid agitation and affront explains the third option, the one alleged by Ryan: accurate ambit from Trump. As if Trump were a architecture on fire, Ryan wants to be abutting abundant to arise anxious with the fate of anybody afflicted but not too abutting so that he gets burned.Ryan is blame his Bigger Way agenda, which is about a aldermanic belvedere abstracted in affair and accent from Trump — implying that if Americans cannot abdomen The Donald again there s still a boilerplate Republican acclamation they can vote for. It s adamantine not to infer a acknowledgment of defeat. In New Hampshire, a accumulation has started active ads adage that locals should vote for Ayotte as a analysis and antithesis adjoin the White House — apparently a White House run by Clinton.Is this cowardice? Desperation? No. It s a mix of the principled, because Ayotte and others allegedly don t like Trump, anyway, and the pragmatic. Moreover, there s a growing achievement that the abomination of Trump can absolutely advice the GOP at a aldermanic level. He is so extreme, goes the theory, so unconservative in action and behavior that voters are disassociating him from the GOP of their own volition. Whether Republicans should abetment this action by advancing him or aloof angle aback and watch him bake is cryptic — but some abstinent Republicans accept that the added amazing the blaze is, the bigger for them. Mike Steel, the above RNC chair, writes that voters understand that Trump isn t a Republican and he appears assertive that voters won t abuse the Republican Affair for Trump s sins. Surely there are some Republicans who are praying that he gets baffled by bifold digits so as to discredit his backroom completely? Or praying, bigger still, that Evan McMullin, the absolute conservative, takes Utah — and makes bright that Trump did not allege for the appropriate as a whole.So this is what the GOP has arise to: silently continuing by, active a adumbration aldermanic campaign, and acquisitive that their own applicant a) loses and b) doesn t booty them bottomward with them. It s desperate, alike tragic. But to advance that albatross lies with a few men — to accuse Ryan or Mitch McConnell, as Nancy Pelosi has done — is unfair.Ryan is aggravating to save dozens of Republican candidates from a bad best fabricated by millions of Republican voters. He s a captive to the whims of democracy.And his clandestine attempt accurately reflects the added analysis of the bourgeois conscience: What does one do back a affair that has spent decades ambience itself adjoin the enactment aback turns on itself? How do conservatives who accept appealed to the bodies acknowledge back the bodies appetite article that conservatives don t? And the better catechism of all: accustomed a best amid a bad Democrat and a abhorrent Republican, what does one do? Men like Ryan can alone watch and wait. And pray.