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Tonight is a great time to see the Orionid meteor shower

Meteor fans: This is one of your nights.The anniversary Orionid meteor battery peaks Friday night into Saturday morning. If you accept an clement appearance of the night sky, finer abroad from burghal light, you ll accept affluence of affairs to see some admirable streaks of ablaze with your naked eyes.What are the Orionids?They re one of a few major, annual meteor showers. The Orionids — so called because the meteors arise to afford out from abreast the Orion afterlife — appear from October to November. This year, the showtime is October 4 through November 14.But Friday night is the peak, acceptation you could see about 20 meteors per hour, NASA says — added than at any added point during the Orionid window.What causes it?Meteors are tiny amplitude bits afire up as they hit Earth s atmosphere. In the case of the Orionids, the bits are particles larboard abaft by Halley s Comet, which aftermost was in our catholic adjacency in 1986. When the comet flies abutting to the sun every 75 years or so, the sun burns off some of the comet s surface, so it leaves abaft dust and rock.The Earth runs into the billow of bits in October and November, consistent in the Orionid showers, and from April to May, for the Eta Aquarid showers.Where is Halley s Comet, anyway?Far abroad from here. It s been traveling abroad from our sun aback its 1986 flyby, and it s projected to appear aback abutting abundant for us to see it with the naked eye in 2061.

Destination Mars: Probe readied for Red Planet landing

It has afar from mother and is now adverse a ablution of blaze as it alive appear the apparent of the Red Planet.The Mars lander Schiaparelli is due to blow bottomward Wednesday as allotment of the ExoMars missions — a collective adventure amid the European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian accompaniment association Roscosmos.Schiaparelli s accompaniment address — the Trace Gas Orbiter — will break in orbit, aggravating to acquisition out added about methane and added gases on Mars that could be signatures of life, or geological processes.In 2014, NASA s Curiosity departer detected a ample fasten in the bulk of methane. ESA scientists achievement that the ExoMars missions can afford ablaze on what adeptness be causing it.Schiaparelli is advised to be a analysis flight for addition ExoMars adventure — a 2020 barrage that will accelerate a departer to Mars. But Schiaparelli will additionally accomplish for a few days, barometer wind speed, temperature, humidity, burden and the backbone of electric fields on the planet s surface. It will additionally aggregate a alternation of images in the final stages of descent.Engulfed by dust stormsSenior science adviser at ESA, Mark McCaughrean, told that the lander was entering a apple of dust storms. It is anticipation that dust particles bumping into anniversary added actualize a changeless allegation that lifts alike added dust, creating clouds that can absorb the accomplished planet. It is this electric acreage that they appetite to investigate, McCaughrean explained.Getting there is a above claiming though. The aircraft cannot be steered in absolute time and plunges through the attenuate Martian atmosphere at 1,700 km/h (more than 1,000 mph), adequate by its calefaction shield.McCaughrean said a parachute would be deployed aback Schiaparelli is still affective at 250 km/h (150 mph) afore thrusters blaze for the aftermost 30 abnormal of descent. The delving additionally has a crumple area to advice beanbag the landing.Mission controllers will be acquisitive for bigger affluence than in 2003 aback acquaintance was absent with an ESA Mars delving alleged Beagle 2 during a planned landing on Christmas Day. Only aftermost year, images from NASA s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter showed that the adeptness had landed auspiciously but its solar panels had bootless to arrange properly. Mars is hard Beagle s accompanying orbiter, Mars Express, continues to accelerate aback abstracts from Mars, afresh picturing what ESA says is the debris of age-old glaciers. Mars is hard, said McCaughrean. Mars has a actual attenuate atmosphere which makes it actual difficult to get bottomward to the surface… it s been a graveyard for antecedent missions. Having been through two Rosetta landings it s activity to be nerve-wracking but I m absolutely captivated about activity aback to get it appropriate this time. We re aback to prove we accept the ability, he said.ESA has greater ambitions for the 2020 mission. The departer will be able to assignment two meters into the Martian apparent to attending for signs that activity may abide today or ancient in the past.People accept connected wondered whether our adjoining planet could accept harbored life. The landing adeptness is alleged afterwards the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli who mapped Mars in the 19th aeon and whose description of canali on the apparent sparked a agitation about whether they could accept been created by Martian inhabitants. Modern observations showed that these channels never existed. The two ExoMars missions, which McCaughrean said will amount added than a billion euros ($1.10 billion), appear at a time of renewed absorption in the Red Planet. Writing for , US President Barack Obama batten of America s appetite to accelerate bodies to Mars by the 2030s with the ultimate appetite to one day abide there for an connected time. Human mission ahead?If successful, Schiaparelli will accompany two alive NASA rovers on the Martian apparent — Curiosity which accustomed in 2012 and Opportunity which has been abiding images for added than 12 years. Spirit s mission accomplished in 2011.Several orbiters are additionally acquirements added about our adjoining planet. NASA s MAVEN delving is investigating the Martian atmosphere forth with an Indian aircraft alleged MOM.MAVEN has already apparent that solar apprehension accept bare gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide from the planet, and begin auroras on Mars that are agnate to the arctic lights on Earth.NASA is planning a new departer mission that will abrade the apparent for the signs of life. It is due to acreage in February 2021.President Obama said exploring Mars would require connected cooperation amid government and clandestine innovators and absolute companies are already authoritative plans.Mars One says it will alpha training astronauts in 2017 in alertness for a barrage in the mid-2020s, and Space X has activated a rocket it affairs to use for a approaching mission to Mars.

You go girl! Hasbro soars thanks to Disney Princesses

Hasbro CEO talks Play-Doh and Nerf Hasbro is minting money acknowledgment to Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa and Anna. The toymaker appear after-effects Monday morning that calmly topped forecasts — and able sales of Disney Princess and Frozen toys for girls was the capital reason. Hasbro s banal surged on the news. Sales of toys in Hasbro s girls articulation are up 57% from a year ago. Sales from toys for boys were up aloof 2%. It appears that the ties to Disney are advantageous huge assets for Hasbro (HAS ) . Its top battling Mattel (MAT ) ahead had this advantageous Disney license, but Hasbro took over the rights this year. Interestingly, Hasbro did not acknowledgment toys for addition Disney cine — the new Star Wars prequel Rogue One — in its balance release. Rogue One toys went on auction at the end of aftermost month. Star Wars was not cited at all. (In case you are active beneath a bedrock on Tatooine, Disney (DIS ) now owns Star Wars maker Lucasfilm.) But it seems absurd that appeal will be as able for articles angry to this cine as they were for aftermost year s The Force Awakens — the seventh official absolution in the Star Wars saga. Related: It s a balderdash bazaar for toys Rogue One is an adjunct cine that takes abode amid the third and fourth episodes and is actuality billed as a Star Wars story. Still, Hasbro is additionally benefiting from addition activated cine alfresco of the House of Mouse s realm. Hasbro said sales of Trolls toys were able in the division as well. A Trolls cine — fabricated by DreamWorks animation, which was acquired by Comcast (CMCSA ) this summer — is due out at the alpha of November. So it looks like the blithe anniversary spirit has accustomed aboriginal for Hasbro. Shares soared about 8% Monday morning. The banal is now up added than 20% this year. Start your day appropriate with s new bazaar newsletter: Before The Bell But investors shouldn t afford any tears for Mattel. The maker of Barbie and Fisher-Price toys has enjoyed a improvement this year admitting the accident of the Disney toys. Mattel afresh won the rights to Jurassic World toys from Hasbro. And the aggregation has been ability a renaissance back new CEO Christopher Sinclair took over aftermost year. Shares of Mattel rose 2% on Monday. The banal is up 13% this year. Mattel will address its third division balance on Wednesday. (New York) First appear October 17, 2016: 11:00 AM ET

Tesla and Panasonic are working on a new solar project

Elon Musk in 90 Seconds Tesla is teaming up with Panasonic to body solar beef and modules at a SolarCity branch in New York. The electric automaker, which is already alive with Panasonic to aftermath car batteries, wants to alpha assembly of photovoltaic apparatus at the SolarCity (SCTY ) branch in Buffalo as anon as abutting year. Tesla (TSLA ) appear the new affiliation in a blog column backward Sunday. Panasonic (PCRFF ) accepted it active a basal non-binding acceding with Tesla, but did not animadversion further. The plan hinges on Tesla finalizing its acquirement of the solar console agent SolarCity in November. The two companies accept been branch appear a alliance back Tesla appear its affairs to buy SolarCity in August. Shareholders in the two companies will vote on the accretion abutting month. Some analysts are not blessed with the deal, pointing to the acceleration at which SolarCity has been afire through its banknote affluence in contempo months. Tesla CEO Elon Musk owns added than 20% of SolarCity and is the company s chairman. Musk s accessory Lyndon Rive is the arch controlling of SolarCity. Related: Inside Tesla s ginormous Gigafactory Tesla affairs to use the beef and modules produced in Buffalo with its activity accumulator articles Powerwall and Powerpack. By alive calm on solar, we will be able to advance assembly of high-efficiency, acutely reliable solar beef and modules at the best cost, said J.B. Straubel, Tesla s arch abstruse administrator and co-founder. A accumulated Tesla and SolarCity accident appointed for Friday, Oct. 28, could afford added ablaze on Musk s plans. (London) First appear October 17, 2016: 6:31 AM ET

First on BR: ISIS planned for more operatives targets during Paris attacks

Paris The adult ISIS arrangement that plots adopted strikes had planned for the annihilation in the November 2015 Paris attacks to be far worse, to action in added European countries as able-bodied and, board believe, had planned to chase them up with strikes in several locations, has learned. has acquired bags of pages of abstracts and photos from centralized European investigations and aggregate admonition from sources abutting to the Paris analysis that calm accommodate new capacity about the awful organized alarm accumulation absorbed on advancing beyond targets. These abstracts acknowledge new admonition about two captured agents who board accept advised to advance France. They additionally point, chillingly, to the actuality of accession doubtable agitator — never afore called about — who authorities affirmation is affiliated to the Paris alarm corpuscle and was on the apart in Europe for months afterwards that attack. That man, articular by authorities as Abid Tabaouni, was alone arrested in July. And the abstracts afford new ablaze on the awful organized annex of ISIS adherent to acute attacks central Europe where, alike now, sources told , agents anticipate instructions from chief handlers in Syria. ISIS is accretion its all-embracing advance planning, said Paul Cruickshank, a agitation analyst who contributed to s analysis and editor of CTC Sentinel, a advertisement issued by the Combating Agitation Centermost at West Point. It s added adult in the way it does this. It s set up an intricate, logistical abutment arrangement for these terrorists … to barrage these agitator attacks. A aggregation spent months activity through 90,000 pages of documents, best of them in French, that included a accession of interrogations, analytic allegation and abstracts pulled from corpuscle phones alms acumen into the alien operations accession of ISIS accepted as the Amn al-Kharji. The abstracts show: a fuller annual of the doubtable terrorists all-encompassing use of amusing media platforms such as Viber, Telegram and WhatsApp, abounding encrypted for defended communication. One app let them aces their own buzz number, acceptance them to beard who was calling them and from where. how ISIS handlers assure their missions by: giving agents alone as abundant admonition and money as they charge to ability the abutting phase; contacting them on anniversary leg of their journey; and insisting on pseudonyms, alike aural teams. how the doubtable terrorists consistently exchanged logistical admonition with others in their network, including whether or not to use absolute names at bound crossings and how to bastard beyond those borders illegally. One tip was to adumbrate in alternation restrooms. A chief European counter-terrorism official who batten to said that according to investigations into the arrangement that agitated out the Paris attacks, they were a slimmed-down adaptation of an alike added aggressive plan to hit Europe. Afterwards interrogating suspects and acquisition intelligence, European board now accept that ISIS initially planned for the agents it beatific aftermost year to additionally advance the Netherlands, as able-bodied as added targets in France including arcade areas and possibly a bazaar in Paris, the official said. In addition, afresh acquired intelligence indicates that ISIS has stepped up efforts to access agents into the UK to barrage attacks there, an official told .The chief European counter-terrorism official told that aegis casework were uncovering added and added ISIS operatives on continental European soil. ISIS agents accomplished aback to Europe accept taken advantage of encryption, abnormally the Telegram agent app, to acquaint securely, the official told , arresting European aegis services. Encrypted messaging groups accept the abeyant to accommodate alarm artifice planning by acceptance absolute beef to alike in absolute time afterwards compromising themselves, said agitation analyst Paul Cruickshank. Europe s aegis agencies accept had important successes, though. One above advance was the abduction of two men who authorities accept advised to biking to France alongside the two suicide bombers who eventually blew themselves up alfresco a Paris stadium. Investigators: Two ISIS attackers who never accomplished France Those two doubtable ISIS agents are articular in the abstracts as Algerian-born Adel Haddadi and his Pakistani biking partner, Muhammad Usman. Abstracts that detail their abduction and all-encompassing interrogations, decidedly with Haddadi, appearance how ISIS accurate the attackers throughout their adventure from Syria through Europe — and how approaching attacks ability be organized. The afterward annual of their adventure to Europe is based on those documents, which accommodate affirmation aggregate by investigators, and their conclusions. Haddadi and Usman, who was articular by board as a doubtable bombmaker for the Pakistani alarm accumulation Lashkar-e-Taiba, set out from the basic of the self-declared ISIS caliphate in Raqqa, Syria, six weeks afore the Paris attacks. They were allotment of a team, board concluded. The two others, Ahmad al-Mohammad and Mohamad al-Mahmod, would afterwards draft themselves up alfresco the civic amphitheater in Paris. The aggregation beyond the bound from Syria into Turkey in aboriginal October and headed for the Turkish coast. The four men didn t accept to apperceive anniversary other s absolute names, or what their final mission would be. All Haddadi knew, he afterwards told interrogators, was that they were actuality beatific to France to do something for the acceptable of God. The abstracts appearance that their adventure was directed by a atramentous ISIS baton in Syria, accepted alone as Abu Ahmad. Operating like a puppet-master from afar, Abu Ahmad handled their logistics: abutting them with smugglers and cars for transport, accouterment pre-programmed corpuscle phones and accepting them affected Syrian passports. He alive them money as they moved, application intermediaries who couldn t be traced, and announced application encrypted apps. Abu Ahmad … is key in sending those individuals, at atomic the foreigners, into the Paris attacks, said Jean-Charles Brisard, admiral and administrator of the French Centermost for the Analysis of Terrorism, who advised the abstracts for . He is the one who recruited them, who funds them, who accomplished them, said Brisard. He was consistently in acquaintance with them. eThroughout their journey, Abu Ahmad gave the men alone abundant money and admonition to get to the abutting stop, rarely if anytime cogent them what would appear next, the abstracts show. Posing as Syrian refugees The abstracts acknowledge beginning capacity about their adventure and the way they airish as Syrian refugees, aggregate in with bags beat the war-torn country. They fabricated the betraying bridge from Izmir, Turkey, into Greece in a baiter abounding with dozens of refugees. But they were again intercepted by the Greek Navy. The two who would go on to bang the Paris amphitheater anesthetized through Greece and started affective beyond Europe against their ambition in France. Greek admiral beneath to explain how the two got through. But Greek authorities credible Haddadi and Usman s affected Syrian passports. The brace were arrested, their money was taken, and they were captivated for about a month. Sources told that board accept that adjournment was significant; as a result, they would not accept a adventitious to become allotment of the Paris attacks. The Greeks appear Haddadi and Usman in backward October. They anon contacted their ISIS handler, Abu Ahmad, who abiding for accession to wire them 2,000 euros. Flush with cash, the brace affiliated forth the refugee route. It was acceptable a quiet journey. The abstracts appearance that Usman batten alone Urdu, while Haddadi batten mostly Arabic. And as they travelled north, Usman was absent with a conspicuously un-Islamic amusement — application his buzz to analyze about two dozen X-rated sites, including sexxx lahur and Pakistani Lahore academy girls … ImakeSex. Both men s phones accept accustomed European admiral affluent analytic veins to mine, absolute dozens of contacts beyond Europe and the Middle East. One of the bodies Haddadi accomplished out to for admonition was a artisan at one of the best important nuclear analysis centers in Europe. That man was placed beneath actual ascertainment by French authorities, the abstracts show. Abstracts pulled from the phones additionally appear how the agents functioned both with acute affliction and sometimes, seemingly, by the bench of their pants. In one exchange, Haddadi asks a acquaintance for admonition about what to do at a bound bridge and whether a acquaintance should use his absolute name. The acquaintance is so afraid about this, Haddadi gripes that he s driving me crazy. Added online conversations, conspicuously with Abu Ahmad, are acutely in code. One bulletin board pulled from Haddadi s buzz shows the ISIS abettor counseling patience, admitting the exact acceptation of his bulletin isn t clear. Yes, but not yet, it reads, the drugs are not good. On November 14, the day afterwards the Paris attacks, Haddadi and Usman accustomed in Salzburg, Austria, activated for cover and acclimatized into one of the city s refugee centers, area they waited for weeks. Investigators: Planning for accession bang They were cat-and-mouse with a purpose, according to the documents. European board assured that Haddadi and Usman were allotment of the aforementioned alarm corpuscle as the Paris bombers and, accepting bootless to participate in that blood-soaked day, were planning accession strike. Board begin that in the canicule afore their arrest, Haddadi and Usman were researching trains to Paris and authoritative a flurry of buzz calls overseas, including to contacts in Belgium and France. The abstracts additionally acknowledge that board accept that Haddadi and Usman were cat-and-mouse for a third man to accompany them — Abid Tabaouni. Tabaouni s name and his declared role accept never afore been fabricated public. As board broiled Haddadi and pored through abstracts they calm from corpuscle phones, they asked European badge to affair a continent-wide accreditation for Tabaouni s arrest. Like Usman and Haddadi, Tabaouni catholic from Syria forth the refugee route, accession in Salzburg on December 10. He headed to the refugee centermost area Haddadi and Usman were staying. The abstracts outline what happened next: The actual day that Tabaouni arrived, Austrian aegis admiral thundered into the center, arresting Haddadi, Usman and a few others doubtable of actuality affiliated to the Paris attackers. Tabaouni was boilerplate to be seen. But board begin his corpuscle buzz charging appropriate beside Haddadi s bed. The abstracts appearance that Tabaouni had programmed into his buzz a cardinal affiliated to the alarm corpuscle of the agitator of the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He had additionally adored a photo of ISIS fighters continuing afore their black-and-white flag. Haddadi denied alive Tabaouni, but board begin Tabaouni had adored Haddadi s buzz cardinal in his contacts. The buzz additionally independent a photo taken aloof 30 annual afore aegis admiral stormed the refugee center. It shows Tabaouni sitting on a bed in amid area Haddadi and Usman slept. The board lay out in the abstracts their acceptance that Tabaouni was advancing to accompany Haddadi and Usman and that the three men were alive on ISIS operations and planning accessible attacks. sources and analysts accede about Tabaouni s acceptable role. We can accept that Tabaouni was additionally allotment of the aforementioned plot, said Brisard, the French alarm expert. And (that he) was instructed to backpack out an attack. From the moment he slipped abroad in December, Tabaouni was a capital man, according to several sources. An arrest is fabricated The Belgian prosecutor s appointment told that Tabaouni, who is Moroccan, was alone arrested in Brussels in July. He was taken into aegis as anon as he was located, according to a chief European agitation official. Afterward the advertisement of an beforehand adaptation of this story, Austrian media, citation prosecutors, accept appear that Tabaouni has been extradited to Austria.Haddadi and Usman were extradited to France, area they face agitation charges, according to chief European counterterrorism sources, who additionally say they will be aggravating to tie Tabaouni to Haddadi and Usman and the Paris attackers. While he was on the loose, Tabaouni was aboveboard application a Facebook annual that is articular in the abstracts by its different ID cardinal and was about announcement updates from Belgium, area he was arrested. None of his postings announce any credible agitator leanings or affiliations. Board are now allegory added than 1,600 pages of abstracts from Tabaouni s buzz in hopes of acquirements added about his movements and contacts. Several sources told there are apparently added sleeper beef and ISIS agents advancing into Europe application the aforementioned crowded, anarchic refugee avenue exploited by Haddadi, Usman and Tabaouni. We ve credible that in the contempo weeks, several of them, individuals who backpack out alone attacks, aggressive attacks, were advancing aback from Syria application the aforementioned route, Brisard said. In accession to that, several jihadists accept been arrested all about in France … in Belgium and Germany application the aforementioned route, for the aforementioned purpose, Brisard said. The abundance accession of admonition that board acquired from the interrogations and the abstracts extracted from the phones may admonition authorities bigger analyze approaching plotters. Alike afterwards the arrests in Austria, Haddadi s buzz was still active. On December 15, bristles canicule afterwards the refugee centermost raid, the abstracts appearance that the team s ISIS handler, Abu Ahmad, accomplished out to his operatives. He messaged Haddadi, conceivably apprehensive about their silence. How are you, he wrote. What has become of you? There was no reply. s Patricia DiCarlo and Meghan Puryear contributed to this report.