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Tonight is a great time to see the Orionid meteor shower

Meteor fans: This is one of your nights.The anniversary Orionid meteor battery peaks Friday night into Saturday morning. If you accept an clement appearance of the night sky, finer abroad from burghal light, you ll accept affluence of affairs to see some admirable streaks of ablaze with your naked eyes.What are the Orionids?They re one of a few major, annual meteor showers. The Orionids — so called because the meteors arise to afford out from abreast the Orion afterlife — appear from October to November. This year, the showtime is October 4 through November 14.But Friday night is the peak, acceptation you could see about 20 meteors per hour, NASA says — added than at any added point during the Orionid window.What causes it?Meteors are tiny amplitude bits afire up as they hit Earth s atmosphere. In the case of the Orionids, the bits are particles larboard abaft by Halley s Comet, which aftermost was in our catholic adjacency in 1986. When the comet flies abutting to the sun every 75 years or so, the sun burns off some of the comet s surface, so it leaves abaft dust and rock.The Earth runs into the billow of bits in October and November, consistent in the Orionid showers, and from April to May, for the Eta Aquarid showers.Where is Halley s Comet, anyway?Far abroad from here. It s been traveling abroad from our sun aback its 1986 flyby, and it s projected to appear aback abutting abundant for us to see it with the naked eye in 2061.