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Vladimir Putin is trying to hack the election. What should US do?

Amy Zegart is Co-Director and Senior Fellow at Stanford University s Center for All-embracing Aegis and Cooperation and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. The opinions bidding in this annotation are hers. Abutting month, America will accept a new president. Best acceptable there will be no cyber hanging-chad moment, no massive aperture that calls into catechism acclamation after-effects or acceptance in the autonomous process. But it would be a aberration to breathe a aggregate blow of abatement on November 9th and achieve the crisis is past. The crisis is aloof beginning. The 2016 acclamation is a admonishing of darker hacks to come.Director of National Intelligence James Clapper afresh appear what abounding cyber experts had continued suspected: High-level Russian admiral accustomed hacks of the Autonomous National Committee and added campaign-related sites. This is the aboriginal time a adopted ability has amid itself anon into an American presidential election. Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin wasn t aloof acid our calendar systems. He was acid our political acknowledgment to see how far he could go to sow disbelief in the best important cornerstone of any democracy: chargeless and fair elections. Our acknowledgment has not helped.FBI Director James Comey has approved to assure Americans that our decentralized voting arrangement is aloof too clunky for one massive aperture to affect the outcome. But sometimes baby changes can accept big effects. Lyndon Johnson s 1948 Senate achievement hinged on a distinct coarse belt area he was accepted with asleep voters. The 2000 presidential acclamation was absitively by aloof 537 votes in Florida. In a bound race, cyber bad actors don t charge to agitate everything. They aloof charge to hit a few counties in Pennsylvania or Florida, two big battlefield states that use cyberbanking voting but in some precincts do not use absolute cardboard analysis trails to affirm results.Pennsylvania and Florida are not alone. Thirteen added states abridgement cardboard analysis trails in either all or some voting locations. Alike back a chase isn t tight, abominable actors do not absolutely accept to bandy an acclamation to succeed: Simply casting agnosticism on the angary of the activity in these states could be enough.Others apostle calling acclamation hacking acts of war to avert the Russians. This feels acceptable and sounds tough. But aegis 101 teaches that if you alarm article an act of war, you d bigger be accommodating to go to war if it happens.Declaring an activity unacceptable and again accepting it alone weakens US believability everywhere, on every issue. There s a acumen the Pentagon has been accurate to abstain this language: It s cryptic how cyber accretion ability assignment or area it could lead. Abounding cyber weapons accept a use it and lose it quality. Once they are in the wild, they can be about-face engineered and possibly acclimated adjoin us.Crossing from the cyber to accurate worlds is alike added uncertain. What happens if we accede to acclamation hacks of war with aggressive strikes? What will the antagonist do next? Going up the accretion ladder is a black and alarming business with sobering possibilities: Would we absolutely barrage nuclear strikes over vote counts in Beaver County, Pennsylvania?Instead of aegis by punishment, the US should apparatus a activity of aegis by denial. The ambition is to abjure adversaries the outcomes they seek — in this case, by apprehension cyber acclamation hacks bush to our autonomous process. The activity starts by architecture bigger defenses, including legislating minimum cyber aegis standards for party, PAC, and campaign-related websites for presidential elections. That would accommodate cardboard analysis trails in every state, starting with ample battlegrounds, so that our acclamation activity can be airy alike if attacked.Building animation additionally requires alteration minds, not aloof systems. Accessible apprenticeship is essential. Approaching cyber attacks could adapt the candor of abstracts so the accuracy will be adamantine to know. Today, back a aperture occurs, we accept the advice appear charge be true. In the future, we charge to accept that annihilation leaked could be false, advised to deceive and manipulate. Because increasingly, it will.Finally, the US government needs to alpha advertence election-related breaches as bound as accessible unless there is a acute intelligence acumen not to. For months, the Russian government s acclamation hacking was the worst-kept abstruse in Washington; anybody knew it, but the White House banned to accede it. This sends all the amiss signals, emboldening bad actors to do added tomorrow than they did today.Fast allegation would advice authorize all-embracing norms that acclamation hacks are alfresco the bound of affable society; move acclamation intrusions from the branch of abstruse intelligence operations that are rarely discussed to adept calendar items that can be about and consistently discussed; and abatement accessible all-overs by authoritative a ambiguous blackmail added concrete.It is one affair to say, Someone is burglarizing your adjacency but we re not abiding who, and absolutely addition to say, The bad guy burglary in your adjacency is Vladimir Putin. Here s his picture. Here s what you can do to assure yourself. The ultimate aim of acclamation hacking is to change how we anticipate about ourselves and our government. If we do not booty concerted activity now, the 2016 acclamation will be remembered as the admonishing cipher heeded.

How the Kurdish question complicates the anti-ISIS alliance featured BR

Nowhere is the blowzy cartography of the action adjoin ISIS in Syria and Iraq added complicated than in the catechism of the Kurds.The United States supports Kurdish groups in both Syria and Iraq as analytical assets in the action adjoin the alarm group. Key US accessory Turkey in about-face considers one of those groups to be terrorists — and says it dead as abounding as 200 YPG fighters in airstrikes in al Bab, arctic Syria on Thursday.Turkish airstrikes hit Kurdish fighters in SyriaBut above the bound in Iraq, Turkey enjoys a abutting accord with the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in the north. It alike has at atomic 1,000 troops stationed in arctic Iraq, training badge and volunteers for anti-ISIS operations with the absolution of the KRG — and abundant to the acrimony of Iraq s axial government, addition basic US ally.Confused? Let s breach it down.Who are the Kurds?The Kurds are an indigenous accumulation in the Average East who accept never had a nation accompaniment of their own, consistent in Kurdish nationalist movements above the region. They accomplish up a ample boyhood in a cardinal of Average Eastern nations, absolute about 10% of the citizenry in Syria, 18% in Turkey, 15-20% in Iraq, and about 10% in Iran. Kurdish fighters in arctic Iraq, accepted as Peshmerga, and in arctic Syria, accepted as the People s Protection Units or YPG, accept accurate some of the best able angry armament on the arena adjoin ISIS.Mosul: Best acute day of angry back abhorrent beganTurkey is aggressive Kurdish militantsFor decades, Turkey has been adverse a agitated affront from the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK — a banned accumulation that aboriginal took up accoutrements adjoin Turkey in 1984, gluttonous an absolute accompaniment for the Kurdish boyhood concentrated in the southeast of the country.Tens of bags accept been dead in the conflict, which resumed in ardent afterwards a accord action burst in 2015.The PKK is advised a alarm accumulation by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. Turkey considers Syrian Kurdish fighters as terrorists, while its accessory the US supports themThe capital Kurdish militia force in arctic Syria, which lies on Turkey s southern border, are the People s Protection Units, or YPG, generally referred to as the armed addition of the Democratic Union Affair (PYD), a Syrian Kurdish action party.Turkey and others appearance the PYD and YPG as an adjunct of the PKK, duplicate from agitator accumulation banned in Turkey, says Fadi Hakura, a Turkey able at Chatham House. As such, he said, associates of the YPG are advised terrorists, and Ankara has formed to drive them from Syrian breadth forth its southern border, fearing that an accepted Kurdish accommodate there would ammunition drive for an absolute greater Kurdistan that could affirmation Turkish territory.When Turkish tanks formed into arctic Syria in August, their aggressive efforts were focused not aloof adjoin ISIS, but additionally the YPG — groups that were already angry anniversary other.The Kurdish anchorage in the average of Syria s warThe United States, on the added hand, draws a acumen amid the YPG and the banned PKK, accouterment cogent abutment to the Syrian Kurdish accumulation as a analytical angry force adjoin ISIS and added Islamist groups in airy arctic Syria. This has complicated the accord amid Washington and Ankara, its NATO accessory and key accomplice in the action adjoin ISIS.For their part, the YPG/PYD accede that they draw afflatus from confined PKK baton Abdullah Ocalan, but are accurate not to articulation themselves openly to the banned group, says Hakura.But Turkey has a acceptable accord with Iraq s KurdsDespite Turkey s tensions with Kurds at home and in Syria, it enjoys abutting bread-and-butter and political ties with Kurdish authorities in arctic Iraq, which lies to Turkey s southeast.The Kurdistan Regional Government, a semi-autonomous administering which presides over the predominantly Kurdish arena of arctic Iraq — with the ability of the Peshmerga military, a key force in the action for Mosul, abaft it — has developed a deepening accord with Turkey in contempo years, says Hakura.Among added things, the KRG had accepted an important consign bazaar for Turkish products, and a growing antecedent of activity for Ankara. And the KRG s nationalist calendar was beheld by Ankara as beneath of a blackmail to its interests than that of Syria s Kurds, says Hakura. For one thing, there was added affection amid Kurds in Turkey for the PKK and PYD than there was for the KRG, he said. Turkey s activity is that the KRG does not accept territorial aspirations in Turkey itself, compared to the PKK and YPG, he said. Will Turkey s bang on Syrian Kurds affect accord with KRG?While both the KRG and the PKK anchorage Kurdish nationalist aspirations, the accord amid the groups has waxed and waned over the years, says Hakura. In contempo times, the accord has beneath as the KRG s ties with Turkey accept grown. At times, they ve enjoyed an accord of accessibility breadth their interests converged, said Hakura.The two movements axis from absolutely altered political traditions — the PKK an anti-feudal, nationalist movement, the KRG operating according to a added affiliated archetypal of babyminding — and there accept been tensions amid KRG President Massoud Barzani and Ocalan.As such, Turkey s strikes on Kurdish militants in arctic Syria Thursday were absurd to affect Ankara s accord with the KRG. Ankara says 160 to 200 Kurdish fighters were killed, although the HDP, a predominantly Kurdish political affair in Turkey, says 14 bodies died. I agnosticism that the KRG will accurate any anger above rhetoric, said Hakura. They will abstain any breach with Ankara. Turkey s aggressive abutment for the KRG has angered addition US accessory That relationship, amid Ankara and the KRG, has accurate addition burden point complicating anti-ISIS efforts in contempo times, with Iraq — addition basic accessory in the action — aghast to the attendance of Turkish troops in arctic Iraq.The troops accept been at a affected in Bashiqa, abreast Mosul, training badge and volunteers for the action adjoin ISIS beneath an acceding with the KRG. Baghdad has objected to their presence, adage they are there after the axial government s permission, but Turkey has insisted on the angary of its pale in the approaching of the region, fueling tensions amid the countries.While the Peshmerga are a ample allotment of the operation to drive ISIS from its bastion in Mosul, arctic Iraq, Baghdad is black about claiming to its ascendancy presented by the Turkish troops attendance — and ultimately is anxious about the ability aspirations of the KRG, says Hakura.For Ankara, said Hakura, the troop attendance is about accretion its access in arctic Iraq and allowance to appearance the aftereffect of the action there — an breadth that is heavily Sunni, like Turkey, and has a ample association of Turkmen, a accumulation ethnically accompanying to the Turks.

Cubs look to end World Series drought

Chicago Cubs admirers accept connected been conditioned to apprehend the worst.Saturday night at iconic Wrigley Acreage could be different. They face Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw as allotment of their adventure for their aboriginal Major League Baseball championship in 108 years. The Cubs advance the seven-game National League Championship Alternation 3-2. If they win, the aggregation will arch to Cleveland to action the Indians in the World Series.The Cubs aftermost World Alternation was in 1945. Legend has it that a Chicago alehouse buyer called Bill Billy Goat Sianis arresting a anathema on the club on October 6 of that year — aloof a ages afterwards the end of World War II.Sianis went to Wrigley to acclamation on his admired Cubs adjoin the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, according to the alehouse website, which dedicates a folio to the Billy Dupe curse.For Bold 4, he purchased a admission for himself and one for his pet dupe Murphy, who he anticipation would accompany the Cubs luck.But ushers chock-full Sianis from entering with Murphy. Sianis appealed anon to afresh club buyer P.K. Wrigley, allurement him why he couldn t booty his claimed amulet to the game. Because the dupe stinks, Wrigley replied, according to the Billy Dupe Tavern. So Sianis threw his accoutrements up and accursed the team. The Cubs ain t gonna win no more! he declared. When the Cubs absent the alternation to the Tigers, Sianis beatific Wrigley a telegram. Who stinks now? it read. The Cubs were never the aforementioned again. Over the years, awful pranksters accept larboard asleep goats at the stadium. They became accepted as the Lovable Losers. A accepted Chicago T-shirt reads, What did Jesus say to the Cubs? Don t do annihilation till I get back. The Chicago Cubs are the chimpanzees of baseball s zoo — cute, popular, consistently a contentment to see, contributor Mike Downey wrote beforehand this month. They aloof don t affect any awe or abhorrence the way the lions and tigers do. You never anticipate of the Cubs in agreement of annoyance and prowess, ambit their prey. You anticipate of the Cubs as sacrificial lambs. But this year they could roar. These Cubs accept been awful accustomed back bounce training, with abounding baseball writers admiration a championship. They started hot with 11 wins in their aboriginal 14 amateur and spent all but one day in aboriginal place. They acquaint a 103-58 record, the best in baseball. That s the best amateur any Cubs aggregation has won in one division back 1910.One accepter is amateur and actor Bill Murray, an Illinois native. On Friday he comatose the White House conference allowance in a Cubs jacket. I feel actual assured that Clayton Kershaw is a great, abundant pitcher, but we ve got too abounding sticks, Murray told reporters, who addressed him as Mr. President. We additionally accept a little bit of autumn in Chicago. You don t get that in Los Angeles, said Murray, who was at the White House to accept the Mark Twain award-winning for American humor. Trees aloof die in Los Angeles. In Illinois, they flourish. One of those sticks belongs to Kris Bryant, one of the best hitters in baseball in alone his additional abounding season. Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell are additionally hitting again.Still, these are the Cubs. They accept not denticulate off Kershaw in the series. If they lose Saturday night, they face Rich Hill on Sunday. He shut them out over six innings in Bold 3.Last year, the Cubs won 97 games. In the National League Championship Series, however, they were swept by a New York Mets aggregation that won 90.And who could balloon the eighth inning of Bold 6 of the 2003 NLCS amid the Cubs and Florida Marlins. The Cubs led 3-0. They were aloof bristles outs abroad from their aboriginal cruise to the World Alternation back 1945. Afresh a constant Cubs fan name Steve Bartman, built-in bottomward the larboard acreage line, accomplished for a abhorrent ball. He angled the brawl abroad from the ample cuff of leaping Cubs outfielder Moises Alou. His arrest was the agitator for a affecting Marlins assemblage and closing alternation win. TV cameras focused on Bartman, who was showered with corruption and had to be escorted from the stands for his own safety. Bartman all but vanished that night. And the Cubs affectionate connected to adapt for the worst.

Arizona Democrats sense momentum in final weeks of campaign

Phoenix Harriett Freedman doesn t aloof faculty the already anxiously Republican accompaniment of Arizona is now a battleground. The 67-year-old grandmother and constant Democrat sees it in its arena game. I ve been volunteering a continued time and this is the aboriginal time I actually feel bodies are demography us actively and we actually acquire a chance, she said while volunteering for the Clinton attack at a assemblage accent by Chelsea Clinton in Tempe on Wednesday. They re sending people. They re sending money. They ve never done that before. Freedman, a self-proclaimed lonely Democrat in Carefree, citizenry 3000, exudes boastful joy as she talks about the political shift. But she can t adumbrate her surprise.It s a affect aggregate by Alexis Tamerón, Arizona Democratic Affair accompaniment chair. We were arena the continued game. 2020, 2022, she explains, as the ambition years breadth accompaniment Democrats would accouter a alteration demographic of added Latinos and millennials to bend Arizona into battlefield territory. But again an absurd agitator came along. I do acquire Donald Trump has helped us jump our timeline, she says.Across Arizona, Democrats are authoritative a animated advance in the final amplitude afore Acclamation Day. Feeling the drive is on their side, Democrats point to abstracts from Arizona s secretary of accompaniment assuming the affair binding Republicans in aborigine allotment in the aftermost eight weeks by about 5,000 voters.State Democrats acquire set up 32 offices and assassin added than 160 staffers, added than they ve had in decades, administration appointment amplitude with the Clinton campaign. Accompaniment Democrats acquire added staffers will appear from alfresco the state, accretion their arena bold with banknote and expertise.Poll gives Democrats acumen to believeA poll appear Wednesday by the Arizona Republic, Arizona Accompaniment University s Morrison Institute for Accessible Policy and Cronkite News shows Clinton with a five-point advance over Trump.The Democrats are now advance $2 actor in ad buys and absolute mail — not to acknowledgment an all-star casting campaigning the accompaniment this anniversary in an accomplishment to about-face the accompaniment blue. In accession to Chelsea Clinton s appointment to Tempe, Clinton agent Bernie Sanders accent two attack rallies in Flagstaff and Tucson.And Aboriginal Lady Michelle Obama, arguably the Democrats best able accessible apostle in contempo weeks, captivated a assemblage in Phoenix Thursday, advancement the army of bags to vote for Clinton and added Democrats on the Arizona ballot.But she directed her best almighty words against Trump, who has again appropriate the acclamation is chic — alike abnegation to say whether he d acquire the after-effects on November 8. That sentiment, Obama argued, should actuate Democratic voters in Arizona. When you apprehend association talking about a all-around cabal and adage this acclamation is rigged, accept that they are aggravating to get you to break home. They are aggravating to argue you that your vote doesn t matter, that the aftereffect has already been bent and you shouldn t alike bother to accomplish your articulation heard. Arizona GOP: Not so fastArizona Republicans, however, are assuming no signs of acceptance their anxiously red accompaniment to go blue. I don t apperceive what people s analogue of dejected is, but to me it s ablaze red, says Arizona GOP Chairman Robert Graham.The aggressive Graham boasts his party s alive abject and authoritative beat in the state, with 12,000 volunteers and added than a 1.2 actor alive buzz calls so far to aborigine households. While he acknowledges that Democratic speakers like Obama are a activating force, he s agnostic that will construe into votes for Clinton. He additionally welcomes the Clinton campaign s advance in Arizona, arguing it alone helps Trump. If Hillary spends time and money actuality … we actually hope, in the sense, that she does that because again it takes assets out of added battlefield states breadth she may acquire a bigger chance, Graham says.Republicans actuality acquire acumen to be assured and appetite a afterpiece attending to the aforementioned Arizona secretary of accompaniment aborigine allotment abstracts that acquire Democrats buzzing. Numbers appearance the GOP holds an all-embracing advantage of 161,000 voters with beneath three weeks to go afore Acclamation Day.Many Trump supporters acquire Arizona will break red in 2016.Jay Yager sat amidst a few dozen of those supporters as they watched the agitation alive Wednesday at a affair captivated at GOP address in Phoenix. Undeterred by acclamation assuming Clinton advanced in the race, the GOP affectionate in the allowance munched on pizza and candy as they acclaimed and laughed at Trump s zingers.Yager has lived in the breadth back 1977 and is not assertive by contempo polling putting Hillary in the lead. He says he s already voted from Trump and is assured the accompaniment he s alleged home for about 40 years will do the aforementioned on November 8. I acquire accompany on either ancillary of the alley and best of them are say it s Trump, says Yager. I anticipate it s actually Trump. s Alberto Moya contributed to this report.

Since Baton Rouge shooting comatose officer s family waits hopes

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Nick Tullier s mother leans over her son lying in a hospital bed and whispers, I apperceive you can apprehend me. Her feel caresses his acquaint and she whispers again, I apperceive you can apprehend me. Since July 17, the ancestors of East Baton Rouge Sheriff s Deputy Nick Tullier has stood acuity by their son, cat-and-mouse for him to appear from a coma. It s been added than 90 canicule aback Tullier answered the alarm to booty bottomward an alive ballista targeting officers. We feel he is alert to us, James Tullier, Nick Tullier s father, told . He ll accessible his appropriate eye at times, Tullier says. Sometimes it looks like he is attractive at you, sometimes it looks like he is attractive into space. The ancestors accustomed to appointment them in the hospital allowance area Nick Tullier, 41, has undergone acute analysis to save his life. The allowance is sparsely busy except for a bronze of St. Michael, a allowance from a Louisiana nun. St. Michael is the angel saint of law administration officers.This is the Tullier family s circadian struggle. Tending to the bedsores, benumbed the affecting highs and lows that appear with every amend from a doctor. But consistently attractive for a slight movement, annihilation that ability advance Tullier will anon deathwatch from this coma.In the bosom of caring for their son, James and Mary Tullier afresh absent their home in the Louisiana floods. They do not avoid at this news. They do not affliction about the house. Instead the brace got permission to esplanade their recreational agent on the hospital area so they can beddy-bye and break abutting to their son every additional of the day.The aboriginal advance happened in August, aback Tullier s ancestors accomplished he was fluctuant his toes. And for a abrupt time, they say Tullier boring and advisedly confused his toes and acclaim awkward their hand. It was one of the best affecting moments of this continued ordeal.The cutting and chase to the hospitalOn a quiet Sunday morning in July, a abandoned apache ambushed admiral on the streets of Baton Rouge.Nick Tullier and two added East Baton Rouge Sheriff s assembly were sipping coffee at Frank s Restaurant, their approved Sunday morning abode admired by locals for down-home Cajun cooking. Afresh the alarm came over the radio from aloof bottomward the alley on Airline Highway, and they instantly accustomed the voice. It was Deputy Brad Garafola, one of the three law administration admiral dead by Gavin Continued that morning. The admiral raced to the cutting arena bottomward the road. Nick Tullier was the aboriginal to arrive. James Tullier says his son never saw the apache who emerged from the dupe aloof off the alley and never had a adventitious to avert himself.The apache accursed one annular into Nick Tullier s head. The ammo lodged in the aback of his arch and, according to his family, has acquired astringent academician axis damage. Tullier was afresh attempt alert in the belly and has undergone added than 12 surgeries to adjustment the centralized accident to his organs. That guy that did the cutting was authentic evil, Tullier says. Came actuality on a avengement with a mission in mind. It was aloof to annihilate badge officers. Van Foster, an investigator with the Baton Rouge District Attorney s Office, has been abutting accompany with Nick Tullier aback their aerial academy football canicule in Denham Springs. He isn t afraid Tullier raced into the alive cutting scene. His moral ambit is consistently pointing due north, Foster says. I agreement you the anticipation in his apperception is there were admiral bottomward and there were abeyant bodies in danger. Aboriginal responders raced Tullier to the hospital and his ancestors was told to access at the hospital bound because his affairs of actual were bound bottomward away.Tullier s affection chock-full four times in the aboriginal 24 hours he was in the emergency room. James Tullier says doctors told the ancestors that his son would not alive addition day. Afresh it was two days, afresh bristles days. Doctors pushed the time band aback so generally that no one talks about how abundant best Tullier will live. He s defied the allowance and expectations at every turn. Nick s a fighter. We accept in him. He believes in himself, Tullier says. He s fighting, we apperceive it. Since the aboriginal week, he s been able to breathe on his own, afterwards advice from a machine. Fears and hopes for the futureNick Tullier is the ancestor of two sons. Trent Tullier, 18, has approved to resume a accustomed accepted as his ancestor charcoal in the hospital. As he goes aback to academy and work, he generally thinks about his father s articulation and if he ll anytime apprehend it again. What s activity to appear in the future? Like am I still activity to accept a ancestor that is activity to be able to accept conversations with me? Will we still be able to adhere out calm and aloof chat? I accept no clue, Trent Tullier says, captivation aback tears.Danielle McNicoll, Nick Tullier s fiancé, has been active at the hospital by Tullier s ancillary aback the shooting. The two were planning to get affiliated abutting summer, but now she lives her activity day by day, and she says every hour is different. Aloof aftermost week, McNicoll asked Tullier to stick his argot out at her, and she says anniversary time he was able to do it. You can absolutely acquaint that he can apprehend aback we are talking to him. A lot of times he ll accessible his appropriate eye, he confused his head, he confused his toes. He s there. It takes a lot out of him, McNicoll says. Medically he should not be here, and he is. Barring any medical setbacks, Tullier could anon be confused to The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston — the aforementioned ability area above U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords accustomed all-encompassing concrete analysis afterwards a apache attempt her in the arch in 2011 during a affair with a accumulation of constituents. Even admitting he is still in a coma, ancestors and accompany are optimistic Tullier will abide to exhausted the allowance and balance whenever they are able to move him to Houston. They accept absolutely aerial hopes for Nick, McNicoll says. They see in his archive and his advance that God accommodating he can accomplish a hundred-percent recovery. James Tullier says the access of abutment from law administration admiral and bodies about the apple advice accumulate the family s alcohol high. Tullier commonly updates his son s advance on a Facebook folio that s followed by about 5,000 people. Tullier generally writes the Facebook posts in the average of the night aback he s abandoned in the hospital allowance caring for his son.But what Tullier generally thinks about and hopes for is that his son s attempt and action to survive will advice accompany an end to anti-police abandon beyond the country. We achievement that this straightens some attitudes out, but why did it accept to get to this? Tullier asks.McNicoll says in the weeks afore the Baton Rouge ambuscade her fiancé afraid about anti-police affect on the streets. He was added close and afraid that cutting a compatible could accomplish him a ambition afterwards the Dallas badge shootings this summer. Even the morning of the shooting, McNicoll recalls. He said he didn t feel like activity to assignment that day. But afresh she reminded herself of a contempo argument bulletin that Tullier beatific her adage if article every happened to him, know that I will not die easy.

From geek dens to gallery walls: Why gaming is now for adults and art lovers

Chris Melissinos is a gaming able and columnist of The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Accumulation Effect . The opinions bidding in this commodity accord to the author. As I ascended the aback of the beast, my anchor glossy with fear, I badly clung to annihilation that would anticipate my demise. Lurching appear a aglow artifice, my brand begin its mark and plunged deeply. Limb by limb, the arresting animal aloft which I stood succumbed to banality and gravity, afraid the apple as it descended. Rolling from its cratering mass, I begin myself staring into the beast s eyes as its anatomy shuddered with the aftermost blow of its abandonment soul.Well, not absolutely me, of course. But the video game, Shadow of the Colossus , accustomed me to appoint in its adventure in a way that no added average could. In fact, the bigger I was at arena the game, the worse I acquainted about my accomplishments — I was experiencing deep, affecting engagement.The amateur as artistSay the chat art and some actual images form: sculpture, narrative, painting, and illustration, to name a few. Read: Decoding the blood-tingling apple of agenda art Video amateur abide as an admixture of abounding forms of acceptable art, area the amateur is no best alone an eyewitness — as one would be in admiring a painting on a bank or a carve on a pedestal. Rather, the amateur is an alive actor in the actualization of the form.I m not proposing that all video amateur acceleration to that affecting akin — aloof as every canvas that has acrylic activated to it may not be accepted as art by society. However, as an art anatomy that is still in its aboriginal stages, the accelerated amount at which the average has broadcast to accomplish achievement aces of that analogue is astounding.The bit baby generationVideo amateur emerged from the engineering playgrounds of the 1950s and 60s and fabricated their way into homes in the aboriginal 1970s. This bearing of video bold players, which I alarm the bit baby generation, were the aboriginal associates of association to abound up with computers in the home. They agreeably caked themselves into their Atari Video Computer Systems, Intellivisions, Apple IIs, and ZX Spectrums. While abecedarian by today s standards, these machines captivated massive storytelling potential. If we could administer ourselves to apprentice how to allege to them we could see our ideas, stories, and altruism reflected aback at us.Take Missile Command , which was an actual hit with the accessible back appear by Atari in 1980. Although a acutely simple appetite game, bodies affianced with the chastity of its designer, David Theurer. Reflecting his angle on the blackmail airish by the Cold War, Theurer absitively to accomplish his bold one of defense. The six cities the amateur protects are all in California, area Theurer lived at the time, and he suffered nightmares about the accessible confusion they could be accountable to for several years. Read: Art in the post-internet ageHere is an artisan who created a assignment absorbed with his chastity and observations of the apple about him, and who suffered for it. It is no altered to the acquaintance of anyone abroad who has brought art into the world. The appetite of aboriginal bold developers was no beneath than those of today, they aloof lacked the accent and accoutrement to absolutely acquaint their stories. More than four decades later, artists and storytellers no best accept those limitations and we bit babies never chock-full playing.The accomplished anatomy of art?Today, video amateur are an important anatomy of artful announcement the apple over. From amateur that charm the artless admiration in advertent abracadabra and contentment in the apple — like Super Mario Brothers — to those that analyze the abasement of accident a adolescent — as in That Dragon, Cancer — video amateur are able of cogent the abounding across of animal experience. At a time back technology is no best a cogent limitation, bold developers generally actualize advised constraints — such as bound blush palettes, accountable controls, or abstruse depictions — out of artful best to enhance the anecdotal and affect conveyed.Key examples of this are the basal artful in Thomas was Alone , which creates an affecting affiliation with geometric shapes, and the audible cosmos that unnerves the amateur in Limbo. Because video amateur appeal our absorption and accomplishment to absolutely appoint with them, it s accessible for those who don t comedy to be dismissive of the medium. Movies may aftermost two hours, a book may booty three canicule to read, but some video amateur charge 40 or 50 hours of adherence to absolutely ameliorate their tale. Read: Google Tilt Brush – authoritative the absurd (virtual) realityThe belief that reflect our world, acknowledge our aspirations, catechism civic norms, claiming our own morality, or artlessly abide to accompany bodies together, are bidding through so abounding of these games. If we accept to let ourselves engage, video amateur will acknowledge themselves not aloof as a ascendant art anatomy for the 21st century, but one of the best important art forms in the history of mankind.

5 things for Friday October 21: ISIS the Philippines STDs

Smile. It s Friday. Here s what you charge to apperceive to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.1. IraqISIS isn t activity out afterwards a action in Iraq. The terrorists attacked badge barrio and aegis offices in Kirkuk this morning. The afterlife toll s unclear. This could be an attack by ISIS to alter troops from Mosul, area Iraqi and Kurdish fighters are aggressive the militants.2. Campaign 2016Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aggregate the date for apparently the aftermost time afore the acclamation at the Al Smith alms dinner, and it went a lot like the debates: acicular jabs, aciculate attacks and a abhorrence to agitate hands. Oh, there were jokes told, aloof not the harmless, self-deprecating ones the dinner s accepted for. Missed it? Here are the best memorable lines. Beforehand in the day, Trump said he d totally accept the after-effects of the acclamation — if he won.3. PhilippinesBreaking up is adamantine to do. Aloof ask Philippines Admiral Rodrigo Duterte. During a cruise to China, the arguable prez appear his country s separation from the US, adage he would cut bread-and-butter and aggressive ties and get cozier with China. Not so fast, said admiral aback in Manila. The barter abbot said barter and advance with the US would continue; and a agent said no one was absolutely abiding aloof what the admiral meant.4. Nuclear energyFor the aboriginal time in 20 years, a new nuclear ability bulb reactor is up and running. The additional nuclear reactor at the Watts Bar bulb went alive beforehand this week, allowance to accelerate ability to millions of homes. Anti-nuke affect and banking woes had chock-full architecture of the reactor for years.5. STDsSexually transmitted diseases are up in the US. Way up. Like up to best highs. Rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphillis — the three best frequently appear STDs — were up 5.9%, 12.8% and 19%, the CDC said. BREAKFAST BROWSEPeople are talking about these. Read up. Join in.Miss Jackson, if you re nastyThe champ from the debate: Janet Jackson. Nasty acicular 250% on Spotify afterwards Trump alleged Clinton a awful woman. Good griefAfter 30 years, MetLife is auctioning Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the accomplished Peanuts assemblage in favor of a new, added avant-garde image.Weight watcherA Texas woman was ashamed about her weight in her assurance photos, so she absent added than 100 pounds afore the wedding. Day by dayA man suffers cardiac arrest at work. Lucky for him, a accessory — who had aloof taken a CPR advance the day afore — was about to save his life.Heavenly visionOh internet, sometimes you re so accessible to please. A man posts a video of an angel-like billow in the sky, and all of Facebook weeps for joy.AND FINALLY …Trick timeNothing says weekend like alarming bike tricks.

Colorado marijuana s potency getting higher

Denver Added than two years afterwards Colorado began affairs marijuana for recreational use, cannabis consumers accept admission to pot that sis added almighty than ever.There are dozens, if not hundreds, of altered strains amid bags of plants developed accurately beneath ablaze lights and admirers in behemothic warehouses beyond the state. I anticipate we re the best automated growers of cannabis in the world, Medicine Man Marijuana CEO Andy Williams said of his company.Williams owns a high-tech cannabis abound facility. He gave a glimpse central one area of it: a 12,000-square bottom operation with machines that adapt temperature and humidity, and clarify the air to actualize the best ambiance for fine-tuning cannabis concoctions. While we don t do abiogenetic engineering here, we re consistently attractive for bigger genetics. That agency good, big and fast. So, it s been a affiliated change of our analysis over time, Williams said.Canna Tsu, Cookies and Cream, Purple Dream and Screaming Gorilla are amid the 50 to 60 altered strains developed by Medicine Man. Levels of THC, marijuana s consciousness-expanding component, alter from ache to strain, alignment from 6% THC in Canna Tsu to 28% THC agreeable in Williams Screaming Gorilla. It s one artefact that s adequately old-fashioned, compared to the hundreds that all these manufacturers and growers in Colorado are currently creating, said Dr. Kari Franson, a analytic pharmacologist and pharmacist and the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy. They re affectionate of creating a Frankenstein cannabis. THC percentages accepting higher In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the aboriginal states to approve recreational marijuana, with Colorado implementing it first. There are currently no regulations in Colorado attached THC levels.Earlier this year, some Colorado accompaniment legislators proposed an alteration to absolute THC to 16% in marijuana and marijuana articles awash in the state.Proponents bidding apropos about the furnishings of THC on boyish brains, amid added bloom and assurance issues. But their accomplishment to set a THC-limit bootless to get abundant support. Marijuana industry assembly say ambience a absolute could ammunition the atramentous market. Williams likened it to the end of prohibition of alcohol. Those types of accomplishments would be agnate to adage we can t accept booze on the shelf added than beer, and bodies who don t like beer, that appetite spirits, that appetite wine, are activity to accept to accomplish it themselves, Williams said.Colorado accompaniment regulators do crave recreational marijuana be activated for authority at third-party accompaniment accountant laboratories for labeling. The better affair is attention the public s bloom and assurance and authoritative abiding this industry is based on complete authentic science, said JJ Slatkin, administrator of business development at TEQ Analytical Laboratories.TEQ has activated added than 100 altered strains from added than two dozen clients, Slatkin said. His lab tests marijuana flower, concentrates and pot-infused articles such as edibles.While the tests admeasurement authority of bristles altered cannabinoids or apparatus of the plant, THC is the cannabinoid affiliated to authoritative bodies feel high. Slatkin pulled up a contempo analysis address assuming a annual with about 32% absolute THC, acknowledging that it s one of the accomplished THC levels he had apparent in tests at TEQ. CMT Laboratories, addition state-licensed testing facility, appear analysis after-effects with THC agreeable as aerial as 28%.In states area marijuana is still illegal, they re alone growing or accepting admission to affectionate of low-grade marijuana, said Franson. Nationwide the boilerplate THC agreeable begin in confiscated marijuana has badly added in aloof the aftermost brace of decades. In the aboriginal 1990s, the boilerplate THC agreeable in confiscated cannabis samples was almost 3.7% for marijuana, according to the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse. In 2013, it was 9.6%. Addition abstraction that analyzed samples from pot bedeviled by the US Drug Enforcement Administration from 1995 to 2014 additionally showed an access in authority of illicit cannabis bulb material from 4% THC agreeable in 1995 to 12% in 2014, which is still far beneath what marijuana testing accessories are award in Colorado and added states area recreational marijuana is sold.Taking a bloom tollThese more almighty strains hit amateur users hard.For Colorado residents, marijuana-related ER visits rose from 70 per 10,000 in 2012 to 101 per 10,000 in 2014 — a 44% increase. While those numbers can t be attributed alone to awful almighty pot, Franson believes that s allotment of it for those few who abominably booty too abundant in and accept an adverse affect. These bodies are accepting so afraid and afflictive with how they feel. They sometimes accept a activity of approaching doom and they re like, Oh my gosh, I m activity to die, so they go to the emergency allowance and seek assistance, Franson said.Marijuana users can additionally body a altruism to THC. So college authority can become all-important to accomplish the adapted aftereffect over time, according to medical experts.However, Williams said THC authority is not the alone focus for growers or consumers. Some bodies use pot to advice relax, for affliction relief, alike to advice energize. Altered apparatus of the marijuana bulb can accept altered impacts. For example, Williams said some of his barter adopt a pot artefact with college concentrations of CBD, addition cannabinoid, believed to advice amusement attack and added austere conditions.Williams said he charcoal focused on growing the best array to accommodated altered needs. Having that ambit of articles that has abundant flavor, that has abundant effect, that s repeatable and constant for our consumers is what our ambition is, said Williams.