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GOP congressman: No the election isn t rigged

Washington Oklahoma GOP Rep. Tom Cole, who is acknowledging Donald Trump for president, said Tuesday he doesn t accede with the Republican appointee that the acclamation is rigged. After acquainted he agrees with Trump that the media has been arbitrary and that the elites accept mobilized adjoin him, Cole said: If you re talking about the absolute acclamation process, no, I don t accede … It doesn t action on a calibration all-inclusive abundant to change the aftereffect of a presidential election. Cole told s Erin Burnett on Erin Burnett OutFront that Trump was acknowledged during the primaries, a assurance after-effects from the accepted acclamation won t be manipulated. I m afraid anytime anyone de-legitimizes the acclamation process, he said. Obviously, Mr. Trump was actual acknowledged in the Republican primaries. Nobody approved to dispense the after-effects there. I anticipate the aforementioned affair is accurate in the accepted election. Trump adviser: Whoever loses needs to accord acknowledgment accent to help accompany America aback together Cole additionally advised in on Trump s contempo comments about House Apostle Paul Ryan, adage that Trump doesn t know his House colleague. Well he bluntly doesn t apperceive Paul. The absoluteness is that Paul didn t appetite to be speaker. So the abstraction that he d be action to be admiral appropriate now strikes me as far-fetched, Cole said. He s not aggravating to attenuate anything. What he s aggravating to do is save the Republican majority in the House. That s his job honestly, that s his No. 1 job. When Trump campaigned in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Monday evening, some Trump supporters yelled anti-Ryan statements. I don t appetite to be animadversion Paul Ryan … I anticipate he could be added admiring to the Republican nominee, Trump told ABC News about the chanting.Ryan has connected to break mum about Trump, anytime back he appear on a appointment alarm aftermost anniversary that he would not avert the Republican appointee anymore and instead alive his focus on befitting a Republican majority in the House.Burnett asked Cole why he is still acknowledging Trump for admiral afterwards all his criticism of the Republican nominee. I m not activity to be for somebody who systematically aria to the American people, Cole responded about Democratic appointee Hillary Clinton.

Trump adviser: Whoever loses needs to give concession speech to help bring America back together

Washington A top Donald Trump adviser said Tuesday whoever loses the acclamation needs to accord a acknowledgment accent that will help accompany America aback together. I anticipate whoever loses, I anticipate the acknowledgment accent is acutely important. You apperceive appropriate now as a country we re actual fractured, Michael Cohen, appropriate admonition at the Trump Organization and an adviser to the Republican nominee, told s Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room. I absolutely achievement that whoever loses, that the acknowledgment accent is article that will advice to accompany America aback calm as a people. Debate guests: Trump takes Obama s half-brother, Clinton picks CubanHis comments appear afterwards Republican appointee Donald Trump has again alleged the 2016 acclamation rigged at attack rallies and on Twitter. And on Monday, his attack administrator Kellyanne Conway told that Trump would acquire the aftereffect of the acclamation alone if there is no overwhelming evidence of fraud.Reid says animal advance allegations appearance Trump s sickness Cohen additionally common Trump s statements about the acclamation actuality rigged. When Mr. Trump talks about it actuality a chic system, there s absolutely two genitalia to it, Cohen said. The aboriginal is the media, and the additional is the aborigine fraud. That s what he s apropos to. Cohen additionally airtight House Speaker Paul Ryan for his move to stop arresting the Republican nominee, adage that the attack needs the Republicans to unite about Trump. Shame on Paul Ryan and any Republican that doesn t appetite to abutment their nominee, Cohen said. You may not accede with Mr. Trump on aggregate that he says … (but) the accuracy is we charge the Republicans to all affiliate about Mr. Trump. Again, there s 21 days. It s about time they stop with all this nonsense. s Samantha Reyes and Greg Wallace contributed to this report.

Former Trump tax adviser: Trump had zero involvement in preparing tax returns

A above tax adviser to Donald Trump said the Republican presidential applicant had virtually zero role in advertisement a about $916 actor loss, a move that meant the absolute acreage mogul could be absolved from advantageous federal taxes for about two decades. Jack Mitnick told s Kate Bolduan and John Berman on At This Hour that Trump s tax allotment — including those appear in a New York Times address over the weekend — were able by a abstracted banking team, rather than by Trump himself. Mitnick dodged on a catechism on whether or not Trump had filed agnate losses at added times during his career, citation his adherence to codes of belief of two professions — he s an accountant and an attorney. RELATED: Trump: I m alive for you now, I m not alive for Trump He said, however, Trump acted able-bodied aural acknowledged bound in his 1995 tax filings.Trump has appear beneath blaze for not allotment to absolution his above-mentioned tax returns, a point of criticism Hillary Clinton has again criticized the GOP appointee for. Mitnick has not heard from the Trump attack in the canicule back the Times report, but has accustomed new begin absorption from the media afterwards it was appear that he played a key role in advancing Trump s antecedent returns. RELATED: Eric Trump: My ancestor has paid a tremendous bulk of tax Trump has said he ll absolution his tax allotment aloft achievement of an IRS audit.And will he bandy his abutment abaft his above employer appear November? That s confidential, Mitnick said. I won t acknowledgment that.

Senior adviser: Trump addressing birther issue is up to him

Any accommodation by Donald Trump to about say whether he believes Admiral Barack Obama was built-in in the US is alone up to him, attack chief adviser Boris Epshteyn said Friday in a acrimonious barter with s Chris Cuomo. Since the account (issued Thursday night), he has not been asked the question. Epshteyn said on New Day. Cuomo followed up, Are you advising him to say that the birther being is bunk, don t accept it? That s his decision. He should do what s best for himself and the American people, Epshteyn said. Do you accept this is activity to advice you, not answering the question? Cuomo asked. Trump campaign, but not Trump, says Obama was built-in in the USEpshteyn responded by blaming the media for absorption too acutely on the issue. What s not activity to advice me is the media and the larboard active this block affair and adding Americans. We re chain Americans. I m adding America? Cuomo asked. By your applicant abnegation to acknowledgment an affair which is axial to whether or not he thinks the admiral is legitimate? Yes you are, Ephsteyn answered.The Trump attack appear a account from agent Jason Miller on Thursday black adage the Admiral was both in the United States, but Trump has not yet said it in his own words. Obama was built-in in Hawaii in 1961.Whether Trump says annihilation himself could change Friday. Bodies about the applicant are blame him to say in his own words that Obama was built-in in the US, a antecedent accustomed with the bearings told s Dana Bash. The apprehension is that Trump will acceptable do so Friday.

Ex-Obama adviser rips Clinton s unhealthy penchant for privacy

A above chief adviser to President Barack Obama criticized Hillary Clinton s unhealthy affection for privacy on Monday, afterward Clinton s aboriginal abandonment from a September 11 canonizing and the campaign s afterwards acceptance that the Democratic presidential appointee had been diagnosed Friday with pneumonia. David Axelrod, who is a political commentator, tweeted, Antibiotics can booty affliction of pneumonia. What s the cure for an ailing affection for aloofness that again creates accidental problems? The adept Democratic architect was referencing a asperous 48-hour amplitude for the Clinton advance over the weekend, during which Clinton was affected to leave a September 11, 2001, agitator advance canonizing account afterwards overheating, which her aggregation afterwards appear was the aftereffect of a pneumonia analysis the above Secretary of State, who is 68, had accustomed on Friday but which had not been fabricated accessible at the time. Donald Trump s advance administrator Kellyanne Conway piggybacked on Axelrod s criticism, acknowledging to his tweet: Wow. Well said. Clinton s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, responded on Twitter, We could accept done bigger yesterday, but it is a actuality that accessible knows added about HRC than any appointee in history. She added, In adverse to HRC, Trump has been beneath cellophane than any appointee in avant-garde history. Conway attempt aback at Palmieri: D-E-F-E-N-S-E. Yet, Jen has a point: they apperceive abundant about Hillary that they don t like her, don t assurance her. Axelrod — who helped run both of Obama s acknowledged presidential campaigns, including his primary action with Clinton in 2008 — has been an alternate analyzer and backseat disciplinarian during Clinton s 2016 campaign. In February this year, during a difficult amplitude for the Clinton advance due to revelations about Clinton s email use at the State Department, Axelrod cryptically wrote on Twitter: When the exact aforementioned problems crop up in abstracted campaigns, with altered staff, at what point do the principals say, Hey, maybe it s US? During the Democratic primary, he additionally criticized Clinton s aggregation for overthinking their agitation strategy, which had been abundant in a New York Times report. Kind of amazing as to why @HillaryClinton association are so explicitly, if anonymously, laying out her agitation action a anniversary out. #justdoit

Obama adviser explains why Clinton s Syria plan won t work

Chicago The no-fly breadth in Syria proposed by Democratic beloved and above Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be both abortive and a poor use of resources, according to White House agent civic aegis adviser Ben Rhodes. A no fly breadth in Syria would not break the problem, Rhodes told David Axelrod on The Axe Files, a podcast produced by and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics. If you had an breadth of cartography in Syria area planes couldn t fly over it, bodies would still be killing anniversary added on the ground. ISIL doesn t accept planes, so that doesn t break the ISIL problem. They would still be able to annihilation bodies on the ground. And we would accept to allot an astronomic bulk of our assets — which are currently adherent to award ISIL and killing them wherever they are — to advancement this no-fly zone. So it s aloof not a acceptable use of resources. Clinton, who served beneath President Obama as Secretary of State, has argued in favor of a no-fly zone. At a /NY1 Democratic agitation aftermost Thursday, with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton common her abutment for such a move. I do still abutment a no-fly breadth because I anticipate we charge to put in safe havens for those poor Syrians who are beat both Assad and ISIS and so they accept some abode they can be safe, she said. In an hour-long account with Axelrod, Rhodes common the administration s activity to Clinton s stance. How would it be safe if there is no arena force? If you accept a no fly zone, yes, there s not a accident of air attack, but there are abounding altered armament angry on the arena in Syria, including agitator armament that would still be able to backpack out attacks on the ground, he said. And the actuality is we accept the adeptness to ambition them and to bomb them already. A no fly breadth adeptness actualize some added adeptness to administer some of the refugee flows and besom aback some of the Syrian regime s air attacks on civilians, but bluntly that abandon could aloof apparent itself in altered means on the arena or drift to altered areas. Rhodes, who formed with Clinton in the Obama administration, did activity acclaim for her assignment at the State Department. She is addition who has been accessible to aggressive solutions in general, and in debates that we had in the Situation Room she accurate demography aggressive activity on a lot of the questions that emerged, he said. However, she is additionally a absolute internationalist. She is addition who ethics alliances. And so I don t anticipate she would subscribe to affectionate of the rash, neoconservative interventionism area we are accomplishing things by ourselves. I anticipate she would be added addition who s aggravating to body coalitions. Despite demography the reins at State afterward her absinthian defeat to Obama in the 2008 election, Rhodes declared Clinton as warm and gracious during her time in the administration, acquainted that she became close with Obama. She absolutely threw herself into the job from the additional she accustomed it, so that fabricated it abundant easier to leave that accomplished behind, he said. To apprehend the accomplished account with Rhodes, which additionally affected on Saudi Arabia s role in the September 11 attacks, the proposed appropriation of the U.S. embargo on Cuba and the White House acknowledgment to contempo criticism from above Defense Secretary Bob Gates, and more, bang on http://podcast. .com. To get The Axe Files podcast every week, subscribe at http://itunes.com/theaxefiles.

Top Trump adviser: We don t want support of white supremacists

New York A top adopted action adviser to Donald Trump on Thursday denounced white supremacists who accepted the Republican nominee s clearing accent in Phoenix, calling them disgusting. Not alone does Donald Trump abjure them, but I anticipate best Americans abjure that band of cerebration and those kinds of groups, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told s Erin Burnett on OutFront, abacus that he alone finds white supremacists and their angle disgusting. Flynn, the above administrator of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said Trump s bulletin on clearing is directed at all Americans and it would be a big, big mistake to try to affix racism to the Trump campaign, or to articulation the Ku Klux Klan to the Republican Party or bourgeois movement.Trump disavows robo-call from David DukeSpeaking anon to above KKK Grand Wizard David Duke s acclaim of the speech, Flynn said Trump can t ascendancy what Duke says, but fatigued there is zero abutment — aught — and aught avowment of what he represents. Trump said aftermost anniversary he does not appetite the abutment of white supremacists.In his accent Wednesday night, Trump insisted there would be no amnesty for undocumented immigrants active in the United States and again his affiance to body a bank amid the United States and Mexico, with the southern US acquaintance advantageous for it.Flynn alleged it an accomplished speech, actual absolute and I anticipation there was a lot of meat to it.