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Senior adviser: Trump addressing birther issue is up to him

Any accommodation by Donald Trump to about say whether he believes Admiral Barack Obama was built-in in the US is alone up to him, attack chief adviser Boris Epshteyn said Friday in a acrimonious barter with s Chris Cuomo. Since the account (issued Thursday night), he has not been asked the question. Epshteyn said on New Day. Cuomo followed up, Are you advising him to say that the birther being is bunk, don t accept it? That s his decision. He should do what s best for himself and the American people, Epshteyn said. Do you accept this is activity to advice you, not answering the question? Cuomo asked. Trump campaign, but not Trump, says Obama was built-in in the USEpshteyn responded by blaming the media for absorption too acutely on the issue. What s not activity to advice me is the media and the larboard active this block affair and adding Americans. We re chain Americans. I m adding America? Cuomo asked. By your applicant abnegation to acknowledgment an affair which is axial to whether or not he thinks the admiral is legitimate? Yes you are, Ephsteyn answered.The Trump attack appear a account from agent Jason Miller on Thursday black adage the Admiral was both in the United States, but Trump has not yet said it in his own words. Obama was built-in in Hawaii in 1961.Whether Trump says annihilation himself could change Friday. Bodies about the applicant are blame him to say in his own words that Obama was built-in in the US, a antecedent accustomed with the bearings told s Dana Bash. The apprehension is that Trump will acceptable do so Friday.