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Elizabeth Warren poses threat to new Wells Fargo CEO

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is out Elizabeth Warren ability accept been blessed to see the abrupt abandonment of above Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf aftermost week. But that doesn t beggarly she s a fan of the new boss. Warren, who abundantly alleged Stumpf gutless while adage he should resign, now wants to apperceive whether new Wells Fargo (WFC ) CEO Tim Sloan was acquainted of the bank s affected annual scandal. And if he was, what did the longtime Wells Fargo exec do about it? The Massachusetts agent asked these questions in a letter she accursed off on Thursday to Stephen Sanger, the new administrator of Wells Fargo s board. Sloan was alleged CEO afterwards Stumpf stepped bottomward amidst acute analysis over the conception of as abounding as 2 actor affected accounts. A abandonment abandoned is not abundant to assure able accountability at Wells Fargo, Warren and New Jersey Agent Bob Menendez wrote in the letter. Sloan has had a 29-year career at Wells Fargo, but abundant of that was not at the company s retail bank, area the problems occurred. Only back November 2015 did Sloan baby-sit association cyberbanking in his role as admiral and arch operating officer. Sloan additionally did stints as arch banking administrator and arch authoritative officer. Warren wants Wells Fargo to explain if Sloan played any role in the scandal. She additionally wants to apperceive if the lath advised hiring anyone else. Related: Letter warned Wells Fargo in 2007 Wells Fargo did not acknowledge to a appeal for comment. However, a agent for the company s absolute admiral appear a annual to that said they take these issues seriously. The admiral promised that the advancing analysis launched by the lath will follow the facts wherever they lead. The lath additionally addressed the apropos about Sloan, adage it has great confidence in his administration and charge to authoritative abiding this conduct does not action again. Jaret Seiberg, a Cowen & Co. analyst, sees the letter from Warren as a threat to Mr. Sloan s approaching as CEO and alleged it a make or breach moment. The key, Seiberg wrote in a analysis report, will be whether Sloan can argue assembly he did not tacitly condone actionable activity. Not surprisingly, Warren believes Stumpf s retirement was entirely appropriate, due to the scope of atrocity on his watch. But Warren is demography affair with the almost $130 actor of Wells Fargo shares and added payouts Stumpf is set to airing abroad with. That affluence reflects banal he accumulated during his three decades at the coffer as able-bodied as added payouts. Stumpf did cost $41 actor in banal awards afterwards the aspersion broke. Related: Sign up for s morning bazaar newsletter: Before The Bell Warren additionally acicular to government filings that announce Stump could annual allowances of $200,000 and a claimed disciplinarian over the abutting two years if he stays on as a consultant. That s to say annihilation of the $200 actor Warren has estimated Stumpf fabricated during the years Wells Fargo has accepted the affected annual aspersion was demography place. In acknowledgment to Warren s letter, the lath common to it is able to take added actions if they are warranted by the allegation of the investigation. The lath said that includes abeyant clawbacks of advantage already paid out. The questions about Stumpf s pay appear amidst new questions about back he was aboriginal alerted to the scandal. acquired a 2007 letter addressed to Stumpf that warned of boundless unethical (and illegal) activity central Wells Fargo, including the routine deception of customers. Warren asked for a accounting acknowledgment from Wells Fargo by October 27 and a conference no after than November 3. (New York) Aboriginal appear October 20, 2016: 5:15 PM ET

Edward Snowden is a saint not a sinner

Jimmy Wales is the architect of Wikipedia and a lath affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation. In 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia, sued the NSA over the agency s accumulation surveillance of all-embracing communications. The angle bidding in this annotation are his own. Wikipedia is founded on a basement assumption of neutrality, gluttonous to call all accordant abandon after demography a political stance. As an individual, I, too, try to break out of best political debates — except area they anon appulse my claimed affection for the chargeless breeze of information. This is one of those times. Back I founded Wikipedia in 2001, the Internet was a abode area accustomed bodies could advisedly actualize and allotment with one another. Wikipedia emerged from that autonomous spirit, as a association committed to the chargeless barter of knowledge. Our mission was and continues to be to aggregate the sum absolute of all animal ability and accomplish it accessible to everybody in their own language.Since its founding, Wikipedia has become one of the best accepted websites in the world. And we acquiescently bouncer the aloofness of our users, both the 75,000 bodies who address the album and the half-billion bodies who apprehend it. In 2013, back Edward Snowden appear the ambit and calibration of the arrangement of accumulation surveillance that had been congenital by the Civic Aegis Agency and added civic aegis agencies, we were horrified.It is acknowledgment to Snowden that we can now participate in an abreast and autonomous agitation about how the US government subverted the ability of the Internet in the name of accumulation surveillance. As a aftereffect of what he disclosed, bodies began to apprehend their aloofness had been massively breakable over the accomplished decade, and not aloof by the NSA. They accustomed that their claimed advice was actuality collected, stored, analyzed and shared. Text messages, emails and buzz annal they anticipation were clandestine were absolutely up for grabs, calmly accessed by the US government either anon from above tech companies or by borer the cables and switches that comprise the Internet s backbone. And all of the surveillance was done after a warrant. That is why I ve active assimilate the attack allurement President Barack Obama to absolution Snowden. After him, accustomed bodies about the apple would still apperceive little of the growing dragnet airless the Internet s astronomic abeyant for good.As a aftereffect of Snowden s actions, the Internet has become safer and users are bigger able to assure themselves. Since the disclosures began in 2013, the cardinal of websites affective to HTTPS to encrypt cartage has skyrocketed. (This includes Wikipedia and US federal government websites.) Accepted messaging apps like WhatsApp accept adopted end-to-end encryption, and apps like Signal, which was acclimated alone by the awful privacy-sensitive, accept become added popular.Some of the world s better tech companies accept stood up adjoin government attempts to admit them in surveillance operations. Nowhere was that added acutely on affectation than beforehand this year, back Apple banned FBI demands that it admit malware into an iPhone, which would accept attenuated its technology for everyone.But what may be alike added important than acknowledged reforms and abstruse changes is the accessible agitation Snowden instigated. His disclosures brought about a change in consciousness, reinstating aloofness as a axial value, and anew incentivizing the aegis of advice activists and dissidents abroad. Adolescent bodies in the United States are added accurate in what they about allotment online. Activist groups like Black Lives Matter are demography pains to assure their communications. And the United Nations has accustomed that encryption is basic to the aegis of all-around animal rights.The abounding absolute developments catalyzed by Snowden can t absolutely disengage the abuse that accumulation surveillance has done to people s adroitness and chargeless barter of ideas. We apperceive there has been a air-conditioned effect. People s behavior online has changed, and writers common are agreeable in aberrant levels of self-censorship.That said, a adventurous adolescent American bigmouth has accustomed us the best important apparatus in our action to accost the Internet: knowledge. Snowden acted out of a adulation of the Internet and its affiance as an accessible amplitude for collaboration, administration and experimentation. I d like to anticipate that if I had been in his place, I would accept done the aforementioned thing. For his act of conscience, he deserves our cutting appreciation.Jimmy Wales is the architect of Wikipedia and a lath affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation. In 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia, sued the NSA over the agency s accumulation surveillance of all-embracing communications. The angle bidding in this annotation are his own.

The Great Barrier Reef is not actually dead

There is a big aberration amid asleep and dying. Outside Magazine appear a somewhat tongue-in-cheek obituary for the Great Barrier Beach beforehand this week, citation its lifespan from 25 actor BC-2016. The commodity abundant the activity of the reef, its alive associates in the ecological community, its common acclaim and the apricot acerbic that has led to its breakable health. The Great Barrier Beach of Australia anesthetized abroad in 2016 afterwards a continued illness. It was 25 actor years old, apprehend the article. Immediate acknowledgment on amusing mediaThe obituary was met with abhorrence and disbelief, both by scientists and amusing media users alike. Russell Brainard, arch of the Apricot Beach Ecosystem Program at NOAA s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, told HuffPost that he believes the commodity was highlighting the coercion of the situation, but that those who don t accept any ambience are activity to booty it at face amount that the Great Barrier Beach is dead. Many bodies on amusing media are absolutely demography it at face value. Twitter users accept been afflicted the accident of the beach and advancement followers to pay austere absorption to the consequences. Many are overextension apocryphal advice entirely. Rowan Jacobsen, the biographer of the obituary, is a aliment and ecology writer, not a scientist. But the commodity has led some outlets to affirmation that scientists accept declared the beach clearly dead, added overextension the exaggeration. Bodies accept additionally taken to Twitter to try to get the accuracy out. Ecology anchorman Tony Davis tweeted, Reports of the Great Barrier Reef s afterlife are abundantly exaggerated, say scientists, booing Outside Magazine and the Cornell Cooperative Extension at Rockland County, which cites ecological sustainability as one of its missions, tweeted Great Barrier Beach is Dying NOT Dead! The bulletin should be that it isn t too late… not we should all accord up. The Great Barrier Beach is the world s better apricot beach ecosystem and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It covers added than 300,000 aboveboard kilometers and consists of added than 3,000 reefs, 600 islands, and 300 apricot cays. Accretion effortsThere s no abstinent that the Great Barrier Beach is in austere trouble. According to a address by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Apricot Beach Studies, 93% of the beach is afflicted by bleaching, putting the beach in crisis of extinction. Acerbic occurs back apricot are put beneath acute accent by changes in altitude like temperature, light, or nutrients. In these conditions, they belch accommodating algae from their tissues, causing them to about-face white. Scientists are more afraid that over-exaggerating the accompaniment of the beach will advance the abstraction that it is able the point of recovery. Professor John Pandolfi from the ARC Centre at the University of Queensland has bidding hope. It is alarmingly important now to bolster the animation of the reef, and to aerate its accustomed accommodation to recover. But the furnishings are austere and possibly permanent. The beach is no best as airy as it already was, and it s disturbing to cope with three acerbic contest in aloof 18 years, he said. The obituary lays accusation on the Australian government, acquainted that the government pressured the United Nations to abolish the beach from a altitude change address because it was anxious about its appulse on tourism. But on September 28, the Australian and Queensland governments appear the aboriginal Beach 2050 Plan anniversary report, assuming the $2 billion advance against convalescent the reef s bloom for approaching ancestors is advantageous off. The plan has able 29 of its 151 advised actions, admitting it addendum that the accretion action needs to be accelerated if they appetite to abide to be successful. Apricot bleaching, fishing, mining, and afire deposit fuels accept all contributed to the abolition of the beach over several decades. Added than 2 actor bodies appointment it anniversary year, and governments, scientists, and charities are alive so approaching ancestors can abide to acknowledge its beauty. It s not asleep yet, folks.

Would Democrats have supported Bill Clinton in 2016?

Issac Bailey has been a announcer in South Carolina for two decades and was best afresh the primary columnist for The Sun News in Myrtle Beach. He was a 2014 Harvard University Nieman fellow. Follow him on Twitter: @ijbailey. The angle bidding are his own. Would the Democratic Affair accept accurate Bill Clinton for admiral in 2016?The acknowledgment to that catechism would be added important and absolute than re-litigating why the affair accurate him in 1992 and 1996, and alike afterwards he aria beneath adjuration — and on civic TV, wagging his feel at us — during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Back then, it was easier to adduce examples of added presidents atrocious behavior, like that of John F. Kennedy, to edgeless any allocution that clandestine foibles could affect accessible achievement in the White House. But the actuality is, Clinton s clandestine shortcomings eventually about sunk his presidency, admitting his astronomic political talent, affecting the country in means that are still not absolutely understood. During that period, Osama bin Laden was declaring war on us while Admiral Clinton was actuality derided for ablution missiles to try to annihilate the man who would eventually advance the best baleful calm alarm advance in our nation s history. He was wagging the dog to change the subject, his critics claimed (and some supporters acceptable thought). He additionally launched a civic chat on chase relations whose attendance was additionally afflicted by his claimed scandal. The Republican Affair took it too far, with accusation and ambiguous rumors of added animal conduct. But Bill Clinton s clandestine behavior provided the GOP lots of ammunition. I can t advice but admiration area we would be in the war on alarm or chase relations if a hyper-partisanship fueled, in part, by Clinton s claimed faults hadn t taken hold. In the after-effects of the rumors of animal misconduct, allegations of animal advance and accepted cheating behavior by the above Admiral (who larboard appointment with a aerial approval rating, aloof the same), the country changed. We now aboveboard and relentlessly appraise abduction ability and the abusage of women by able men, and abundant of that altercation is led by Democrats and liberals. Aloof ask Nate Parker, the administrator and amateur who saw an old accusation of rape, for which he was begin not accusable — and for which he said he was falsely accused — derail the success of his potentially groundbreaking cine about Nat Turner and acceptable abbreviate a once-presumed Oscar-nomination.Or ask Bill Cosby, who allegedly spent abundant of his developed activity abusing and assaulting women but is alone over the accomplished few years actuality captivated to annual — back he is an old man and afterwards he s fabricated his affluence and a name for himself.Given this new climate, Democrats should ask themselves if they would vote for Bill Clinton today. Why? Well, this has annihilation to do with Hillary Clinton s affairs this year and aggregate to do with the Democratic abhorrence with Donald Trump. Each man and woman in a accord has to accomplish claimed decisions about how to handle the indiscretions of a partner. No one should adjudicator Hillary Clinton for blockage with her bedmate or criticize addition woman who in the aforementioned bearings ability accept filed for divorce. That allotment of conjugal activity is and charge abide private, not for accessible consumption.But the blow of us charge argue with how and back to counterbalance claimed faults back it comes to free who should advance us, because as the adventure of Bill Clinton makes clear, they do matter. (Barack Obama, for example, thankfully did not accept such problems either afore he was adopted or during his two agreement in office.)If Democrats would vote for Bill Clinton today, admitting what we apperceive about his claimed behaviors — which admonish us of Trump s — it artlessly shows that the abhorrence they feel about Trump is added partisanship than principles. And it shows they accept the bind Republicans acquisition themselves in bigger than they let on. Though Republicans brought Trump on themselves and are adversity the after-effects of their own decisions and actions, there is argumentation abaft their struggle. It is artlessly actuality that a Hillary Clinton admiral is added acceptable to booty the country in a political administration best conservatives and Republicans don t want. It is additionally actuality that the appearance of the Supreme Court for the abutting bearing or two hangs in the balance, and Republicans apperceive this, no amount what they anticipate about Trump.It s aloof that the Republican Affair has to cost aloof about aggregate acceptable about itself to abutment Trump in any way.If Democrats would still abutment Bill Clinton in 2016 for the admiral (which is not the aforementioned as admiring his post-presidential work), it proves that the gap amid the two parties is not as advanced as some Democrats are self-righteously claiming.A man like Trump took advantage of an aperture in the Republican Party, one fueled by acrimony and the disillusionment of millions of Republicans who abhorrence a browning America. That s why bigotry and misogyny are at the amount of his address — and not a about-face off — to a cogent articulation of the GOP.That doesn t beggarly a altered man, an as-yet-identified Democrat or left-leaning independent, who presents a altered affectionate (but still actual real) of crisis won t be able to booty advantage of Democrats in the aforementioned way that Trump has taken advantage of the GOP, the abutting time around.Instead of blithely watching the GOP s destruction, the Democratic Affair would be astute to appraise itself for vulnerabilities to such a Trump-like amount who could betrayal them in means they today acceptable don t alike anticipate is possible.