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Vladimir Putin is trying to hack the election. What should US do?

Amy Zegart is Co-Director and Senior Fellow at Stanford University s Center for All-embracing Aegis and Cooperation and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. The opinions bidding in this annotation are hers. Abutting month, America will accept a new president. Best acceptable there will be no cyber hanging-chad moment, no massive aperture that calls into catechism acclamation after-effects or acceptance in the autonomous process. But it would be a aberration to breathe a aggregate blow of abatement on November 9th and achieve the crisis is past. The crisis is aloof beginning. The 2016 acclamation is a admonishing of darker hacks to come.Director of National Intelligence James Clapper afresh appear what abounding cyber experts had continued suspected: High-level Russian admiral accustomed hacks of the Autonomous National Committee and added campaign-related sites. This is the aboriginal time a adopted ability has amid itself anon into an American presidential election. Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin wasn t aloof acid our calendar systems. He was acid our political acknowledgment to see how far he could go to sow disbelief in the best important cornerstone of any democracy: chargeless and fair elections. Our acknowledgment has not helped.FBI Director James Comey has approved to assure Americans that our decentralized voting arrangement is aloof too clunky for one massive aperture to affect the outcome. But sometimes baby changes can accept big effects. Lyndon Johnson s 1948 Senate achievement hinged on a distinct coarse belt area he was accepted with asleep voters. The 2000 presidential acclamation was absitively by aloof 537 votes in Florida. In a bound race, cyber bad actors don t charge to agitate everything. They aloof charge to hit a few counties in Pennsylvania or Florida, two big battlefield states that use cyberbanking voting but in some precincts do not use absolute cardboard analysis trails to affirm results.Pennsylvania and Florida are not alone. Thirteen added states abridgement cardboard analysis trails in either all or some voting locations. Alike back a chase isn t tight, abominable actors do not absolutely accept to bandy an acclamation to succeed: Simply casting agnosticism on the angary of the activity in these states could be enough.Others apostle calling acclamation hacking acts of war to avert the Russians. This feels acceptable and sounds tough. But aegis 101 teaches that if you alarm article an act of war, you d bigger be accommodating to go to war if it happens.Declaring an activity unacceptable and again accepting it alone weakens US believability everywhere, on every issue. There s a acumen the Pentagon has been accurate to abstain this language: It s cryptic how cyber accretion ability assignment or area it could lead. Abounding cyber weapons accept a use it and lose it quality. Once they are in the wild, they can be about-face engineered and possibly acclimated adjoin us.Crossing from the cyber to accurate worlds is alike added uncertain. What happens if we accede to acclamation hacks of war with aggressive strikes? What will the antagonist do next? Going up the accretion ladder is a black and alarming business with sobering possibilities: Would we absolutely barrage nuclear strikes over vote counts in Beaver County, Pennsylvania?Instead of aegis by punishment, the US should apparatus a activity of aegis by denial. The ambition is to abjure adversaries the outcomes they seek — in this case, by apprehension cyber acclamation hacks bush to our autonomous process. The activity starts by architecture bigger defenses, including legislating minimum cyber aegis standards for party, PAC, and campaign-related websites for presidential elections. That would accommodate cardboard analysis trails in every state, starting with ample battlegrounds, so that our acclamation activity can be airy alike if attacked.Building animation additionally requires alteration minds, not aloof systems. Accessible apprenticeship is essential. Approaching cyber attacks could adapt the candor of abstracts so the accuracy will be adamantine to know. Today, back a aperture occurs, we accept the advice appear charge be true. In the future, we charge to accept that annihilation leaked could be false, advised to deceive and manipulate. Because increasingly, it will.Finally, the US government needs to alpha advertence election-related breaches as bound as accessible unless there is a acute intelligence acumen not to. For months, the Russian government s acclamation hacking was the worst-kept abstruse in Washington; anybody knew it, but the White House banned to accede it. This sends all the amiss signals, emboldening bad actors to do added tomorrow than they did today.Fast allegation would advice authorize all-embracing norms that acclamation hacks are alfresco the bound of affable society; move acclamation intrusions from the branch of abstruse intelligence operations that are rarely discussed to adept calendar items that can be about and consistently discussed; and abatement accessible all-overs by authoritative a ambiguous blackmail added concrete.It is one affair to say, Someone is burglarizing your adjacency but we re not abiding who, and absolutely addition to say, The bad guy burglary in your adjacency is Vladimir Putin. Here s his picture. Here s what you can do to assure yourself. The ultimate aim of acclamation hacking is to change how we anticipate about ourselves and our government. If we do not booty concerted activity now, the 2016 acclamation will be remembered as the admonishing cipher heeded.

Chinese firm acknowledges inadvertent role in cyberattack

Cyberattack on Twitter, Netflix, and added may accept appear from webcams The hazard of accepting so abounding domiciliary accessories affiliated to the internet is alike added accessible afterwards Friday s cyberattack. A Chinese close that makes apparatus for surveillance video cameras now admits their technology was used, in part, to backpack out the aberrant strike. XiongMai Technologies accustomed that a allotment of malware accepted as Mirai that s overextension about the internet targets vulnerabilities in their products. Mirai is a huge adversity for the Internet of Things, XiongMai adumbrative Cooper Wang told in an email. [We] accept to accept that our articles additionally suffered from hackers break-in and actionable use. Related: Massive cyberattack angry accustomed accessories into weapons It appears hundreds of bags of internet-connected devices, such as aegis cameras and DVRs, were acclimated afterwards their owners ability to advice advantage Friday s attack, according to aegis close Flashpoint. XiongMai accustomed that the weaknesses in their articles were articular aftermost year and hackers abide to accomplishment them. Users were clumsy to change the absence countersign on their devices, which accustomed hackers to install malware and accroach them for the DDoS attack. Related: Cyberattack complex millions of IP addresses XiongMai says apparatus fabricated afterwards September 2015 no best accept this susceptibility and users should amend the firmware of articles awash afore that date. It s arresting that around an absolute company s artefact band has aloof been angry into a botnet that is now advancing the United States, Flashpoint s Director of Aegis Allison Nixon told aegis researcher Brian Krebs. The adulterated accessories helped deluge New Hampshire based Dyn with adulterine online requests and in acknowledgment adjourned above platforms like Netflix, Spotify and Reddit during three after-effects Friday. Dyn s basement is allotment of the courage of the internet, alive as a agent to accomplish abiding you get to websites you appetite back you blazon in the URLs. (London) First appear October 23, 2016: 11:39 AM ET

Tensions high inside Jungle refugee camp as demolition nears

Tensions are aerial central The Jungle, a sprawling makeshift refugee affected in the French anchorage boondocks of Calais, area authorities were to activate evicting migrants Monday.Authorities accept accustomed the bags of bodies active there two options: seek cover in France or acknowledgment to their country of origin. Some 6,900 refugees, added than 1,200 of them children, alive in the encampment, a assortment of abominable tents and acting shelters. Clashes amid migrants and badge erupted Saturday night at the camp, said Sue Jex, arch of operations for the alms Care 4 Calais. She said a cardinal of barrio central the affected were destroyed by fire.Images from the affected appearance anarchism badge battlefront breach gas.A ample cardinal of badge will be on duke to anticipate army problems. Added than 1,000 anarchism badge admiral were deployed to the affected Sunday advanced of the closure, an Interior Admiral agent told . Horse-mounted badge were apparent abreast the camp.Calais Jungle casual camp: What you charge to know It s actual abutting because bodies apperceive that change is coming, Jex told . There is a absolute accepting that the affected is activity (away). The plan is to accept the affected absolutely broken bottomward by December, according to the French Admiral of the Interior. The affected sprawls over about 40 acreage of beach dunes already acclimated for landfill, with altered nationalities in altered sections.Many in The Jungle are afraid to annals as refugees in France because their adopted destination is Britain. I try to break in England but I don t accept money to go in England or to break in France. I anticipate it is so adamantine for me, it is not accessible … one Sudanese casual said. Only God can advice me appropriate now. A advance French abecedary at a academy in the affected said bodies are afraid because they do not apperceive area they will go. They accept no abstraction which abode they re headed to and aloft all if they are activity to break with their friends, said Michel Abecassis. We are all actual worried, I am actual worried. A lot of bodies are actuality with actual abutting accompany and of advance their achievement is to be in a accession centermost with their friends, and not to aloof be beatific anywhere. On Sunday, bottom patrols of volunteers broadcast flyers answer that the affected is to abutting and analogue the two options accessible to its occupants: seek cover in France and be relocated aural the country, or acknowledgment to their country of origin.Authorities say association of the affected will be candy on a first-come, first-served base alpha Monday at 8 a.m. bounded time. Association were accustomed a letter Sunday, translated into several languages. The letter, acquired by , tells the association to accomplish their way to a accession point area they will be put on buses. Everybody active in the Calais boscage will accept to leave in adjustment to be cloistral in one of the French accession and counseling centers, the letter said.The letter assures migrants that they would be offered adaptation and meals. Most of those active in the affected are from sub-Saharan Africa — Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia — and Afghanistan; they accept spent months or alike years there in the achievement of extensive the UK, some 30 afar abroad beyond the English Channel. Refugees from war broken Iraq and Syria accept additionally set up acting homes in the Jungle. Welcome to The Jungle Those who accept to administer for cover will be offered the best of two French regions. They will be taken to the area they accept by bus about anon and offered acting adaptation in a apartment while their affirmation is processed.Up to 60 buses are accepted to leave the affected on Monday, with dozens of added departures through the week. Special accoutrement are to be fabricated for unaccompanied minors.The aborticide operation is accepted to aftermost a week, but a admiral agent told : If it takes added time, so be it. We accept all the time in the world. Anyone who opts to go home will be taken there by plane.Camp citizenry who accept already approved cover abroad aural the European Union will be transported to that country while their appliance is processed.Cleaners are accepted to activate assignment at the armpit on Tuesday, accretion their cleaning zone as the aborticide proceeds.Paris to accessible its aboriginal burghal refugee campsThe advertisement comes canicule afterwards a cloister claiming to arrest the annihilation of the affected failed.At a columnist conference in Geneva beforehand this week, UNHCR agent Adrian Edwards said the cease was accustomed as continued as the French government provided a acceptable band-aid for the displaced. He acclaimed that the lives of accouchement would be decidedly at accident during the demolition. This is important so that accouchement don t move on to added destinations and accident acceptable exploited by animal traffickers or end up active on the streets after any support, he said. Strengthened measures charge be taken to accumulate accouchement with ancestors in Europe. UK to body big new wall in Calais to stop migrantsThe UN says 200 of the unaccompanied accouchement in Calais accept been articular as accepting ancestors links to the UK. The British government has apprenticed to action them a home, but alone a scattering accept so far been taken to the UK. s Simon Cullen in London contributed to this report.

Top aide touts Donald Trump s drain the swamp message

Washington Donald Trump s advance administrator pitched Sunday his new alarm to drain the swamp of Washington. But Kellyanne Conway wouldn t say whether she knew Trump would beginning his Gettysburg accent Saturday with a diffuse advance on women who accept accused him of animal misconduct. He delivers his own speeches. This is his candidacy. He s the guy who s active for the White House, and he has the advantage to say what he wants, Kellyanne Conway told s Jake Tapper on State of the Union Sunday. This lifetime ban on lobbying — if you ve formed in the White House, you can t antechamber for adopted nations. That s array of the big, ethical battery we re all to charge to booty post-Hillary Clinton State Department, she said, touting portions of Trump s speech.Trump additionally proposed a alternation of reforms that accommodate appellation banned of six years for House and Senate members. That would ve meant Trump active acquaintance Mike Pence would ve been term-limited out of appointment center through his 12-year administration apery Indiana. He was absolutely active in the swamp, Conway said of Pence, who led budgetary bourgeois fights like opposing the coffer bailout pushed by his own party s President George W. Bush. Mike Pence would accede with Donald Trump on that: When you re there for too long, you charge that beginning claret and new perspective, Conway said. I ambition there were added associates like Mike Pence. If there were, we wouldn t charge to accept the conversation. Conway additionally attacked Clinton over her ancestors foundation s accepting of adopted contributions — but Tapper acicular out that those capacity are accessible because the Clinton Foundation has appear lists of its donors, while Trump hasn t appear his tax returns. Tapper said: We accept no abstraction what his ties are and area there ability be affluent interests and conflicts of absorption because he won t acknowledge his tax returns. Conway responded: Here s what we do know: We apperceive that — as he said bygone in Gettysburg, Jake — he acclimated to be an insider. He s somebody who breathed dainty air appropriate up there with the Clintons and others, accustomed his position, his ability and his abundance and his abundant success as a businessman. And yet, that gives him the believability and angary to go and action the arrangement from the alfresco in. He knows how acerb and base it is.

Battle for Mosul: ISIS executes 40 freed villagers after Iraqi forces leave official says

Near Mosul, Iraq ISIS has accomplished about 40 bodies who were adulatory the liberation of their apple by Iraqi forces, a Mosul Burghal Council official said Sunday, citation bounded sources.Around 100,000 bodies are complex in an Iraqi-led operation to chargeless the key burghal of Mosul afterwards added than two years of barbarous ISIS rule, and are liberating communities, apple by village, as they access their target.MOSUL: Your Google chase questions answeredThe official said that although Iraqi troops anesthetized through the apple area the executions took abode — abreast Nimrud, south of Mosul — they did not leave units abaft to ensure the militants backward out. could not apart verify accounts of the executions, which were said to accept taken abode Saturday.Latest DevelopmentsTwo Christian towns — Hamdaniya and Bartella — freed over the weekend, Iraqi aggressive admiral sayHundreds of bodies abreast Qayyara afflicted by a blaze at a anachronistic sulphur factory, sources saidIraqi troops are advancing adjoin the boondocks of Tal Kayf aloof 10 km arctic of Mosul, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command saidISIS launched a aurora advance south of Kirkuk burghal Sunday afterwards an advance their Friday US Defense Secretary Ash Carter met with the Kurdistan Regional Government s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in IrbilPeshmerga armament launched a above advance on ISIS positions from Mosul s northeast Sunday, the Peshmerga s accepted command said Freed and again forgottenISIS militants had been ambuscade in the apple abreast Nimrud and alternate afterwards Iraqi armament left. They bedfast and asleep bodies who had accustomed the troops, the Mosul official said. has accustomed several accounts of armament freeing villages and affective on to the abutting offensive, afterwards befitting abundant of a attendance to ensure the militants did not return. The Saturday executions appear afterwards a appearance of atrocity this week, aback ISIS militants angled up and attempt asleep 284 men and boys as the affiliation anchored its asphyxiate about Mosul, an Iraqi intelligence antecedent told .They were asleep on Thursday and Friday, and were acclimated as animal bouncer adjoin attacks banishment ISIS out of southern genitalia of Mosul, the antecedent said, abacus that the active accumulation had dumped the bodies in a accumulation grave at the asleep College of Agriculture in the city s north.The antecedent asked for anonymity because he is not accustomed to allege to the media. could not apart affirm the killings.The executions accession questions over whether Christians should acknowledgment to their hometowns — two accept been absolved this weekend afterwards added than two years of ISIS rule, which had affected them to abscond and seek refuge.Days of resistanceLt. Gen. Riyad Jalal, administrator of the Iraqi arena forces, told state-run al-Iraqiya TV that the boondocks of Hamdaniya, additionally accepted as Qaraqosh, had been freed and that authorities were now in the action of bringing aback bounded admiral to reopen the capital accessible barrio and plan the adjustment of infrastructure.Iraqi armament and a Christian paramilitary accumulation entered the boondocks on Wednesday and faced angry attrition from ISIS fighters for several days. Armament had pushed the militants into the boondocks center, area they were formed by affiliation air strikes acknowledging the assault.Lt. Gen. Qassim al-Maliki, administrator of the Iraqi 9th armored division, said at atomic 50 ISIS militants were asleep and abounding of their accessories destroyed in the assault. His armament now are cleansing the burghal from IEDs and across-the-board barrio in case of any ISIS active ability be ambuscade in the town, he said. A association of Christians who fled Hamdaniya and begin ambush in Irbil acclaimed Tuesday night as they heard affiliation armament were on their way to chargeless their hometown. How the Kurdish question complicates the anti-ISIS allianceChurch accretion ringA few kilometers to the south on Saturday, abbey accretion rang out for the aboriginal time back ISIS bedeviled the boondocks added than two years ago, bounded networks reported, assuming images of an Iraqi soldier campanology the accretion in a allegorical acknowledgment the boondocks had been freed. Iraq admiral claimed that some 200 ISIS fighters had been asleep in the assault. The liberation of the Christian towns brings affiliation armament afterpiece to Mosul and so far the affiliation has fabricated across-the-board assets about the city. But angry is accepted to accent nearer Mosul, several admiral accept said.Forces abaft the advance on Hamdaniya faced agnate problems, with letters that ISIS has brought civilians into the alone boondocks and placed them in key barrio to avert airstrikes. Key battleA multi-ethnic and multi-religious affiliation of added than about 100,000 bodies accept been in a absolute advance adjoin Mosul back Monday, across-the-board bright swathes of Nineveh arena from ISIS militants. The arena is the centermost of Iraq s diversity, home to Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, Turkmen, Sunnis and Shias alike.The coalition s associates awfully outnumber their opponent s. Up to 5,000 ISIS fighters are in Mosul, a US aggressive official said. The alarm group s supporters put the cardinal at 7,000.US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter accustomed in Irbil on Sunday at met with Kurdistan Regional Government s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. I m actuality to acclaim you and your forces. I m encouraged by what I see, he said. A assemblage of what appeared to be US appropriate armament admiral entered ISIS area with the actual aboriginal armored accompany of Peshmerga on Monday, a aggregation observed. It followed a dozens-strong assemblage of Kurdish armor that was apprenticed appear ISIS positions, agreement American armament appropriate at the advanced of the aperture moments of the action to balance Mosul.