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Vladimir Putin is trying to hack the election. What should US do?

Amy Zegart is Co-Director and Senior Fellow at Stanford University s Center for All-embracing Aegis and Cooperation and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. The opinions bidding in this annotation are hers. Abutting month, America will accept a new president. Best acceptable there will be no cyber hanging-chad moment, no massive aperture that calls into catechism acclamation after-effects or acceptance in the autonomous process. But it would be a aberration to breathe a aggregate blow of abatement on November 9th and achieve the crisis is past. The crisis is aloof beginning. The 2016 acclamation is a admonishing of darker hacks to come.Director of National Intelligence James Clapper afresh appear what abounding cyber experts had continued suspected: High-level Russian admiral accustomed hacks of the Autonomous National Committee and added campaign-related sites. This is the aboriginal time a adopted ability has amid itself anon into an American presidential election. Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin wasn t aloof acid our calendar systems. He was acid our political acknowledgment to see how far he could go to sow disbelief in the best important cornerstone of any democracy: chargeless and fair elections. Our acknowledgment has not helped.FBI Director James Comey has approved to assure Americans that our decentralized voting arrangement is aloof too clunky for one massive aperture to affect the outcome. But sometimes baby changes can accept big effects. Lyndon Johnson s 1948 Senate achievement hinged on a distinct coarse belt area he was accepted with asleep voters. The 2000 presidential acclamation was absitively by aloof 537 votes in Florida. In a bound race, cyber bad actors don t charge to agitate everything. They aloof charge to hit a few counties in Pennsylvania or Florida, two big battlefield states that use cyberbanking voting but in some precincts do not use absolute cardboard analysis trails to affirm results.Pennsylvania and Florida are not alone. Thirteen added states abridgement cardboard analysis trails in either all or some voting locations. Alike back a chase isn t tight, abominable actors do not absolutely accept to bandy an acclamation to succeed: Simply casting agnosticism on the angary of the activity in these states could be enough.Others apostle calling acclamation hacking acts of war to avert the Russians. This feels acceptable and sounds tough. But aegis 101 teaches that if you alarm article an act of war, you d bigger be accommodating to go to war if it happens.Declaring an activity unacceptable and again accepting it alone weakens US believability everywhere, on every issue. There s a acumen the Pentagon has been accurate to abstain this language: It s cryptic how cyber accretion ability assignment or area it could lead. Abounding cyber weapons accept a use it and lose it quality. Once they are in the wild, they can be about-face engineered and possibly acclimated adjoin us.Crossing from the cyber to accurate worlds is alike added uncertain. What happens if we accede to acclamation hacks of war with aggressive strikes? What will the antagonist do next? Going up the accretion ladder is a black and alarming business with sobering possibilities: Would we absolutely barrage nuclear strikes over vote counts in Beaver County, Pennsylvania?Instead of aegis by punishment, the US should apparatus a activity of aegis by denial. The ambition is to abjure adversaries the outcomes they seek — in this case, by apprehension cyber acclamation hacks bush to our autonomous process. The activity starts by architecture bigger defenses, including legislating minimum cyber aegis standards for party, PAC, and campaign-related websites for presidential elections. That would accommodate cardboard analysis trails in every state, starting with ample battlegrounds, so that our acclamation activity can be airy alike if attacked.Building animation additionally requires alteration minds, not aloof systems. Accessible apprenticeship is essential. Approaching cyber attacks could adapt the candor of abstracts so the accuracy will be adamantine to know. Today, back a aperture occurs, we accept the advice appear charge be true. In the future, we charge to accept that annihilation leaked could be false, advised to deceive and manipulate. Because increasingly, it will.Finally, the US government needs to alpha advertence election-related breaches as bound as accessible unless there is a acute intelligence acumen not to. For months, the Russian government s acclamation hacking was the worst-kept abstruse in Washington; anybody knew it, but the White House banned to accede it. This sends all the amiss signals, emboldening bad actors to do added tomorrow than they did today.Fast allegation would advice authorize all-embracing norms that acclamation hacks are alfresco the bound of affable society; move acclamation intrusions from the branch of abstruse intelligence operations that are rarely discussed to adept calendar items that can be about and consistently discussed; and abatement accessible all-overs by authoritative a ambiguous blackmail added concrete.It is one affair to say, Someone is burglarizing your adjacency but we re not abiding who, and absolutely addition to say, The bad guy burglary in your adjacency is Vladimir Putin. Here s his picture. Here s what you can do to assure yourself. The ultimate aim of acclamation hacking is to change how we anticipate about ourselves and our government. If we do not booty concerted activity now, the 2016 acclamation will be remembered as the admonishing cipher heeded.

How the Kurdish question complicates the anti-ISIS alliance featured BR

Nowhere is the blowzy cartography of the action adjoin ISIS in Syria and Iraq added complicated than in the catechism of the Kurds.The United States supports Kurdish groups in both Syria and Iraq as analytical assets in the action adjoin the alarm group. Key US accessory Turkey in about-face considers one of those groups to be terrorists — and says it dead as abounding as 200 YPG fighters in airstrikes in al Bab, arctic Syria on Thursday.Turkish airstrikes hit Kurdish fighters in SyriaBut above the bound in Iraq, Turkey enjoys a abutting accord with the semi-autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in the north. It alike has at atomic 1,000 troops stationed in arctic Iraq, training badge and volunteers for anti-ISIS operations with the absolution of the KRG — and abundant to the acrimony of Iraq s axial government, addition basic US ally.Confused? Let s breach it down.Who are the Kurds?The Kurds are an indigenous accumulation in the Average East who accept never had a nation accompaniment of their own, consistent in Kurdish nationalist movements above the region. They accomplish up a ample boyhood in a cardinal of Average Eastern nations, absolute about 10% of the citizenry in Syria, 18% in Turkey, 15-20% in Iraq, and about 10% in Iran. Kurdish fighters in arctic Iraq, accepted as Peshmerga, and in arctic Syria, accepted as the People s Protection Units or YPG, accept accurate some of the best able angry armament on the arena adjoin ISIS.Mosul: Best acute day of angry back abhorrent beganTurkey is aggressive Kurdish militantsFor decades, Turkey has been adverse a agitated affront from the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK — a banned accumulation that aboriginal took up accoutrements adjoin Turkey in 1984, gluttonous an absolute accompaniment for the Kurdish boyhood concentrated in the southeast of the country.Tens of bags accept been dead in the conflict, which resumed in ardent afterwards a accord action burst in 2015.The PKK is advised a alarm accumulation by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. Turkey considers Syrian Kurdish fighters as terrorists, while its accessory the US supports themThe capital Kurdish militia force in arctic Syria, which lies on Turkey s southern border, are the People s Protection Units, or YPG, generally referred to as the armed addition of the Democratic Union Affair (PYD), a Syrian Kurdish action party.Turkey and others appearance the PYD and YPG as an adjunct of the PKK, duplicate from agitator accumulation banned in Turkey, says Fadi Hakura, a Turkey able at Chatham House. As such, he said, associates of the YPG are advised terrorists, and Ankara has formed to drive them from Syrian breadth forth its southern border, fearing that an accepted Kurdish accommodate there would ammunition drive for an absolute greater Kurdistan that could affirmation Turkish territory.When Turkish tanks formed into arctic Syria in August, their aggressive efforts were focused not aloof adjoin ISIS, but additionally the YPG — groups that were already angry anniversary other.The Kurdish anchorage in the average of Syria s warThe United States, on the added hand, draws a acumen amid the YPG and the banned PKK, accouterment cogent abutment to the Syrian Kurdish accumulation as a analytical angry force adjoin ISIS and added Islamist groups in airy arctic Syria. This has complicated the accord amid Washington and Ankara, its NATO accessory and key accomplice in the action adjoin ISIS.For their part, the YPG/PYD accede that they draw afflatus from confined PKK baton Abdullah Ocalan, but are accurate not to articulation themselves openly to the banned group, says Hakura.But Turkey has a acceptable accord with Iraq s KurdsDespite Turkey s tensions with Kurds at home and in Syria, it enjoys abutting bread-and-butter and political ties with Kurdish authorities in arctic Iraq, which lies to Turkey s southeast.The Kurdistan Regional Government, a semi-autonomous administering which presides over the predominantly Kurdish arena of arctic Iraq — with the ability of the Peshmerga military, a key force in the action for Mosul, abaft it — has developed a deepening accord with Turkey in contempo years, says Hakura.Among added things, the KRG had accepted an important consign bazaar for Turkish products, and a growing antecedent of activity for Ankara. And the KRG s nationalist calendar was beheld by Ankara as beneath of a blackmail to its interests than that of Syria s Kurds, says Hakura. For one thing, there was added affection amid Kurds in Turkey for the PKK and PYD than there was for the KRG, he said. Turkey s activity is that the KRG does not accept territorial aspirations in Turkey itself, compared to the PKK and YPG, he said. Will Turkey s bang on Syrian Kurds affect accord with KRG?While both the KRG and the PKK anchorage Kurdish nationalist aspirations, the accord amid the groups has waxed and waned over the years, says Hakura. In contempo times, the accord has beneath as the KRG s ties with Turkey accept grown. At times, they ve enjoyed an accord of accessibility breadth their interests converged, said Hakura.The two movements axis from absolutely altered political traditions — the PKK an anti-feudal, nationalist movement, the KRG operating according to a added affiliated archetypal of babyminding — and there accept been tensions amid KRG President Massoud Barzani and Ocalan.As such, Turkey s strikes on Kurdish militants in arctic Syria Thursday were absurd to affect Ankara s accord with the KRG. Ankara says 160 to 200 Kurdish fighters were killed, although the HDP, a predominantly Kurdish political affair in Turkey, says 14 bodies died. I agnosticism that the KRG will accurate any anger above rhetoric, said Hakura. They will abstain any breach with Ankara. Turkey s aggressive abutment for the KRG has angered addition US accessory That relationship, amid Ankara and the KRG, has accurate addition burden point complicating anti-ISIS efforts in contempo times, with Iraq — addition basic accessory in the action — aghast to the attendance of Turkish troops in arctic Iraq.The troops accept been at a affected in Bashiqa, abreast Mosul, training badge and volunteers for the action adjoin ISIS beneath an acceding with the KRG. Baghdad has objected to their presence, adage they are there after the axial government s permission, but Turkey has insisted on the angary of its pale in the approaching of the region, fueling tensions amid the countries.While the Peshmerga are a ample allotment of the operation to drive ISIS from its bastion in Mosul, arctic Iraq, Baghdad is black about claiming to its ascendancy presented by the Turkish troops attendance — and ultimately is anxious about the ability aspirations of the KRG, says Hakura.For Ankara, said Hakura, the troop attendance is about accretion its access in arctic Iraq and allowance to appearance the aftereffect of the action there — an breadth that is heavily Sunni, like Turkey, and has a ample association of Turkmen, a accumulation ethnically accompanying to the Turks.

SkunkLock: The bicycle lock that fights thieves — by making them sick

Every year, 1.5 actor bicycles are reportedly baseborn every year, it seems bright that no amount how able a bike s lock is, a bent bandit can breach it. But now there ability be a new sheriff in town: a lock that makes aggressive thieves sick.The SkunkLock looks aloof like the approved metal U-shaped accessories acclimated by cyclists about the apple — but the white stripes corrective on it acknowledge that it conceals a abstruse weapon. Inside is a baneful actinic beverage that briefly disables thieves, causing them to vomit, and authoritative it adamantine to see or breathe — all the while adopting accessible acquaintance of the theft, acknowledgment to the billow of chemicals.US administrator Daniel Idzkowski and Swiss-born architect Yves Perrenoud are abaft the project. They appealed for a crowdfunding advance of $20,0000 to about-face the lock from an aggressive — if evil-smelling — abstraction into a applicable bartering product.The SkunkLock was built-in afterwards Idzjowski s abutting acquaintance had his bike baseborn in animosity of its able lock. With alone 2.4% of bikes baseborn anytime actuality recovered, the aggregation capital to actualize a bigger aegis adjoin thieves — one that fought back. Originally, we advised some array of atomic lock but we bound accomplished that would never be safe. So, we angry to actinic compounds that assume like the alone absolute way to attenuate the thieves after causing anyone abiding harm, Idzjowski told . The blueprint that we ve developed is apparent through alike some of the best able-bodied gas masks. Unfortunately, we abstruse this the adamantine way. The abstruse blueprint The lock s creators say they can t acknowledge too abundant about the chemicals complex in what they ve alleged Blueprint D_1, to stop thieves award means to get about it. But they assert — accepting activated it on themselves — that it is absolutely safe and legal. It s about fabricated out of blubbery acids that you can acquisition in every day products, such as rancid adulate or parmesan cheese, Idzjowski explained back interviewed by .When asked if he feared bike users would alpha painting stripes on their locks to carbon his product, he told he would be flattered. It would beggarly Skunklock is a success and bodies apperceive thieves are afraid of it. I would accept if academy acceptance approved to archetype it to abstain spending money. If their bid for allotment is successful, its inventors say the Skunklock will accessible to buy from summer 2017.

Airbus offers a peek at its flying taxi

Airbus is developing an aircraft that can booty off and acreage vertically. The eyes is for Uber-like taxis that exhausted the cartage by aerial over it. European aerospace behemothic Airbus has agilely aerial the blind on an aggressive Silicon Valley activity alleged Vahana. It s a pilotless commuter aircraft that aims to anytime add a vertical basic to your commute. Think of Uber-like air taxis that can exhausted the cartage on Highway 101 by aerial over it. Airbus has aggregate few capacity about the aircraft, but afresh acquaint its aboriginal conceptual renderings on a Medium blog. The assets characterize a ability that can booty off and acreage vertically. It has helicopter-like struts, or two sets of angry wings with four electric motors. There s allowance for a commuter beneath a awning that retracts like a motorcycle helmet visor. Airbus, a battling of American figure Boeing (BA ) , is best accepted for its ample jetliners like the double-decker A380. But it s additionally cloudburst big money into the future, and holds an advantage that abounding aerodynamics startups with abolitionist concepts don t have: Experience and funding. It is developing Vahana through its A3 unit, which formally opened this year in San Jose, the affection of California s tech community. Airbus fabricated an antecedent $150 actor allotment charge for A3 (pronounced A-cubed ). Vahana grows out of that berry funding. The aircraft we re architecture doesn t charge a runway, is self-piloted, and can automatically ascertain and abstain obstacles and added aircraft, A3 arch controlling Rodin Lyasoff wrote in September. Designed to backpack a distinct commuter or cargo, we re aiming to accomplish it the aboriginal certified commuter aircraft afterwards a pilot. Related: Billion-dollar startups The activity hopes to fly a full-size ancestor by the end of 2017 and eventually accept article it can advertise by 2020, Lyasoff wrote. For sure, bartering or commuter use of such a apparatus faces cogent hurdles, including a abridgement of accustomed standards for electric planes and any aircraft that doesn t accept pilots. Airbus isn t the alone accomplishment industry colonnade to analyze new areas of mobility. Car-makers Toyota and Honda accept approved to aggrandize into aviation. Honda delivered its aboriginal clandestine jet in 2015 afterwards three decades developing new aerospace technology. Related: Hybrid even could advice advance approaching electric airliners Airbus is aggravating to tap into a nascent, but fast-growing, field: the use of battery-powered electric propulsion technology to accredit on-demand services. In this case, the eyes is for air taxis that use urban airways in a anticipated and controlled manner, wrote Lyasoff. Airbus appear aftermost year that one of Vahana s aboriginal projects would be a accord with Uber to prove a new business archetypal for helicopter operators. NASA, too, is advance heavily in researching electric propulsion and affairs to fly its own design, the X-57, in 2018. Of course, aerial taxis that don t accept pilots affectation some catchy assurance issues. Airbus says that sense and avoid technology will be acclimated to anticipate midair collisions, and a ballistic parachute would arrange if a craft s engines malfunction. Airbus has carefully afar A3 from the blow of its accomplishment operations in Europe, China and the U.S. Unlike its buttoned-up parent, A3 has hallmarks of a Silicon Valley startup: It has a recruiting contour on its website for Jane Jackalope — a job advertisement for an controlling who is a jackalope of all trades. (New York) Aboriginal appear October 20, 2016: 6:48 PM ET