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5 questions for my son s abductor

October 22 will mark 25 years aback my son Jacob was taken from his ancestors as he rode his bike home with his brother and a acquaintance on a rural Minnesota road. Jacob was a fun, active, athletic, kind, 11-year-old boy who admired peanut adulate and football. He was best accepted for his faculty of fairness.Not animate what happened or who abducted Jacob has larboard so abounding changing questions for Jacob s father, sisters, brother and me. If I had the adventitious to allocution face to face with the man who took my son away, here s what I d appetite to know:Who are you? I accept that somebody knows. It s time to abdicate attention the bad guy, alike if it is a ancestors member. It s time to allege up for Jacob. Please acquaint me who took our son.If YOU are the abductor, it s time to tell. You can t feel acceptable about this. Find some peace. Please address back.The abiding chase for our missing kidsIs Jacob still alive? Sometimes the buzz rings and there is no one there. It s apparently a telemarketer or a amiss number, but my affection cries out, Jacob, are you there? I save accessories of kids who came home afterwards continued periods of time: three months, nine months, four years, 7½ years, 10 years, 18½ years. It CAN happen. I don t know, so I achievement and adjure that you got away, Jacob. We charge you back. We adulation you added than the flowers adulation the sun and the rain. My affection wants to accept you re OK. Please accord us some answers.What fabricated you anticipate you could abduct a child? Jacob is so acutely admired and absent by his mom and dad, brother, sisters, cousins, neighbors and friends. I accept apprehend a lot about kidnappers and adolescent molesters and I apperceive that you are all people, animal beings that charge help. Maybe you feel bad. Maybe you told someone, but I still alive with so abounding questions — like, how could you? And how could anyone still accumulate the secret? You can chargeless yourself of accustomed this. Please explain this to me. 2009: Jaycee Dugard s adventure gives hopeWhy didn t you let him go? What happened? You apparently had added boys that you victimized and released. I anticipate you meant to let him go and article went awfully wrong. I charge to apperceive what happened. Please allocution to me.What was the aftermost affair that Jacob said to you? Jacob had a agog faculty of candor and consistently stood up for bodies who he anticipation bare an ally, a friend. He apparently would accept befriended you too. I charge to apprehend his articulation afresh or to apprehend the aftermost words he said if he can t allege to me himself. Please acquaint me.More on Jacob s story