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Fugitive police chief in Mexico arrested in case of 43 missing students

The above badge arch of the Mexican burghal of Iguala — area 43 acceptance abolished two years ago — was arrested Friday in affiliation with the case, according to Mexico s National Security Commission s Twitter page.Felipe Flores Vazquez, who had been approved back the acceptance went missing, had been labeled as one of the probable masterminds of the dematerialization by then-Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam.Karam said in November 2014 that the acceptance were abducted on orders of a bounded mayor, angry over to a assemblage who dead them, austere their bodies in a landfill and tossed the charcoal into a river.Of the missing 43, authorities accept been able to analyze the charcoal of one.

Fugitive police chief in Mexico arrested in connection with disappearance of 43 students

The above badge arch of the Mexican burghal of Iguala — area 43 acceptance abolished two years ago — was arrested Friday in affiliation with the case, according to Mexico s National Security Commission s official Twitter page. Felipe Flores Vazquez, who had been approved back the acceptance went missing, had been labeled as one of the probable masterminds of the dematerialization by then-Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam. Karam said in November 2014 that the acceptance were abducted on orders of a bounded mayor, angry over to a assemblage who dead them, austere their bodies in a landfill and tossed the charcoal into a adjacent river.Developing adventure – added to come

Amnesty International: Iraqi forces must not repeat war crimes in Mosul offensive

Human rights accumulation Amnesty International has accused Iraqi armament and paramilitary groups of ache and actionable killings in their battles adjoin ISIS and warned that animus attacks and rights violations charge not be afresh in the operation to chargeless Mosul.Amnesty fabricated the accusations in a anathema 71-page abode Tuesday, a day afterwards an abhorrent led by Iraqi armament was launched to chargeless the burghal of Mosul from added than two years of ISIS rule.The report, Punished for Daesh s Crimes, alleges Iraqi aegis armament and some paramilitary groups beneath the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) awning agitated out accepted ache and extrajudicial killings in battles to chargeless cities — including Falluja this year and Tikrit in 2015 — from ISIS control. Daesh is the Arabic acronym for ISIS.The corruption generally targeted Sunni-Arab men in credible revenge for attacks by ISIS, the abode said. Abounding of these abuses were committed by Shia groups from the PMU, the abode claimed.Battle for Mosul could displace 1 actor people As the action to balance Mosul gets underway, it is acute that the Iraqi authorities booty accomplish to ensure these alarming abuses do not appear again, said Philip Luther, Amnesty s analysis and advancement administrator for the Middle East and North Africa. The Iraqi authorities charge exercise able command and ascendancy over militias, and they charge ensure that cadre active in accomplished violations do not booty allotment in the Mosul operations. In acknowledgment to Amnesty s allegations, Iraq s prime minister, Haider Al Abadi, told a columnist conference that he was acquainted of the report, saying: I haven t apprehend it. We accept accustomed a college board to attending into these violations, if they exist. The Kurdistan Regional Government said it has been alive with Amnesty International for several months to abode these claims — accurately the abolition of homes, brake of movement by civilians and the administrative process. A KRG agent accepted that some admiral had been punished for the array of offenses listed by Amnesty. He added that the Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani and added admiral had met with Amnesty assembly and were committed to investigating such allegations. Why the action for Mosul affairs in the action adjoin ISISThe abode — based predominantly on interviews with 470 bodies in July and August — declared several cases of corruption and ache of detainees in counter-ISIS operations. The corruption included electric shocks, beatings with metal confined and pipes, and threats of abduction directed adjoin changeable ancestors — all afore the administrative action began, the abode said. In the action for Falluja, the abode said at atomic 12 men and four boys were accomplished May 30 afterwards beat angry in al-Sijir. According to survivors quoted in the report, they had handed themselves over to armed men in aggressive and Federal Police uniforms and were told to band up and advance advanced afore actuality attempt dead. At atomic 73 added men and boys from the Jumaila association in al-Sijir abide unaccounted for.In addition case, PMU militias abducted, bent and dead men and boys from the al-Mehemda association from Saqlawiya in June this year, and at atomic 643 men abide missing, the abode said, citation allegation by a government analytic committee. I was apprenticed to the yellow house at night and put in a allowance of about 4m x 5m with tens of others. There was claret on the walls. Ache started immediately, Amnesty quoted a survivor as saying. They hit us with annihilation they could lay their easily on, metal rods, shovels, pipes, cables. They absolved on top of us with their boots. They angered us, and said that this was aftereffect … (for the 2014 Camp Speicher massacre). I saw two bodies die afore my eyes, the survivor continued.A agent for the PMU — accepted in Arabic as the Hashd Al-Shaabi — denied the allegations in the Amnesty report. The abode is based on advice the accumulation had aggregate from some politicians with agendas in adjustment to accord bad acceptability to the Hashd Al-Shaabi who played key cycle on liberating towns and burghal from ISIS, said agent Hassan al-Sari. He criticized Amnesty for absolution the abode as Iraqi aegis armament and paramilitary armament are angry to deliver Mosul, calling it amiss timing. ISIS hanged as abounding as 1,700 men in the Camp Speicher massacre, at what was aforetime a US aggressive abject abreast Tikrit.

Nigeria s forgotten children

Aster Van Kregten is Amnesty International s Senior Analysis Advisor for Nigeria. The opinions in this commodity accord to the author. Two and a bisected years aback 219 Chibok schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria, sparking a all-around clamor and the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, there has assuredly been some acceptable news. Yesterday, 21 of those girls were reunited with their families in an affecting commemoration in Abuja, all-embracing the parents they anticipation they d never see again. But it s not a absolutely blessed catastrophe – the girls are traumatized and afflicted afterwards 30 months in captivity, and little is accepted about the fates of the about 200 others who are still missing. And alike beneath is accepted about the added accouchement bent in the web of this conflict, those who are adversity alarming abuses perpetrated not by Boko Haram, but by the Nigerian government.An Amnesty All-embracing analysis in May appear that added than 120 boys were actuality captivated bound in a disease-infested corpuscle at the belled Giwa billet apprehension centermost in Maiduguri, the basic of Borno state. Accouchement beneath bristles years of age were bedfast in three women s cells. The aforementioned analysis showed that 12 children, including breed and babies, died in Giwa amid January and May, falling casualty to malnutrition and disease. (Nearly 150 adults additionally absent their lives.)These accouchement are the abandoned victims of Nigeria s action adjoin Boko Haram. The government claims that Giwa houses Boko Haram suspects in alteration to added accustomed apprehension centers, but in fact, its detainees are aloof as acceptable to be displaced civilians bent in the army s counter-insurgency dragnet. Added than 1,000 bodies are still believed to be captivated at Giwa, best of them arrested en masse afterwards actuality formally charged. Broken promises Afterwards Amnesty International s address was appear May, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari told s Christiane Amanpour there would be a absolute analysis into the apprehension facility. Bristles months on, there accept been letters of some releases of cleared detainees from Giwa Barracks, but there has still been no analysis into the apprehension of children, or into the deaths of adults and accouchement at Giwa. Our analysis shows that the beef at Giwa are still actuality filled, and adults and accouchement are still dying there. Aback President Buhari s on-air affiance to , Amnesty All-embracing has accepted the deaths of 15 added babies and toddlers at Giwa. Babies are additionally actuality built-in in detention: one above bondman who was appear beforehand this year told us that 15 babies were built-in in the six months she was detained. Umar, a adolescent boy who was afresh appear from Giwa, batten to Amnesty All-embracing about altitude there, anecdotic how added than 200 boys were awash into his cell, a cogent admission from the 120 boys Amnesty recorded in the aforementioned corpuscle in May. Their corpuscle is so awkward that some boys accept no best but to beddy-bye on top of anniversary other, said Umar, whose name has been afflicted to assure his identity. They are never accustomed outside, except to be counted by their captors. Umar said that 50 of the boys in his corpuscle were no earlier than 6. Umar was taken to Giwa from a displacement afflicted in Bama afterwards he and his ancestors fled abandon and browbeating by Boko Haram militants. His ancestor was accused of acceptable the group, and so Umar was bound up in Giwa afterwards charge. Until May this year, an developed bondman from Giwa would appointment the boys corpuscle anniversary morning to try to abide their schooling. He accomplished the boys the English alphabet and numbers by rote, but aback he was released, the boys aloof waited in their corpuscle for the day to pass. Umar says they had annihilation but a few assurance provided by the soldiers to cycle about the cell. That, and the casual cycle alarm outdoors, were about the alone things punctuating the apathy of their detention.It generally took two canicule to get a doctor to see those who were sick. Many of Umar s cellmates had malaria, including a seven-year-old who died of the disease. They took him outside. I don t apperceive area to, Umar said. There was not abundant aliment and water. It was unhygienic. As with all detainees at the barracks, Umar claims that he and the blow of the accouchement were captivated bound and denied admission to their families and the alfresco world. The added crisis Beyond the abhorrence of the abducted Chibok girls and the accouchement larboard to die in Giwa, free accouchement in northeastern Nigeria don t necessarily book abundant better. The arena is adverse one of Africa s better altruistic crises. Aback 2009, Boko Haram has wreaked calamity in the region, killing bags of people. About 2.4 actor accept been displaced, the majority of whom are children. Many are active in camps in alarming conditions, at accident of dying from astringent malnutrition, aridity and bare medical care, and with little to no abetment from the alfresco world. Altitude in Borno Accompaniment are decidedly astute and altruistic abetment is actively needed. Unicef says there are 244,000 accouchement adversity from astringent astute malnutrition in Borno, and that an estimated 49,000 accouchement will die if they don t accept treatment. Displaced bodies at the Bama afflicted area Umar backward accept accustomed Amnesty All-embracing agonizing accounts of activity there, anecdotic how accouchement consistently accede to starvation and disease. Most of the women accept absent children, one woman told us afterwards abrogation Bama. In our group, there are 15 women from one apple — we absent 20 children. Médecins Sans Frontières has counted 1,233 graves abreast the afflicted in the accomplished year. Of them, 480 were for children. What can be done? We alarm on President Buhari to accumulate his chat and investigate thoroughly the corruption and deaths at Giwa. It s a afterlife afflicted that charge be closed. The action adjoin Boko Haram is no alibi to apprehend children. The antecedent government was astonishingly apathetic to acknowledge to the Chibok girls abduction in the aboriginal place; President Buhari s administering charge now additional no efforts to accompany them back, forth with all the others who accept been abducted. The added crisis has been alone continued enough. The acknowledgment to the altruistic needs of those afflicted by the battle has not alone been slow, but additionally inadequate. The government and all-embracing association charge not balloon the accouchement who ache in blackout in places like Giwa and the displacement camps in Borno, amidst by tiny graves that abashment us all.

US aid worker kidnapped in Niger

Armed assailants accept abducted a US aid artisan from alfresco his home in Niger, killing his babysitter and a badge administrator afore beat arctic adjoin adjoining Mali, a Niger government antecedent tells .Witnesses to the kidnapping in Abalak declared the abductors banishment the aid artisan to band bottomward to his undergarments afore putting him in their 4×4 vehicle, the antecedent said. The antecedent said this was accepted convenance by agitator groups aggravating to abstain hostages actuality tracked.Authorities are demography all all-important measures to locate the American and his abductors, including arty a abundant aggressive attendance amid Abalak and the bound with Mali, the antecedent — who was not yet accustomed to allege about — said. It was the aboriginal time a greenhorn had been kidnapped in the area, the government antecedent said. There has been no affirmation of albatross so far. The US State Department said it was acquainted of letters of the kidnapping. The assurance and aegis of US citizens across is amid our accomplished priorities. We accept no added advice to action at this time, a agent said.Terror groupsThe State Department warns adjoin biking to Niger due to the blackmail from agitator groups in the region. Terrorist groups accept alleged for and accomplished attacks adjoin countries that accurate the action adjoin agitator groups in arctic Mali, including Niger, its advising says.Boko Haram is alive in the country and there is additionally a blackmail from al Qaeda, it says. The agitator alignment Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has kidnapped Europeans in the arena and continues to abuse to kidnap Westerners, including US citizens, in Niger, the State Department warns. s Susannah Cullinane contributed to this report.