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BR Student News – October 21 2016

October 21, 2016Friday s appearance begins with an credible setback for the European Amplitude Agency, afterward the accident of advice from a Mars lander. Afterward, we re headed to the Philippines for letters on accustomed and political storms. An assay follows into how the U.S. ability acknowledge to declared computer hacking by Russia, and we affection a Character Study of a boyhood whose assignment aims to anticipate bullying.TRANSCRIPTClick actuality to admission the archetype of today s Student News program.Please agenda that there may be a adjournment amid the time back the video is accessible and back the archetype is published.WEEKLY NEWSQUIZClick actuality for a printable adaptation of the Weekly Newsquiz (PDF).1. What is the name of the largest active affair on Earth, which is absolutely a massive ecosystem of islands and apricot reefs?2. What was already the second-largest burghal in Iraq afore ISIS terrorists took ascendancy of it in 2014?3. What nation beatific two astronauts into amplitude this anniversary for a 30-day mission on an orbiting laboratory?4. According to the United Nations, the U.S. is in the bosom of an epidemic in the corruption of what awful addictive drug?5. Researchers in Egypt accept they ability accept amid two hidden apartment central of what 4,500-year-old structure?6. A alarmingly endangered breed of what beastly has been mysteriously dying by the bags in Peru s Lake Titicaca?7. Including Wednesday night s accident in Nevada, how abounding debates were captivated amid Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?8. Name the acutely potent, opioid painkiller that was discussed on Wednesday s appearance and that biologic traffickers sometimes add to heroin.9. Typhoons Sarika and Haima, both the agnate of Category 4 hurricanes, fabricated landfall this anniversary in what Pacific island nation?10. President Rodrigo Duterte appears to be pivoting his nation abroad from its celebrated accord with the U.S. and affective against afterpiece ties with what added country? Student News is created by a aggregation of journalists who accede the Common Core Accompaniment Standards, civic standards in altered accountable areas, and accompaniment standards back bearing the show. Thank you for application Student News!

Retired general calls Trump s 30-day ISIS order sophomoric

A retired army accepted is slamming Donald Trump s animadversion that as President he will ask the US aggressive to appear up with a plan aural one ages to defeat ISIS. I had to ask myself, what the hell does he anticipate we ve been aggravating to do for the aftermost 14 years in agreement of al Qaeda? Retired Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling told Anderson Cooper on AC360 on Tuesday.At a assemblage in Greenville, North Carolina, Trump said that on day one of his presidency, he would assemble his top generals and accord what he alleged a simple instruction to in 30 canicule abide to the Oval Office a plan for deeply and bound acquisition ISIS. Trump, Clinton accessible attack division battle on civic securityThe above advantageous accepted decried Trump, calling his orders simplistic and calumniating to individuals alive to defeat ISIS. It shows a complete abridgement of compassionate of the blackmail and the means to action it, Hertling said. It s a brash access to elements of civic aegis action because if he s aloof calling in the military, he s missing the point that there are several added elements of civic aegis that will advice defeat ISIS. Hertling argued that the US has fabricated some acceptable advances adjoin ISIS.Democrats accept accent statements Trump has fabricated about aggressive leaders in the past, best conspicuously criticizing him for adage in November 2015, I apperceive added about ISIS than the generals do, accept me. Hillary Clinton brought up the band in July, saying, No, Donald, you don t. Trump s comments came on the aforementioned day his attack appear a letter active by 88 retired aggressive leaders acknowledging his presidential candidacy, including four four-star generals and 14 three-star banderole officers. 88 above aggressive leaders address letter abetment Donald Trump for PresidentHertling said he was afraid by the letter praising Trump. I didn t admit abounding of those names as actuality there in the action with me over the aftermost 16 years, Hertling said. There aren t a accomplished lot of names in the action adjoin al Qaeda or several of the added forces. He said best of the names on the account are Navy admirals who were not on the arena during the war adjoin terror.Hertling served in the Army for 37 years.