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3-term House incumbent Huelskamp loses Kansas primary

A three-term House of Representatives bounden from Kansas, who was a affiliate of the anti-establishment House Freedom Caucus, was defeated in a Republican primary on Tuesday.Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who has represented Kansas 1st Congressional District back 2011, absent to amateur Roger Marshall, an OBG-YN from Great Bend, Kansas. Huelskamp trailed 43.5% to 56.5% with 99% of the vote tallied. Huelskamp s defeat represents a achievement of sorts for the alleged Republican enactment — his opponent, Marshall, benefited from the abutment of pro-business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Huelskamp becoming a acceptability as an anti-establishment advocate afterward his role in the adjournment of above Speaker John Boehner, which was abundantly engineered by the Freedom Caucus.Boehner himself seemed to booty a admeasurement of achievement in Marshall s achievement — the New York Times Chief Washington Correspondent Carl Hulse tweeted a picture, aggregate by a above Boehner staffer, of the ex-Speaker enjoying Kansas primary night with a bottle of wine.