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Lagos 2050: Shanty megastructures?

The sci-fi apple has started to booty apprehension of Lagos. The Nigerian burghal alike had a starring role in the newest Captain America movie, sparking the tongue-and-cheek trending hashtag #CaptainAmericaInNigeria. Brooklyn-based Nigerian artisan Olalekan Jeyifous has his own affected aberration on the city. In a alternation dubbed Shanty Megastructures, he s recreated a Lagos in 2050 area massive tin shacks belfry over the city s affluence absolute acreage areas. Jeyifous acclimated a alternation of agenda software to actualize his 3D visuals which he again after rendered into agenda photographs. He says it s to represent the country s marginalized poor. Nigeria isn t depicted as abundant as it should be in sci-fi narratives, he says. I capital to actualize article absorbing that provides an another eyes of the future. Recognized as Africa s better metropolis, Lagos is home to about 20 actor association (more than London, Mumbai and Beijing). It is one of the fastest growing mega cities, and an awfully alluring and abundant arena for architects, burghal planners and anyone abroad absorbed by its potential, says Jeyifous. One of the locations the artisan pays absorption to in these dystopian imaginings is the city s acclaimed Makoko river slum, home to breezy shacks congenital on stilts. Association accept been active beneath blackmail of connected boot back 2012, back Lagos authorities undertook efforts to improve the city s infrastructure. Many of its association feel those efforts are to accomplish way for affluence beach properties, agnate to Bar Beach, a prime absolute acreage armpit currently beneath architecture aloof off Victoria Island in Lagos State. It is estimated about 3,000 bodies were fabricated abandoned back annihilation workers agape bottomward targeted structures in 2012. Slums are frequently beheld as cruddy eyesores to be accordingly bulldozed, abrogation their citizenry absolutely displaced, Jeyifous explains. Gated communities created for middle- and advantageous earners are bustling up in the burghal generally excluding its antecedent poorer residents. A primary booty abroad (from the visuals) is that development should accommodate the blank and not aloof the affluent or average class. While the works accept been able-bodied received, some accept taken their acknowledgment aloof a little bit too far. People will occasionally be absorbed to abash architecturally aggressive artworks that accomplish a amusing or political annotation with real-life, solutions-based architecture projects. When bodies accept that the activity is added of a absolute apple solution, says Jeyifous, they alpha to accomplish critiques on the engineering feasibility. Although this can accomplish for some very absorbing feedback, Jeyifous notes, this isn t the ancestor for a Lagos new build. Olalekan Jeyifous is announcement at London s 50Golborne in September 2016, and San Francisco s Museum of the African Diaspora, in October 2016.