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Meet the 103-year-old excited to vote for Hillary Clinton

Here are three things you should apperceive about Ruline Steininger: She s a appreciative Iowan. She s 103-years-old. And she wants you to apperceive that she s with her. When Steininger was built-in on April 14, 1913, World War I hadn t started and women couldn t vote. They wouldn t be able to casting their ballots until assembly adapted the Constitution for the 19th time, in 1920. Steininger was seven.Steininger, who went on to become a academy teacher, consistently had a affection for politics. She casting her aboriginal vote in 1936, back she best Franklin D. Roosevelt to be her President. She hasn t absent an acclamation since. Yet, she says she never anticipation she d see the day a woman s name was on the ballot. I couldn t brainstorm a woman. I beggarly it s consistently been a man and I aloof affected it ability consistently be, said Steininger.Asked by s Gary Tuchman if she ll be voting for Clinton this November, Steininger retorted are you silly? abacus I don t apperceive why anybody isn t for her. So moved, in fact, was Steininger at the anticipation of voting for Clinton, that she absitively to address her a letter. In my aboriginal aeon of life, I ve apparent abounding absurd things she wrote. A pandemic, two common depressions, a cure for polio, the aboriginal Catholic president, a man on the moon, the end of smallpox, an advance on American soil, and a atramentous president. In my additional century, I attending advanced to seeing a woman president. This accomplished February, Steininger proudly casting her aboriginal vote for Hillary Clinton, on the night of the Iowa caucuses. Now she says, there s aloof one acute assignment ahead. I ve got a big job advanced of me…I ve got to live! she said. After that, OK, I can die if I appetite to, but I m activity to alive until she s elected.