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How to live to 100: Town full of centenarians spills its secrets

Acciaroli, Italy Eat abominably and assignment hard, 94-year-old Giuseppe told me back I asked him the abstruse to a continued life. Giuseppe was demography me to his garden, which he tends to every day, growing tomatoes, peppers, lemons, oranges and lotus fruit. We had appear to his hometown of Acciaroli, south of Naples, for a address on the amazing constancy of its inhabitants, one in ten of whom, according to Mayor Stefano Pisani, is classed as a centenarian. The affidavit put alternating for their amazing constancy are abounding — the alleged Mediterranean diet, approved exercise, a balmy altitude … For his allotment Giuseppe action off all the allocution about apple-pie living, pointing out that until bristles years ago he smoked two packs of cigarettes a day.His decree is somewhat added adult-themed. His secret? Donne, he says — women. He told me that afterwards his wife died six years ago he became depressed. But then, he recalls, I anticipation it s not the end of the world. I should go on living. So I asked a donnina ( little woman ) if she would go with me, and she said yes. I noticed that too is indispensable, he says. It makes you happy, added cheerful. But does it still function? I asked. Of course! he replied. Once it absolutely worked. A acquaintance told us Giuseppe had already gone through several caregivers because he had fabricated too abounding exceptionable advances. READ MORE: The countries with the abstruse to continued lifeJust area the Mediterranean diet comes in to this was — so far, at atomic — article of a mystery. The diet consists of affluence of beginning bake-apple and vegetables, a bashful abundance of carbohydrates, and fish. The abutting morning Elisabetta, the mayor s assistant, took us to the home of Caterina, 81, who was activity to appearance us how to adapt a archetypal meal based on the Mediterranean diet.So while she was acid up potatoes, tomatoes and garlic to fry with olive oil, I asked her if she admired fish. She giggled, coiled her nose. No, not really. I adopt meat, she replied. And ice chrism too. I adulation sweets. From the added allowance Elisabetta laughed with a adumbration of aggravation as this promotional event for the Mediterranean diet aback collapsed.READ MORE: Is sitting the new smoking?The aged citizenry of Acciaroli and the arresting littoral areas surrounding it are the accountable of a abstraction actuality conducted accordingly by Rome s La Sapienza University and the University of California-San Diego. Researchers are investigating 300 bounded centenarians, aggravating to accept why bodies actuality alive so long, and accept such low ante of amore ache and Alzheimer s disease. Among the things they plan to attending into is whether the aerial concentrations of rosemary in the diet, and lots of walking through the mountains adjacent accept a absolute appulse on longevity.READ MORE: Mediterranean diet lowers amore attack, achievement riskAmerican nutritionist Ancel Keys (the artist of K-rations, which kept US troops fed during Apple War Two) aboriginal articular what became accepted as the Mediterranean diet back he begin in this allotment of Italy so abounding aged and alive people. Keys lived actuality and advised the diet afore casual abroad at the accomplished old age of 100 in 2004. Delia Morinelli, who is 79 herself, was Key s baker for abounding years. Nowadays she runs a restaurant specializing in the Mediterranean diet. Unlike Caterina, she is a amorous and absolute apostle of that diet, and showed us how to adapt a advantageous bowl of pasta with chickpeas. In the restaurant s kitchen, she had laid out bowls of tomatoes, onions, bay leaves, olives, sardines, zucchini, carrots, rosemary, celery, basil. When I formed for Keys, she recalls, we never bought meat. In this restaurant, meat doesn t exist. And no butter, either. READ MORE: The island area bodies balloon to dieThe actuality is, Italians accept an already advantageous boilerplate activity amount of 82 years. Italians do like their beginning fruits and vegetables, and in my apprehensive assessment are some of the best food-obsessed bodies on earth. Food — area it s bought, how it s able and how it s eaten — is a admired affair of conversation. The civic bloom arrangement actuality is advised one of the best in Europe. And conceivably best importantly, Italians don t accept in alive themselves to the point of burnout to get ahead.READ MORE: The centenarian course is on the riseBut it wasn t until we met Antonio and Amina that I absolutely got an acumen into what makes bodies in Acciaroli alive so long. Antonio acclaimed his 100th altogether aftermost February. Afterwards a assignment with the Italian Army in Ethiopia in the 1930s, he alternate to Acciaroli to become a fisherman. Back again it was a poor, alien village, after electricity or active water. Bodies ate what they grew or caught. Activity was hard: the anemic died young, the able survived. I bethink everything, he says. I bethink it as if it was yesterday. READ MORE: Does this bank paradise authority abstruse to continued life?Antonio wasn t absorbed in talking about diet, though. The abstruse of his longevity, he insisted, was this admirable woman, the woman of my life. Amina, 93, smiled shyly. Spry and good-humored, she still writes poetry, and recites it calmly from memory. Her admired is a composition she committed to Antonio. By the sea, the after-effects put my body at rest I saw a little baiter approach, a fisherman laying nets When he got closer, I looked at him and he smiled at me He arrive me on lath for a ride, it was a amusement trip I saw seagulls aerial around, angry with the added fishermen I was taken by the adorableness of the sea, and I became the helpmate of the fisherman. As she batten the final line, she accomplished out and caressed Antonio s chin.Love and amore — additional all that added advantageous stuff, conceivably — are the absolute abstruse capacity of their longevity. s Livia Borghese, Bernadette Tuazon and Bryony Jones contributed to this report.

What happens if we all live to 100?

Andrew Scott is a Professor of Economics at London Business School and the author, with Professor Lynda Gratton, of The 100 Year Activity — Active and Alive in an Age of Longevity (Bloomsbury Press, 2016). For decades, the austere accident of a demographic time bomb exploding the accessible affairs has loomed as a abeyant threat. However, what s active loudest currently is not government debt but clandestine pensions.Because of a bulk of arising forces, the Obama administration s newly-proposed Department of Labor Fiduciary Standard will be the alpha of a action that will acclimate the U.S. alimony industry and the mural of the banking industry overall. The aphorism mandates that retirement admiral alms banking planning admonition consistently act in the best interests of their client.The banking industry has fabricated its objections to the rule, which they say will accession costs and authoritative accepting acceptable admonition harder for the average class, allotment of accessible agitation back its inception. But this afire catechism has been beneath discussed: why is this new aphorism such an atomic demographic threat?The aboriginal acknowledgment is constancy trends, which all announce that abounding added bodies are active best and will abide to do so. Today, about 72,000 bodies over 100 years of age alive in the United States, but if accepted trends continue, that cardinal will ability about 1 actor by 2050. Over the aftermost two hundred years, activity assumption has added by two or three years every decade. Given these trends, it s accessible that added than 50 percent of accouchement built-in today in the United States accept a astute apprehension of active above 100. Even those in their 40s and 50s apperceive they are active best than their parents and accordingly will allegation to assignment above 65. The allotment of Americans age 65 and earlier who are at assignment has added always back 1983, ascent from 10 to about 19 percent. Meanwhile, a new abstraction shows that the allotment of accessible artisan alimony affairs in the United States remained banausic in 2015.People are active longer, but the bulk and the way we pay for their pensions is blockage the same. This growing constancy agency abounding bodies apparently haven t adored abundant for retirement. In acknowledgment they are alive longer, but are additionally analytic for bigger advance returns. In a aeon of historically low absorption rates, administration accuse become all the added apparent and accept the abeyant to clean out already bare ante of return. A fiduciary aphorism to ensure the best of a artefact is based on the needs of the broker and not the admeasurement of the administration fee paid to admiral becomes added important back allotment are so low. Addition agency bidding the allegation for a fiduciary aphorism is the growing complication of pensions and the added allegation for customization. Back activity assumption was 70 years, we created a three-stage activity of education, assignment and retirement. However, as Lynda Gratton and I appropriate in our contempo book, this three-stage activity cannot be continued over 90 or 100 years. A 100-year activity requires a 50-or 60-year career in adjustment to accounts a pension; that breadth of career is unsustainable.The aftereffect will be a multi-stage activity with transitions amid altered career stages. Altered individuals will accomplish altered choices at altered times about back they appetite to retire, back they focus on authoritative money against a bigger work-life balance. Some individuals age 70 will still be alive — some won t. Some will be absorbed in mortgages and chancy investments — others will be absorbed in safe investments and income. This assortment will crave abundant added complicated banking admonition and beneath standardization. Back anybody has the aforementioned needs, again the aforementioned artefact can be used. With greater assortment and needs amid investors comes the allegation for greater customization and ascent accent of a fiduciary aphorism with barter at the affection of the process.The DOL claim that banking professionals put their clients interests afore their own back affairs articles fits acerb with these arising trends — no hidden accuse that lower the amount of allotment and the accent of customized advice. So the demographic time bomb starts to beat amid individuals apprenticed financially by their constancy and the banking profession, anxious about the accident and obligations of the proposed fiduciary rule. However, the DOL claim additionally sets addition agglutinate burning. Not anybody is benefiting from these constancy increases. One contempo abstraction abstracts that the richest 1 percent of American men accept a activity assumption 15 years added than the atomic 1 percent; back the millennium, the richest accept apparent their activity assumption access by three years, but the atomic almost at all.This creates actual absolute problems. We can accouterment assets and abundance asperity by demography from the affluent and giving to the poor, but we can t do this with years of life. While the better-off in association battle with how to acclimate a 100-year life, poorer associates of association will face abundant lower activity expectancy.Further, if professionals cannot compensate fees from articles they sell, but allegation for able advice, again it s acceptable alone the college assets individuals will pay for this. Others will acquisition themselves after admonition and faced with simple connected products. Beneath activity expectancy, beneath money and beneath admonition — it s not an adorable prospect.How association deals with constancy asperity and meets the needs of those with longest activity expectancy, but additionally secures abutment for those with beneath money, beneath years and beneath banking knowledge, is an more afire catechism that will — and should – boss the political agenda. Given constancy trends, association charge change its access to abiding banking planning and the alimony industry and its regulators charge adapt, but at this point the catechism is how?Until addition comes up with an answer, that time bomb will abide to tick.Join us on Facebook.com/ Opinion.Read Opinion s Flipboard magazine. Andrew Scott is a Professor of Economics at London Business School and the author, with Professor Lynda Gratton, of The 100 Year Activity — Active and Alive in an Age of Longevity (Bloomsbury Press, 2016).