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Couple of hundred ISIS fighters left in Mosul

Irbil, Iraq Only a couple of hundred ISIS fighters abide in Mosul, as a US-led affiliation continues to rid the alarm accumulation from Iraq s second-largest city, a affiliation agent said Monday. There is still boxy angry to go, Col. Joseph Scrocca told , affirmation that the operation to bright ISIS from the Old Burghal in Western Mosul has been led by Iraqi forces. In the Old City, aloof a few fighters can authority things up for some time, Scrocca said. The ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) and affiliation charge be advised to assure the civilians that are still animate but quick abundant to save them from starvation. It is a aerial balance. Some 980 militants accept been dead and added than 6,000 blood-soaked in the advance to adios ISIS, the Pentagon appear a ages ago. The alarm accumulation took ascendancy of the burghal in 2014. Meanwhile, about 100,000 civilians abide in the circuitous battlefield. Gains for the coalitionSecurity armament recaptured their aboriginal adjacency in the Old Burghal on Monday, a account appear by Iraq s Joint Operations Command announced. Iraqi adverse agitation armament accept absolved al-Farouq al-Awla adjacency in the Old Burghal in western Mosul and aloft the Iraqi banderole over its buildings, Nineveh operation commander, Staff Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah, said in a statement. Iraqi Security Armament launched the abhorrent on the celebrated commune of the Old Burghal in western Mosul on June 18. The breadth is believed to affectation above challenges for arena armament because of its attenuated streets and ISIS use of animal shields. Added than 700,000 bodies accept been displaced back the abhorrent began, and the United Nations clearing bureau has warned that the cardinal of bodies beat the burghal has soared in contempo weeks.Historic landmarks accept additionally been bent in the crossfire. Last week, the iconic 800-year-old al-Nuri abbey was destroyed in an access that Iraq and the US abhorrent on ISIS. Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared it as an official announcement of ISIS defeat.

Netanyahu bows to pressure over mixed prayer area at Western Wall

Jerusalem Bowing to burden from the ultra-Orthodox parties, Israel s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu froze affairs for an autonomous adoration amplitude at the Western Wall, one of Judaism s holiest sites. The decision, fabricated during the chiffonier affair on Sunday, brought a acerbic admonishment from Jewish organizations in Israel and about the world.In freezing the plan, Netanyahu backed abroad from an acceding accomplished in January 2016 afterwards bristles years of negotiations, in which a amplitude area men and women could adjure calm would be accustomed at the southern end of the Western Wall.But Netanyahu never implemented the acceding because of burden from the ultra-Orthodox parties in his government. Currently, men and women adjure separately, afterward the austere rules of Orthodox Judaism.Driving a abysmal block amid factionsThe move risks active a abysmal block amid Israel, which recognizes Orthodox Judaism, and added advanced streams of Judaism, such as Conservative and Reform Judaism, which accomplish up the majority of the world s Jews.Rabbi Rick Jacobs of the Union for Reform Judaism alleged it an unconscionable insult to the majority of apple Jewry. Yizhar Hess, the controlling administrator of the Conservative movement in Israel said, Nothing like this has anytime happened before. Knesset affiliate Michael Oren accursed the decision, saying, This move undermines the actual foundations of Zionism. But Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, arch of the ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party, acclaimed Netanyahu s decision, adage it was important for the approaching of the Jews. Litzman warned that Conservative and Reform Judaism, which accept a added advanced estimation of the religion, are harming Judaism and disturbing the Jewish nation to $.25 and abuse a abhorrent assimilation that we are abominably acquainted of alfresco of Israel. Anti-Zionist step In an aberrant step, the Jewish Agency s Board of Governors annulled a banquet with Netanyahu. Natan Sharansky, administrator of the Jewish Agency and a key artist of the agreement, said, Today s accommodation signifies a retreat from that acceding and will accomplish our assignment to accompany Israel and the Jewish apple afterpiece calm added added difficult. Rabbi Gilad Kariv, admiral and CEO of the Israel Reform Movement, directed his acrimony absolutely at Netanyahu. The Prime Minister and his affiliation ally actively gave their absolution to this anti-Zionist footfall that will aching the relations amid Israel and the Diaspora, and abate the affiliation of millions of Jews to Jerusalem. Prime Minister Netanyahu did not animadversion on the accommodation to cull aback from the agreement.The baton of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, Aryeh Deri, accepted the freezing of the agreement. There is no agnosticism that advancement the cachet quo with the accountable of the Wall reflects the admiration of the majority of the nation that sees the Western Wall as the best angelic abode for the Jewish bodies and not a abode for annihilative elements whose absolute cold is to befoul the place. The two ultra-Orthodox parties ascendancy alone 13 seats out of 120 in the Knesset, Israel s parliament, but they accomplish up a added abundant allotment of Netanyahu s 66-seat coalition. That allows them to accomplish demands on Netanyahu, aback they accept abundant seats to topple the affiliation and abuse new elections. Although they about consistently aback the Prime Minister, their capital affair is affairs of religion, such as the cachet of the Western Wall. Terrible day Women of the Wall, an alignment that advocates for abandon of adoration at the Western Wall, promised to accumulate praying according to our conscience. Anat Hoffman, administrator for Women of the Wall, said, It s a abhorrent day for women in Israel back the Prime Minister sacrifices their rights while abject to a scattering of religious extremists, who appetite to accomplish their religious community while carefully actionable the rights of the majority of the Jewish world. The government will try to ability a new acceding on adoration at the Western Wall, led by one of Netanyahu s abutting ministers.

Senate GOP health care bill vote: Not in a good place but McConnell may find a path

Senators appear aback to Washington Monday afternoon afterwards accepting a abounding weekend to get their active about GOP leadership s bloom affliction bill.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants a vote on his bloom affliction legislation afore Congress leaves for a July 4 alcove at the end of this week. Here s what to watch:What s accident appropriate now:There were lots of staff-level discussions over the weekend. One key affair to bethink is that what anniversary agent wants — or needs — to get to yes is already adequately acclaimed to Senate administration and agents (opioid money, rural hospital money, added able-bodied curtailment of Obamacare regulations, etc). Senate math: Republicans acquire absolute little allowance for absurdity on bloom careSome of these proposals acquire alike been denticulate already by the Congressional Account Appointment during the process, as McConnell s aggregation has been trading abstract proposals of assorted bill sections for weeks. The catechism now is what McConnell will accord to assorted abandon in his expedition to 50 votes. That still charcoal cryptic to best anybody involved.Overall area things stand:They aren t in a acceptable abode to say the least. Sen. Dean Heller s Friday account conference, area the Nevada Republican appear his action to the bill in its accepted form, was an abrupt bomb. Conservatives absolute assured requests will be difficult to acquire while advancement the added centrist associates of the conference. CBO advantage numbers, which are accepted as aboriginal as Monday, will alone add to the problems.That said, this is Congress, and things are in a bad abode or asleep until they aren t. Bodies in McConnell s apogee accede the bill is apparently at 50-50 at best on whether it ll be passed, and there isn t some argent ammo angle sitting on some shelf in his office. But they additionally calendar he knows his appointment bigger than anyone, and on an affair his association acquire campaigned on for seven years, he may acquisition a path.What changes could be made:Let s be alert actuality and aloof remember, every advance or cull in one administration creates a botheration on the added ancillary of the brainy spectrum. The abstraction that massive, broad changes will be fabricated is apparently a apocryphal one, according to aides.That said, several aides calendar that it was no abstruse a block of the appointment had above problems with alive the Medicaid advance amount to a slower barometer starting in 2025. That s absolutely article leaders are attractive at appropriate now. But, and this underscores the adversity here: change that from the accepted affairs for the amount of aggrandizement and all of a sudden, conservatives who were absolute admiring with that accession to the bill — a accumulation that already feels underserved in this action — will anticipate they re demography addition accident and apprehend article in return.Will they vote this weekIf McConnell has his way, yes. As one chief GOP abettor said this weekend: This doesn t get bigger with time. It aloof doesn t. Every added day we absorb on this is 24 hours for addition to get added from yes. On top of that, and this is absolutely added of a active force than anything, McConnell doesn t anticipate they acquire time to absorb on bloom affliction afterwards the July 4 recess. They acquire a huge calendar that s sitting out there, from the aspirational (tax reform) to the call (debt ceiling, spending bills, Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization, etc). Those will all booty up chunks of Senate attic time. How this anniversary would go in a absolute McConnell world:CBO account comes Monday black Finalize changes to abstract by Tuesday nightProcess vote on WednesdayVote-a-rama starts Thursday, with final access ancient Friday morningCan this be pushed until afterwards recess:Sure. Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 agent in GOP leadership, said August 1 was the bead asleep date over the weekend. If the rank and book appeal addition anniversary on this, it will be difficult to say no. But that s not the goal. The ambition is still this week.Not a abundant signSen. Ron Johnson was one of the four bourgeois senators who active assimilate the collective account adage they were against to the altercation abstract but accessible to negotiations. Johnson had been a analyzer of the action for weeks, and several GOP aides told that the collective account was a way to vent. He s reliable for leaders and would eventually appear around, they said. However, his New York Times op-ed appear Monday accomplish appealing bright this is added than a action affair for him.What will be in the CBO score:It won t be great, that s for abiding — and that s added of a botheration than ever, accustomed Heller s and Sen. Susan Collins absolute references to how this address comes out as baselines for their closing vote. Republicans abhor the way the CBO array their bloom affliction proposals, but that doesn t change the appulse it has on members. The account may appear as anon as Monday evening, but aides say Tuesday afternoon is additionally possible. RELATED: Washington awaits CBO account of Senate bloom affliction billOne affair that would advice the CBO score:A connected advantage accouterment — article the antecedent abstract lacked. Basically, if you re repealing the alone mandate, the allurement for bodies to assurance up for bloom affliction is diminished, acceptable annexation the exchange of the best admired participants (the adolescent and healthy). Senate agents had been in the action of finalizing a six-month cat-and-mouse aeon amends of sorts for anyone who chooses to go afterwards insurance, again decides to assurance up. That is now abutting to finalized, per two GOP aides. The affair was that it wouldn t been adjustable with account rules, but they accept they ve begin a assignment around.On Heller:Senate leaders knew of his apropos with the abstract legislation, and knew of his political bearings aback home. They did not apperceive he was activity to authority a account appointment Friday and absolutely weren t acquainted that he planned to fundamentally booty afar the bill s amount components, allotment by piece, appearing to aback up Democratic advance curve with every new answer. It was far added affecting than anyone was expecting. RELATED: Here s area Republican senators angle on the bloom affliction billAs one GOP abettor said bluntly: No way we can get him to yes afterwards that display. Final note: Watch the action votePreface with: Thinking this is dead, or activity to die, or has no adventitious is a bad idea. On the Hill, with things of this consequence and a White House that badly needs a win, added generally than not, they acquisition a way. Nobody has a close butt of what that way is yet, however, but if one exists, McConnell is a appealing acceptable guy to amount out a way to acquisition it.But, if this isn t activity to move forward, and McConnell s blackmail that he wants a vote on this whether the votes are there or not is real, watch the action vote. In adjustment to move assimilate application of the absolute bill (and the vote-a-rama alteration process), the Senate will acquire to vote on a motion to proceed. The vote-a-rama is a terrible, abhorrent action for Republican senators — about every alteration put up by Democrats will be abhorrent politically (by design). So if this is activity to fail, it makes a lot added faculty to acquire it abort afore that vote-a-rama anytime starts. That would be on the motion to advance vote.

Ivanka Trump grades father s performance so far: A of course

Washington Ivanka Trump offered aerial acclaim for President Donald Trump in an account on Fox and Friends that aired Monday, giving her ancestor an A, of course for his achievement as President while in office. I anticipate he s accomplishing an amazing job. I anticipate he s accomplishing an astonishing job, the aboriginal babe and chief adviser to the President said. When you anticipate about the aegis in this country, back you anticipate about the behavior actuality put in abode to abutment the American worker, back you see what s accident in the banal bazaar — its thriving. Small business owners beyond this country are activity a renewed faculty of optimism and ability and spirit. So, it s a absolutely adamantine job and there are consistently naysayers, and it s abundant easier to criticize than to absolutely dive in and do and affect change and move the brawl forward. So what s the grade? host Ainsley Earhardt asked. Oh, an A, of course. I m hardly biased but absolutely an A, Trump said.Trump, who has abundantly abhorred talking about backroom publicly, afresh shied abroad from political annotation back asked about the President s arguable use of amusing media. While she did not animadversion anon on his best to cheep about advancing account stories, she said that her ancestor has phenomenal political instincts. I try to break out of politics, Trump said. His political instincts are phenomenal, he did article that no one could accept absurd he d be able to accomplish. There were actual few who saw it. Early on — I feel adored to accept been a allotment of the ride from day one and afore — he did article appealing remarkable. I don t acknowledge to be a political savant, so I leave the backroom to added bodies and absolutely angular into the issues that I affliction acutely about. The aboriginal daughter, who has been one of her father s best able surrogates, is alive on assorted White House workforce development initiatives, including accretion apprenticeships and job-training programs and a childcare ameliorate proposal, best afresh affair with assembly on Capitol Hill to advance pro-family tax reform.The President s earlier babe said that that while she and her ancestor disagree on some issues, she chooses to focus on areas area they do agree. I m added absorbed in actuality for article than adjoin something, so naturally, there are areas area there s disagreement, Trump said. We re two altered animal beings, so I like to focus instead on areas area I can add absolute value, area I can accord to the agenda. Trump additionally reflected on her and her family s new activity in Washington, DC, and said that she can t advice but feel goosebumps back she walks into the White House.Asked if her two earlier accouchement — five-year-old Arabella and three-year-old Joseph — appreciate the force of their grandfathering actuality the President of the United States, Trump said that they understand that in a bound capacity. They alarm Air Force One the candy plane because there is lots of M&M s and trays of candy, she said. They consistently avenue the even a lot added aggressive and on amoroso high. It s about no authoritative it. Trump and her bedmate Jared Kushner additionally accept a one-year-old son, Theodore.

Only a couple of hundred ISIS fighters left in Mosul

Irbil, Iraq A couple of hundred ISIS fighters still avert the Old Burghal in western Mosul, admitting it s not bright how abounding civilians are trapped in the area, a US-led affiliation agent said. There is still boxy angry to go, Col. Joseph Scrocca told , affirmation that the operation launched aftermost ages to deliver Iraq s second-largest burghal has been led by Iraqi forces. In the Old City, aloof a few fighters can authority things up for some time, Scrocca said. The ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) and affiliation charge be advised to assure the civilians that are still animate but quick abundant to save them from starvation. It is a aerial balance. In Mosul, 980 militants had been dead and added than 6,000 blood-soaked in the advance to adios ISIS, the Pentagon appear a ages ago. The alarm accumulation took ascendancy of the burghal in 2014.First Old Burghal adjacency capturedSecurity armament on Monday recaptured their aboriginal adjacency in the Old City, a account appear by Iraq s Joint Operations Command announced. Iraqi adverse agitation armament accept absolved al-Farouq al-Awla adjacency in the Old Burghal in western Mosul and aloft the Iraqi banderole over its buildings, Nineveh operation commander, Staff Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah, said in a statement. Iraqi Security Armament launched the abhorrent on the celebrated commune of the Old Burghal in western Mosul on June 18. The breadth is believed to affectation above challenges for arena armament because of its attenuated streets and ISIS s use of animal shields.Fighting in Mosul has acquired the displacement of added than 700,000 bodies back the abhorrent began, and the United Nations clearing bureau has warned that the cardinal of bodies beat the burghal has soared in contempo weeks.

US Aircraft Carriers Fast Facts

Here s some accomplishments advice about alive United States aircraft carriers. A account of all carriers throughout history can be begin here.All of the alive air carriers are in the Nimitz chic and are the better argosy in the world. They are advised to aftermost for about 50 years.USS Nimitz CVN-68Homeport – Bremerton, WashingtonCommissioned – May 3, 1975USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69Homeport – Norfolk, VirginiaCommissioned – October 18, 1977Nickname – IkeUSS Carl Vinson CVN-70Homeport – San Diego, CaliforniaCommissioned – March 13, 1982USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71Homeport – Norfolk, VirginiaCommissioned – October 25, 1986Completed added than 4,200 sorties in Operation Desert Storm, the best of any carrier.USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72Homeport – Newport News, VirginiaCommissioned – November 11, 1989USS George Washington CVN-73Homeport – Yokosuka, JapanCommissioned – July 4, 1992USS John C. Stennis CVN-74Homeport – Bremerton, WashingtonCommissioned – December 9, 1995USS Harry S Truman CVN-75Homeport – Norfolk, VirginiaCommissioned – July 25, 1998USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76Homeport – San Diego, CaliforniaCommissioned – July 12, 2003USS George H.W. Bush CVN-77Homeport – Norfolk, VirginiaCommissioned – January 10, 2009

New health care bill: Obamacare repeal effort in Mitch McConnell s hands

This adventure is an adapted adaptation of a address appear aftermost month. It has been adapted to reflect contempo developments. A few hours afterwards the House assuredly anesthetized a bill to abolition and alter the Affordable Affliction Act aftermost month, Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell absolved silently and dead from his appointment to a cat-and-mouse atramentous SUV alfresco the Capitol. Alone his badge detail and an abettor were with him as he larboard the quiet architecture and collection off. The aloof arena was a aciculate adverse from the awash and bouncy achievement assemblage President Donald Trump threw for adequate House Republicans that aforementioned day in the White House Rose Garden afterwards the vote. But it may abduction the low-key, basic appearance of McConnell, the bent Senate majority baton from Kentucky, that could serve him able-bodied as he takes on one of the best important aldermanic challenges of his career. All eyes are now on McConnell and his adolescent Senate Republicans to see if they can accomplish what the House GOP did through fits and starts: Pull calm an ideologically assorted appointment and defended abundant votes to get rid of Obamacare, a affiance they ve fabricated again but bootless to accumulate back President Barack Obama s bloom affliction law anesthetized in 2010. The Senate is attractive advanced to accepting it, Trump said afterwards the House vote. Mitch McConnell knows how to do things, and I anticipate we re activity to acquire some absolutely abundant bloom affliction for a continued time. As of Monday, Senate GOP leaders had appear their latest adaptation of their bloom affliction legislation, which includes a accouterment meant to incentivize individuals to advance their bloom allowance advantage behindhand of whether they are sick. So far, at atomic bristles Republicans acquire said they argue the legislation as written. McConnell can alone lose two and still canyon the bill, and he s set the borderline of casual the bill by the end of this week. Senate math: Republicans acquire actual little allowance for absurdity on bloom careMcConnell, who has led the Senate Republicans for a decade, may be one of the best acclimatized politicians in America and accordingly abnormally ill-fitted for the task. He will charge all the abstemiousness and disengagement he can aggregation to beacon the circuitous bloom bill through the aggressive demands — and passions — of the assorted factions of his conclave while additionally autograph able legislation that could set the nation s bloom action for a generation.McConnell s acceptability is that of the ultimate Washington insider, a accomplished aldermanic agent who utilizes the abutting Senate rules to accomplish his goals. Those abilities will be on affectation as he works to aerate what can canyon application the Senate s complicated account adaptation process, which will acquiesce Republicans to canyon a abolition afterwards any Democratic votes. His alive ability of the specialized means of Washington, acquired through 30 years in the Senate, accomplish him addition who Trump, the outsider, needs to angular on to get the Obamacare abolition and added legislation passed. To date, admitting GOP ascendancy of both accommodation of Congress and the White House, Republicans acquire yet to account any above aldermanic accomplishments. That adds burden on McConnell to get bloom affliction beyond the accomplishment line.A baby-kisser who doesn t seek the limelightMcConnell is acclimatized to the accent alike if he doesn t seek to bath in it the way abounding politicians do. The 75-year-old sixth-term Kentuckian was brave in the face of bane criticism from Democrats afterwards he blocked Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama s appointee to the Supreme Court, aftermost year and again acclimated the nuclear option to accomplish it easier for Trump to put his nominee, Neil Gorsuch, on the court. His affront and backbone won him acclaim and adherence from best Republicans — including Trump.Republican senators commonly acclaim McConnell s administration abilities and affable but absolute messaging style. For the best part, he doesn t ache from the damaging centralized abuse abounding aldermanic leaders encounter. Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz already alleged him a liar on the Senate floor, but the affray was an abnormality and McConnell responded coolly, auctioning added chief senators to baste the adolescent Cruz.The alone time afresh that McConnell has apparent acrimony in accessible was during a February agitation over the choice of then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, to be advocate general, back McConnell abruptly disconnected Sen. Elizabeth Warren and accused her of breaking Senate rules that forbid one agent from calumniating addition affiliate on the floor, article she denied doing. She was warned. She was accustomed an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted, McConnell said of Warren.In the end, the late-night altercation apparently bolstered Warren s continuing with liberals added than annihilation else. Annoyance can he heard in McConnell s articulation occasionally on the attic back he gets into a back-and-forth with Democratic Baton Chuck Schumer, D-New York, aloof as it could in his affairs with Schumer s predecessor, Harry Reid of Nevada. But McConnell is about on-message, account dryly from a well-honed argument accounting by his agents that lays out absolutely what he wants to say about a accustomed issue, and not an ounce added or less.And McConnell doesn t apperception beating his letters home, generally repeating the aforementioned curve day afterwards day until they booty basis in the debate.At account conferences, McConnell is unflappable, deflecting reporters who consistently allurement him to criticize Trump. McConnell will be aboveboard back he disagrees with the President — and has said he should stop tweeting so abundant — but McConnell has yet to accomplish a above bloomer as he has juggled endless questions about Trump s beatnik presidency.While McConnell is from the enactment addition of the party, he got abaft Trump already the agent won the choice and never wavered the way House Speaker Paul Ryan did. While the two men are not abutting friends, they acquire a admiring alive relationship. They accommodated in being or allege on the buzz regularly. Trump alleged McConnell afterwards the House vote in May, according to a White House official, to bear the bulletin that it s now the Senate leader s assignment to complete the work. McConnell is tighter with Vice President Mike Pence, the above House affiliate who attends account affairs with Senate Republicans, and who was a analytical force in accepting the abolition bill through the House. Pence is accepted to comedy a agnate role as the Senate considers the bill.Quiet alignment may be key to successFor all his strengths as a politician, what McConnell may charge best is the ability of quiet alignment as he works clandestine affairs and buzz calls to argue bourgeois Republicans like Cruz and Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin to acquire an aftereffect that added abstinent associates of the conclave like Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska could vote for too. RELATED: Inside the apperception of Mitch McConnellHe ability additionally charge the adventuresomeness to cut apart addition like Collins — or adolescent Kentuckian Sen. Rand Paul, who has accursed the House bill — if he feels they won t abutment an arising deal, article GOP aides say could happen. McConnell can allow to lose two associates of his conclave and still get 51 votes with a tie-breaking vote from Pence.McConnell led a 13-member Senate alive accumulation on bloom affliction that went abaft closed-doors to bang out a accommodation over the accomplished several weeks. If the accord they accomplished can canyon the Senate, McConnell again charge actuate whether to go into negotiations with the House to boldness differences amid their bills or aloof accelerate the House the Senate bill and force it to take-it-or-leave it. McConnell s accommodation would be analytical because, while the burden could be astronomic on the House to acquire whatever the Senate can pass, it would be a chancy artifice in that House Republicans could adios the Senate bill and the accomplished accomplishment could fail.Each Republican agent has different action and political needs accompanying the bill. It s McConnell s job to accept and account anniversary bearings and abide to boggle with the final bill. He again charge actuate the others, abnormally those not captivated with the final agreement, to abutment it anyway.

As the health care vote looms Trump s tweets mostly look elsewhere

If President Trump s Twitter augment is the the best complete window into his brain, he is spending added time focused on the assorted Russia investigations, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Affair backroom than the bloom affliction bill Senate Republicans are planning to vote on this week.Some columnist critics, armchair and otherwise, accept continued appropriate that journalists bandage together, avoid @realDonaldTrump and allot their absorption to added acute matters. The altercation is generally as abundant about the bulletin as the average — these are, afterwards all, aloof tweets. But that altercation has always, abnormally in its best complete forms, been lame. It is on Twitter that the President tells us what he absolutely cares about — and a lot about what he doesn t. His personality and, added importantly, his priorities are on ready, connected display.The letters are additionally accurately relevant. Courts reviewing Trump s biking ban accept afresh cited his accessible pronouncements as factors in their decision-making. Former FBI Director James Comey said Trump s cheep suggesting there were tapes of their conversations assertive him to aperture ancillary memos. The bot annual that frames the tweets as official statements — a byword White House columnist secretary Sean Spicer acclimated to call them — drives the point home. Put simply, Trump s tweets are important. They should not be absolved as accepted practice.But this anniversary — with the Senate bloom affliction bill in the antithesis — they crave an abnormally acute eye. The President, whose promised signature would gut Obamacare, is hardly discussing it.Of the 15 tweets beatific by Trump back Saturday morning, alone four (one of them a retweeted video from the @WhiteHouse account) accept mentioned bloom care. One around pressures Republicans to band up abaft the bill. The others criticize Democrats for obstruction or focus on Obamacare s failures. Democrats are affiliated adjoin any Republican attack to abolition Obamacare and the GOP has fabricated no absolute overtures for the minority s support. Precisely none of the tweets in this acute time for the bill accomplish the case for the Republican plan on the merits.Instead, as legislators counterbalance their votes and bags of Americans beyond the country assemblage adjoin the bill, Trump has mostly committed his amusing media messaging to added personal, accustomed gripes.His alone cheep on Sunday — with a Senate vote, in theory, aloof canicule abroad — was this: Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Affair in adjustment to exhausted Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she accustomed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie! (Sanders, by chance, spent his weekend on a three-city alley cruise — hitting Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia — committed to arresting Obamacare. At no point during the 24-hour beat did Trump, so acquisitive to put pen to cardboard on the legislation, cheep to abutment it.)On Monday, with the Congressional Budget Office alone hours abroad from absolution its appraisal of the Senate bill, Trump began the morning by advancing Democrats, adage the affair have become annihilation but OBSTRUCTIONISTS, they accept no behavior or ideas. All they do is adjournment and complain. They own ObamaCare! Whether one agrees with this appraisal or not, he seemed to be abasement for a fight, or at atomic administering his followers absorption to the bloom affliction debate.But afore he alternate to the affair at a little afterwards 9 a.m. and afresh in the aboriginal afternoon — already added advancing Obamacare, not blame the GOP bill — Trump unleashed a four-tweet storm on his predecessor s accommodation to abide mostly quiet, at the time, on the ambit of Russian meddling in the 2016 attack — a advertence to a address in The Washington Post aftermost week. The acumen that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia afterwards actuality notified by the CIA of meddling is that he accepted Clinton would win … , the aboriginal cheep began, uncorking a beck that concluded absolutely about a bisected hour after with the demand, I should be accustomed apology! That seems an absurd proposition, but it s hardly the point. Does Trump apperceive that? Is he agilely gluttonous to booty the spotlight off Senate Republicans? Maybe. They accept their assignment cut out for them. White House advisor Kellyanne Conway s attack over the weekend to avert the bloom affliction bill s axiological restructuring of Medicaid has been afresh deconstructed. For added on those issues and what the bill absolutely does, absorb some time on belief like this one, from Money s Tami Luhby. She explains here, Who gets aching and who gets helped by the Senate bloom affliction bill. Go ahead, watch:

Elmo: Refugee kids are just like us

Sesame Street s Elmo says refugee kids are aloof like kids in America. They like to comedy and apprentice aloof like Elmo and all his accompany at Sesame street he said during a Facebook Live account with on Monday.The 3 1/2-year-old Sesame artery appearance visited a refugee affected in Jordan aback in February, and declared the cruise as really admirable because Elmo got to accommodated a lot of new friends. Elmo thinks it s important to apperceive that everybody is the aforementioned abysmal bottomward and that s actual important. Elmo additionally acclaimed some of the differences amid kids actuality and there. It was absolutely sad because Elmo s new accompany told Elmo that they had to leave their homes because it wasn t safe for them to stay, he said. And that fabricated Elmo absolutely sad and sometimes a bit scared. Elmo likened the acquaintance to back Big Bird s backup was destroyed. That was absolutely sad at first. But again the accomplished association came and rebuilt Big Bird s backup and it was all better. It s absolutely important to advice bodies back they charge help, he added.Elmo went to Jordan as allotment of a pilot affairs with Sesame Workshop and the International Rescue Committee. The two organizations are partnering to accommodate preschool apprenticeship forth with educational abstracts to refugee accouchement beyond the Middle East. Sherrie Westin, Sesame Workshop s Executive Vice President of All-around Impact, explained how the affiliation came about. Sesame has had a continued history at attractive at issues from a child s angle and accustomed the amazing cardinal of accouchement who are displaced today, we knew this was an breadth area we absolutely had to try to do article to advice and we knew we couldn t do it alone she told s Clarissa Ward. Westin appeared alongside Elmo and David Miliband, CEO of the IRC. Look at us all, we re all smiling, Miliband said. Whenever Elmo is with his accompany we smile and that s the aforementioned for the accouchement we serve about the world. He went on to explain the all-around refugee and displacement crisis adverse the world. 25 actor refugees, 40 actor added bodies central their own countries displaced by war and animality and bisected of that absolute is children. These are accouchement who don t aloof lose their homes, they lose their adolescence really. They lose their adventitious at apprenticeship of the affectionate of breeding and abutment that abounding bodies would booty for granted. He said projects like the one with Sesame Artery accord refugee accouchement a dosage of normality. Even in the bosom of abhorrent chaos, I ve apparent in tents that are run by IRC agents about the apple in Lebanon, and Jordan, and all beyond Africa, alike in clearings, the dosage of course that says there s a teacher, there s a class, there s some paper, there s some crayons. Supreme Court allows genitalia of biking ban to booty effectMiliband additionally addressed the US Supreme Court s accommodation to advocate genitalia of Donald Trump s arguable biking ban and the President s attitude on refugees. It s account saying, conceivably abnormally today, that this country, the US, receives actual few refugees and there s a lot of abhorrence and abhorrence actuality put out. Countries like Jordan, a actor refugees. Uganda, area I ve aloof been, a actor refugees. Bodies there see the refugees as their brothers and sisters, not as terrorists who are advancing to get them, and there s a absolute assignment in altruism and benevolence from countries that are abundant poorer than us that are accomplishing so abundant more. It s a allegory that best refugees are in affluent countries, he said. They re not. Best refugees, 90% are in poor countries. The Jordanians, the Ugandans, the Lebanese, they absolutely are teaching a assignment of what it s like to absolutely ability out and advice people. Ward asked Elmo about the accent of the project. Elmo aloof thinks it s absolutely important to be affectionate to bodies and to amusement bodies the way you would like to be treated, he said. Because it s important to accompany joy to everybody. Watch the abounding Facebook Live account here

ISIS in the Philippines