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Uber accused of espionage hacking and bribery in bombshell letter

5 beauteous stats about Uber Uber spied on and bribed adopted officials, infiltrated clandestine babble groups, blanket barter secrets, and abused abstruse messaging apps and attorney-client advantage to arrest government investigations, according to a above employee. Those are aloof some of the allegations laid out in a 37-page letter accounting by a advocate for the above Uber aegis analyst, Richard Jacobs, on May 5, 2017. A partially redacted adaptation of the letter was fabricated accessible in a cloister filing on Friday afternoon as allotment of an advancing lawsuit. Uber is actuality sued by Waymo, Alphabet s self-driving car assemblage that was aforetime allotment of Google, for allegedly burglary barter secrets. Waymo claims in their clothing that a above agent downloaded arcane files from servers, aloof afore action to assignment for Uber as allotment of the assemblage developing its own free vehicle. The ride-hailing aggregation on Friday said it was acquainted of the allegations fabricated in the letter. Related: Advocate to Uber: about-face over abstracts on rape, advance letters from riders While we haven t embodied all the claims in this letter-and, importantly, any accompanying to Waymo-our new administration has fabricated bright that action advanced we will attempt candidly and fairly, on the backbone of our account and technology, an Uber agent said in a statement. The letter was originally beatific to Uber from Jacobs lawyer. He had formed as a aegis analyst for Uber until April of this year aback he accommodated afterwards actuality demoted. He says he was demoted for raising objections to and abnegation to participate in actionable activity. But, a Uber administrator testified that he was accursed for performance reasons. In a audition this month, Uber s agent accepted admonition alleged Jacobs demands extortionate. Related: Uber moves to achieve abduction victim s accusation Uber testified the aggregation paid Jacobs a adjustment of $4.5 actor to not acknowledge his accusations publicly. In an abnormal move, the Department of Justice alerted the adjudicator administering the lawsuit, William Alsup, to the actuality of the letter on November 22. By administration it with Adjudicator Alsup, the DOJ appear that Uber is the accountable of at atomic one bent investigation, a cloister certificate appear this Wednesday confirmed. No capacity about the analysis accept been fabricated public. The Department of Justice didn t acknowledgment to a appeal for comment. Related: Uber and Waymo aboveboard off in cloister over cocky active tech The letter acquired the adjudicator to adjournment the Waymo trial, which was declared to activate board alternative November 29. Now board alternative is appointed to alpha January 31. A address filed by appropriate adept John Cooper on Friday says Uber erred by not administration the letter earlier. That agency it is accessible a board could be told Uber withheld evidence. Uber break withheld the Jacobs Letter, which exposes the acute lengths it was accommodating to go both to get a leg up on antagonism and adumbrate affirmation of bad acts. Separate and afar from the letter, Waymo has accumulated cogent affirmation that Uber is application baseborn Waymo barter secrets, including artful aspects of Waymo s LiDAR designs bottomward to the micron, and we attending advanced to trial, said a Waymo agent in a statement. Here are some of the allegations abundant in the letter by Richard Jacobs, the above Uber aegis analyst: –Uber acclimated CIA-trained absolute contractors to aggregate adopted intelligence, Jacobs alleges. He says they conducted foreign espionage adjoin a absolute nation (the country s name was redacted) and calm metadata from the adaptable phones of opposition figures, politicians and government regulators. Uber additionally recruited clandestine agents and infiltrated bankrupt amusing media groups for auto drivers and drivers alive for aggressive companies, according to Jacobs. –Jacobs writes that his above aggregation bribed adopted government officials, according to the letter. Jacobs claims Uber was targeting admiral and acquisition advice that could affluence administration activities or advice Uber ameliorate markets. –Uber implemented a adult action to destroy, conceal, awning up, and adulterate annal or documents, says the letter. The aggregation allegedly acclimated a aggregate of dematerialization messaging apps, untraceable computers, and boundless use of attorney-client advantage to impede government investigations and abstain analysis obligations, says the letter. –Uber conducted surveillance of admiral from a aggressive company, recording video and audio at clandestine contest in locations like hotels, according to the letter. In one example, Uber s contractors recorded a clandestine chat amid admiral as they abstruse Uber was action to accept $3.4 billion in allotment from the Saudi government. Jacobs says the animal surveillance was directed by above arch aegis administrator Joe Sullivan on account of again CEO Travis Kalanick. Sullivan and Kalanick did not anon acknowledge to a appeal for comment. –The letter says Jacobs was acquainted that the aggregation blanket barter secrets from at atomic Waymo, but he absolved aback that affirmation during a pre-trial audition for the Waymo case on November 28 saying, I don t angle by that statement. Jacobs said during the audition that he alone had 20 account to analysis the letter afore it was sent. He did not acknowledge to a appeal for comment. Uber has installed a new CEO who is attempting to change the company s culture. On November 29, Uber s new accepted admonition Tony West beatific an email to the aegis aggregation adage there was no abode at the aggregation for surveillance practices. We don t charge to be afterward association about in adjustment to accretion some aggressive advantage. We re bigger than that, he wrote. To be bright clear, to the admeasurement anyone is alive on any affectionate of aggressive intelligence activity that involves the surveillance of individuals, stop it now. (San Francisco) First appear December 16, 2017: 4:47 PM ET

SpaceX launches used rocket and spacecraft for first time ever

Musk wants to acreage on Mars in 2022 SpaceX fabricated addition huge footfall against acceptable the amplitude industry s baron of reusable hardware. On Friday it launched a acclimated aircraft (the Dragon) on top of a partially acclimated rocket (the Falcon 9) for the aboriginal time ever. Liftoff occurred aloof afore 10:40 a.m. ET at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida, and aggregate went off after a hitch. The first-stage Falcon 9 booster acclimated in Friday s barrage was cautiously recovered already again, so it could potentially be acclimated in a third mission. The actuality that SpaceX can re-fly ample portions of its accouterments is a big deal. Not continued ago, abounding in the amplitude industry didn t anticipate it could be done. It s a beauteous accomplishment because it allows SpaceX to abase the amount of a distinct launch. The mission is allotment of SpaceX s advancing affiliation with NASA to complete unmanned trips to the International Amplitude Station. SpaceX s Dragon aircraft will berth at the base on Sunday. On lath is added than 4,800 pounds of cargo, including science abstracts and food for the crew. Related: SpaceX is sending barley to amplitude for Budweiser analysis Six bodies are currently on lath the amplitude base — three NASA astronauts, two Russian cosmonauts and one Italian astronaut. SpaceX has aureate a acclimated rocket booster three times before. And it s launched a acclimated Dragon aircraft already before. Friday apparent the aboriginal time both the rocket and aircraft acclimated at barrage had already fabricated arduous trips to space. This was the aboriginal barrage for SpaceX back October 30. It s endured a alternation of delays for assorted reasons. One mission, a clandestine barrage for the U.S. government, was declared to action in mid-November, but it s back been delayed until January. SpaceX cited an affair with the rocket s allowance — the actual top allocation of the rocket that can abode a payload, such as a accessory — as the issue. Friday s mission didn t charge a allowance because the Dragon aircraft can fly abandoned aloft the Falcon 9. But this amplitude base mission wasn t absolutely on time. It was delayed already to acquiesce for added ground arrangement checks, and afresh back SpaceX detected particles in the second-stage rocket booster s ammunition system. Nonetheless, SpaceX has had a beauteous improvement year. Last year, SpaceX suffered a above setback back one of its rockets spontaneously exploded on the barrage pad in September, antibacterial the payload. That larboard the aggregation ashore for months. But SpaceX had a arch backlash in 2017 by active 17 launches — added than any added private-sector barrage provider in the world. That makes it the firm s busiest year yet. For comparison, SpaceX launched aloof eight times in 2016. The aggregation has one added barrage slated for 2017 on December 22. (New York) Aboriginal appear December 15, 2017: 11:45 AM ET

Facebook worries it might be bad for you adds a mute button

Facebook introduces Messenger Kids Facebook knows what bodies anticipate of its aftereffect on brainy health. Some anguish it contributes to depression, abbreviate absorption spans or low self-esteem. That it s a time-suck, a aberration and a awkward attendance in their children s lives. They re broken amid block the blitz of likes and activity accusable over time absent staring at a screen. In a self-aware blog column appear Friday, advisers at Facebook attack to abode those concerns. The column asks, Is spending time on amusing media bad for us? It doesn t acknowledgment the question, but the column says Facebook is anxious about the affair and is agilely advance in analysis to apprentice more. It additionally appear a affection it thinks ability help: Facebook is rolling out a new 30-day mute button for people, pages and groups, which it says will accord users added ascendancy over what they see. The people, pages and groups you aphasiac will not be notified about the action. The column comes afterwards a cardinal of above advisers and investors criticized Facebook publicly. Above controlling Chamath Palihapitiya afresh said, I anticipate we accept created accoutrement that are ripping afar the amusing bolt of how association works, although he afresh absolved that account back. Sean Parker, who was an aboriginal broker in the company, said it was exploiting a vulnerability in animal psychology and afraid about Facebook s appulse on relationships, abundance and children s brains. Facebook additionally accustomed criticism afresh back it appear a messaging app aimed at kids. We apperceive that bodies are anxious about how technology affects our absorption spans and relationships, as able-bodied as how it affects accouchement in the continued run, said Facebook s administrator of analysis David Ginsberg and analysis scientist Moira Burke in Friday s post. Related: Facebook unveils Messenger Kids app They adduce studies that say amusing media can be adverse to brainy health, and others that say the opposite. The cessation the authors appear to is that amusing media itself isn t acceptable or bad, it s how you use it that dictates its appulse on your brainy well-being. A botheration with alive albatross from the aggregation to the users is that bodies generally can t analyze what s adverse to them on a acquainted level, according to Holly Shakya, an abettor assistant at UC San Diego. Shakya studies the appulse of Facebook on brainy health. She says one way amusing media can be damaging is abrogating amusing comparisons. That s back bodies see anxiously curated versions of added people s lives and again feel bad about their own. They acceptable won t anticipate to aphasiac these kinds of friends, who could cardinal in the hundreds. She s additionally thinks interacting on amusing media can backbite from real-world relationships. This media doesn t accord you what a animal actuality absolutely needs to accept a allusive amusing interaction, like eye contact, concrete acquaintance and posture, says Shakya. Facebook s Ginsberg and Burke say they appetite Facebook to enhance people s allusive real-world relationships, not backbite from them. Their column touts the assorted means the aggregation is aggravating to advance the abundance of users. We re alive to accomplish Facebook added about amusing alternation and beneath about spending time, said the post. In accession to the new aphasiac feature, Facebook has been authoritative approved changes to the account augment so it shows beneath clickbait and added posts from abutting friends. In 2015, it launched the Take a Break apparatus so bodies could adumbrate posts from exes afterwards a breakup. It additionally has a cardinal of suicide blockage initiatives and resources, including an AI apparatus that identifies baleful posts. Facebook is advance money into added analysis on agenda aberration and amusing media s appulse on kids, according to the post. The aggregation has its own centralized analysis aggregation that will allotment allegation publicly. It is additionally hosting a acme for academics and industry leaders abutting year to altercate the issues. Even with the best of intentions and a agents of able researchers, the company s allegation may allure criticism. Facebook is a accessible aggregation with a vested absorption in befitting bodies logged on and scrolling. Shakya says she d be agnostic about a tech company s centralized research, but it would depend on what the studies claimed. There are companies that absolutely do affliction about their appulse on the apple and do self-assessment, she said. If Facebook aloof after-effects its easily and tries to fool bodies into cerebration things are aloof hunky dory, it s activity to backfire. (San Francisco) First appear December 15, 2017: 10:03 AM ET

No bears here! Market on the verge of making history

Why ascent stocks don t account anybody The U.S. banal bazaar is up anytime so hardly this month. And if the criterion S&P 500 is able to eke out a accretion for December, it will accomplish history. This would be the aboriginal time anytime that the baddest basis had a accretion for all 12 months of a agenda year. Ryan Detrick, arch bazaar architect with LPL Research, acclaimed in a address this anniversary that the bazaar has had 12-month acceptable streaks before. But they accept never been for an absolute agenda year. Detrick said that 1958, 1995, and 2006 were close but no cigar years. The S&P 500 had a absolute absolute acknowledgment (which includes assets in assets in accession to banal amount increases) in 11 months. He added that alike admitting some investors may be afraid that this balderdash run is starting to get a little continued in the tooth, history suggests that stocks should accumulate climbing. Detrick acicular out that the S&P 500 had an boilerplate acknowledgment of 10.8% in 1959, 1996 and 2007 — the year afterwards the bazaar enjoyed assets in 11 of the antecedent 12 months. A double-digit allotment accretion abutting year would be absorbing accustomed that the S&P 500 is up about 20% so far this year. But will the bazaar abide this calm in 2018 or will it assuredly alpha to appearance some choppiness again? It s been eerily serene this year. The market s admired barometer of volatility, the CBOE s VIX (VIX ) index, is bottomward about 30% and beneath 10 — not far from its best low. s Fear & Greed Index, which looks at the VIX and six added measures of bazaar sentiment, is assuming signs of Greed and is abutting Extreme Greed levels. Related: Is this Trump s economy? So alike if stocks abide to ascend higher, abounding experts acquaint that animation will accomplish a comeback. Despite my bullish expectations, I don t apprehend it to be a bland ride and anticipate we may be in abundance for some turbulence forth the way, said Chris Zaccarelli, arch advance administrator of Independent Advisor Alliance, in a report. Zaccarelli appropriate that the bazaar may be due for a pullback afterwards this adamant bullwork higher. He acclaimed that the S&P 500 has had a atomic 5% dip from contempo highs at atomic already every two years back 1980. The aftermost such bead was February 2016. What could atom a acknowledgment of volatility? Zaccarelli said the alteration at the Federal Reserve, with Jerome Powell set to booty over from Janet Yellen, is a accessible agrarian card. So could abiding apropos about North Korea, astriction in the Middle East, barter disputes in the deathwatch of NAFTA negotiations and the mid-term elections. Related: Stocks at almanac highs on tax bill hopes But the better anguish ability be the acknowledgment of inflation. There is little affirmation of it in the bazaar appropriate now as appraisement pressures abide mild. That could change admitting if oil prices, currently aerial aloof beneath $60 a barrel, ascend further. A added fasten in awkward could lift gas prices as well, authoritative it added big-ticket for consumers to ample up their gas tanks. That could abate any accumulation Americans ability get from the tax cuts that Admiral Trump and Republicans achievement to accept afore the end of the year. The key for aggrandizement is watching area oil prices go, said Dave Harden, admiral and arch advance administrator of Summit Global Investments. If they get aloft $75 and into the $80-$90 range, it will blot out any account to consumers from lower taxes. (New York) Aboriginal appear December 15, 2017: 10:37 AM ET

Airbnb makes gains in its quest for more diversity

5 beauteous stats about Airbnb Airbnb wants to alive up to its motto, Belong anywhere. The company s latest assortment abode shows baby but important advance in the architecture of its workforce. Airbnb says that 11% of its U.S. advisers appear from underrepresented populations, a ambition it set in 2016. The amount is aloof over a 1 allotment point access from aftermost year. Notably, underrepresented minorities in abstruse roles jumped from 35 to 102 advisers in one year, the aggregation said. Underrepresented minorities are non-white, non-Asian employees. Overall, Airbnb s workforce grew from 1,400 advisers to added than 2,300. A 2016 centralized review, headed by Laura Murphy, above administrator of the ACLU in Washington, D.C., begin that Airbnb had been apathetic to abode bigotry on its platform, in allotment because of its abridgement of centralized diversity. The aggregation has begin itself the accountable of analytical letters about abominable apartment practices. Related: Airbnb to action added attainable rentals After the review, Murphy backward on as a chief adviser to the company s assortment and admittance efforts, which included account hour-long meetings. There was a absolute charge from top leadership, Murphy said in a alarm with on Thursday. CEO [Brian Chesky] told me: We can t accept that adage ( Belong anywhere ) if we accept a bigotry problem. Airbnb implemented new application efforts in 2017. For example, it requires women and underrepresented minorities to be included as accessible applicant advised by hiring managers afore positions are filled. External beat to civilian rights organizations and leaders played a role in allowance get the chat out about Airbnb s calmness about the issue. If [companies] appetite to do able-bodied in anti-discrimination and inclusion, it s important for them to about say what they will accomplish to, Murphy added. In accession to its centralized recruitment, the aggregation is soliciting added hosts of blush by alive with bounded NAACP chapters. The aggregation will allotment 20% of balance it receives as a aftereffect of association beat with the NAACP. Airbnb s allotment of women in the workforce is on the decline, however. Women accomplish up 41% of employees, bottomward from 43% in 2016. That s admitting assets in changeable engineers and added abstruse roles, the aggregation said. (New York) First appear December 15, 2017: 9:26 AM ET

Why Britain won t have a trade deal before Brexit

UK, EU ability advance Brexit acceding The European Abutment accepted Friday that it s accessible to alpha the additional appearance of Brexit talks. EU admiral congratulated Prime Minister Theresa May. But any celebrations are acceptable to be short-lived. Appearance two of the talks promises to be abundant harder than the aboriginal — a point underscored by German Chancellor Angela Merkel — and analysts say it s awful absurd that Britain can accommodate a chargeless barter accord with the EU afore it leaves the bloc. Here are three affidavit why: 1. Britain still needs to adjudge what Brexit agency Britain has yet to amount out what affectionate of accord it wants with the EU, its better consign market, already it has left. May has said that the U.K. will leave the EU s centralized bazaar and community abutment on March 29, 2019. But above those red lines, little has been settled. Britain charge adjudge whether it wants to accommodate connected accessible admission to EU markets or acquire barriers to trade. Both scenarios appear with risks and after-effects that are acceptable to agitated factions aural May s Conservative party. Related: The Brexit jobs tracker Clearing on a adopted advance of activity has been fabricated added difficult by the actuality that her cabinet, which has altered angle on what the end state should be, has yet to agitation the affair in detail. The EU alleged on Britain to provide added accuracy on its position on the framework for the approaching relationship. 2. Barter talks won t alpha until March 2018 Europe additionally said Friday that it will not agree its negotiating guidelines on a approaching barter accord until March. That leaves actual little time to talk. A accord clearing the divorce, as able-bodied as the framework for approaching trade, aegis and added relations needs to be drafted by October in adjustment to accord the EU abundant time to accredit it afore the Brexit admission alarm runs down. U.K. assembly are additionally aggressive a vote on the accord afore Brexit takes effect. Can a above chargeless barter acceding be adjourned in eight months? Experts say it borders on the impossible. 3. Barter deals are actual adamantine Barter talks are difficult beneath the best of circumstances, and absolute deals can booty years to batter out. A chargeless barter acceding amid the EU and Canada, which included some account industries, took seven years. The actual 27 EU states will acquire altered priorities back it comes to trade, and will face an acute backfire from activity unions and businesses if their interests are not protected. Related: EU and Japan chargeless barter accord covers 600 actor bodies I acquire no agnosticism that the absolute analysis of our accord will be the additional appearance of the Brexit talks, European Council President Donald Tusk said Thursday. Britain has its own priorities: It will seek to abbreviate barter barriers in key sectors of the economy, such as banking services, autos and aerospace. The EU has signaled that it s accessible to negotiating an acceding like the one it has with Canada. Davis is alike added ambitious, adage he wants Canada additional additional plus. Related: Why Britain needs the immigrants it doesn t appetite Given the actual abbreviate adventitious of a new barter accord actuality accessible by March 2019, Britain will charge a alteration aeon afterwards Brexit that will abstain businesses accepting to acclimatize to new rules and regulations twice. May has asked for an implementation period of two years, but abounding businesses say they charge at atomic three. Europe is accessible to altercate such a transition, but alone if Britain is accommodating to acquire all EU law — including new laws anesthetized during that aeon — and EU administrative oversight. Meanwhile, Britain won t acquire a say in any new EU rules. (London) Aboriginal appear December 15, 2017: 9:12 AM ET

The hottest stock of the year: Invisalign

How to accomplish your own braces on a annual Invisalign is one of the hottest articles of the year acknowledgment to adolescence and adults who appetite beeline teeth afterwards metal in their mouths. The about-face to bright aligners has powered Align Technology (ALGN ) , the aggregation abaft Invisalign, to a almanac year. Align s bulk has about tripled, authoritative it the top aerialist on the S&P 500. It s annual abutting to $20 billion. Braces are no best a appropriate of access for teens, said Jeff Johnson, an RW Baird analyst. Invisalign is quickly affective into the accumulation acceptance allotment of the market. Added than a actor adolescence above the apple accept ordered Invisalign, Align appear in November. Bristles actor bodies accept purchased the treatment, which costs anywhere amid $3,000 – $8,000. Align sales accept developed two years in a row, and its aftermost division was the best in the company s 20-year history. Orders amid adolescence acicular to about 70,000 this accomplished quarter, a 46% acceleration compared to the aforementioned aeon aftermost year. Credit Suisse analyst Erin Wright alleged the jump momentous. The company s action to aggrandize internationally over the accomplished several years — abnormally in China — has fueled growth. China became Invisalign s second-biggest bazaar abaft the United States for the aboriginal time aftermost quarter. Align has additionally aggressively targeted both patients and doctors in a advance to agitate the orthodontic industry. They accomplish no advisedly that they would like to be a above anatomy of orthodontic treatment, said Dr. Olivier Nicolay, a assistant at NYU s College of Dentistry. Related: The affliction banal of the year is Under Armour Align has ramped up announcement spending 60% this year as allotment of its accomplishment to highlight the product s agnostic and affairs advantages over braces to adolescence and their parents. You can cull them out to eat the aliment that you appetite or comedy a action or comedy a agreeable instrument, CEO Joe Hogan told in an interview. You can alive the activity that you appetite to live. Product advancements and Align s efforts to alternation a arrangement of added than 125,000 orthodontists and dentists about the apple accept additionally broadcast its reach. There s been an change of this technology. We ve invested a cogent bulk of money, said Hogan. Years ago we weren t able of accomplishing a lot of the cases that are out there. Once agnostic that bright aligners could bear the aforementioned after-effects as affairs and brackets, orthodontists are now added adequate putting patients on the treatment. Orthodontists are no best afraid of it, said Dr. Nicolay. Invisalign has become an accustomed action for adults and for adolescents. Dentists are additionally acquisitive for new acquirement drivers to annual a apathetic accretion in accommodating levels a decade afterwards the recession, acclaimed William Blair analyst John Kreger. With few above competitors looming, a bound anchor on the dozens of patents that go into bearing bright aligner technology and able cast recognition, Align s looks assertive to abide its ascend into abutting year and beyond. And the beginning boyhood orthodontic bazaar has analysts more bullish about the company s abiding prospects. Adolescence annual for almost three-quarters of the 10 actor orthodontic cases anniversary year, but alone 3% of them use Invisalign. We see no acumen why it couldn t beat 10% in the abutting bristles years, predicted Kreger. (New York) Aboriginal appear December 15, 2017: 8:48 AM ET

What does the end of U.S. net neutrality mean for the world?

How net neutrality works The vote to cycle aback net neutrality rules in the U.S. could accept above all-around implications. While Thursday s accommodation by the Federal Communications Commission could yet be challenged in cloister or Congress, experts say the U.S. risks surrendering its role as the best of a chargeless and accessible internet. This will be addition instance of the U.S. ceding administration in a all-around area, said Nick Frisch, a citizen adolescent at Yale Law School s Information Society Project. It is activity to set a bad archetype for added countries, advancing from the country that invented the internet, he said. Booty China, for example, area the angle of an accessible internet has been finer dead by the country s all-inclusive censorship apparatus. Related: Trump s FCC votes to abolition net neutrality Many of the issues that U.S. net neutrality rules were advised to anticipate — slowing bottomward internet traffic, fast lanes for assertive kinds of content, the blocking of websites — accept been accident in China for years. China s been there, done that They fabricated their best a continued time ago, and it s the adverse of net neutrality, said Lokman Tsui, accessory assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and above arch of chargeless announcement at Google in Asia. The FCC vote to abolition net neutrality will accept little appulse on internet users in China. But it could animate China to abide with its restrictions, Tsui said. Whatever little moral arena the U.S. had speaking and talking about the accessible internet, I don t anticipate they accept any believability larboard at this point, he added. FCC overturns net neutrality regulations For best added countries about the world, abnormally developed nations, net neutrality is taken for granted, said Andrew Lippman, a chief analysis scientist at MIT. My affair is abundantly in the arising world, area bodies may accept few options for accessing the internet and governments ability favor corporations interests, Lippman said on . Related: The end of net neutrality: What it all agency Countries area abstracts affairs are too big-ticket for best of their citizens are abnormally vulnerable. They accept become the battlefield for arguable zero-rating services. India offers an another Under such a service, assertive applications — generally Facebook s (FB ) WhatsApp or Messenger apps — are not accountable to abstracts caps. If a user burns through her plan s allotted data, those apps would abide alive while others cease to function. Related: Net neutrality repeal: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and internet providers acknowledge India, which is a allegiant apostle of net neutrality, absitively aftermost year to bang out a high-profile zero-rating service, Facebook s Chargeless Basics. Broadly speaking, India s telecommunications regulator has said it doesn t appetite any agreeable discrimination. The country absitively it didn t appetite a bazaar where poor bodies get some array of diet adaptation of the internet, what the telecommunication companies allow, and the richer bodies get fuller internet that s faster, Tsui said. Related: India blocks Facebook s plan for chargeless Internet With the U.S. no best the alarm on a acropolis for internet access, developing Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia are acceptable to about-face abroad for guidance. Will Canada and Europe angle firm? If they booty their advance from the region s giants — India and China — they will face a best amid two awfully altered approaches. But they could additionally attending added afield. Canada and assertive countries in the European Union action added reliable role models for net neutrality, according to Graham Webster, China agenda abridgement adolescent at New America. Canadian President Justin Trudeau has bidding his affair about the U.S. affairs to cycle aback net neutrality. The European Union alien rules in 2015 that it said would ensure that all agreeable is advised appropriately and that there s no fast or slow lanes for assertive types of online content. Some specific types of agreeable such as analytical healthcare abstracts could be accepted appropriate rights to ensure it consistently operates smoothly. Critics said the European rules are weak and unclear and accept loopholes that could actualize an uneven arena field. But the EU may acquisition itself accepting to avert the account of net neutrality. If the U.S. won t angle up for the chargeless and accessible internet, it s important that added countries do so, Webster said. (Hong Kong) First appear December 15, 2017: 7:25 AM ET

Last day to sign up for Obamacare is here

What you charge to apperceive about Obamacare 2018 Time is active out to assurance up for Obamacare for 2018. Accessible acceptance ends at 11:59 p.m. on December 15 for association in the 39 states that use the federal exchange, Added bodies accept active up for behavior than at this time a year ago, but Obamacare supporters abhorrence that abounding abeyant enrollees may not apprehend that the Trump administering cut the sign-up division in half. In fact, 56% of those consumers arcade online for bloom allowance at eHealth said they are blind that accessible acceptance ends Friday, the allowance barter said this week. There is one exception: Those who alive in areas afflicted by hurricanes — such as Florida — can authorize for a appropriate acceptance period, which will accord them until the end of the year to assurance up. Related: Obama tweets: Final canicule to accept in Obamacare are here! The federal barter has been sending emails circadian to some consumers admonishing them of the looming deadline. But the Trump administering concluded television advertising, which advocates say was the best able way to get bodies to accept in time. The web armpit alerts consumers the borderline is looming. Some 4.7 actor Americans called behavior on through December 9, according to federal data. That s about 650,000 added sign-ups than at a agnate point aftermost year, according to Get America Covered, an advancement accumulation aimed at announcement accessible enrollment. While a flood of procrastinators is accepted to aces affairs this week, it s absurd that absolute acceptance will bout aftermost year s amount of 9.2 million. Those in states that run their own exchanges may accept added time to assurance up. California and New York, for instance, accept continued acceptance through January 31. Some 3 actor bodies active up for 2017 behavior in state-based exchanges aftermost year. States accept appear active action in contempo days. Maryland continued its borderline to board the crowds. While enrollments accept been actual able so far this year, we appetite to ensure that anybody in Maryland in charge of 2018 bloom advantage has added time to boutique and enroll, said Howard Haft, acting controlling administrator for the Maryland Bloom Benefit Exchange, which continued accessible acceptance to December 22. Abounding of those signing up for advantage are new to Obamacare. Added than 182,000 new consumers accept active up for advantage in California, as of December 13. That s about 17% added than aftermost year. Some 40,000 Washington association best affairs for the aboriginal time, an access of 47% from a year ago. On the federal exchange, the cardinal of new consumers is up about 14% from aftermost year to aloof beneath 1.4 million. Related: Obamacare acceptance could abatement millions abbreviate for 2018 Current Obamacare enrollees who appetite to abide on the alone bazaar should go to to appearance their options and actively baddest a plan. If they don t, they will be automatically re-enrolled in their aforementioned policy. In antecedent years, this happened able-bodied afore accessible acceptance concluded so bodies could baddest addition policy. But this year, they will not be able to about-face affairs back the acceptance division will accept already ended. Some 2.2 actor bodies were automatically re-enrolled through aftermost year. Those who boutique about may acquisition they can snag abundant cheaper plans. Premiums accept soared for 2018, but so accept federal subsidies. A 40-year-old earning $25,000 will pay 75% less, on average, for the cheapest brownish plan and 21% beneath for the lowest-cost gold plan, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. A 40-year-old earning $40,000 will see a 28% drop, on average, in the amount of the cheapest brownish plan, and an 8% abatement in the atomic big-ticket gold plan s premium. Some 80% of enrollees will be able to acquisition a action for $75 a ages or beneath — up from 71% this year and the accomplished allotment so far, according to federal data. (New York) Aboriginal appear December 15, 2017: 7:13 AM ET

Stores may be in trouble but people are spending like mad

These retailers filed for defalcation this year Food are closing at an aberrant pace. Retailers are activity bankrupt. Malls are boring actuality abandoned. But don t misunderstand what s happening. Concrete food are disturbing — an adumbration — but consumers are spending like crazy. Confidence is the accomplished in 17 years. Unemployment is low, and shoppers accept added banknote to buy stuff. Consumers accept recovered from the Great Recession, and again some. The botheration for retailers isn t people s alertness to spend. It s area they re spending. After the Great Recession, spending confused online. In a austere case of bad timing, American retailers congenital bags of new food in the decade above-mentioned to the recession, back the abridgement was thriving, according to Richard Feinberg, assistant of retail administration at Purdue University. Feinberg says letters of the retail industry s annihilation are way overblown. Instead, he says the industry is facing a retrenchment, because retailers accept way too abounding food open. Accepting that mix appropriate — befitting the abracadabra cardinal of concrete food accessible while befitting up with online appeal — will be the key to survival. Hundreds of retailers accept suffered from accepting added food than they needed. Related: America s malls are adulteration abroad Sears (SHLD ) , which operated about 3,800 food as afresh as a decade ago, is bottomward to 1,104. Macy s (M ) bankrupt 68 food this year, and JCPenney (JCP ) appear it would abutting 128. The CEOs of Payless (which filed for defalcation this year) and Urban Outfitters conceded that there are too abounding food in America. Retailers apperceive that accepting concrete food is no best enough. They accept to accept a able online attendance to survive this change in spending habits. Online sales are projected to grow, and concrete abundance sales are accepted to abide shrinking. You re not activity to be able to out-Amazon Amazon, says Feinberg. But retailers accept to try to accumulate up. Amazon is projected to accomplish up bisected the online exchange by 2021, according to Wall Street close Needham. This anniversary season, consumers spent a almanac bulk of money online — $5 billion on Black Friday alone. That s 17% added than aftermost year, according to abstracts from Adobe Agenda Insights. Don t apprehend all sales to be online anytime soon, though. For best retailers, accepting a concrete attendance charcoal important to their business models. Around 88% of all purchases in the U.S. still booty abode in concrete locations, according to Moody s chief analyst Charlie O Shea. And these food are still bringing in above revenue. This anniversary division alone, bodies are projected to absorb $420 billion in brick-and-mortar stores, according to Deloitte. Related: Target buys same-day bear account with an eye on Amazon Experts point to Walmart (WMT ) as the best archetype of a banker that seems to be accepting the mix right. Walmart has been on an accretion spree, afresh affairs up, ModCloth, Bonobos, Moosejaw and several added arcade sites. It said aftermost division that its agenda sales rose a beauteous 50% in the United States — college than Amazon s advance amount for revenue. The retail area may alone accept two above players in the future: Amazon and Walmart. For now, consumers are benefiting from accepting so abounding online and in-store options, which is active prices down, according to Garrick Brown, carnality admiral of retail analysis at Cushman & Wakefield. Brown says it s absurd that Amazon would backpack its prices except in places area it s dominant. However, Amazon has the banknote to buy up abounding disturbing retailers. Macy s and JCPenney accumulated are account beneath than $9 billion, compared with Amazon s added than $560 billion. It s accessible that things could change absolutely bound for retailers, Brown says. (New York) First appear December 15, 2017: 6:33 AM ET