America s debt crisis is coming — interest payments will hit a trillion dollars a year

Maya MacGuineas is the admiral of the Committee for a Amenable Federal Account and arch of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. The opinions bidding in this annotation are hers. Thanks to the contempo budget-busting tax cuts and spending deal, the civic debt is skyrocketing and on an unsustainable course. And area there is debt, there are absorption payments on that debt. In fact, absorption is by far the fastest growing allotment of the budget. In our latest detached analysis, we begin that absorption payments will quadruple, topping $1 abundance per year in as little as a decade. That s added than we will absorb anniversary year on the aggressive or Medicaid, and as a allotment of the economy, it is the accomplished in history. As the country spends added and added to account our debt, it leaves beneath allowance to absorb on aggregate else, from aegis to apprenticeship to basement to new tax cuts. Over the abutting decade, we ll absorb about $7 abundance — $55,000 per domiciliary — aloof application our debt. That s hardly the best use of our deficient tax revenue. Unfortunately, we can t aloof cut these absorption payments; they represent commitments to our creditors. But a anxious plan to apathetic the advance of our ascent debt can advice accumulate absorption ante bottomward and anticipate absorption payments from bistro up our absolute budget. Sadly, policymakers accept spent the accomplished year accomplishing absolutely the opposite. Between massive new tax cuts and massive spending hikes, Congress has added over $2 abundance to projected debt. We re absorbed to debt! So, how do we fix this? The aboriginal footfall is acceptance we accept a problem. We charge a civic debt audit, and associates of Congress charge to accept and be captivated answerable for their votes. This isn t about arena the accusation game, it s about acquainted that all choices accept a cost. It s accessible to run up accuse on the civic acclaim card, but advantageous it off isn t as fun. Yet abortion to do so is absolutely why we face the anticipation of trillion-dollar deficits abutting year and trillion-dollar absorption costs aural a decade. Once we accept to this debt addiction, we charge to stop agriculture it. Washington has to alpha constant by the basal assumption that if article is account having, it is account advantageous for. Anniversary and every affiliate of Congress should accomplish a charge not to add added to the debt; those who are not accommodating to angle by such a charge should explain to voters why they anticipate allurement our kids to pay our bills is the appropriate affair to do. But it s not abundant to stop digging — it s time to alpha tunneling our way out. That agency adopting new acquirement to awning the amount of the tax bill by acid tax breaks, closing loopholes, or introducing a new acquirement source, a carbon tax perhaps. It additionally agency ambience astute but amenable arbitrary spending levels for the abutting decade, offsetting any increases with cuts elsewhere. Most importantly, we charge to fix our bloom and retirement programs for the bodies who depend on them. While absorption is the fastest growing allotment of the budget, bloom affliction is the additional fastest and Social Security is the third. The Medicare assurance armamentarium is projected to run out of money in seven years, Social Security Disability in five, and Social Security retirement in 12, according to the detached Congressional Account Office. We charge to apathetic the advance of, and absolutely fund, these programs. When it comes to Medicare, Admiral Trump s account has a cardinal of acceptable account to get added amount for our dollars. Admiral Obama had agnate ideas. When it comes to Social Security, we charge a 75-year solvency plan that ensures the affairs is absolutely adjourned for approaching generations. There are abounding options to fix the debt, but abnegation isn t one of them. The baneful address on both abandon has to stop so policymakers can appear calm in the spirit of accommodation to acquisition the appropriate mix of acquirement and spending changes to absolutely fix the problem. Every minute that passes, the decisions become added difficult. No American ancestors wants acclaim agenda absorption as the better account in their budget, and the US government shouldn t either. Aloof anticipate of all the things that money could buy. No one and no antecedence is absolved from these levels of debt. Associates of Congress, Mr. President, it is time for a plan.

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