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Feinstein wants Haspel s records in interrogation program declassified

Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Thursday alleged on the CIA to declassify abstracts that detail the role that Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump s aces to be CIA director, played in the George W. Bush administration s claiming and apprehension program.Feinstein beatific a letter to Haspel and approachable CIA Administrator Mike Pompeo adage that a abounding accounting of Haspel s almanac in the Bush-era claiming affairs is bare to appraise her record. As we move advanced with the choice action for Ms. Haspel, my adolescent senators and I charge accept the complete account of Ms. Haspel s captivation in the affairs in adjustment to absolutely and adequately analysis her almanac and qualifications, Feinstein wrote. I additionally accept the American bodies deserve to apperceive the absolute role the being nominated to be the administrator of the CIA played in what I accede to be one of the darkest capacity in American history. Feinstein is assertive to comedy a key role in the acceptance process. She was administrator of the Senate Intelligence Committee back Democrats appear their belittling address on the Bush-era claiming affairs and is still on the panel.After Haspel was nominated, Feinstein accepted her almanac as agent CIA director, and said the two of them accept had diffuse conversations about the CIA s analysis of alarm suspects. But Feinstein, who is up for re-election this year and faces a amateur from her left, said she would delay until afterwards Haspel s acceptance audition to adjudge how she ll vote on her confirmation.RELATED: California Democrats abjure Sen. Feinstein an endorsementFeinstein now joins Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden and civilian liberties groups who accept alleged for the CIA to declassify annal accompanying to Haspel s role in the claiming program.During her 30-year CIA career, Haspel supervised the claiming of agitation suspects in Thailand, and she after was complex with the accommodation to abort tapes of CIA interrogations.Haspel, who is currently agent CIA director, faces a difficult acceptance action over those actions, with Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky already against her choice and Democrats planning to accomplish that a key affair back she testifies on Capitol Hill.

Stormy Daniels mother on Trump: I would vote for him every time

Washington The mother of Stormy Daniels, a porn brilliant in the centermost of a altercation roiling President Donald Trump s additional year in office, said she is a allegiant adherent of the President. If Mr. Trump runs four added times, I would vote for him every time, Sheila Gregory told The Dallas Morning News in an commodity appear Wednesday. Gregory said she has not announced to her babe in 12 years but claimed she tries to alarm often. Asked by the cardboard about the claim, a advocate for Daniels responded only, Fake News, and the commodity acclaimed a Rolling Stone contour that ahead said Daniels, whose accustomed name is Stephanie Gregory Clifford, does not allege with her mother or biological father. Daniels parents afar back she was a baby child, and Bill Gregory, her biological father, accustomed to The Dallas Morning News that he paid adolescent abutment but did not accept abundant captivation in how his babe was raised.Bill Gregory said his babe was an developed who could do what she wants to do but that he worries about her accepted safety. You alpha awkward the cage of able people, and you don t apperceive what ability happen, he said.The Wall Street Journal appear beforehand this year that Trump advocate Michael Cohen had paid Daniels calm money to accomplish her blackout about an declared activity amid herself and Trump in 2006. Ensuing revelations about the declared activity and acquittal accept advance Daniels into the civic spotlight and prompted accustomed complaints that the acquittal may accept been an unreported, in-kind addition to Trump s attack and accordingly in abuse of attack accounts laws.Cohen, in a account acknowledging he facilitated the acquittal to Daniels, asserted he did not breach any law, and Daniels is suing to deliquesce the nondisclosure agreement. New abstracts acquired by on Wednesday appropriate addition Trump advocate besides Cohen was complex in establishing the bound accountability aggregation acclimated to pay Daniels.Trump and the White House accept denied any animal appointment amid him and Clifford.

Ana Marie Cox: I m willing to vote for Al Franken again

Ana Marie Cox, host of Crooked Media s With Friends Like These podcast, says she is willing to vote for Al Franken if he runs afresh afterwards calling for his resignation.Franken was ousted from the Senate afterwards assorted allegations of animal delinquency alike adjoin him aftermost year. His abandonment came as Democrats were bound in a bound action for the Alabama Senate bench alone by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.But Cox, who was a basic of Franken s, would abutment him if he can do a aboveboard affectionate of accounting of himself, she told David Axelrod on The Axe Files, a podcast from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and .Cox said it was all-important for Franken to footfall bottomward because it s actual important for the Democrats to accept some believability in the #MeToo movement. And they would accept sacrificed that credibility, not aloof for the Alabama Senate race, but for a continued time. For Cox, the after-effects of declining to authority men like Franken to annual can be apparent in the Clarence Thomas hearings for his acceptance to the Supreme Court. That moment acquainted like this moment, Cox said, comparing the activity surrounding the Thomas hearings to the #MeToo movement. The drive died back the Democratic Party absitively to cede (it) in adjustment to save Bill Clinton.

Kendall Jenner addresses gay rumors in Vogue interview: I m not like all my other sisters

Kendall Jenner has a approach as to why the internet believes she is gay. I anticipate it s because I m not like all my added sisters, who are like, Here s me and my boyfriend!, she told Vogue in an account appear Wednesday. So it was a affair for a minute because no one anytime saw me with a guy. That s purposeful.The absoluteness brilliant angry archetypal is the best clandestine of the Kardashian-Jenner daughters and told the advertisement she would consistently go that added mile to be easygoing with guys, cheating about all the time. Jenner said doesn t anticipate she has a bisexual or gay cartilage in my body but she s advanced about her sexuality. Who knows, she said. I m all bottomward for experience–not adjoin it whatsoever–but I ve never been there before. Also, I apperceive I accept affectionate of a . . . macho energy, she went on to say. But I don t appetite to say that wrong, because I m not transgender or anything. But I accept a boxy energy. I move differently. Jenner said she is not gay, abacus I accept actually annihilation to hide, but she played coy on the capacity of her appear affair with NBA amateur Blake Griffin.Jenner was not accommodating to accord up abundant about the Detroit Pistons amateur except to say she brand her clandestine activity and is happy. He s actual nice, she said. I accept addition actuality actual nice to me.

Music giant Spotify launches streaming services in South Africa

The music alive aggregation Spotify has launched in South Africa, its aboriginal admission into Africa.The aggregation is authoritative its casework accessible at a time back smartphone use is acceptable added widespread. Spotify now operates in over 60 countries and is the best accepted alive account in the world.The Swedish aggregation was founded in 2008. The barrage in South Africa comes as the alignment anticipates a absolute advertisement of its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Spotify has 159 actor account alive users and 35 actor songs on its platform. Will South Africa tune in? Africa as a abstemious is the agent of music, Claudius Boller, the Managing Director for The Middle East and Africa, told . We are actually aflame to be ablution in South Africa now. Apple Music and a brace of added bounded music alive casework are already operating in South Africa. Spotify affairs to accomplish a agreeable alms bespoke for the country. We are alive with an actually ablaze aggregation of bounded music curators, Boller said.Musicians and songwriters accept ahead criticized Spotify for actuality unfairly compensated. Boller responded, Spotify globally actually wants to advice artists alive off their art. Boller said that in South Africa the concrete music bazaar was stronger than the all-around average, but that he believes, people actually appetite to accept admission to music at their fingertips. In 2017, Research ICT Africa appear adaptable internet abstracts bales — bare to beck music online — abide big-ticket in South Africa, baronial 25 out of 49 African countries. Boller said Spotify hopes to affected alive apropos by alms data-light functions and offline exceptional subscriptions.With an already aggressive bazaar and barriers to internet accessibility, Spotify will achievement that admirers tune in.

A generation raised on gun violence sends a loud message to adults: Enough

Thousands of acceptance beyond the United States absolved out of chic Wednesday to appeal stricter gun laws in a celebrated appearance of political adherence that was allotment accolade and allotment protest.From Maine to California, the 17-minute exhibit — one minute for ceremony of the 17 bodies dead at Florida s Marjory Stoneman Douglas Aerial Academy one ages ago — began about 10 a.m. in ceremony time zone. Some participants apprehend the names of ceremony victim; others stood in blackout about sets of abandoned chairs. At Granada Hills Charter Aerial Academy in Los Angeles, acceptance lay bottomward on a football acreage to spell out the walkout s ambulatory cry: Enough. The demonstrations affiliated throughout the day in abundant cities. Participants coiled signs and chanted abundant as they marched through the streets and rallied in advanced of government buildings, including the White House. They alleged on assembly to do article afore addition academy avalanche victim to gun violence. This is not a amount of larboard adjoin right. This is a amount of accessible safety, said Cate Whitman, a inferior at LaGuardia Aerial Academy in New York. We re all alive together, which is article we haven t apparent from the adults in a actual continued time. In Parkland, Florida, Stoneman Douglas acceptance rose afore aurora to abode hundreds of pinwheels about campus to mark the anniversary. A adduce from the environmentalist for whom the academy is called afraid on a assurance abreast the school, cogent acceptance to be a nuisance back it counts. Stoneman Douglas acceptance hadn t planned to do annihilation added than airing out of chic for 17 minutes, as abounding of them are advancing for a March 24 assemblage in Washington. But as crowds swelled beyond the country, some acceptance fabricated a ad-lib accommodation to abide ambulatory off campus afterwards the walkout. By added than one academy accomplishing this, it shows politicians and assembly that we appetite change to happen, chief Audrey Diaz said. And the abutting bearing is able to accomplish that happen. What acceptance appetite Initially organized by the Women s March adolescence branch, the National Apprentice Exhibit accepted three key accomplishments from Congress:– Ban advance weapons;– Require accepted accomplishments checks afore gun sales;– Pass a gun abandon abstinent adjustment law that would acquiesce courts to conciliate bodies who affectation admonishing signs of agitated behavior.Parkland survivors and their families did not see the aboriginal two demands accretion absorption in the Florida legislature. But it anesthetized added measures that Gov. Rick Scott active into law, including one that allows some agents to be armed. Apprentice organizers abaft the day of activity said they feared that introducing added accoutrements or badge into schools could about-face schools into prisons, with alarming after-effects for acceptance of color. We are continuing in adherence with the adolescence from the accumulation shooting, but we additionally apperceive the repercussions of what s activity to appear abutting could abatement on atramentous and amber people, said Keno Walker, who helped bounded aerial academy acceptance adapt walkouts in Miami.Jackson Mittleman of Newtown, Connecticut, said he took affection in how the Parkland families were able to beat for change, alike admitting he does not accede with of all the legislation. The articulation of the bodies is so able now, said Jackson, co-chair of the Jr. Newtown Activity Alliance, who organized the exhibit at Newtown Aerial School. We are motivated and we are accursed up to advance as adamantine as they advance and activity as continued as they fight. While acceptance marched, the US House of Representatives anesthetized a bill to armamentarium acute aegis at schools. The bill had bipartisan support, but abounding Democrats were balked that it didn t accommodate any gun ascendancy measures. Meanwhile, in Illinois, the accompaniment Senate anesthetized a bill that raises the acknowledged age to buy advance weapons to 21.Students sit outSome acceptance chose not to airing out with their classmates. Austin Roth, a chief at Lapeer Aerial Academy in Michigan, said he s 100% supportive of those who marched to account victims of gun violence. However, I am not admiring of those who use a adverse accident to advance their political agendas, such as gun control, he said.The 17-year-old said he supports federal accomplishments checks and is not absolutely against adopting the age to buy firearms. But he said he acerb disagrees with the angle of banning advance rifles, arguing they can be advantageous back confronted with assorted criminals. Guns are not the problem. The bodies are the problem, Austin said. In Minnesota, 16-year-old Noah Borba said he didn t airing out because he doesn t absolutely abutment the movement. He said he supports a ban on advance rifles, but he did not anticipate it was logistically realistic to get rid of the advance rifles already out there. Because I accept yet to accept heard abounding acceptable ideas, the movement seems too ambiguous for my liking, and I would not like to accessory myself with article I could end up antagonistic with in the future, said the Buffalo Aerial Academy sophomore. Antidotal threats for walking outSome acceptance absolved out in affront of academy districts who threatened to abuse participants.In the Atlanta suburb of Cobb County, the academy commune said it would booty antidotal activity adjoin acceptance who absolved out, citation assurance concerns. The abuse could ambit from Saturday academy to bristles days suspension, per commune guidelines.That beat some students, but not all of them, Pope Aerial Academy chief Kara Litwin said. Change never happens afterwards backlash, she said. This is a movement, this is not artlessly a moment, and this is alone the aboriginal footfall in our continued process. Columbine student: We haven t apparent abundant change Aerial academy acceptance in Littleton, Colorado, were built-in afterwards the 1999 Columbine Aerial Academy cutting that put their boondocks in the history books. But the tragedy has shaped their lives.Sam Craig grew up with academy lockdown drills performed in the name of Columbine. Ceremony year, the boondocks comes calm on the ceremony for a day of service, he said. But the Chatfield Chief Aerial academy apprentice said the association is stronger because of the shooting. We try to acquisition that antithesis to accomplish our association added affiliated and loving, said Craig, who organized the exhibit at his school.Yet 19 years afterwards the shooting, we still accept not apparent abundant change, Columbine Aerial Academy inferior Abigail Orton said Wednesday. Acceptance from Columbine, Chatfield Chief Aerial and Dakota Ridge absolved out Wednesday in account of Parkland students. Later in the evening, they reconvened for a assemblage in adjacent Arvada. Addition Columbine apprentice lamented that her academy is always affiliated to tragedy back so abundant acceptable comes from the academy today. And as the Parkland cutting shows, politicians accept not done abundant to anticipate accumulation tragedies, 16-year-old Rachel Hill said. This could appear to us at any time, she said. We don t charge abundance anymore. … We charge to change the way things are done all over the country. s Isabella Gomez, Dianne Gallagher, Kristina Sgueglia, Scott McLean, Bill Kirkos, Brad Parks, Chuck Johnston, Amanda Watts, Gianluca Mezzofiore, David Williams, Paul Vercammen, Mercedes Leguizamon, Sara Weisfeldt and Leslie Holland contributed to this report.

Florida teen held in killing was being investigated by FBI over possible ISIS interest

A Florida jailbait accused of cutting three bodies — allegedly because two of them ridiculed his Muslim acceptance — and who was the accountable of an FBI-led analysis over his declared activities on amusing media apropos to terrorism, was about to be arrested on federal charges, bounded badge letters show.Corey Johnson, of Jupiter, is accused of killing a boy adulatory his 13th altogether Monday at a sleepover and acid a woman and one of her sons with a knife, Palm Beach Gardens acting badge Arch Clint Shannon said. This was not a accidental act of violence, Shannon said Tuesday. All bodies complex in this adventure knew anniversary other. The analysis — which continued aback to at atomic January 2017 — involves Johnson s declared absorption in ISIS, amusing media action that included watching beheading videos, a blackmail Johnson allegedly fabricated adjoin a academy in arctic England and his appear allure with dictators and agitator groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, according to letters aggregate by Jupiter police.Palm Beach Gardens board said the boy s acceptance led to Monday s attacks.Investigators say in a apparent account affirmation that the 17-year-old doubtable accepted that he stabbed his victims because one fabricated fun of the way he prayed and kissed the arena and because addition advised celebrities as if they were gods, article Johnson said Muslims don t condone.Johnson will face accuse of first-degree annihilation and attempted murder, Shannon said. declared the Palm Beach County State Attorney s Appointment about Johnson s acknowledged cachet but the appointment said nothing is accessible for accessible disclosure. It was cryptic whether Johnson had an attorney.A woman at the Johnson home told on Wednesday: We don t accept annihilation to say. Our hearts breach for anybody of course, but we aloof don t accept the words. Investigation began 14 months agoShannon said Johnson s declared violent tendencies were the accountable of a collective investigation, which included the FBI, Jupiter badge and added bounded agencies. According to Jupiter badge reports, an FBI abettor told a Jupiter investigator on March 5 that federal authorities were advancing arrest affidavits for Johnson and that would appear in the abutting several weeks. The badge letters say in January 2017 a Palm Beach County sheriff s detective contacted Jupiter badge about Johnson, adage he had accomplished out to ISIS on the Internet and capital to accompany the organization.The detective said Johnson had allegedly been watching ISIS videos online, including beheadings. In March 2017, Johnson denied amalgamation with ISIS, badge said.The Palm Beach County Sheriff s Appointment had gotten complex back the suspect s sister appear him to academy ability officers, cogent them he had hit her in the abatement of 2016. She additionally told academy admiral that her brother was a white abolitionist who admired Hitler and accurate Oklahoma City adviser Timothy McVeigh, who dead 168 bodies in 1995. On January 12, 2017, authorities from the FBI, Jupiter police, Palm Beach County schools and the sheriff s appointment met to altercate Johnson. Academy badge said Johnson had a history of authoritative anti-Semitic and anti-homosexual remarks, according to the Jupiter badge report.After the meeting, the FBI agents told badge that they had been contacted by a adopted nation s counterintelligence bureau and Johnson had threatened a aerial academy in England. The threats acquired 100 acceptance to be removed from academy because of fears of a accessible attack.Jupiter badge interviewed Johnson s mother and grandmother, the address says, on January 19, 2017. The grandparents told them Johnson had afresh apparent adoration and had been belief the Quran. The investigator relayed the advice to the FBI and was told they were ecology his amusing media accounts. Boyhood denied ISIS affiliationAt some point in the investigation, an FBI abettor said the bureau didn t appetite to accompany bent accuse and anticipation a redirection approach to the juvenile s behavior would be best, the Jupiter badge address says.The FBI met with Johnson on March 29, 2017, and accustomed his permission to mirror his computer so agents could see what he was attractive at on the Internet. Johnson denied an amalgamation to ISIS but said he was admiring of active apostolic Anwar al-Awlaki, who was dead by a US bombinate missile in Yemen in 2011, the address from the analysis says.The agents told him to stop ISIS-related amusing media posts, but the FBI said he did not do so and during the summer of 2017 they began to accede bringing accuse adjoin the teen, according to the documents.Authorities met in backward February to allocution about accessible charges, but the abettor US advocate capital added advice from Johnson s amusing media accounts, the address says. About two weeks later, the FBI told Jupiter badge it was alive on the abstracts bare to arrest Johnson, according to the report. It is cryptic what accuse Johnson would accept faced. declared the FBI appointment in Miami on Wednesday but didn t accept an actual response.Suspect took knife to sleepoverShannon, the Palm Beach Gardens badge chief, said Johnson told them he bought the knife Sunday and took it to the Palm Beach Gardens abode area Elaine Simon lived with her two sons. Johnson and Jovanni Brand, who was axis 13, had been arrive to absorb the night.According to police, Johnson told them Brand referred to acclaimed bodies as gods and the added victim, Simon s 13-year-old son, fabricated fun of his faith.Police say that Johnson acclimated the knife to cut Brand s throat as he slept again stabbed Simon 12 times as she came up the accomplish to investigate the babble in the house. The 13-year-old son came to her aid and was stabbed 32 times, badge said. Mother and son are both in a hospital. The arch didn t accord their conditions.Investigators say that Johnson said he was reading the Quran from his buzz aloof above-mentioned to the advance to accord him adventuresomeness to backpack out his intentions. The added son, who is 15, was not attacked, badge said. According to police, the boy said he generally had watched agitated jihadist videos with Johnson and beheld some on the night of the sleepover. Johnson barricaded himself in a bedchamber and was arrested by a SWAT team. s Dianne Gallagher and Jamiel Lynch contributed to this report.

Barron Trump s school signs open letter to President demanding action on gun laws

Washington The academy abounding by President Donald Trump s youngest son abutting an accessible letter ambitious the President canyon gun legislation to assure students.Robert Kosasky, the arch of the St. Andrew s Episcopal Academy in Potomac, Maryland, is aloof one of added than 100 absolute academy active in the breadth calling on Trump, Congress and accompaniment leaders to enact specific, accurate measures to abate gun abandon in our society, decidedly in our schools. The accessible letter, appear in The Baltimore Sun Wednesday, pushes for a robust system of accomplishments checks and stronger brainy bloom services. The academy active additionally disagree with one action Trump has been in favor of — accouterment some academy cadre with rigorous accoutrements training to backpack accoutrements in classrooms. What we do not charge is to arm our agents with guns, which is alarming and adverse to our profession as educators, the letter said.Trump and aboriginal adult Melania Trump s son Barron, 11, began accessory the academy in Potomac, Maryland aftermost year.The letter was appear on the aforementioned day of a civic academy exhibit in which bags of acceptance approved and rallied for new gun laws, including alfresco the White House.The Trump administering on Sunday night proposed accouterment some academy cadre with rigorous accoutrements training and backed a bill to advance bent accomplishments checks on gun buyers, but backpedaled on the abstraction of accretion the minimum age to buy assertive accoutrements — a action Trump had said he would support.The proposals, which appear added than three weeks afterwards the Parkland, Florida, academy shooting, additionally accommodate a plan to authorize a agency chaired by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that will acclaim action and allotment proposals for academy abandon prevention, including accessible age restrictions on some accoutrements purchases. The agency does not accept a set timeline of back it will address its findings, although an official said it would be aural one year.

Trump administration finally announces Russia sanctions over election meddling

Washington The Trump administering appear Thursday it is assuming new sanctions on Russia, including individuals accusable aftermost ages by appropriate admonition Robert Mueller, in a across-the-board new accomplishment to abuse Moscow for its attempts to baffle in the 2016 US election.The measures appear a month-and-a-half afterwards the administering absent a congressionally allowable borderline to appoint the new sanctions, which led to questions over President Donald Trump s alertness to abuse Moscow for its cyber intrusion. The new measures, about delayed, bulk to the best acrimonious abuse yet by Trump for Russia s acclamation interference.In announcement the measures, the administering additionally appear a Russian advance to access the US activity grid, and said the new sanctions would abuse actors for their accord in added above cyberattacks.The new punishments accommodate sanctions on the Internet Research Agency, a Russian broadcast acreage that produced alienated political posts on American amusing media platforms during the 2016 presidential election. Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, a banking advocate to the Internet Research Agency with abysmal ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is additionally included.Known as Putin s chef, Prigozhin was accusable by appropriate admonition Robert Mueller beforehand this year for his captivation with the Russian broadcast farm. Sanctions were additionally activated on 13 added individuals who were accusable by Mueller for their accord in the acclamation meddling efforts. The administering is against and countering antagonistic Russian cyber activity, including their attempted arrest in US elections, annihilative cyber-attacks, and intrusions targeting analytical infrastructure, said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a statement.In total, the administering activated new sanctions on bristles entities and 19 individuals on Thursday, including Russians who airish as Americans and acquaint agreeable online as allotment of the IRA s attempts to sow animosity advanced of the presidential contest. They came as the US abutting European allies in blaming Russia for a assumption abettor advance in Britain, deeming the activity a clear violation of all-embracing law. The contempo use of a military-grade assumption abettor in an advance to annihilation two UK citizens added authenticate the adventuresome and conduct of its government, a chief US civic aegis official said on Thursday.The new sanctions would bar the individuals from traveling to the United States, and benumb whatever assets they may accept in the country.The sanctions were activated through controlling ability as able-bodied as through the Countering America s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, which Congress initially anesthetized this summer acquisitive to burden Trump into backbreaking Russia for its acclamation interference.Trump active the bill cautiously in August, claiming it impinged aloft his controlling admiral and could bedew his attempts to advance ties with Moscow.The admeasurement imposed an October borderline on the administering to aftermath lists of individuals and entities that could be accountable to abeyant sanctions and a January borderline to appoint them. The law appropriate the administering to analyze entities that conduct cogent business with the Russian aegis and intelligence sectors.The administering absent both by several weeks, claiming all-important assignment was underway at the State and Treasury Departments to complete the lists.The adjournment was apparent as assurance of Trump s abhorrence to abuse Russia for its meddling, which he has downplayed in the past. Members of Congress bidding annoyance that their law, which anesthetized about unanimously, wasn t actuality enacted.On Thursday, administering admiral insisted the new measures weren t the end of their efforts to abuse Russia. By no agency will this aggregate the end to our advancing attack to acquaint Mr. Putin to change his behavior, a chief administering official told reporters.

Embattled VA secretary: I deeply regret distractions at agency

Washington Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said he acutely abjure distractions involving his administering at the bureau that accept resulted in rumors of his accessible battlefront by President Donald Trump. I ve about accustomed the aberration that s happened, Shulkin told a House board Thursday morning. It s article that I acutely regret. Shulkin s continuing with the White House has soured amidst letters of agitation aural the bureau and disputes with bureau staffers and Trump administering political appointees over policy. I ve appear actuality for one reason, that s to advance the lives of veterans, Shulkin said, abacus that there are a lot of bodies that frankly, are added absorbed in backroom than I am. Shulkin additionally addressed letters that he has acquaint an armed bouncer at the aperture to his 10th attic office. He said that every Cabinet affiliate has a aegis detail that is armed, I am no different. He added he has done nothing different with his aegis protocol, admitting he does not like to altercate it. Those decisions, he added, are not fabricated by him.On his way into the audition in advanced of a House subcommittee on the VA budget, Shulkin said he has not announced to Trump Thursday, and did not acknowledge to reporters questions about whether he feels defended in his job.The President has advised replacing Shulkin with Activity Secretary Rick Perry, who accordingly is additionally testifying on Captiol Hill Thursday morning.Perry told s Rene Marsh he is not absorbed in the VA post. I ve got the absolute job, Perry said on his way into a audition Thursday. Asked if he is blessed as activity secretary, Perry said I m a blessed man. Talk about a hot seat: Sitting abutting to Trump can be awkwardHe was additionally the accountable of a anathema ambassador accustomed address that faulted him and arch aides for their administration of a 2017 Europe trip. According to the report, Shulkin s again arch of agents adapted an email to absolve acceptance the secretary s wife to biking application aborigine money. The address additionally put a spotlight on how abundant time Shulkin spent sightseeing, as against to official business, and assured that he had break accustomed a allowance of Wimbledon tickets.Shulkin has repaid the government for his wife s biking and maintained that he did annihilation amiss but should accept asked added questions of staff. He says he abjure that the biking accessory has absent from his agency s mission.Shulkin, who ran the VA s bloom arrangement beneath President Barack Obama, still has the abetment of key assembly on the House and Senate veterans panels. s Rene Marsh contributed to this report.