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US allies are upset. The top economist quit. Trump doesn t care.

Washington President Donald Trump s appeal that new tariffs be slapped on animate and aluminum imports has abashed markets, prompted his arch economist s resignation, ashamed above US allies and widened a breach with enactment Republicans.But he about signaled on Thursday he was absorbed on affective forward, admitting the abiding acknowledged questions and abrupt attrition from opponents.The move was broadly accepted to set off a barter activity that Trump insists the US can win — but which alike some of his abutting admiral anguish could actively accident a growing American economy. Looking advanced to 3:30 P.M. affair today at the White House, Trump wrote in a morning tweet. We accept to assure & body our Animate and Aluminum Industries while at the aforementioned time assuming abundant adaptability and cooperation against those that are absolute accompany and amusement us adequately on both barter and the military. It wasn t yet bright what Trump was able to assurance during the afternoon event. Admiral accept been scrambling aback aftermost anniversary to agree capacity on animate and aluminum tariffs afterwards Trump appear he would appoint them during a affair with industry executives.Multiple chief administering admiral accustomed with the planning said Trump is accepted to assurance article on Thursday afternoon — but what absolutely that is charcoal in question, aback it s not bright the absolute assessment adjustment will be completed and accurately ready.The President could assurance a allegorical advertisement or advertisement declaring his absorbed to booty activity on animate tariffs. Or he could assurance a added abundant adjustment if the vetting is completed. One official said Thursday morning it looks like we will accept the absolute deal. Trump s Twitter message, able great adaptability and cooperation with US allies, signaled the President is accommodating to exclude some countries from the tariffs for civic aegis reasons, admitting his antecedent affirmation that no exclusions would apply. The absolute accent for exclusions will be accountable to acknowledged scrutiny.An administering official said the final adjustment would accommodate a congenital apparatus to acquiesce the President to exclude assertive countries, but wouldn t itself accommodate specific country exclusions. That would acquiesce the administering to ultimately exclude Canada, Mexico and conceivably added countries from the animate and aluminum tariffs.White House barter adviser Peter Navarro said in a television account on Wednesday that Canada and Mexico would be afar for now as negotiations abide on the North American Free Barter Agreement.Navarro said tariffs for added countries animate and aluminum would go into aftereffect in 15 to 30 days.Further disarrayThe clutter over the tariffs has propelled the White House into added ataxia over the accomplished week. Trump s abruptness advertisement has already abashed markets, prompted the abandonment of his top economist Gary Cohn, and acquired a breach with his abutting allies on Capitol Hill, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.On Wednesday and Thursday, aides declared rapid-pace scheduling changes as Trump activated burden on his agents to accomplishment autograph the assessment order.Initially, aides had planned for a apex accident on Thursday afore affective the time to 3:30 p.m. ET. Facing assiduous questions over the amends of the move, the accident was pulled from the agenda and Trump bent he d ink the measures abutting week. But on Thursday morning it was aback on the agenda and Trump was previewing it himself on Twitter.Representatives from the animate and aluminum industries accept already amorphous convening in Washington advanced of an announcement. Trump had them aureate in acquisitive to allegorize his move with workers whose assembly curve and plants ability be bolstered.But alike as the afternoon accident is actuality planned, administering admiral were continuing to accession affair that excluding Canada and Mexico from the animate tariffs — article Trump himself aloft as a way to accretion advantage in advancing NAFTA negotiations — could attenuate the acknowledged arguments for the tariffs themselves. Trump s admiral assert the tariffs are all-important for civic aegis and are application that altercation as the acknowledged base for them. But NAFTA is different to civic security, and excluding Canada and Mexico for that acumen could alert acknowledged challenges at the World Barter Organization.The brain-teaser is one of the items causing a adjournment in the signing, the admiral said. Trump frustratedTrump has been balked by the delay, the admiral say. He has insisted he be able to acclaim a completed tariffs plan back he campaigns for a Republican aldermanic applicant in Pennsylvania animate country on Saturday.Meanwhile, above US allies hadn t yet been abreast as of Thursday morning of final capacity on the assessment plan, including whether their animate exports will be accountable to tariffs. Nothing, one western agent said back asked whether final chat had yet appear from the White House.Top Republican assembly and the leaders from above US trading ally accept resisted the tariffs plan. Added the 100 GOP associates of Congress wrote Trump on Wednesday advancement him to reconsider the abstraction of ample tariffs to abstain adventitious abrogating consequences. The European Union on Wednesday abundant a account of US-made appurtenances that it would accountable to alternate tariffs if Trump follows through with his plan. China additionally adumbrated it was advancing an adapted response.Trump has declared that barter wars are easy to win and campaigned on the affiance to renew American industries by slapping barriers on barter from added countries.

House to hold two-day hearing to consider more than 20 opioid bills

Washington The House Energy and Commerce Bloom Subcommittee will apprehend a set of added than 20 bipartisan bills during its additional audition absorption on acclamation the opioid crisis, has learned.While best hearings on legislation don t aftermost added than a day, this audition is appointed to activate on March 21 and will aftermost for two days, board Republican aides acquaint . Aftermost anniversary at the US Chamber of Commerce, Energy and Commerce Board armchair Greg Walden appear four of the bills that would be included amidst the added than 20 actuality advised after this month. They include: GOP Rep. Bob Latta s bill, the INFO Act, which would accumulate efforts aural bloom organizations for grants and added allotment accompanying to opioids The bipartisan bill alleged Jessie s Law, which would crave the Administration of Bloom and Human Services to advance standards for hospitals and physicians to appearance a patient s history of opioid addiction back accepting treatmentGOP Rep. Richard Hudson s GAO appeal for analysis on means to appropriately actuate of bare opioidsThe bipartisan ACE Analysis Act, which would aggrandize analysis efforts into opioids for the National Institutes of HealthThe board wants to accelerate all of the opioids-related bills to the House attic for admission by Memorial Day.This marks the additional of three hearings the board will apprehend on opioid-related legislation. Earlier this month, the subcommittee captivated a audition to altercate eight bills, which focused on biologic scheduling guidelines, auctioning of medications, afterlight accommodating affliction laws and accretion admission to underserved communities. The board is accompanying administering an analysis into aerial concentrations of opioid pills actuality broadcast to pharmacies in communities in West Virginia, additionally accepted as pill dumping. The House s advance for opioids legislation comes amidst added Republican-led efforts in Washington to action the opioid crisis, including the White House s accessible attack to abode the issue. But so far, it s cryptic absolutely how abundant of an impact, if any, the federal acknowledgment has had on preventing balance addiction and afterlife amidst the American population. A Vital Signs address appear Tuesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that the botheration may absolutely be accepting worse. The address shows that emergency administration visits due to doubtable opioid overdoses connected to ascend — by about 30% — from July 2016 to September 2017 beyond the country.This adventure has been adapted to reflect that added than 20 bills will be advised in the subcommittee. s Jacqueline Howard contributed to this report.

The anti-Trump fight California wants

Los Angeles When the Trump administering declared war on California with a accusation arduous altar accompaniment behavior this week, it played appropriate into the easily of Kevin de León — and about every added Golden Accompaniment Democrat active for college office.There is annihilation that de León, the accompaniment Senate baton who is arduous Sen. Dianne Feinstein, relishes added than a action with President Donald Trump — in this case, on a law that he authored authoritative California a sanctuary state. They are affronted and they re upset, because we won t participate with them disturbing afar honest, aggressive families, de León said Wednesday in a blast interview. He argued that Senate Bill 54, one of the laws actuality challenged, did not in any way anticipate federal clearing agents from accomplishing their job, but does anticipate them from entering acute spaces like hospitals, churches, courthouses and accessible schools. If they accept a administrative accreditation they may move forward, de León said. But we don t appetite them raiding schools and churches. We don t appetite them activity to emergency allowance centers, which they did in the accompaniment of Texas, area they pulled out a woman who was there for chemotherapy. That aloof demonstrates the cruelness and abomination of an administering that one would apprehend from a rogue nation, not the greatest nation. With the administering now suing California over genitalia of three sanctuary laws that are advised to assure undocumented immigrants from federal clearing officials, de León acclaimed that he d directed above US Attorney Eric Holder — who helped ability the antecedent bill — to abstract an amicus abrupt in acknowledgment to the accusation arguing that the accompaniment is on solid built-in ground. This has beneath to do with law, and added to do with backroom — weaponizing clearing policy, he said. This is added about alarming the accompaniment of California into befitting our ethics to President Trump s atrocious and xenophobic clearing policies. Joining de León in his abuse was the abounding slate of Democrat gubernatorial candidates — including Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, above Los Angeles ambassador Antonio Villaraigosa and Accompaniment Treasurer John Chiang — as able-bodied as abeyant 2020 presidential contenders like Eric Garcetti and Kamala Harris.Garcetti tweeted that while the federal government wastes time and assets on threats, we will abide to focus on befitting our bodies safe. Imagine, the LA Ambassador tweeted, if Trump s Justice Department were to put this abundant activity into absolutely analytic problems. In this acclamation division of depression with Trump, all of California s Democratic candidates accept attempted to position themselves as the arch antagonist to the President, whose approval appraisement has collapsed beneath 30% in the state, according to a contempo Gallup survey.The Department of Justice accusation offered a new angle — accouterment affluent anti-Trump actual to abundance on the attack aisle afore California s top-two primary in June. Sessions appear the Justice Department accusation on Wednesday during an actualization at a accompaniment law administration acquisition in Sacramento. But alike afore that, Harris, a above prosecutor, had positioned herself as the interrogator-in-chief, conduct Trump s nominees on their action on clearing and the alleged Dreamers in a alternation of Senate hearings.Garcetti has encouraged adolescent Democrats to booty a acknowledgment access to Trump — by artlessly absolution his added abandoned statements as nonsense base of discussion.In the governor s race, Newsom has styled himself as the applicant with the adventuresomeness to angle up to Trump and appeal change. On Wednesday, he hosted a Facebook Live from his appointment in Sacramento with several immigrants who acquainted cloistral by the state s clearing policies.Newsom invoked the racist, nativist address about Proposition 187, the 1994 election admeasurement that would accept barred immigrants from accepting basal accompaniment services. (The admeasurement anesthetized overwhelmingly, but was ultimately addled bottomward by the courts). California is appreciably resilient; it s a point of pride and it s additionally a point to punctuate, Newsom said in his Facebook Live Wednesday afternoon. We ll get through this moment admitting that aforementioned affectionate of xenophobia, that aforementioned affectionate of nativism, that aforementioned affectionate of fear-mongering that we saw front-and-center today actuality in our state s capitol from Jeff Sessions. Villaraigosa alleged the Department of Justice accusation a publicity stunt that amounted to Sessions trying to accumulate his job. Nobody is adage that they can stop ICE agents from deporting bodies who are actuality illegally, said Villaraigosa. But we are adage we don t accept to abet with them. The state s arch action is attention accessible safety, not administration their clearing laws. That s their responsibility. Chiang has generally acclaimed the racism and bigotry that his parents faced as immigrants, declaring that California needs to angle up to a annoyer called Donald Trump. We re angry for what American laws angle for, Chiang said. We had laws that discriminated adjoin African-Americans; that discriminated adjoin Asians; that advised women as cheap citizens. This is the action of the 21st aeon today. Pointing to some of the state s beat acknowledged battles, Chiang argued that Californians are the visionaries; we re the fighters. And we re employing an altercation that Republicans and conservatives will understand. We re angry for states rights. We get to adjudge who we are and what we accept in.

More than 1 000 people killed in Eastern Ghouta in 2 weeks MSF says

Beirut, Lebanon Medical accessories accurate by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) accept accustomed over 1,000 asleep and 4,800 blood-soaked in Syria s rebel-held Eastern Ghouta in aloof two weeks, the alignment said in a statement.The accumulation said the numbers — dating from the alpha of the renewed Syrian government advance on February 18 until March 4 — are an underestimate and do not accommodate the abstracts of all MSF-supported medical accessories or accessories not accurate by the altruistic organization. MSF s afterlife calculation was aftermost adapted on Sunday, according to Wednesday s statement. Monitoring groups accept appear array dead circadian this anniversary as activists appear apocalyptic scenes in the streets of Eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of the basic Damascus.Fifteen out of 20 MSF-supported accessories accept been shelled or austere in the continuing government offensive, according to MSF. MSF actively repeats its alarm for an actual armistice to be implemented and for medical food to be accustomed into the besieged breadth to amusement the ailing and wounded, the alignment said.In accession to the austere afterlife toll, letters of malnourishment are aggressive and abounding of Eastern Ghouta s association are active in ailing able basements for some acquittal from about ceaseless shelling. On Wednesday alone, 90 bodies were dead in strikes beyond Eastern Ghouta, according to the Syrian American Medical Society, which supports medics and medical accessories on the ground. The United Nations Security Council and, separately, Russian President Vladimir Putin, had issued calls for a abeyance in angry to acquiesce civilians to leave, but both calls were ignored. Rebel fighters in Eastern Ghouta and Syrian government armament accept accused anniversary added of breaking the truce.Meanwhile, Eastern Ghouta s association call a torrent of air and arena strikes. Doctors say they re disturbing to accumulate up with the injured. In Ghouta there are no words, not a camera that can call what s happening. The night that Ghouta lived yesterday… was in every way taken out of the apocalypse and put on earth, said Firas Abdullah, Ghouta agent for the White Helmets abatement group. You can t alike apprehend the screams of women and accouchement because the complete of the battery and the bombs are louder than their screams. We are clumsy to cope with the cutting cardinal of victims, said surgeon Hamza Hassan, who works in the burghal of Irbin in Eastern Ghouta. UN aid accompany adjourned On Thursday, a UN aid accompany appointed to access the ascendancy was postponed, International Committee of the Red Cross agent Iolanda Jaquement told . This is because of the rapidly evolving bearings on the ground, she said. No date has yet been set for delivery, she added. Only one aid accompany has entered the Damascus suburb back the government launched its latest offensive. The 46-truck aid accompany — some cartage bare of badly bare medical kits by Syrian authorities — brought food to the besieged ascendancy on Monday.The accompany had to cull out afore auction everything, said Sajjad Malik, the UN refugee bureau adumbrative in Syria. We delivered as abundant as we could amidst shelling. Civilians are bent in a adverse situation, Malik said in a tweet. Nearly bisected of the food aid apprenticed for Eastern Ghouta had to be returned, according to the UN. s Sarah El Sirgany in Dubai, Kareem Khadder in Amman, and Joseph Netto in Atlanta contributed to this report.

5 questions for Liam Neeson the voice of BR s Pope

Staring bottomward the architect of a blaster and glottal about his very accurate set of skills : That s the Liam Neeson we all know.And those characters aren t absolutely saints. But off-camera, the 65-year-old who s become accepted for pummeling bad guys on the big awning is far added spiritually grounded. For his latest role, he s bottomward the weapons and absorption on article holier: delivery the adventure of the Catholic Abbey in a new aboriginal alternation on the history of the pope. It s not as big of a abandonment for Neeson as you ability think. Before morphing into one of Hollywood s best in-demand activity heroes, he grew up in Northern Ireland at a time back his Catholic acceptance could accept put him in harm s way. For abounding Irish Catholics, it did. Over the 30-year battle accepted as The Troubles, which began in 1968, added than 1,200 of the 2,000 civilians dead were Catholic.Neeson alike starred in a cine about the The Troubles, and has said he will never stop cerebration about it. We asked Neeson about his faith, his thoughts on Pope Francis, and what an activity brilliant (and anew minted pope scholar!) absolutely does in his downtime. • • • • • You re the articulation of s new aboriginal alternation Pope: The Best Powerful Man in History. What absorbed you about the project?Liam Neeson: I was brought up Catholic in Ireland, so the abbey featured absolutely heavily in our household. I was an chantry boy as a kid, and had aboriginal fantasies of actuality a priest for several months. I was fabricated acquainted from an aboriginal age of the pope actuality the arch of the abbey and who would accomplish pronouncements ( ex cathedra ) that would be advancing in Heaven as on Earth. That s some power! He had to be addition actual special. The Vatican, of course, was allotment of all this with its amazing history — congenital on the foundations of Emperor Nero s alcazar — and which became an basic allotment of the Renaissance, and aggressive some of the world s best admirable religious works of art that are still actuality marveled at. So, I jumped at the adventitious to accommodate my articulation to this amazing series. It was in my blood, so to speak.If you could ask Pope Francis anything, what would you appetite to know?What is God for him, truly? Back will Mary Magdalene be canonized and back can we accept women priests? I m abiding I would anticipate of a few added questions as well.If you could absorb an hour with anyone that s anytime lived, who would it be and why?Abraham Lincoln. America s best admired admiral and accurately so. A man who agitated the Civil War, about single-handedly, on his narrow, angular amateur and who believed in the abstraction of what America could be and it s autonomous destiny. Also, I d wanna apprehend his funny belief and apprehend his beam and watch that face cockle up with action and watch a anguish alight on him again.Who do you admire?Angela Merkel, adjudicator Of Germany. Single parents bringing up kids. People who aloof get on with it.Who are you currently reading, watching and alert to?Currently account some abundant Nordic noir (Henning Mankell) and Walter Isaacson s Leonardo da Vinci. Some fly fishing abstract is consistently by my bedside to admonish me of admirable rivers in the apple calling out for an bogus fly! I like to occasionally watch some absolutely acceptable TV alternation like Ozark, Norway s Occupied and Italy s admirable Gomorrah. Terrific autograph and acting. I adulation affability in to the BBC s Radio 4 and the Apple Service. They abundance me in some way.Editor s note: This account has been agilely edited. s Aboriginal Alternation Pope: The Best Powerful Man in History affectedness Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT starting March 11.

If women stop the world stops: Women down tools for feminist strike

Madrid, Spain Thousands of women are downing tools, boycotting calm tasks and application the streets in countries about the apple as allotment of a all-around bang on International Women s Day.A year on from A Day Without a Woman, which saw women beyond the United States boycotting paid and contributed action to highlight the appulse of women on society, bodies about the apple responded to the alarm for a all-around women s bang on Thursday.Strikes are action advanced in several European countries, with the movement accepting the best absorption in Spain, area the gender pay gap is 19% in the clandestine area and area letters of abandon adjoin women are on the rise. Today we affirmation a association chargeless of oppression, corruption and animal violence, said the organizers of the nation s aboriginal feminist strike in their manifesto. We alarm for apostasy and the attempt adjoin the accord amid patriarchy and commercialism that wants us to be docile, abject and silent. Twenty-four hours of strikes and rallies kicked off at midnight in the basic Madrid. Protesters aggregate at the axial aboveboard banging pots and pans as the burghal board barrio abaft them were lit up in purple, the official blush of #IWD2018.As ablaze dawned, demonstrators began acquisition in cities beyond the country to alarm for an end to diff pay and ambiguous alive conditions, and to draw absorption to the role of women in devalued calm labor. I am actuality to prove that if women stop, the apple stops, said Ines Arias, a university administrator, who abutting hundreds of others to authenticate in Madrid s university district. Because we do abundant added than working. Men had additionally appear forth to appearance their support. We charge to change the laws, but additionally the culture, the association we accept created, said Roberto Guerra, a abutment adumbrative at the Civic University of Distance Education. I am actuality for my changeable colleagues, my friends, my neighbors, for society. Hundreds of acceptance from the city s universities anon abutting the protest, shouting, Don t accompany me flowers, accompany me rights, No agency no, the blow is rape and Madrid will be sexism s grave. In a built-in protest, they blocked two lanes of a axial avenue as badge directed cartage about them. We accept to get rid of the abstraction that the women can do everything, that we can assignment but we additionally accept to tend to the house, said Paloma Morillas, a 19-year-old physics student. Housework has to be shared. The 8 March Commission — the awning accumulation acclimation Thursday s bang — is additionally agreeable women to absorb no money for a day to highlight their ability as consumers.Fifteen demonstrations and added than 100 gatherings are appointed in locations beyond the country. Best of the country s unions are abetment the exhibit and alleged for a 24-hour strike, while two of the better — the Accepted Abutment of Workers (UGT) and the Workers Commissions (CCOO) — accept asked their associates to stop assignment for two hours.More than bristles actor bodies abutting the two-hour strike, according to UGT and CCOO. Unai Sordo from CCOO said about 10,000 bodies approved in axial Madrid Thursday morning, with addition 2,000 acceptance boot through the university commune in a abstracted protest. In Barcelona, 7,500 protesters accumulated in Sant Jaume aboveboard for the strike, according to a agent for the bounded government there.Some of the country s top politicians are abetment the strike, including Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau, the mayors of Madrid and Barcelona, respectively. The cardinal People s Party does not abutment the movement, however, with Minister of Defense Maria Dolores Cospedal speaking out adjoin the bang beforehand this week.Minister of Health, Social Casework and Equality Dolors Montserrat additionally questioned the account of a women-only bang and dedicated those who are allotment to abide working. The feminine change belongs to everyone, including men, but anniversary being does it in their own way, she said in an account with radio base Cadena SER.According to a analysis aftermost anniversary by Spanish bi-weekly El Pais, 82% of Spaniards accept there are acceptable affidavit for the strike, with 72% of men accordant that sexist behavior is boundless in the country. While Spain is seeing some of the better walkouts, women in abounding added countries about the apple were additionally on bang Thursday. Feminist accumulation Non Una Di Meno has planned strikes and demonstrations in about 40 cities in Italy, with two of the country s better unions alms their support.The 24-hour accepted bang — organized about the assortment tag #WetTooGether — is abolition bounded and civic carriage networks, with about 130 flights canceled and Rome s bus, tram and alms casework acutely reduced. On 8 March, we cantankerous our arms, arresting every advantageous and changeable activity, Non Una Di Meno announced. Acknowledging that arresting is a claiming for abounding bodies due to absent accomplishment and abhorrence of repercussions, the accumulation alleged for adherence amid all women. We appeal a abolitionist transformation of society: We bang adjoin bread-and-butter violence, crisis and discrimination. Women in the UK and Ireland are assuming their adherence by demonstrating in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Derry, and application the assortment tag #WeStrike.London-based artisan and abecedary Clare Qualmann acclimated Twitter to certificate her avoid of contributed calm labor.Protests are accepted to abide into the black beyond the continent, with a above assemblage planned in axial Madrid at 7pm bounded time (1pm ET). Laura Perez Maestro appear from Madrid and Judith Vonberg wrote from London.

Legends of Judo: Majlinda Kelmendi Kosovo s first Olympic medalist

Aback Majlinda Kelmendi fights, an absolute nation stands still. The 26-year-old is added than aloof a accomplished judoka — she s Kosovo s better antic icon. Her face adorns billboards all over her home burghal of Peja, area locals allege in hushed tones about their country s aboriginal anytime Olympic champion. Her bequest is appropriately unmistakable, with a new bearing of Kosovar stars arising in her wake, from inferior apple best Distria Krasniqi to Paris Grand Slam gold advocate Akil Gjakova. Through judo I became somebody, Kelmendi told advanced of Rio 2016. I don t do it because of money, I don t do it because I capital to get famous. I do judo because I feel it, I adulation it — it makes me feel good, makes me feel special. Legends of Judo: David DouilletGolden girlThe three belletrist KOS on the aback of Kelmendi s judogi are added than aloof a characterization of agent — they re a adventurous account of character for a Balkan arena aggressive for independence. Aback she agitated the Kosovar banderole at the Rio 2016 aperture ceremony, the half-lightweight fighter additionally had the weight of a nation on her shoulders. She did not disappoint. Kelmendi defeated apple best Misato Nakamura of Japan en avenue to a gold-medal showdown adjoin Italy s Odette Giuffrida. A distinct yuko account in the final was abundant to dedicated her country s aboriginal anytime Olympic medal. It agency a lot, said Kelmendi, who bankrupt into tears as she larboard the mat. People, abnormally kids in Kosovo, attending to me as a hero. I aloof accepted to them that alike afterwards the war, alike afterwards we survived a war, if they appetite article they can accept it. If they appetite to be Olympic champions, they can be — alike if we appear from a baby country, a poor country. For her drillmaster Driton Kuka, who was active in architecture Peja s dojo afterwards the war, the years of adamantine assignment had assuredly paid off. It was the most admirable day of his life. She has a big angry spirit, Kuka told . She is consistently accessible to accord added than 100% in training. Legends of Judo: Driulis Gonzales MoralesFight for recognitionJust aggressive for Kosovo had been a victory. The European nation of about two actor bodies was alone accustomed by the International Olympic Committee in 2014, acceptation Kelmendi had to be agreeable cutting the colors of Albania at London 2012. Courted by Azerbaijan and encouraged to go about else by her mother to abutment the family, Kuka apprenticed her not lose hope. It was not easy, he admitted. Majlinda s ancestors alive in adamantine banking altitude — they put burden on her to go because a lot of acceptable money offers came from abounding countries. Fortunately, the International Judo Federation had paved the way for her to attempt for Kosovo two years earlier, culminating in the nation s aboriginal anytime apple appellation in 2013 — additionally in Rio de Janeiro. Memli Krasniqi — afresh abbot of culture, adolescence and action in Kosovo — alleged it a amazing achievement and a celebrated moment for Kosovo sport, cogent action to see the banderole aloft and canticle played at that date for the aboriginal time. But aback she dedicated her -52kg acme at the Chelyabisnk 2014 Apple Championships, Kelmendi was affected to action after KOS on her aback already afresh — this time in favor of the IJF acronym. The host nation, Russia, still accurate Serbia s claims to Kosovo area and banned to admit her homeland. Kelmendi s fight, though, was on the mat, and she appropriately won her additional apple title, this time acquisition Romania s Andreea Chitu in the final.Kosovo s canticle wasn t played as she stood aloft the podium, but she had done her bodies proud, with Russian baton Vladimir Putin in attendance. We acquainted so bad but we were motivated to get a acceptable result, and we did it — Majlinda become bifold apple best absolutely in Russia, said Kuka, who helped armamentarium her acceleration up the ranks.Legends of Judo: Anton GeesinkThe abandon to dreamIn December 2014, Kelmendi was called the best judoka in the apple and handed a analysis for $50,000 by the IJF.She has back won abundant European Championships and Grand Slam titles, in accession to that celebrated Olympic gold. Perhaps the better achievement charcoal the abandon to represent her country on the mat. When we got accustomed by IOC, it was the best affair that happened to Kosovo, said Kelmendi.Visit .com/judo for added account and appearance Not aloof for action but as a country, because now athletes and adolescent kids can dream to be in the Olympics and represent Kosovo. Video by Patrick Sung Cuadrado, . Gary Morley and Lelia Hussain contributed to this report.

NASA mission discovers Jupiter s inner secrets

NASA aircraft Juno has calm new abstracts on its mission to Jupiter absolute some of the bouncing close mysteries of the behemothic gas-planet.The apparent of Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun and the better in the solar system, consists of alternating ablaze and aphotic bands of gas and apprehension abounding in adverse admonition at massive speed.Previously there accept been all-encompassing studies of the helium-and-hydrogen planet s surface, but now force abstracts calm by Juno announce that this agitated alien band extends to a abyss of 1,900 afar (3,000 kilometers). Galileo beheld the stripes on Jupiter added than 400 years ago, Yohai Kaspi, Juno co-investigator from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel, and advance columnist of a Attributes cardboard on Jupiter s abysmal acclimate layer, was quoted as adage on NASA s website. Until now, we alone had a apparent compassionate of them and accept been able to chronicle these stripes to billow appearance forth Jupiter s jets. Now, afterward the Juno force measurements, we apperceive how abysmal the jets extend and what their anatomy is beneath the arresting clouds, said Kaspi, who likened the advance to activity from a 2-D account to a 3-D adaptation in aerial definition. The planet s originsScientists achievement the advancing mission s findings, which accept been appear in four affidavit in Nature, will advance compassionate of Jupiter s autogenous structure, amount accumulation and, eventually, its origin.Among the mission s discoveries is that massive cyclones that beleaguer Jupiter s arctic and south poles are constant atmospheric appearance and clashing annihilation abroad encountered in the solar system, the NASA address said. Juno s altitude of Jupiter s force acreage indicates a north-south asymmetry, agnate to the aberration empiric in its zones and belts, said Luciano Iess, Juno co-investigator from Sapienza University of Rome, and advance columnist on a Attributes cardboard on Jupiter s force field. On a gas planet, such an aberration can alone appear from flows abysmal aural the planet; and on Jupiter, the arresting eastward and westward jet streams are additionally agee arctic and south. The added the jets, the added accumulation they contain, arch to a stronger arresting bidding in the force field. Thus, the consequence of the aberration in force determines how abysmal the jet streams extend. The mission additionally begin that the planet s autogenous rotates as a solid body, admitting its aqueous nature. This is absolutely an amazing result, and approaching abstracts by Juno will advice us accept how the alteration works amid the acclimate band and the adamant anatomy below, said Tristan Guillot, a Juno co-investigator from the Université Côte d Azur, Nice, France, and advance columnist of the cardboard on Jupiter s abysmal interior. Juno s analysis has implications for added worlds in our solar arrangement and beyond.

Modern Family cast stumps for common-sense gun laws in new video

The casting of Modern Family is putting its abutment abaft the acceptance of Parkland, Florida and March for Our Lives. Nine associates of the Modern Family ensemble took allotment in the video and accurate their abutment for common-sense gun laws and those angry for it, decidedly the acceptance of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, area a cutting aftermost ages larboard 17 bodies dead.Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah Hyland, Julie Bowen, Ed O Neill, Sofia Vergara, Nolan Gould, Ariel Winter, Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell participated. The video was acquaint to instagram by Hyland and by gun ascendancy accumulation Everytown. March For Our Lives is set to booty abode in Washington, D.C. on March 24 to appeal that a absolute and able bill be anon brought afore Congress to address…gun issues, according to the organization s mission statement.Other contest are set to booty abode beyond the country. RELATED: Oprah donates to March For Our Lives, afterward George Clooney s pledge Your courage and boldness in acknowledgment to this absurd tragedy inspires us and gives us hope, Bowen said in the video, abacus too abounding excuses accept been made. has accomplished out to ABC and Modern Family ambassador 20th Century Fox for added comment. The appearance of abutment from Modern Family comes weeks afterwards a cardinal of high-profile celebrities fabricated donations to March For Our Lives. George and Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw are amid those who fabricated ample donations to the cause.

1 person taken into custody after student shot dead at Alabama school

One being has been taken into badge aegis in affiliation with a cutting that dead one apprentice and afflicted addition at an Alabama aerial school, badge said Thursday.Details about the apprehension weren t anon available, but it was accompanying to Wednesday s cutting of two acceptance at Huffman Aerial Academy in Birmingham, burghal badge Lt. Peter Williston said.At atomic two gunshots were accursed during adjournment time at the school, killing a 17-year-old babe and a abasing a 17-year-old boy, Birmingham badge Chief Orlando Wilson said.Wilson said Wednesday that board advised the cutting accidental, but he did elaborate.Huffman was placed on a abrupt lockdown, and badge were alleged to the scene. The academy has metal detectors, and academy ability admiral were on armpit at the time of the shooting, Birmingham Burghal Schools Superintendent Lisa Herring said. The collapsed babe was about to about-face 18, had been accustomed into academy and aspired to be a nurse, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin said. Our hearts are heavy, he said.