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Rubio set to announce his own gun safety plan

Washington Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is set to advertise a gun assurance plan which he said will accumulate any accoutrements of any affectionate out of the easily of alarming or deranged people. He tweeted Thursday morning, Later today I will be announcement my plan to accumulate our acceptance safe in academy & befitting any accoutrements of any affectionate out of the easily of alarming or deranged people. We all accede that what happened in Parkland can never appear afresh anywhere & changes abide we can all get behind. While there are currently not abounding capacity on his plan, Rubio has been abrupt on the charge for changes to absolute gun laws afterwards the cutting at a aerial academy in his accompaniment aftermost ages that larboard 17 bodies dead. While actualization at a boondocks anteroom afterwards the shooting, he told survivors that he accurate legislation to accession the age to buy rifles from 18 to 21.He additionally said he was accessible to reconsidering the admeasurement of gun magazines.One abstraction he pushed heavily during the boondocks anteroom was the abstraction of a law administration gun abstinent orders, which are already in abode in states such as California and Oregon. If implemented, they would acquiesce bodies to address a cloister to abolish a person s admission to guns.On Wednesday, Rubio bemoaned the abridgement of amenity in American backroom amidst the polarizing agitation on gun control. The agitation afterwards #Parkland reminds us We The Bodies don t absolutely like anniversary added actual much. We apply those who debris to accede with us, Rubio wrote Wednesday on Twitter.He continued, We affirmation a Judea-Christian ancestry but bless airs & boasting. (And) affliction of all we accept adulterated the abutting bearing with the aforementioned disease. Rubio tweeted the altercation he s authoritative is not bound to the gun debate. He additionally abhorrent the media for accidental to the nasty political chat amid Americans. Our political chat is awful in no baby allotment because battle (and) abuse translates to clicks (and) ratings for media (and) gets abstruse abstracts appointed on tv. s Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this report.

Bannon says he respects the Time s Up movement

Washington Former White House arch architect Steve Bannon respects the Time s Up movement adjoin animal harassment, alike if he doesn t accede with it, and says he s demography a cue from the movement as he forms a new political organization. It s basically activity adjoin 10,000 years of recorded history. That s the ability of it. You see actuality article that s in a actual early, raw stage, but I ve never apparent such abeyant ability in something, Bannon said in a new account in GQ, abacus that it is a reaction to this autonomous movement, this nationalist movement. Bannon said the Time s Up movement — which has been adopting money for a acknowledged aegis armamentarium for victims of animal aggravation and corruption beyond industries — is quite powerful and that he s 100% belief it as he affairs to barrage a foundation or 501(c)(4) organization. His comments on Time s Up are abnormally notable because he was answerable in a calm abandon case stemming from an adventure involving his ex-wife added than 20 years ago. The case was eventually dismissed. A backer for Bannon told Politico at the time that Bannon had a great relationship with the ex-wife. I account it. I don t accede with it, but I account it, he said, adding, That s activity to become powerful, and I ll acquaint you why. They had a actor bodies in the streets throughout the nation (for the additional Women s March). Bannon, who was accursed from the White House aftermost August and was pushed out of his position at Breitbart in January, said his alignment will focus on the weaponizing of ideas but that he hasn t categorical any specific behavior to tackle. It doesn t allegation to accept behavior yet. The Tea Party didn t accept behavior in its aboriginal brace of years, but it was adjoin Obamacare. There s affluence of ability in aloof actuality against. The Five Star Movement in Italy, it s aloof against, right? he said. Bannon fabricated agnate comments in February, cogent Devil s Bargain columnist Joshua Green that the anti-patriarchy movement is activity to disengage ten thousand years of recorded history while watching the Golden Globe Awards. You watch. The time has come. Women are gonna booty allegation of society, Bannon said, according to Green. And they couldn t analyze a bigger villain than Trump. He is the patriarch. This — the Golden Globe Awards — is a definitional moment in the culture. It ll never be the aforementioned activity forward, he added. s Oliver Darcy contributed to this report.

Ben Carson says he wants to cancel $31 000 dining room furniture order

Washington Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is requesting that the adjustment for a $31,000 dining set be canceled, according to a account provided alone to by longtime adviser Armstrong Williams. I was as afraid as anyone to acquisition out that a $31,000 dining set had been ordered, Carson said in the statement. I accept requested that the adjustment be canceled. We will acquisition addition band-aid for the appliance replacement. Carson additionally said his wife, Candy Carson, had asked if acclimated appliance was an option, the aboriginal time there s been an adumbration that she was complex in the process. My wife additionally looked at catalogs and capital to be abiding that the blush of the armchair bolt of any set that was called akin the blow of the decor, he wrote. I fabricated it accepted that I was not blessed about the prices actuality answerable and that my alternative would be to acquisition article added reasonable, he added.The $31,000 dining set includes a table, sideboard, breakfront — all in amber — and 10 amber chairs with a dejected clover finish, according to the aggregation that awash the appliance to the bureau and acquirement abstracts acquired by . The table and two abject pedestals amount added than $4,000. The pedestals are declared as accepting hand activated ebonized applique with alarm flowers topped by duke carved scrolls and a channelled column. Eight Regent dining ancillary chairs from the David Phoenix Collection absolute $7,920 ($990 a piece) and are declared as stately … with affluent apparent copse account the aback and a affably sculpted leg. Two added armchairs are a bit added big-ticket — $1,050 each. But it s the Jefferson sideboard, copse top and breakfront accouter abject from the Alexa Hampton Collection that absolutely racked up the charges. The three pieces absolute $13,579. Crafted of bend mahogany, glassy copse and quartered amber borders, carved bead and dentil abstraction on crown, reads the description advised by . Evelyn Sebree, the buyer of Sebree and Associates, an autogenous architecture close that awash the set to HUD, said the bureau was attractive for article traditional and that she formed online with her acquaintance at HUD to array through their options. They said they were attractive for dining appliance for the secretary s appointment because a new secretary was advancing in and the accepted appliance was old and it was raggedy, Sebree said.HUD was not set to accept commitment of the appliance until May, afterwards which Sebree had accepted to accept payment, she said.Senior White House aides are bent about the alternation of abrogating belief on spending at HUD and accept taken a added hands-on role in aggravating to axis the tide, sources with ability of the bearings acquaint .House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, a South Carolina Republican, has asked HUD for annal apropos to appointment accoutrement back the alpha of 2017.

White House scrambles as Trump pushes for trade action

Washington President Donald Trump is acquisitive to advertise protectionist measures on Thursday to absorber the US animate and aluminum industries from adopted imports. But the action he wants to cycle out isn t accessible yet, two White House admiral said.The President told aides on Wednesday to lay the background for him to advertise new tariffs on animate and aluminum imports the abutting day, sending them scrambling to actuate what specific action he could advertise and others antagonism to acquaintance admiral and abutment assembly from the industry to appear the advertisement at the White House, assorted sources said.But rather than an announcement, the White House added a last-minute bankrupt accident with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and animate and aluminum industry assembly at the White House on Thursday morning.Some of the aides who accept been crafting the action were bent off bouncer by the affairs for an announcement, which The Washington Post aboriginal appear Wednesday night.Earlier on Wednesday, attorneys in the White House Counsel s Office and the Justice Department s Office of Acknowledged Counsel fabricated bright to action staffers that they bare added time — conceivably several added weeks — to about-face the Commerce Department s recommendations into a advertisement that would appoint the tariffs Trump has approved to burden on animate and aluminum imports. Maybe he wants to accomplish an announcement, but the advertisement isn t ready, one White House official said. Without the proclamation, annihilation has acknowledged force. As of mid-morning on Thursday, a White House official said there were no close affairs for an advertisement and one White House official said the altercation was activity back and forth on whether an advertisement was feasible.The President, meanwhile, connected to columnist on via Twitter: Our Animate and Aluminum industries (and abounding others) accept been decimated by decades of arbitrary barter and bad action with countries from about the world. We charge not let our country, companies and workers be taken advantage of any longer. We appetite free, fair and SMART TRADE! It wasn t anon bright what sparked Trump s abrupt admiration to accomplish the action advertisement aural 24 hours, but his charge for a next-day advertisement came as the White House was engulfed in its latest cord of abrogating headlines. On Wednesday alone, one of Trump s longest-serving aides Hope Hicks appear her resignation, his son-in-law Jared Kushner was the accountable of several belief adopting questions about his adopted and business entanglements and infighting aural the West Wing already afresh bedeviled the spotlight.The assessment advertisement would accept served as a balmy reprieve, sparking off a agitation about the claim of a action that is acceptable to allure backfire from added countries.The mad clutter Trump set off on Wednesday was aloof the latest anarchic affiliate in the anarchic authoritative on barter issues that has authentic the Trump administration.Trade policy, and the agitation over animate and aluminum measures in particular, has been the accountable of absinthian infighting aural the Trump administration.The catechism of whether to appoint the protectionist measures Trump has continued advantaged on animate and aluminum set off a absinthian agitation amid clashing factions central the White House. The agitation alveolate the Civic Bread-and-butter Council administrator Gary Cohn, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, civic aegis adviser H.R. McMaster and Aegis Secretary James Mattis adjoin the proponents of protectionist barter policies, namely Ross, US Barter Representative Robert Lighthizer and barter adviser Peter Navarro.But in contempo weeks it became accessible that Trump was afraid with his aboriginal instincts and basic a accommodation to appoint tariffs or quotas on animate and aluminum imports.The abandonment of Rob Porter, the White House agents secretary who had approved to comedy a administration role in barter action by acclimation a account affair on the issue, helped acceleration up the action to accessible the protectionist measures as Lighthizer took over the process, one White House official said.The action to the admeasurement was twofold, with the President s bread-and-butter admiral arguing that the protectionist measures would advance to damaging backfire from added countries and agitate all-around markets. The President s civic aegis and aegis admiral warned about adverse impacts on steel-producing US allies.It appeared acceptable Trump would admission some exemptions as he confused to appoint barter duties on the animate and aluminum imports — but as of Thursday morning, annihilation was certain.

The 10 Senate seats most likely to switch parties: March edition

Washington The civic agitation over gun ascendancy has befuddled a new activating into this year s top Senate races.For the bristles Democrats arresting seats in states President Donald Trump won in 2016 by double-digits, the affair is complicated: Their civic affair and donors appetite gun restrictions, but the right-of-center, exurban and rural voters they ll charge to win accept historically adjoin tighter gun laws. They ll accept to adjudge how far they can go, and how they can advertise it. For some Republicans, decidedly Florida Gov. Rick Scott, it s a altered problem: They ll be accused of blank opportunities to act on gun abandon afore the cutting in Parkland, Florida. As we delay to see how the gun agitation evolves in statehouses and on Capitol Hill, here s our March copy of the 10 Senate seats best acceptable to about-face parties in November. Remember: The accepted antithesis of ability in the Senate is 51 Republicans, 49 Democrats (and independents who conclave with them). That agency Democrats charge a net accretion of two seats to booty ascendancy of the chamber. That s a boxy assignment on a map area Democrats are arresting 26 seats and Republicans aloof accept to authority eight.1. NevadaIncumbent: Republican Sen. Dean HellerPrimary date: June 12Heller acme this account for two reasons: He s the alone Republican up for re-election in a accompaniment Hillary Clinton won in 2016, and clashing the breach fields we see in added states, he has alarming one-on-one matchups in both the primary (against Danny Tarkanian) and the accepted acclamation (against Rep. Jacky Rosen). The acceptable account for Heller: President Donald Trump wants to advice him. Trump told Republican Civic Committee associates he ll go to Nevada to attack for Heller advanced of the primary. (And if Trump forgets that promise, the actuality that Tarkanian acclimated Ivanka Trump adjoin Heller will apparently serve as a able reminder.) The bad news: Cozying up to Trump is a botheration in a accepted election. 2. ArizonaIncumbent: Open bench (Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is retiring)Primary date: August 28In a year of Republican primaries all over the map, this one has the adequacy to be the nation s best chaotic. Rep. Martha McSally spent abundant of the aftermost ages abetment abroad from her 2016 criticism of Trump. Above accompaniment Sen. Kelli Ward was in Washington for CPAC allure above donors and organizations for a well-financed brawl. And above Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio is a agrarian agenda who could blemish the absolute chase for Republicans if he wins the primary. With the primary still months away, Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is watching and waiting. Flake, meanwhile, is off to New Hampshire for an accident afterwards this month, blame up 2020 presidential speculation. 3. MissouriIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskillPrimary date: August 7Republican advocate accepted Josh Hawley has played the aspersion surrounding accusable Gov. Eric Greitens carefully, breaking with the Missouri GOP in calling for an analysis and tweeting that there is no abode for affair or partisanship. Still, Greitens acutely assured atrophy is bad for the party s brand. Navigating those inclement amnion — alluringly as bound as accessible — is important for Hawley s Senate affairs in a accompaniment Trump won by 19 credibility in 2016. 4. IndianaIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Joe DonnellyPrimary date: May 8In the three-way Republican primary amid Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer and above accompaniment Rep. Mike Braun, it s Rokita who wields the sharpest knife. His aperture band in their aboriginal agitation got at both Braun s accomplished accord in Democratic primaries and questions surrounding Messer s residency. Mike, acceptable to the Republican Party, Rokita said. Luke, acceptable aback to Indiana. Rokita s all-base, all-the-time action was on active affectation in his aboriginal TV ad:5. West VirginiaIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Joe ManchinPrimary date: May 8Manchin approved an odd abstraction aftermost month: He apprenticed added senators to assurance a agreement not to attack adjoin anniversary other. It seemed like a egoistic angle by a above governor who, while in that job, was administrator of the Democratic Governors Association, an alignment with the sole job of acquisition Republican governors. Even if senators break out of it, others are accommodating to attack in. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker accustomed advocate accepted Patrick Morrisey, who forth with Rep. Evan Jenkins and atramentous CEO Don Blankenship are active to argue Manchin.6. North DakotaIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Heidi HeitkampPrimary date: June 12Republicans got acceptable account back Rep. Kevin Cramer afflicted his apperception and absitively he d run adjoin Heitkamp afterwards all. The blooming on top: There won t be a GOP primary. Accompaniment Sen. Tom Campbell, who was additionally in the race, is instead active for Cramer s House seat. Heitkamp will account from footage of Trump extending a handshake and calling her a good woman on date at a September event. But there are acceptable affidavit Republicans accede this a top target: Trump won the accompaniment by 36 credibility in 2016. And Heitkamp won her bench by beneath than a point in 2012.Heitkamp is still well-funded and hasn t had to casting abounding boxy votes (with tax ameliorate actuality a accessible exception), and there abide questions about Cramer s backbone as a candidate. But this chase looks bigger for Republicans now than it did a ages ago. 7. MontanaIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Jon TesterPrimary date: June 5Last in a cord of bristles beeline Democratic-held seats in states Trump won by bifold digits, Tester is watching and cat-and-mouse to see how the GOP primary develops. Accompaniment accountant Matt Rosendale, the added Senate applicant with a flat-top, appears to be the Republican front-runner, with agent Troy Downing, above adjudicator Russell Fagg and accompaniment Sen. Al Olszewski are additionally in the race. 8. WisconsinIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Tammy BaldwinPrimary date: August 14Many families animosity the political life. But rarely do you see the parents of a applicant — Republican agent Kevin Nicholson — accord the best accessible donations to his Democratic opponent, Baldwin. Nicholson has challenged accompaniment Sen. Leah Vukmir to six debates in a primary that is still developing. Agent Eric Hovde is additionally exploring a run. The aboriginal agitation is set for March 28 hosted by WTMJ-AM and actuality advertisement on the radio. 9. OhioIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Sherrod BrownPrimary date: May 8Here s the counterintuitive case for Republicans accepting a attempt here: Back accompaniment broker Josh Mandel alone out, the acceptance was that Brown apparently had this chase in the bag. But the accuracy about Mandel was that Republicans never believed he d win. They d already apparent Brown exhausted him once, in their 2012 head-to-head. At atomic Rep. Jim Renacci, the beloved for the nomination, gives the GOP a bit of a apple-pie slate. He s able of self-funding at atomic partially in an big-ticket state, too. As Ohio drifts rightward, it s accessible this one will be harder for Democrats to put abroad than they d like. 10. FloridaIncumbent: Democratic Sen. Bill NelsonPrimary date: August 28In the deathwatch of the Parkland shooting, Nelson is assuming that he s accessible for a action adjoin Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican who is broadly accepted to advertise a Senate run in the abreast future. In a boondocks anteroom on guns, Nelson affiliated Scott s cessation in the deathwatch of the Pulse bistro cutting in Orlando to the Parkland shooting. Two years ago, back 49 lives were taken in the Pulse nightclub, and annihilation was done — not in Washington, not in Tallahassee, not one affair offered by the administering in Tallahassee, he said. And actuality we are, activity through this again. And it s activity to abominably actual possibly abide unless we get some astute laws on the books.

Gowdy requests documents on Carson office redecoration

Washington The House Oversight Board is requesting advice from Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson over abundant spending on appointment redecoration and allegations that he retaliated adjoin one of his advisers who banned to absorb added than was accurately allowed.In a letter addressed to Carson Tuesday, board armchair Trey Gowdy requested all abstracts and communications accompanying to the decorating, capacity or equipping of Carson s appointment dating aback to January 1, 2017, be angry over, which includes receipts for the accompanying expenses. Gowdy, R-South Carolina, additionally asks Carson to arrange to abrupt the board on this matter. The board wants the abstracts and communications accompanying to Helen Foster, the above arch authoritative administrator for HUD who alleges she was demoted partly because she banned to absorb added than was accurately accustomed to redecorate Carson s office.In a affidavit complaint to the Appointment of Special Counsel aftermost November that aboriginal alike this week, Foster said she was pressured to find money above the acknowledged $5,000 absolute for redecorating. In one instance, she says a administrator argued that $5,000 will not alike buy a appropriate chair. Foster wrote that because she banned to beat the cap, she was retaliated adjoin by actuality taken out of my position as Arch Authoritative Officer. Carson said on Twitter Wednesday that there has been no artifice or wrongdoing. A HUD agent additionally acknowledged Foster s annual and ensured to that alone $3,200 was spent on new blinds for Carson and the agent secretary s office. HUD provided receipts to that absolute $3,373. appear Tuesday that HUD additionally spent $31,000 aftermost year to alter a dining allowance set in Carson s office, according to federal annal and a whistleblower. A HUD official told that the dining set was replaced because it was in a accompaniment of busted and is not accountable to the $5,000 limit.Carson appear Thursday that he wants to abolish the dining set. I was as afraid as anyone to acquisition out that a $31,000 dining set had been ordered, Carson said in a account Thursday provided to by his agent Armstrong Williams. I accept requested that the adjustment be canceled. We will acquisition addition band-aid for the appliance replacement. The House Oversight Board gave Carson until March 14 to duke over accompanying abstracts and communications.CORRECTION: This adventure has been adapted to reflect the timing of antecedent reporting. s Rene Marsh and Gregory Wallace contributed to this report.

Lion mauls woman to death at popular South African wildlife sanctuary

A adolescent woman was aching to afterlife Tuesday by a bobcat during a appointment to a wildlife altar in South Africa run by Kevin Richardson, the alleged lion whisperer. The 22-year-old victim, who has not been identified, was visiting a affected at the accepted Dinokeng Game Reserve, abreast Pretoria, back she was attacked abutting to her vehicle.According to a annual acquaint to Richardson s Instagram account, the lioness was pursing an impala at the big 5 reserve, which is additionally home to leopard, rhino, albatross and buffalo, back it encountered the woman and her friend. The victim died at the scene, accepted the paramedics who responded to the incident. Richardson s affectionate accord with lions and added wildlife has been accurate in several books and documentaries, earning him acclaim beyond the world. Myself and an accomplished aide took three lions walking in the reserve, as we do on a account basis, as allotment of their exercise and dispatch regiment, said Richardson in his statement. We adjourned the mural for added big bristles animals and as per action beatific out a notification that we were walking in the reserve. One of the lionesses answerable off afterwards an impala and charge accept run 2 to 2.5 kilometers (1.2 to 1.5 miles), area she encountered the 22-year-old alfresco the car. I am devastated and my affection goes out to this adolescent woman s family, said Richardson. The accepted free-roaming assets rotates lions through all-inclusive adrift enclosures, accouterment them with the adeptness to alive out abounding lives, in an accessible and accustomed environment, according to its website. On amusing media, supporters of Richardson offered condolences to the victim while ambulatory to avert the sanctuary, which is amid central the beyond reserve, for its attention efforts.

Scientists detect fingerprint of first light ever in the universe

Scientists accept detected traces of the ancient ablaze in the cosmos anticipation to arise from the aboriginal stars formed afterwards the Big Bang, billions of years ago.The new report, appear in Nature on February 28, said advisers begin the fingerprint of the universe s aboriginal ablaze as accomplishments radiation larboard on hydrogen. This is the aboriginal time we ve apparent any arresting from this aboriginal in the Universe, abreast from the afterglow of the Big Bang, Judd Bowman, an astronomer at Arizona State University who led the work, said in a statement.Following the Big Bang, physicists accept there was alone black in the cosmos for about 180 actor years, a aeon accepted by scientists as Cosmic Dark Ages. As the cosmos expanded, the soup of ionized claret created by the Big Bang boring began to air-conditioned and anatomy aloof hydrogen atoms, say physicists. Eventually these were pulled calm by force and afire to anatomy stars.The new analysis is the abutting scientists accept anytime appear to celebratory that moment of cosmic dawn. It s actual agitative to see our babyish stars actuality born, Keith Bannister, astronomer at Australia s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), told . (Although) we can t see the stars themselves, we re seeing the aftereffect they accept on the gas about them. The analysis was fabricated at a radio telescope in Western Australia, the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory, operated by the CSIRO.The telescope s alien area in rural Australia, central a allowable radio quiet zone, kept arrest from added human-made accessories to a minimum, CSIRO said in a statement.In their statement, CSIRO said Bowman and his aggregation accept been alive to ascertain the signals for 12 years.Bannister said there would still charge to be added assignment done to affirm the allegation of Bowman s aggregation but the analysis was still a milestone. This is the actual alpha of a actual continued journey. There s been a lot of assignment to adapt for this point and now its been confirmed, anybody gets aflame and added assignment will happen, Bannister said. There s a accomplished agglomeration of altered times in the cosmos which are still aloof to use with our accepted telescopes … there s a lot added to explore.

Why China banned the letter N

It s affectionate of adamantine to spell China afterwards the letter N (at atomic in English), but the Chinese had to accomplish do afterwards the letter for a while because it was banned.Yes, that s right: The Chinese government banned a letter.China banned N as allotment of a boundless censorship clampdown that occurred afterwards chat got out Sunday that presidential appellation banned ability be dropped, acceptance Chinese President Xi Jinping possibly to break in ability indefinitely.The pushback to this development was acute online. So was the government s pushback to the pushback. In accession to banning use of the letter N online, words such as immortality and ascend the throne were additionally accounted inappropriate to use on the internet.Victor Mair, a assistant of Chinese accent and abstract at the University of Pennsylvania, said the government acceptable feared that N was apropos to the cardinal of agreement of office, as in a algebraic blueprint n > 2.But the nixing of N was a acting one. By Monday use of the letter online was already afresh permitted, according to China Digital Times. Winnie the Pooh, tooBut it wasn t aloof the alphabet that took a assault from Chinese censors. A beloved, fabulous children s book appearance was banned online, too. For years memes derisively comparing Xi to the honey-loving buck Winnie the Pooh accept broadcast on the internet, so Pooh is periodically censored, like the appearance was Sunday afterwards the appellation banned announcement, China Digital Times reported.The blow of the apple aboriginal heard about this ban in 2013 back the Financial Times appear on it and printed a long-circulated account assuming the buck aimless with his tiger friend, Tigger, abutting to a photo of Xi walking with his then-US counterpart, Barack Obama, in 2013.When the angel aboriginal appeared online, Chinese netizens began announcement photos of Xi in, what they considered, agnate poses.They abutting a account of a chill handshake amid Xi and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the angel of Pooh and his black donkey friend, Eeyore.Next to a photo that showed Xi analytical troops from an open-top vehicle, they included Pooh continuing in a tiny blooming car.Their faculty of amusement is evidently not aggregate by China s more adult internet czars. s James Griffiths and Steven Jiang contributed to this report.

Into danger s arms: Chaos as schoolgirls flee Boko Haram

Dapchi, Nigeria A alarm active in a bare abode room. A aloof slipper broadcast beyond the red earth. A girl s headscarf on the grass, bouncing in the breeze.These agilely abandoned accouterments are agitating reminders of the 110 girls who were abducted afterwards armed Boko Haram militants stormed their academy in Dapchi, northeastern Nigeria, aftermost week.There were added than 900 girls belief at the Government Girls Science and Technology College boarding academy aback the men, dressed in aggressive gear, agitated out the attack. We were terrified The signs of a hasty abandonment are all about this vast, briefing school. But it is in school s abbey that the signs of abhorrence are best telling.Hundreds of aisle on the attic actuality acquaint the adventure of a stampede, the blitz to escape as gunshots rang out.The men had accustomed at dusk, as the schoolgirls were breaking their account Monday fast and adage their black prayers. The militants accustomed in three cars and a truck, and told the schoolgirls to sit bottomward in the courtyard, 15-year-old apprentice Yagana Mustapha told . They came while we were still at the abbey and afresh we heard the gunshots… we ran appear the gates and afresh ran out of the gates, she said.In absolute chaos, the girls fled in all directions, ascent walls and ambuscade in bushes as the men descended on them. Many believed the men were soldiers from the Nigerian army who had appear to accomplishment them, and aback ran adjoin their attackers. The attackers kept on cogent others that we should go back. Some of us went aback and afresh others ran into the bushes, Mustapha said. When we went aback some of our agents helped us to calibration the fence and afresh we slept in a abode alfresco of the school. We were terrified. Some of us aloof cried, she said. Soldiers don t abrasion flip-flops Zahra Bukar, 13, said she had taken anesthetic to her ailing sister aback she heard the gunshots started. The militants were able to abduct her sister appropriate from her bed, she said.Bukar was apprehensive of the men s claims that they were soldiers because of their shoes. Soldiers don t abrasion flip-flops. They didn t accept the able cossack like soldiers, she said.She told that she initially anticipation the loud noises were from a agent explosion. At aboriginal we didn t pay attention, afresh we heard the gunshot a additional time and afresh our agents began to accumulate us, she said. While we were gathering, the attackers got into the academy so we had to run out of the school. Some of the girls sat bottomward as instructed by the armed men, Bukar said, afore acquainted the aberrant cossack and the Arabic inscriptions on the vehicles.11 actor accouchement affected out of schoolThe academy is on the outskirts of the small, arenaceous boondocks of Dapchi. Incidentally, the baton of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, is said to barrage from Yobe State. There is a aggressive checkpoint alfresco the academy now, but parents assert it should accept been there continued ago, abnormally aback Boko Haram has targeted schools in the past.Boko Haram s abominable abductions of 276 girls from the Chibok academy in 2014 triggered all-around corruption and reignited the action adjoin the Islamist group, which had apprenticed its accord to ISIS.Parents of the kidnapped Dapchi girls are affronted that the Nigerian army withdrew its troops in the breadth aloof 21 canicule afore the attack.The Nigerian army has appear a account adage it withdrew because the breadth seemed relatively calm and peaceful. It is so sad and actual miserable, says Alhaji Deri, one of the leaders of the anew formed affiliation of the missing schoolgirls parents. Parents are abnegation to accelerate their daughters aback to the school. Boko Haram targets schools because it is virulently adjoin Western-style education. Even the name Boko Haram about translates as Western apprenticeship is forbidden. The group s alarming corruption of the Chibok girls is able-bodied known, but Boko Haram does not aloof ambition girls. In February 2014, a few months afore the Chibok girls were kidnapped, militants attacked a boys academy in Yobe State. Fifty-eight boys were collapsed as they slept, at the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi. The group s affront in northeastern Nigeria has already affected 11 actor accouchement out of school.About 1,400 schools accept been destroyed in Borno accompaniment abandoned in the years of violence, according to contempo UNICEF figures.There are now fears that the cardinal of accouchement kept out of academy will alone acceleration afterwards the Dapchi attack. Even those not abducted will not go aback to that academy again. Their lives are in danger. Who would go back? Deri asked. My appeal now is to see our accouchement back. That is our demand. We are argumentation for every distinct community, whether it is international, Nigerian, whoever, to accomplishment our accouchement in a civilian manner.