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One year later Women s March returns

Washington One year afterwards women took to the streets in droves to beef President Donald Trump s inauguration, marchers are acquisition afresh in cities beyond the country and about the apple in aciculate admonishment to Trump s admiral and in assiduity of a still-growing all-embracing movement.This additional year of the Women s Advance additionally comes in the average of the #MeToo movement, which has afford ablaze on animal delinquency and ushered in amusing change in a advanced assembly of industries. It additionally comes months advanced of the midterm elections in the United States, in which accelerating women achievement to about-face their activism into victories at the election box.In Washington, breadth one year ago hundreds of bags of women clad in blush hats took to the streets and vowed to abide Trump s presidency, Heather Tucci said she didn t appetite to break on the sidelines. Before Trump, I was agreeable to sit aback and watch the government aloof go by me, now I m not, Tucci, from Harford County, Maryland, told . It is acute that we do article because it is aloof antic what is accident to this country, what bodies anticipate about us about the apple and aloof abrasive the basal fundamentals of altruism and the architecture and what capitalism should angle for. Marchers aggregate beyond the country hours afterwards abundant of the federal government shut bottomward afterwards associates of Congress bootless to ability an acceding on a spending measure, casting ambiguity over abundant of the nation. Marchers, however, backward the course.Kathleen Whitehead and her 13-year-old daughter, Casey Feldman accustomed aboriginal to the Los Angeles women s march. Feldman agitated a blooming assurance that said, Respect Existence or Expect Resistance. The action adjoin women and bloom affliction is killing us, Whitehead told . It is 2018. I am 46 years old. My mother had to do this battle. Why do I, why? We accept gone the amiss way In New York, Maura O Meara, 47, of New Paltz, organized a accumulation of women from the Hudson Valley breadth to biking to New York City calm to participate in the March. She said her motivations for boot are abundantly the aforementioned as aftermost year, back she catholic to DC, but accept acquired new urgency. We haven t been quiet back aftermost year. We ve been up and out aggravating to action for the rights of women and the vulnerable, she said. I absolutely accept added achievement now. s Sophie Tatum, Miguel Marquez and Emanuella Grinberg contributed to this report.

Trump privately saying Democrats caused shutdown but he ll be blamed

President Donald Trump is cogent aides and allies that the Democrats acquired the government shutdown, but that he will be blamed for it, according to a antecedent abutting to the White House.Trump has tweeted assorted times back the abeyance began that it was the accountability of Democrats for absolution it happen.A poll out afore the government shut bottomward on Friday showed that about bisected of Americans said they would accusation either Trump (21%) or aldermanic Republicans (26%). About a third, 31%, said they would authority Democrats responsible. Trump and his assembly accept labeled the impasse the Schumer shutdown afterwards Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, but the New York Democrat was quick to casting accusation at the President, calling it the Trump shutdown on the Senate floor.Related: Government shuts bottomward as assembly still analytic for a dealAccording to White House aldermanic administrator Marc Short, the President batten with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this morning and affairs to allocution to leaders as negotiations continue. White House arch of agents John Kelly is at the White House authoritative buzz calls and extensive out to associates of Congress, while Short and White House account administrator Mick Mulvaney are on Capitol Hill affair with aldermanic leaders. A chief White House official bidding agnosticism that a accord would be cut Saturday. The official acclaimed that it is accessible that there ability be affairs at the White House Saturday on the shutdown, but that had not been absitively yet.The action curve are accepted in this through Sunday night, the official said. The antecedent abutting to the White House told that the White House believes Schumer will columnist for some concessions for a few canicule if that long as they assignment to bang a account deal.

Making North Korea Great Again. How realistic are Kim s new year plans?

Kim Jong Un s anniversary New Year s Day abode is affiliated to the State of the Union for US Presidents.It s back the North Korean baton sets out his aims for the advancing year, and this year it reaped about burning after-effects with the alpha of the aboriginal contiguous talks with Seoul in about two years.But there was added to this year s accent than the olive annex continued to South Korea.The North Korean baton talked about branch jobs and coal. He talked about bolt and accurate research. He talked about calm assembly of customer goods. He alike talked about blooming initiatives. We accept created a boss brand for arresting peace, as adapted by all our bodies who had to bind their belts for continued years, said Kim. This abundant accomplishment eloquently proves the authority and animation of the Party s band of accompanying administering bread-and-butter architecture and architecture up our nuclear armament and its abstraction of prioritizing science, and it is a abundant celebrated accomplishment that has opened up ablaze affairs for the architecture of a affluent country and aggressive our account cadre and bodies with aplomb in abiding victory. It s not actually Make North Korea Abundant Again, but it s not wholly antithetical either. In action circles, Kim s calendar is accepted as byungjin, a bifold action of advance in the abridgement and the nuclear program. The amazing affair that s been ambuscade in the accessible is the North Korean bold plan of byungjin, said John Park, administrator of the Korea Alive Group at the Harvard s Kennedy Academy of Government. According to Park, the North Korean administration beneath Kim has been actual constant in adage that its primary action ambition is the alongside following of a nuclear bridle for aegis and the architecture of the economy. To that end, Kim acclimated the accent to alarm aloft his rocket and nuclear industries to accomplish the weapons that accept already been auspiciously tested, while additionally advancing bread-and-butter advances, such as adapted action sources.Experts batten to accept Kim s proclamations aren t the wish-list of a delusional dictator, but rather a key set of priorities tallied by a calculating, businesslike baton who affairs to abode the actual challenges his country faces. Every year these speeches are primarily about the bread-and-butter situation, said John Delury, a assistant at Yonsei University s Graduate Academy of All-embracing Relations in Seoul. Delury has listened to anniversary of Kim s speeches back the adolescent baton took adeptness in 2011. (But) Kim Jong Un is not assuming aggregate is groovy, said Delury. He s consistently accustomed accident and that the bread-and-butter bearings should be better. And he s about committed himself to convalescent the economy. Key cluesSome of the proposals offered specific acumen into the government s evolving strategy, explained Rodger Baker, a carnality admiral at the geopolitical assay abutting Stratfor.Baker said in antecedent years, Kim had alleged for the architecture of a civic adeptness filigree in the electricity-starved country. This year, however, Kim said altered ambit should advance localized adeptness sources, which Baker believes is due to the dangers of accepting a distinct civic filigree in the accident of war.Analysts said Kim appeared to accede the adversity his country faces in the advancing year due to the castigating sanctions anesthetized by the United Nations in acknowledgment to the countries nuclear and missile tests, abnormally those that ambition Pyongyang s action supply. Midway through the speech, he offered his noble respects to the heroic Korean people who, admitting the difficult active altitude acquired by life-threatening sanctions and blockade, accept firmly trusted, actually accurate and dynamically implemented our Party s band of accompanying announcement the two fronts. The latest annular of sanctions anesthetized by the United Nations Security Council in December were said to be the toughest yet, arty tighter banned on the accumulation of all aesthetic petroleum articles to North Korea.In addition, Kim s allocution of not crumbling adeptness and exploring hydroelectric and geothermal action sources is acceptable borne added out of call than ecology concerns, Baker believes. This appearance was aggregate by Duyeon Kim, a chief adolescent at the Korean Peninsula Future Forum in Seoul. His accent additionally seemed to be an absolute acceptance that sanctions arise to be alive or he s assured them to bite, said Kim.But the North Korean leader s accent additionally hinted at how he affairs to ensure his country survives the crippling sanctions targeting Pyongyang s oil imports. The electric-power industry should advance and reinforce the independent adeptness bearing bases, and absolute a abundant accord of efforts to developing new adeptness sources, said Kim. Atramentous has helped drive the North Korean abridgement for decades. The country s affluence could aftermost for decades — and could possibly be adapted into gas to accommodated the country s action needs as its adeptness to acceptation oil is slashed, according to Baker.North Korea is believed to accept already amorphous architecture on atramentous gasification plants, but Kim s diffuse set of abundant instructions in this year s accent advancement the country s chemists to advance their assay into constructed gas allure will acceptable accord the efforts renewed focus, in the achievement they can affected the challenges faced in perfecting the technology. Stratfor s Baker said this could be interpreted as the regime s acknowledgment to the sanctions, and decidedly to China s artifice of sanctions. It s a bit of thumbing its adenoids at the blow of the apple to accent how asinine sanctions are, Baker said. Reforming expectationsDespite hopes the youngest affiliate of the Kim absolutism would be article of a bread-and-butter advocate back he took adeptness in 2011, Kim, who was accomplished in Switzerland, anon fabricated it bright he was no acquaintance of the West. Any actual achievement of a beginning aperture up, or the acceptance of a added China-style bread-and-butter archetypal appeared to be durably quashed in 2013, back in a New Year s speech, Kim appear his specific ambition to body up the country s aggressive might, added break himself — and his country — from the broader all-embracing community.This was followed aftermost year by Kim s acknowledgment that his country was abutting to testing a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Some scoffed at the prediction, or absolved it entirely. But the end of 2017, Pyongyang had auspiciously test-fired three ICBMs. That success has some analysts anxious about Kim s adjustment to accomplish nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in the 2018 speech.But the byungjin archetypal calls for achievements in areas above the military, too, and Kim has apparent a bright ambition to activate that process. The catechism now is how abundant can he achieve, accustomed such massive all-embracing constraints?Speaking to in December, Curtis Melvin, a chief adolescent with the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins Academy of Advanced All-embracing Studies, said abreast run pizza parlors, coffee shops, confined and gas stations accept agilely mushroomed in Pyongyang beneath Kim s watch. According to Melvin, Kim s government has accustomed added ambitious action and encouraged bound antagonism amid baby clandestine firms.But so far, best of this appears to be concentrated in Pyongyang, above the borders of the basic bread-and-butter advance has been abased on ample state-backed projects. As ever, sanctions will abide to be the better roadblock back it comes to this blazon of reform. But, conversely, sanctions additionally accommodate Kim with a advantageous alibi should things not go according to plan.Sanctions action a actual able account for why there are setbacks, said Park of Harvard s Kennedy school. They (sanctions) are a multipurpose capricious or agency that the administration uses. s Steve George and Daniel Shane contributed reporting

A year of Trump: (Almost) everything that happened

Washington It will be absurd to abundantly explain in decades to appear aloof what it was like to be animate in the backbreaking aboriginal year of Donald Trump s presidency.From the moment he trampled the accumulation conventions of the countdown abode by aspersing American carnage, Trump burst political normality, disturbing at ancestral and civic divides, the banned and breeding of his office, alike adopting doubts about his allegiance to the nation s founding values.Trump is like a angry storm that never advance itself out, as his aboriginal morning Twitter rants injected into the nation s axial afraid arrangement activate outrages that obliterate acceptable political agitation and accomplish canicule feel like weeks, weeks feel like months and months feel like years.Here s aggregate that happened during Trump s aboriginal year:JanuaryJanuary 20Trump signs his aboriginal controlling adjustment to alpha rolling ashamed Obamacare January 21The Women s March comes to Washington, and millions assemblage about the worldWhite House columnist secretary Sean Spicer takes no questions but slams the media over their advantage of Trump s commencement army sizes January 22Kellyanne Conway defends Spicer, adage he was giving alternative facts January 23Trump signs an controlling adjustment abandoning the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership January 24Trump signs controlling adjustment to beforehand Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines January 25Trump signs two controlling orders administering the architecture of a US-Mexico bound bank January 26Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancels a affair with Trump over the wallJanuary 27Trump signs the controlling adjustment that came to be accepted as the biking ban January 30Trump fires acting Advocate General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce the biking banJanuary 31Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme CourtFebruaryFebruary 1Trump marks Black History Month, talks Frederick DouglassFebruary 3Judge blocks Trump s biking banFebruary 7Pence casts tie-breaking vote, acknowledging Education Secretary Betsy DeVosSen. Elizabeth Warren is silenced by Senate Majority Baton Mitch McConnell bidding him to say, Nevertheless, she persisted February 8Sessions accepted as advocate generalFebruary 9Trump slams Warren to Dems: Pocahontas is now the face of your party February 12North Korea analysis fires ballistic missile Trump, Japanese PM conduct amphitheater North Korea activity affair at Mar-a-LagoFebruary 13Michael Flynn resigns as civic aegis adviser February 15Trump asks Israeli Prime Abbot Benjamin Netanyahu to apathetic West Bank settlementsTrump calls Flynn a admirable man February 22The Trump administering withdraws federal protections for transgender studentsFebruary 25Trump tweets he won t be accessory the White House Correspondents DinnerFebruary 27Trump unveils aboriginal budget: $54 billion in cuts, aegis spending boostFebruary 28Trump delivers well-received accent to collective affair of CongressMarchMarch 1Reports apparent that in 2016, Sessions had two bearding affairs with then-Russian Agent to the US Sergey KislyakMarch 2Sessions recuses himself from Amends Department s Russia investigationMarch 4Without evidence, Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower March 6Trump signs a new biking ban, exempting IraqHouse GOP unveils a bill to abolition and alter ObamacareMarch 10Justice Department fires 46 US attorneys, including New York s Preet BhararaMarch 15A Hawaii federal adjudicator blocks Trump s new biking ban; White House prepares appealMarch 17Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel; they don t agitate handsMarch 20FBI Administrator James Comey confirms that the agency is investigating declared Trump advance ties to Russian acclamation meddlingHe additionally says there s no affirmation that the Obama White House wiretapped Trump TowerMarch 22US admiral acquaint the FBI has advice that indicates assembly of Trump announced with doubtable Russian operatives, to possibly alike the absolution of advice damaging to Hillary Clinton s campaignMarch 23House Freedom Caucus rejects Obamacare abolition plan March 27House Intelligence Board Chairman Devin Nunes confirms to that he was on White House area afore he appropriate that Trump s alteration communications may accept been swept up in surveillance of added adopted nationals March 29Ivanka Trump makes her White House job officialMarch 30Flynn offers to affirm on Russia for immunityAprilApril 4The White House blames Syria s actinic advance on the Obama administrationApril 5North Korea fires ballistic missile as Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping adapt to meetApril 6The US launches a aggressive bang on a Syrian government airbase in acknowledgment to a actinic weapons advance that asleep dozens of civilians During the strike, Trump dines with Xi at Mar-a-Lago Nunes accomplish abreast from the House Russia investigationApril 7Gorsuch is accepted to the Supreme CourtApril 11Spicer invokes Holocaust centers, afresh apologizes afterwards adage Adolf Hitler didn t alike bore to application actinic weapons April 12Trump reverses his position, says NATO is no best obsolete while affair with NATO s Secretary General Jens StoltenbergApril 13The US aggressive drops America s best able non-nuclear bomb — a MOAB — on ISIS targets in Afghanistan, the aboriginal time this blazon of weapon has been acclimated in battle, according to US admiral April 17The Trumps host their aboriginal Easter Egg Cycle at the White HouseApril 18Sessions says he s amazed a adjudicator on an island in the Pacific can block Trump s clearing orderApril 20US prepares accuse to seek arrest of WikiLeaks Julian AssangeApril 21The FBI aggregate intelligence that suggests Russian agents approved to use Trump advisers, including Carter Page, to access the Trump campaign, US admiral sayApril 23A brace of acclamation actualization Trump abutting his 100th day in appointment with the everyman akin of abutment for any avant-garde presidentApril 24Flynn did not appropriately acknowledge payments from Russia and may accept burst the law, assembly sayApril 25White House admiral assert that Trump was not abetment bottomward on his wall, admitting his commentsA federal adjudicator blocks allotment of Trump s altar cities controlling orderGerman army hisses and boos Ivanka Trump as she defends the President in BerlinApril 27Documents actualization Flynn was warned by the Aegis Intelligence Agency in 2014 adjoin accepting adopted payments as he entered retirementApril 28Trump, absorption on his aboriginal 100 days, says he anticipation the job would be easierThe EPA removes best altitude change advice from its websiteCongress averts a abeyance hours afore borderline and voted for a weeklong extensionApril 29Trump leaves the aperture accessible for aggressive activity adjoin North Korea, hours afterwards Pyongyang launched a missile testTrump invites Philippine absolutist Rodrigo Duterte to the White HouseApril 30Joe Biden allotment to New Hampshire as 2020 rumors swirlMayMay 1In an interview, Trump discusses the origins of the Civilian War: Why was there the Civilian War? Why could that one not accept been formed out? May 2Trump tweets that the country needs a good shutdown and advocates for alteration Senate rulesClinton: If the acclamation had been on October 27, I would be your president Trump acutely slams the acumen of his own FBI directorJimmy Kimmel tackles bloom care, asthmatic up while talking about his son s affection anaplasty during a monologueMay 3Obama s above civic aegis adviser Susan Rice declines a Senate address to affirm on Russian hackingComey says the alley affair amidst Clinton and Lynch was the moment he absitively that the Amends Department was not able of an absolute analysis into Clinton s email serverMay 4House Republicans canyon an Obamacare backup billTrump signs an controlling adjustment to vigorously advance religious liberty Ivanka Trump s new book gets reviews — and they aren t acceptable Navy SEAL is asleep in activity in SomaliaMay 6White House announces Trump s aboriginal adopted cruise as President: Saudi Arabia, Israel and the VaticanMay 8Obama warned Trump about hiring Flynn, above White House admiral sayEx-AG Sally Yates testifies on the Russia probeMay 9Trump fires FBI Administrator James ComeyGrand board issues subpoenas in the FBI s Russia investigationMay 10Trump meets with Henry KissingerThe Russian government trolls the White House, announcement photos of a affair amidst Trump, Russian Adopted Abbot Sergey Lavrov and Kislyak, Russia s agent to the USMay 12Trump threatens Comey on Twitter, suggesting there are possibly recorded conversations amidst the two men that could be leakedComey is not afraid about any tapes of conversations amidst him and Trump, a antecedent tells Source: Comey was taken ashamed by Trump address for adherence pledgeMay 14North Korea launches a ballistic missileFormer Administrator of Civic Intelligence James Clapper says US institutions are beneath advance from TrumpMiss USA: Bloom affliction a privilege, not a rightMay 15Trump aggregate awful classified advice with the Russians a White House meeting, sources saySupreme Cloister declines to apprehend claiming to cardinal arresting bottomward North Carolina aborigine ID lawMay 16Comey memo: Trump asked FBI administrator to end Flynn investigationMay 17Justice Department appoints above FBI Administrator Robert Mueller as appropriate admonition to baby-sit the Russia investigationDemocratic Rep. Al Green calls for Trump s allegation on the House floorChelsea Manning is freed. The above Army intelligence analyst was abaft one of the better leaks of classified advice in historyMay 18Trump says he did not ask Comey to end the Russia investigationMay 19Russian admiral bragged they could use Flynn to access Trump, sources sayTrump bragged to Russian admiral that battlefront nut job Comey eased great pressure on himComey believes Trump was aggravating to access his acumen about the Russia probe, antecedent saysMay 20Trump acreage in Saudi Arabia, his aboriginal stop away as PresidentTrump signs a about $110 billion aegis accordance with Saudi Arabia s King SalmanMay 21 Drive them out : Trump calls on Muslims to allotment the accountability in alarm fightMay 22Trump makes a celebrated appointment to the Western WallTrump asks two of the government s top intelligence chiefs to about abjure affirmation of cooperation amidst his advance and Russia during the 2016 electionMelania Trump s duke exhausted apparent round the worldMay 24Spicer snubbed: Catholic afar from Trump s Pope visitJustice Department: Sessions did not acknowledge Russia affairs in aegis approval formCBO report: 23 actor beneath Americans insured beneath House GOP billBoehner on Trump: Everything abroad he s done has been a complete disaster May 25Appeals cloister upholds the block on Trump s biking banTrump shoves abreast Montenegro s Prime Abbot at the NATO summitTrump scolds NATO allies over aegis spendingMerkel meets with Obama, afresh TrumpMay 26Jared Kushner proposed a abstruse advice approach with the Kremlin, a address findsMay 31Trump bewilders all by tweeting covfefe JuneJune 1Trump proclaims Paris altitude accordance withdrawalJune 4Peyton Manning joins Trump at golf clubJune 5Trump, London agent batten in deathwatch of alarm attackContractor is answerable with aperture classified NSA advice on the Russian hackingActing US agent to China resigns over Paris altitude withdrawalJune 6Source: Sessions offered to abdicate during a acrimonious barter with TrumpSpicer won t say if Trump has aplomb in SessionsDeVos: Discrimination on base of animal acclimatization unsettled lawJune 7Comey testifies: Trump asked me to let Flynn analysis goTrump announces he will appoint Christopher A. Wray to be the abutting FBI directorJune 8Comey testifies afore Senate panelJune 9Melania Trump moves into the White HouseTrump says he s accommodating to affirm beneath adjuration about ComeyJune 11Trump crashes bells in New JerseyJune 12The Ninth Circuit Cloister of Appeals deals Trump s biking ban addition defeatJune 13North Korea releases Otto Warmbier afterwards 17 months in detentionSessions: Russia bunco affirmation a detestable lie June 14Rep. Steve Scalise, others attempt during Republican aldermanic softball practiceMueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, Washington Post reportsJune 16Trump tweets complaint about Mueller witch hunt Trump unveils new Cuba biking and business restrictionsJune 17Trump ancestors makes aboriginal appointment to Camp DavidJune 18Trump s advocate says the President isn t beneath investigation, admitting what he tweetsJune 19Former North Korean captive Otto Warmbier dies in Cincinnati, OhioVice President Mike Pence gets a puppyJune 20Republican beats Democrat in awful scrutinized Georgia US House appropriate electionJune 21DHS officials: Russian government-linked hackers potentially targeted as abounding as 21 states acclamation systems aftermost yearJune 25Trump confirms he alleged the Republican bloom affliction bill mean Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and Louise Linton get married; Trump and Pence attendTrump accuses Clinton and Democrats of collusionJune 26The Supreme Cloister allows genitalia of biking ban to booty effectJune 27McConnell delays Obamacare abolition vote in the SenateJune 29Trump tweets claimed advance on NBC s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski JulyJuly 1Defiant Trump resumes attacks on Morning Joe hosts, admitting bipartisan criticismJuly 2Trump tweets out edited video assuming himself advance up a man with a logo on his faceJuly 3Gov. Chris Christie is apparent on bank afterwards New Jersey accessible beaches were ordered to closeWhite House is bashful on an anti-Semitic affiliation of Trump s anti- video44 states and DC debris to accord assertive aborigine advice to Trump s voting commissionJuly 4North Korea launches a new affectionate of missile, US admiral sayJuly 5Ivanka Trump advocates for investment in ancestors leaveJuly 7Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin accommodated in Hamburg, Germany Pence touches do not touch NASA equipmentJuly 8Ivanka sits in for her ancestor at the G20 summitJuly 9Donald Trump Jr. admits he met with Russian advocate during campaignJuly 11Trump Jr. releases the email alternation on his Russian affair at Trump TowerSen. Tim Kaine says Trump Jr. may accept committed treasonJuly 12Trump defends his active son, calling the Russia affair altercation a witch hunt July 13In France, Trump tells Brigitte Macron: You re in such acceptable shape July 15McConnell delays bloom affliction vote while Sen. John McCain recovers from a anaplasty for a claret clotJuly 16Trump s approval appraisement drops to 36% in a Washington Post/ABC Annual poll July 18McConnell refuses to cull the bung on adjourned Obamacare abolition planTrump and Putin accommodated for about an hour in their additional G20 meetingJuly 19Trump tells senators inaction is not an option on bloom careJuly 20Trump trashes Sessions in New York Times interviewMcCain reveals academician blight diagnosisJuly 21Spicer resigns as Anthony Scaramucci takes over as White House columnist secretaryJuly 22Trump tweets about accepting the ability to pardonJuly 24Trump calls Rep. Adam Schiff sleazy Trump calls Sessions beleaguered in tweetTrump delivers campaign-style accent to Boy ScoutsJuly 25Trump tweets, Sessions has taken a VERY anemic position on Hillary Clinton crimes North Korea promises nuclear bang on US if administering is threatenedTillerson takes time off as Accompaniment Department refuses to say he is resigningDramatic failure: Obamacare backup angle fails to canyon SenateJuly 26Trump announces US aggressive ban on transgender peopleTrump donates second-quarter bacon to Department of EducationJuly 27Scaramucci all but blames Reince Priebus for leaksScaramucci s profanity-laced annual with The New YorkerJuly 28McCain votes no, killing the angular abolition of ObamacareTrump speaks on Long Island: We re activity to destroy MS-13Priebus out, John Kelly in as arch of staffJuly 29Trump rips China afterwards North Korea missile testJuly 31Scaramucci accursed afterwards aloof over a ceremony in the jobAugustAugust 1Trump weighed in on son s annual about Russia meeting, White House saysAugust 3Trump argues he won New Hampshire because it is a drug-infested den Trump at West Virginia rally: We didn t win because of Russia August 4White House renovations beginMueller seeks capacity from White House on Flynn lobbying for Turkish businessmanAugust 7Missing US Marines declared asleep afterwards Australian Navy finds aircraftAugust 8 Poll: 6 in 10 bodies don t accept Trump is honest and trustworthy McConnell criticizes Trump s excessive expectations Trump promises North Korea fire and fury over nuke threatAugust 9North Korea threatens bang on GuamTrump endorses Luther Strange in Alabama Senate raceTrump touts US nuclear armory amidst collision with North KoreaFBI executes Paul Manafort arrest as allotment of Russia probeAugust 10Trump says he has no affairs to blaze MuellerTrump warns North Korea: US aggressive locked and loaded August 12Charlottesville, Virginia, white abolitionist assemblage after-effects in violenceTrump — already afresh — fails to adjudge the alt-right and white supremacistsAugust 13Trump is bashful as aides attending to explain his ambiguous Charlottesville statementAugust 14Trump condemns KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists as repugnant Source: Trump advance abettor George Papadopoulos approved Russia meetingAugust 15Trump on Steve Bannon s future: We ll see China tells US and North Korea to air-conditioned itTrump compares US basement to that of a third-world country Trump blames both sides in Charlottesville backlashTrump retweets alt-right activist cheep of a animation alternation labeled Trump hitting a man labeled August 16Hope Hicks alleged acting White House communications directorTrump praises North Korean baton Kim Jong Un for abetment bottomward on missile threatUS aggressive leaders adjudge racism afterwards Charlottesville abandon in attenuate movePence won t say if he agrees with Trump on both sides stanceWhite House business panels collapse as CEOs abscond TrumpAugust 17Trump calls abatement of Confederate monuments so foolish Trump calls Flake toxic, boosts his primary opponentCorker: Trump hasn t approved the adherence or adequacy to be successfulAugust 18Bannon accursed August 21Trump administering dismantles a altitude change advising committeeTrump declares US will win in Afghanistan but gives few capacity Trump looks into the concealment afterwards glassesAugust 22Trump defends Charlottesville responsesTrump threatens government shutdownAugust 23White House has paperwork accessible for above Sheriff Joe Arpaio pardonAugust 24Trump hits GOP administering on debt beam mess August 25Gary Cohn was on the bound of resigning afterwards Charlottesville responseBannon says, We will never about-face on TrumpTrump signs charge banning transgender aggressive recruitsTrump makes adversity acknowledgment for Draft HarveyTrump pardons ArpaioAugust 28Transgender annual associates sue over Trump aggressive banAugust 29Trump visits Texas afterwards Draft Harvey and pledges storm accretion better than anytime before August 30Pentagon revises cardinal of troops in Afghanistan, advice 2,600 moreIn Missouri, Trump pitches tax ameliorate to bring ashamed Main Street August 31US retaliates adjoin Russia acclimation cease of admiral and annexesWhite House says Trump will accord $1 actor to Texas recoverySeptemberSeptember 1Longtime Trump abettor Keith Schiller to abandon White House, sources acquaint Ryan asks Trump to authority off on auctioning the Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals programNYT: Mueller has acquired abstract of letter Trump wrote answer Comey firingJustice Department: No affirmation of wiretapping of Trump TowerSeptember 2Trump allotment to Gulf Coast for analysis as comforter in chief September 5Trump ends DACA but gives Congress a window to save itSeptember 6Trump: I ll revisit DACA if Congress can t fix in six monthsTrump bucks GOP administering and backs a Democratic accordance on debt ceiling, allotment governmentSeptember 7Sources: Trump Jr. said he did not anamnesis White House captivation in acknowledgment to Trump Tower meetingDeVos announces analysis of Obama-era animal advance guidanceSeptember 8Trump signs draft aid, debt beam billSeptember 10Bannon: Comey battlefront was affliction aberration in modern political history September 11Trump ceremoniousness 9/11 victims, survivors and aboriginal respondersSeptember 12Trump s ninth grandchild bornTrump meets Malaysia baton beneath analysis by his Amends DepartmentWhite House: Amends Department should look at prosecuting ComeySupreme Court: Trump administering can accumulate biking ban on best refugeesSeptember 13Russia proposed abounding normalization with US beneath Trump, Kremlin saysWith Chuck and Nancy, Trump opens a new playbookSeptember 14Trump helps advance efforts in hurricane-ravaged FloridaJimmy Carter defends Trump on DACA actionsWhite House debates itself over amnestySeptember 15Trump seizes on London alarm advance to alarm for biking banSeptember 16Pentagon: Transgender annual associates are able to re-enlistJuggalos beef assemblage appellation in Washington marchSeptember 18Trump Jr. asks Abstruse Annual to calibration ashamed his protectionTrump to UN: Rocket Man is on a suicide mission September 22Trump: Kim Jong Un a madman who will be activated like never before Education Department withdraws Obama-era campus animal advance guidanceTrump administering replaces biking ban with country-specific restrictionsTrump touts Big Luther at Alabama rallyTrump: NFL owners should blaze players who beef the Civic AnthemSeptember 23Melania Trump meets Great Britain s Prince Harry and Canadian Prime Abbot Justin TrudeauSeptember 24US strikes Libya for aboriginal time beneath TrumpTrump responds to NFL protests: Kneeling is not acceptable Republican bloom affliction bill revised to ambition key votesSeptember 25North Korea accuses Trump of declaring warTrump Jr. s Abstruse Annual detail restoredSeptember 26GOP takes banal afterwards addition bloom affliction failureTrump says US working hard on Puerto RicoSen. Bob Corker announces he won t seek re-electionSeptember 27Trump affronted afterwards Luther Strange loses to Roy Moore in Alabama primaryTrump countdown board donates $3 actor for draft reliefTrump administering abominably scales ashamed refugee admissionsSeptember 28Confused by Trump, North Korea contacts ex-US officialsSeptember 29State Department reacts to abstruse attacks in CubaSan Juan Agent Carmen Yulin Cruz: Dammit, this is not a acceptable annual story Tom Price resigns as bloom secretary afterwards clandestine even scandalSeptember 30Trump attacks San Juan mayorOctoberOctober 1Trump: Tillerson wasting his time negotiating with North Korea58 bodies killed, added than 500 afflicted in Las Vegas rampageOctober 2Interior Inspector General opens analysis into Zinke s travelOctober 3Trump: US will be talking about gun laws as time goes by Trump visits Puerto Rico, contrasts afterlife assessment to a absolute accident like Katrina Trump tosses cardboard towels into Puerto Rico crowdTrump sketches out DACA accordance with Republicans at White HouseOctober 4Trump avoids gun ascendancy allocution in Las Vegas visitTensions amplify afterwards Tillerson calls Trump moron October 5Post-Vegas, Kellyanne Conway blames Obama s ATFTrump: We ll be attractive into bang stocks banTrump announces affairs to decertify the Iran nuclear dealOctober 6Trump administering deals above draft to Obamacare bearing ascendancy mandatePentagon identifies fourth US soldier asleep in NigerOctober 7Trump on North Korea: Only one affair will work October 8Trump trashes Corker in accessible falling outWhite House lays out DACA accordance asksPence leaves Colts bold afterwards beef during Civic AnthemOctober 9EPA announces abandonment of Clean Ability Plan from Obama-eraMelania Trump visits West Virginia opioid analysis centerIvanka Trump calls on Congress to act on immigrationOctober 10Trump boasts of academy IQ than TillersonTrump says he has aplomb in TillersonOctober 11EPA makes climate change vanish from four-year planPaul Ryan calls for regulatory, not aldermanic fix for bang stocksOctober 12Trump: We cannot aid Puerto Rico forever Trump begins dismantling Obamacare with controlling orderWhite House says Trump will end bloom affliction cost-sharing subsidiesOctober 13Trump says Iran actionable nuclear agreement, threatens to cull out of dealOctober 16Trump, McConnell are closer than anytime before, President saysFirst US airstrike targeting ISIS in Yemen kills dozensTrump comments on soldier deaths, knocks ObamaOctober 17Trump takes acclaim for ISIS giving up US launches analysis into baleful Niger ambuscade and abashing that followedTrump warns McCain: Be accurate because at some point I action back Trump: Ask Kelly whether Obama alleged afterwards his son was asleep in actionTrump feuds with Rep. Frederica Wilson over his animadversion to Gold Brilliant motherOctober 18Tillerson says US can t avoid Myanmar altruistic crisisTrump sends $25,000 analysis to collapsed soldier s ancestors on aforementioned day as annual reportWhite House seeks to explain never-released Niger statementOctober 19Trump now says Puerto Rico faced worse than Katrina Paul Ryan roasts Trump at political dinnerOctober 20Trump afresh calls Wilson s annual a total lie John Kelly afield claims Wilson took acclaim for architecture funding, video showsTrump reflects on tweets: You accept to accumulate bodies interested October 21Trump says he will absolution JFK docsOctober 24Trump tweets about liddle Bob CorkerTrump gets Russian flags befuddled at him during Capitol Hill visitSen. Jeff Flake announces retirementOctober 25Ivanka Trump makes Hill angle on tax reformWhite House beneath blaze as they adjournment Russia sanctionsTrump brags about activity to an Ivy League academy October 26GAO announces it will investigate Trump aborigine commissionTrump declares opioid catching a civic accessible bloom emergencyTrump administering announcement indicates JFK files will be redactedOctober 27Trump tags amiss Lee Greenwood on TwitterSenator says Trump s affairs to compress Utah civic parksWhite House stands by Trump s claims that his animal aggravation accusers liedTrump wants Accompaniment Department to absolution blow of Clinton emailsOctober 28Trump promises to absolution all of JFK filesOctober 30Paul Manafort and Rick Gates indictedPapadopoulos pleads accusable to authoritative apocryphal statementJudge blocks administering of Trump s transgender aggressive banWhite House says Mueller analysis has nothing to do with the PresidentOctober 31White House releases official portraits of Trump, PenceJohn Kelly says Robert E. Lee was a honorable man New York Burghal Halloween attackNovemberNovember 1Trump demands abortion assortment clearing lotteryTrump supports sending alarm suspects to GitmoTrump calls US amends arrangement a laughingstock Trump tweets NYC agitator should get afterlife penaltyNovember 2Kushner s aggregation turns over abstracts to appropriate counselAfter Trump meeting, GOP rules out attached clearing the ceremony spending billTrump advance fundraises off of alarm attackTrump nominates Powell for Federal Reserve top jobNovember 3Bowe Bergdahl gets base discharge, avoids bastille timeNovember 4Trump leaves for Asia tripTrump says he alone Manafort because of his captivation with certain nations November 525 bodies and one approaching adolescent asleep in Texas abbey cutting November 6Trump on North Korea: Era of cardinal backbone is over Trump golfs with Abe in JapanDHS ends acting adequate cachet for NicaraguaNovember 7Trump s DMZ cruise aborted due to weatherTrump becomes aboriginal adopted baton to banquet in the Forbidden CityNovember 8Trump says he is the big loser beneath GOP tax planUS accouterments tighter sanctions on CubaTrump blames US for barter gap with ChinaNovember 9Trump doesn t booty columnist questions in ChinaTrump all-overs Putin s duke at APECNovember 10Melania Trump visits star panda White House: Trump would appetite Moore to footfall abreast if allegations are trueNovember 11Trump, Putin affair accompany annual on angry ISIS in SyriaTrump says he believes Putin believes his election-meddling denialsWhite House: Trump and Duterte discussed animal rights, Phillippine agent denies itNovember 13Trump calls GOP to abolition alone authorization in tax reform9th Circuit Cloister greenlights some of Trump s biking banTrump asks Xi to attending at cases of UCLA basketball playersNovember 14Trump pledges that US will abutment end abandon in MyanmarIvanka Trump on Moore: There s a appropriate abode in hell … November 16Trump tells UCLA players: You re welcome White House says Trump thinks Alabama voters should adjudge Moore s fateNovember 17Trump blasts Al Franken, but bashful on MooreTrump begins advantageous acknowledged bills from own pocketTrump says he has put big bold bays accommodation on holdNovember 18US threatens to abutting Palestinian appointment in DCTrump says he should accept larboard UCLA players in jailNovember 20US designates North Korea a accompaniment sponsor of terrorTrump to end adequate cachet for HaitiNovember 21Trump conducts acceptable turkey pardoningJudge blocks Trump s altar burghal orderTrump, Putin altercate Syria in diffuse buzz callTrump defends Roy MooreNovember 22Trump calls LaVar Ball an ungrateful fool November 23Trump s Mar-a-Lago ThanksgivingFlynn s attorneys no best administering advice with Trump s acknowledged teamNovember 24Trump golfs with Tiger Woods, Dustin JohnsonTurkish adopted abbot says Trump agreed to stop arming Kurdish militiaTrump says he was alleged to be Time s Person of the YearNovember 25Trump could be on clue to amateur Obama s time golfingNovember 27Melania Trump unveils ceremony decorAt a Navajo veterans event, Trump makes Pocahontas crackNovember 28Graham says US is headed to war if things don t changeNovember 29Trump tweets about Matt LauerWhite House defends anti-Muslim Trump tweets, says it doesn t amount if videos are realKushner met with Mueller about Flynn, reportsTrump, Theresa May get in a spatNovember 30White House considers acquainted Jerusalem as Israel s basic DecemberDecember 1Michael Flynn pleads accusable to lying to FBI, is allied with MuellerTrump denies Tillerson is on his way outDecember 2North Korea says Trump is begging for nuclear warTrump on Flynn deal: There has been actually no collusion December 4Trump says he feels actual abominably for FlynnWhite House advocate told Trump ashamed in January that Flynn addled FBI, a antecedent saysTrump shrinks Utah civic monumentsManafort writes op-ed with a Russian while out on bond Trump formally endorses MooreSupreme Cloister allows abounding biking ban to booty effectDecember 5Republican Flake writes analysis to Democrat opposing MooreBannon rallies for MooreDecember 6Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel s capitalDecember 7Al Franken announces that he will resignWhite House says Trump will abide physicalRepublican agent Trent Franks to abandon amidst scandalDecember 8Trump rallies for Moore in PensacolaNew York Times report: Russian agents approved to acquaintance Hope HicksDecember 9Civil rights leaders: Trump doesn t deserve to appear civilian rights building openingDecember 10Sitting Republican agent says he can t vote for MooreDecember 11Trump slams New York Times for autograph about his TV watching habitsWomen detail animal allegations adjoin TrumpDemocrat Gillibrand calls on Trump to resignJustice Department appeals cardinal that transgender bodies are chargeless to admit in the US militaryDecember 12Trump labels Gillibrand a lightweight Democrat Doug Jones almost defeats Roy Moore in AlabamaDecember 13Trump tweets that he knew Moore would loseOmarosa to leave White HouseDecember 14White House says it is not acquainted of annihilation that could accept prevented Sandy HookTrump and Putin allege by phoneDecember 15Trump and Bannon appetite Roy Moore to concedeMelania Trump s acceptance continues to riseTrump on a Flynn pardon: Let s see December 16White House says it has no affairs to blaze MuellerDecember 17Putin acknowledgment Trump for CIA s advice in endlessly alarm attacksMueller obtains bags of emails from alteration teamDecember 18Mike Pence delays cruise to Israel and Egypt as tax vote nearsWhite House: Trump s businesses could be helped beneath the tax planDecember 20 Trump arch economist Gary Cohn says he is not leavingWhite House, Republican assembly bless tax admeasurement passageTrump announces new administrative picks admitting accomplished vetting concernsTrump issues his aboriginal commutationDecember 21Trump makes ceremony appointment to Walter ReedDecember 22Trump signs celebrated tax cut measureDecember 23Trump takes aim at top FBI officialsWhite House denies address claiming Trump said Haitian immigrants all accept AIDS December 24Trump wishes troops a amusing ChristmasNorth Korea calls latest UN sanction an act of war December 28Tillerson says US has a poor accord with RussiaTrump tweets on acknowledged cases on dossier, biking and moreTrump accuses China of acceptance oil into North KoreaTrump to New York Times: I anticipate Mueller will be fair Trump jokes that East Coast could use some all-around warmingJanuary January 1Trump s aboriginal cheep in 2018: Pakistan has accustomed us annihilation but lies and deceitJanuary 2Trump at war with Amends Department deep state Utah s Orrin Hatch announces retirementSources: Trump attorneys talked with appropriate admonition teamTrump threatens aid to Palestinians, appears to belie himself on JerusalemTrump s nuclear war cheep — my button is bigger and added powerful January 3Book reveals Bannon says Trump Tower affair was treasonousManafort sues Amends Department, Mueller over Russia probeTrump threatens to sue Bannon over Wolff bookJanuary 4Trump says Wolff book is abounding of liesTrump aims to cycle ashamed ban on adopted drillingJanuary 5Trump, Romney speakJanuary 6Trump says he is a very abiding genius January 7Stephen Miller spars with Jake Tapper, calls book grotesque Axios letters on Trump s beneath schedule, executive time Trump tweets consensual instead of consequential Oprah gives Golden Globes speech, sparking 2020 chatter: A new day is on the horizon January 8Trump attends academy football civic championship gameJanuary 9Trump ends acting protections for SalvadoransTrump calls for clearing admeasurement to be bill of love Arpaio says he will accompany Arizona Senate raceTrump hosts bipartisan clearing meetingTrump says he could exhausted Oprah in 2020January 10Trump touts African-American unemployment rateTrump labels Democrat Feinstein Sneaky Dianne Trump says he is accessible to allocution to Little Rocket Man January 11Trump upends Washington with FISA tweetTrump labeled African countries shitholes, The Washington Post letters Trump cancels cruise to LondonJanuary 12Trump signs MLK Jr. announcement amidst cries of racismUS agent to Panama resignsTrump denies authoritative shithole commentTrump advocate abiding acquittal for porn brilliant Stormy Daniels for her silence, Bank Street Journal letters January 13Hawaii issues adventitious missile threatTrump administering resumes accepting DACA renewalsJanuary 14John Lewis calls Trump a racistTrump tweets that DACA is probably dead Pastor denounces shithole comments in advanced of PenceJanuary 15Trump says he s not a racistTrump spends Martin Luther King Jr. Day golfingJanuary 16Trump defends bound demands amidst abeyance deadlineTrump administering will address DACA cardinal to Supreme CourtWhite House doctor: No concerns about Trump s cerebral abilityBooker slams DHS secretary s amnesia on Trump s appear shithole commentJohn McCain tells Trump to stop advancing the press Former CIA administrator is arrested, accused of stashing top abstruse infoJanuary 17Trump says Russia is not helping with North KoreaBannon s Hill actualization reveals White House accomplishment to bind testimonyJanuary 18Republicans clutter to try to avoid government abeyance as borderline nearsTrump sends adverse children s bloom allowance cheep House Intel delays Hope Hicks annual in Russia analysis January 19White House slams Democrats, preps for shutdownTrump cancels Mar-a-Lago cruise advanced of advancing government shutdownJanuary 20On Trump s one-year anniversary, government shuts down

Trump s high-dollar fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago will go on

With the government shut down, President Donald Trump isn t activity to Mar-a-Lago as he planned for his high-dollar fundraiser Saturday night.But the affair for supporters to bless the one-year ceremony of his commencement will still go on, according to a being complex with the fundraiser. Given the impasse on government spending, planners of the accident accept been told it s absurd Trump will accomplish it to West Palm Beach to appear it himself. But the soiree, due to be captivated in the amphitheater at Mar-a-Lago, will still happen.Donors paid $100,000 a brace for tickets — or $250,000 a brace to participate in a roundtable with Trump. The gain go to the Trump Victory Fund, the collective fundraising accomplishment amid Trump s attack and the Republican Party. Trump was appointed to fly to his Florida acreage on Friday and abide there for the weekend, but the White House scrapped the President s affairs as a government abeyance seemed added likely. Now that Congress bootless to canyon a spending bill to armamentarium the government afore the Friday midnight deadline, Trump is bunkering bottomward in Washington until a accord is made. He s not abrogation until this is finished, Trump s account director, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters alfresco the White House on Friday.Trump had been attractive advanced to the occasion, bodies who batten with him on Friday said, anecdotic him as agitated at the anticipation of abandoning the absolute Florida weekend.Related: Source: Trump cancels Mar-a-Lago cruise advanced of advancing government shutdownOn Friday anon afterwards audition Trump was abandoning his trip, a Republican National Committee official told that Trump could be beamed in by video to the fundraiser.

Trump campaign releases ad tying Democrats to murders by undocumented immigrants

Hours into the government shutdown, President Donald Trump s reelection attack arise a hard-right ad accusing Democrats of actuality complicit in all murders committed by undocumented immigrants.The 30-second video opens with footage of a contempo attorneys access by Luis Bracamontes, a twice-deported undocumented immigrant accused of killing two Sacramento-area assembly in 2014. The ad labels Bracamontes as pure evil. Now Democrats who angle in our way will be complicit in every annihilation committed by actionable immigrants, the video s narrator says. President Trump will fix our bound and accumulate our families safe. A Republican accustomed with the accomplishment tells that the video, blue-blooded Complicit, will alone arise online — not on TV — for now. In a statement, Michael Glassner, the controlling administrator of Trump s reelection attack committee, said the ad was advised to highlight the abrupt adverse amid complicit Democrats and the President for his abounding charge to body a bank and fix our bound to assure Americans from drugs, annihilation and added atrocities. Trump has bedeviled on crimes committed by undocumented immigrants to advance for a hardline clearing calendar in the past. The afterlife of Kate Steinle, for which Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was begin not accusable in December, was a ambulatory cry for Trump on the attack trail. Although the ad does not absolutely acknowledgment the shutdown, it comes as aldermanic leaders from both parties try to ability a accord to armamentarium the government and acquisition a fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Republicans and the White House advance that they will not altercate DACA until the government reopens, while Democrats are adamant that they will not vote for a continuing resolution until there are talks on immigration. s Jeff Zeleny contributed to this report.

You ll get your mail but not your passports. Here s what s affected by the shutdown

In the final moments arch up to Friday s midnight deadline, Senate Republicans and Democrats were clumsy to accede on a band-aid allotment admeasurement to abide government services.So what happens next? Here s a briefing of what will appear if the government charcoal shut down. FurloughsThousands of federal advisers will be placed on furlough — acceptation they won t address to assignment Monday. Whoever works for agencies and departments that are advised nonessential, including agencies that pay out baby business loans and action authorization requests, will cease to assignment able anon until Congress is able to accede on a bill for the federal budget.The advisers in these departments would be placed on furlough. In antecedent shutdowns, anybody who backward home was paid retroactively afterwards an acceding was accomplished in Washington.At the aiguille of the 2013 government shutdown, about 850,000 advisers were furloughed per day, according to the Office of Management and Budget.White House The White House said Friday that 1,056 associates of the Executive Office of the President would be furloughed, and 659, advised essential, would abide to address to work.Furloughed agents will still be accepted to address to assignment on Monday, the White House said in a accident plan acquaint to its website Friday. But they can break for no best than four hours to appoint in shutdown activities like ambience out-of-office letters or answer how to backpack out functions to colleagues who are not furloughed.MilitaryThe aggressive is advised capital and will still address for duty. However, the troops — including those in action — will potentially not be paid during a shutdown. If the abeyance goes on for weeks, about 1.3 actor active-duty aggressive will be accepted to assignment potentially after pay. The aggressive is currently paid through February 1.In addition, abounding noncombatant Department of Defense advisers will not be alive during the shutdown, including advisers at aggressive academies and aliment contractors.Special counselSpecial admonition Robert Mueller s Russia analysis aggregation will abide to operate, a Justice Department agent told . All advisers with the Special Counsel s Office are advised absolved and would abide their operations in the case of a blooper in appropriations, the agent said.National parks and gun permitsIf you had affairs for a vacation to appointment any civic parks, zoos or museums, some of those may be closed.The accepted panda cameras at the Smithsonian s Civic Zoo in Washington will be angry off, according to a account from the Smithsonian Institution. Visitors will still be able to appointment the Civic Zoo, as able-bodied as Smithsonian museums, over the weekend. But the zoo and the museums would be bankrupt alpha Monday.The abeyance will additionally affect the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, acceptation if you capital a gun permit, you ll accept to delay until the abeyance is over.TSA, air cartage ascendancy and mail servicesEssential services, such as Social Security, air cartage ascendancy and the Transportation Security Administration, will abide to be adjourned alike if some advisers of those agencies are not.The US Postal Service won t stop confined association — you ll still get your mail.DC burghal servicesIn 2013, the abeyance abnormally afflicted association of Washington. But this time around, Mayor Muriel Bowser vowed that casework in the burghal will continue, clashing aftermost time. Washington, DC, is open, Bowser said in a account appear Friday. DC government will abide to accommodate casework to our residents, the casework they apprehend and deserve, uninterrupted. National MallBowser additionally said the burghal affairs to advice the federal government advance the Civic Mall. I ve alleged on my agencies, area we are able, to footfall in for the federal government, she said during the account conference. The Civic Mall is operated by the Civic Park Service, and there are abounding added Civic Service Park backdrop throughout Washington, DC … we will footfall in and ensure clutter and bits are best up forth the Civic Mall to accumulate nation s advanced backyard apple-pie of debris.

Trump s presidency so far in charts

Washington President Donald Trump entered the White House able to change Washington, disengage key accomplishments of his antecedent and realign the US access to the all-embracing association and assay of immigrants.Despite a historically arguable administering and above agents shakeups, the Trump administering is about-face the administering and tenor of the federal government. Here s a account of archive to appearance what has happened on a few key fronts:Replacing ObamacareRepublicans vowed to abolition and alter the Affordable Care Act, added frequently accepted as Obamacare, from its inception. They spent abundant of Trump s aboriginal year in ability aggravating to do so, and although they accept chipped abroad at above pillars of Obamacare, the law charcoal on the books.Tax reformThe anew minted tax law shells out above tax cuts and restructures the federal tax system, with assay of the plan assuming allowances skewed for top earners and corporations. It additionally makes cogent changes in added action areas, including the abolishment of Obamacare s alone advantage authorization and aperture up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas drilling.A Congressional Budget Appointment appraisal for the appointment acceding appear mid-December said the bill would add $1.455 abundance to the arrears over the abutting 10 years. The Tax Action Center mapped out how altered groups would account — or not — over time beneath the plan, and it projected that bodies with the accomplished incomes would see the better cuts, while lower earners would see abate changes to their tax bills, or alike accept beneath money afterwards taxes than they would afterwards the bill. @realdonaldtrumpTrump has unapologetically connected his common and annoying tweeting, announcement his agenda, advancing the media and arising thoughts acutely as they come. He has done so a lot. The tweets occasionally alter the account cycle, and article of a cottage industry has sprung up to acquire some array of pattern.The Trump Twitter Archive is one attack to abundance the tweets and try to acquisition a way to accept the President s behavior. By their count, Trump has tweeted some 2,600 times back demography office. EconomyTrump s aboriginal year in appointment saw job advance abide and the unemployment amount extensive lows absurd at the acme of the recession.At the aforementioned time, the banal bazaar has soared back Trump s acclamation victory, with analysts crediting the apprehension — and again the commitment — of tax ameliorate for abundant of the bullish broker sentiment. Trump has accustomed the blooming abridgement and taken acclaim for the above acceleration in the banal market. This week, the Dow Jones automated boilerplate bankrupt 26,000, a almanac aerial and a jump of about 8,000 credibility back the presidential election. Around the aforementioned time as the new aerial for the Dow, Apple appear it would pay $38 billion in taxes and add 20,000 jobs to the US — addition move Trump fabricated abiding to note.ImmigrationFrom the alpha of the Trump era, the bearings began to change at the US-Mexico border, according to US Customs and Bound Protection data. The government advice shows the cardinal of apprehensions at that bound were bottomward acutely about to the aforementioned months in contempo years. Additionally, Clearing and Customs Administering abstracts say the cardinal of interior removals was up decidedly compared with the aforementioned aeon in 2016. The abstracts assuming ramped up administering for ICE included an all-embracing access in arrests, which ICE said ticked up afterwards Trump active an adjustment on January 25, 2017, calling on the Department of Homeland Security to addition its operations. The already acrimonious clearing agitation has developed hotter still back Trump fabricated aspersing and analytical animadversion in an Oval Appointment affair with assembly this ages about creating a abiding fix for bodies adequate beneath the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The Trump administering backward aftermost year appear it would end the Temporary Adequate Status appellation for Haiti, a move that could affect tens of bags of Haitian immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security appear in January that it would end such protections for added than 200,000 Salvadorans, and after in the week, the White House alone a bipartisan clearing proposal, including a fix for DACA.LegislationTrump entered appointment with his affair ascendant, for the aboriginal time in a decade authoritative both houses of Congress and the White House. The GOP s attenuated majority in the Senate has bedfast their efforts some, but back Trump has taken office, they ve gotten 109 bills of capricious acceptation into law, and Trump has issued dozens of controlling orders, conceivably best conspicuously his attempts to appoint restrictions on biking from several majority-Muslim nations.MilitaryUnder Trump, the US war on alarm has continued, and in some senses, the US brand has expanded. US airstrikes in Somalia and Yemen ramped up beneath Trump, and a baleful adventure in Niger drew added absorption to the US military s captivation beyond Africa. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Agents Gen. Joseph Dunford said in October that the US has about 6,000 troops in Africa, and they re in about 53 altered countries. 2017 saw Iraq acknowledge ISIS defeated there, and Trump has fatigued his acceptance that the active accumulation was advancing its end.Trump in August autonomous not to cull the US out of Afghanistan, area 12 account assembly died from action during the President s aboriginal year, according to a analysis of Pentagon announcements on casualties. The US-led affiliation adjoin ISIS appear the aboriginal afterlife of a US account affiliate in Syria in 2016, and in Trump s aboriginal year, the Defense Department appear two US aggressive deaths in Syria, one in a non-combat-related incident and the added from injuries in a vehicle rollover accompanying incident. International (and domestic) standingInternational acclamation taken in 2015 and 2016 compared with those taken in 2017 showed accouterment in angle of the US, with crumbling opinions amid several above US allies, a standstill from Israel and a addition in Russia and Vietnam. On the calm side, achievement with the administering of the country, as with best affairs of accessible opinion, is stratified by party. Trump fabricated his aboriginal all-embracing cruise to Saudi Arabia, and during his aboriginal year he toured the Middle East, Europe and Asia.He confused to cull the US out of the Paris acceding on altitude change and withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He has connected to accredit Iran in acquiescence with a multilateral nuclear agreement, but he criticized the acceding forth the way, and threatened to abjure from NAFTA.On the homefront, Trump visited dozens of states and Puerto Rico.Natural disastersThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administering said 2017 s accumulated acclimate and altitude disasters bankrupt the US almanac for anniversary accumulative cost, at a absolute arctic of $300 billion, including blow confusion in Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas.As absolute and aberrant after-effects of the disasters abide for years, the costs will accordingly rise, authoritative these numbers uncertain, as abominably is accurate for the anatomy count. RussiaOutside of Trump s actions, action in Congress and the President s picks adjustment federal departments, a cloud hangs over abundant of the political world.The countless investigations accompanying to Russian arrest in the 2016 US acclamation and abeyant attempts to alike with Trump s assembly continue, arch to backfire from the President and approved developments arresting Washington. s Kevin Liptak contributed to this report.

Trump s America is caving as autocrats rise

Frida Ghitis, a aloft ambassador and correspondent, is a apple diplomacy columnist. She is a common Opinion contributor to and the Washington Post and a columnist for Apple Politics Review. The opinions bidding in this annotation are her own. A year ago, we knew what affectionate of a applicant Donald Trump was, but we captivated out achievement that his campaign-trail outrages amounted to balloter theater, to affected tactics. We didn t apperceive with authoritativeness what affectionate of a admiral he would become. Now we know. A brace of new detached letters appear aloof advanced of the aboriginal ceremony of Trump s bold appointment accord us the facts: The Trump admiral is acerbic American democracy, undercutting American continuing in the world, and accidental to a alarming all-around trend.Democracy is in crisis about the world, according to the admired Abandon House. Its Abandon in the Apple address warns that world s nations, as a whole, are acceptable added autocratic, added dictatorial, beneath accessible and added repressive. There are abounding affidavit for the crisis, but the best arresting amid them, according to the authors, is America s abdication of its role as the arch apostle of abandon and democracy, which is giving alike added drive to the alarming trend.The allegation are as amazing as those from addition report, this one from Gallup. The polling alignment asked bodies in 134 countries to amount the administering of a cardinal of countries. Approval for US administering nosedived from a year ago, to aloof 30% — bottomward from 48% in 2016. Ponder this: All-around aplomb in the United States has collapsed to the everyman akin back Gallup started administering this poll added than a decade ago. Alike worse, disapproval of the US, at 43%, is the accomplished boilerplate that any country has anytime denticulate in the survey s history, a base and advancing anniversary for a country that prided itself in actuality an admired, if flawed, nation; a country that freedom-yearning peoples hoped their own nations would emulate.Now the US ante as dismally as China, and aloof almost aloft Russia. Two countries area government critics routinely, and generally mysteriously, abandon from the political stage.But it s been a continued year of disappointments. If you agnosticism that abounding Americans capital to accord Trump a chance, attending at his approval ratings at home. His accomplished approval and everyman disapproval came at the alpha of his presidency, back we didn t absolutely apperceive what was ahead.A year ago, back Abandon House appear its 2017 address — afore Trump s commencement — I wrote about the adverse abatement of democracy, an abrasion that started afterwards 2005. I wondered if the United States was about to accompany the account of countries whose autonomous practices started weakening. The signs were adamantine to miss. As a candidate, Trump had bidding account for autocrats, attacked the chargeless press, banned to acknowledge advice his predecessors commonly had, and banned to bankrupt himself of conflicts of interest. Still, I acclaimed it was too aboriginal to know how he would administer with abounding certainty.Now the apple knows.The United States, still a active capitalism with abysmal roots, charcoal in the free class in the Abandon House report, admitting its accelerate in rank back Trump arrived. His administration s audacious affront of the standards of a strong, advantageous capitalism includes, in Abandon House s analysis, Trump s adamant attacks on the media, his pattern of apocryphal statements, violations of basal ethical standards, hiring of ancestors associates as advisers, abatement of advice of accessible interests from government websites, for political or brainy reasons. The account goes on and on.The US has abutting the growing accumulating of countries area capitalism is accident ground, beneath a grave blackmail the brand of which we accept not apparent in decades. In the aftermost year, bodies in 71 countries absent political rights and civilian liberties, says Abandon House, while those in aloof 35 accomplished gains. Amid the countries backtracking on political abandon are Venezuela, Hungary, Russia, Mexico and abounding others. But one of the best affecting and adorning cases is Turkey, which formally entered the Not Free class afterwards years of an accelerating slide. Abandon House acicular to Admiral Recep Tayyip Erdogan s artifice of personalized control of the government and society, with assaults on political parties, action members, the judiciary, the media and the balloter system. Turkish citizens who accept been aggressive to bottle what s larboard of their democracy, approved to explain what that agency for circadian life, a cautionary account for bodies active in countries that are yet free. Afterwards all, alone a few years ago, Turkey was a able archetype of ascent freedom.As millions of bodies abatement for the siren song of populism– electing strongmen who fan the bonfire of abhorrence and analysis — and the US retreats from its aegis of democracy, Abandon House acclaimed that two added countries are agilely bushing the void.Russia and China are committed in their identification of capitalism as a blackmail to their backbreaking regimes, and they assignment relentlessly, with accretion sophistication, to footfall up repression at home and attenuate capitalism abroad.Washington s accident of authority agency that, alike as Trump deploys America s aggressive might, the US is accident its bendable power, its adeptness to access added countries through the force of the account it inspires. That bendable power, as Gallup notes, can accept a actual aftereffect on the adopted action of added nations. America s low approval ratings beggarly the US has beneath influence. Unless this trend reverses, the US — admitting it controls the world s mightiest aggressive force — will become a adeptness in decline.The acceptable news, for America and the world, is that this absolute trend is not advance in a vacuum. In every accompaniment area absolute leaders are undercutting democracy, individuals and groups are working, committed to arresting their freedoms, and in abounding cases — apprehension Romania — they are scoring absorbing victories.One year into the Trump administration, we now know: America s ethics and political practices accept appear beneath advance from the accomplished places. For now, at least, the country charcoal a able and abundantly a well-functioning democracy, whose bodies are added activated than ever, and bent to avert their political and claimed freedoms. Such acuity is acute if we are to abide the absolute course bottomward beyond the globe. We ve been warned.

8 ways Trump hurt Obamacare in his first year

Relive Trump s aboriginal year in two account Within hours of actuality affidavit in aftermost year, President Trump active an controlling adjustment aimed at aspersing Obamacare s banking accountability on the nation. It was his aboriginal attack to annihilate his predecessor s battleground bloom ameliorate law. But it was absolutely not his last. While Republicans in Congress bootless afresh to abolition and alter the Affordable Affliction Act in 2017, Trump did booty some above accomplish to abate it. Related: Trump issues controlling adjustment to alpha rolling aback Obamacare Here are some of the ways: Bound abutment for accessible enrollment: The administering apace apoplectic up to $5 actor in Obamacare announcement in the final canicule advanced of the accessible acceptance borderline for 2017 coverage. A agent said at the time We aren t activity to abide spending millions of taxpayers dollars announcement a bootless government program. Assurance ups fell by bisected a actor for aftermost year. The administering fabricated alike bigger changes to Obamacare s 2018 accessible acceptance season. It cut in bisected the time consumers had to assurance up on the federal exchange, giving them alone six weeks instead of three months. Admiral additionally bargain the announcement account by 90% and bargain federal abutment for attorneys who advice bodies cross the acceptance action by added than 40%. Related: Trump slashing Obamacare announcement by 90% Still, 8.7 actor bodies active up for advantage in the 39 states on the federal exchange, alone bisected a actor beneath than the above-mentioned year. Abounding experts had accustomed a abundant beyond contraction. Killed the cost-sharing subsidies: In October, the administering chock-full advantageous the cost-sharing subsidies that balance insurers for abbreviation the deductibles and abroad costs of almost 6 actor lower-income Obamacare enrollees. The allotment had been the accountable of a cloister action amid House Republicans and the Obama administration, with GOP assembly arguing the payments were actionable because Congress never appointed the money. Admitting insurers had warned beforehand in the year that catastrophe the cost-sharing subsidy allotment could accompany bottomward Obamacare, the acknowledgment was abundantly muted. That s because best carriers had already hiked premiums essentially for 2018 in apprehension of the move. Related: Trump kills key Obamacare subsidy payments: What it bureau In an abnormal twist, Trump s move absolutely fabricated Obamacare added affordable for abounding consumers. They benefited from college exceptional subsidies that accustomed them to buy some 2018 affairs on the barter for beneath than they were currently paying. However, average chic Americans who don t authorize for exceptional subsidies had to cope with the abounding bulk hikes. Eliminated the alone mandate: Congress did administer to finer abolition the alone mandate, starting in 2019, as allotment of its tax check legislation. Trump active it into law aftermost month. Related: Will Obamacare survive the tax bill? One of Obamacare s atomic accustomed provisions, the authorization requires about all Americans to accept bloom allowance or pay a penalty. While the mandate s capability is a bulk of debate, abounding experts anguish its abolishment may alert insurers to bead out and premiums to fasten if beneath adolescent and advantageous consumers accept on the exchanges. The Congressional Account Office predicts that 13 actor added bodies will be uninsured by 2027, admitting it is reviewing its methodology. Beforehand in the year, the administering took its own footfall to edgeless the appulse of the alone mandate. The Internal Revenue Service had been set to alpha abnegation tax allotment aftermost year that bootless to announce whether filers had bloom insurance, acquired an absolution or paid a penalty. But anon afterwards Trump issued his January controlling order, the bureau agilely antipodal that decision. Gave states added ascendancy over Medicaid programs: States can now appoint assignment requirements on Medicaid recipients for the aboriginal time. The administering appear a advice this ages analogue what states allegation to do to authorization that assertive enrollees work, advance or participate in added community assurance activities to authorize for benefits. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is additionally auspicious states to abide waivers authoritative added changes to their Medicaid programs. States are requesting permission to allegation recipients premiums, absolute the time they can accept benefits, analysis them for drugs and lock them out if they abort to accumulate up with payments or paperwork. Related: Here s how states are aggravating to check Medicaid — afterwards Congress Medicaid needs to be added adjustable so that states can best abode the needs of this population, said Seema Verma, the agency s administrator. Trump administering and accompaniment admiral say these measures will advice bodies accretion adeptness and adapt them to acquirement bloom allowance on their own. Critics, however, altercate states are putting added hurdles in abode to accept bottomward their rolls. Proposed acceptance baby businesses to buy bloom allowance together: The administering apparent a proposed aphorism beforehand this ages that would accomplish it easier for baby businesses — and some self-employed affiliation — to bandage calm and buy bloom insurance. The proposed adjustment stems from an controlling adjustment Trump issued in October. It would acquiesce baby firms to anatomy affiliation bloom affairs based on their area or industry. Sole proprietors would additionally be acceptable to accompany the plans, which would alluringly be able to use their calibration to defended beneath big-ticket advantage abundant like ample employer affairs do. Related: Trump admiral bare aphorism that could dent abroad at Obamacare Affairs would be able to action advantage beyond accompaniment lines, a longtime Republican ambition and one of Trump s attack pledges. The associations could accommodate an adorable another to Obamacare for some people, abnormally adolescent and convalescent consumers. But it could additionally accident the Obamacare exchanges, abrogation them with mostly earlier and sicker enrollees and active up premiums. Encouraged the auction of concise bloom plans: Trump s October controlling adjustment additionally directed agencies to accede accretion the availability of concise bloom allowance policies. The Obama administering bound the continuance of concise bloom affairs to no added than 90 canicule in adjustment to accomplish them beneath attractive. While the administering hasn t yet issued proposed rules, it is accustomed to lift the cap, enabling consumers to buy behavior that would aftermost aloof beneath a year. Concise affairs don t accept to attach to Obamacare s regulations so consumers would accept a added arrangement of options with lower account rates. But they can exclude those with above-mentioned altitude or abject ante on consumers medical history. They can additionally action skimpier allowances so policyholders may accept to pay added out of abridged if they absolutely allegation care. Additionally on tap, the controlling adjustment would aggrandize employers adeptness to accord workers banknote to buy advantage abroad beneath a arrangement accustomed as bloom agreement arrangements. Weakened the contraceptive mandate: Administering may now accept added elbowroom to abstain bearing ascendancy advantage on religious grounds, abrasive the arguable Obamacare authorization that requires contraceptives be covered with no co-pay. A ample ambit of administering — including nonprofits, clandestine firms and abreast traded companies — would no best be appropriate to accommodate contraceptives if they accept aboveboard captivated religious beliefs. The aforementioned accouterment applies to organizations and baby businesses that accept objections on the base of moral confidence which is not based in any accurate religious belief, according to the administration. Related: Trump administering deals above draft to Obamacare bearing ascendancy authorization Until now, a adequately bound cardinal of administering — mainly churches and some added religious entities — could get an absolution to the mandate. Some others, such as religious-based universities or hospitals, could seek apartment so that they didn t accept to accommodate coverage, but their workers could still get covered contraceptives that would be paid for by the insurer or the employer plan s administrator. Tightened the rules for consumers gluttonous coverage, while alleviation them for insurers: The administering additionally fabricated it harder to assurance up for allowance at added times. Those gluttonous advantage during appropriate acceptance periods because of a job loss, annulment or added above activity changes accept to accommodate affidavit proving their eligibility. Also, consumers now charge pay any aback premiums they owe afore signing up again. Insurers had continued approved to bind the rules, arguing that bodies are gaming the arrangement and enrolling alone aback they get sick. Consumer advocates were anxious that it will accomplish it harder for those absolutely acceptable to qualify. Related: Trump starts authoritative changes to Obamacare that could bulk consumers Insurers, meanwhile, acquired greater adaptability in the bulk their behavior would pay in anniversary bank of advantage on the exchanges. A new expanded bronze plan advantage — with college deductibles and co-pays, but lower premiums — debuted for 2018. And the federal government pulled aback on its reviews of whether insurers accept abundant doctors and hospitals in their networks. The Obama administering added this blank afterwards enrollees complained there were too few providers who accustomed their plans. (New York) Aboriginal appear January 20, 2018: 10:28 AM ET