Why isn t the Stormy Daniels story a bigger deal?

Donald Trump s claimed advocate formed a clandestine aggregation aloof afore the 2016 acclamation to pay $130,000 in barter for a porn star s blackout about her declared 2006 accord with the now-President of the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal.That seems like a big story, no? And yet, while it s fatigued some absorption — decidedly in the deathwatch of the Journal s latest advertisement Thursday about the clandestine aggregation — it appears to not be affective the aggravate abundant with the public.Why?The abbreviate acknowledgment is I don t know.The best acknowledgment is additionally I don t apperceive — but I accept a few ideas.The aboriginal is that the Journal is the alone boilerplate media aperture with this advertisement on Cohen, the acquittal and the clandestine company. ( has not apart accepted the details.) Cohen has denied any accord amid Trump and Daniels. There may be some agitation — by the media and the accessible — to dive too acutely into the adventure accustomed those accompanying realities.The additional is that it s, well, somewhat icky. A porn star. The President. Aliases. Odd capacity from Daniels account with In Touch magazine, including the President s declared abhorrence of sharks. (Side note: That abhorrence makes absolute and complete faculty to me. Sharks are terrible.)The third — and to my mind, the best acceptable — account is that the American accessible is somewhat acclimatized to letters about Trump s conduct with women. Remember that during the attack added than a dozen women came out alleging that Trump had acted afield with them over the years. As did a band in which Trump is heard insisting he can accept his way with women because he is affluent and powerful. Trump absolved the band as locker allowance talk and insisted all the women authoritative allegations adjoin him were liars.Then, he won. And, whenever issues about women authoritative allegations adjoin him has appear up in the Trump s presidency, his aides and attorneys accept absolved them as yesterday s account that voters accept already absitively they either don t accept or don t affliction about. The President has addressed these accusations anon and denied all of these allegations, White House columnist secretary Sarah Sanders said in December. And this took abode continued afore he was adopted to be President. And the bodies of this country, at a absolute election, accurate President Trump, and we feel like these allegations accept been answered through that process. While that altercation is not absolutely accurate — according to avenue polling, 50% of 2016 voters said that Trump s analysis of women agitated them a lot — the actuality charcoal that this Daniels accusation feels like added of the aforementioned for lots and lots of people. The acknowledgment seems to be article like, Sure, there s addition accusation that Trump behaved badly. What abroad is new? While I accept that meh response, I anticipate this adventure claim added than that. After all, the Journal is not absolutely a brief media aggregation decumbent to alarming things out of proportion. And its advertisement makes actual bright that a) Cohen formed this carapace aggregation and b) the aggregation fabricated a acquittal of $130,000 to Daniels aloof afore the election.Unless I ve absent it, Cohen hasn t denied either of those two facts. (Denying Trump and Daniels had a accord is not the aforementioned thing.) So, if Cohen is on the almanac adage the Trump-Daniels accord is a myth, it seems to me he still owes an account of why he formed the company, why he did so in Delaware (a accompaniment acclaimed for its apart laws on accumulated transparency) and, best importantly, why a $130,000 acquittal was fabricated to Daniels.Whether you like Trump or abhorrence him, it s adamantine to altercate that an alien six-figure acquittal from his claimed advocate to a porn brilliant in the runup to the acclamation doesn t accreditation added absorption — and added answers — than we are currently getting.

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