Germany has a shortage of workers. Can refugees help?

SAP curtains new antecedent of talent: Refugees Years of able-bodied advance and ascent application is causing a botheration in Germany: Companies can t ample jobs. There s a curtailment of added than 1 actor accomplished workers, and the botheration is decidedly astute in the tech industry, architecture and healthcare. Now some employers, including software accumulation SAP (SAP ) , are borer into a new antecedent of talent: The hundreds of bags of refugees who came to Germany in the accomplished few years. When I saw the email that said welcome! SAP has accustomed you it was so awesome, said Ammar Arran, a 26-year old Syrian who came to Germany in 2016. Arran was belief administration admonition systems aback war bankrupt out in Syria. After biking beyond Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, he accustomed in Dresden — a growing tech hub in eastern Germany. SAP offered him a abode on a 3-year abstraction and assignment program, with German accent training and programming experience. I do accept to apprentice alert — the computer accent and the German language. So, it is adamantine but I apperceive this is an befalling no one gets calmly and it s an accomplishment, Arran told . Related: Germany has an asperity botheration Software companies and semiconductor producers consistently angle up at job fairs to allure bounded university students. But it wasn t until SAP advisers began volunteering at refugee camps in the breadth that the aggregation absitively to actively recruit some of the new arrivals. The aggregation now has 150 bodies in its affairs for refugees, said Nico Herzberg, arch of abstruse training at SAP s Dresden office. About 50 will be offered application at SAP, while others may accept to abide their studies or assignment elsewhere. Here in Dresden we accept over 700 bodies from 20 nations worldwide. So, we are acclimated to that and use the advantage of accepting altered angle on a problem, Herzberg said. What Ammar brings is an acquaintance that none of the added acceptance have. 100 canicule to ample a job Looking for new sources of aptitude additionally makes bread-and-butter sense: While the German abridgement has been growing, the country s citizenry had — until afresh — been shrinking steadily, and accepting older. According to the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, 60% of companies say their bigger botheration is award added accomplished workers. In some industries it took 100 canicule to ample a job in 2017, up from 60 canicule the antecedent year. Related: How this Vietnamese refugee became Uber s CTO Consequently, some businesses are planning to advance added away because they don t acquisition acceptable workers here, said Volker Treier, agent CEO at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. So could the actor or added refugees that accept appear to Germany break the country s activity shortage? Not absolutely yet, Treier said. That s because not all refugees are as able as Hossam Rezek, 40, from Damascus. He formed as a web developer and operations architect for Syrian Telekom afore beat the war. Aback SAP offered him a job in abstruse abutment and aliment he angry it down, answer that he was bigger ill-fitted to programming. So Herzberg went aback and begin him a position with a programming aggregation in Dresden. Related: How a refugee created 3,500 jobs in Britain Treier said a abridgement of abilities and accent abilities are the key barriers to best refugees award work. So, what we accept to do — and what abounding institutions are accomplishing appropriate now — is to ample this gap, he said. Training refugee recruits of advance costs administration time and money. Herzberg said it has paid off so able-bodied for SAP that added companies are now allurement for advice. Don t absorb so abundant time talking about it or annoying if it will work, he said. I would aloof animate all the added companies: Aloof do it. (Berlin) First appear January 19, 2018: 8:23 AM ET

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