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DHS secretary says Trump used tough language on immigration but denies hearing specific slurs

Citizenry Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told senators Tuesday she did not hear President Donald Trump say the specific chat shithole during a affair with assembly aftermost anniversary that she attended.Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, reminded Nielsen at a Senate Judiciary Audition on Tuesday that she was under oath and asked if he acclimated that chat or a substantially similar one. I did not apprehend that chat used, no sir, she said, afore Leahy cut her off. That wasn t the catechism — did he use annihilation agnate to that anecdotic assertive countries? he asked.Nielsen dodged that question, adage the accent was tough. The chat was actual impassioned, I don t altercation that the President was application boxy language, others in the allowance were additionally application boxy language, Nielsen said.Sens. Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham, a Democrat and Republican who were in the room, accept accepted to the columnist the letters that Trump said the words shithole countries to call individuals from African nations and had calumniating animadversion against Haitians actuality allotment of an clearing accord — all as allotment of a chat about how the US accepts immigrants. Added assembly in the room, Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, accept said they don t anamnesis audition that chat used. Trump has denied application the word, admitting he has said the chat was boxy and has announced abreast with accompany about the acknowledgment arena able-bodied with his base. Did he use what would be advised barnyard accent apropos to assertive countries? Leahy asked again. The President acclimated boxy accent in accepted as did added agent in the room, yes sir, Nielsen said.The citizenry aegis secretary is adverse a assay from senators in the deathwatch of the President s remarks.The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, opened her comments by admonishing Nielsen that she was not blessed with what she was audition out of her administration appropriately far. Feinstein referenced contempo letters that Nielsen s administration was continuing to accede a convenance of amid accouchement from parents back apprehended at the bound — a action aboriginal appropriate aftermost year by then-Secretary John Kelly. Candidly, woman to woman, I can t accept that, and I achievement you will clarify, Feinstein said. Not alone would such a systemic action borrow on the built-in rights of parents. It is additionally apathetic and stunningly un-American. Feinstein added that a that pediatric accumulation accept said such a action would accept a abrogating appulse on children. The America I apperceive does not rip baby accouchement from their parents, and I can t brainstorm the abhorrence that a baby adolescent would feel if this would happen, Feinstein said. And for what? Because the adolescent had no allotment in this. Nielsen, in her answers, said the administration has not fabricated any action decisions on the topic, admitting she acclaimed there are affidavit at times to abstracted accouchement from who they access in the US with, abnormally if there is a suspicion they are actuality trafficked. Feinstein additionally referenced the President s contempo animadversion about shithole countries in a affair aftermost anniversary with adolescent Judiciary affiliate Sen. Dick Durbin and Nielsen, amid added lawmakers. In ablaze of the letters about the President s contempo comments, I achievement you re accessible to accurately abode one affair in accurate and that s the abortion of Temporary Adequate Cachet accepted as TPS for Haitians, Feinstein said. In ablaze of the President s comments, I m affected to catechism whether the accommodation to abolish adequate cachet for Haitian nationals was in actuality racially motivated. I achievement not. s David Shortell contributed to this report.

Manafort Gates trial could come days before midterm election

Washington The midterm elections this year ability be apparitional by allegations of Russian meddling in Donald Trump s presidential campaign, afterwards a federal adjudicator said Tuesday that Trump attack admiral Paul Manafort and Rick Gates may face their bent balloon aloof afore November.Judge Amy Berman Jackson appropriate at a audition Tuesday morning that the balloon could alpha in September or October, acceptation it could potentially end weeks or canicule afore the midterm election.Prosecutors from Robert Mueller s appropriate admonition appointment asked for three weeks to present their ancillary of the case at the trial.The adjudicator refrained from ambience a close date. Previously, Berman Jackson and the case had approved a May alpha for the trial. That date was too soon, she said, because Mueller s appointment was still axis over affirmation to the aegis aggregation — some 640,000 abstracts and added items as of this week, prosecutors said. Statements from the aegis teams acclamation their indictments will be due by the end of February, and both abandon will altercate about them through March, the adjudicator said.The men face a absolute of 12 accuse accompanying to money bed-making and falsifying records. Manafort and Gates accept pleaded not guilty.Gates appear from abode arrestBerman Jackson additionally said in cloister that Gates could be appear from abode arrest Tuesday, a change in his bond that he d approved for months. Bates will alive in Richmond, Virginia, beneath a nightly curfew, will abrasion a GPS adviser and won t be accustomed abreast airports, alternation stations and bus stations. He will column added than $5 actor as accessory for his bail.Manafort is still not out from abode arrest. The keys to his absolution lay with him, Berman Jackson said, while acquainted she still accessible paperwork from Manafort to dedicated his $10 actor bail.She acclaimed that his doctor had beatific her a agenda accompanying to his abode arrest. While he is accountable to home confinement, he s not bedfast to his couch. I accept he has the befalling to exercise, Berman Jackson said.Repeating gag orderBerman Jackson additionally warned Gates about authoritative accessible statements, abnormally to journalists and through spokespeople, afterwards he filmed a video that thanked abeyant acknowledged aegis armamentarium donors at a acquisition in backward December. This was the additional time Berman Jackson warned one of the defendants about actionable the court s gag adjustment on the case, which is meant to anticipate both abandon from influencing accessible opinion. She ahead warned Manafort afterwards he formed on an op-ed that dedicated his political consulting assignment in Ukraine and was submitted to a Ukrainian newspaper. The adjudicator set two accessible hearings for Manafort and Gates: on February 14 and on April 17.

Durbin asserts Trump said shithole countries disputing Republicans account

Watch Jake Tapper s absolute account with Sen. Dick Durbin on s The Lead at 4 p.m. ET.Washington Sen. Dick Durbin asserted Tuesday that President Donald Trump alleged assertive African nations shithole countries during a bipartisan affair on clearing ameliorate at the White House aftermost week, admitting evolving explanations from some Republicans. Let me say they re wrong. I can acquaint you absolutely they are wrong, the Illinois Democrat told s Jake Tapper in an absolute sit-down interview. And let me additionally say, is that their defense, that S-House is acceptable, S-Hole he would never say? Come on. To anticipate that the President of the United States would accredit to any country on Earth as an S-House country, for goodness sakes, what does that say? Over the weekend, Republican Sens. Tom Cotton and David Purdue, who were both at the White House meeting, said the President did not say shithole. A chief GOP antecedent accustomed with the amount told that instead of audition the President say shithole during the meeting, some Republicans absolutely heard shithouse. Perdue told ABC on Sunday that to say Trump acclimated the chat shithole would be a gross misrepresentation. On Friday, Cotton and Perdue issued a account adage they did not anamnesis the shithole comment.

How to talk to kids about sexual abuse

This adventure was originally appear on April 29, 2014. It was a archetypal PTA affair at my daughters elementary academy with allocution of budgets, fundraisers and the accessible academy calendar, until a bedfellow apostle stood up to talk, ballyhoo the boiler of the affair with a adventure no ancestor wants to hear.Jill Starishevsky, a New York City abettor commune advocate in the adolescent corruption and sex crimes agency and columnist of the book My Anatomy Belongs to Me, aggregate a adventure about an upper-middle-class New York family, a adventure that still gives me chills two years afterwards I aboriginal heard it.A mom goes shopping, abrogation her 11-year-old babe and 9-year-old son home. The babe is afflicted and blue about the abode so abundant that her brother asks her, What s your problem? Why are you so sad all the time? said Starishevsky. He again says article like, It s not like Grandpa … is boinking you. At that moment, the 11-year-old realizes that her grandfather, her mother s father, is accomplishing to her brother what he has been accomplishing to her for the accomplished three years. The accouchement adjudge they charge to acquaint their mother back she gets home.And they do.She cries and cries. She hugs them and again cries some more. And back she stops crying, she says, I m so sorry. I anticipation he would stop, said Starishevsky.READ: Warning signs of animal corruption generally overlookedI couldn t accept it either back I aboriginal heard it. Her ancestor had sexually abused her back she was adolescent and she never told anyone about it. Now he was accomplishing the aforementioned affair to her children.Realizing she couldn t be bashful any longer, she alleged a ancestors affair to assuredly acquaint her two brothers and her two sisters what had happened to her and what was accident to her children.When Starishevsky tells the adventure to an audience, this is the moment area she asks, Does anyone apperceive how this adventure ends? I couldn t brainstorm what was to come.The two brothers and two sisters acknowledge they, too, were sexually abused by their ancestor back they were younger, and no one told anyone. No one knew, said Starishevsky.When I aboriginal heard that story, it was absurd to appreciate how no one in that ancestors told addition sibling, friend, ancestor or abecedary about what was accident to them. But afterwards alert to Starishevsky, it s accessible to see why.Many of us aren t talking to our accouchement about animal abuse, alike back the statistics accomplish it bright bright why we should be: As abounding as one in four girls and one in six boys is sexually abused afore their 18th birthday, according to analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.We allocution to our accouchement about assurance all the time — we awning drifter danger, basin safety, how to cantankerous the artery and the account goes on, but back it comes to anatomy safety, we go silent. We all apperceive that it should be taught. We all anticipate it s alarming of what could appear to our child, but best parents, best acceptable parents, don t apperceive how to accept the discussion, so they aloof avoid it. A book is bornWhen Starishevsky s aboriginal adolescent angry 3, she knew she bare to accept the chat but didn t apperceive how. I was a little ashamed because I was a sex crimes prosecutor and I didn t apperceive what to say. She looked online and went to the library, but couldn t acquisition any book adapted for a toddler. So she waited for her daughter s 3-year check-up and asked her doctor what to say and how to say it.Why, she wondered, wasn t advice accessible on his website, she asked. My doctor shrugged his amateur and he s like, Taboo, no one can allocution about it. That night, she went home and wrote a composition for her daughter, emphasizing that the little girl s anatomy is clandestine and that if addition touches her clandestine parts, she should acquaint her mommy or amoroso or a abecedary appropriate away.When she apprehend it to her husband, he said, That s not a poem. It s a book. You charge to address it. READ: Speak author: We as adults attempt to allocution candidly to kids about sex So, in amid prosecuting sex crimes and mothering her three children, Starishevsky wrote a aboveboard book targeting 3- to 8-year-olds with rhymes and simple illustrations. Getting a administrator angry out to be easier than expected, but there was one problem.In the book, Starishevsky doesn t aloof allude to the abuse. She includes it. My uncle s acquaintance came over and sat bottomward abutting to me, and affected me in that abode that no one abroad can see, she writes, with illustrations of a absolutely clothed adolescent sitting abreast the uncle s friend, who is additionally absolutely clothed. You don t see the corruption but it s bright it aloof happened.The administrator capital that band to appear out, according to Starishevsky. They said, Well we don t anticipate parents would like the book with the band in. You accept to booty it out. Allude to it but you can t absolutely say it. Starishevsky banned and the administrator backed out, so she self-published the book in 2009, and eventually got the absorption of Oprah Winfrey s television producers. She appeared in a articulation on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011.Three years later, she landed a publisher, Chargeless Spirit Publishing, which is publishing the book, with adapted illustrations, in May. The hope, Starishevsky said, is that through Chargeless Spirit, the book can be provided on a beyond calibration to schools and advancement organizations, and may ultimately be appear in altered languages.The book additionally aggressive Michael Solomon, a New York ancestor of two and co-founder of companies that administer the careers of musicians, producers and tech professionals, to self-fund a video verson of Starishevsky s My Anatomy Belongs to Me. The video, which has been beheld added than 110,000 times on YouTube, is additionally accessible in Spanish, French and Swedish, with affairs to add added languages back possible.The goal, said Solomon, is ultimately giving parents and educators an befalling to acquaint kids for chargeless anywhere, anytime. How to accept the chat One of the better affidavit why parents don t allocution to their accouchement about animal abuse, Starishevsky said, is because they re abashed they re action to alarm their children. I anticipate that abhorrence comes from not alive what the conversation s about, she said, abacus that it isn t about sex or answer in clear detail what addition ability do to a child. It s about, This is your body, she said. It s important to advise accouchement which genitalia of their anatomy are clandestine and that if addition abroad does see or blow them, the adolescent should acquaint a trusted adult. It s absolutely aloof an allotment conversation, she added.It can t appear to my kids Addition of Starishevsky s top 10 affidavit why parents don t allocution with their accouchement about animal corruption is because they anticipate it can t appear to them.When she was autograph her book, she anesthetized it about to friends, colleagues, alike board to get their input. One of the bodies who apprehend it was her husband s friend, who is a lawyer.He told her it was a abundant book and that it would advice a lot of accouchement but that he would never apprehend it to his again 6- and 8-year-old sons. This is never action to appear to my kids so I don t charge to apprehend it to them, he told her. Parents accept these blinders on, cerebration it can t appear in my neighborhood, and abominably it can. It happens anywhere. READ: The defacer abutting doorToo abounding parents additionally anticipate strangers are the better blackmail to their children, and so if they advise their kids about drifter danger, they re protected. But 93% of the time in animal corruption cases, the perpetrator is not a drifter but addition the adolescent knows, according to the Rape and Corruption Crisis Center. It s addition you are dupe your adolescent with, whether that s the drillmaster or the aide or mom s admirer … so accepting the drifter crisis chat isn t action to advise the adolescent the abilities they charge to know. No secrets and no affected hugsStarishevsky s aha moment as a prosecutor came back she talked to victims and abstruse there was one acumen why accouchement never told anyone about corruption that came up adequately consistently: He said it was our secret. To adverse that, Starishevsky recommends banning secrets altogether, cogent your accouchement that your ancestors doesn t accept in secrets, and auspicious your accouchement to acquaint you if anyone asks them to accumulate a secret.Parents should additionally never force accouchement to be affectionate in their affection. Don t force your kids to accord hugs, she said. If we don t advise our accouchement that it s OK for them to say no … again they don t apperceive that they can do that. Arming our accouchement with the appropriate words and allotment them to use those words is a way to try to anticipate the corruption from accident in the aboriginal place, said Starishevsky.READ: Ancestors assurance guide: Protect your adolescent adjoin animal abuseEver back my girls, now ages 6 and 8, were old abundant to accept they accept clandestine parts, I ve been talking to them about their bodies, although I accomplished afterwards alert to Starishevsky two years ago, I wasn t talking to my accouchement enough.So back then, I accompany up the affair adequately regularly, abnormally afore a sleepover or the alpha of a new sports affairs or added afterwards academy activity.We ve had the chat so abundant that my earlier babe cuts me off afore I accomplishment with, Yeah mom, we know. Every time Starishevsky hears a adventure like abundance or gets an e-mail from readers who plan to allocution to their kids about animal abuse, she is over the moon. Oh my god, that s all I appetite … that parents get that this is an affair they charge to alpha addressing.

Philippines revokes license of Rappler news site critical of Duterte administration

A Philippines new media aggregation angrily analytical of the government has had its operating authorization revoked, in what critics say is a move to blackout the press. The country s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) said online anniversary armpit Rappler had abandoned the country s architecture and its allotment would be revoked over adopted buying rules.The aperture has been angrily analytical of admiral Rodrigo Duterte s administering back the arguable baton came to ability in June 2016. Rappler s architect and CEO, Maria Ressa, told the alignment affairs to action the decision. We plan to booty this to the abutting acknowledged remedy, to the abutting court, all the way up to the absolute court, Ressa, who is a above employee, said.In a anniversary Monday, Rappler said the move was aberrant and it would abide to accomplish admitting the adjustment to abutting shop. We will abide bringing you the news, captivation the able to anniversary for their accomplishments and decisions, calling absorption to government lapses that added disempower the disadvantaged, the beat anniversary said. The SEC s annihilate adjustment abandoning Rappler s authorization to accomplish is the aboriginal of its affectionate in history — both for the (SEC) and for Philippine media, the anniversary reads. What this agency for you, and for us, is that the Commission is acclimation us to abutting shop, to cease cogent you stories, to stop speaking accuracy to power, and to let go of aggregate that we accept congenital — and created — with you back 2012. On Tuesday, Rappler appear that the SEC had said the aggregation could abide to accomplish until it exhausts acknowledged options.Presidential agent Harry Roque told associate Philippines Monday that the appointment of the admiral had nothing to do with the SEC decision. Philippines: Why it s baleful for journalistsOwnership questionsCentral to the revocation, the SEC says, are questions surrounding Rappler s ownership. Constitutionally, accumulation media companies in the Philippines are blocked from adopted ownership, and the SEC alleges that Rappler s ancestor aggregation intentionally created an busy scheme to awning an advance from a adopted source, and that the media alignment is a mass media article that awash ascendancy to foreigners. The advance in catechism comes from the Omidyar Network, a advance agent created by eBay architect and administrator Pierre Omidyar, Rappler said.The Omidyar Arrangement invests in entrepreneurs who allotment our charge to advancing amusing good, an anterior folio on its website says.Rappler denies adopted ownership, and says the Philippine Depositary Receipt (PDR), a banking apparatus that governs the Omidyar investment, doesn t accord the Arrangement any ascendancy over the company. It says the adjustment was accustomed by the SEC in 2015.In his State of the Union abode in 2017, Duterte singled out the company, criticizing its buying anatomy and claiming it was fully endemic by Americans. In a abode on the accent at the time, Rappler arguable that it was 100-percent endemic by Filipinos. Opinion: Donald Trump laughed back Rodrigo Duterte declared the media spies. Not goodThe Appointment of the Solicitor General (OSG) accustomed the decision, according to Philippines. This accommodation demonstrates that alike affecting media apparel cannot brim the restrictions set alternating in the Constitution. Rappler is chargeless to seek redress afore our courts, Solicitor-General Jose Calida said. The OSG is accessible to avert the complete accommodation of the SEC in any forum. Amanpour: No chargeless press, no democracyJournalists, rights groups reactInternational and bounded groups accept accursed the decision, with the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) calling it a direct advance on abandon of the press, and rights accumulation Amnesty International adage it was an alarming attack to blackout absolute journalism. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines appear a anniversary adage it was outraged at the decision. It declared its full support for the under-fire anniversary alignment and said Duterte s anniversary abode was but one of abounding threats Duterte has fabricated adjoin media analytical of him and his governance, such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer and advertisement arrangement ABS-CBN, whose authorization face-lifting he threatened to block, apropos to two added outlets that Duterte has ahead criticized.Altermidya, a civic arrangement of another media outfits, said it was a serious crisis to columnist abandon and abandon of expression, and said the move could alone be interpreted as allotment of a arrangement to blackout analytical media and to brainwash abhorrence amid media practitioners committed to advertisement the truth. Human Rights Watch declared that it was the admiral who was attempting to asphyxiate Rappler, and issued a admonishing for the chargeless columnist in the country. If Duterte succeeds in silencing Rappler, it will accept a abstruse air-conditioned aftereffect on Philippine media freedom, auspicious self-censorship by reporters and media outlets aflutter of government reprisals for analytical advertisement at a time back the babysitter role of a chargeless columnist is added actively bare than ever, its anniversary said. Veteran Philippines announcer Charie Villa said political advertisement in the country was an accessible field and that people with political agendas can get bashed. She declared for Rappler to be absolutely cellophane about its buying issues. In the Philippines, media buying is an issue. Generally, media owners accept business interests and calendar that generally affray or absorbed to a political affair — that s why the accessible … appearance their agreeable with suspicion.

NAACP Awards 2018: The winners list

The winners of the 49th NAACP Image Awards were appear during a alive advertisement Monday night from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California.Anthony Anderson hosted the two-hour awards show, which opened with a moment in abutment of #TimesUp featuring Angela Robinson, Kerry Washington, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Laverne Cox, Lena Waithe and Tracee Ellis Ross.The majority of the awards were accustomed out beforehand, but administrator Ava DuVernay ( Selma ) was accustomed as the NAACP amateur of the year during the telecast.Here s a account of who won what at the NAACP Image Awards:Entertainer of the yearAva DuVernayOutstanding amateur in a motion pictureDaniel Kaluuya — Get Out Outstanding extra in a motion pictureOctavia Spencer — Gifted Outstanding motion picture Girls Trip Outstanding amateur in a ball seriesAnthony Anderson — black-ish Outstanding extra in a ball seriesTracee Ellis Ross — black-ish Outstanding ball series black-ish Outstanding amateur in a ball seriesOmari Hardwick — Power Outstanding extra in a ball seriesTaraji P. Henson — Empire Outstanding ball series Power The winners of the nontelevised categories for the 49th NAACP Image Awards are: Outstanding acknowledging amateur in a ball seriesJay Ellis — Insecure Outstanding acknowledging extra in a ball seriesMarsai Martin — black-ish Outstanding acknowledging amateur in a ball seriesJoe Morton — Scandal Outstanding acknowledging extra in a ball seriesNaturi Naughton — Power Outstanding television movie, bound alternation or affecting special The New Edition Story Outstanding amateur in a television movie, bound alternation or affecting specialIdris Elba — Guerrilla Outstanding extra in a television movie, bound alternation or affecting specialQueen Latifah — Flint Outstanding news/information — (series or special) Unsung Outstanding allocution series The Real Outstanding absoluteness program/reality antagonism series The Manns Outstanding array or bold appearance — (series or special) Lip Sync Battle Outstanding acknowledging amateur in a motion pictureIdris Elba — Thor: Ragnarok Outstanding acknowledging extra in a motion pictureTiffany Haddish — Girls Trip Outstanding absolute motion account Detroit Visit the NAACP Image Awards armpit for the abounding list.

UAE seeks probe into alleged Qatari airspace violations

The United Arab Emirates has asked the All-embracing Civilian Aerodynamics Organization (ICAO) to investigate its affirmation that Qatari fighter jets intercepted two noncombatant aircraft on their way to Bahrain.The declared interceptions were a advised adverse act adjoin noncombatant aircraft carriers, Ismaeil Mohammed Al Blooshi, abettor administrator accepted of the UAE s civilian aerodynamics authority, told .As the planes were descending, Al Blooshi said they were told by Bahrain air cartage ascendancy an alien aircraft was aerial abreast them. They were again told to about-face advance and to authority abiding to abstain a collision, he said.One of the pilots of the Emirati carriers saw the Qatari fighter jet, Al Blooshi said. It had angry off its transponder, suggesting it capital to abide unidentified, he claimed. The UAE would accommodate affidavit to the ICAO, the United Nations anatomy amenable for civilian aviation, Al Blooshi said.Qatar s Foreign Ministry on Monday denied that its jets had intercepted the planes.One even belonged to Emirates airline and had taken off from Dubai, according to Bahrain authorities. It is cryptic which airline the additional aircraft belonged to or whether it landed in Bahrain as planned.The UAE s allegations chase aftermost week s complaint by Qatar to the UN Security Council that a UAE fighter jet had entered its airspace on December 21.The tit-for-tat accusations over airspace violations represent an acclivity of hostilities amid Qatar and its neighbors that began aftermost June back Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, cut diplomatic, barter and biking ties with Doha, accusing it of acknowledging terrorism. Qatar acerb denies the charge.The animosities amid Qatar and the four Arab nations could affect all-embracing travel. The UAE s Dubai airport is the third busiest in the world, according to the Airports Council International.

America is missing out on a tourism boom

How burst baggage led to biking addition The United States is missing out on a above tourism boom. The cardinal of trips fabricated by all-around travelers surged 7% aftermost year, according to new projections from the UN Apple Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Meanwhile, trips to the U.S. fell by about 4%. The decline, which follows a 2% bead in 2016, accustomed Spain to beat the U.S. as the second-most visited country in the world. Spain accustomed an estimated 82 actor visitors aftermost year, up 9% from 2016. The cardinal of trips to the U.S. was about 73 million. France charcoal the world s admired day-tripper destination, with adventurer numbers surging about 8% to about 89 million. Industry experts said that two key factors were abaft the abatement in U.S. tourism: The able dollar and arguable behavior on clearing and biking alien by President Trump s administration. The abasement in appeal from key markets such as the U.K. and Mexico can be attributable to the beneath adorable angel of the U.S. beneath Trump afterward arguable decisions such as the biking ban, said tourism analysts at Euromonitor. But additionally the able dollar [acted] as a deterrent, accompanying with the accepted beneath abiding political situation. The dollar surged to multi-year highs at the alpha of 2017 against added all-around currencies. This fabricated it beneath affordable for travelers to break in the U.S., alike admitting the dollar attenuated over the advance of the year. Related: Trump takes acclaim for 2017 air assurance The U.S. Biking Association said aftermost anniversary that it has apparent a bead in day-tripper spending. It estimated that this amount the U.S. abridgement $4.6 billion in the aboriginal 11 months of 2017. After about a decade and a bisected of almost abiding post-9/11 recovery, back 2015 there s been affirmation that the country has gotten conceited with the behavior bare to abutment this basic bread-and-butter agent and job creator, warned Roger Dow, the association s CEO. Our allegorical assumption is that we can accept able civic aegis and still acceptable accepted all-embracing visitors, he said. Related: Air biking to China is about to get added big-ticket While the U.S. suffered, tourism to European destinations flourished. Europe recorded amazing after-effects for such a ample and rather complete region, with 8% added all-embracing arrivals than in 2016, said the UNWTO. Southern European and Mediterranean destinations in accurate saw a 13% billow in visitors. This prompted some communities to acquaint new rules to barrier tourism levels and absorber locals from the appulse of ample numbers of visitors. America s neighbors additionally recorded advance in day-tripper arrivals: Mexico accustomed 12% added visitors and Canadians arrivals were up 4%. This was driven by accretion appeal from the United States, said the UNWTO. Related: Airbus wins sales chase with Boeing for 5th beeline year Forecasts for all-around tourism in 2018 are upbeat, with expectations that the industry will abound amid 4% and 5%. The accepted able drive is accepted to abide in 2018, admitting at a added acceptable clip afterwards eight years of abiding amplification afterward the 2009 bread-and-butter and banking crisis, said the UNWTO. Biking intelligence close ForwardKeys summed up the anticipation like this: A actual ablaze angle generally, with the barring of the USA. (London) Aboriginal appear January 16, 2018: 10:59 AM ET

13 siblings held captive — how did no one else know?

A nondescript, burnt orange abode in Southern California — agnate to abounding others on the aforementioned artery — angry out to be a bastille for 13 siblings. Now, questions abound over why the Turpin accouchement were allegedly captivated bound by their parents — and how no one abroad seemed to know. What we knowA 17-year-old escapedIf not for a adventuresome bolt by a 17-year-old girl, she and her ancestors ability still be trapped. The boyhood appeared to be alone 10 years old and hardly emaciated, the Riverside County Sheriff s Administration said.Using a corpuscle buzz she affective from the house, the babe angled authorities off to a abominable scene. Accouchement were chained to their bedsWhen authorities accustomed at the 4-bedroom abode in Perris, they begin some of the accouchement shackled with chains and padlocks, the sheriff s administration said. Conditions central the abode were filthy, as were the siblings. They appeared angular and actual dirty, authorities said. The 13 ancestors ranged from 2 to 29 years old — but the seven adults were so atrophied that they looked like children. The parents accept been answerable David and Louise Turpin are answerable with ache and adolescent endangerment. Bail was set at $9 actor for each.The accouchement were allegedly home-schooled The father, David Turpin, ran a clandestine academy out of his home alleged Sandcastle Day School, according to the California Administration of Education. Turpin is listed as both the ambassador and principal. They looked blessed in vacation photosPerhaps the oddest bond in this case is the airy ancestors photos assorted with the credible abhorrence of their home life. One photo, taken at the parents bells vow face-lifting in Las Vegas, showed a dozen bright ancestors and a baby, with all the boys cutting identical apparel and the girls in analogous dresses. What we don t knowThe parents ancillary of the adventure It was not anon bright if the suspects had attorneys. They accept a cloister audition appointed for Thursday.What added ancestors may accept accepted David Turpin s mother, Betty, said she doesn t accept any advice about the case. But she said we feel like one ancillary of the adventure has been reported. This is a awful admirable family. For example, the ancestors wore identical apparel based on gender to advice keep up with the kids during outings, she said.And aback the ancestors went out, the brace would band the accouchement up according to age, and the parents took their positions at the advanced and aback of the line. Whether added accouchement went to the home schoolThe Sandcastle Day Academy is listed as a K-12 clandestine school. It was not anon bright whether anyone alfresco the Turpin ancestors was accomplished there. How the parents accurate the 13 childrenIn 2011, the Turpins filed for bankruptcy. At the time, David Turpin listed his assets as a Northrup Grumman architect as $140,000.His wife s activity was listed as homemaker. The brace had about $240,000 in debt, which was mostly acclaim agenda debt, the defalcation abstracts state. But photos acquaint on Facebook appearance the accomplished ancestors took several vacations in contempo years. And the accouchement abutting their parents aback they renewed their vows at Las Vegas Elvis Chapel in 2013 and 2015. s Cheri Mossburg, Dave Alsup and Alanne Orjoux contributed to this report.

Booker on WH s defense of Trump vulgar comment: I don t believe it at all

Washington Democratic Sen. Cory Booker says he doesn t accept the White House s explanations for comments President Donald Trump allegedly fabricated in a closed-door affair aftermost week. I don t accept it at all, Booker, a New Jersey agent on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday. Not alone do I assurance Dick Durbin, he s a man of immense character, but additionally Lindsey Graham, who s been a acquaintance and a accomplice on abounding things, who has said everything, annihilation that is adverse to what has been appear by others that happened in that room. Trump on Friday denied anecdotic assertive nations as shithole countries in that meeting, arguing that the diction he acclimated was altered from the words that Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin and others attributed to him. The accent acclimated by me at the DACA affair was tough, but this was not the accent used. What was absolutely boxy was the alien angle fabricated – a big setback for DACA! Trump tweeted.Conflicting belief advancing from those in the allowance about what absolutely was said accept acquired a mix of accusation and confusion. Booker fabricated account beforehand Tuesday during a annoyed blank audition in which Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen denied audition Trump say the words shithole or shithouse back talking about immigrants from African countries in the White House meeting. The administrator in arch in an Oval Office affair apropos to bodies from African countries and Haitians with the best abandoned and barnyard language, that accent festers, Booker told Nielsen in a ablaze speech. When benightedness and bigotry is affiliated with ability it is a alarming force in our country. Your blackout and your absent-mindedness is complicity. Later, Booker told Cuomo that he had been balked with the sentiments Trump reportedly bidding in the meeting. It s not the vulgarity, it s absolutely not the vulgarity, Booker told . It s the bigotry and bigotry that comes from the aperture of the President that in our altitude today causes damage. Those words don t aloof disappear. … This has been an angering few canicule for me, but additionally a sad few days.