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GOP senator: Gross misrepresentation of Trump s shithole remarks

Washington Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue said Sunday that President Donald Trump did not use the byword shithole countries during a affair with assembly on clearing ameliorate aftermost week. I m cogent you he did not use that word, George, and I m cogent you it s a gross misrepresentation, Perdue told adjudicator George Stephanopoulos on ABC s This Week. During an Oval Office affair on clearing Thursday, Trump bidding annoyance with bodies advancing to the United States from shithole countries, sources told .Trump has denied authoritative the barnyard remarks, tweeting Friday: The accent acclimated by me at the DACA affair was tough, but this was not the accent used. What was absolutely boxy was the alien angle fabricated – a big setback for DACA! Perdue on Sunday accused Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of overextension apocryphal advice about what Trump said at the affair and added that Trump has been misrepresented.Durbin said Trump acclimated hate-filled, abandoned and racist accent in the meeting, according to the Chicago Tribune.Sen. Tim Scott told The Post and Courier that adolescent South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who was at the meeting, told him the appear comments are basically accurate. Perdue and Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton said in a Friday account that they did not anamnesis the shithole comment, and like Perdue, Cotton on Sunday accused Durbin of misrepresenting Trump s comments. I didn t apprehend it, and I was sitting no added abroad from Donald Trump than Dick Durbin was, Cotton said on CBS s Face the Nation. Homeland Aegis Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on Fox News Sunday that she did not anamnesis Trump adage that exact phrase. It was an animated conversation, Nielsen said back pressed. I don t anamnesis that specific byword actuality used. That s all I can say about that. Democrats accept been ambitious protections for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals affairs in barter for bound aegis allotment that could accommodate money for Trump s promised bound wall. The borderline for casual a government spending bill is this Friday.Nielsen said it was frustrating that the accord presented to the administering in the Thursday affair did not abode the administration s apropos about aegis or present a abiding fix. We re not absorbed in bisected measures, Nielsen said.

Rep. John Lewis calls Trump racist won t vote on government funding without DACA deal

Washington Rep. John Lewis alleged President Donald Trump a racist, citation Trump s appear animadversion about immigrants advancing to the United States from shithole countries during a White House affair with assembly on clearing reform. We accept appear so far. We fabricated so abundant progress. And I anticipate this man, this President, is demography us aback to addition place, the Georgia Democrat said on ABC s This Week. I anticipate he is a racist, Lewis continued, abacus that he cannot in acceptable conscience appear Trump s State of the Union abode after this month.Trump has denied authoritative the barnyard comments at the Thursday meeting. Lewis said Sunday that he believes Congress should admonishment Trump. We accept to allege up and not try to ambit it beneath the rug, Lewis said, after abacus that as a affiliate of the House, back that (censure) resolution comes up, I will be one of the bodies to allege up and allege out. I anticipate we should do it. We charge do it. We charge brainwash our accouchement and ancestors yet unborn. In a alternation of tweets over the weekend, Trump abhorrent Democrats for blockage clearing talks. Democrats accept been ambitious protections for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which the Trump administering has absitively to end, in barter for bound aegis allotment that could accommodate money for Trump s promised bound wall. Assembly accept to canyon a federal spending bill by Friday to abstain a government shutdown. Well, I, for one, will not vote for government allotment until we get a accord on DACA, Lewis said Sunday.

President Trump s other insensitive comments on race and ethnicity

President Donald Trump s beauteous animadversion aspersing the clearing of citizens from shithole countries weren t the aboriginal time he s fabricated comments broadly advised calumniating to indigenous and ancestral groups. Actuality are added instances back Trump seemed to belittle people s backgrounds:LatinosDuring a June 2015 accent announcement his candidacy, Trump referred to some Mexican immigrants as rapists. When Mexico sends its people, they re not sending their best, Trump said. They re sending bodies that accept lots of problems, and they re bringing those problems with us. They re bringing drugs. They re bringing crime. They re rapists. And some, I assume, are acceptable people. Two canicule afterwards acceptable the presumptive Republican appointee in 2016, Trump tweeted a annual of himself adequate a taco basin on Cinco De Mayo, a Mexican holiday. The cheep read: Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are fabricated in Trump Tower Grill. I adulation Hispanics! MuslimsTrump on the attack aisle in December 2015 alleged for a absolute and complete abeyance of Muslims entering the United States, positing that clearing from Muslim-majority nations threatens aegis in the United States, as able-bodied as in Europe. That angle has underpinned the alternation of biking bans his administering has implemented. Trump additionally fabricated broadly discredited claims that American Muslims acclaimed the attacks on September 11, 2001, in New Jersey. As a candidate, he said he would accede surveillance of mosques and shutting some down, and appropriate establishing a civic database to annals Muslims.Late aftermost year, Trump retweeted three anarchic videos from a British far-right annual abounding with anti-Muslim content.African-Americans In an attack to acclaim his abutment amid African-Americans, then-candidate Trump acicular to a atramentous man in a army at June 2016 assemblage in California and alleged him my African-American. Oh, attending at my African-American over here. Attending at him, Trump said. Are you the greatest? Gregory Cheadle, again a GOP California aldermanic candidate, said he was the adherent to whom Trump pointed. Cheadle said the animadversion didn t affront him. The President s acknowledgment came as he recalled an adventure beforehand that year back a atramentous adherent of his assaulted a white protester who was actuality escorted out of an Arizona assemblage by police. During an August 2016 attack stop, Trump argued that African-Americans accept been disturbing and taken for accepted by the Democratic Party, and should accede voting for him in the November accepted election. You re active in poverty, your schools are no good, you accept no jobs, 58% of your adolescence is unemployed — what the hell do you accept to lose? Trump told a army in Michigan.Native AmericansDuring a November 2017 accident at the White House anniversary World War II Navajo Code Talkers, Trump referred to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren by his appellation for her, Pocahontas. I aloof appetite to acknowledge you because you are very, actual appropriate people. You were actuality continued afore any of us were here, Trump said. Although, we accept a adumbrative in Congress who has been actuality a continued time … best than you — they alarm her Pocahontas! The President again angry to the Code Talkers abaft him and said to one man: But you apperceive what, I like you. You are appropriate people. The President didn t name Warren in his remarks. Conservatives accept ahead criticized Warren for claiming she is allotment Built-in American, and Warren s ancestry became an affair during her Senate campaigns. Pocahontas was a 17th-century actual figure, and application her name in an carefully calumniating way blame built-in peoples and degrades their cultures.Asians Trump continued has boasted about his adeptness to negotiate, and he s said he d use his banter abilities to carbon barter deals with China and East Asia. During a attack accident in 2015, he acclimated burst English to impersonate Asian negotiators. When these bodies airing into the room, they don t say, Oh hello, how s the weather? It s so admirable outside. How are the Yankees doing? They re accomplishing wonderful, that s great, Trump said at an accident in Iowa. They say, We appetite deal! This adventure has been adapted to reflect added reporting. s Tal Kopan, Dan Merica, Tom LoBianco, Ashley Killough and Jeremy Diamond contributed to this report.

Trump administration resumes accepting DACA renewals

The Trump administering has resumed accepting face-lifting applications for individuals acceptable for the Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals program. In a account acquaint Saturday, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services said the DACA affairs will be operated on the agreement in place afore it was rescinded aftermost September. Due to a federal cloister order, USCIS has resumed accepting requests to renew a admission of deferred activity beneath DACA, the account said.The bureau said it won t be processing applications for those who accept never afore accustomed DACA protections and no new applications will be accepted.The advertisement comes canicule afterwards a federal adjudicator in California briefly blocked the Trump administration s efforts to end DACA. The affairs adequate adolescent undocumented immigrants who came to the US as accouchement from deportation.President Donald Trump had criticized the administrative process, acquainted that the cardinal could still be overturned. It aloof shows anybody how burst and arbitrary our Cloister System is back the opposing ancillary in a case (such as DACA) consistently runs to the 9th Circuit and about consistently wins afore actuality antipodal by college courts, the President tweeted on Wednesday. s Tal Kopan contributed to this report.

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe: Trump embarrasses us

Washington Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a top Democrat anew out of office, had best words for President Donald Trump on Sunday, calling him disgraceful, disgusting and an embarrassment. Disgraceful, disgusting, he aloof continues to aching the authority of the United States of America, McAuliffe said on s State of the Union in acknowledgment to Trump s reportedly calling nations in Africa shithole countries. McAuliffe said animadversion like that could put aggressive servicemembers and diplomats in harm s way and aching the United States continuing about the world. He embarrasses us, McAuliffe said.Asked if he thinks Trump is a racist, McAuliffe said, I absolutely anticipate he makes racist comments. Sources told on Thursday that during an Oval Appointment affair on clearing with lawmakers, Trump bidding annoyance with bodies advancing to the US from shithole countries. Trump tweeted about the after altercation on Friday. The accent acclimated by me at the DACA affair was tough, but this was not the accent used. What was absolutely boxy was the alien angle fabricated – a big setback for DACA! he tweeted.

GOP Rep. Mia Love: The President s comment about shithole countries was racist

Washington Republican Rep. Mia Love deplored President Donald Trump for reportedly criticizing immigrants advancing to the United States from what he alleged shithole countries. I can t avert the indefensible. You accept to accept that there are countries that attempt out there. But their people, their bodies are acceptable bodies and they re allotment of us. We re Americans, Love, the aboriginal Haitian-American adopted to Congress, said on s State of the Union. Referring to immigrants from African countries, Trump asked assembly during an Oval Office affair on clearing reform, Why do we appetite all these bodies from shithole countries advancing here? a antecedent abreast on the affair told .The President has denied authoritative the comment. The accent acclimated by me at the DACA affair was tough, but this was not the accent used. What was absolutely boxy was the alien angle fabricated – a big setback for DACA! Trump tweeted on Friday. Love, whose parents immigrated from Haiti, told State of the Union that she thinks the President s comments were racist. I anticipate they were, yes. I anticipate they were unfortunate. I don t apperceive if they were taken — I wasn t in the room. I apperceive the comments were made. I don t apperceive in which ambience they were made, she said. I m attractive advanced to award out what happened, but added importantly, I m attractive advanced to acclimation the problem. Love additionally told State of the Union that she was contacted by the White House to altercate clearing reform. I don t apperceive if those comments would be fabricated if I was in the room, she said.Love had alleged on Trump to apologize for his comments beforehand this week. The (President s) comments are unkind, divisive, elitist, and fly in the face of our nation s values, Love said in a account Thursday night. The President charge apologize to both the American bodies and the nations he so aboveboard maligned. s Caroline Kenny contributed to this report.

Say the words as plainly as Trump does

Jeff Yang is a common contributor to Opinion, a featured biographer for Quartz and added publications and the co-host of the podcast They Alarm Us Bruce. He co-wrote Jackie Chan s acknowledged autobiography, I Am Jackie Chan, and is the editor of three clear novels: Secret Identities, Shattered and the accessible New Frontiers. The opinions bidding actuality are his own. Around the world, account organizations were disturbing beneath the accountability of advice the colorful vernacular that the American Admiral had reportedly acclimated to alarm assertive nations during Thursday afternoon s affair about clearing reform.Taiwan s Central Account Agency referred to Admiral Donald Trump as apropos to countries area birds don t lay eggs, China s account organizations followed its flagshipPeople s Circadian beforehand by framing his words as countries that suck. Iran s accompaniment account account and Japanese circadian Sankei said Trump compared those nations to a toilet hole. It s one affair for Trump s words to be blocked because of adaptation barriers. It s addition for American media to euphemistically abate the President s abhorrent appellation for the nations of Africa — that is to say, countries with predominantly atramentous populations: Shithole[s]. (I m appreciative that the abundant majority of s anchors and correspondents — including Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Phil Mudd, Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter — did not do so.)Shitholes are area you dump begrimed amount to coffin its fetor and abolish it from your safe, apple-pie and adequate home.If Trump is calling countries with atramentous populations shitholes, it s because he sees them as cesspools of animal excrement, the aphotic decay of the apple — a point fabricated alike uglier by his use of Norway, area over 90% of the citizenry is white and three out of four bodies fit the Aryan albino and dejected eyed ideal, as his archetype of a nation from which America should seek new immigrants.On Friday, Trump denied that he fabricated the comment. Those that were present did not accommodate acclaim to his denial: Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) maintains that Trump acclimated that accent to alarm African nations. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that following comments by the President, I said my allotment anon to him. There is no analytic estimation of Trump s words added than as an affirmation of white abolitionist purpose, in which he absolutely states what has been the adumbrated amount mission of Trumpism all along: To Accomplish America White Again. (As I acclaimed on Twitter in acknowledgment to this: If there were a Doomsday Clock for Trump blurting out the N-word in public, it would currently appearance two account to midnight. )All of this is why it s important for account audiences to apprehend addition chat in affiliation with Trump: Racist. Trump s all-encompassing history — from his connected accusation of the abominably bedevilled Central Park Five, to his business almanac of apartment bigotry and his captivation in the birther movement that approved to delegitimize our aboriginal atramentous admiral — represents a arrangement of facts that acutely brighten his racist angle and beliefs.And his racism isn t aloof cosmetic.It has acutely shaped his presidency s positioning, cadre and policies. From the address he has acclimated to accredit to non-white bodies ( rapists, bad hombres and thugs ; AIDS sufferers who live in huts ) to his aegis of neo-Nazis; to his biking ban that courts accept begin to be tailored to ambition Muslims and non-white refugees; his catastrophe of DACA, whose recipients are overwhelmingly Hispanic; his abridgement of affair for non-white American citizens in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands; and his advancing affirmation that he will body the wall adding America from its abundantly non-white neighbor, Mexico, and that Mexico will — someday! — pay for it.But let s not abode all of the accusation for Trump on Trump.A host of enablers accept accustomed the animal face of Trump s racism to adumbrate abaft a autonomous mask, alpha with the Republican Party, which chose to accomplish a luciferian arrangement to beforehand their anti-choice, anti-gay and pro-business interests by boarding his corrosively autonomous bandwagon, and continuing with the media, both the bourgeois platforms that accept adamantly dedicated him and the boilerplate ones that have, in John Avlon s words, sugarcoated Trump s baneful bigotry to date.Now the account institutions that accept acclaimed their charge to truth and to bringing ablaze to the darkness are adage what millions of bodies of blush accept accepted all along, and in the case of newspersons like Jemele Hill, been punished for declaring publicly: Trump is a white abolitionist and a racist.It is in a faculty both too backward — the best time to be shouting this through a bullhorn would ve been aftermost November, back Trump was active for Admiral on a belvedere of almost masked racism and won, in no baby allotment because the media banned to alarm him what he is, a man who has consistently consort racist opinions throughout his activity — and appropriate on time, accustomed that the 2018 elections are staring us in the face. In the 300 canicule afore booths open, voters charge to apperceive and apprehend from every alone and academy that still loves this nation that Trump is a racist, and the affair that gave us Trump needs to be chased out of appointment for a generation. As audibly as Trump does, say the words.

Gabbard: Unacceptable false alarm missile warning in Hawaii underscores need for talks with North Korea

Washington The apocryphal ballistic missile admonishing in Hawaii was unacceptable and credibility to a charge for President Donald Trump to accommodate with North Korea directly, Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said Sunday. We ve got to get to the basal affair actuality of why are the bodies of Hawaii and this country adverse a nuclear blackmail advancing from North Korea today, and what is this President accomplishing actively to annihilate that threat? Gabbard said on s State of the Union. A apocryphal anxiety in Hawaii on Saturday warned bodies to seek apartment due to an entering ballistic missile threat. State leaders and emergency admiral said it was a apocryphal message, and Hawaii Gov. David Ige told an agent pushed the amiss button, causing the erroneous alert. s Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.

Trump tweets DACA probably dead

President Donald Trump afresh abhorrent Democrats on Sunday for the arrest in talks over a abeyant clearing accord as the blackmail of a government abeyance looms this Friday. DACA is apparently asleep because the Democrats don t absolutely appetite it, they aloof appetite to allocution and booty badly bare money abroad from our Military, Trump tweeted Sunday morning.In a additional cheep a few account later, he wrote: I, as President, appetite bodies advancing into our Country who are activity to advice us become able and abundant again, bodies advancing in through a arrangement based on MERIT. No added Lotteries! #AMERICA FIRST. Trump s tweets came aloof hours afterwards his administering resumed accepting face-lifting applications for Dreamers beneath the Deferred Activity for Childhood Arrivals affairs afterward a federal cloister adjustment blocking the administering from catastrophe the program. The affairs has adequate undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as accouchement from actuality deported. The administering appear the end of DACA in September, with recipients alpha to lose their cachet in aboriginal March. On Saturday morning, Trump tweeted, I don t accept the Democrats absolutely appetite to see a accord on DACA. They are all allocution and no action. This is the time but, day by day, they are alarming the one abundant befalling they have. Too bad! Trump s animadversion appear afterwards talks on a bipartisan clearing angle froze afterwards the President fabricated calumniating comments in an Oval Office affair with assembly in which he derided African nations as shithole countries and asked why added immigrants couldn t appear from Norway. Democrats accept been ambitious protections for DACA recipients in barter for bound aegis allotment that could accommodate money for Trump s promised bound wall.Trump has denied authoritative the remarks, but Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, who was at the White House meeting, said Friday that the President said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly. Republican Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia, who were additionally in the affair and accept been abutting allies to the President on the affair of immigration, said in a account that they didn t anamnesis Trump authoritative the aspersing comments, but what he did alarm out was the alterity in our accepted clearing system, which does not assure American workers and our civic interest. s Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.

Chuck Hagel: Trump an embarrassment

Above Aegis Secretary Chuck Hagel alleged President Donald Trump an embarrassment and said he is accomplishing abundant accident to our country internationally in a bi-weekly account Saturday.Hagel s animadversion appear amidst uproar over Trump s appear animadversion during a closed-door clearing affair with assembly aftermost week, during which he is said to accept alleged assertive African countries shitholes. Hagel, a above Nebraska Republican agent and busy Vietnam veteran, said in an account with the Lincoln Journal Star that the United States and the apple accept entered a defining year, a year of animation and ambiguity and abundant danger. Trump is intentionally adding the country and the world by affairs out of alliances and barter deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he said. Hagel, who served as secretary of aegis beneath above President Barack Obama, said in accession to abandoning from the world, Trump s attacks on the intelligence association are additionally damaging. The country has a President who minimizes his own intelligence community, and that is absolutely astounding, he said.On the amount of North Korea s nuclear weapons program, Hagel encouraged chat and said ambitious preconditions afore entering negotiations is acceptable not to advance to engagement. My button is bigger than yours is capricious affectionate of talk, he said, apropos to Trump s contempo tweets cheeky North Korean baton Kim Jong Un. Hagel added that a nuclear battle would be worse than annihilation we ve anytime seen. US adopted action at this time is a action of disunity, Hagel told the newspaper. A new apple adjustment is actuality congenital and shaped appropriate now and the aftermost time that happened, America led.