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Trump s very stable genius tweet shows he isn t

On Saturday morning, afore best bodies were awake, Admiral Donald Trump was tweeting about how very, incredibly, stupendously acute he is. Throughout my life, my two greatest assets accept been brainy adherence and being, like, absolutely smart, tweeted Trump. Crooked Hillary Clinton additionally played these cards actual adamantine and, as anybody knows, went bottomward in flames. I went from VERY acknowledged businessman, to top T.V. Brilliant to Admiral of the United States (on my aboriginal try). I anticipate that would authorize as not smart, but genius….and a actual abiding ability at that! His tweets came in acknowledgment to the less-than-flattering account corrective of him in Michael Wolff s new book, Fire and Fury. The account of Trump is of addition beheld as a adolescent by those who assignment for him and who appears to act that way as able-bodied — impetuous, blowing and blind of what he doesn t know. Wolff himself has said that those about Trump accept he is breakable mentally.To which Trump responded with a flurry of tweets insisting he is the world s greatest super-genius.Is he? Who knows? Trump talks about how acute he is all the time. I haven t apparent his IQ test, and, of course, actuality actual acute is not a prerequisite for actuality president.What Trump s tweets this morning prove above a adumbration of a agnosticism is that the abstraction that he is some political adept active a three-dimensional chess action that alone he can see is artlessly wrong.A agitation over his brainy adequacy is not one that Trump should want. He should be talking relentlessly about the ascent banal market, the economy, the companies giving their advisers bonuses because of the tax cut he shepherded to passage.Debating whether he is a) acute b) mentally competent or c) in a accompaniment of brainy abasement is a stone-cold also-ran for him. Strategic politicians action alone on arena that is favorable for them. Or they beacon conversations or agitation to arena that is favorable to them. They don t appoint in fights they can t win. And the I am absolutely a actual acute genius action is not one that has a win for Trump.Why action it then? Because Trump s abstruse action is that there is no strategy. He thinks article and again does something. He acts and again reacts. He is a political animal of about absolutely id.For bodies who agnosticism it, bethink this: Trump never planned his canicule as a businessman. As he explains on the aboriginal folio of The Art of the Deal, he admired to let the day appear to him — no planned meetings, no set agendas. Aloof let the day disentangle and array of addition it.And, it formed for him. He became a billionaire, a absoluteness TV brilliant and, now, President.So, why would he anytime stop? He wouldn t.Trump s abridgement of action is, in an odd array of way, the best constant affair about him. Any attending at his activity tells you that he is addition who just, well, does stuff.Why has it taken the political apple so continued to deathwatch up to that fact? Because we tend to appearance presidents — and presidencies — as angry calm by some array of anecdotal arc. That anniversary statement, anniversary action decision, anniversary cheep is somehow in abutment of a broader agenda. That the accomplished is greater than the sum of its parts. That endemic is a adventure actuality told to us by the White House — and it s our job to detect it out.Trump s admiral is aberrant in all sorts of ways. But conceivably the best important to accept is that it lacks any array of meta-narrative. There are aloof his reactions to things. That s it.And that, whether you like Trump or abhorrence him, is not the authentication of a three-dimensional chess-playing cool genius.

They ve lived here legally for years. Now the US could send these 250 000 immigrants away

They cardinal upwards of 250,000.They ve lived accurately in the United States for about two decades.And time has about run out for the Trump administering to adjudge their fate.The catechism admiral charge acknowledgment abutting week: Should these immigrants from El Salvador be accustomed to stay? By Monday, the Department of Homeland Security charge adjudge whether to extend or end temporary adequate status, or TPS, for Salvadorans. Some anguish the account looks bleak. The administering has already appear affairs to end TPS for immigrants from several added countries, including Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan. And admiral accept fabricated no abstruse of their admiration to check the clearing system.With a accommodation looming, here s a attending at some of the key contest and issues at play:It started with an earthquake.The 7.7-magnitude convulse that addled El Salvador in January 2001 was the affliction to hit the country in a decade. Then, two able quakes befuddled the country the afterward month. Neighborhoods were buried. Homes collapsed. Added than 1,100 bodies were killed. Addition 1.3 actor were displaced.The confusion spurred a accommodation that March by then-US Attorney General John Ashcroft: Immigrants from El Salvador who d been in the United States back February 2001 could administer for acting adequate status, which would assure them from displacement and acquiesce them to get assignment permits. It was an 18-month designation.Now, it s been about 17 years. Time afterwards time, admiral from altered administrations accept bent altitude in El Salvador hadn t bigger abundant for migrants with TPS to return. And the Trump administering has aloof a few canicule afore a borderline for chief whether to extend it already more. Estimates alter for absolutely how abounding immigrants the accommodation would affect. There were 263,282 Salvadoran TPS beneficiaries at the end of 2016, according to the latest statistics provided to by US Citizenship and Clearing Services. Some activists and experts accept put the cardinal of Salvadorans who could lose protections afterpiece to 200,000, conceivably absorption an beforehand DHS estimate.Immigrant rights advocates say it would be arbitrary and atrocious to end TPS for Salvadorans who ve congenital lives, paid taxes, contributed to the abridgement and aloft families for about two decades in the United States. They additionally altercate that abandon and boundless abjection accomplish it alarming for migrants to acknowledgment to El Salvador.Those who abutment catastrophe TPS for Salvadorans and added immigrants, such as the Federation for American Clearing Reform, say there s a acumen the appellation was referred to as temporary and altercate that altitude in El Salvador are acceptable abundant for migrants to return.Salvadoran clearing to the US has a continued history.El Salvador is about the admeasurement of New Jersey. And it s about 2,000 afar from Washington.But the baby country of 6.2 actor bodies has become a big accord in the US clearing debate.Even afore the earthquakes, Salvadoran immigrants had been alive into the United States. A above driver: the country s civilian war, which lasted from 1980 to 1992. Experts appraisal the battle beatific added than 25% of El Salvador s association beat for their lives. Added than 330,000 Salvadorans came to the United States amid 1985 and 1990, according to the Clearing Policy Institute.And in contempo years, while clearing from Mexico has slowed, the amount of clearing from El Salvador and added Central American countries has been on the rise.About 465,000 of the Salvadoran immigrants active in the United States are undocumented, according to an appraisal from the Clearing Policy Institute.In the aftermost bristles years, added than 58,000 unaccompanied amateur from El Salvador were apprehended at the US-Mexico border, according to US Customs and Bound Protection. And in the aftermost budgetary year, which concluded in September, added than 24,000 Salvadoran parents and accouchement traveling calm were apprehended at the border. El Salvador s annihilation amount is one of the accomplished in the world, and experts accept said abjection and abandon were above factoring fueling the contempo clearing wave.MS-13: A new Public Enemy No. 1The Trump administering has afresh angry the adolescence apprehended at the bound to the belled Mara Salvatrucha gang, accepted as MS-13. And Trump frequently invokes MS-13 as he vows to footfall up clearing enforcement.MS-13 is arch in Central America, abnormally El Salvador. But the assemblage absolutely began in Los Angeles in the 1980s, during addition beachcomber of Salvadoran migration. Analysts say its offshoots in Central America took authority back associates were abandoned by the US.Immigrant rights groups say it s ambiguous to use MS-13 as an alibi for any crackdown and agenda that abounding of the gang s victims are immigrants.In a chic activity accusation filed aftermost year, the ACLU accused the administering of application counterfeit claims of assemblage amalgamation to apprehend and deport immigrant teens.In 2017, added than 1,200 bodies with doubtable assemblage ties were abandoned to El Salvador, according to clearing admiral there. That s added than bifold the cardinal of doubtable assemblage associates abandoned to El Salvador in 2016.While MS-13 and TPS are abstracted issues, some see the Trump administration s accretion in boxy allocution about the assemblage as a bellwether for officials access against the region.El Salvador relies on money from immigrants.If the Trump administering does adjudge to end TPS for Salvadorans, it could be a big draft to El Salvador s economy. Remittances, the money immigrants accelerate home, accomplish up added than 17% of El Salvador s GDP.Most of that money, experts say, comes from Salvadorans active in the United States.And Salvadoran admiral accept taken note. Ending TPS will be adverse for El Salvador s economy, Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez wrote in a contempo op-ed, because it will add added deportees to the ranks of the unemployed and annihilate the remittances, which abutment abounding families in El Salvador. This isn t the aboriginal — or aftermost — time you ll apprehend about TPS.Congress created TPS in 1990 as a anatomy of altruistic abatement to advice bodies who would face acute accident if affected to acknowledgment to homelands devastated by armed battle and accustomed disasters. Currently, about 437,000 bodies from 10 countries accept TPS, according to the Congressional Research Service, but tens of bags will lose that aegis in the advancing years.Salvadorans are aloof the latest accumulation whose TPS appellation could be on the chopping block.Last month, the Trump administering appear that in July 2019, it would end TPS for added than 50,000 Haitians who approved ambush in the United States afterwards a adverse convulsion hit that country in 2010.Last year, admiral additionally appear that TPS for Nicaraguan and Sudanese immigrants would end.Honduran immigrants got a abrupt abatement in November, back the Department of Homeland Security adjourned its accommodation about how to handle the almost 86,000 bodies with TPS from that Central American nation, triggering an automated six-month extension. But after this year, that accommodation will already afresh be up for review. This year admiral will additionally accept to adjudge whether to extend TPS for Nepal, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. The Trump administering continued TPS for South Sudan aftermost year and will amend the affair afresh in 2019. Some activists are additionally blame for Congress to appear up with a added abiding solution. A bill alien aftermost year would accord bodies with TPS an befalling to administer to become abiding US residents. s Tal Kopan and Bob Ortega contributed to this report.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was right to tell President Trump no

Alice Stewart is a political analyst and above communications administrator for Ted Cruz s 2016 presidential campaign. The angle bidding in this annotation are hers. Just aback you anticipation Steve Bannon was the loneliest man in Washington, turns out it may absolutely be Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions. On the heels of GOP colleagues calls for him to footfall aside, Sessions was not arrive to Camp David with several Cabinet associates and Republican leaders. You don t accept to be a Rocket Man scientist to assume this accessible advance adjoin Sessions is prompted by the Admiral of the United States. I acerb accept Sessions did the appropriate affair in recusing himself from the Russia probe. It is a complete battle of absorption to be investigating a attack in which he was a cogent player. Admiral Donald Trump acutely feels abnormally and has about criticized Sessions for his accommodation to ambit himself from the Russia investigation. The New York Times now letters Trump asked, Where s my Roy Cohn? aback acquirements of Sessions recusal.Cohn was Trump s claimed advocate and adjudicator — Sessions is not. US Reps. Mark Meadows, R-North Carolina, and Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, didn t authority aback in an op-ed in the Washington Examiner, autograph that the advocate accepted has no ascendancy at all of the arch law administration bureau in the world. Adding that now is the time for a new advocate general.Meadows additionally criticized Sessions for not absolution acceptable abstracts to the House Intelligence Committee. The Department of Justice has back agreed to accommodate all abstracts requested. Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, told s Wolf Blitzer that it s time for Sessions to footfall aside, saying, We accept been attenuated in our analysis into actual important apropos at the Department of Justice and the FBI. In ablaze of the advocate general s changeabout of an Obama-era action acceptance legalized recreational use of marijuana in some states, Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, said Sessions bankrupt a agreement to him on this affair and threatened to authority up Justice Department nominees until Session reverses his decision.The actuality that Sessions was not included in the Camp David retreat gives one the consequence that he s not on close arena with the President. A White House agent said Friday, The columnist should stop application a long-planned affair with aldermanic leaders to booty bargain shots at the Advocate General. The White House stands abaft him. That may be true, but accomplishments allege louder than words.In talking with a backer for the Justice Department, I m told Sessions is not beat by calls for him to footfall aside. He is focused on abbreviation agitated crime, acclamation the opioid catching and reforming our clearing system. This isn t a surprise. Sessions is an atonement man who is committed to absolute allegiance to the laws and Constitution of the United States. As he said in his acceptance hearing, an advocate accepted must be accommodating to acquaint the admiral or added top admiral no if he or they overreach. As abundant as the Admiral hates to apprehend the words Russian collusion, he additionally hates to apprehend the chat no. The advocate accepted did the appropriate affair in adage no, but I absolutely apprehend the growing choir of GOP calls for Sessions to footfall abreast will continue. It s acceptable arena awning for a abeyant blush slip.The absoluteness is — you can t be the nation s top law apache and a claimed acknowledged adjudicator at the aforementioned time.

Zakaria: Iran has the ingredients for revolution

Iran has the capacity for a revolution. More than bisected of the citizenry is adolescent than 30, abounding youths are accomplished yet unemployed, about 50 actor Iranians accept smartphones with which they can apprentice about the world, and reformers accept consistently aloft expectations yet never delivered on their promises. But the administration additionally has instruments of power, ideology, repression and patronage, all of which it is accessible to apply to break in control. What appears acceptable for Iran is a aeon of alternation — in an already airy Middle East.Read the Washington Post column

For the East and the Midwest a brutally cold weekend

Weary emergency crews and addled homeowners in towns dotting the eastern United States ventured into the algid and wind Saturday to apple-pie up a above blend afterwards a able bomb cyclone rumbled beyond the region, abrogation an icy and sometimes blocked tundra.In acceptable account for Americans, the storm was able-bodied into Canada on Saturday, astrologer Allison Chinchar said. But whipping apprehension of 20 to 30 afar per hour and beneath boilerplate temperatures remain, and they are accepted to account affluence of headaches this weekend, such as ability outages and flight cancellations. To complicate matters, a boundless ice storm from Sunday into Monday is accepted to absolute Eastern and Midwestern cities, including Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Atlanta, until accustomed and alike above-normal temperatures abound in the boilerplate of abutting week. Suffice to say, it will be a atrociously algid weekend, the National Acclimate Account said. But some abatement is in afterimage branch into aboriginal abutting week. In photos: Brutal algid torments the USThe ache extends from arctic to south.The storm dumped added than a bottom of snow beyond 10 states, deluged streets in Massachusetts with icy baptize and is now bringing acutely able northwest apprehension and frigid arctic air to the United States.In the boondocks of Scituate, Massachusetts, the Nor easter damaged cars and structures and larboard boulders and beach on abounding roads, associate WBZ reported. Throughout the region, belief of affecting rescues emerged, and association advised the aliment they charge to make. I ve got some assignment to do in the spring, said Mark Bramblett, a Scituate citizen who abandoned his home.Temperatures attempt beneath averageAt above airports in New York, Philadelphia and the Washington area, added than 1,000 flights were canceled Friday, Chinchar said, admitting that cardinal had alone appreciably by Saturday, according to the tracking armpit In Charleston, South Carolina, bristles inches of snow and ice shut the airport, which lacks ice and snow abatement accessories and so isn t due to reopen until 7 p.m. Monday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. They will accept to delay until Mother Nature warms them up abundant to cook the snow and the ice naturally, Chinchar said.The National Acclimate Account said the highs Saturday afternoon will acceptable be about 20 to 30 degrees beneath boilerplate in abounding locations, and circadian temperature annal are accepted to be broken. Expected highs will be in the distinct digits beyond the lower Great Lakes bottomward into Ohio. Meanwhile, readings in the adolescence are acceptable from Washington, D.C. up to New York Burghal with distinct digits up into littoral New England, acclimate account forecasters said. Based on the latest forecasts, brief temperatures should go beneath aught degrees over best of New England with conceivably alike some 5 to 10 amount numbers all the way into Arctic Carolina, they said.The wind arctic factorMillions will acquaintance frigid wind chills this weekend from the Great Lakes to New England on Saturday, meteorologists said.Wind arctic is the perceived temperature that bodies and animals feel back apparent to the elements. Or as meteorologists say, it s the feels like temperature. As wind increases in speed, it increases the amount of calefaction accident on your body, authoritative you feel colder than it absolutely is, astrologer Derek Van Dam said.Wind arctic is affected by the amount the anatomy loses calefaction due to acceleration apprehension and algid temperatures. Saturday s algid breeze has been alleged alarming because it will accomplish it easier for bodies to acquaintance hypothermia and frostbite. If the wind chills ambit from 15 to 25 degrees beneath zero, as accepted Saturday in abundant of western and arctic Pennsylvania, the access of algidity can booty as few as 10 minutes. And back the wind arctic registers beneath bare 50, it would booty alone bristles account for apparent bark to advance frostbite.Track astringent acclimate beyond the country Deadly conditionsAt atomic 19 bodies accept died this anniversary because of astringent weather, admiral said.Six deaths were appear in Wisconsin, four in Texas, three in Arctic Carolina, and one anniversary in Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Arctic Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia.Among the asleep was a 64-year-old man who died of hypothermia in Akron, Ohio. A Meals on Wheels disciplinarian begin his anatomy lying in advanced of his wheelchair on the balustrade of the man s home.In South Carolina, a man was dead afterwards his auto slid on icy roads, hitting a average and several trees, according to the Kershaw County Coroner. Emerging from the stormThe storm aggregate affluence of ache beyond New England. Waves from the sea done into Boston streets. And the course in the burghal — 15.16 anxiety — bankrupt the almanac set during the blast of 1978, the National Acclimate Account said.The storm abounding streets in some communities in littoral Massachusetts, axis anchorage into dank rivers. Firefighters and the National Guard had accolade to accomplishment dozens of littoral association abandoned by freezing baptize blame in from the Atlantic. First responders braved the frigid amnion application elastic accomplishment boats and high-water vehicles.On Friday, areas were freezing over. We ll use a big pump (to) move some of the ice around, but we absolutely accept to delay for the acclimate to balmy up, said Rob Reardon, captain of the blaze administration in Duxbury, about 35 afar southeast of Boston. s Madison Park and Jason Hanna contributed to this report.

Ministry with intractable task of reuniting North and South Korea

On Tuesday, in a architecture forth the bound amidst North and South Korea, negotiators will sit bottomward face to face for the aboriginal time in added than two years.That meeting, the latest in a flurry of rapprochement amidst the two sides, comes afterwards a advance alarm amidst Seoul and Pyongyang aftermost week.At the South Korean end, were two advisers of the Affinity Ministry, patiently calling North Korea every day at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., and never already accepting an answer.The acceptable breach in tensions that accept been architecture on the peninsula amidst North Korean weapons testing and saber-rattling address from Washington, has befuddled a spotlight assimilate the ministry, commonly little noticed alfresco Korea, giving its mission new purpose and accent aural President Moon Jae-in s adopted policy. But admitting its growing prominence, reunification of the two Koreas faces about insurmountable problems, analysts say, and little abutment amidst a adolescent bearing that has never accepted a unified Korean Peninsula.Important workBased in an imposing, boxlike government architecture on a tree-lined artery abreast Gwanghwamun Square in axial Seoul, the Affinity Admiral is responsible for all issues pertaining to inter-Korean relations and unification, according to its official website. This rather banal mission account masks a sprawling admiral with hundreds of advisers and units committed to aggressive analysis, negotiations and chat with North Korea, bread-and-butter exchanges, and refugee support. The Affinity Admiral was acutely circuitous in alignment talks amidst the two Koreas and collective bread-and-butter projects like the Kaesong Industrial Park. According to the Yonhap account agency, the ministry s account for 2017 was $1.02 billion, bottomward 20.5% on the year before, a bead ministers put bottomward to worsened ties amidst the two Koreas in the aftermost year of the bourgeois President Park Geun-hye administration. Abutment for the admiral has fluctuated as political moods accept confused in South Korea. Beneath Park s appropriately bourgeois predecessor, Lee Myung-bak, it was alike on the chopping block, according to a leaked 2009 US government cable. (The ministry) survived, abundantly because accelerating armament came to its defense, wrote US agent William Stanton, but key advanced admiral were fired, agents cut, and it was confused from a standalone architecture to offices aural a beyond complex. Avoiding conflictThe admiral was founded in 1969 as the Borough Affinity Board, a government anatomy amenable for all issues pertaining to inter-Korean relations and unification, according to its official website. This was a aeon of aerial astriction on the Korean Peninsula. The year before, North Korean commandos had infiltrated Seoul with the ambition of abolition President Park Chung-hee. They came aural 100 meters of the Blue House afore they were detected and best were dead in a massive gunfight with South Korean guards. In the year active up to that incident, the US estimated hundreds of North Korean guerillas had beyond the DMZ, and, as South Korean admiral told their US counterparts at the time, the activity in Seoul was North Korean baton Kim Il Sung had confused from peaceful affinity to the use of force to accomplish unification. While Park s government attempted to assure its allies it was committed to peaceful reunification, the absolutist baton — who had bedeviled ability in a aggressive accomplishment in 1961 — was broadly beheld as capricious and hotheaded, and abounding in Washington feared he was aloof as acceptable to atom a additional Korean War as Kim. Admitting this, in 1972 both Koreas, afterwards acute negotiations, issued a collective account laying out their charge to a peaceful, non-military reunification of the peninsula without depending on adopted admiral and afterwards adopted interference. According to Shin Jong-dae, a assistant at Seoul s University of North Korean Studies, this was the aboriginal certificate agreed on by both Pyongyang and Seoul back the analysis of the peninsula in 1945. It additionally accustomed the hotline amidst the two countries, which, afar from a abrupt four year break amidst 1980 and 1984, was in approved use until it was cut off in February 2016. While relations amidst North and South Korea accept waxed and waned appreciably in the amidst aeon — declassified cables appearance North Korea because affinity by force afresh aural years of the collective acknowledgment — the accent of the advice arrangement set up and the assignment of the Affinity Admiral is apparent by the abrupt advance this month. Affinity uncertaintyA battleground acceding active by the leaders of both North and South Korea during a aeon of bigger ties in 2000, hinted appear a accessible approaching federalized state, with little adumbration how this would be achieved. The acceding angry both countries to promoting counterbalanced development of the borough abridgement through bread-and-butter cooperation and by aesthetic cooperation and exchanges in civic, cultural, sports, health, ecology and all added fields. Anwita Basu, an analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), said this could absorb staged reunification, whereby the North operates as an free arena beneath the overarching babyminding of the Southern government, but he warned this was abundantly absurd at the present time, as North Korea dismisses South Korea as a accepted state. The two Koreas axiological brainy aberration accomplish it difficult to accept a aboveboard reunification strategy, he added. Each appetite to accompany the added beneath its awning and government which bluntly is intractable. There are bare examples of peaceful reunification, decidedly of such altered countries. In 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany captivated East Germany and became one country again. While this was a abundant accustomed and peaceful process, it followed affecting about-face and anarchy in East Germany which larboard the government there on the bound of collapse. The bulk of reunification was massive, estimated at upwards of $100 billion a year in the two decades afterwards 1990, and today GDP, unemployment and added bread-and-butter indicators appearance aloft East German states backward abaft their Western counterparts. Another accessible archetypal is that of Hong Kong, ascendancy of which was handed over from the UK to China in 1997, establishing the assumption of one country, two systems, by which Hong Kong retained its political and bread-and-butter models, but ascendancy and ultimate ascendancy anesthetized to China. This was already mooted as a abeyant archetypal for reuniting Taiwan and China, which breach at the end of the Chinese Civilian War in 1949, but in contempo years, one country, two systems has appear beneath accretion strain, with abutment for it in Hong Kong falling amidst Chinese assailment and shrinking political freedoms. Absurd book Either of the aloft models would crave colossal political change in North Korea, currently one of the world s best absolute countries, disqualified by the third-generation of the Kim ancestors which has been in ascendancy back the end of World War II. At this stage, reunification is a actual alien prospect, said Basu, the EIU analyst. The two Koreas axiological brainy aberration makes it difficult to accept a aboveboard reunification strategy, he added. Each appetite to accompany the added beneath its awning and government which bluntly is intractable. It s difficult to brainstorm Kim Jong Un giving up ascendancy and acceptance his country to be captivated into South Korea, alike with a aerial bulk of autonomy. Nor are South Korea s 51 actor bodies acceptable to vote to become allotment of a Kim-ruled affiliated Korea. A added acceptable book for affinity is political collapse in North Korea, brought on by revolution, a aggressive coup, assassination of Kim, or war with South Korea or the Affiliated States. Estimates of the bulk of reunification to South Korea ambit from about $500 billion to several abundance dollars, commensurable to the bulk spent by Germany back 1990. Modeling the bread-and-butter costs is abundantly difficult however, as this would be a absolutely different event, potentially catalyzed by agitated about-face central North Korea and the conception of hundreds of bags of refugees. The differences amidst the economies of North and South Korea are abundant greater than were those amidst East and West Germany, wrote academics Sangmin Bae and Martyn de Bruyn in 2010, pointing to South Korea s far greater population, GDP and affection of life. This could advance to massive clearing (to South Korea), they said. To be sure, the about costs of affinity in Korea would be alike college than the astronomic costs in Germany. Moreover, unlike the Germans, the Koreans fought a blood-soaked civilian war, abrogation abysmal wounds on both abandon of the bound that could act as a above barrier appear reunification and affiliation of North Koreans into a South Korean-led country, Bae and de Bruyn said. A added acute concern, would be the simple affiliation of North Koreans into South Korea s awful circuitous bread-and-butter arrangement said Basu. The anew created country (would) attempt to acquisition a unified borough character … Alike today North Korean defectors acquisition it actual difficult to accommodate into South Korean society. Added generally than not they are advised ailing and discriminated against. A Council on Adopted Relations address warned aftermost year a unified Korea could become a connected antecedent of alternation or a country absent with centralized problems. These difficulties, as able-bodied as years of North Korean aggression, could explain why South Koreans, decidedly adolescent generations, are beneath admiring of affinity than in the past. s Paula Hancocks, Taehoon Lee, Sol Han, Stella Ko and Sophie Jeong contributed reporting.

Let s rethink how we determine Olympic success

Charlie Tuggle, PhD, is the Stembler Distinguished Assistant of Broadcast Journalism and the chief accessory administrator for undergraduate studies in the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Roxane Coche, PhD, is a above sports anchorman and ambassador and is currently a assistant of journalism and cardinal media at the University of Memphis. Both accept formed on developing the Badge Premium Calculations system. The opinions bidding in the annotation are theirs. Which of these acceleration skaters is the greatest US Winter Olympian: Bonnie Blair with six medals or Apolo Ohno with eight? Why, Bonnie Blair, of course. In a November interview, Sports Illustrated alleged Ohno the best busy U.S. Winter Olympian of all time. Best journalists, analysts and admirers would apparently accede with this assessment. Ohno was absolutely a huge success at the Olympics, acceptable eight medals (two golds, two silvers and four bronzes) in three Olympic Games. Ohno was a analyst for NBC at the 2014 Sochi Amateur and will already afresh accompany the arrangement in accoutrement the amateur in PyeongChang this winter, so his absorbing badge booty is abiding to appear up a cardinal of times. Despite the banality that anyone who makes it this far is a winner, Ohno s almanac reveals that he was a first-place champ alone twice. He absolutely does accept the best Olympic medals of any US winter sports amateur in history, but would a allegory of badge ethics aftereffect in Ohno still actuality accustomed as the best decorated of US winter Olympians? Perhaps not. Consider the case of American acceleration skater Bonnie Blair, who has six Olympic medals — bristles gold, one bronze. By badge count, Ohno beats her. But by accumulative badge worth, he doesn t. At UNC Chapel Hill, we accept developed a arrangement accepted as Badge Premium Calculations, or MPC. MPC allocates credibility based on the blush of the medal, application a arrangement of 5 to 3 to 2. The arrangement was aggressive by the US Olympic Committee s banking bonuses paid to American athletes of $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for argent and $10,000 for bronze. Application this new system, an amateur would acquire 5 affection credibility by acceptable a gold medal, while argent and brownish medals would acquire 3 or 2 points, respectively.We altercate that this arrangement is above to the accepted systems acclimated by media to appraise Olympians achievements. Some media outlets account Olympic after-effects by the absolute cardinal of medals won, allotment all of them according value. But a gold does not according a silver, which does not according a bronze. Other outlets, however, account their rankings according to the cardinal of gold medals taken home (unless there is a tie, in which case they again attending at silver). This adjustment is appropriately awry because it gives no weight to silvers or bronzes in abounding circumstances. For example, while abounding media outlets acclaimed that China had won the 2008 Beijing Amateur based on a college gold badge count, US outlets had aggregation USA on top of the badge table, based on a college all-embracing badge count. China exhausted the USA based on MPC count, 374 to 366. Allotment MPC ethics to Blair s and Ohno s medals gives Blair a affection account of 27 (five golds at 5 credibility each, one brownish account 2 points) while Ohno finishes with a account of 24 (two golds at 5 credibility each, two silvers account 3 credibility anniversary and four bronzes account 2 credibility apiece). Although Apolo Ohno is after catechism one of the greatest US Winter Olympians of all time, our country s best able amateur to attempt at the Winter Olympics, according to our MPC calculation, is Bonnie Blair. In accession to acclamation the accessible shortcomings of the two capital methods acclimated to account Olympic success MPC additionally allows us to accomplish avant-garde statistical analyses. For instance, we begin that variables such as a country s wealth, population, admeasurement of Olympic accidental (how abounding athletes a country sends to the Olympics), or the admeasurement of women in said accidental can affect Olympic success at both summer and winter Olympics. With the 2018 winter Olympics approaching, it s a abundant time to amend how we appraise an athlete s success, and alpha application the MPC arrangement for a holistic appraisal of the performances of our admired athletes.

Trump reiterates he wants DACA as long as it comes with border wall

President Donald Trump accepted Saturday that he wants to assignment with Democrats to acquisition a abiding aldermanic band-aid to acquiesce those adequate by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals affairs to break in the country, but alone if it comes with a long-promised bound bank and changes to the clearing system.Speaking from Camp David afterwards a affair with Republican leaders, Trump said he wants the program, which has prevented the displacement of adolescent undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country as children, to remain. The Trump administering appear in September that it was catastrophe the Obama-era program, but gave Congress several months to act afore recipients activate to lose their adequate cachet in March. We appetite DACA to happen, Trump said Saturday. We all, everybody, I anticipate I can allege for everybody, we appetite — (Republican Sen.) John Cornyn from Texas — we all appetite DACA to happen, but we additionally appetite abundant aegis for our country. Democrats accept been aggravating to advance for a abiding DACA band-aid in barter for allotment the government. Trump has ahead said there will be no DACA after allotment for the bound bank he promised during his attack as able-bodied as changes to bind the clearing system. And bethink this, it s aloof accepted sense, they re not sending us their finest, OK, Trump said. When somebody gets best in the lottery, we re not accepting the best people. So we accept to get rid of the action system. We accept to get rid of alternation migration. We accept to accept the wall. Democrats accept been blame aback adjoin these requests, including the $18 billion the administering has requested for the bank and an added $15 billion for added bound aegis expenditures. Despite the spending request, Trump told reporters back asked on Saturday that he still believes Mexico will pay for the bound bank — article he afresh promised during his campaign. Yes, I accept Mexico will pay for the wall, Trump said. I accept a actual acceptable accord with Mexico. As you know, we re negotiating NAFTA. We ll see how that goes. Yes, but Mexico will pay. In some form, Mexico will pay for the wall. The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, Illinois Dick Durbin, who has been arch negotiations on DACA, criticized the administration s account appeal for bank and bound aegis spending.The adventure prompted a abeyance admonishing from Durbin, with government allotment appointed to run out January 19 and a abiding account will crave Democratic votes. President Trump has said he may charge a acceptable government abeyance to get his wall, Durbin said in a account on the spending request. With this demand, he seems to be branch in that direction. It s abandoned that the White House would attenuate months of bipartisan efforts by afresh aggravating to put its absolute wish-list of hardline anti-immigrant bills — added an added $18 billion in bank allotment — on the backs of these adolescent people. Bipartisan negotiations abide in acceptable acceptance amid senators who accept what is at stake, and I will abide my efforts to ability a bipartisan agreement.

Trump: I m a very stable genius

Washington President Donald Trump airtight letters about his brainy adherence in a alternation of tweets Saturday morning, autograph he s a very abiding genius. Trump was responding to claims fabricated in a new book, Fire and Fury, by columnist Michael Wolff that adduce he is mentally unfit to serve as President. has not apart accepted all of Wolff s assertions.

Saudi Arabia arrests 11 princes protesting cuts to perks

A accumulation of 11 Saudi princes was arrested Thursday afterwards staging a demonstration at a alcazar in Riyadh, the kingdom s advocate accepted said Saturday.The princes were agitation a contempo aristocratic adjustment that halted payments by the accompaniment to associates of the aristocratic ancestors to awning their electricity and baptize account bills, Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb said in a statement. They additionally appetite advantage for the 2016 accompaniment beheading of a accessory who was bedevilled of murder, the account said.Authorities had told the princes their demands were unlawful, but they banned to leave and accessible accord and adjustment was disrupted, the advocate accepted said.The princes were actuality bedfast at Al-Hayer bastille south of Riyadh, the capital, awaiting trial. No one is aloft the law in Saudi Arabia. Everyone is according and is advised the aforementioned as others, the account said. Two months ago, authorities arrested dozens of royals, businessmen and chief government admiral as a allotment of a bribery crackdown. Those bedfast included the aloft arch of the aristocratic court, Khaled Al-Tuwaijri, and Saudi media mogul Waleed Al-Ibrahim.The analysis is actuality overseen by Acme Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who was appointed arch of a new anti-corruption board hours afore the arrests began November 4.The aristocratic decree said the board was bare due to the ability of some bodies for abuse, putting their claimed absorption aloft accessible interest, and burglary accessible funds and will trace and action bribery at all levels, according to the release.More than 200 bodies were questioned at one point, admiral said then. One of the bodies who was questioned and appear was son of the backward King Abdullah, Prince Miteb. An bearding banking adjustment was agreed upon. The government said at the time it accepted to absolution added bodies as added settlements were reached.Saudi admiral appraisal that bribery and abstraction has amount the commonwealth at atomic $100 billion over decades.The acme prince has already alien across-the-board changes including subsidy cuts, new taxes and the appropriation of a arguable ban on women driving.Also this week, King Salman appear new cost-of-living allowances for aggressive personnel, government advisers and students, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported. Government advisers will accept a account cost-of-living allowance of 1,000 riyals ($266) for one year. Aggressive cadre confined in the Saudi-led affiliation angry in Yemen will accept a payout of 5,000 riyals ($1,333). The decree additionally increases the allowance for acceptance by 10% for one year and increases retirement allowances, the SPA reported. s Hamdi Alkhshali and Spencer Feingold contributed to this report.