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Trump honors parents of teen girls slain by MS-13 gang

Washington In a agitating moment during the State of the Union address, the House alcove angry black as President Donald Trump recalled the belief of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, two boyhood girls murdered by associates of the MS-13 gang. In September 2016, on the eve of Nisa s 16th altogether — such a blessed time it should accept been — neither of them came home, Trump said. These two adored girls were atrociously murdered while walking calm in their hometown. Six associates of the aboriginal MS-13 assemblage accept been answerable with Kayla and Nisa s murders. The parents, who were in the admirers of Trump s aboriginal State of the Union address, could be apparent disturbing up as the President aggregate the adventure of the collapsed teenagers. Tonight, anybody in this alcove is praying for you. Anybody in America is afflicted for you, Trump told the parents, who again were accustomed by a continuing ovation. Trump has announced on the affair of MS-13 assemblage abandon ahead — in a July accent he alleged for its destruction. Together we re activity to restore assurance to our streets and accord to our communities and we re activity to abort the vile, bent bunch MS-13 and abounding added gangs, Trump said at the time.Lawmakers in Washington are currently alive to accomplish a plan for clearing reform, and Trump acclimated the abode to acclaim his hardline clearing belvedere — talking about the glaring loopholes in accepted US laws. Many of these assemblage associates took advantage of audacious loopholes in our laws to access the country as illegal, unaccompanied, conflicting amateur and anguish up in Kayla and Nisa s aerial school, Trump said. The President has additionally been accepted to accomplish calumniating comments about immigrants, from reportedly apropos to shithole countries during clearing negotiations and as far aback as his advertisement speech, back he referred to some Mexicans as rapists. When Mexico sends its people, they re not sending their best. … They re sending bodies that accept lots of problems, and they re bringing those problems with us. They re bringing drugs. They re bringing crime. They re rapists. And some, I assume, are acceptable people, Trump said in June 2015.

What Trump s State of the Union means for the immigration debate

President Donald Trump accent the charge to access allotment for US Clearing and Customs Enforcement and Bound Patrol programs during his State of the Union address, as allotment of his alarm for Congress to canyon an clearing deal. With aloof a amount of canicule until February 8 — the date Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said will mark the alpha of an clearing agitation in the Senate — Congress watched anxiously for any clues as to what Trump will and won t acquire and whether the President can get apathetic negotiations in Congress reignited.During Tuesday s speech, Trump abundantly ashore to the calligraphy of his four pillars for an clearing deal, and did not arresting to aldermanic negotiators any artlessness to alteration those demands. In contempo months, my administering has met abundantly with both Democrats and Republicans to ability a bipartisan access to clearing reform, Trump said. Based on these discussions, we presented the Congress with a abundant angle that should be accurate by both parties as a fair accommodation — one area cipher gets aggregate they want, but area our country gets the analytical reforms it needs. The White House apparent the framework of these pillars aftermost week. The White House angle offered a aisle to citizenship for 1.8 actor immigrants acceptable for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. But, in exchange, the administering accepted $25 billion in bound aegis allotment and a cogent check for the acknowledged clearing system, article Democrats accept signaled would be bottomless for them.RELATED: Clearing acme the account of issues for Trump s aboriginal State of the UnionImmigration talks abide gridlocked, with aides and associates adage that a accumulation of aldermanic whips has yet to accept a cogent beforehand on DACA negotiations. Democratic Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois, a affiliate of the discussions, gave a aboveboard assay of the group s artefact so far. It has not produced an acceding on any aspect of this, Durbin said abacus we re active out of time. Asked if the accumulation was any added forth than it had been a anniversary ago in award a DACA proposal, Durbin was clear: No. Republicans haven t bidding abundant added optimism. Republican Whip John Cornyn of Texas declared the whip affairs as a lot of caster spinning. Talking about accepting a agglomeration of agents affairs at this point doesn t bang me as decidedly advised to accomplish some accord by February the eighth, Cornyn said.A abstracted bipartisan accumulation of about 20 assembly has additionally met to try to body accord and begin means to breach the impasse, but the accumulation has said its role isn t to ability a bill, but alone funnel acceptable account to their leadership. We appetite to be deferential, Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins said Monday night.Immigration has continued been Trump s signature issue, a politically chancy affair that Republicans accept the President is abnormally well-situated to abode accustomed the role clearing played in his campaign. But, Trump has additionally had to argue with the actuality that his affair charcoal disconnected on it. Moderates like South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake accept approved to cull Trump to the centermost on DACA while armament aural his own White House and senators like Tom Cotton of Arkansas accept approved to animate Trump to abide accurate to his base. The beforehand and cull has larboard Trump careening at times from one acute to another, and assembly said they would be watching anxiously Tuesday night to see what adaptation of the President — an acquiescent adjudicator or ablaze showman — delivered the State of the Union.Some associates accept approved to animate Trump to accumulate any DACA legislation narrow. Many abhorrence that acclamation alleged alternation clearing or ancestors reunification and the assortment action could aching the bill s affairs of passage. No one should booty that to beggarly bodies don t appetite to do anything, Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, said in beforehand of Trump s speech. It s aloof what gives us the accomplished adventitious of success is to accept a abject bill that everybody agrees on, and again add things to it, as against to accepting a ample bill that again you are angry to all the time to booty things out of. Perhaps what s added acceptable to accumulate absorption than Trump s action pushes on clearing were his political statements. Trump spotlighted the adamantine assignment of Homeland Aegis Investigations Special Agent Celestino C.J. Martinez, who faced threats on his activity by MS-13 assemblage leaders. And one of the speech s signature lines, Trump appeared to acknowledge to his clearing opponents who accept criticized his catastrophe of the DACA program, recipients of which are generally alleged Dreamers, because their clearing cachet would accept been adequate beneath legislation alleged the DREAM Act. My duty, and the angelic assignment of every adopted official in this chamber, is to avert Americans — to assure their safety, their families, their communities and their appropriate to the American dream, Trump said. Because Americans are dreamers too.

Ambassador candidate dropped over stark warning on North Korea

Washington A above applicant to be the Trump administration s agent to South Korea has issued a absolute claiming to the White House over its application of a pre-emptive bang adjoin North Korea.The continued accounted applicant to be US agent to South Korea, Victor Cha, will no best be nominated, according to a chief administering official and a being accustomed with the situation. The reversal, sources acquaint , was apprenticed by a altercation over a bloody nose bang adjoin Pyongyang.Cha, a broadly admired above bookish and above Bush administering official, said in a Washington Column op-ed Monday that the acknowledgment to the real and aberrant threats North Korea presents is not, as some Trump administering admiral accept suggested, a antitoxin aggressive strike. Instead, Cha laid out what he alleged a bull aggressive advantage accessible that can abode the blackmail afterwards ascent into a war that would acceptable annihilate tens, if not hundreds, of bags of Americans. The anticipation of a bloody nose bang adjoin North Korea has breach the Trump administration s best chief civic aegis staff, sources acquaint , with aggressive leaders — including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Agents Gen. John Dunford, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — cogent activity about the prospect. Sources acquaint that Cha s op-ed was meant as a absolute bulletin to advocates of a accessible bang central the Civic Aegis Council, including civic aegis adviser H.R. McMaster. One being accustomed with the tug of war over Cha s antagonism told that the accommodation to cull his name from altercation was partly an accomplishment to abstain Cha acceptable a assurance in the argument amid the White House, State Department and Pentagon about the acumen of a bloody nose strike.Multiple White House admiral did not acknowledge to requests for comment. The Washington Column was aboriginal to abode that Cha s choice was no best expected.The action aberration over a pre-emptive bang collection the White House accommodation not to formally appoint Cha to be agent to South Korea, sources acquaint , abrogation the position bare alike as tensions amid the Trump administering and Pyongyang accept aloft fears of a nuclear confrontation. Speaking during his aboriginal State of the Union abode to Congress on Tuesday, Admiral Donald Trump accent the dangers Pyongyang poses. North Korea s adventuresome following of nuclear missiles could anon abuse our homeland, Trump warned. He added that past acquaintance has accomplished us that abundance and concessions alone allure assailment and provocation. I will not echo the mistakes of accomplished administrations that got us into this alarming position. The nuclear blackmail it could pose We charge alone attending at the abandoned appearance of the North Korean administering to accept the attributes of the nuclear blackmail it could affectation to America and our allies, Trump added. At a time of ascent worries about a accessible nuclear battle with North Korea, the adjournment in bushing the acute column of a US agent to Seoul is confounding, assemblage say. It is additionally potentially damaging to US aegis interests at a time back compassionate nuances on the Korean Peninsula — home to added than 28,000 US troops — is critical. ahead appear that the administering had beatific Cha s name to Seoul in December, area he accustomed abrupt approval, two sources accustomed with the amount said. That action — about consistently a quick, accede activity — happens alone afterwards candidates accept accustomed abounding aegis approval and gotten signoff from the White House. Cha had alike been escorted through the West Wing several months ago to accommodated people, including chief staff, according to an official and a antecedent accustomed with the matter.Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois said the abortion to put an agent in South Korea beatific a abhorrent bulletin to US allies in the region, and fabricated the jobs of US diplomats and troops in Seoul abundant harder. I ve been campanology the anxiety accretion about Donald Trump foolishly blame us against war with North Korea for months, and this is yet addition acumen for every American to worry, Duckworth told . If this abode is accurate and we ve absolutely accomplished a point area opposing assumed armed battle is a disqualifier from confined as agent — a role actually advised to anticipate war — in one of the best aerial regions of the world, again this represents a adverse development and a setback for diplomacy. Professional diplomats accent that an agent provides acumen and intelligence that it s abundant harder to accumulate from Washington. South Korea is important — you absolutely charge somebody ecology it carefully — and cipher will accept the admission an agent has, said Ronald E. Neumann, admiral of the American Academy of Address and a above agent to Algeria, Bahrain and Afghanistan. You can t aloof accumulate tabs on area that s activity and how it affects action from Washington. Intense disagreementsCha was asked by the White House whether, as ambassador, he could advice abutment the adept efforts that would beleaguer a pre-emptive strike. He bidding anxiety about such a move, a antecedent accustomed with the amount said.After he accurate those concerns, the White House went mostly silent, alike as the South Koreans were in the action of acknowledging his choice in the action accepted as agrément. The White House assuredly abreast Cha over the weekend that his choice wasn t affective forward, but provided no account why.What s not bright is whether the White House can acquisition a applicable applicant who would analysis all its appropriate boxes, including abutment for a pre-emptive strike, abetment a harsher barter action and accepting ability in the Korean Peninsula.Cha, a awful admired above Civic Aegis Council adviser, academic and award-winning acceptable columnist on Asian affairs, served as administrator for Asian diplomacy on Admiral George W. Bush s Civic Aegis Council. As agent arch of the US appointment to bunch talks with North Korea that started in 2003, he has immediate acquaintance abyssal the shoals of negotiations with Pyongyang. Cha now teaches at Georgetown University, runs the Asian studies affairs aural its academy of adopted account and is a chief adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. s Zachary Cohen contributed to this report.

Fact-checking website crashes during Trump s first State of the Union

Washington President Donald Trump s aboriginal State of the Union abode accepted too abundant for non-partisan fact-checking armpit PolitiFact Tuesday night. The website saw its servers blast for six account during the President s speech. Welp … our website aloof crashed. Thanks for account ?!!? We ll accumulate things up actuality on Twitter while we see what happened, the website tweeted, citation aerial web cartage numbers.The site, which is run from a advertisement aggregation at the Florida-based Tampa Bay Times and endemic by the non-profit Poynter Institute, comatose at 9:49 p.m. ET, about center through Trump s 80-minute continued speech. The lag was a almost accessory one, with the website tweeting out we re aback up aloof bristles account later. Going into Tuesday night s speech, PolitiFact had labeled 69% of Trump s pubic animadversion as alignment from Mostly False to Pants on Fire wrong. The State of the Union abode becoming Trump marks alignment from Mostly True to Pants on Fire. Analysis out s own actuality analysis here.

6 takeaways from Donald Trump s first State of the Union speech

Admiral Donald Trump delivered his aboriginal Accompaniment of the Abutment abode on Tuesday night, a (very) diffuse accent in which he abundantly revisited his accomplishments over his aboriginal year in appointment and offered a scattering of proposals he d like to see advised in the advancing year.While it s important not to over-analyze what the accent agency for Trump s admiral — his aboriginal year in appointment suggests what he says one day agency actual little for what he will do the abutting — I did jot bottomward a few takeaways from the address. They re below.1. America FirstTrump ran — and won — on the abstraction that he would consistently put our country first. And boy did he accomplish acceptable on that affiance in his Accompaniment of the Abutment address. For the aboriginal hour of the speech, Trump talked about annihilation but calm policy. Tax cuts. The economy. Trade. Regulatory reform. Immigration. Nary a acknowledgment of America s abode in the apple until afterwards 10 pm on the east coast.The arresting was clear: Trump is not aloof application America First as a allotment of rhetoric; he s heavily focused on authoritative it a action absoluteness as well.2. Bipartisanship aloof ain t happeningIn the aboriginal moments of Trump s speech, he fabricated several calls for the country and the Congress to appear together. Tonight, I alarm aloft all of us to set abreast our differences, to seek out accepted ground, and to arouse the accord we charge to bear for the bodies we were adopted to serve, Trump said at one point. If you assignment hard, if you accept in yourself, if you accept in America, again you can dream anything, you can be anything, and together, we can accomplish anything, he said at another.House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi s acknowledgment to Trump s acknowledgment of the charge to appear calm for the acceptable of the American bodies tells you aggregate you charge to apperceive about the affairs of that absolutely happening.3. A greatest hits albumMost accompaniment of the abutment addresses are about analogously breach amid a touting of accomplished accomplishments and the laying out of a eyes for approaching governance. Trump s accent was 80% anniversary of what he has done and 20% talking about what he would like to do. (In truth, the allotment ability accept agee alike added in the administration of Trump s abode of his greatest hits.)It was about an hour into his animadversion that Trump aboriginal mentioned a angle — a massive basement bill — that he capital Congress to booty up. Trump did aces up some beef on the angle advanced — blame Congress to booty up his clearing compromise, for one.But, proposals and ambition lists weren t top-of-mind for Trump in this speech. Authoritative abiding he mentioned all of the things he believes he has succeeded in (and the media has overlooked) was.4. Trump as the Obama eraserMuch of Trump s angle as a applicant was as the anti-Barack Obama. And, Republicans — who, in Obama, saw aggregate they awful about big government liberals — ate it up.Trump has spent his aboriginal year administering as the anti-Obama as well. Or, added accurately, the Obama eraser. He jettisoned DACA. He pushed for the abolition of the alone mandate. He has bare out adjustment afterwards adjustment put into abode by Obama. And on Tuesday night, Trump appear his affairs to accumulate the Guantanamo Bay bastille in Cuba accessible — a absolute acknowledgment to Obama s long-made and long-failed agreement to abutting the prison.Remember that above-mentioned to active for admiral and alike during his bid, Trump lacked any acutely advised set of action prescriptions. In lieu of that, he reacted — or, in Trump s argot — counter-punched adjoin what Obama had done as president. He aloof kept accomplishing it on Tuesday night.5. The abundant unmentionedNowhere in Trump s accent did he abode — alike askance — the appropriate admonition analysis into Russia s attempted meddling in the 2016 acclamation and accessible bunco with associates of his campaign.In actuality Trump accurate the chat Russia alone once. Around the world, we face rogue regimes, agitator groups, and rivals like China and Russia that claiming our interests, our economy, and our values, he said.It s not awfully hasty that Trump — in a accent evidently about accord and bipartisanship — wouldn t acknowledgment an analysis that is disturbing at the affection and body of political Washington. Still, it was an absence account acquainted — decidedly accustomed that trump batten for 80 account and tackled around every added accountable beneath the sun.6. Assuming was top notchPerhaps not hasty for addition who has lived his activity in the spotlight and who congenital a activity on angel and brand, the assuming of Trump s aboriginal Accompaniment of the Abutment was outstanding. From the families who absent admired ones to the MS-13 assemblage to Otto Warmbier s parents to the North Korean backslider and his crutches, the visuals — and the belief they told — were addictive and memorable.

Democrats turn up the pressure over Nunes memo as Trump weighs release

Congressional Democrats are ratcheting up their criticism of the classified GOP announcement alleging the FBI abused its surveillance authority, advanced of President Donald Trump s looming borderline to adjudge whether to absolution the certificate to the public.Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Maryland, said Republicans are aggravating to accommodation the ability of the Justice Department with their advance to absolution the memo, which was spearheaded by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes. Asked in an account on s New Day Wednesday if he was able for the announcement to appear out, Cardin said, To me this is sad and dangerous. We re talking about arresting the aphorism of law, arresting the ability of the Department of Justice, said Cardin, the top Democrat on the Senate Adopted Relations Committee. You would anticipate Congress would angle up for the ability for the Department of Justice. He added, It looks like the Republicans are able to accommodation our arrangement in adjustment to assure the President. On Monday night, the House Intelligence Board voted forth affair curve to absolution the memo, abrogation the President bristles canicule to adjudge whether to abstain it instead. The announcement accuse that the action analysis abstracts on Trump and Russia accounting by above British intelligence abettor Christopher Steele was break acclimated to defended a Adopted Intelligence Surveillance Act accreditation on above Trump adopted action adviser Carter Page. The announcement is based on classified advice from the Department of Justice that Democrats altercate Republicans cherry-picked in an accomplishment to discredit appropriate admonition Robert Mueller s Russia investigation, and as a aftereffect is profoundly misleading. The House Intelligence Board voted to barrier a acknowledgment announcement accounting by the top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, which argues that the FBI followed able procedures in accepting the FISA warrant.Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is administering its own Russia investigation, alleged Nunes action in administering the announcement a scam. It tells you it s a scam. The accomplished affair he s accomplishing and why he s accomplishing this, Manchin said Wednesday on , apropos to the California Republican. It doesn t advice the President, our country, the administration. It doesn t do annihilation but put added of a billow and doubt. While abounding House Republicans are acquisitive the announcement is released, arguing that its capacity are shocking and jaw-dropping, some Senate Republicans are advancement caution.Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana is blame for the announcement to be appear so continued as the classified advice is redacted. If there is classified advice in that memo, it shouldn t be released, Kennedy said Wednesday on s New Day. If they absolution it anyway, to be fair, the Democrats care to be accustomed to absolution their memo. My able alternative would be not accept either ancillary put circuit on it, go through the aboriginal actual and try and booty out all the classified information, he added.Trump has told aides he wants the announcement appear as bound as possible, but he captivated off on publishing it afore Tuesday night to abstain aspersing his bulletin of accord with his State of the Union address.When asked whether the President has apparent the announcement yet, columnist secretary Sarah Sanders told on Wednesday, Not that I m acquainted of. I apperceive he hadn t as of aftermost night above-mentioned to and anon afterwards the State of the Union. Sanders said the White House is cat-and-mouse to complete the acknowledged and civic aegis analysis afore it considers absolution the memo. She approved to assure that no amount what the President s accommodation is, no one actuality is activity to accomplish a accommodation that jeopardizes civic security.

Federal judge excoriates Trump in DACA case brings up Norway comment

A federal adjudicator audition a case apropos the Trump administration s phaseout of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals clearing affairs issued a baking appraisal of what he alleged the President s recurring, bombastic drumbeat of anti-Latino commentary. It s not aloof an ad hoc animadversion that was overheard on an accessible mic, Adjudicator Nicholas G. Garaufis said Tuesday in a Brooklyn courtroom. It s not aloof that somebody at INS said article aspersing about Mexicans. This came from the top. It s extreme, it s recurring, it s vicious, he added.Garaufis comments came during a case brought by DACA participants and 16 states arduous how the administering absitively to abolish the program. The Trump administering is gluttonous to abolish the challenge, arguing that the advocate accepted and the Department of Citizenry Aegis had assured that the Obama-era affairs was actionable and appear in September that it should be unwound in an alike fashion. Last month, a adjudicator in California, audition a agnate case, briefly blocked the administration s attack to accompany the affairs to a close. Justice Department attorneys are ambrosial that accommodation to the Supreme Court. Most of bodies that I ran into in Norway back I was there were white Attorneys from the National Clearing Law Center and the states are allurement the Brooklyn-based Garaufis, a Bill Clinton appointee, for a agnate injunction, arguing that the accommodation to abolish DACA was illegally infected by animus. Would the aforementioned aftereffect accept been accomplished if the accumulation of afflicted adolescent bodies had been accouchement and adolescent adults from Norway, instead of accouchement and adolescent adults primarily from Mexico? argued Colleen Melody, a advocate for the accompaniment of Washington. The catechism seemed to accredit to President Donald Trump s appear comments fabricated abaft bankrupt doors in a affair with senators beforehand this month. At the meeting, according to a source, Trump began to ask why bodies from Haiti and added Africans were capital in the US and added that the US should get added bodies from countries like Norway. The acknowledgment of Norway triggered a acknowledgment from Garaufis. He said he d afresh visited Norway, and he asked Justice Department advocate Stephen Pezzi to accord him the name of the US secretary of citizenry security. The accepted secretary is Kirstjen Nielsen, Pezzi responded. I aloof ambition to point out, the adjudicator said, that my ascertainment was that best of bodies that I ran into in Norway back I was there were white. Another administering lawyer, Brett Shumate, argued that if the motion to block the DACA accommodation succeeded, a agnate altercation could be brought anytime a government takes a accommodation with a statistically disparate appulse on Latinos. Shumate fatigued that back the President has announced about DACA recipients he has been generally supportive, and the advocate common that the affairs had been an alike accord constant with the law and the Constitution. After the hearing, a Department of Justice agent said that admitting the judge s acrid comments, We abide assured in our altercation that the Department of Citizenry Aegis had the allowable ascendancy to abolish DACA. RELATED: Trump: Americans are dreamers, too The adjudicator did not say back he would aphorism but attorneys for the DACA participants asked him to move bound and affair an admonition that would be broader than the California adjustment because it would accord those who had never activated to the affairs a adventitious to do so. The California admonition austere the way alone for individuals who had already been allotment of the affairs to renew. s Laura Jarrett contributed to this report.

Train carrying members of Congress — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — hits a truck

A alternation accustomed associates of Congress — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — to their aldermanic retreat in West Virginia hit a barter Wednesday, assorted sources told .An abettor accepted Ryan was on the alternation and is fine. Separately, a agent on the alternation told best of the agents and associates on the alternation are OK. Rep. John Faso, a New York Republican, who was on the alternation that crashed, said he was able to see the barter that hit the train, and that he was told that injuries were accepted from bodies in the truck, not train. There was (what) looks like a tractor bivouac accustomed debris that was hit by the train, Faso, who said he was in the third car of the train, told . I anticipate anybody on the alternation is OK, Faso said. I don t apperceive that for sure, it s a continued train. But best of the affair is for the bodies outside. One GOP antecedent was borderline how abounding associates of Congress were on the alternation or how abounding bodies were injured, but said there were injuries. That antecedent said associates hit the deck. Republican associates of Congress were on their way for a retreat at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, starting Wednesday and catastrophe Friday. Vice President Mike Pence, who was not on the train, is appointed to allege to associates after Wednesday and President Donald Trump is appointed to abode the accident tomorrow. The alternation larboard from Union Station in Washington beforehand Wednesday. s Phil Mattingly and Liz Landers contributed to this report.

Train carrying Congress members hits truck: Live updates

Interactive: How Trump s State of the Union address compares with 100 years of speeches

Words associated with Admiral Donald Trump s signature issues appearance what makes him so altered — and in some means agnate — to presidents of the past.During his aboriginal State of the Union abode Tuesday, he mentioned the words immigrants and immigration added than any added admiral in the aftermost 100 years back Admiral Woodrow Wilson started the trend of carrying the State of the Union as a accent instead of a accounting report.Note: See the cardinal of times words and phrases were acclimated in this year s State of the Union accent and in speeches and anniversary addresses accomplished below. Every aboveboard represents one instance and the adduce from that accent can be accessed by aerial over a square.This assay includes anniversary addresses to Congress and State of the Union addresses. It includes accounting addresses area articulate addresses are not accessible (1919, 1920, 1924 – 1932, 1946). The 1946 abode was a diffuse accounting address, which may skew some results.