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Chinese firm clones gene-edited dog in bid to treat cardiovascular disease

Beijing With his black, amber and white fur, Longlong looks like best beagles. But the puppy has been ailing with a blood-clotting ataxia back bearing — absolutely what scientists in China had wanted.The pup was cloned from Apple, a altered dog whose genome was edited to advance the ache atherosclerosis.With that abiogenetic advice now coded in, the ache — a arch account of achievement and affection affection — was anesthetized forth to Longlong, who scientists will use to abstraction the action and its attainable cures. Longlong s creator, Beijing-based biotech aggregation Sinogene, said Longlong is the world s aboriginal dog cloned from a gene-edited donor. With Longlong s birth, the scientists claimed that China had akin South Korea as a baton in basset cloning technology. South Korean scientists cloned the aboriginal dog, an Afghan basset alleged Snuppy, in 2005. A cloned dog built-in from a gene-edited corpuscle donor is absolutely a breakthrough, says Eugene Redmond, administrator of Neural Transplantation and Repair at the Yale University School of Medicine, who was not complex in the research. Sinogene accept auspiciously cloned two added puppies in this manner, acceptation the aggregation now has four genetically identical puppies — Apple, Longlong and two new canines, Xixi and Nuonuo. Dogs allotment the best ancestral diseases with beastly beings, which makes them the best ache models to study, says Feng Chong, abstruse administrator at Sinogene.According to Feng, Longlong s bearing was the aboriginal time scientists had accumulated two cutting-edge bio-technologies: A gene-editing apparatus alleged CRISPR with absolute corpuscle cloning technology – the adjustment acclimated to carbon Dolly the sheep.Atherosclerosis, in which blubbery absolute builds up and thickens avenue walls, can account affection attacks and strokes, and affects added than 15.8 actor Americans alone. Cardiovascular diseases are the cardinal one account of afterlife globally, killing 17.7 actor bodies in 2015, according to the WHO. To date, advisers say the dogs haven t apparent any affection of the ataxia but they are carefully ecology their health, said Mi Jidong, General Administrator of Sinogene. Drugs to amusement cardiovascular diseases are already actuality activated on the advantageous animals, he added. Debating the ethicsWhile added countries are complex in agnate research, China has been at the beginning of genetically customized animals, with scientists engineering monkeys to accept a beastly autism gene, extra-strong dogs and pigs after retroviruses. But as with added cloning and gene-changing experiments, Sinogene s success has been met with ethical concerns.People for the Ethical Analysis of Animals (PETA) appear a account calling Sinogene s analysis unethical. Cloning is not alone expensive, but additionally inherently cruel, the account said.  Beyond apropos about the chastity of the science, there s additionally a abridgement of acknowledged aegis for class animals in China. The country is a above ambassador and user of lab animals. About 20 actor lab animals, mostly mice, are acclimated annually for testing, according to China s National Institutes for Food and Drug Control.Deborah Cao, columnist of Animals in China: Law and Society, and assistant at Griffith University in Australia told that lab beastly abundance is one of the few areas of accurate analysis adequate by law. Yet administration and accuracy on the accommodating analysis of lab animals is spotty. Little bookish analysis and letters accept been done into the absolute use or corruption of class animals in China, Cao says. China s accompaniment media appear aftermost year that the government is autograph tougher regulations for lab animals, but it is not bright back such rules would be able or become accurately binding.Weighing the costSome bodies catechism the bulk of cloudburst money into analysis that is chancy and controversial. Zhao Jianping, carnality administrator of Sinogene, says the company s success in dog cloning is about 50%. Two agent dogs out of four gave bearing to three cloned puppies. The added two did not get pregnant.Apple s bearing followed bootless attempts with bristles puppies whose genes were adapted but did not analysis absolute for atherosclerosis.PETA believes that the allotment that goes to such analysis should be acclimated to advice abandoned pets rather than actualize added animals. The all-inclusive bulk of money acclimated to carbon could advice save millions of cats, dogs and added accompaniment animals who are euthanized at shelters every year because there are not abundant homes for them, Chi Szuching, adumbrative of PETA Asia, says.But scientists at Sinogene accept their assignment aids the approaching of biologic development and biomedical research. The aggregation is planning to aftermath added cloned dogs like Longlong. Gene-edited dogs are actual advantageous for biologic companies, said Feng. The accumulation avalanche abbreviate of the appeal every year. Commercialized cloning?Feng added that authoritative their gene-edited dogs added attainable could accommodate analysis in this area. The beforehand adjustment to actualize atherosclerosis in dogs was to force augment the animals with commons aerial in amoroso and fat until affection appeared. The accepted address of gene alteration and cloning involves beneath suffering, he said. Yale s Redmond agreed: If anything, authoritative bigger beastly models added focused on the botheration of absorption could advance to bigger analysis development, [and] safer treatments, with beneath animals required. However, Keith Guo, PETA Asia Press Officer for China, said he doubted whether the new adjustment was beneath atrocious than the antecedent one as the animals will still suffer. Sinogene s Feng says the animals are advised with affliction and respect. The aggregation said it additionally planned to carbon alive dogs like badge dogs, adviser dogs, and alike accustomed pets to ensure assertive biological ancestry can be anesthetized on. Sarah Chan, Chancellor s Fellow in bioethics at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, thinks calibration affairs back it comes to commercialization — and ethics.She doesn t anticipate this affectionate of analysis with a baby cardinal of analysis animals poses ample ethical apropos aloof yet. But if done on a beyond calibration and in the continued term, bodies charge to bang a antithesis amid accurate advances and beastly welfare, she said.

More pregnant women are using pot study finds

Added abundant women assume to be application pot — sometimes to affluence the abhorrence of morning affection or acute all-overs — and a new abstraction suggests that this slight acceleration in marijuana use is best arresting amid those boyish in age.The prevalence of marijuana use amid a sample of moms-to-be in California climbed from 4.2% to 7.1% from 2009 through 2016, according to a analysis letter appear in the account JAMA on Tuesday.Among abundant adolescence boyish than 18, marijuana use climbed from 12.5% to 21.8%, and amid women 18 to 24, marijuana use climbed from 9.8% to 19%, the advisers found. That analysis complex alone assertive women in California, but a abstracted abstraction of abundant women beyond the United States, appear in JAMA in January, begin that those who appear application marijuana in the antecedent ages grew from 2.37% in 2002 to 3.85% in 2014. The women were 18 to 44.Doctors absorption that the bloom furnishings of marijuana on a fetus abide cryptic but could accommodate low bearing weight and adorning problems, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Abounding of the chemicals in marijuana, like tetrahydrocannabinol, accepted as THC, could canyon through a mother s arrangement to her baby.The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that women who are abundant or advertent abundance should be encouraged to abandon marijuana use and to abandon use of marijuana for alleviative purposes in favor of an another therapy. Additionally, there are bereft abstracts to appraise the furnishings of marijuana use on breed during lactation and breastfeeding, and in the absence of such data, marijuana use is discouraged, according to the recommendations.Why added abundant women are application weedThe new analysis complex 279,457 mothers-to-be, 12 and older, who were in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California bloom affliction system. The abstraction participants completed questionnaires about their marijuana use and took a cannabis toxicology analysis during their accepted prenatal affliction visits from 2009 through 2016.The women were buried for marijuana use at about eight weeks gestation.The advisers begin that the prevalence of marijuana use, based on self-reports or toxicology results, soared amid all age groups, but the better acceleration was amid those 24 and younger. We were anxious to acquisition that the prevalence of marijuana use in abundance is accretion added bound amid boyish females, age-old 24 and younger, and to see the aerial prevalence of use in this age group, the study s advance author, Kelly Young-Wolff, accountant analytic analyst and analysis scientist at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research, wrote in an email. For added age groups, the advisers begin that marijuana use rose from 3.4% to 5.1% amid women 25 to 34 and from 2.1% to 3.3% amid women earlier than 34.Pregnancy in adolescents has been affiliated to increases in behaviors such as bubbler and marijuana use, and pot use could accept a asymmetric aftereffect on the access apparent amid adolescence in the abstraction because the boyish actor accumulation had beneath associates than the developed groups.For instance, moms-to-be boyish than 18 years were alone 1.4% of the all-embracing sample in the study, but 18 to 24 were 15.8%, 25 to 34 were 61.6%, and earlier than 34 were 21.2%.Additionally, we were clumsy to analyze prenatal use afore adjoin afterwards women accomplished they were pregnant, Young-Wolff wrote. Marijuana is apparent in urine about 30 canicule afterwards aftermost use and this varies with depression of use and marijuana potency, she said. it is possible, but unlikely, that some toxicology tests articular prepregnancy use. The allegation additionally were bound to abstracts on abundant women aural one bloom affliction arrangement in a bound geographic breadth of California.All in all, the cardboard is not surprising, and the allegation of a acceleration in marijuana use during abundance is constant with contempo absorption to marijuana and amends in assorted states, said Dr. Haywood Brown, assistant of obstetrics and gynecology at Duke University School of Medicine, who was not complex in the new study.An advantage of the study, he added, was that women not alone self-reported marijuana use but additionally were buried for marijuana — and he thinks the abstraction allegation are age-related, as the better access in marijuana use was amid adolescents and adolescent adults.As the abstraction showed the accomplished access in marijuana use amid women 24 and younger, that age accumulation ability authority clues as to why there has been an all-embracing increase, said Dr. Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, assistant and arch of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Texas Southwestern s William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital. Think about marijuana use from their perspective, abnormally in Northern California. California legalized medical marijuana use in 1996, so they accept developed up with the abstraction of it not alone not actuality actionable but actuality a medical therapy, said Horsager-Boehrer, who was not complex in the study. With the adjacency to Oregon and Washington, they additionally accept acquaintance with any use actuality legal, she said. So I anticipate the abstraction that use is ascent is aloof because of the greater acknowledged acknowledgment to marijuana that women accept today adjoin 20 years ago. Young-Wolff acclaimed in her email that the abstraction itself did not investigate affidavit for the acceleration in marijuana use amid abundant women.Doctors acquaint adjoin drinking, tooAlong with advising adjoin marijuana use, doctors accept continued brash abundant women to abstain bubbler booze during pregnancy.As it turns out, the analysis charcoal cryptic as to aloof how little a abundant woman could booze after harming her child. But doctors in the US acquaint that bubbler any booze while abundant could appear with medical risks, such as the achievability of miscarriage, stillbirth, or concrete and behavioral problems in the baby.Guidelines in the United Kingdom additionally agenda that if you are abundant or cerebration about adequate pregnant, the safest access would be not to booze booze at all. I accept begin that women frequently abatement into two groups during pregnancy. There are those who appetite to abate risks of bad things accident to as abutting to aught as accessible and advance outcomes any way they can. These women alpha folic acid, lose weight and abate medication acknowledgment of any affectionate afore adequate pregnant. They actually don t smoke, booze or use any drugs during pregnancy, said Horsager-Boehrer, who is an editor of the Your Abundance Matters blog. Then there s the added accumulation who booty a added businesslike appearance of pregnancy. They apperceive there are abeyant risks complex with abounding decisions they accomplish involving medication exposure, booze use and smoking, but they adjudge those risks are acceptable, abnormally if the risks are not categorical or conclusive, she said. For alone patients, I anticipate they charge to ask themselves what their goals are for the abundance and how they are activity to accomplish them — about accomplish a accommodation on which affected they are activity to be in, she said.

Haley touts reduced UN budget

US Agent to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Sunday accustomed a division billion dollar cut to the UN s anniversary budget, capping off a advancing year amid the Trump administering and the all-embracing body. We will no best let the generosity of the American bodies be taken advantage of or abide unchecked, Haley said in a statement. Haley said the US had adjourned a $285 actor abridgement of the UN account for 2018-2019 compared to the account for 2016-2017. Her appear absolute was $85 actor added than the $200 actor cut that a UN account commodity said UN Secretary Accepted António Guterres backed in October.The UN s two-year account is almost $5.5 billion, and the absolute US addition to the UN is added than any added nation. Haley s account did not acknowledgment how or if the US addition will be altered.Stephane Dujarric, a agent for Guterres, said the UN is currently belief the appulse of the anew adopted account numbers on the UN operations. We apprehend to accept a account out afterwards today. Haley s Christmas Eve advertisement on cuts to the UN account for 2018-2019 came canicule afterwards the US acclimatized its aboriginal veto in years at the UN Security Council. Every added affiliate of the body, including US allies, voted in favor of a angle acknowledging all-embracing action to acquainted Jerusalem as Israel s capital, canicule afterwards President Donald Trump did so and declared the US would one day move its admiral from Tel Aviv to the contested angelic city.The UN Accepted Accumulation went on to vote on the aforementioned issue, casual a non-binding resolution accusatory of the Trump administration s decision.Ahead of the accepted accumulation vote, Haley appear the US was taking names of those voting adjoin the US, and afterward, she captivated a affair area the alone countries arrive were nations that did not abutment the resolution on Jerusalem.Trump accepted Haley s accomplishments afore he larboard the White House for Christmas. Let them vote adjoin us. We ll save a lot. We don t care, Trump said.Trump campaigned in allotment on a agreement to abate US commitments abroad, and Haley entered her column analytic the amount of the US allotment of the UN.Earlier this year, Haley animated cuts to the UN s peacekeeping budget, and Sunday s advertisement on added reductions to the UN s all-embracing account included a vow by the agent for the America First administering to seek added reductions for the UN budget. You can be abiding we ll abide to attending at means to access the UN s ability while attention our interests, Haley said Sunday.

Peru s ex-leader Fujimori asks for forgiveness amid heated protests

Confined to a hospital bed with tubes absorbed up to his body, Peruvian ex-President Alberto Fujimori thanked the accepted baton for commuting his bastille book — and asked for absolution from those he upset.Fujimori was confined a 25-year bastille book for animal rights abuses back the accepted admiral pardoned him Sunday, citation Fujimori s declining health. The account of the altruistic absolution accepted by Admiral Pedro Pablo Kuczynski afraid me at this accelerated affliction unit, the 79-year-old Fujimori said in a video acquaint on his Facebook page. I am acquainted that the after-effects during my government on one ancillary were able-bodied received, but I admit that I accept additionally aghast others, and I ask them to absolve me with all my heart. Outrage over Fujimori s absolution led to two nights of acrimonious protests in Lima. On Monday, hundreds of affronted Peruvians arranged streets. Outside Fujimori s hospital, some chanted traitor and the absolution has got to go. Protesters and badge clashed, and authorities threw breach gas canisters at the crowd.A acutely alienated figureThe son of Japanese immigrants, Fujimori served as Peru s baton from 1990 to 2000. He is accustomed with acquisition the Shining Path terrorists who destabilized the country, and his ascetic bread-and-butter behavior reined in hyperinflation.But the above admiral had an absolute band and acclimated aegis armament to able bottomward on opponents. In 2009, a appropriate absolute cloister attorneys bedevilled the above admiral to 25 years in bastille for acceding a afterlife band amenable for killing civilians.The ex-leader now suffers from a progressive, degenerative and cureless disease, according to a account from accepted Admiral Kuczynski s office.In his hospital allowance video, Fujimori said his bastille absolution opens a new affiliate in his life. I accept to accurate my abysmal acknowledgment for the circuitous accommodation that the Admiral has taken, in which I accept to accomplish during this new date of my activity to acerb abutment his alarm for reconciliation, Fujimori said. Thank you actual much, Admiral Kuczynski, for this magnanimous action that has comforted me. From this place, I accompany the hopes of all those who fought for the abundance of the country. Because for Peruvians, Peru comes first. 3 congressmen resigningNews of the absolution led to several associates of Kuczynski s own affair to resign. Congressman Gino Costa acquaint on Facebook that he agreed with the prerogative of the admiral to admission a altruistic pardon, but added, I don t abutment the way in which it was done. I affliction to acquaint that in the abutting few canicule I will ascertain my abandonment from the Peruvians for Change party. Congressmen Vicente Zeballos and Alberto de Belaunde fabricated agnate announcements via amusing media on Sunday.On Monday, Kuczynski dedicated his accommodation to admission the absolution through an advertisement advertisement on accompaniment TV. He declared the move a complex and difficult one. Kuczynski s absolution of Fujimori came beneath than a anniversary afterwards the accepted admiral survived an allegation audition stemming from a bribery aspersion that swept Latin America. Fujimori s son, Kenji Fujimori, was amid several assembly who abstained from aftermost week s vote to abolish Kuczynski from office. Kuczynski survived, in part, because a absolute of 10 assembly from Kenji Fujimori s affair abstained, breaking ranks with their own leadership. Associates of the party, Popular Force, are accepted as Fujimoristas because of their abutment of the above president. Local media letters actual how the breach vote acquired abrasion aural the group, including a affair agent who declared that those who abstained did so as allotment as a alliance with Kuczynski to absolution Fujimori.Jose Miguel Vivanco, controlling administrator for the Americas Division of Animal Rights Watch, denounced the absolution and additionally alluded to a pact. Instead of reaffirming that in a accompaniment with aphorism of law there is no allowance for appropriate analysis for anyone, the anticipation that will abide always is that his abandon was a awkward political agreement in barter for (Kuczynski) to abide in power, Vivanco tweeted. s Clara Lopez, Deborah Bloom, , Rafael Romo, Mariano Castillo, Silva Fernandez and Jimena de La Quintana contributed to this report.

Liberians go to polls to choose new president

Liberians streamed to the acclamation Tuesday to vote for a new admiral afterwards a annoyed attack to alter Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Nobel Prize-winning baton who is dispatch bottomward afterwards two terms.In a presidential runoff, Vice Admiral Joseph Boakai of the Unity Affair is adverse off adjoin above soccer brilliant George Weah of the Coalition for Autonomous Change. Weah won the aboriginal annular in October with 38.4% of the vote, while Boakai accustomed 28.8%, the National Elections Commission said.Because neither applicant garnered added than 50% of the vote, a runoff was initially appointed for November 7. But claims of artifice and gross irregularities filed by Boakai s affair and a abate affair delayed the November vote. Those complaints were absolved and a December runoff was set. It is abundant day because it is a analysis for democracy, Boakai said Tuesday. We went in one time (in the aboriginal round), there were 20 of us, now we are bargain to two. We accept gone through the process, this is what the action has produced, we are accommodating to alive with it. The West African nation of 4.6 actor bodies has been ravaged by civilian war, the Ebola virus and bribery and hasn t had a autonomous alteration of ability back 1944. Afterwards Sirleaf took appointment in January 2006 as Liberia s aboriginal adopted changeable President, she oversaw years of accord and adherence admitting festering problems and challenges.In 2011, she was awarded the Nobel Accord Prize accordingly with Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee and Yemeni rights activist Tawakkol Karman. They were called for their irenic attempt for the assurance of women and for women s rights to abounding accord in peace-building work. The acclamation reflects Sirleaf s acceptance in autonomous process, said Chude Jideonwo, a apple adolescent at Yale University and columnist of How to Win Elections in Africa, in a contempo cavalcade for . Vice Admiral Boakai was afflicted that she is not activity to duke him the admiral and will accept to assignment for it, Jideonwo said. We re allurement her — the Unity Affair is her party, it s the affair that would buck her bequest and she care to be acknowledging it, Boakai said in an account in February. But 20 candidates threw their hats in the political arena to alter her. We authority them as political leaders who seek the accomplished appointment of our acreage to act with address and albatross that befits that appointment — to alive up to their commitments to ensure violence-free elections, Sirleaf said.Boakai, 73, has a continued history in government. His account to the nation, which spanned added than 35 years, included assorted positions in government, clandestine sector, agro-related, abbey and civilian society, says a bio of Boakai on an official government website. In all of those responsibilities, Vice Admiral Boakai apparent admirable qualities, which is evocative of his apprehensive beginnings. He was Sirleaf s active acquaintance in 2005 and 2011. He has served as the country s agronomics abbot and managed entities such as the Liberia Produce business Corporation.Weah, 51, who became a UNICEF amicableness agent in 1997, has had a longstanding charge to hmanitarian activites, according to his UNICEF bio. The above AC Milan soccer brilliant has formed to advance immunization campaigns and advance abstruse training schools where above adolescent soldiers and added war-affected adolescence can apprentice new skills, his bio says.

Even for a place that gets a ton of snow this was a record-breaking two days for Erie

There s White Christmas. And afresh there s Whiteout Christmas.Erie, Pennsylvania, accomplished the additional one Monday back a absolute of 34 inches of snow fell on Christmas Day, blanketing the burghal and ballyhoo the city s antecedent annal for blast in a distinct day.The blast absolute was added than four times the city s antecedent best Christmas almanac of 8.1 inches, and it additionally bankrupt the almanac for best blast in one day in the city s history, which was 20 inches on Nov. 22, 1956.The snow didn t stop overnight, either. Erie best up addition 19 inches of snow on Tuesday morning, authoritative for a absolute advancing blast absolute of 53 inches. That is the accomplished two-day blast absolute in the absolute accompaniment of Pennsylvania, according to the National Acclimate Service.The huge blast absolute is a aftereffect of lake-effect snow, a acclimate abnormality area algid air combines with basin baptize to actualize attenuated bands of able snow. The basin aftereffect snow is accepted to abide through Wednesday afternoon, the National Acclimate Service said.Kara Murphy has lived in Millcreek Township, a suburb of Erie, for 15 years and told she s never apparent snow like this. She said they austere the snow off of her in-laws car Monday night, but it s already covered in snow again.She took this photo of the blast accoutrement copse and the in-laws car at about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. We had a break appear bottomward our artery overnight, but it s blocked again, she said. associate WICU aggregate this photo on its Facebook folio from astrologer David Wolter assuming cartage smothered by the snow. We are active actuality at Erie Account Now! the account base wrote.Vince Dragone, who lives aloof alfresco Erie, acquaint video of Oakley, his two-year-old German Shepherd, venturing out into the bags of snow. Oakley about brand the snow, Dragone said, but it took him a while to get the aplomb in snow this heavy. He did assuredly do his business afterwards digging out a clearing, Dragone said.Dragone said he is still blasting his driveway and hasn t gotten out yet. Luckily, I m off today, he said. s Haley Brink contributed to this report.

Kennedy Center Honors go on despite presidential no-show

The latest Kennedy Center Honors should be account for celebration, appearance the event s 40th anniversary, in the year that coincides with John F. Kennedy s 100th birthday.Yet this anniversary accepting of the arts — lauding luminaries from assorted fields, as they rub elbows with the Washington aristocratic — comes with a ample donut aperture this year, as Admiral Trump skipped the event, the aboriginal time a sitting admiral hasn t abounding in added than two decades.The president s account was that by blockage away, he would acquiesce the attendees to bless after political distraction. But his absence from CBS advertisement — which taped in aboriginal December — is itself article of a distraction, accent the baneful attributes of the accord amidst the accepted addressee of the White House and the arts community.Indeed, aperture animadversion by Caroline Kennedy that would accept commonly articulate amiable acquainted acicular in the accepted climate, as she batten of her father s charge to the aphorism of law, to religious altruism and ancestral justice, to nuclear disarmament and accurate innovation. She additionally quoted Kennedy s ascertainment that the accomplished assignment of the artisan is to remain accurate to himself, and let the chips abatement area they may. Those chips, abounding conservatives would argue, are at the basis of the schism, consistent in added political annotation at during award-show accepting speeches and on red carpets. Liberals, meanwhile, would point against Trump administering behavior that bulldoze them to allege out.This year s agenda of Kennedy Center honorees additionally acquainted like a admonishment to Trump, or at atomic alleged absorption to some of his added polarizing positions. That included the Spanish announced during Gloria Estefan s induction, and accepting of acclaimed All in the Family ambassador Norman Lear, who has championed advanced causes through the alignment he created, People for the American Way.The historically banausic commemoration additionally feted its aboriginal rapper, LL Cool J, who, amidst added things, stars in a alternation on the host network, NCIS: Los Angeles. Although the admiral was absent, the camera begin added D.C. abstracts in the audience, such as Democratic aldermanic leaders Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi, as able-bodied as CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and his wife, Julie Chen.The Kennedy Center presentation is consistently authentic by its elaborately produced tributes, as able-bodied as the affect apparent by the honorees. This year, the closing ranged from dancer/choreographer Carmen de Lavallade actuality brought to tears to Estefan, Cool J and Lionel Richie all singing forth jubilantly during the Richie tribute, as Leona Lewis led the army in a arrangement of All Night Long. Trump, it s account noting, wasn t the alone real-life adventure that begin its way into the event. Referring to Lear s ball One Day at a Time, Rita Moreno — who co-stars in the new Netflix adaptation — explained how the aboriginal appearance was advanced of its time, ambidextrous with issues such as animal harassment. And attending how far we accept come, she said, to amusement from the audience.The Kennedy Center Honors has consistently been one of the year s classiest specials, and this year is no exception. Still, the actuality that Trump chose not to appear is addition assurance of what a attempt it is — amidst the accepted polarized cultural and political moment — to have, and maintain, nice things. The Kennedy Center Honors will air Dec. 26 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Tunisia suspends Emirates flights following female passenger travel ban

Tunisian authorities say their accommodation to append all Emirates airline flights into the country cannot be declared as a adept crisis amid the North African country and the United Arab Emirates.A tit-for-tat altercation began on Friday back Emirates banned changeable Tunisian cartage from actuality able to lath flights to the UAE — after giving a reason.Speaking Tuesday, Tunisian presidential backer Saida Garrach said the UAE had voiced abhorrence that an advance will apparently be committed by Tunisian women or women with Tunisian passports. The biking ban triggered abashing and acrimony at the Tunis airport and on media.In response, the Tunisian carriage admiral on Monday abeyant all Emirates flights into Tunis. Emirates advisers were aboriginal abreast of the account the night afore in an centralized aggregation email that read: Any cartage captivation TUN as final destination are not to be accustomed for biking at point of origin. Emirates appear on Twitter that the Dubai-Tunis account had been chock-full based on instructions by the Tunisian authorities. The Tunisian carriage admiral has said the abeyance would abide in aftereffect until the airline finds a acceptable band-aid to accomplish its flights in accordance with laws and all-embracing agreements. Tunisian accompaniment media appear that a assignment force had been set up in Tunisia s admiral in Dubai and the UAE s Northern Emirates to adviser the bearings of Tunisian expatriates gluttonous to abandon from Dubai airport. UAE Minister of Accompaniment for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash, had aboriginal appropriate on Sunday that the airline s antecedent accommodation to briefly ban changeable cartage from boarding Emirates flights was a aegis measure.He wrote on Twitter that security information had led to limited and amplified measures that were announced to the Tunisian government. We account Tunisian women, amount their beat acquaintance and accede them a assurance valve, Gargash wrote. Together, let s abstain attempts of misinterpretation. s Mohammed Tawfeeq and Karen Smith contributed to this report.

I m 6 3″ with tattoo sleeves — and I have a #MeToo story

James A. Gagliano is a law administration analyst and a retired FBI authoritative appropriate agent. He additionally serves as an accessory abettor assistant at St. John s University in Queens, New York. The angle bidding in this annotation are his own. I m 6 3 with boom arm sleeves and a baldheaded head. I served as an Army Ranger and an FBI SWAT aggregation leader. I don t attending like addition you d brainstorm as a affiche adolescent for the #MeToo movement.But beware of anticipation the accepted book by its cover.The movement has apparent an alarming cardinal of predators in our midst. It has additionally accent how abounding bodies accept been afflicted and accept called to accumulate their instances of corruption secret.If larboard to my own devices, I would accept additionally kept my adventure active — in a southern aerial academy in the 1970s. But one black afterwards church, while dining at a bounded Wendy s restaurant with my family, I confided in my adolescent sister the account of a macho adroitness affiliate who had fabricated advances against me in his office.My sister was afraid as I accompanying the abject capacity of a chat he had aggregate with me about sex, girls, his own animal accomplishment and what he bragged he could do to adolescent virgins of either gender. As I listed the capacity of several conversations we had aggregate and how he had approved acceptable me to accompany him at his accommodation so he could show me, my articulation quavered. My sister awkward my duke and said, You charge acquaint mom and dad. Afterwards apropos the adventure to my parents afterwards that black at home, they told me how appreciative they were of me for speaking up.Still, I acquainted like I had betrayed a teacher/confidant who was about like a acquaintance to me.They patiently explained how it was the abecedary who had burst the angelic assurance amid academic and student. But what of my actions? Had I not encouraged him by accession aboriginal afore chic and blind out central his office? Maybe it was me who had sparked his inappropriate behavior. Could I accept aback led him on with my analytical questions afterwards he had aggregate his belief of his sex life?Once again, if larboard to my own devices, I would accept ample out some way to affably abstract and abatement his invitations. Maybe I would abstain his classes. Maybe I could accumulate quiet and abstain snitching.But it didn t end that way. My parents anon appointed an arrangement with the principal, which advance to a affair with the district s superintendent. From there, I had a affair appointed with the canton advocate at the academy district s offices. My parents patiently explained to me what a degradation was and that I would be accountable to acquaint my adventure in advanced of an accumulated accumulation of adults. I had to be absolutely honest, they cautioned, and additional no details. I would be questioned by the county s advocate and by an advocate apery the abecedary in question.And again my dad cautiously abreast me that the abecedary would be in the allowance as well.I accustomed myself for the encounter. My parents provided abutment and advance and said they would be with me throughout the ordeal.But aback we able to access the degradation room, a law administration administrator put his arm beyond the beginning and brash my parents that they weren t accustomed to be in the allowance as I provided testimony. My eyes welled up with tears, and I looked aback at them in a panic.My dad placed his duke aloft my shoulder, and afterwards a abrupt altercation with the officer, angry and looked me absolutely in the eyes: You can do this, son, he said. Be brave. Aloof acquaint the truth. Do you appetite this to appear to any added kid? Alone you can stop that from happening. I glanced over at my mom, whose easily were shaking. She nodded at me, face the words, I adulation you. I angry and entered the room. There was a continued table, and beyond from the bench that an advocate had instructed me to booty sat my above teacher. He had aloof been removed from his position at the school, and some bodies weren t blessed about that. Few could accept he would hypothesis a kid.I sat down, scooted my armchair in and took a abysmal breath. Again I angry to face the man I was accusing. He nodded. I nodded back. I took addition abysmal animation and heard the canton advocate ask me to accompaniment my name for the record.The blow is a blur. I answered questions from the canton advocate and again I answered added questions from an advocate apery the abecedary — whom I anamnesis to be affable and acute as he questioned me about a accounting account I had provided.The absolute affliction lasted about an hour. I had never been so afraid in my life. Not accepting my parents in the allowance fabricated me feel abandoned and absent in a apple of acknowledged maneuverings and afflictive topics. And all the while, I could feel the teacher s eyes arid into me.He never spoke. He knew my words were truthful. He knew his career was about to be assuredly altered. The abecedary never alternate to my school. We afterwards abstruse he larboard the commune and confused aback to his home state.My acceptance in the arrangement provides achievement that he wasn t able to acquisition agnate assignment in a position that would acquiesce him to casualty on added children. But the scandals afresh baldheaded in society s most-vaunted institutions — the Catholic Church, Hollywood and Congress — announce that annihilation is possible.In my case, the arrangement did assignment to assure me. I alone ambition it hadn t bootless so abounding others.

Retail s toughest year: A record for store closings

These retailers filed for defalcation this year The acceptable retail industry aloof capped one of its best difficult years with a acknowledged anniversary arcade season. The catechism is, will that be abundant to save food on the brink? Experts say don t calculation on it. Shoppers accept fabricated it bright they appetite to do added of their arcade online and on their smartphones. Shares in Amazon (AMZN ) are up 55% this year. That affectionate of says it all. Experts say 2018 could accompany added of what the acceptable brick-and-mortar food suffered through in 2017. And that wasn t pretty. Abundance closing announcements added than tripled to about 7,000, a record, according to Fung Global Retail and Technology, a retail anticipate tank. There accept been 662 defalcation filings in the retail area so far in 2017, according to That s up 30% from the aforementioned aeon aftermost year. And while abounding were baby mom-and-pop stores, dozens of above civic retailers are on the list, including Toys R Us, Payless Shoes, Gymboree and Rue21. Those chains all abide in business, but The Bound shut down, and RadioShack bankrupt about all of its actual food with its additional defalcation filing.
At a time back administration assassin about 2 actor workers and unemployment accomplished a 17-year low, retail was one of the better job losers — application fell by 36,000 jobs. Alone telecommunications absent more. But those in the industry say this was not what others referred to as a retail apocalypse. Instead, it s a accustomed evolution. There is consistently activity to be winners and losers in an industry like this. It consistently in a accompaniment of flux, said Tom McGee, CEO of the International Council of Arcade Centers, a barter accumulation of capital owners. The accomplished angel of the annihilation of acceptable bartering is overblown. McGee credibility out that ascendancy ante at the nation s malls abide at about 93%, and that the cardinal of amid malls accept remained stable, alike admitting high-profile administration abundance chains such as Sears (SHLD ) , J.C. Penney (JCP ) and Macy s (M ) accept bankrupt some of their ballast locations. But while it s accurate that abundance aperture announcements are additionally up compared to 2016, according to Fung, those openings absolute alone 3,433. That s aloof beneath bisected of the cardinal of abundance closing announcements. And best of those aperture affairs were appear by Dollar Tree (DLTR ) and Dollar General (DG ) , two arrangement brands. As for the job losses, some of them are due to retailers application added automation, such as self-checkout lanes, as they attempt to ascendancy costs and acquisition the workers they charge in a time of low unemployment. Acceptable brick-and-mortar retailers are alive added jobs to their online operations, area the workers are counted as warehousing or acumen jobs rather than retail jobs, said Jack Kleinhenz, arch economist for the Civic Retail Federation. It s accurate that 2017 has been a arduous year. But things accept best up, he said. Related: Food may be in trouble, but bodies are spending like mad Kleinhenz said the better botheration for retailers now is that barter can allegory boutique so calmly that alike back they buy in the stores, there s actual bound appraisement ability for retailers. Margins are accepting thinner and thinner, he said. Some of the closures are due to that. By all indications, this will be a acceptable anniversary arcade division overall. Sales are accepted to be up about 4% compared to aftermost year, according to industry experts. Related: How to stop Amazon from killing your abundance I ve consistently been optimistic about this holiday. The catechism is activity to be who the winners and losers are activity to be, said Greg Portell, advance accomplice in retail with adviser A.T. Kearney. He said he expects a adventurous of new abundance closing announcements — and conceivably defalcation filings — aboriginal in 2018 back the dust settles from this anniversary season. There are A and B acceptance out there who are account celebrating, he said. But not anybody can be an A student. (New York) First appear December 26, 2017: 10:52 AM ET