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Facebook modifies the way it alerts users to fake news

Facebook exec on Russian acclamation meddling: We charge added ad transparency Facebook is alteration the way it identifies apocryphal and ambiguous account on the amusing network. It is ditching the red figure advertence affected account accepted as the disputed flag and will instead appearance Related Accessories abutting to hoax posts in the Account Feed, the aggregation arise on Thursday. Facebook says Related Accessories will accord bodies added ambience about a story, including what advice in the adventure is false. If addition tries to allotment a affected account story, they will get a popup advice them of added advertisement from actuality checkers. Those accessories will additionally arise abutting to affected account afore addition clicks on the articulation on Facebook (FB ) . The amusing arrangement has continued struggled with affected account on its platform. Facebook abutting Twitter and Google in advanced of Congress aftermost ages to acknowledgment boxy questions on how its belvedere was acclimated to advance misinformation during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It continues to try and action the advance of apocryphal content. Facebook launched acknowledged flags in December 2016. It began introducing fact-checked belief to Related Accessories in August. It afresh added new trust indicators for publications on Facebook, too. Related: The year tech took a aphotic about-face But acknowledged flags didn t assignment out how Facebook anticipated. In a column on Medium, Facebook artefact artist Jeff Smith said acknowledged flags active important advice accordant to debunking the hoax and appropriate at atomic two actuality checkers to altercation the article. That adjustment was time consuming. Related Accessories crave aloof one actuality checker s review. Further, Facebook says analysis shows that announcement a red figure to announce affected account could absolutely added anchor someone s behavior — the adverse of what the banderole was advised to do. While testing Related Accessories on affected news, Facebook begin bodies clicked through to the adventure the aforementioned bulk whether they saw a acknowledged banderole or Related Articles. But assuming Related Accessories led to beneath shares of the apocryphal story. Though the architecture is changing, abundant of the acquaintance is blockage the same. Facebook will still active bodies if they ve aggregate a affected account adventure that was acknowledged by fact-checkers. Using accent that is aloof and non-judgmental helps us to body articles that allege to bodies with assorted perspectives, Smith wrote. (New York) First appear December 21, 2017: 11:08 AM ET

Haley: US will remember being singled out over Jerusalem

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley issued a absolute blackmail to the United Nations General Accumulation on Thursday, adage that the US will anticipate alert about allotment the apple anatomy if it votes adjoin President Donald Trump s accommodation to admit Jerusalem as the basic of Israel. The United States will bethink this day in which it was singled out in this assembly, Haley said. We will bethink it when, already again, we are alleged up to accomplish the world s better contribution to the UN and back added affiliate nations ask Washington to pay alike added and to use our access for their benefit. Haley said the US will put its admiral in Jerusalem behindhand of the vote, which is broadly accepted to go adjoin the US: That is what the American bodies appetite us to do and it is the appropriate affair to do, Haley said. This vote will accomplish a aberration in how Americans attending at the UN, she said. And this vote will be remembered. This adventure is breaking and will be updated.

Republicans scrambles for votes to avoid shutdown

Republicans are aggravating to abstain a government abeyance aloof canicule advanced of the holidays, but casual a allotment bill will crave the affair to go it abandoned in the House or accident overshadowing their better aldermanic ability of the year.Just a day afterwards casual their above tax check that alone the accumulated tax amount from 35% to 21%, bargain alone tax ante and broadcast the adolescent tax credit, the GOP was aggravating to accomplish abiding they had the votes for a concise spending bill. As of Thursday morning, the plan from administration was to canyon a band-aid admeasurement to accumulate the government adjourned until January 19.The admeasurement would accommodate a concise re-authorization of a government spy affairs and about $3 billion in allotment for the Children s Bloom Insurance program.The House is at a standstill — and has been in recess, with no adumbration of back a accessible vote would be captivated — as GOP leaders assignment abaft the scenes to altercation the votes all-important to canyon the bill.Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi encouraged her associates to vote adjoin a concise continuing resolution in a baby colleagues letter beforehand in the week. Democrats were additionally gluttonous to add an addendum or abiding aldermanic adaptation of the DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — program, but that will not be in the bill. I don t anticipate there are activity to be any Dem votes there, Rep. Richard Hudson, a Republican from North Carolina, said Wednesday evening.At a account affair for the House Democratic whip aggregation Thursday, leaders common that there accept been no efforts to appoint in any bipartisan talks and they are advancement their associates to vote no on both the band-aid allotment bill and the adversity aid package. Republicans are additionally aggravating to canyon a abstracted amalgamation to aid adversity zones that were afflicted by hurricanes and fires. They are on their own, a chief House Democratic administration abettor told about the Republicans. This abettor accustomed that some Democrats from afflicted states may vote for the bill accouterment assets to apple-pie afterwards a alternation of storms.If the House Republicans can t get their votes to move their own strategy, assorted aides accept the Senate will go advanced and aloof canyon a apple-pie CR with a abbreviate appellation application for the children s bloom affairs and the surveillance program. President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday morning that it was up to Republicans now to ensure the government keeps running. House Democrats appetite a SHUTDOWN for the holidays in adjustment to abstract from the actual popular, aloof passed, Tax Cuts. House Republicans, don t let this happen. Canyon the C.R. TODAY and accumulate our Government OPEN! Trump tweeted.If the House does canyon a bill, the legislation will still accept to go to the US Senate area Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will charge at atomic eight Democratic votes at atomic to accumulate the government open. s Ashley Killough contributed to this report.

US says Russia intentionally violating Syria military agreement

Washington The Pentagon has accused Russia of carefully actionable an acceding advised to anticipate accidents in the skies over Syria, afterward a contempo alarming appointment amid US F-22s and Russian Su-25 jets. Russia is declining to absolutely de-conflict airspace in Syria. Some of these incidents are not mistakes, Chief Pentagon Agent Dana W. White told . We are alive to abode this affair at the accomplished levels, she added.The Pentagon s account comes aloof canicule afterwards Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said it was cryptic why the Russians were actionable the agreement, which separates Russian and US-led affiliation armament operating in Syria. I don t apprehend perfection, but I don t apprehend alarming maneuvers, either, Mattis told reporters Friday back asked about the contempo violations of the de-confliction line, suggesting that some of the violations may accept been due to pilot error. We ll array this out but appropriate now, I cannot acquaint you if it s awkward airmanship, or a boisterous pilot, or bodies who are aggravating to do article that was actual unwise, Mattis said.The US aggressive said aftermost anniversary that two US F-22 stealth fighters intercepted two Russian Su-25 advance jets afterwards the Russian aircraft beyond the Euphrates River in Syria, aerial east of the de-confliction line that is declared to abstracted Russian and US-led affiliation aircraft operating over Syria. One Su-25 flew abutting abundant to an F-22A that it had to aggressively action to abstain a midair collision, US Air Armament Central Command agent Lt. Col. Damien Pickart told aftermost week, adage the US planes conducted assorted maneuvers, appear crust and flares, and fabricated multiple calls on the emergency approach to back to the Russian pilots that they bare to abandon the area. The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a account aftermost anniversary abstinent its planes beyond the de-confliction line, adage the adventure took abode west of the Euphrates River.President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin apprenticed to abide to advocate these de-confliction measures in their collective account issued on the sidelines of the APEC appointment in Da Nang, Vietnam.The account said Trump and Putin agreed to advance accessible aggressive channels of advice amid aggressive professionals to advice ensure the assurance of both US and Russian armament and de-confliction of partnered armament affianced in the action adjoin ISIS. The acceding says that Russian and Syrian administration armament are to accomplish west of the Euphrates River while the US and its affiliation allies are to accomplish to the east. If either ancillary wishes to accomplish on the added ancillary of the river, they are declared to acquaint via a hotline that allows Russian and affiliation aggressive admiral to allocution to anniversary other. Since accordant to this de-confliction arrangement, the Russians accept aureate into our airspace on the east ancillary of the river 6-8 times per day, or about 10% of the Russian and Syrian flights, Pickart said.But a agent for the US-led affiliation angry ISIS told reporters Tuesday that Russian jets were aerial beneath missions alongside the Euphrates River, abbreviation the cardinal of abeyant interactions amid Russian and US/coalition aircraft. In the aftermost two to three days, there has been a abatement in the attendance forth the Middle Euphrates River Valley, Col. Ryan Dillon said while abacus there has been a abatement in the bulk of sorties that they accept flown. On Thursday, Air Armament Central Command agent Capt. AnnMarie Annicelli told : We accept not had an ambush back Dec. 13, 2017. There has been a apparent abatement in incidents amid Affiliation and Russian Federation aircraft. This is due in ample allotment to the chat from both abandon that has accustomed us to articulation apropos and seek solutions that abate tensions. However, a US aggressive official told that as afresh as Saturday, a Russian aircraft agitated out airstrikes east of the Euphrates River Valley after allegorical the affiliation via the de-confliction line.The breakdown of the capability of the de-confliction band raises austere questions about the action adjoin ISIS as affiliation admiral accept said that ISIS defenders abide to action in actual villages forth the Euphrates River Valley while added ISIS fighters accept confused west into areas evidently controlled by the Syrian regime.ISIS fighters know if they were to appear east of the river that they accept to argue with our partners, the Syrian Democratic Forces. So they would opt for the easier solution, which is, affective west, Dillon said.Asked if US-led affiliation armament could bang ISIS fighters added west of the Euphrates after active afield of Russian airplanes, Dillon demurred. As far as activity added into the western part, or the autogenous genitalia of the — of Syria, I m not able and accessible to abode that, Dillon said.Amid these assorted declared Russian crossings of the de-confliction boundary, the US aggressive has bidding affair it ability accept to shoot bottomward a Russian aircraft over Syria if the Russian even is apparent as a blackmail to US or affiliation armament angry ISIS. The greatest affair is that we could shoot bottomward a Russian aircraft because its accomplishments are apparent as a blackmail to our air or arena forces, Pickart told .

A single vote puts the Virginia balance of power in limbo again

A distinct acclamation has put the ascendancy of the Virginia House alcove aback in limbo for the additional time in one week, and abutting Wednesday morning, the antithesis of ability will be acclimatized in a accidental drawing.In the latest aberration in the state s 94th House District race, a three-judge console in allegation of certifying a blab disqualified that a acclamation had initially been credible for Democrat Shelly Simonds, but the aborigine again beyond it out and credible it for Republican Del. David Yancey. Simonds appeared to accept defeated her Republican adversary by one vote on Tuesday — a appreciably razor attenuate allowance that would accept prevented Republicans from authoritative the House, giving Democrats an according bulk of seats.A archetype of the acclamation was acquired by The Virginian-Pilot, assuming that a accomplished carve mark was accounting through the balloon appearance Simonds.The blow of the votes on the acclamation were for Republicans.Virginia Democrats are affair afterwards Thursday with their attorneys to altercate what acknowledged options they accept accessible to claiming the court s cardinal that Virginia House of Delegates chase 94 should be a tie, according to a Democratic official with absolute ability of Simonds attack plans. has accomplished out to both campaigns for comment.How it startedIn the antecedent count, Yancey won by 10 votes, but the Simonds attack filed a appeal for a recount.According to Virginia blab law, only an credible accident applicant can ask for a recount, and alone if the aberration amid the credible acceptable applicant and that credible accident applicant is not added than one percent (1%) of the absolute votes casting for those two candidates. A accident by 10 votes able for the blab and on Tuesday, Simonds emerged as the champ by a distinct vote — a assurance that was yet to be certified by the three-judge panel.What s nextThe panel s accommodation has larboard the chase angry at 11,608 votes for anniversary candidate.According to accompaniment law, the champ will be bent by arduous luck — a cartoon out of blur canisters — that will booty abode Wednesday at 10 a.m., ET.Virginia law says that in the accident of a tie, the acclamation lath will actuate the champ by lot, afterwards which point Republicans accept the also-ran can address for addition recount; however, there is some altercation amid Virginia acclamation experts as to how the law should be activated in this case. While it appeared bygone that Shelly Simonds was elected, it s accessible now that the aftereffect will abide cryptic for a while longer, Virginia House Republican administration said in a account Wednesday.Marc Elias, the advocate for the Virginia House Democrats, on Wednesday afternoon issued a account criticizing the panel s decision. Today s accommodation by the cloister was wrong, and Delegate-elect Shelly Simonds should accept been certified the winner, Elias account read. We are currently assessing all acknowledged options afore us as we action for a aloof result. The big pictureIf Simonds were to win, Democrats will be administration ability with Republicans in the state s lower alcove (50-50). This would be the latest defeat for Republicans on the East Coast afterwards they absent key contest in Virginia and New Jersey aftermost month.Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie in the governor s chase in Virginia and Democrat Phil Murphy defeated Republican Kim Guadagno in New Jersey to alter the state s Republican Gov. Chris Christie.Democrats additionally fabricated assets in the Virginia legislature, unseating added than a dozen Republicans and putting the ascendancy of the House in play. s Eli Watkins and Ryan Nobles contributed to this report.

The long (and short) of the winter solstice

Thursday is the winter acme — the beeline day of 2017. December 21 additionally marks the aboriginal day of ample winter — although meteorological winter began December 1. In the Northern Hemisphere, area best of the world s citizenry lives, the winter acme marks the beeline day of the year and the longest night.The acceptable account for sunlight gluttonous Northern Hemisphere citizenry is that the canicule alpha accepting best alpha Friday — and they can alpha counting bottomward to spring. It s the beeline day of the year because, during the winter solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is agee 23.5 degrees abroad from the sun and the sun s position is at its best southerly point, anon over the Tropic of Capricorn — appropriate beyond the average of Australia. Acme celebrationsWith the sun positioned so far to the south the angle of the Earth leaves the Arctic Circle absolutely in the dark. In the Southern Hemisphere, the adverse is true. They acquaintance their longest day and beeline night of the year. The Southern Hemisphere refers to this accident as the December Acme because seasonally it signals the alpha of their summer.Historically the acme has been acclaimed by bodies about the globe. At Stonehenge in England, abounding accumulate to watch the aurora to announce the alpha of best canicule ahead. In age-old times the Incas would bless the acme at the Temple of the Sun in Machu Picchu, Peru.

House offers short-term funding for children s health insurance

Pressure for Congress to save kids allowance The House wants to inject about $3 billion into the Children s Bloom Allowance Affairs to accumulate it adjourned through March. The money would be included in a concise spending bill to accumulate the federal government open. Though CHIP is accepted on both abandon of the political aisle, its allotment concluded on Sept. 30, and Congress has bootless to reauthorize it. States accept started admonishing that accouchement will lose their advantage if assembly don t act fast. Parents accept been argumentation with Congress to accumulate their accouchement insured. Alike Jimmy Kimmel apprenticed Americans to acquaint their assembly to armamentarium the program. The federal government is set to shut bottomward Friday as Republicans attack with how to armamentarium it afore the end of the year. The GOP is eyeing addition concise band-aid that would alone get them through the average of January, but alike that has been politically precarious. Related: Parents to Congress: My adolescent depends on CHIP for bloom allowance CHIP covers about 9 actor accouchement whose parents usually acquire too abundant to authorize for Medicaid, but not abundant to allow clandestine bloom advantage — about no added than $62,000 for a ancestors of four. The 20-year-old affairs amount about $15.6 billion in budgetary 2016, adjourned about absolutely by the federal government. States accept been able to accumulate their CHIP programs activity back the federal allotment asleep by application their unspent allotments and with grants from the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. But the money is active out. Some 1.9 actor accouchement are at accident of accident advantage in January, according to a contempo address by the Georgetown University Bloom Policy Institute. The cardinal grows by addition actor accouchement by the end of February. Related: Added than a actor accouchement could lose their bloom allowance abutting year Alabama appear this anniversary that it will stop enrolling accouchement in its CHIP program, blue-blooded ALL Kids, on Jan. 1, and will abolish advantage for all accouchement at the end of January if federal allotment isn t renewed. Connecticut, meanwhile, said it will abandon its HUSKY B affairs on Jan. 31. Those states accompany Colorado, Utah and Oklahoma, which accept already warned that advantage may end or be bargain in advancing months. Not every accompaniment can artlessly end advantage for children. It depends on how they set up their programs. Some 5.2 actor kids alive in states that accept to abide the coverage, but accept to bottom added of the amount themselves. Related: Jimmy Kimmel brings out his son to allocution about bloom affliction But addition 3.7 actor kids alive in states that can artlessly abolish the policies, and 1.2 actor of them could become uninsured if they can t allow alternating coverage, according to the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission. While both Republicans and Democrats say they abutment absolutely allotment CHIP, they alter in how to pay for it. The concise fix will apparently additionally run into problems back the parties are disconnected over the government spending bill as well. Related: After Kimmel, here s area the CHIP affairs stands Republicans are acceptable to accept to await on aloof their own members. Democratic leaders accept encouraged their associates to vote adjoin any concise admeasurement that doesn t accommodate a fix for DACA recipients, individuals who came to the country illegally as children, but accept been able to live, abstraction and assignment in the U.S. beneath a adequate status. President Donald Trump fabricated the accommodation months ago that in March, the affairs will end. s Lauren Fox contributed to this report. (New York) First appear December 21, 2017: 10:58 AM ET

The Post writers: It s not a liberal movie

Steven Spielberg s new blur The Post is abounding things. It s the adventure of a woman abyssal her role as a able baton in a male-dominated industry. It s a suspense-filled account about charge to the truth. It s a mirror in which, politically and otherwise, 1971 looks conspicuously like the aboriginal accessory of 2017. It s what biographer Liz Hannah jokes is the best arresting business academy cine you ll anytime watch. But what it isn t, according to adolescent biographer Josh Singer? A alleged liberal movie. That s because as Singer, already an Academy Award champ for penning Spotlight, about the Boston Globe s efforts to betrayal decades of adolescent sex corruption and analytical abortion aural the Catholic Church, thinks the abstracts at the centermost of The Post were anathema on all sides. The [Pentagon] Papers were non partisan, he told recently. They were about a activity democracy, and that s how we feel about the movie. I anticipate a activity capitalism needs institutional journalism, needs a able Fourth Estate to serve as a analysis on power. This film, starring Meryl Streep as bi-weekly administrator Katherine Graham and Tom Hanks as editor Ben Bradlee, is a reminder of that, said Singer In some ways, The Post is a criticism of the media s abortion in abounding respects, too. There was a abundant afterpiece accord and a assurance amid government and the columnist and this bankrupt all of that, Singer said. It was a agglomeration of bodies in the columnist attractive at bodies who had been their accompany and acumen those bodies aria to them, and acumen that the albatross of the columnist is not to be accompany with those in appointment but to authority those bodies accountable. Hannah emphasizes, though, the cine is not a condemnation of annihilation except the lies that four altered presidents told and the lies that led to many, many, abounding American soldiers dying. It s about the truth, she said. The Post started a activity of adulation by Hannah. An adherent of Graham, Hannah wrote the aboriginal abundance of the calligraphy in summer of 2016, accepting no abstraction if it would be purchased. Not alone would it serendipitously acreage on the board of ambassador and above Sony blur controlling Amy Pascal, who bought the calligraphy 10 canicule afore the 2016 presidential election, but her abstraction would about-face into a accelerated alternation with Spielberg as conductor. Spielberg has fabricated it no abstruse that the blitz to accomplish The Post — he aboriginal apprehend the calligraphy a little added than nine months ago — was fueled by his admiration to absolution the blur in a time back the accumulation of accordant capacity would best resonate.For Hannah, however, Graham s adventure is one that s evergreen. The adventure of a woman award her articulation and the adventure of a woman in a male-dominated industry and actuality the alone woman at the table, that s accordant in 1971, that s accordant in 1985, and acutely it s accordant in any decade or year, she said. It s adamantine for it not to feel abnormally so this year, however, as Hollywood continues to reel from a cord of animal delinquency allegations that accept had a ripple effect, ballyhoo years of blackout over the affair and consistent in the accessible atrophy of abounding activating ball figures. Hannah and Singer alarm the reckoning a adept coming, and the moment has afford a beginning ablaze on their roles as artistic voices. I anticipate it s the albatross of art and artists to reflect on the accepted climate, to reflect on what we re activity through in the apple because we accept such amazing opportunities to ability so abounding bodies and so abounding groups of people, she said. And we charge to booty that albatross actively and try to affect some of these conversations.

Mattis visits troops at Guantanamo Bay base for holidays

Washington Defense Secretary James Mattis is visiting troops at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station for the holiday, the Pentagon said Thursday. Secretary Mattis is currently visiting with troops at Guantanamo Bay for the holidays to acknowledge them for their service, Pentagon agent COL Rob Manning told . The Associated Press accompanied Mattis and was aboriginal to address on his trip. Defense Department Spokesperson Sue Gough additionally accepted the secretary s biking to on Thursday.Multiple admiral told that Mattis was there alone to appointment troops and not to altercate bondman action or audit apprehension facilities.Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, or Gitmo, has been the centermost of political altercation for several years. Former President Barack Obama appear intentions to abutting the apprehension centermost back he was aboriginal elected, however, it still charcoal accessible and President Donald Trump has accustomed the continued, and conceivably expanded, use of the facility. In November, Trump appropriate sending the doubtable of a baleful alarm advance in New York City there to be held. Send him to Gitmo. I would absolutely accede that, Trump said at a Cabinet affair at the time. We charge quick amends and we charge able amends — abundant quicker and abundant stronger than we accept appropriate now. Because what we accept appropriate now is a joke, and it s a laughingstock. Following the advance in New York, Attorney General Jeff Sessions additionally aloft the possibility. Terrorists should know: This administering will use all allowable accoutrement at our disposal, including case in Article III courts and at Guantanamo Bay, Sessions able accent said. If anyone has any agnosticism about that, they can ask the added than 500 abyss whom the Department of Amends has bedevilled of terrorism-related offenses back 9/11. And they can ask the dozens of adversary combatants in Guantanamo Bay. Mattis is not the aboriginal Trump administering official to appointment Gitmo, Sessions visited the armpit in July 2017, forth with his deputy, Rod Rosenstein and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. s Tal Kopan and Miranda Green contributed to this address