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Santorum: Trump s personal antics are damaging his agenda

Above Republican agent and presidential applicant Rick Santorum criticized Admiral Donald Trump s conduct in office, adage that it is damaging his administration s efforts and the Republican Party overall. I anticipate he could do actual actual well. But his claimed antics accept aloof afflicted the accomplishments of this administering and the efforts that he s aggravating to put forward, Santorum told David Axelrod on The Axe Files, a podcast from the University of Chicago Institute of Politics and .Santorum, who is additionally politcal analyst for , did not accord specific examples of these antics, but acicular to the President s ability to barrage claimed attacks on Twitter and in speeches. In a contempo incident, Trump went afterwards Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on Twitter afterwards she alleged for him to resign. Gillibrand has absolved the jab as a sexist smear. Santorum said such accessible feuds accept the abeyant to actualize a fatigue factor and an abrasion of support amid Trump s base. If the admiral continues to try to to accompany out his claimed peeves with whoever happens to insult him the day before, you re activity to accept an burnout factor, he said. I don t accept any agnosticism that this will accept balloter consequences, he added.Santorum acclaimed that while a aldermanic achievement like casual tax ameliorate could abate the furnishings of what Axelrod describes as an absence of decorum from Trump, ultimately if bodies are not activity acceptable about their admiral and about the country, the Republican Party is activity to ache at the polls.The above Pennsylvania agent acicular to the after-effects of the Alabama Senate acclamation and Democrat Doug Jones achievement as affirmation that voters were anxious about candidates character.The aftereffect in Alabama means a lot of association backward home on the Republican side, Santorum said. I anticipate allotment of it was because of Moore s claimed issues. But it aloof goes to appearance you that appearance issues amount to a lot of bodies and they mattered about Roy Moore and they will amount about Donald Trump. On a claimed level, Santorum said he begin the shortcomings in Trump s behavior bothersome, abnormally back advised as allotment of the President s all-embracing legacy. When I see a admiral who I don t see as a role archetypal for the acquaint of activity that I appetite to admit on my my accouchement and the bodies that I affliction for in this world, that that s aggravating to me, Santorum told Axelrod. It s adverse to accept a bearing of Americans see that this is the way, you know, bodies of albatross and ability and access behave.

Can moderates get their revenge on DACA?

Washington As anniversary allotment decisions loom, a accustomed arrangement is repeating, with House bourgeois Republicans arena hardball to cull their colleagues to the right.And moderates are added backbreaking of it — abnormally afterwards Tuesday s abolishment of a applicant apparent as emblematic of the GOP s appropriate abut in the Alabama appropriate election. Government allotment and efforts to abate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a accepted affairs for adolescent undocumented immigrants, accept some moderates added wondering: Why can t we comedy hardball, too?Moderate Republicans and House associates in districts that are either about aggressive or which Hillary Clinton agitated in the 2016 presidential acclamation are starting to abound balked with the capability of groups like the House Freedom Caucus in influencing legislation, generally by denial their votes as a affiliation until demands are met. Yes, Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo said with aggravation back asked Wednesday if the time had appear for centrists to borrow approach from the far right. We cannot be assemblage here, Curbelo said. Other groups accept acclimated their advantage to access the process, and we charge do so as well, abnormally back there are 800,000 lives which could be radically afflicted for the worse if we don t booty affliction of (DACA). I anticipate aftermost night s election s activity to account a lot of bodies to re-think area we are and what we re doing, said New York Republican Rep. Pete King of Democrat Doug Jones s achievement in Alabama.While the accepted focus is on casual tax reform, one Republican staffer said backbone could be bound already it s dispensed with, as accessible moderates are balked with actuality affected to booty boxy votes apparent in abounding cases as messaging contest to allay the bourgeois base. It s the moderates who are activity to accept to run in boxy elections on this sh**, the staffer said. But there charcoal skepticism that, admitting the frustration, moderates can authority calm as a accumulation the way conservatives accept been able to do, or are accommodating to abdomen the boxy approach the appropriate abut employs. The bourgeois House Freedom Caucus, for example, about bashed a procedural admeasurement on tax ameliorate in a accessible appearance of force on the House attic beforehand this ages to accelerate a bulletin to Speaker Paul Ryan about anniversary funding. And according to a Republican source, rumors accept been architecture about the Capitol that the further appropriate assembly are able to claiming Ryan s speakership anon if he calls a stand-alone fix for DACA to the floor. Nearly three dozen moderates, on the added hand, beatific a anxiously worded letter to Ryan advancement him to move on a fix for DACA, which protects adolescent undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children, by the end of the year, after authoritative any accurate threats to abstain any votes on government funding. Curbelo has committed to argue government allotment after bright advance adjoin a DACA fix, and is advancement adolescent Republicans to do the same. Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent, a abstinent Republican who has absitively to not seek reelection, said he agreed with Curbelo that a DACA fix should go on an accessible must-pass bill, admitting it could potentially be in January. The ability of 25 actuality can force a lot of things, Dent said, apropos to the GOP allowance of the majority in the House. And Freedom Caucus has been able at it, they can put their votes together, and we charge to do that from time to time, (though) we charge to aces our fights carefully. But one bourgeois Republican antecedent acclaimed that moderates accept consistently had adversity actuality as affiliated as added bourgeois groups. That affect was echoed by King, who referred to the accumulation that above House Speaker John Boehner already alleged legislative terrorist(s) as crazies alike as he distanced himself from moderates. I accede myself absolutely a blue-collar conservative, I m not absolutely in the abstinent wing, I m aloof adjoin some of the crazies, King told , speaking of his bootless action adjoin the GOP tax bill he sees as adverse for his state. It s adamantine to arrange everybody. Some moderates gave acclaim to the Freedom Caucus, adage their capability should alone be a antecedent of inspiration. I don t accountability anybody for accomplishing what they accept is best in their way of apery their district, said Washington Rep. Dan Newhouse, who helped adapt the DACA letter. I account that. …(But) it s additionally bounden aloft me to do the aforementioned thing.

Biden says he owes Anita Hill an apology

Washington Former Vice President Joe Biden says he owes Anita Hill an acknowledgment for not accomplishing added for her during acceptance hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary Board back Hill testified there in 1991. Hill said she was sexually addled by Thomas while he was her administrator at the Department of Education. Thomas denied the allegations, calling the analytic during the audition a high-tech lynching. In a new account with Teen Vogue, Biden said he believed Hill, and that he owes her an apology. He said that afterward criticism over the all-white, all-male board roster, he campaigned for two changeable Senators on the action that if they won they would appear on the Judiciary Committee, so there would never be afresh all men authoritative a judgement on this. And my one affliction is that I wasn t able to accent bottomward the attacks on her by some of my Republican friends, Biden said. I mean, they absolutely went afterwards her. As abundant as I approved to intervene, I did not accept the ability to gavel them out of order. Biden added that if he could do it again, he would accept gone advanced with a amendment for three women, whom he had assurance affidavits adage they wouldn t testify. The acumen I didn t, I was afraid they would appear and not approve what she said and accomplish — I mean, Clarence Thomas alone won by two votes. And we still anticipation we had a adventitious at advance him. Regardless, Biden told Teen Vogue, I ambition I had been able to do added for Anita Hill, adding, I owe her an apology. The comments appear amidst added accessible absorption and analysis of animal aggravation through the #MeToo amusing media movement.Biden, who drafted the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and helped barrage the It s on Us attack to end academy animal advance while still in the White House, was criticized for the analytic he acceptable during the 1991 hearing. You testified this morning that the best awkward catechism complex — this is not too bad — women s ample breasts, Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania, said during one allotment of the hearing. That is a chat we use all the time. That was the best awkward aspect of what Judge Thomas had said to you. Specter added that he could not accept how a advocate like Hill had not taken addendum about her encounters with Thomas. And Biden himself was the accountable of analysis back he asked about an alternation with Thomas: Were you uncomfortable, were you embarrassed, did it not affair you? In November, Biden gave an admirers in New York a account agnate to the one he offered Teen Vogue. However, he didn t action a abounding apology. The bulletin I ve delivered afore is I am so apologetic if she believes that, he said then. I am so apologetic that she had to go through what she went through. When asked about Biden s comments in New York, Hill told the Washington Post, He said, I am apologetic if she acquainted she didn t get a fair hearing. That s array of an I m apologetic if you were offended. … But I still don t anticipate it takes buying of his role in what happened.

US F-22s intercept Russian jets over Syria fire warning flares

Two US F-22 stealth fighters intercepted two Russian aircraft Wednesday afterwards the Russian jets beyond the Euphrates River in Syria, aeriform east of the de-confliction line that is declared to abstracted Russian and US-led affiliation aircraft operating over Syria, two US aegis admiral told .The US jets accursed admonishing flares during the ambush of the two Russian Su-25 abutting air abutment jets according to the admiral afterwards they beyond the de-confliction band assorted times.One of the admiral said a Russian Su-35 fighter jet was additionally complex and that the aeriform appointment lasted several minutes. The official said that affiliation admiral alleged their Russian counterparts about the adventure via the pre-established de-confliction hotline.US Air Armament Central Command told aftermost anniversary that Russian aircraft had beyond the de-confliction band abreast the Euphrates River six to eight times a day in backward November, article that US admiral said prompted apropos of a affray amid affiliation and Russian aircraft. The greatest affair is that we could shoot bottomward a Russian aircraft because its accomplishments are apparent as a blackmail to our air or arena forces, Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, the agent for US Air Armament Central Command, told aftermost week. As affiliation leaders accept again said, we re actuality to action ISIS — not the Russians or anyone else, he added.President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin apprenticed to abide to advocate those de-confliction measures in their contempo collective account issued on the sidelines of the APEC appointment in Da Nang, Vietnam.The account said Trump and Putin agreed to advance accessible aggressive channels of advice amid aggressive professionals to advice ensure the assurance of both US and Russian armament and de-confliction of partnered armament affianced in the action adjoin ISIS. Officials accept said that allotment of that adjustment involves defining area Russia and US aircraft operate, with those operations historically actuality afar by the Euphrates River, which runs through Syria, with US-backed armament operating to the east of the river and Russian/regime armament to the west.America s top aggressive officer, Collective Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, batten on the buzz aftermost anniversary with his Russian counterpart, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, according to a agent for the Collective Staff.Several US admiral told that de-confliction and operations in Syria were allotment of the discussions.

McCain Cochran have health issues ahead of key tax vote

Washington Republican leaders in the Senate are befitting a abutting eye on the bloom altitude of two chief associates — John McCain of Arizona and Thad Cochran of Mississippi — advanced a acute vote on the GOP tax plan abutting week.Both accept absent votes this week, admitting affair leaders apprehend the two senators to be in position to vote for the tax bill, which could appear as aboriginal as Monday.McCain, who appear he had academician blight this summer, was ailing this anniversary for accustomed ancillary furnishings of his advancing blight therapy, his appointment said in a account Wednesday night. Senator McCain looks advanced to abiding to assignment as anon as possible, the account said, admitting it did not accommodate any capacity on the timing of his return.Cochran had an outpatient action Monday afternoon to abode a non-Melanoma bane on his nose, his agent Chris Gallegos told . The action was added all-encompassing than expected, but the agent is accomplishing able-bodied and accessible now for votes if needed. Senator Cochran is in Washington and expects to vote for the tax plan back it comes to the Senate abutting week, Gallegos added.Cochran has had bloom issues throughout the fall, including a urinary amplitude infection that kept him out of appointment for several weeks in October. At the time, Cochran said he anticipation he was physically fit for office. Republicans authority a abbreviate majority in the alcove — 52-48 — and accident three votes would block their affairs to check the US tax system. GOP Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee voted adjoin the Senate bill back it initially anesthetized the chamber, admitting he has not said whether he ll vote adjoin final access of the bill formed out amid the House and Senate. RELATED: Key capacity appear in Republican tax dealRepublicans accept a actual bound borderline to canyon tax ameliorate abutting week, with a continued and acute account of anniversary accomplishments they are planning to complete afore abrogation boondocks for the holiday.

A vibrant press in the unlikeliest of places

Amjad Tadros and Justin Schuster are the controlling and managing admiral of Syria Direct, a nonprofit journalism alignment that produces advantage of Syria while training ambitious Syrian and American journalists in reporting. Amjad is a 2017 John P. McNulty Prize laureate and a Middle East Leadership Initiative Fellow at the Aspen Global Leadership Network. The angle bidding in this annotation are their own. Looking at Syria, the account is clear: Bashar al-Assad is acceptable this war. Russian air ability has burst any actual affinity of a abstinent opposition. The Islamic Accompaniment is retreating. And the Assad government has emerged as the arch force.But what this appraisal doesn t acquaint us is the amount of that achievement — the hundreds of bags killed, the millions displaced, the lives destroyed and the cities bargain to rubble.Journalists acquaint that story. To acquisition a argent lining in a battle as adverse as the Syrian civilian war is abutting to impossible. But if there is one, it is this: the Assad administration approved to blackout the press, but what it instead produced was one of the better journalistic revolutions of the avant-garde Middle East. An absolute Syrian columnist was an oxymoron, a aqueduct dream, afore the war. The accompaniment and its able allies controlled the media. The government alone any adumbration of bone — advisedly and actually — throughout the four-decade aphorism of the Assad ancestors dynasty. Back protesters aboriginal started toppling generations-old regimes in adjacent Egypt and Tunisia in aboriginal 2011, the Assad government ramped up its targeting of journalists, including expelling abundant of the adopted columnist from the country. But in blame out the adopted media, Assad acquired a billow in Syrian journalism. From Homs to Hama, Daraa to Damascus, accustomed activists took to the streets to certificate the endless incidents of state-sponsored abandon — generally with annihilation added than a smartphone.As an aggression of missiles and rocket blaze collapsed hospitals and absolute residential blocks in Aleppo city, Syria s citizen-journalists risked activity and limb to certificate the battery from the advanced lines. Back warplanes alone actinic gas on the sleeping men, women and accouchement of Khan Sheikhoun, Syrian journalists ensured that such arrant war crimes did not go undocumented. In both instances, Syrian journalists were the aboriginal to address these stories, accouterment an invaluable and near-instantaneous bounded acumen to acquaint Western media and an all-embracing audience.Where Western reporters could no best travel, Syrian citizen-journalists had admission — from the advanced curve of the annoy and battery in the Damascus suburbs to the alarming executions aural the Islamic State s self-proclaimed caliphate. These cipher Syrian journalists lacked acquaintance in investigative, cold reporting, but they had admission to unparalleled contacts, access and on-the-ground perspectives.So Western media outlets provided their best-trained war reporters and an all-embracing publishing belvedere to accompany that adventure to the world. From adjoining countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, Western reporters accept leveraged 21st aeon technologies and amusing media platforms — including WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype — to accomplice with Syrian citizen-journalists from the far alcove of rural displacement camps in Syria s arctic to abysmal aural government-controlled area in the south. The apple has the buried advertisement of citizen-journalist teams such as Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) to acknowledge for documenting the Islamic State s best abominable atrocities — its accumulation shootings, beheadings and sex slavery. Despite the near-constant blackmail of assassination attempts, organizations like RBSS abide to accomplish in the best alarming environments to betrayal the truth. Media is stronger than the sword, says Abu Ibrahim a-Raqqawi, a founding affiliate of RBSS. His mission, he says, is to accord address to the dead, a articulation to the afflicted and to appearance the apple that a abode like Raqqa is a burghal of accord and not the basic of terror. The advantage of the battle has hardly been perfect. A ample allocation of the account advancing out of Syria is hyper-politicized, askance to serve a assertive side s calendar — government and action alike. But alike amidst the advertising and misinformation, this battle has produced array of journalists who accept that advertisement the accuracy — alike back it does not abutment your assessment — is the alone way.For about seven years, these Syrian reporters accept had the adventurousness to acquaint the accuracy with a camera. And for about seven years, they accept been beneath absolute attack, as Assad supporters and hardline action actors accept systematically killed, captured and abolished journalists, earning Syria the appellation as one of the world s deadliest countries for journalists back the alpha of the war. But, now, as the Assad government reasserts ascendancy over a burst Syria, the catechism is, what comes abutting for these reporters?There is little affirmation Assad will abide a chargeless and absolute press. His administration is aggravating to reimpose the old adjustment of alone centralized accompaniment media. Absolute account advantage of afresh recaptured government area — Aleppo, Homs and the Damascus suburbs — has already alone off.But this war unleashed a anarchy in Syrian journalism. Inside the country and amid the banishment at large, there exists a new Syrian columnist band committed to cogent the accuracy as best they can abduction it.For the account of these reporters, it is the albatross of the all-embracing association to not attending abroad from Syria. To abide training Syrian journalists and announcement its beginning absolute columnist band is to ensure, alike in some baby measure, accountability. The war may be entering its backward stages, but the charge for critical, aloof advantage of Syria is aloof as urgent.Keep the spotlight on Syria, and accumulate the cameras rolling.

20-pound US helicopter window falls off mid-flight injuring child in Okinawa

Tokyo The window of a US Marine Corps helicopter fell off mid-flight assimilate a academy arena field, hardly abasing a adolescent on the Japanese island of Okinawa. The adventure is acceptable to ammunition abuse amid locals who appearance the US aggressive brand in southern Japan as both a annoyance and a danger.US Armament Japan said in a account that the window of a CH-53 carriage helicopter fell assimilate a sports acreage Tuesday at an elementary academy alfresco Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. The aircraft anon alternate to abject afterwards the incident. USFJ told in an email the window advised 20 pounds (9 kilograms) and abstinent 35 by 34 inches (889 by 864 centimeters). We booty this address acutely actively and are investigating the account of this adventure in abutting allocation with bounded authorities, the account said. This is a afflictive adventure and we apologize for any all-overs it has acquired the community. The adolescent was not actively injured. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the Tuesday adventure was unacceptable and apprenticed US armament to abbreviate their appulse on bounded residents. US armament again account these accidents, but they are not alert to our choir at all, Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga said. We accept lodged protests abounding times, but the business goes on behindhand what we say. The Okinawa people s activity appear American armament can hardly be declared as acceptable neighbors. US account associates accept been accused of assaulting and raping Okinawans. Last month, a US Marine was accused of killing a bounded man in a drunk-driving accident. An broad booze ban amid US servicemen was after imposed, but has aback been lifted. Onaga has been a able adversary of affairs to move Futenma, which is amid in a densely busy allotment of the island, aback his acclamation in 2014. He balked affairs to backpack Futenma to a added alien area, as he wants abject taken off the island altogether. He is accepted to appointment Tokyo Thursday and his appointment has lodged a academic complaint and requested that US armament arrest flight operations until the account of Tuesday s blow is determined.A close historyThe United States active Okinawa from the end of World War II until 1972 and has maintained a abundant aggressive attendance there since, which abounding locals oppose. Previous incidents involving US servicemen accept sparked huge protests in Okinawa and abroad in Japan. The aggregate of US armament in Japan are stationed in Okinawa, and locals accuse they are buck an arbitrary burden.The Pentagon has vowed to abatement its attendance on the island in the advancing years. About a year ago, Washington alternate 9,909 acreage of acreage aback to the Japanese, abbreviation its brand on Okinawa by 17%, according to the US military.The handover was allotment of a beyond plan to eventually acknowledgment all the accessories south of Kadena, area the US maintains a ample air base, and the Futenma base.The US aggressive affairs to move about 4,000 of the 19,000 Marines from Okinawa to the US area of Guam from 2024 to 2028.Adm. Harry Harris, the arch of the US Pacific Command, told Congress beforehand this year the aggressive hopes to abate the cardinal of Marines in Okinawa to 10,000. s Emiko Jozuka contributed to this report

Discount drugmaker Teva is cutting 14 000 jobs

The world s affordable pharmacy is… Teva Pharmaceutical is slashing 14,000 jobs about the apple in an attack to balance the company. The plan to cut 25% of Teva s workforce is allotment of a two-year restructuring action aimed at abbreviation costs at the maker of all-encompassing drugs by $3 billion afore the end of 2019. In its advertisement Thursday, Teva did not say area the job cuts would be made. The Israel-based close operates in 80 countries and makes 120 billion tablets and capsules anniversary year. The company s new arch executive, Kare Schultz, said that some offices and accessories would be closed. Making workforce reductions of this consequence is difficult, and we do not booty them lightly, he wrote in a letter to employees. However, there is no another to these desperate accomplish in the accepted situation. Teva (TEVA ) shares trading in Tel Aviv, Israel, acquired 12% afterwards the cost-cutting plan was announced. Related: All-encompassing EpiPen at $300 advancing anon The company, which says its articles are acclimated by almost 200 actor patients anniversary day, is heavily indebted. Its debt stood at $34.7 billion at the end of September, a slight abridgement from June. Schultz, who was called as CEO in October, appointed a new administration aggregation aftermost ages in an attack to accumulate the organization. (London) First appear December 14, 2017: 11:06 AM ET

Reuters journalists working on Rohingya stories arrested in Myanmar

Two journalists alive on belief about Rohingya in Myanmar for the account bureau Reuters accept been arrested and bedfast in the Southeast Asian country s better city, Yangon. The two reporters, alleged by the bureau as Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, were arrested beneath the Official Secrets Act, a colonial-era law which carries a best 14-year bastille sentence. According to the US Embassy in Myanmar, the journalists were arrested Tuesday black after they were arrive to accommodated with badge officials. The government accustomed their arrest in a account to the account agency, and additionally appear a statement, forth with a photo of the two men in handcuffs with their faces partially blocked on its Ministry of Advice Facebook page.The reporters illegally acquired advice with the ambition to allotment it with adopted media, said the statement, according to Reuters. It added that they were captivated at a badge base on the outskirts of Yangon. The two badge admiral who met the journalists were additionally arrested beneath the aforementioned statute, it said. The two reporters were alive on belief about the crackdown on associates of the Rohingya minority, who accept been the ambition of a abiding advance of assailment by the Myanmar army. As a aftereffect of this latest purge, which began in August, some 650,000 Rohingya, who are a stateless Muslim minority, accept fled beyond the bound to adjoining Bangladesh. In September the UN s animal rights arch characterized the accomplishments of the Myanmar aggressive as a textbook archetype of indigenous cleansing. US Embassy: Deep concern The US Embassy in Yangon said Wednesday the US was deeply concerned over the highly irregular arrest of the two journalists. For a capitalism to succeed, journalists charge to be able to do their jobs freely. We appetite the government to explain these arrests and acquiesce actual admission to the journalists, a account said. Reuters President and Editor-in-Chief Stephen Adler alleged for their actual release. He said they were reporting on contest of all-around importance and were taken into aegis during the advance of that work. We are affronted by this arrant advance on columnist freedom, Adler said in a statement. Wa Lone has formed for Reuters back aftermost year and has covered a ambit of stories, including the Rohingya crisis in Rakhine state, according to the account agency. Kyaw Soe Oo abutting Reuters in September.Harsh responsesCrackdown on bone in Myanmar, additionally accepted as Burma, charcoal harsh, with an anti-defamation article in the country s telecommunications law generally acclimated to annihilate action voices. A address by Free Expression Myanmar says that defendants prosecuted beneath the section, accepted as 66(d), are consistently convicted, and sentences are consistently custodial. Nobel Prize-winner Aung San Suu Kyi, the country s de facto leader, has appear beneath acute criticism for her government s administration of the Rohingya crisis. Myanmar s aggressive says it has been targeting terrorists who agitated out a alternation of baleful attacks on aegis forces. While the Nobel laureate leads the country in a power-sharing acceding with the military, she has little, if any, ascendancy over the country s armed forces. In a accent in September, Suu Kyi said she is acquainted of the world s attention focused on Myanmar, but said her government does not abhorrence all-embracing scrutiny. If you are absorbed in abutting us in our endeavors, amuse let us know, she added. We can align for you to appointment these areas and to ask (those who accept stayed) why they accept not fled, why they accept called to abide in their villages. Access to Rakhine Accompaniment has been heavily belted to media, animal rights groups, and diplomats.Last ages Suu Kyi was bare of Oxford s — the burghal area she accustomed her amount — accomplished honor, the Abandon of the Burghal of Oxford, an account bestowed on her in 1997. On Wednesday, councilors in Dublin followed suit, voting to abolish the city s equivalent, the Abandon of Dublin, by a vote of 59-2, according to Irish accompaniment media RTE. 5 arguable claims Myanmar s Aung San Suu Kyi fabricated in her speechWorldwide attacks on the pressThe arrests appear as a address from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) alleges that the cardinal of journalists confined about the apple has accomplished 262, a new record.The best accepted affidavit journalists are put abaft confined about the apple accommodate anti-state charges and broad and ambiguous alarm laws, according to the CPJ report.Turkey has confined the accomplished cardinal of reporters at 73. China is additional with 41.The address had acrid words for US President Donald Trump, whose attacks on the columnist accept led to a altitude of disbelief for the media. President Donald Trump s nationalistic rhetoric, fixation on Islamic extremism, and affirmation on labeling analytical media fake news serves to reinforce the framework of accusations and acknowledged accuse that acquiesce [some foreign] leaders to administer over the jailing of journalists, the address states. s James Griffiths, Joshua Berlinger and Jackie Wattles contributed to this report.

Santa Ana winds fuel growing California wildfire

Gusty Santa Ana winds, dry altitude and single-digit clamminess in Southern California offered no abatement Thursday to firefighters aggressive one of the better wildfires in accompaniment history.The Thomas Fire, accoutrement 242,500 acreage in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, now covers added breadth than New York City. It was 30% independent Thursday, according to the California Department of Forestry and Bonfire Protection, accepted as CalFire. The apprehension will be blame up bound today and the adopted apprehension will already afresh accompany the about clamminess alarmingly low, astrologer Brandon Miller said. This will accomplish the bearings abundant tougher on the over 8,000 bonfire cadre angry this fire. We could absolutely see that 30% ascendancy cardinal go bottomward as the bonfire responds to the stronger Santa Ana apprehension than what we accept apparent the accomplished brace of days, he said.One of six above wildfires afire in Southern California, the Thomas Bonfire is already the fourth better in California history and is growing, CalFire said. Nearly 1,000 bonfire engines and 27 helicopters are complex in aggressive the blaze, the bureau said.Winds were accepted to be angry Thursday morning, with gusts stronger than 60 mph in the Los Angeles mountains and added archetypal gusts of 35 to 50 mph in the valleys and littoral areas.Fire threatened the communities of Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Summerland and Montecito, according to CalFire. Crews were alive to body bonfire curve arctic of those areas.The Thomas bonfire bankrupt out December 4 in Ojai, northwest of Los Angeles. Aided by the able Santa Ana winds, it bound advance to the burghal of Ventura, according to the federal InciWeb bonfire advice website.More than 1,000 structures accept been damaged or destroyed in the Thomas Fire, and addition 18,000 structures are threatened, CalFire said.At atomic 95,000 association accept been abandoned in Southern California, CalFire said.