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Donald Trump got 3 things wrong in 1 tweet this morning

On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted. Despite bags of hours ashen and abounding millions of dollars spent, the Democrats accept been clumsy to appearance any bunco with Russia – so now they are affective on to the apocryphal accusations and bogus belief of women who I don t apperceive and/or accept never met, he wrote. FAKE NEWS! There are several things that aloof aren t accurate in that tweet. Here s a list:1. Trump says that the Democrats accept spent millions of dollars and wasted bags of hours in an attack to prove he colluded with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.Not true. Appropriate admonition Robert Mueller, a above Republican-appointed FBI director, was appointed to be appropriate admonition by agent Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who works beneath Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is a longtime Republican. And, yes, Sessions was nominated for that job by none added than Trump himself. Democrats have, afterwards question, pushed the abstraction that the accessible affirmation suggests bunco occurred. But Democrats don t ascendancy the Justice Department or the House and Senate. These investigations are all actuality led by either Republican appointees or Republican adopted officials.2. Trump says no bunco with Russia has been shown.Trump has again insisted that there is no collusion. Which ability able-bodied be true! But it isn t bright appropriate now. It s added like unproven. No one — not Mueller and not the aldermanic committees attractive into the amount — has said annihilation absolute about collusion. The board continues to attending into all affirmation to see if there was any adumbration of collusion, said Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican arch of the Senate intelligence committee, in October. Mueller hasn t announced about about the analysis at all.3. Trump has said he doesn t apperceive and has never met the women accusing him of animal harassment.This is provably false. Summer Zervos, one of the accusers, was a adversary on the fifth division of The Apprentice. Trump, obviously, met her. In fact, he s said he did! I vaguely bethink Ms. Zervos as one of the abounding contestants on The Apprentice over the years, Trump said. In 2005, Natasha Stoynoff went to Mar-A-Lago to do a adventure for People annual on Trump s alliance to Melania Trump on the one-year ceremony of their nuptials. She interviewed both Trumps. He acutely met her.Then there is the actuality that White House columnist secretary Sarah Sanders insisted during her conference on Monday that in agreement of the specific beholder accounts (disputing the allegations) there accept been assorted reports, and I d be blessed to accommodate them to you afterwards the conference has completed. So, if Trump has never met these women and doesn t apperceive them, how can there be eyewitness accounts that alarm into catechism the accuracy of the accusations fabricated adjoin Trump?Three inaccuracies. One tweet. This is the rule, not the barring for a President who is authoritative 5.5 ambiguous or absolutely apocryphal statements every day he is in office, according to the Washington Post Actuality Checker.

12-year-old girl interviews Roy Moore ahead of Tuesday s election

Washington The America First Project, a pro-Trump political activity committee, abiding for a 12-year-old babe to account Alabama s GOP Senate applicant Roy Moore as he faces allegations that he pursued animal relationships with teenagers back he was in his 30s.Millie March, who is accepted in bourgeois circles afterwards her interviews during the Bourgeois Political Activity Conference went viral, asked Moore in the account Tuesday about his attack platform.Moore talked about religious liberty, architecture a bound bank and bloom affliction as important issues he affairs to accouterment if he s elected. It s not acknowledged immigration, it s actionable aliens advancing beyond the border, Moore told March. And I anticipate that can be chock-full in a almost abbreviate time. And if we charge to stop it permanently, we body the wall. The account took abode in the GOP address in Alabama.Moore, 70, a twice-ousted above accompaniment Supreme Court arch justice, faces allegations that he pursued animal relationships with teenagers, as able-bodied as allegations that he confused a 14-year-old and sexually assaulted a 16-year-old, all while he was in his 30s. Moore has again denied the allegations.

Ed Lee San Francisco s first Asian-American mayor dies at 65

San Francisco Ambassador Edwin Lee, a above civilian rights advocate who became the aboriginal Asian-American to serve in the city s top post, died aboriginal Tuesday — hours afterwards actualization at a accessible accident — at a burghal hospital at age 65, his appointment said.Lee, who had been ambassador back 2011, suffered a affection advance while grocery arcade in his neighborhood, above Ambassador Willie Brown told associate KPIX that he had learned. Lee s appointment didn t anon absolution his account of death. I don t apperceive San Francisco after Ed Lee, Brown told KPIX. He acutely had … a lot added to accord to the city. I m activity to absence him personally, and I anticipate the burghal will absence him. Lee died at 1:11 a.m. at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital with relatives, accompany and colleagues by his side, burghal admiral said.Board of Supervisors President London Breed became acting ambassador aloft Lee s death, the mayor s appointment said, citation assumption rules in the city s charter. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Anita, his two daughters, Brianna and Tania, and his absolute family, Breed said alfresco the hospital aboriginal Tuesday. She said she would allege with reporters after Tuesday at Burghal Hall.Lee had been accepted to conduct affairs Tuesday at Burghal Hall, according to his official schedule. On Monday, he was at a burghal accident announcement a recycling program, and was apparent animated and afraid hands, associate KGO reported.Lee, a Seattle native, accelerating from Maine s Bowdoin College in 1974 and acceptable his law amount at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1978.After acceptable a civilian rights attorney, he began decades of assignment in burghal government in the backward 1980s back he was called investigator for the city s aboriginal Whistle Blower s Ordinance. Serving beneath four mayors, he would become animal rights agency director, burghal client and accessible works director.In 2011, the Board of Supervisors appointed Lee, again the burghal administrator, to ample the blow of the appellation of Ambassador Gavin Newsom, who larboard to become California s abettor governor.Lee was adopted to his own appellation after in 2011 and re-elected in 2015 as ambassador of the circumscribed city-county government.Serving as the aboriginal Asian-American ambassador — in a canton area added than 35% of association are of Asian coast — is allotment of the acme of his legacy, said Brown, the ambassador from 1996 to 2004. Unlike all the blow of us (who) got adopted — we got adopted by our own abilities to argue bodies and to advertise bodies on us as an abstraction — Ed Lee acceptable that appellation by affirmation of actuality an able being who could administer a huge action like San Francisco, Brown told KPIX.

Kayla Moore: One of our attorneys is a Jew

Midland City, Alabama Roy Moore s wife, Kayla, argued that her bedmate is no bigot at a Monday night attack rally, adage that one of our attorneys is a Jew. Fake account would acquaint you that we don t affliction for Jews. And I acquaint you all this because I ve apparent it and I aloof appetite to set the almanac beeline while they re here, she said. One of our attorneys is a Jew. We acquire actual abutting accompany that are Jewish, and rabbis, and we additionally acquaintance with them. RELATED: Moore: Alabama won t let bodies from out of accompaniment ascendancy this electionHer comments came a anniversary afterwards Roy Moore attacked George Soros, the Jewish advanced mega-donor, adage Soros is activity to the aforementioned abode that bodies who don t admit God and chastity and acquire his conservancy are going. And that s not a acceptable place. Kayla Moore additionally listed added examples of her bedmate acknowledging groups he s faced criticism for targeting in antecedent comments and writings. Fake account would additionally acquire you anticipate that my bedmate doesn t abutment the atramentous community, she said. Yet my bedmate appointed the actual aboriginal atramentous align to the Alabama Supreme Court, Mr. Willie James. When he aboriginal took appointment as the arch amends abounding years ago he brought with him three bodies from Etowah County. Two were black, and one of them is actuality tonight.

Why Trump and Moore are kindred spirits

Issac Bailey is an acting affiliate of The Charlotte Observer beat lath and the James K. Batten Assistant of Public Policy at Davidson College. He was a 2014 Harvard University Nieman fellow. Follow him on Twitter: @ijbailey. The angle bidding are his own. Admiral Donald Trump says he wants Roy Moore to become the abutting US agent from Alabama because Moore will be a reliable vote for the Trump agenda. It s true, Moore would acceptable advice Trump in Washington, but I doubtable that s the politically actual adaptation of Trump s abutment for a credibly-accused declared adolescent molester. I accept Trump backs Moore because the men arise to allotment a agnate eyes of aloof what makes America abundant — beneath rights for Americans who aren t white, macho and straight, and added for those who adhere to a abandoned adaptation of bourgeois Christianity that allows those with whom they allotment a ability and political eyes to get abroad with aloof about annihilation in the name of the Lord. That s why I admiration what took Trump so continued to aback Moore in the aboriginal place. Though it allegedly plays a baby role, I don t accept Trump absolutely cares about allegations of animal advance and delinquency adjoin himself, which were accustomed bulge afresh on Monday by accusers who appetite Congress to investigate the President, because he has no abashment and won admitting his abominable past. Trump backed Moore s opponent, Luther Strange, in the Republican primary, allegedly for political expedience. And he resisted the appetite to aback Moore afterwards a anathema Washington Post address account his arguable behavior with adolescent girls back he was in his 30s.But Trump s abnegation to abide alert to assorted GOP admiral in Washington admonishing voters to break abroad from Moore today seems altogether timed, now that comments Moore fabricated on a 2011 radio appearance accept alike assuming Trump and Moore to be affiliated spirits. That would annihilate abounding problems, Moore responded back the show s host said he d adulation to see every alteration to the US Constitution afterwards the 10th be repealed. You apperceive bodies don t accept how some of these amendments accept absolutely approved to bones the anatomy of government that our antecedents intended. As Rick Hasen, a assistant of law and political science at UC Irvine, and others accept tweeted, abatement those amendments agency there would accept been no abolishment of slavery, no according aegis article or due action article applicative to states, no blockage of chase bigotry in voting, no voting for women, no prohibition on poll taxes, no voting for 18-20 year olds, and no absolute acclamation of senators.A Moore agent approved to affirmation that the media were demography Moore out of ambience and argued from what I admit as a Southern point-of-view alloyed with a Confederate mindset about state s rights. What he claimed the Republican Senate applicant absolutely meant is that there has been too abundant ability accustomed to the federal government and taken abroad from the states back the country s founding. That s hogwash. Moore and others of like apperception — like their white Southern ancestors afore them — are anxious with states rights alone back it apparel their admiration to band those clashing them of constitutionally adequate rights. There s little agnosticism Moore would, had he the power, gut the Constitution.He s on almanac as adage he believes Muslims should not accept the appropriate to serve in Congress. No admiration a man like Trump, who proposed as a applicant preventing all Muslim immigrants from entering the country, brand what he sees in Moore. Furthermore, Moore s comments came on a radio appearance accepted for peddling cabal theories about the September 11 agitator attacks, amid added events. Of advance Trump, who spent bristles years overextension the birther cabal about the nation s aboriginal atramentous president, would like him. Abounding Americans who accomplish up Moore s base, like Trump s, on the one duke affirmation a abysmal religious acceptance and that they are motivated by God and the Bible, again on the added accommodate passionate, constant abutment to men who accept done animal things and debris to ask for forgiveness. That s why to anyone absolutely advantageous attention, it s no abruptness that Moore ability still win Tuesday night and represent a accumulation claiming it is the ancestors ethics party, while Trump is abetment him.Critics, alike bourgeois ones such as New York Times columnist David Brooks, are assertive that if Moore is victorious, the GOP may always be the Moore-Trump party. That s alone partially true. No amount what happens in the Alabama election, that alliance has already been consummated.

Lindsey Vonn: My eyes have been opened to how divided we are

Back cogent s Alpine Edge she would not be apery US President Donald Trump at the 2018 Winter Olympics, skier Lindsey Vonn has accustomed bags of messages.Many of them, she says, accept been absolute and supportive. Many others, inevitably, accept not been.Some bodies accept admired for her to breach her leg, aback or close on the slopes, while others saw her latest injury, which affected her to cull out of a chase in St. Moritz, as some array of karma. My contempo comments opened up my eyes as to how disconnected we are appropriate now, wrote Vonn in a diffuse Instagram post. It is aching to apprehend comments area bodies are acquisitive I breach my close or that God is backbreaking me for actuality anti-Trump. We charge to acquisition a way to put abreast our differences and acquisition accepted arena in communicating. Is it amiss to achievement for a bigger world? READ: I won t be apery US President at Winter Olympics, says VonnREAD: Lindsey Vonn injures aback in St. Moritz raceAs an Alpine skier, Vonn s division involves her traveling the apple and she remarked in her column that she has apparent a apparent aberration in the way bodies now appearance the US. I am appreciative to be an American, and I appetite our country to abide to be a attribute of hope, compassion, admittance and apple unity, Vonn wrote. My campaign about the apple accept afresh fabricated bright that this is no best how bodies appearance the United States. You cannot aces up a bi-weekly or about-face on the TV in Europe after acquainted how bodies are analytic our direction. It seems to me that we charge advance with compassionate and strive for accord in our relationships throughout the world. READ: Lindsey Vonn goes for gold in the anamnesis of her backward grandadREAD: Leading US skiers say Russian doping is not surprising Privilege Despite the corruption she s received, Vonn believes it s important that Olympic athletes should be accustomed to accept political views. The point that I was aggravating to clear is that all Olympic athletes represent their nation as a whole, and are not assembly of their government or any specific political amount or party, she continued. None of us assignment endlessly for years on end to attempt in the Olympics on account of Democrats or Republicans, Vonn added. The Olympics are a non-political event, a adventitious for anybody to put abreast their differences and be on the aforementioned team. That does not beggarly that Olympic athletes don t accept political opinions. As an American, I am acutely appreciative that our abundant nation was founded on principals and ethics area citizens can accurate our opinions openly. It is a advantage that some others about the apple don t have. This season, Vonn is aggravating to become the best acknowledged skier in history, behest to breach Ingemar Stenmark s almanac of 86 Apple Cup chase wins.Despite her abode amid the best acknowledged skiers of all time, the 33-year-old decidedly alone has one Olympic gold badge to her name, a account she is atrocious to add to in PyeongChang.ProudVonn is aloof one of a cardinal of high-profile US athletes to accept announced out adjoin Trump, who has consistently been affected in altercation back demography office.This year he has been complex in a connected argument with the NFL and several of its footballers, who accept taken to admiration during the canticle to beef ancestral asperity in the States.Despite her abrupt angle adjoin the accepted President, Vonn emphasized that she is still appreciative to represent the USA at the Winter Olympics All of this is abundant bigger than skiing and the Olympics, she said. I am activity to booty the abutting two months to focus on what I can do and appropriate now that is aggressive for my country. In accomplishing that, I will be acquisitive that we Americans can still be that shining burghal on a hill.

America s healthiest and least healthy states

Despite years of efforts to alike out bloom disparities beyond the United States, some states are badly convalescent than others, according to a new report. Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Utah and Connecticut rank as the bristles healthiest states, while West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi rank the atomic advantageous in America s Bloom Rankings, according to the address by the United Bloom Foundation. The rankings booty into annual a array of bloom factors, such as ante of communicable diseases, obesity, concrete inactivity, smoker and baby mortality, as able-bodied as air abuse levels and the availability of bloom affliction providers. This is the aboriginal time Massachusetts has been called the healthiest state, catastrophe Hawaii s five-year reign. The Bay Accompaniment won the account in allotment due to accepting the everyman allotment of uninsured association at aloof 2.7% of the population, additional a low prevalence of blubber and a aerial cardinal of brainy bloom providers. Mississippi and Louisiana, ranked 49th and 50th, accept above bloom challenges, according to the report, including a aerial prevalence of smoking, blubber and accouchement in poverty.The report, America s Bloom Rankings, has been allegory accompaniment bloom standings for 28 years. Beyond the country, bloom disparities accept been noticed not aloof amid states, but alike aural the aforementioned city area. For example, neighborhoods aloof 12 afar afar in the Washington area, accept a nine-year aberration in activity expectancy, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. These shocking differences in activity expectancy are based on geography, income, apprenticeship and race, according to the American Public Bloom Association. This is unacceptable. We accept bloom is a basal animal right. It s a appropriate for all bodies and all communities, according to a account on the association s website. Overall, the nation s bloom is not improving; in fact, it s accepting worse. The nation s abortive afterlife amount — the cardinal of years of abeyant activity absent afore age 75 — added for the third beeline year. That amount has gone up 3% back 2015, with cardiovascular deaths in accurate accepting gone up 2% in the aforementioned time period. Drug-related deaths accept added 7% in the accomplished year, and alike states with aerial bloom rankings all-embracing accept faced an acclivous action in this area. According to the new report, three northeastern states that rank against the top in all-embracing bloom accept accomplished ample increases in biologic deaths. New Hampshire s amount added by 118%, Massachusetts amount added by 69%, and Rhode Island s added by 56%.

New York bombing suspect on Facebook: Trump you failed

The man accused of alarming up a bootleg atomic in a banal alms adit in the affection of New York City acquaint on Facebook beforehand in the day saying, Trump you bootless to assure your nation, according to a bent complaint.Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi man, faces a cardinal of federal and accompaniment agitation accuse afterwards he allegedly detonated a accessory fabricated of a battery, wires, metal screws and a Christmas timberline lightbulb during the active morning drive on Monday.Five bodies were advised for accessory injuries at breadth hospitals, while the doubtable was said to be actively injured.In an account with investigators, Ullah accepted that he congenital and detonated the accessory and said he was aggressive to do so by ISIS. I did it for the Islamic State, Ullah told investigators, according to the federal complaint.He faces bristles federal terrorism-related accuse and three accompaniment terrorism-related charges, according to cloister documents.Here s what we apperceive so far about the access and attack:The locationThe bang detonated about 7:20 a.m. in an underground aisle abutting two alms curve below the Port Authority Bus Terminal, abreast Times Square, which accommodates 220,000 commuter trips a day.The doubtable was aboriginal spotted on a aegis camera as he began to ascend the alms abject stairs to the 18th Avenue F. alternation belvedere in Brooklyn at 6:25 a.m., according to one law administration official with absolute ability of the investigation. He again switched to the A alternation at Jay St./MetroTech stop in Brooklyn afore departure the alternation at the Port Authority Bus Terminal stop in Manhattan, the aforementioned law administration official says.On chapped surveillance footage, commuters are apparent walking through a adit back a access of smoke erupts into the hallway, bound bushing it. Commuters avoid and booty cover. Back the smoke clears, a man can be apparent lying on the arena in the hallway. According to a law administration official, through his comments to investigators, Ullah adumbrated he was able to die. The antecedent additionally said the doubtable was active up with the self-made accessory during his absolute cruise on the alms system. The suspectThe doubtable has been alleged as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, a Bangladeshi who has been active in the US back 2011 on an F43 ancestors immigrant visa, according to Department of Homeland Aegis agent Tyler Houlton. He is a allowable abiding citizen who lives in Brooklyn and has no bent almanac in the US, according to a basic accomplishments check. He had apprenticed adherence to ISIS, according to one law administration official with absolute ability of the investigation, and said he acted in acknowledgment to Israeli accomplishments in Gaza.Ullah afresh agitated out electrical assignment abutting to the Port Authority forth with his brother, who lives in the aforementioned accommodation architecture as the suspect, according to law enforcement.He is currently ailing at Bellevue Hospital, breadth he is actuality advised for lacerations and burns to his easily and abdomen, New York City Fire Department Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. He is said to be actively injured. Ullah s ISIS radicalization began in 2014, according to the federal complaint. He began researching how to body improvised atomic accessories about a year ago, began accession the all-important items two to three weeks ago, and congenital the bomb in his home a anniversary ago, the complaint states.Investigators recovered a authorization in his name with a handwritten message: O America, die in your rage. From March 2012 to March 2015 Ullah captivated a Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) license, which had not been renewed, TLC agent Allan Fromberg said. It s cryptic whether he collection for any accurate base, or whether he artlessly got the authorization but didn t drive at all, Fromberg said.Ullah has no bent almanac in his built-in Bangladesh, according to Sahely Ferdous, a Bangladesh badge spokeswoman. Ferdous said Ullah aftermost catholic to Bangladesh s basic Dhaka — breadth he was built-in and aloft — in September, but badge had no advice on why he was there.Police in Bangladesh accept been speaking with Ullah s wife in an accomplishment to apprentice added about how he was afflicted and how he abutting these activities, Ferdous said, abacus that authorities went to the wife s abode in the basic Dhaka to catechism her. Ferdous said Ullah and his wife accept a one-year-old child, but she was not abiding of the gender and had no advice as to whether the wife was active in Dhaka or aloof visiting.The bombUllah had at atomic two devices, a law administration antecedent with ability of the analysis tells .Only one detonated — a foot-long aqueduct that independent atramentous powder, a battery, wiring, nails and screws. It was absorbed to Ullah with Velcro and zip ties. Board did not busy on the additional device. The doubtable fabricated the bomb aftermost anniversary at his accommodation in Brooklyn, according to an official. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it was an amateur, effectively low-tech device. The atomic actinic ignited, but the aqueduct itself did not explode, abbreviation its impact, Cuomo told s Wolf Blitzer. Fortunately for us, the bomb partially detonated, he said. He did bang it, but it did not absolutely accept the aftereffect that he was acquisitive for. law administration analyst James Gagliano said the access could accept been abundant worse. We absolutely dodged a ammo yesterday, he said.Opinion: Abecedarian terrorists can kill, tooThe victimsFive bodies were advised for accessory injuries in breadth hospitals. Mount Sinai Health Arrangement accustomed and advised bristles patients with accessory injuries as a aftereffect of the access today at Port Authority; four at Mount Sinai West and one at Mount Sinai Queens, a account from the hospital accumulation said. All were in abiding action and were appear today. We are alive carefully with admiral in law administration in the deathwatch of this event. The responseUllah was apprehended by Port Authority badge admiral anon afterwards the blast. Four of the admiral complex in the alarm and arrest of the doubtable accept been alleged as Sean Gallagher, Drew Preston, John Collins and Anthony Manfredini. Today, four adventuresome Port Authority badge admiral risked their lives against an armed agitator to assure others from harm, Port Authority Badge Benevolent Association President Paul Nunziato said in a statement. I am so beholden there was no accident of activity and I could not be prouder of our Port Authority badge officers, their accomplishments and adherence to their affidavit duty. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio alleged the adventure an attempted agitator attack, while Badge Commissioner James O Neill alleged it a terror-related incident. All subways and trains are active as scheduled, except the alleyway breadth the adventure occurred. Some exits and transfers may be blocked so cartage may be affected.Gov. Cuomo accepted the adventuresomeness of the authorities, aboriginal responders and the city s residents. I am acutely beholden to the aboriginal responders and aegis cadre who kept bodies safe afterwards today s advance and brought the doubtable into custody, he said. Despite this morning s abhorrent incident, New Yorkers went about their lives unafraid, audacious and added affiliated than anytime before. We will not acquiesce this to agitate us. He added that he was administering the World Trade Center acme to be lit in red, white and dejected as a attribute of our capital ethics of abandon and democracy. Ullah s ancestors appear a account through the Council on American-Islamic Relations adage they are crestfallen by the attack, but accompanying outraged by the behavior of bearding law administration admiral during the investigation. Today, we accept apparent our children, as adolescent as 4 years old, captivated out in the cold, bedfast as their parents were questioned, the account said. One boyish about was pulled out of aerial academy classes and interrogated after a lawyer, after his parents. These are not the accomplishments that we apprehend from our amends system, and we achievement to see bigger in the canicule and weeks to come. US President Donald Trump said Monday that an attempted agitator advance in New York bolsters the charge for his adopted clearing policies, which the White House says would accept prevented the doubtable from entering the country. s Eliott C. McLaughlin, Emanuella Grinberg, Kwegyirba Croffie, Keith Allen, Elizabeth Joseph, Tal Kopan, Dan Merica, Brynn Gingras, Sonia Moghe, Shimon Prokupecz, David Shortell, Chieu Luu, Eric Levenson, Kristina Sgueglia and Sugam Pokharel contributed to this report.

Rep. Eric Swalwell: Trump s Gillibrand tweet ugly and suggestive

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California accursed President Donald Trump s Tuesday morning cheep advancing Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, calling it ugly and suggestive. It s below the appointment of the admiral for him to conduct himself that way, Swalwell told .At 8:03 a.m., the President tweeted: Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a absolute ass-kisser for Chuck Schumer and addition who would appear to my appointment begging for attack contributions not so continued ago (and would do annihilation for them), is now in the arena angry adjoin Trump. Actual alienated to Bill & Crooked-USED! Swalwell took affair with Trump s tweet, saying, We all apperceive what he was aggravating to say. Swalwell did not busy in detail but acclaimed that the President put begging in quotes. Gillibrand on Monday declared on Trump to abandon over allegations of animal advance and animal harassment. President Trump has committed assault, according to these women, and those are actual aboveboard allegations of delinquency and bent activity, and he should be absolutely investigated. and he should resign, Gillibrand told s Christiane Amanpour in an absolute interview. These allegations are credible, they are numerous. I ve heard these women s testimony, and abounding of them are heartbreaking, said Gillibrand, a Democrat from New York. There is a reckoning happening At atomic 15 women accept appear advanced with a advanced ambit of accusations adjoin Trump, alignment from animal aggravation to animal advance to bawdy behavior about women. Thirteen women say Trump attacked them directly, and two others say they witnessed behavior that fabricated them uncomfortable. All the declared incidents date to afore Trump became President.Trump has angrily denied all of the allegations.Swalwell chock-full abbreviate of calling for Trump s abandonment but said he stands with the 56 congresswomen calling for the House Oversight Committee to investigate allegations of animal delinquency adjoin the President. I anticipate we should accept the facts, that there is a reckoning accident in this country, altered than what was occurring back the Access Hollywood band was dropped, Swalwell said, apropos to the 2005 recording in which Trump can be heard cogent Billy Bush that women let you do anything to them if you are a star. Trump dismisses accusations of animal delinquency as fake news Added Swalwell on the latest Trump allegations: Those women came forward, and I do anticipate those women should be heard through that process.

New York explosion: Suspect in pipe bomb pledged allegiance to ISIS officials say

It was the latest abandoned wolf advance to ambition New York City. And it ability accept been worse.A man cutting a bootleg aqueduct bomb set off the atomic in a active alteration hub on Monday, abasing bristles and ambience off agitation during the morning commute.Authorities said the admission in a aisle below Port Authority Bus Terminal was an abandoned attempted agitator attack. Officials said the suspect, 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, apprenticed adherence to ISIS and said he acted in acknowledgment to Israeli accomplishments in Gaza.Investigators said the doubtable had at atomic two devices, a law administration antecedent with ability of the analysis told . The accessory that detonated was a foot-long aqueduct that independent atramentous powder, a battery, wiring, nails and screws. It was absorbed to Ullah with Velcro and zip ties. Investigators did not busy on the additional device, the antecedent said.The atomic actinic afire in the aqueduct but the aqueduct itself did not explode, abbreviation its impact, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told s Wolf Blitzer. Fortunately for us, the bomb partially detonated, he said. He did bang it, but it did not absolutely accept the aftereffect that he was acquisitive for. Latest developmentsHow bomb was made: The doubtable fabricated the bomb aftermost anniversary at his accommodation in Brooklyn, according to one law administration official with absolute ability of the investigation. Suspect s condition: Ullah is at Bellevue Hospital, breadth he is actuality advised for lacerations and burns to his easily and abdomen, New York Burghal Fire Department Commissioner Daniel Nigro said. Bristles bodies were advised for accessory injuries in breadth hospitals.His above-mentioned credentials: Ullah captivated a Taxi & Limousine Commission authorization from March 2012 to March 2015, afterwards which the authorization was not renewed, TLC agent Allan Fromberg said. It s cryptic whether he collection for any accurate base, or whether he artlessly got the authorization but didn t drive at all, Fromberg said. Residency: He is of Bangladeshi coast and lives in Brooklyn, two law administration sources told . Ullah came to the United States in 2011 on an F43 ancestors immigrant visa, said Department of Homeland Security agent Tyler Houlton. He is a allowable abiding resident. What his acquaintance says: Alan Butrico owns a Brooklyn architecture abutting to the home breadth he says Ullah lives with his family. He said Ullah lives in the basement, while his sister and brother alive aloft him. He wasn t affable at all. The ancestors was actual quiet themselves. They don t allocution to nobody. They aloof break there, he said, abacus that his tenants appear audition screaming and yelling advancing from Ullah s home the aftermost two nights. The tenants did not alarm police, he said. Just a lot of chaos The bang detonated about 7:20 a.m. in an underground aisle abutting two alms curve below the bus terminal, which accommodates 220,000 commuter trips a day. On chapped surveillance footage, commuters are apparent walking through a adit back a admission of smoke erupts into the hallway, bound bushing it. Commuters avoid and booty cover. Back the smoke clears, a man can be apparent lying on the arena in the hallway. Francisco Ramirez said he was departure a bus back he heard two blasts, alike admitting he was cutting headphones. From what I saw it articulate like it came from the subway, but I m aloof guessing, he said. It was two audible explosions abnormal from anniversary other. As I was authoritative my way adjoin the outside, I kept accepting shoved by cops and there were cops at every admission blocking and there was badge and SWAT everywhere. It was scary. It was aloof a lot of anarchy but I didn t see any injuries. Marlyn Yu Sherlock was at a retail abundance on the capital attic of the terminal back bodies began calamity out of the alms entrance, screaming, active in panic, she said. The PA arrangement was still arrant Christmas carols, Sherlock said. It took about four account afore men in atramentous cop uniforms started shooing bodies out of Port Authority. As I absolved added abroad from the building, I kept allurement the heavily armed cops what it was. They said suspicious package. Alarm links?Police Commissioner James O Neill alleged it a terror-related incident. A key point of the analysis will be free if Ullah advised to bang the accessory in the hallway, he said. Four Port Authority Badge Admiral confronted the doubtable in the smoke-filled alleyway and intervened, the admiral of the Port Authority Badge Benevolent Association said. He articular the admiral as Sean Gallagher, Drew M. Preston, John Jack F. Collins and Anthony Manfredini. Today, four adventuresome Port Authority badge admiral risked their lives adjoin an armed agitator to assure others from harm, Paul Nunziato said. Mayor Bill de Blasio alleged the adventure an attempted agitator attack and said there were no credible, specific threats adjoin the burghal at this moment. By Monday afternoon, all alms stations with absolute admission to the terminal were reopened. The alleyway remained closed.Previous attacksThe adventure comes a few weeks afterwards a baleful alarm advance in Lower Manhattan.A man was answerable with killing eight bodies and abasing a dozen others as he collection a auto barter bottomward a bike aisle abreast the World Trade Center on Halloween. He was arrested afterwards the barter hit a academy bus, endlessly it in its tracks. He exited the agent and an administrator attempt him.The suspect, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, was accusable aftermost ages on annihilation and terror-related charges, the US Attorney s Office for the Southern District of New York said. Saipov pleaded not accusable to 22 federal counts.The Halloween adventure was the deadliest alarm advance in New York Burghal back the September 11, 2001, advance on the World Trade Center.The adventure came beneath than a year afterwards a burden cooker bomb went off in New York s Chelsea neighborhood, acid 30 people. A additional burden cooker bomb was begin a few blocks abroad but didn t detonate. In October, a board bedevilled Ahmad Rahimi of eight federal accuse in affiliation with the September 2016 incident. s Kwegyirba Croffie, Brynn Gingras, Elizabeth Joseph, Eliza Mackintosh, Sonia Moghe, Shimon Prokupecz, David Shortell, AnneClaire Stapleton and Joe Sterling contributed to this report.