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Warner calls for McFarland to testify about thrown election emails

Washington Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner said on s State of the Union that KT McFarland, a above Trump alteration official and agent civic aegis adviser, needs to accommodate affidavit to Congress and appropriate admonition Robert Mueller. Ms. McFarland needs to appear in, and not aloof affirm in advanced of Mueller, but affirm in advanced of the aldermanic committees, Warner said Sunday.The comments from Warner, as able-bodied as his colleague, California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, announce that new letters are putting added analysis on McFarland — and that aldermanic investigations into abeyant obstruction by the White House are affective forward.Feinstein additionally said that McFarland bare to affirm while on NBC s Meet the Press. Warner, the Senate Intelligence Committee s baronial member, said he and North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr, who chairs the committee, connected to assignment finer on their analysis into declared Russian arrest in the 2016 acclamation and abeyant allocation with President Donald Trump s associates. Feinstein, who sits on the intelligence console and is the Senate Judiciary Committee s top Democrat, accepted added on Sunday that the Judiciary Board is architecture an obstruction of amends case. I anticipate what we re alpha to see is the putting calm of a case of obstruction of justice, Feinstein said. I anticipate we see this in the indictments, the four indictments and pleas that accept aloof taken place, and some of the comments that are actuality made. I see it in the hyper-frenetic attitude of the White House: the comments every day, the around-the-clock tweets. And I see it, best importantly, in what happened with the battlefront of (FBI) Director (James) Comey, and it is my acceptance that that is anon because he did not accede to lift the billow of the Russia investigation. That s obstruction of justice. In the deathwatch of above civic aegis adviser Michael Flynn s accusable plea, McFarland has admiring absorption over her role in Trump s team. appear that McFarland was one of the alteration admiral declared in the Flynn cloister filings and that she and Flynn discussed what to acquaint to the Russian agent to the United States about US sanctions on Russia. Sources told that McFarland has announced with board in the appropriate admonition probe.The New York Times appear that McFarland wrote in an email aftermost December that Russia had thrown the US presidential acclamation for Trump, although the Times said the acceptation of that account was unclear, and a White House advocate told the Times that McFarland s animadversion meant alone that Democrats were painting Russia s role in the acclamation that way.Former FBI Director James Comey said in affidavit afore the Senate Intelligence Board that Trump apprenticed him to end the analysis into Flynn. Trump continues to abjure this, and on Sunday morning beatific a cheep calling it a Comey lie. Warner said he believed Comey and acicular to letters that Trump approved to access added intelligence admiral as able-bodied as assembly of Congress to blanket up the Russia investigations.Warner would not say if his board had absolute affirmation on the amount of declared collusion amid Trump s assembly and Russia in Moscow s meddling in aftermost year s election. We ve got added dots to connect, Warner said. He continued, There has never been in avant-garde American history a political attack that had this abundant beat to a adopted government.

Warner: Voting on GOP tax reform my single worst day as a US senator

Washington Sen. Mark Warner said his chamber s access of the Republican tax ameliorate bill Saturday morning was his single affliction day as a US senator, abacus that the GOP s last-minute bill changes were swamp 101. (A)s somebody who capital to be a allotment of tax reform, and realizes we charge to accept a added aggressive accumulated rate, that realizes we charge to accompany aback some of those American profits, there are three things about this action that aloof apparent stunk, the Virginia Democrat said Sunday on s State of the Union. One of the swamp 101 accoutrement was a appropriate tax breach for Hillsdale College, he said. Friday night (when) the bill was actuality hand-drafted, lots of accoutrement were actuality included for appropriate interests. One got apparent already, exempting a accurate religious academy in Michigan backed by the DeVos ancestors for appropriate tax breaks, Warner said. Warner was apropos to accent that was ultimately addled from the GOP tax bill that would accept accustomed a tax absolution alone to the baby academy in Michigan, which has ties to the Trump administration, including Education Secretary Betsy Devos, whose brother, Blackwater aegis close architect Erik Prince, was a graduate. I bet you we will see actually dozens added of these appropriate accoutrement put in to advice appropriate interests, Warner continued. Warner added that he believes the bill will add over $2 abundance to the debt and incentivize American companies to move business abroad. Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, pushed aback on the detached Joint Board on Taxation s appraisal that the bill would add $1 abundance to the deficit, cogent State of the Union ballast Jake Tapper that the board consistently underestimates bread-and-butter activity. (O)ne affair you can achieve of the aftermost eight years is that our debt went from $10 abundance to $20 trillion Scott said. Our abridgement stalled. If we abide to absorb added than we accomplish … and our debt continues to explode, we do accountability the abutting bearing with added and added debt. One of the fastest means to fix that is bread-and-butter growth. … Our tax cipher charge be aggressive with the blow of the world. Scott additionally justified the GOP s last-minute add-ons to the Senate tax bill Friday evening, adage that they ve been discussed in hearings and affairs for years. That aftermost hour was not the accession of new information, it was the acme of three years. … We absolutely knew what was in the bill continued far afore the aftermost pages were printed, he said. The House and Senate will now arch to a appointment board to accommodate the differences amid their corresponding versions of tax check bill, but Warner said he thinks there still charcoal some chance tax ameliorate will not pass.

CIA director: Trump tweets yielding valuable intelligence

Washington CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Saturday that President Donald Trump s abounding Twitter augment was acquiescent admired intelligence. I ve absolutely apparent it advice us, Pompeo told the admirers at The Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California, back asked whether Trump s Twitter action was authoritative his job harder. I accept apparent things the President has put on his Twitter annual absolutely accept a real-world appulse on our accommodation to accept what s activity on in added places of the world, Pompeo said. Our adversaries responded to those tweets in means that were accessible to us to accept command and ascendancy issues, who s alert to what messages, how those letters are resonating about the world, he added.But one of Pompeo s predecessors, above CIA Director Leon Panetta, offered a allegory opinion, demography affair with the President s tweets, decidedly ones that some accept labeled as anti-Muslim. When you cheep article like that out there you don t apperceive what the after-effects are activity to be, and the after-effects could be lives, Panetta said while actualization alongside Pompeo. You don t aloof cycle a armament in the room, accept things draft up, again not accept a action for how the hell you accord with it, Panetta after added.Pompeo additionally appear that he beatific a letter to a chief aggressive official in Iran, admonishing that Iran risked actuality captivated amenable if any of its proxy armament in Iraq attacked US troops.Pompeo said the letter was beatific to Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, administrator of the Quds Force, who oversees Iranian operations in Syria and Iraq.US admiral see militias in both countries as actuality controlled and afflicted by Iran via Soleimani, and admiral accept bidding affair that Tehran ability use these proxy armament to advance American personnel. He banned to accessible the letter. It didn t breach my heart, to be honest with you, Pompeo said. What we were communicating to him in that letter was that we will authority he and Iran answerable for any attacks on American interests in Iraq by armament that are beneath their control.

Neo-Nazi site founder says troll storm is protected speech wants lawsuit dismissed

The architect of a accepted neo-Nazi website says a troll storm he encouraged adjoin a Jewish woman in Montana should be brash adequate accent and a accusation adjoin him should be dismissed.Lawyers for Andrew Anglin, the architect and administrator of the Daily Stormer, responded November 30 to a accusation filed by realtor Tanya Gersh, adage the altercation amid him and Gersh boils bottomward to the First Amendment.Well-known First Amendment advocate Marc Randazza, who is apery Anglin, told , The alone affair he (Anglin) did was alarm for bodies to speak, but bodies appetite to draw the band for accent they don t like. Gersh, with the admonition of the Southern Poverty Law Center, is suing Anglin for invasion of privacy, brash accident of affecting ache and violations of Montana s Anti-Intimidation act. That clothing was filed in April in the US District Cloister for Montana.She told beforehand this year that her ancestors endured weeks of aggravation arch to her concrete and affecting abasement because of Anglin s actions.Gersh says Anglin acclimated his website as a belvedere to animate his bags of readers to acquaintance her through email messages, amusing media, belletrist and buzz calls. They all centered on two facts: She was Jewish. And Anglin accused her of extortion.She says there is one man to accusation for what happened to her and her family: Andrew Anglin.Free accent or harassment?Most of the belletrist from his readers came in the anatomy of anti-Semitic slurs. There were edited images of her face on the gates of the Nazi Auschwitz afterlife camp. A voicemail with the complete of gunshots. There were belletrist beatific to the home she aggregate with her bedmate and adolescent son, who additionally accustomed belletrist on amusing media.Gersh beforehand this year told she was apparitional by the images, and feared for her and her family s activity so abundant that they debated beat the accompaniment because the threats acquainted so real.Anglin s attorneys say those belletrist are brash generally accustomed anti-Semitic tropes, but they intend no accurate or absolute harm, admitting how Gersh may accept acquainted about them.Gersh told beforehand this year she believed abbreviation the Daily Stormer readers to artlessly trolls minimizes the appulse they had on her life. These are not trolls. They are terrorists, she told . They are actual harmful, they are actual awful and they are dangerous. That is not how the law sees it, Anglin s attorneys altercate in their motion to abolish the lawsuit. Even Nazi expression, no amount the analytic abuse on Jewish residents, is nonetheless adequate speech, Anglin s attorneys wrote.Speech that may be abhorrent to some still constitutes chargeless speech, his attorneys maintain. Every chat accurate by Mr. Anglin in this attainable altercation is adequate by the First Amendment, no amount how abounding bodies acquisition those angle intolerable, Anglin s attorneys argue.The altercation that Anglin s words and postings are adequate as chargeless accent is no surprise. Alike Gersh s attorneys batten to about it as an accepted defense. SPLC co-counsel John Morrison alleged it a awry defense. This is not chargeless speech, this is annihilation adequate by the First Amendment, this is not the announcement of political opinion, he told beforehand this year. The purpose of this is to accident these people, the purpose of this is to account them abhorrence and affecting harm, and that s illegal. A alone disputeIt could accept a above appulse on the Daily Stormer website, which has back been kicked offline in assorted countries and bedfast to the aphotic web — a band of the internet attainable alone through anonymizing networks — back the baleful protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.On his website, Anglin said accident the case could shut bottomward his website. He acclimated that to animate bodies to accord to his aegis fund. Anglin said he was able to accession added than $150,000.While the case could accept extensive implications, it started out modestly, afterwards an alternation amid two mothers in the baby boondocks of Whitefish, Montana.The broadcast storm began afterwards a altercation amid Gersh and adolescent Whitefish citizen Sherry Spencer. Spencer is the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer.Gersh became a ambition for abhorrence afterwards contacting tenants of a architecture endemic by Sherry Spencer, admonishing them about accessible protests by a accumulation over her son s views.When Sherry Spencer alleged to ask her advice, Gersh says, she brash her to advertise the architecture and accord money to a animal rights accumulation as a way to defuse tensions. Gersh says she offered to admonition Spencer advertise the property.Sherry Spencer eventually accused Gersh in a attainable blog column of aggressive her livelihood.She wrote that Gersh told her protesters and media would about-face up and drive bottomward the building s amount if she didn t sell.A broadcast storm and above cloister caseThat is area Anglin comes in. He began autograph about the case on the Daily Stormer, calling what Gersh did extortion. He encouraged his broadcast army to acquaint Gersh what they anticipation of her and acquaint her claimed advice and means to ability her on his website. They did so by the hundreds.But Anglin s attorneys altercate that he specifically disclaims calling for threats or harassment, but rather that he alleged for campaign of authoritative our choir heard. Anglin s attorneys additionally altercate he was accomplishing article Gersh had already done to Sherry Spencer. Ms. Gersh was complex with planning a avoid and beef of Mrs. Spencer s business. Thus, Ms. Gersh condones aggregate activity to accurate a political assessment — so continued as that political assessment is one that she favors, Anglin s attorneys wrote in the case for dismissal. In the face of that, there is no acumen to apprehend Ms. Gersh would not analogously disregard others affianced in aggregate expression, they added.The Southern Poverty Law Center, on account of Gersh, told its attorneys are reviewing the filing and will book a response.Anglin has continued argued that all he is accomplishing with his website is appliance his appropriate to chargeless speech.Court abstracts acknowledge he has still not been served because he couldn t be found. His attorneys said he may not alike alive in the United States and the case should be befuddled out because of that, too.Ultimately, a adjudicator in Montana will adjudge whether the case proceeds.But Randazza, the advocate for Anglin, told that if the case does move forward, it will acceptable be in the 9th Circuit Cloister of Appeals because it speaks to the actual credo of chargeless speech. This is the amount of acceptance to a chargeless society, Randazza told . Even if you acquisition Mr. Anglin s angle abhorrent.

Pope explains why he didn t use the word Rohingyas in Myanmar

After a anniversary of demography some calefaction for not calling the Rohingya refugees by name in Myanmar, Pope Francis explained his arguable accommodation on Saturday, adage that he did not appetite to accident shutting bottomward chat with the country s leaders. Had I said that word, I would accept been slamming the door, the Pope told journalists on the flight aback from Bangladesh. What I anticipation about it was already able-bodied known, Francis said, abacus that he mentioned their plight on assorted occasions from the Vatican. The Pope said in his clandestine affairs he was able to go above his accessible words. I didn t accept the amusement of slamming the aperture publicly, a denouncement, the Pope said, but I had the achievement of dialogue. The Pope said he had fabricated affair the Rohingya a action of activity on the trip, but it had not been logistically accessible to appointment the refugee camps, although he would accept admired to.Meeting the RohingyasThe Pope said he was initially affronted that the Rohingyas were not advised appropriately by some of the accident organizers who put them in a single-file band and rushed them through their affair with the Pope. I alike yelled a bit, Francis said. Respect! Respect! Listening to their belief one by one, the Pope said he acquainted confused to accomplish some ad-lib remarks. I don t apperceive what I said but I apperceive at a assertive point I asked for forgiveness, the Pope said. I was crying, the Pope said. I approved to adumbrate it; they were crying, too. The Pope and the generalFrancis characterized his clandestine affair with Myanmar s Chief Gen. Min Aung Hlaing — administrator in arch of Myanmar s armed armament — as a adequate conversation, acquainted that it was accurately requested by the chief general. I did not accommodate the truth, the Pope said. I fabricated abiding he accepted that old means are not applicable nowadays. He accustomed the message, the Pope saidNuclear warThe Pope warned that accretion of nuclear weapons risked antibacterial humanity. We are at the banned of what is licit, the Pope said.Francis appropriate that the advance in cardinal and composure of nuclear weapons compared to alike 30 years ago had accomplished the high banned of acceptable. I ask myself, he said, Is it adequate to advance nuclear arsenals as they are or today, in adjustment to save conception and altruism is it all-important to go back?

Uta and Hifumi Abe: Japan s judo double act

Tokyo, Japan They are Japan s unstoppable brother-sister act. The two ascent stars of a action this country holds in a vice-like grip.The Abes. Two atomic adolescent athletes who are demography the action of judo by storm and attending set for abundance as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games arise on the horizon.Hifumi and Uta Abe, 20 and 17 respectively, both took gold medals at the Tokyo Admirable Bang on Saturday, whetting the appetence of admirers who achievement to see both competitors on top of podiums afresh in the future.READ: Central the Kodokan — judo s airy homeJapanese ascendancy is the the barometer in judo and the aperture day of this two-day accident was no different. The hosts claimed all seven gold medals on offer, with four of the finals contested amid two Japanese judokas.In total, the hosts won 22 of the 29 medals accessible on Saturday.But it was the Abe ancestors who blanket the show, with Uta casting in the banderole role.She anchored her acceptability as the sport s wonderkid, abacus a aboriginal admirable bang celebration in the -52kg class to the inferior apple appellation she best up beforehand this year.Uta delivered a crushing achievement over accessory Rina Tatsukawa with an ippon seoi-nage afterwards aloof 45 abnormal of the contest. I am very, actual blessed to accept won this Tokyo Admirable Slam, she said afterwards accession her medal. This was my capital ambition for the year, and with it actuality one of the aftermost contest of 2017, it s a abundant way to end the year. READ: Life through a lens with a judo photographerUta became the youngest anytime champ of a admirable prix accident in February, advancing out on top in Dusseldorf while she was still in aerial school.And her exploits spurred on her earlier brother, who came into the weekend as a apple best in the -66kg class and lived up to his billing. I saw my sister win her final afore I fought. Her achievement meant I was alike added motivated to win gold, he said afterwards a hard-fought win over Joshiro Murayama in the final.Hifumi has now won his aftermost 28 matches, although his account for his biggy adolescent sister is clear. If she had won and I hadn t, again alike admitting I m the earlier brother, it would accept been me attractive up to her, he said.The Abe ancestors avowal affluent judo heritage. Their uncle is Tadahiro Nomura, who won three afterwards Olympic gold medals in the -60kg class amid 1996 and was crowned apple best in 1997.READ: Japanese judo amount Kosei InoueGlobal success is accepted in Japanese judo. The admirers who watched on from their seats central the amphitheatre had their loyalties breach amid the country s abundant elite-level judokas.Bands of assemblage displayed their allegiances by acid the colors of their home judo clubs, with some bunched calm in groups of up to 200.And back their advantaged adversary took to the tatami, they screamed their names with accretion adeptness as the day wore on.But the army was denied the one bender they had all appear to see.Soichi Hashimoto is the ascendant -73kg apple best and one of the best accomplished judokas on the planet.He has fabricated the analysis his own over the aftermost 12 months, acceptable the Tokyo Admirable Bang in 2016.Fans were afraid to see how he would book adjoin the abiding Shohei Ono, a backstab -73kg apple best who took time out of the action to apply on his studies afterwards acceptable the Olympic appellation in 2016.Ono was called for the Rio Games advanced of Hashimoto and a aboriginal showdown amid the two was set to be the banderole act of this admirable bang weekend.But it wasn t to be. Ono, dubbed the thrower of throwers , was affected to abjure from the antagonism with a knee abrasion advanced of his additional match, while Hashimoto was affected to achieve for a brownish medal.It was an abortive end to the accident for both athletes, with Ono in accurate acid a abject amount in the stands. I accomplished that this is my ability, this was the best I can do today, said the 25-year-old Ono. I am starting from zero. Japanese men s arch drillmaster Kosei Inoue was aloof by Ono s withdrawal, adage its added important for him to be in aiguille action advanced of above competitions such as the 2019 Apple Championships, which will be staged in Tokyo. He fabricated the actual acumen in affairs out, said Inoue, himself a three-time apple best and an Olympic gold advocate in 2000. He doesn t charge to aiguille appropriate now. I appetite Ono to be in top appearance and awe the judo apple back I matters.

North Korea s missile tests: What you need to know

2017 has been a year of accelerated advance for North Korea s missile program.The country has accursed 23 missiles during 16 tests back February, added perfecting its technology with anniversary launch.Its best contempo — during the aboriginal hours of November 29 — flew college and further than any added antecedent tests. The missile launch, which landed in Japan s absolute bread-and-butter zone, came afterwards a breach of about two months in testing.On July 4, North Korea conducted its aboriginal analysis of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which it claims could ability anywhere in the world. Of the missiles activated afore that, one was intermediate-range, two were medium-range, eight were either short-range or medium-range and the ambit of one is unknown, according to assorted North Korea watchers. Four accursed on June 8 were believed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles. Is the clip of missile testing dispatch up?Less than six years into his reign, Kim Jong Un has activated added missiles than his ancestor and grandfathering combined. During the aboriginal months afterward the commencement of US President Donald Trump, Pyongyang conducted a agnate cardinal of launches as it did during the aforementioned aeon in 2016. However, North Korea did not conduct any tests during the two months from Trump s acclamation to his inauguration.The political agitation in South Korea, which led to the closing allegation of above President Park Geun-hye, may additionally accept factored into North Korea s accommodation making, experts say. Pyongyang has activated an boilerplate of one missile per anniversary in the three weeks afterward the acclamation of President Moon Jae-in, Park s successor.Why do they do the tests? They charge to conduct tests to absolute the technology, analysts say. Some accept speculated that the United States has approved to meddle with the affairs application cyber methods, which could arrest progress.The tests additionally are anticipation to be timed for best political appulse — a May barrage coincided with the One Belt One Road acme in Beijing, an important activity for Chinese President Xi Jinping, and a February barrage happened as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was visiting US President Donald Trump. And the ICBM analysis came on July 4, Independence Day in the US. All of this applies appropriately to the North s nuclear analysis program, which has about followed a agnate pattern.What does North Korea appetite and why?A missile able of extensive the United States topped with a nuclear warhead is advised to be Pyongyang s ultimate goal.They appetite it because they accept the US will eventually try to abolish Kim Jong Un from power.But would the United States try to topple the Kim administration if North Korea could acknowledge with a nuclear attack? Pyongyang believes Washington wouldn t, and that s why the country sees nuclear weapons as the key to sparing Kim Jong Un from a fate agnate to that which befell Moammar Gaddafi in Libya and Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The all-embracing missile is what absolutely scares the United States because it agency there is an existential blackmail of a nuclear attack, according to John Delury, a assistant at Seoul s Yonsei University s Graduate School of International Relations. We are in a somewhat alarming aeon of a blackmail acumen gap, as Americans acclimatize to the faculty of vulnerability to North Korean backfire that South Koreans and Japanese accept lived with for absolutely some time, he said.How abutting are they?Both US and South Korean authorities accept Pyongyang will be able to brace their nuclear and missile capabilities ancient in 2018.However, best weapons experts accept the apple will not apperceive with authoritativeness if North Korea can barrage a nuclear-armed ballistic missile until they absolutely do so. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho hinted in September at the at that possibility, by agency of an atmospheric nuclear test. If North Korea were to conduct a analysis involving the battlefront of a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile and atomic it about over the Pacific Ocean, that would prove to the apple it is able of marrying the two technologies. s Katie Hunt, Paula Hancocks, James Griffiths and Natalie Leung contributed to this report

Caught in the middle: The islanders sharing their home with the US military

Hagatña, Guam Guam is a victim of conceivably its greatest asset: its location.Situated amid Asia and the Americas, Guam — and all the islands that accomplish up the archipelago of Micronesia — are prime absolute acreage for those attractive to bisect the Pacific, for aggressive or bartering purposes. It was an asset to the Indo-Malaysian bodies that aboriginal acclimatized actuality about 4,000 years ago, says bounded historian Malia Ramirez. It was an asset to Spanish traders afterwards Ferdinand Magellan landed actuality in the 16th century. And it s been an important aggressive asset for the United States, actuality active in conflicts dating aback to Apple War I, locals say. Today it s referred to as the tip of the spear of the US armament in the Pacific. Look how abounding nations accept appear to our shores and ask yourself why, Ramirez said. This breadth has been absolute strategic, from the time that Spain took it over. The island s aggressive attributes continues to dominate, both in agreement of Guam s acceptability and absolute acreage mass. The US Defense Department owns about a third of Guam. Added than 160,000 bodies alive actuality and 13,000 are either in the aggressive or are ancestors of account members. That attendance is a acrid sword. Guam is the abutting US area to North Korea, a country whose missile and nuclear programs accept anesthetized key thresholds in contempo weeks and years. North Korea has threatened Guam afore — best afresh in 2013 — but that was afore US President Donald Trump took office. A recent, acutely ad-libbed animadversion about aqueous fire and fury bottomward on Pyongyang if the country did not cease with its threats was followed by North Korean accompaniment media announcement its aggressive was cartoon up affairs to blaze missiles in the amnion off the bank of Guam.Though abounding actuality are defiant, appreciative and assured that the US aggressive will assure them, others see far abroad leaders — who they didn t accept — putting them on the advanced curve of a abeyant war they don t appetite to fight. It s so abundant easier to anticipate of Guam as a abject and not accept able-bodied no, there are absolute impacts of hosting a US attendance that is this large, said Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero, an ability activist who additionally wants to see the aggressive draw bottomward their presence. What added abode can you name area the US occupies a third of the land? The island with no say Guam is an unincorporated territory, acceptation its citizens can t vote. They accept a agent in the House of Representatives, but she can t vote on the House floor.As Guerrero puts it: That actually agency we accord to — but are not allotment of — the United States. Patriotism runs on a spectrum actuality in Guam. Some are appreciative of the aggressive attendance here; others abhor it. Some abrasion their American pride on their sleeves.First Sgt. Patrick Flores, who has been deployed to Afghanistan, says the island takes pride in its patriotism, citation the aerial cardinal of veterans in the community. Almost every domiciliary in Guam has at atomic one ancestors affiliate that s either served or still serving, he said. It s appealing abundant like a ability thing. Guerrero doesn t accede herself an American — she s Chamorro, the aboriginal bodies who accept lived on Guam for 4,000 years (though the two aren t mutually exclusive).Regardless of their beliefs, war is allotment of everyone s anecdotal here, abnormally Apple War II. Added than 14,000 endured wartime atrocities on the baby island, including affected alteration to absorption camps and torture.The island was the aboriginal American area to be active by the Japanese, who captivated it from 1941 until 1944.To those like Guerrero, WWII was affidavit of the perils of US administration and the dangers of what could lie ahead. We will feel the action added than others, and we consistently have. In WWII, we lived through an activity and were bombed, said Guerrero. Most Americans never acquaintance that. But Guam has, and it s not because we re Guam and went out there and pissed off Japan. It s alone because the US was here. To others, the connected cede of Guam s citizens — locals say one in eight serve in the aggressive — is a point of pride and gives them abundance in their security.Tom Quitugua, who works at a flight allotment aggregation alleged Micronesian Aviation, told he isn t afraid at all. We are attentive here, we are adequate here, he said.Still, if war was to come, it won t alone be the uniformed locals who would be pulled into the conflict, said Guam Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo. There s activity to be over 200,000 Americans that will be bent in whatever assurance happens here, Calvo told .The survivorsDomingo Santos was aloof 10 years old back he heard the planes roaring above. He and his absolute apple were in church.It was December 8, 1941, and the Japanese were invading. Two canicule later, the island was surrendered, arch to three years of abuse beneath the Empire of Japan.Santos ancestors considers themselves lucky. They survived, in part, by bartering angle for added staples they needed, like corn.It wasn t until 1944, aloof months afore the war ended, that they were taken to a absorption camp.His parents and all of his seven brothers and sisters survived the occupation. That includes his earlier brother, who was stationed on the USS Oklahoma — which was sunk in Pearl Harbor — and his sister Isabelle, who was attempt in the thigh by a devious ammo during a action aloft the island.That happened while he and Isabelle were acrimonious and acid coconuts. He wasn t hit, but the woman abutting to his sister took a ammo through the chest.She was one of the 1,170 civilians on Guam who died during Japanese rule.The alleged survivors of Guam are accepting earlier and dying. The Chamorro no best absorb the July 21st liberation day anniversary — the island s best important amusing accident of the year — alert to the war belief of their antecedents like they acclimated to, the historian Ramirez says. The anniversary liberation day anniversary was the connected admonition of how airy things can be back apple battle occurs, he said. With the acute address amid North Korea and the United States, he and others are afraid that the acquaint of history are actuality forgotten. Your accomplished history was absolutely asleep in three weeks. Your home, the streets you absolved in, the abbey you went to, said Ramirez. How abounding bodies can put themselves into that bearings or footfall into that situation? This is home Ultimately, what Domingo Santos — now 85 — Malia Ramirez and Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero appetite is affinity from those on the mainland, abnormally those in Washington.They appetite to be heard. They don t appetite to be forgotten, abnormally back they apprehend comments like those from Sen. Lindsey Graham, who told NBC that if bags die, they re activity to die over there, they re not activity to die actuality and (President Donald Trump) told me that to my face. I aloof ambition there was added sensitivity, Ramirez, the historian, said. We are actuality and we do abide and we re allotment of the United States. The Chamorro don t appetite others to balloon that if the boxy allocution after-effects in war, it would be them and their families on the advanced line. Nobody absolutely deserves to be bent in the average of these games, Guerrero said. You re arena with people s lives. We aloof appetite peace, we aloof appetite to abide to adore our lives here. Abounding of the Chamorro batten with accept no affairs to leave, admitting how alarming it gets. This is our home, Ramirez said. We accept boilerplate abroad to go. s Ivan Watson and Pamela Boykoff and announcer Mindy Aguon contributed to this report

Hiding in plain sight: Why Hong Kong is a preferred spot for North Korea s money launderers

Hong Kong Easey Commercial Building is an backward mid-rise appointment belfry on Hennessy Road, an avenue that runs through Hong Kong s alive Wan Chai district. The anatomy sits amid backdrop that s archetypal Hong Kong: ablaze lights, alpine buildings, bodies hasty about. But buried in the course is a business that acutely exists in name only.Take the elevator to the Easey building s 21st floor, and in allowance 2103 is the registered appointment of Unaforte Limited Hong Kong. It s a aggregation accused by the United Nations of actionable sanctions on the Democratic People s Republic of Korea (North Korea s official name) for allowance the country accomplish money internationally, allotment aggregate from its nuclear weapons affairs to the abundant lifestyles of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and Pyongyang s best important players. At least, Unaforte is declared to be there. That is the abode listed on its about accessible accumulated filings provided to the Hong Kong government. Aback visited the office, it begin neither Unaforte nor its listed aggregation secretary, Prolive Consultants Limited.Instead, allowance 2103 was home to a acutely different company: Cheerful Best Aggregation Services. Abandoned one man was there aback chock-full by, and he said a adumbrative for Prolive Consultants abandoned comes by every so generally to aces up mail. He had not heard of Unaforte.The United Nations Panel of Experts on North Korea — the anatomy answerable with ecology sanctions administering on the anchoress nation — said in two contempo letters that Unaforte opened and endemic a coffer in the North Korean burghal of Rason. That is acceptable a abuse of the latest UN Aegis Council resolution banning collective all-embracing ventures with North Korea, according to Christopher Wall, a advocate who specializes in all-embracing barter law and a accomplice at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman in Washington, DC.Unaforte is not unique. It s aloof one of a scattering of advanced companies articular by the United Nations, nongovernmental analysts and US law administering that advice North Korea admission the all-around banking system.Front companies — additionally accepted as carapace companies — are accepted corporations that do not acquire cogent assets or advance alive business operations. Some serve acceptable business purposes — allowance adopted companies authorize a ballast in across markets, for one, or acquire adopted tax benefits. Others advice to burrow the accurate affairs of a business or the parties circuitous in adulterous transactions. RELATED: What is a advanced company?Here s an example: say business A wants to advertise business B article potentially unlawful, like military-grade hardware. If board were already ecology business A, business B could pay a advanced aggregation for the weapons instead of business A. Or business B could actualize its own advanced aggregation to pay business A s advanced company, authoritative the arrangement alike bigger and added nebulous. North Korea is believed to use these types of practices to awning up abundant of its trade, from affairs atramentous and ammunition to exporting weapons. The (North Korean) administering accesses the all-embracing banking arrangement through advanced companies and added ambiguous banking practices in adjustment to buy appurtenances and casework abroad, Sigal Mandelker, the undersecretary for agitation and banking intelligence at the US Department of the Treasury, said in Senate affidavit on September 28. Hong Kong is one of two business jurisdictions (along with the British Virgin Islands) area the UN Panel of Experts on North Korea has apparent the better allotment of North Korean-controlled advanced companies operating, said Hugh Griffiths, the panel s coordinator. You can aloof calculation them up in our letters — Hong Kong is the preponderance, Griffiths told .The burghal is no drifter to those attractive to accomplish a quick blade by littoral the law, whether it was the pirates who roamed the South China Sea in the 16th aeon or the Triads who advance their tentacles afterward Chinese Civil War, while the burghal was still beneath British control.Today, Hong Kong is absolute as a appropriate authoritative arena of China. Aback the British handed ascendancy of the burghal to Beijing in 1997, the acceding was to run Hong Kong according to a activity accepted as one country, two systems. It promised Hong Kongers their own political arrangement — with added abandoned liberties, bazaar freedoms and lax accumulated blank and advertisement requirements — would in ample allotment abide as is, but Hong Kong would become allotment of China. It should arise as no abruptness that Hong Kong is featured so acutely in our report, Griffiths said. It s the abutting above all-embracing banking centermost to North Korea. It s the abutting above adopted all-embracing banking centermost to North Korea. And historically, it s been a centermost of all-around and bounded barter … and with beneath questions asked and looser adjustment than, say, Beijing. accomplished out to both Hong Kong badge and its Collective Banking Intelligence Unit for animadversion on the United Nations reports, Unaforte and carapace companies in Hong Kong altogether and was told police do not animadversion on abandoned case(s). A secretary and a directorWhen Unaforte s aggregation particulars appearance up in Hong Kong s about accessible accumulated records, the name of aloof one abandoned appears. He holds a authorization from the baby Caribbean island of Dominica. A authorization cardinal is there, but not a buzz number.Those capacity afford ablaze on Hong Kong s assimilation requirements. To alpha a aggregation in Hong Kong, one needs at atomic one administrator (has to be an absolute person) and a aggregation secretary (which can either be a actuality or accession company, but charge be based in Hong Kong), according to the Companies Registry website.Though the company s registered appointment charge be in Hong Kong, they are accustomed to allotment an appointment with their aggregation secretary and neither technically has to accomplish out of that address, an official with the Hong Kong Companies Registry told on the phone. But accomplishing that is advised a red flag for money bed-making investigators. These practices, while legal, accommodate themselves to North Korean efforts to appearance the absolute character and allegiance of those who angle abaft these registered entities, said Griffiths. C4ADS, a Washington-based nonprofit close which conducts data-driven assay of aegis issues, articular 160 North Korean advanced companies in Hong Kong in a 2016 report. And Sayari Analytics, accession close that uses accessible abstracts to adviser the admission amid firms, has articular added than 100 entities in Hong Kong affiliated to accustomed North Korean ones.The arrangement wasn t advised for wrongdoing; rather, it makes Hong Kong an accessible abode for companies away do business, as they do not accept to acquire the amount of ambience up a new shop, according to David Webb, a above advance broker who is now a Hong Kong-based activist investor. It s accepted and it s not a assurance of atrocity itself, Webb said. To account adopted clients, there are affluence of secretarial casework that accommodate aggregation admiral away with assistance. They generally serve as aggregation secretaries for their clients.Prolive Consultants, the aggregation secretary for Unaforte, appears to be one such company. As a aggregation that offers secretarial services, we do not baffle with our clients business. What we do is aloof to advice aggregate clients business allotment certificates and forms, abetment them, said Amy Lam with Prolive Consultants, whose buzz cardinal acquired afterwards visiting the Easey Building office.When asked by what blazon of business Unaforte is affianced in, Lam said: We do not baffle with what affectionate of business our applicant does. Whether they are acknowledged or not, or whether their business is assisting or not, we don t know. Ledgers and creditsThe auction of about $6 actor account of aesthetic amoroso in 2009 helped accompany accession aggregation accomplishing business with Pyongyang to the absorption of American authorities.North Korea was evidently accomplishing article simple: affairs a aliment staple. But they did it through a complicated, labyrinthine transaction involving North Korea, Dandong Hongxiang Industrial Development (DHID), a coffer and a Canadian company, according to a 2016 bent complaint. That s because if companies like DHID or Unaforte are accomplishing business in dollars, it agency their affairs are acceptable to go through the United States at some point (unless they re conducted in cash).Companies that are accustomed in best cases cannot calmly conduct affairs in the dollar, as US banks accept to aback those deals and would clarify and banderole accustomed entities, Anthony Ruggiero, an able in the use of targeted banking measures at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told .The DHID accuse arise that to get about US prying eyes, North Korea uses a circuitous balance and acclaim arrangement to adumbrate North Korea s captivation in dollar transactions, Ruggiero explained to Congress in September.Thirteen of DHID s advanced companies were amid in Hong Kong. Eleven aggregate the aforementioned registered abode in Wan Chai, beneath than a kilometer away from the Easey Commercial Building, the allegation said. was not able to adeptness DHID for comment. North Korea s axiological botheration is it needs to accomplish at atomic partly in dollars or euros but has to amount out means to do it aback none of its ally appetite to be the bulge area North Korea and the US overlap in the all-embracing banking system, said Sheena Greitens, a assistant at the University of Missouri who has been belief North Korea s adulterous accounts activities for the aftermost 10 to 15 years. Because of the (international) banking architectonics and the accent of the dollar, the US has a amazing adeptness to array of say who can use the dollar arrangement and who can t. DHID does not arise to be alone. In accession to the added than 100 firms and individuals in Hong Kong affiliated to North Korea, accession 300-plus acreage Chinese entities are additionally affiliated to the aforementioned North Korean networks, according to Jessica Knight, the administrator of assay at Sayari. Companies in Hong Kong and acreage China are generally carefully affiliated — administering owners or directors, for archetype — and accomplish as allotment of a distinct broader North Korean abetment network, said Knight. Chinese businessmen like to conduct their adulterous business in Hong Kong for the aforementioned affidavit they like to conduct their acceptable business there: it is so abundant easier. Since North Korean abetment networks are abundantly based in China and run by Chinese citizens, it is no abruptness that those aforementioned networks frequently run through Hong Kong, she said.Hong Kong s address may axis from a account it offers advanced companies that potentially gets about US blank aback application the dollar: the Allowance House Automated Transfer Arrangement (CHATS) for assertive affairs involving US dollars for payments amid banks.Though CHATS is acclimated for accepted purposes in best cases, it is alfresco the ambit of US federal law enforcement, says David Asher, one of the architects of the 2006 sanctions on Banco Delta Asia, which articular and froze $25 actor account of North Korean funds abroad. If they were allowance those affairs through New York (banks), we d zap them because they re sanctioned. We d benumb them, we d cost the money, said Asher. If it goes through CHATS, it s a atramentous hole. That, according to Asher, has helped Hong Kong become a aperture for North Korea, a abode area North Korean advanced companies can about-face the adopted currencies they acquire from affairs aforetime acceptable exports like atramentous or bolt (now banned by UN sanctions), or the adulterous ones like weapons and drugs, into US dollars. This actuality is ambuscade in apparent sight. It s been fabricated accepted to the accessible authorities and they ve done nothing, he said.Peaceful pressureAll of this is important to the United States because authoritative North Korea s banknote breeze is key to its activity to rein in Pyongyang.US President Donald Trump s administering calls it a peaceful pressure attack — admission up sanctions and adept abreast on North Korea in the hopes that it will put its nuclear weapons on the negotiating table.The admission appears to be affective ahead, with a assembly of UN sanctions and unilateral US sanctions actuality anesthetized in September, including an controlling adjustment that penalizes any aggregation or actuality accomplishing business with North Korea by either acid off their admission to the US banking arrangement or freezing their assets — or potentially both.Washington now has the ascendancy to abuse countries and companies accomplishing business with North Korea by basically acid them off from the US economy, according to Wall, the Washington-based all-embracing barter lawyer.The abutting step, he says, will be proving it. There is activity to accept to be some activity taken on this controlling adjustment to appearance that we absolutely beggarly what we say in agreement of acid off business with North Korea, Wall said. If we don t do that, again this will aloof be a cardboard tiger. It won t absolutely be effective. Kinnie Li contributed to this report. Steve George and Emma Lacey-Bordeaux edited. Timelapses from Getty Images.

Fatal stabbing followed by hit and run at Queens hookah lounge

New York One actuality died and bristles were afflicted in a arrest adventure alfresco a hookah bar in New York aboriginal Sunday, badge said.The actuality who died was arresting asleep at the arena while bristles afflicted were transported to an breadth hospital, according to police. The adventure is not actuality advised as a alarm attack, badge said.Officers initially had responded to a 911 alarm back two individuals stabbed anniversary added at the lounge in Queens at about 4:30 a.m. Badge said both transported themselves to a adjacent hospital. One actuality is currently in aegis for questioning, but badge are still attractive for the disciplinarian of a white Hyundai Sonata in affiliation with the arrest incident, a badge agent said. One of the afflicted is in analytical action and four others are stable, authorities said.