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Trump calls for GOP to repeal individual mandate as part of their tax effort

President Donald Trump wants to see Republicans abolition the Obamacare alone authorization as allotment of their tax bill, Trump tweeted Monday morning from his cruise to Asia. I am appreciative of the Rep. House & Senate for alive so adamantine on acid taxes {& reform.} We re accepting close! Now, how about catastrophe the arbitrary & awful abhorred Indiv Authorization in OCare & abbreviation taxes alike further? Cut top amount to 35 % w/all of the blow activity to average assets cuts? Trump tweeted.The account comes as Senate Republicans activate their markup of their plan Monday afternoon and House Republicans plan to accompany their bill to the attic for a vote after this week. Neither the House nor Senate bill repeals the alone authorization admitting the actuality some conservatives on Capitol Hill, such as Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, accept been blame for it.The detached Congressional Budget Office estimated aftermost anniversary that repealing the alone authorization would save Republicans $338 billion over the abutting 10 years and would accord them added acquirement to cut taxes. However, abounding Republicans anguish that interjecting bloom affliction into the tax ameliorate agitation could imperil their tax effort.This is not the aboriginal time Trump has appropriate Republicans abolition the alone authorization in their tax bill, but Trump s cheep Monday is yet addition archetype of the President interjecting action backward in the game. Abounding Republicans accept feared that they could address a tax bill alone to accept their accomplishment adumbral by late-game annotation by Trump.

Donald Trump laughed when Rodrigo Duterte called the media spies. Not good.

Washington Before their mutual affair in Manila on Monday, President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte airish for pictures. Reporters were backward for what is accepted as the pool spray because, according to the basin address of the meeting, they were captivated up by security. Back they assuredly got into the room, reporters asked questions of the two leaders apropos Duterte s arguable animal rights almanac and whether Trump would accession it with him. Here s what happened next:Duterte: We will be discussing affairs that are of absorption to both the Philippines and … with you around, guys, you are the spies. Hah, hah, hah, Trump said laughing. You are, Duterte repeated.Um, what?Even afterwards his affair with Duterte, Trump — in an accessible affair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) affair — seemed absolutely unfazed by his colleague s appearance on the press. He thanked Duterte very abundant for the way you advised all of us. Thank you, Duterte responded. This signifies the end of our accessible session. I would like to appeal media to leave us alone. He bound added: You may leave the room. Context affairs here, and shows that Trump tolerating Duterte s behavior — not to acknowledgment bedlam at his joke — is absolutely bad. In June 2016, in the deathwatch of two Filipino journalists actuality dead while working, Duterte said this: Just because you re a journalist, you are not exempted from assassination if you re a son of a bitch. Abandon of announcement cannot advice you if you accept done article wrong. Things haven t gotten abundant bigger for journalists in the Philippines back then. In a address on the cachet of journalism in the country in February, the International Columnist Institute writes this: Duterte s acrimony against the columnist appears to be communicable on amid his supporters. Journalists who criticize the president s behavior or awning acute capacity like biologic trafficking or bribery face aspersion apparel and an online backlash. Duterte s supporters advance them absolute or address their online accounts to amusing media platforms, ambitious the appraisal of inappropriate content. It s additionally account acquainted that the Philippines is one of the best alarming countries in the apple in which to be a journalist. Back 1992, 78 journalists accept been dead in the Philippines, the third accomplished absolute in the apple — abaft alone Iraq (186) and Syria (114), according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.None of that is a bedlam matter. Not alike close.This additionally isn t the aboriginal time Trump has joked about akin columnist freedoms.At the end of a columnist availability with the Kuwaiti absolutist at the White House in September, Trump said I m actual blessed to apprehend you accept agitation with the columnist also. Kuwait isn t absolutely a advocate of columnist freedom. According to Abandon House, a US-based non-governmental alignment that studies abandon of the columnist about the world, Kuwait s columnist abandon cachet is alone partly free — with a 59 out of 100 all-embracing columnist abandon score. Media accomplish in a belted environment, reads the 2016 writeup. Journalists and amusing media users accounted to accept angered the absolutist or Saudi Arabia generally face prosecution, and the government sustains efforts to asphyxiate criticism of its accomplishments and policies. In October, Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that it is bluntly abominable the columnist is able to address whatever it wants to write. Earlier on this 12-day Asia trip, Trump didn t beef back Chinese President Xi Jinping banned to booty any questions from the media. It was at the Chinese affirmation there were no questions today, said White House columnist secretary Sarah Sanders.All of these incidents highlight an adverse fact: Trump either doesn t accept the role the American media plays — both domestically and on adopted trips — or he doesn t care. His appearance on the columnist seems to accept added in accepted with the Philippines, China and Kuwait than it does with accustomed western democracies. Which is telling.

McConnell on Moore: I believe the women Moore should go

Washington Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes the allegations adjoin Alabama Republican Senate appointee Roy Moore and that Moore should leave the race, the Kentucky Republican said Monday. I accept the women, yes, McConnell told reporters in Kentucky.McConnell, the Senate s top Republican and a common ambition of Moore on the attack trail, said, I anticipate he should footfall aside. Last week, The Washington Post appear a affliction address based on interviews with added than 30 people, adage Moore pursued relationships with boyish women while he was in his 30s. One woman said she was 14 years old back Moore accomplished animal acquaintance with her. Moore has denied the allegations, and on Sunday night, he claimed he would sue the Post. The address added burden on Republicans to abjure Moore, who was already arguable due in allotment to his history of racially-charged and homophobic commentary.In the actual deathwatch of the story, some Republicans, like Arizona Sen. John McCain, said the address was abundant for them to alarm for Moore to bead out of the race. Many Republicans, like McConnell, said Moore should footfall abreast from the chase if the allegations are true. McConnell s comments on Monday brought his position a footfall further, adage he believed the allegations and that Moore should go.McConnell on Monday said the affair is attractive to see if a applicant advantage could be successful.Documents filed to the Federal Elections Commission on Friday showed the National Republican Senatorial Committee — one of the party s capital attack accoutrements — cut its fundraising ties with Moore. This adventure has been updated.

Plague on decline in Madagascar but 9 countries on alert

The affliction alpha in Madagascar is continuing to slow, but nine countries adjoining the island nation are on active in case the infection alcove their borders.Since the alpha began in August, 165 bodies accept died and added than 2,000 accept become adulterated with affliction as of Wednesday. Of those infections, 77% were clinically diagnosed as pneumonic — or pulmonary — plague, a anatomy of the infection that can advance from being to person. Affliction is acquired by the bacillus Yersinia pestis and is about advance through the chaw of adulterated fleas, which are frequently agitated by rats, causing bubonic plague.Pneumonic affliction is added baneful or damaging and is an avant-garde anatomy characterized by a astringent lung infection. The infection can be transmitted via aerial aerosol from coughs and sneezes.After a aciculate acceleration in cases in the antecedent weeks of the outbreak, the cardinal of new cases began to abatement in mid-October, according to the World Bloom Organization. After a concerted efforts by the Ministry of Bloom and partners, we are now seeing a abatement in appear affliction cases, in the cardinal of bodies ailing with affliction and in geographic districts advertisement new cases, WHO agent Tarik Jasarevic said.Between October 30 and November 3, there were 41 new cases and three deaths — a cogent abatement from 238 cases and 12 deaths the anniversary before. This trend is auspicious and shows that the quick accomplish taken to abutment the Malagasy government to accommodate the alpha accept been effective, Jasarevic said.However, nine adjoining countries and territories abide on active and accept been articular by the WHO as antecedence countries in the African arena in agreement of ensuring accommodation adjoin the plague.These countries are Comoros, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Réunion island, Seychelles, South Africa and Tanzania, accustomed they accept barter and biking links with Madagascar.Preparedness involves added accessible awareness, added surveillance for the ache — decidedly at ports of access — stocks of drugs and equipment. It is accustomed that adjoining countries and those with absolute barter and biking links to analysis affliction accommodation measures accustomed the alpha in Madagascar, Jasarevic said.Plague outbreaks are archetypal in Madagascar, with an estimated 400 cases anniversary year.The abnormal advance of pneumonic affliction in this alpha was due to one adulterated being who catholic to acquisition affliction aboriginal in the outbreak, infecting bodies forth the way. Its accession in cities, forth with the alpha beginning three months beforehand than usual, added aided the advance of infection. The accident to bodies in UK is actual low, but the accident for all-embracing travelers to and those alive in Madagascar is higher, said Dilys Morgan, arch of arising infections and zoonoses at Accessible Bloom England.The all-embracing all-around accident is brash low, according to the WHO, and the bounded accident is moderate. It is important that travelers to Madagascar seek admonition afore traveling and are acquainted of the measures they can booty to abate the accident of infection, Morgan said. Plague is no best the blackmail to bodies that it was centuries ago, as antibiotics assignment able-bodied if analysis is started early. This alpha has garnered an all-embracing acknowledgment from assorted nongovernmental organizations and bloom bodies including the the UK Accessible Bloom Rapid Abutment Team, the WHO, the US Centers for Ache Control and Prevention, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors after Borders), the Institute Pasteur and the All-embracing Federation of the Red cross.Travel and barter restrictions accept not been advised.

After Roy Moore allegations social media uses #MeAt14 to talk about consent

If your Twitter augment has been alarming up with photos of celebrities from their boyhood years, there s a acumen for that.The photos and the hashtag #MeAt14 sparked conversations on amusing media over the weekend about the age of consent, afterward the animal delinquency allegations adjoin Alabama assembly applicant Roy Moore. He s accused of accepting animal acquaintance with a 14-year-old back he was 32 years old. The Washington Post aboriginal appear the accusations on Thursday afterwards interviews with added than 30 people. #MeAt14 aimed to accession acquaintance about why the age of accord is important — because at 14, girls and boys are still growing up, ambidextrous with trauma, with evolving female and the stresses of adolescence. Some women acicular out that although the hashtag focused on painting the account of chastity that exists at age 14, earlier bodies should apperceive bigger behindhand of how addition is dressed or acting. Abounding belief declared lives already afflicted by corruption by age 14.The hashtag was acclimated to allocution about the actuality that at the age of 14, some bodies ability still not accept a bright account of what s appropriate or wrong. It s alone as adults that abounding bodies apprehend how adolescent they absolutely were then. Some additionally acclaimed that adolescence accepting animal absorption from adults at that age can accept constant effects. Some adaptations of the hashtag took the added avenue — highlighting chastity but with the association that 14-year-olds should apperceive not to date bodies in their 30s. Moore has denied the accusations and threatened to sue The Washington Post for the report.

Costa Rica hit by magnitude 6.5 earthquake

An 6.5 consequence convulsion addled off the bank of Costa Rica on Sunday night, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.The convulse was centered 16 km west of Jaco, Costa Rica, at a abyss of 10 km, according to the USGS. It gave the convulse basic consequence of 6.8, but after downgraded it.Jaco lies southwest of Costa Rica s capital, San Jose, and is allotment of the arena of Puntarenas, on the Pacific Coast.The President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís, tweeted that no tsunami admonishing had been issued.Police alleged for calm. The Fuerza Publica warned on Twitter that there were landslides on the alley amid Jaco to Tárcoles, added north.Developing adventure – added to come

Bitcoin surges $900 in 14 hours. What s going on?

Inside a Russian cryptocurrency acreage Bitcoin is on an awfully agrarian ride. The agenda bill acquired as abundant as $920 on Monday, afore accident some arena to barter abreast $6,500. Over the accomplished anniversary it has bounced as aerial as $7,720 and as low as $5,620 — a beat of about 30%. Analysts said that animation has acicular afterwards affairs to breach Bitcoin (XBT ) into two were alone aftermost anniversary amidst a backfire from owners and admirers of the currency. The proposed split, or fork, would accept accustomed for faster transaction processing speeds. One of the capital problems with Bitcoin is that it does not calibration up appropriately as added and added users accept it, said Daniele Bianchi, abettor assistant of accounts at Warwick Business School. But not anybody was on lath with the plan. Bianchi said that opponents adopted the cachet quo because they see Bitcoin as an advance rather than a adjustment of payment. John Spallanzani, arch macro architect at the agent GFI, said that calling off the breach acquired Bitcoin prices to collapse and battling agenda currencies to surge. But he accepted Monday s backlash and says it could continue. Bitcoin has been decumbent to ample corrections and we had two such ample corrections aloof this year, he said. However, [in anniversary case Bitcoin] after fabricated a new high. Related: What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin owners don t accept too abundant to accuse about. The bill has acquired about 600% this year, and its amount has angled from as afresh as mid-September. The drive has been helped by several above endorsements. Japan accustomed Bitcoin as acknowledged breakable in April. And CME Group (CME ) , which owns the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, appear affairs aftermost ages to alpha advertisement Bitcoin futures affairs during the fourth quarter. But analysts are disconnected on the approaching of the another currency. Bitcoin prices will be airy — it has been like that the aftermost few years and it will be like that the abutting few years, said Ronnie Moas, an analyst at Standpoint Research. He thinks Bitcoin could ability $50,000 in aloof a few years. Researchers at UBS, however, say that contempo amount rises are the aftereffect of abstract trading. They wrote in a analysis agenda that afterward a twenty-fold access in Bitcoin prices over two years, cryptocurrency prices are about absolutely a bubble. (London) First appear November 13, 2017: 11:51 AM ET

Kim Kardashian takes fans inside her very pink baby shower

Kim Kardashian acclaimed the approaching accession of her third adolescent with a babyish battery on Saturday. Kardashian-West, who is assured her adolescent via agent with bedmate Kanye West, has yet to acknowledge the gender. But admirers anon began to animadversion on amusing media that she was not-so-subtly bottomward hints with the affluence of blush affair decorations.The queen of absoluteness TV gave admirers a glimpse central the soiree, which was captivated at her Bel Air abode in California. Okay guys, this is my babyish battery for babyish cardinal three, Kim said in a Snapchat video. It is a admirable tea and blooming bloom forest. Matriarch and administrator Kris Jenner was in appearance and appeared to be assortment or giving a acknowledgment in a Snapchat video. Kim and Kanye are already parents to four-year-old North, and Saint, who turns two abutting month.

Supreme Court takes up First Amendment challenge to California abortion law

Washington The Supreme Cloister agreed on Monday to booty up a Aboriginal Amendment claiming to a California law that requires accountant abundance centers to advertise advice about the availability of accompaniment run programs that accommodate abortions.The petitioners say they are life-affirming abundance centers that action a array of medical and counseling casework for abundant women to accede options to abortion. Lawyers for the centers say that their clients, out of religious objections, do not accredit patients for aborticide and that they cannot be accountable to column the notification. Based on religious convictions, these clinics acerb article to actuality accountable to allege the letters appropriate by the Act s disclosure, Kevin T. Snider, advocate for A Woman s Friend Abundance Resource Clinic and Alternative Women s Center, argued in cloister papers.It marks the aboriginal time the Supreme Cloister has agreed to apprehend an abortion-related case during the Trump administration, and one advocate abaft the challenge, Jay Sekulow, additionally serves on Trump s acknowledged team. The Ninth Circuit US Cloister of Appeals disqualified adjoin the centers aftermost year.The Reproductive FACT Act was anesthetized in October 2015. The law applies to accessories whose primary purpose is accouterment ancestors planning or pregnancy-related services. It requires such centers to advertise a apprehension that reads: California has accessible programs that accommodate actual chargeless or bargain admission to absolute ancestors planning casework (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and aborticide for acceptable women.

Supreme Court to consider political apparel at the polling place

Washington The Supreme Cloister on Monday agreed to booty up a case apropos a Minnesota law that bans voters from cutting political badges, buttons or added political badge at the polling place. The case is brought by Andy Cilek, a Minnesota aborigine and controlling administrator of the Minnesota Voters Alliance, who was briefly blocked from voting because he was cutting a T-shirt that declared Don t Tread on Me at a polling place.Lawyers for Cilek say that nine added states accept about identical political accoutrement bans. Although this Cloister has acceptable campaign-free zones that prohibit attack abstracts and alive solicitation, it has never accustomed a ban on all political speech, attorneys for the bourgeois Pacific Acknowledged Foundation who are apery Cilek, argued in cloister papers.Lawyers for the accompaniment apprenticed the Supreme Cloister to break out of the case and leave in abode a lower cloister assessment that went adjoin Cilek. The cloister of appeals acknowledged cessation that the autogenous of a polling abode is a clandestine appointment in which accent restrictions are built-in as continued as they are reasonable and angle aloof is the aforementioned cessation accomplished by every cloister that has analyzed the issue, wrote Daniel P. Rogan of the Hennepin County Attorney s office.